The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Don’t Sleep

Phoebe laid down the resume on her desk and glanced at the nervous man in front of her.

“Impressive!” The mid-thirties executive said, almond hair framing a perfectly symmetrical face. “You’re by far the best applicant for the job and I’m inclined to offer you the position right here right now but first I need to make sure you pass a small test. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a simple concentration exercise. You see, the work you’ll be required to do in this firm is heavily dependent on focus and commitment. If you’re unable to show these qualities from day one, you’ll fail redundantly and I don’t tolerate failures.

“Please, don’t say a word. Let me explain what you have to do. Like I said, it’s very simple. I’m going to ask to look at the dark gemstone hanging from my necklace. Look at it with all your might and try not to fall asleep. That’s right, don’t sleep. Don’t do it even if the stone appears to shimmer by the way the sunlight reflects on it... even if those reflections are being projected into your pupils and eyelids making you feel drowsy... even if the fact of it being strategically placed right above my cleavage—which also draws you in—creates this sort of funnel around your eyes, making everything else seem to dissipate, become meaningless and void...

“Don’t sleep. If you wish, you may relax on your chair, allow your muscles to become slightly limp as you continue to stare at the beautiful stone and follow its upwards and downwards motions as I breathe. Notice the rhythm behind my breathing that also encompasses my words. Everything is connected and dullness is inevitable. You can hear the stone beckoning you to sleep, can’t you? Of course, you can.

“Oh my, you’re becoming so tired and with a dire need to drop into the bliss of unconsciousness... I think it’s time you shift your focus to something else. like my eyes for instance. Dark brown and sexy... eyes that are so soothing that they envelop your mind even more, draining away all your thoughts. Look at the now, dear, and forget. Forget your surroundings. Forget what you came here to do today. Forget who you are. Yes, feel you jaw dropping and taking your soul with it. Let this sensation of ever growing amnesia be your source of comfort. Your eyes are still open but the truth is you are already asleep on the inside. Your brain is frozen. You don’t have the strength to look away any more and most certainly don’t have what it takes to resist the final steps of this trance...

“Now listen very carefully for the following phrases are the most important ones you’ll ever hear. You’ve been caught in a web of powerful mesmerism and, within it, you’ll simply carry out my instructions. You will obey me. You are no longer in charge of your body or your feelings. Free will has already left the building and the grounds for your persona as a mindlessly obedient hypno-slave will be erected right now with these four words: I hear and obey. These are the only words that matter, the only ones you’ll allowed to utter. It’s time you say them out loud now so you can become forever dependent on my commands. Say the words so your surrender can be total and inescapable. Say them now!”

“I... hear... and... obey...”

“Yes, that’s right! You do obey. You slavishly obey me. The job is yours. You won’t get paid, of course, but servicing me is reward enough. I think you can begin right now. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m not wearing any panties underneath this dress, Come lick your Mistress until you hear me scream with delight.”

“I hear and obey.”