The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Synopsis: a collection of short writings focusing on various aspects of Femdom Mind Control.

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Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

It Ends in Glory…

Danielle’s husband laid peacefully on the leather sofa, headphones glued to his head. His half-parted lips desperately trying to get her attention told her the twelve-hour session had reached its end.

“Are you ready?” She asked, a solitary finger trailing an outline on his hairless chest. He shivered with uncontrollable delight from the simple touch just as he had been conditioned to do.

“Yes, please…”

“Then you know how this goes…” she cooed. “There will be no turning back after the first taste. You will take it and you will enjoy it. This is not just a silly Valentine’s Day fantasy, my dear. This will be your new life until the day we both die. The trigger I’m about to implant will be permanent. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“I want whatever you want…” he mumbled, still floating in hypnotic ecstasy. There was nothing else he could say, nothing else he could so. Property has no rights and even his words of acquiescence were something she could take from him at any moment.

“Oh, I’m so happy right now!” She giggled. “You’re the best husband ever but you’ll be an ever better slave. Forget your old name, Cory is no more. Your new name is Bitch. My Bitch. My mindless, gurgling and ravenous Bitch! Cory is no more. Cory’s story ends in glory. snap Cory’s story ends in glory. snap Cory’s story ends in glory.” snap. What’s your name?”

“My name is Bitch, Goddess Danielle.” He sat upright, eyes blank.

“Correct. Do you know who Cory is?”

“No, Goddess Danielle, I do not. Should I?”

“No. Never again. Glory awaits, dear. Go to it!”

Bitch stood up, sore muscles resenting from all the time laying still. He stumbled to the farthest wall of the living-room where three black circles had been cut to accommodate the other “husbands” she had trained. Their juicy cocks wiggled to attention, reddish tips leaking. He didn’t know which one to choose. Sensing his lack of resolve, she said:

“It doesn’t matter where you start. You are to savor all three within the hour. Is that clear, slave?”

“Yes, Goddess Danielle.” He kneeled next to the middle hole, the ecstasy of being of service overriding everything else.

Cory’s story ended in glory. Bitch’s was about to start.