The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Starts with a Bang

It starts with a bang. The attraction is swift, relentless. You wonder where the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing come from. She is in your mind, she is in your heart, you want her more than anything.

It starts with a bang. Submissive desires explode like fireworks, night becomes day again whenever you hear her voice. A single whisper has the power to render you docile. She is rewriting your mind, she is rewriting your heart, you love her, and you will do anything to keep her happy no matter what.

It starts with a bang. Its echoes are everywhere, ricocheting from your ears to your kneecaps. You kneel when she walks by, tongue sticking out like a desperate dog. She is your mind, she is your heart, nothing ever existed before she entered your life, nothing will exist if she leaves you alone. You are addicted, fucked from inside out, and you love it so badly you submit to the cage, the ball gag, the unlubricated strap-on, the sting of the whip. You will never look at a woman’s feet in the same way again, you will never stop licking her sweaty soles, begging for more as the humbler stretches your throbbing balls. If anyone says, “you’ve been hypnotized, brainwashed to be her living toy,” you roll your eyes and simply go deeper. You have no choice.

It starts with a bang and it ends with a whimper, a moan, a mewl. Yours. Now lick.