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Fly Fishing — A Three Fingers Companion Volume

by Betsy Leohtar

Added 25 February 2017

Updated 09 April 2017

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Ding Jun is a young Chinese billionaire just starting her own slave acquisition activities. Up ’till now, she has been mentored by her mother. But Ding Jun is of the opinion she is capable to ‘collect’ slaves on her own. Does she have the wherewithal to achieve her goal? One thing she knows for certain, she won’t be embarrassed if nobody of importance knows about it.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1 2963 words 25 Feb 2017
Chapter 2 3812 words 04 Mar 2017
Chapter 3 5306 words 11 Mar 2017
Chapter 4 4164 words 18 Mar 2017
Chapter 5 2899 words 09 Apr 2017