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Following Her Dream 10

Disclaimer: Contains literary material intended for adult audiences.

* * *

It was no small miracle that the two made it to Snow’s house intact. Janet had been teasing and tormenting the Polish woman the entire ride over. It took what remained of Snow’s focus to make sure the car stayed in the correct lane. Her disingenuous pleas for Janet to stop did nothing to spare her from Janet’s meandering fingers.

The car screeched to a stop in the parking lot in front of Snow’s apartment, cutting partway over the boundary into the adjacent space. Snow left her purse in the car as the two jumped out, quickly embracing as they met by the hood.

“Kurwa!” Snow cursed, frantically trying to unlock her front door. The key scraped the metal housing of the lock, refusing to be inserted. It didn’t help that Janet was pressing against her, groping her ass possessively. The teasing kisses at her neck caused her body to tense in excitement.

The door flew open at last, the two entwined bodies nearly falling over as they tumbled inside. Their lips were locked, grasping each other tightly as both sets of hands roamed over the other’s body.

Snow’s eyes were shut as she reached back, slapping her hand against the wall, hunting for the switch. The room burst to light, revealing an immaculate if small apartment.

Snow tossed her keys absentmindedly onto the nearby counter, the careless maneuver causing them to slide across the surface and fall to the floor. With her foot, she pushed the front door closed far harder than she intended as it slammed shut. Her neighbor’s dog began barking at the noise. With how late it was, she’d likely be hearing about it the next time she saw the owner outside. At the moment, though, she couldn’t care less.

Snow led Janet towards her room. She reached down to the hem of her dress as she began pulling it up over her head. Janet stopped her.

“Not yet,” Janet said, pulling Snow’s arms back down while freezing her with a wolfish glare. “Leave it on, so I can tear it off later.” She kept a tight grip on Snow’s wrists, eliciting a moan out of the worked-up girl. She leveraged Snow’s arm, causing her to turn in place, before pushing on her back, nudging her towards the bedroom door. She watched the girl scamper ahead of her as she prowled behind.

Janet entered Snow’s bedroom, taking a moment to admire the area as Snow stood before her, wanting. To the casual observer, it would appear like any normal bedroom at quick glance. A poster bed took the main focus of the room, the wooden decorative bedposts spiraling up towards the ceiling. Sheer fabric flowed down from the canopy at the top. A dresser was situated directly in front of the bed with large, carefully-placed mirrors. An antique chest was located in the corner next to an expansive and sturdy bench.

It wasn’t until one noticed the metal rings that were installed into the posters, the mirror hidden in the canopy of the bed, that the true purpose could be understood. The faint smell of leather hinted at something a bit more sinister, more carnal.

Janet noticed. She focused on her victim like a predator, ready to pounce. With an alluring smile, she approached Snow, her hips swaying with her deliberate steps. Janet reached up, grabbing her by the back of the neck, her other hand around her slim waist, as she leaned in for another smoldering kiss. She slowly moved Snow backwards until their legs bumped against the thick comforter on the bed. Catching Snow off guard, Janet pushed her back, delighting in the girl’s yelp as she flopped onto the soft fabric.

“Janet...,” Snow called out, her voice full of desire. Her pure white hair splayed out around her head. She reached towards Janet with her left arm, inviting the dominant woman to join her.

Janet began walking slowly around the bed, never taking her eyes off Snow. She let her hand trail up the poster as she rounded the corner. With an elegant twirl, she left the bed and made her way towards the chest with determined haste.

Bending at the waist, Janet reached down to open it. Her leather skirt rode up, exposing her bare pussy to Snow as she watched.

Snow rolled over to give herself a better view as she reached down and began rubbing herself over her dress. She still couldn’t believe how quickly things had escalated, but certainly wasn’t complaining. There was something about Janet that seemed almost familiar to her, but she was too caught up in the moment to give it any thought.

The chest opened with a deep rumbling creak. Janet sat down on her haunches as she peered at the contents within. The large chest was full of sliding shelves carefully arranged to maximize utility. Upon each shelf lay a myriad of straps, ropes, whips, and other toys, all neatly and perfectly organized. Janet reached in and ran her fingers along a few of the items on top.

“Janet, please...,” Snow cried out, causing Janet to turn her head. The look she saw in Janet’s eyes was like that of an animal on the hunt, and her grin hinted at what was in store. She watched as Janet picked up a leather strap, slapping it against the palm of her hand with a crack that made Snow flinch so wonderfully.

Returning to the chest, Janet began grabbing items with particularity. When satisfied, she closed the lid, letting gravity do its work as it shut with a groan and a booming thud that echoed through the white room.

Standing up, Janet approached the bed. One by one, she placed her choices in front of Snow on the comforter. She watched the girl’s excitement grow as she regarded each item in turn. With all the straps and shackles on the bed, including a leather strip gag, Janet tossed the last item at Snow.

Picking it up, Snow stared at the blindfold before looking back at Janet, her cunt dripping in expectation. She saw Janet’s grin grow ever so slightly, communicating to Snow with such a minute gesture. Snow knew what was expected of her as she raised the blindfold up and placed it over her eyes, surrendering her fate to Janet. She closed her eyes out of custom, allowing herself to better focus on her other senses.

In the new darkness of her world, Snow felt the mattress shift next to her. Unseen hands grabbed her by the shoulders, turning her onto her back and guiding her to the middle of the bed. Someone grabbed her wrist as she felt something cold and firm wrap around it. With a tug, the leather tightened, just enough to not cut off circulation.

Her arm was pulled out and up, bringing it closer to the headboard. Snow heard the sound of metal clicking as the cuff was fastened securely to the bed frame. The body climbed over her in the darkness, attaching the other shackle in the same fashion.

Snow tilted her head back as she gave a couple futile tugs against her restraints. The metal clanged, the bed softly creaked, but her hands remained bound. “Tak, Janet. Tak,” Snow said, reverting to her natural language. She flexed her back as she reveled in her confinement. She felt a finger place itself upon her lips, as she heard the person sitting atop her calmly and quietly shush her. Snow wasn’t sure if she could comply for long.

Janet leaned down and began kissing at Snow’s neck. Their chests pressed together as Janet’s hair fell atop Snow’s face. She brought a hand up to wrap around Snow’s throat as she went in for a kiss, forcing her tongue into Snow’s mouth.

As soon as Janet pulled away, Snow spoke her approval. “O mój Boże, tak dobrze. Proszę. Proszę, Janet...” Her voice was low and full of desire.

Sitting up with a tut, Janet shifted her weight on top of Snow’s waist. She reached over and picked up the gag, placing it against Snow’s lips. With some light pressure, Snow opened her mouth to allow the leather strip in. Janet fastened it behind Snow’s head gently, with just the right amount of tightness.

The piece of leather pulled the corners of Snow’s mouth back. “Dziękuję Ci.” She spoke as well as she could through the gag.

Moving her hips, Snow tried her best to press herself against the weight of Janet, desperate to give her cunt some attention. She needed it, her patience reaching its limits, but she was equally enjoying the denial.

She felt the presence move in the dark as it slowly left the bed. She heard it leave the room, the soft padding of footsteps growing distant. Below the blindfold, Snow’s brow was furled. “Janet?” she called out.

She didn’t have to wait long for the footsteps to return. The bed once again shifted beneath her as the unknown body returned to its spot atop her. With barely distinguishable words, Snow said, “Mmm. Please, Janet. I can’t wait anymore.” Her breathing was loud as she continued to feebly pull at her restraints. Her legs bent and straightened on the bed, hoping to goad the being into action.

“I’m not allowed to have sex with you.”

Snow stopped moving as she tried to understand what Janet meant. Things were going so well, so perfectly. She wasn’t sure what had happened, wondering if perhaps she somehow did something wrong. “Wh... what do you mean? What’s wrong, Janet?”

She clenched her eyes, flinching as the blindfold was removed, the brightness of the room assaulting her. She looked up to see the top of Janet’s head in the mirror above. She was holding something in her hands. Snow looked down to see a screen facing towards her, fractal-like patterns expanding and contracting in an unusual manner upon it.

She looked up towards Janet, noticing a complete lack of emotion on her face as Janet stared back at her. The confident, commanding presence was nowhere to be found. “I don’t understand. What is this? Why did you stop?” Nervousness crept in as Snow began to feel uncomfortable with how Janet was suddenly acting. She tugged on the leather binding her hands as she became aware of her situation.

“Look at the screen and everything will make sense.” Janet had barely moved her body an inch, save for the efforts it took to talk. She kept the screen perfectly aligned with Snow’s face.

“Janet, you’re scaring me. I don’t like this, please stop,” she pleaded. Snow began to struggle in earnest against her shackles as she lowered her eyes back towards the display. She had no clue as to Janet’s intentions. If she was performing some sort of role-play, it wasn’t one that Snow was willing to subscribe to—certainly not without being informed about it prior. She didn’t like being misled like this.

At least the colors were pretty to look at, she thought.

“Keep looking at the screen. Don’t take your eyes off of it,” Janet continued in monotone, heedless to Snow’s cries and struggles.

Regardless of how she felt about the situation, Snow understood that she was trapped. Janet wasn’t doing anything harmful to her—at least not yet—so maybe her best course of action was to just do as she asked. Perhaps soon enough Janet would be satisfied with whatever it was she wanted, and then she would let Snow go. With that logic, Snow decided she would comply and stare at the screen for Janet. She still gave a few pulls with her arms, a few kicks with her legs, but the force behind them had greatly diminished.

“Good girl. Keep looking. Let the screen pull you in as your mind goes blank.”

Janet’s voice was so soft, so soothing in her ears. It lulled her into a sense of peace as her thoughts seemed to come to her more slowly. She stopped trying to escape from her confines, the only pressure on her wrist being that from the force of gravity alone pulling her arms down against the leather. She continued to watch the shapes, her eyes following along of their own accord.

Janet continued her rote speech. “Almost there now. Almost ready to sleep. You want to sleep so bad, to not have to think about anything. Everything will just fade away, all your thoughts and concerns.”

The room seemed to pulse in darkness as her eyelids flittered. Her head felt so heavy as she tried to hold it up so she could continue to watch the screen, the muscles in her neck already feeling sore. She wanted nothing more than to just close her eyes and let her head fall back onto the pillows. Janet wanted her to keep staring though. She had shown her the pretty shapes, so she should do what Janet asked. It was just such a struggle.

“Ready to sleep for me, Snow. Sleep, and listen to my words.”

The darkness that throbbed at the edge of her vision finally encroached on the center as the room went completely dark. She relaxed into the bed, the lazy smile trying to form on her face being obstructed by the gag that still remained in place. She was finally free.

Janet held the device for a moment longer as she watched Snow. Certain that she was fully under, she closed it up, locking herself out of the temporary guest account she had set up under Violet’s instruction. She placed the device to the side.

“Can you hear me, Snow?”

“Yes...,” came Snow’s reply, sounding more like a puff of air than a word, thanks to the leather in her jaw.

Janet reached over, picking up the phone she brought with her when she went to retrieve her tablet. Typing in the number she was told to memorize, she brought the phone to her ear and waited as it rang. “She’s ready,” was all she said as the line was picked up.

When the voice on the other end praised her, Janet hung up, placing the phone next to the tablet. She proceeded to leave the bed, standing next to it while facing the wall, waiting as instructed. The room fell completely silent, with not a stir from the two occupants.

Janet drew a sharp intake of breath as she blinked rapidly. She looked around until her gaze finally settled on the girl laying on the bed. With nervous breaths, she began speaking. “Snow, there’s one thing I need you to do for me...”

* * *

Violet stood in the doorway hesitantly as she stared at Snow. It had been months since the two last spoke, although ‘spoke’ would be a bit of an understatement. Violet could still remember the arguments they had before everything finally ended. She could still hear Snow’s voice shouting at her in one language or another.

Part of her worried that if she approached, Snow would wake up, and the shouting would resume. She made it more than clear that she never wanted to see Violet again. Perhaps just watching from this distance would have been enough for Violet. Snow definitely looked so peaceful as she was, almost like an angel with her beautiful white hair flowing around her head. The idea of disturbing Snow, of facing the consequences of Violet’s past failures, didn’t quite sit well with her.

Of course it would never be enough. Not for Violet. Especially not now that she had Janet’s device. Now she could fix things, make everything right, and more. She turned her head to face Janet. She was still standing, facing away from the bed. She likely hadn’t moved in the few minutes it took for Violet to arrive.

Things seemed to turn out well enough, thankfully. Once Rachel had informed Violet on where Snow had gone for the night, Violet was quick to get Janet ready. She was so careful to instruct Janet on exactly what to do. For her appearance, Janet was already roughly Snow’s type, only needing a few adjustments. Her personality, though, was more difficult to mold. Violet had to tell Janet what to say, what to do, exactly how to touch Snow to get her interested. She wasn’t fond of that last bit, but felt it necessary. At least after tonight, she could make sure that no one else would get to touch Snow but her again.

She wondered at exactly how things had played out between the two. She wished she could have watched it all, but the risk of being spotted was too great. Was Snow dripping at the hands of Janet, the way she was when her and Violet had first met? If it went down the way Violet intended, did Snow even realize how similar the two events were?

Violet’s mind drifted back to their first night together. She closed her eyes as the scene played out, Snow lying on the bed just as she was now, but with Violet on top. She recalled the first of many orgasms as she rode Snow’s face, the girl strapped to the bed. The way she dominated the other woman, who loved every moment of it. The way her voice shouted at her in anger as she...

Violet was brought back to the moment at the intrusive memory. She shook her head as she pulled her hand away from her crotch. She stared back at Snow, so still and serene on the bed.

Tentatively, Violet approached.

She sat down at the side of the bed. With her left hand, she gently caressed Snow’s cheek, a despondent look on her face. It was time to fix things.

“Hey Snow, long time no see,” she began, clearing her throat uncomfortably, fully aware of the irony of such a statement. “I’m going to be telling you some things, and they will become your truth. Do you understand?”

A smile crept onto Violet’s face after hearing Snow’s affirmation. The air of unease that she felt up to this moment began to vanish as she grew more resolute in her plan.

“You are going to forget leaving me. You still love me, just as you did at the start. Forget all the arguments we had, all the bad memories.” Violet thought about Rachel, waiting patiently for her back at the shop, and the trouble that became of messing with her head. It was not something she was looking to repeat with Snow. “If any conflicts should arise regarding these lost memories, you will just ignore them, they won’t bother you.”

Violet leaned in closer, placing her right hand on Snow’s thigh. “You will obey any command I give you, without question, without concern. You will be perfectly submissive to me, just like I knew you always wanted.” Her hand crept upwards.

“Whenever you hear me say the word Snowfall, you will return to this same exact state. When you have accepted everything I have said, I want you to wake up.”

Violet stared at Snow in tense anticipation.

With a deep breath, Snow opened her eyes. When she looked over at Violet, her features softened. She tried reaching out, but her arm was held in place. When she saw the bindings holding her, a look of excitement crossed her face.

When she tried to smile, she became aware of the gag in her mouth. She pointed to it as best she could, given the limitations placed on her hand. She watched as Violet leaned forward and wrapped a hand around the back of her head to undo the strap. Their eyes never left each other’s. When the strap loosened and was pulled away, Snow stretched her mouth out this way and that before letting it form into a sultry smile.

“Hey, Vi,” Snow purred. She quickly donned a worried look. “What’s the matter? Why do you look so sad?”

Without responding, Violet leaned over and pressed her lips to Snow’s.

Though still concerned, Snow melted into the kiss, closing her eyes in the process. She felt Violet wrap her hands around her, holding her firmly in place. Snow struggled against her confinement to do the same, the restriction eliciting a moan that spurred Violet on even more. As the kiss dragged on, Snow opened her eyes, only then becoming aware of Janet’s presence next to them.

Snow tried to speak through the kiss, but the only sounds that come out were incomprehensible mumbles. It was enough to get Violet’s attention, though, as she finally pulled away. With a nervous chuckle, Snow asked, “Why is Janet standing there like that?” She pulled her head back in confusion before adding, “and why did I pick her up at a bar?” She looked back at Violet for answers.

Violet grinned back in response, sliding closer to Snow on the bed. “I have something to tell you, about a gift of sorts, that I think you’re going to love.” She followed up by bringing her leg over and placing it between Snow’s, pressing her thigh against Snow’s crotch. She reached out and grabbed one of Snow’s hands, their fingers entwining tightly.

“Go on,” Snow responded, still a little uncertain but loving the attention none the less.

“I created a device, just for you, capable of controlling people.” Violet leaned in and began whispering into Snow’s ear. “In any way you could ever imagine.” She nibbled at Snow’s earlobe. “Janet here volunteered to let me test it out on her.” The two girls on the bed looked over at Janet as Violet continued. “She always fantasized about being a mindless slave, now she gets to live it for real. She’ll do anything I ask of her, without question, completely obedient to me. Right Janet? Go ahead and turn around for me.”

Janet did as she asked. “Yes, Violet.” Her was voice devoid of emotion as she continued to stare straight ahead.

Violet could feel Snow’s heart beat as she lay on top of her, feel her squirm ever so slightly underneath her. She watched Snow stare at Janet, her mouth open, eyes wide in astonishment, before suddenly shaking as she burst out laughing.

“C’mon, Vi, be serious. I never took you for someone that was into science fiction. She’s just role playing... right?” She looked back at Violet, confident that it was nothing but a practical joke, but part of her wondering if it might be true, the connotation of that ‘what if’ leaving her hoping that it was. The look she saw on Violet’s face made her confidence waver, but allowed the other part to send shivers down her spine.

With a devious grin, Violet asked, “Would you care for a demonstration?” Hardly waiting for a response, Violet returned to Snow’s ear. “I already used the device on you, so now you have to do what I say.” She could feel Snow’s breath catch in her throat. “For starters,” she began, her voice oozing sensuality, “I’m going to unlock your cuffs from the bed, but when I do, you still won’t be able to move your arms. It’ll be just like they were still tied up.”

Snow watched as Violet propped herself up on all fours, hovering over her and staring at her like a wolf ready to devour its prey. She watched as Violet slowly reached one hand out towards the bed post, towards her own arm. Watched as Violet undid the clasp that connected the cuff to the bed. Her arm was tense, she was almost too afraid to move it—too afraid of the disappointment she would feel if she could move it. She stared at her own hand, suspended in the air, with conflicted anticipation. She pulled her arm in.

Snow’s eyes went wide as she felt the cuff pull against her arm, holding it in place. She gave a few more tugs, each more forceful than the last, but each with the same result. Her wrist halted in the same place it would have had the restraint still been attached.

“O mój Boże...” She looked back at Violet, who grinned knowingly at her. “Oh my god...,” she sputtered out. “D... do the other one.” She waited for Violet to move, but the woman atop her merely pointed at her other hand. Snow glanced to her side only to notice it had already been undone. She had been so focused on the experience she didn’t even feel Violet move to release the other clasp. She tugged on both arms, trying as hard as she could to pull them closer, but the phantom bonds held tight.

“Vi...,” was all Snow could say. She flexed her thighs, rubbing them together beneath Violet’s gaze.

“Believe me now?”

“Oh god, yes. I believe you,” Snow managed to choke out as her breaths became deeper. “Please, Vi... I need you so bad, but... are you... is this dangerous?”

“Don’t worry, it can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do,” Violet said dismissively, quick to move on. “Now then, shall we continue? I think I’m going to have you eat me out.” She brought her hand under Snow’s dress and began circling her clit with her finger, bringing out a deep moan from the woman. “Perhaps we can get a little... creative.” She emphasized the word with a flick of her thumb, causing Snow to yelp in pleasure as she closed her eyes.

Violet sat up, halting all the attention she was giving to Snow as she brought her hand up to her chin in mock thought. “Now, what kind of sexy fun thing can we do.” She stared back at Snow. “Mmm, I think I have a delicious idea.” Once again she brought her lips to Snow’s ear. “For every moment that your tongue is on my pussy, it’ll feel like the perfect vibrator is touching every inch of yours.” Violet paused as she let Snow process the implications of the command. “But,” she added, “you can’t cum until I do, no matter how good it feels.”

Snow wasn’t sure what to think. Surely such a thing couldn’t be possible. Then again, neither should it be possible for her hands to be bound by nothing. She stopped caring about the how and why of it all, as she tried to shimmy her body downwards, desperate to get to Violet’s pussy and see for herself how valid it all could be.

Violet grinned as she hiked up her skirt, slowly crawling up the bed. She stopped, with Snow eagerly awaiting her crotch, as she remembered Janet still standing there. The girl had done well enough, Violet figured, may as well let her get involved. “Janet, go ahead and masturbate while you watch us, and you can cum when I do.”

Snow had also forgotten about Janet until Violet addressed her. She gave a look of hesitancy when Violet returned her attention to her. “I don’t... think I want her watching like that. It’s kind of weird. Can you just have her wait in the other room?”

Janet clearly had no qualms about the situation, as she already had her hand shoved under the waist of her skirt, playing with herself as she stared at the two on the bed.

Violet gave a slight frown. “You want her to watch,” she explained in a serious tone. “It turns you on knowing that she’s my slave and has to do what I want.”

Snow reconsidered the situation. Now that she thought about it, it was kind of hot knowing that Janet would be pleasuring herself only because Violet commanded it. And to have her doing so while watching her eat Violet out... Snow purred. Violet was right, it was exactly what she wanted. She wasn’t sure how she had ever thought it was weird earlier. “Yes, I want her to watch...,” Snow corrected herself. “It turns me on...” Snow looked back at Violet with need, and was glad to see the disappointment on Violet’s face disappear.

“That’s my girl,” Violet praised. She closed the remaining distance as she held herself over Snow’s face.

Snow once again found herself at the precipice of indecision. Violet’s cunt was just inches from her face, in all its glistening beauty. All she had to do was reach out, and she could experience the wonders of Violet’s promises. The thought that maybe this time it wouldn’t work caused her to pause, at least until Violet grew impatient and decided to press against Snow’s face herself.

The moment Snow’s tongue crept out, she was lost in pleasure. She was already so worked up, if it wasn’t for Violet’s command to wait, she probably would have been cumming on the spot. Instead, the intense sensations that buzzed through her entire center brought her to heights she never could have dreamt possible.

The pleasure began to subside as she realized she had stopped licking due to the overwhelming experience. She pushed her tongue back out, desperate for the vibrations to continue. She began lapping at Violet with fervent devotion.

Violet braced herself against the headboard as she grunted, pushing down against Snow’s face. She smiled, her legs quaking, as Snow’s tongue buried itself into her folds. It felt like forever since the last time that Snow had been down there, a bittersweet notion in Violet’s mind. She was just glad to have her back where she belonged, as far as Violet was concerned.

Snow couldn’t stop herself. If her tongue left Violet’s skin for even a fraction of a second, the loss of sensation was too frustrating. She never wanted the buzzing to end. Violet told her the device was capable of controlling people in any way one could imagine, but Snow wasn’t sure even she could have imagined anything like this. The pleasure ran so deep, so absolute. Even if her hands were free, and she could plunge her fingers into herself like she so desperately wanted, she wasn’t sure if she’d even feel it over the other noise.

She kept on licking, and her pussy kept humming, and her arms kept tugging. The reprisal of her ministrations made her feel like she was going to lose her mind. She realized it was never going to end, not until she got Violet off. She redoubled her efforts, her body crying out for release as her muscles began to ache.

Violet reached a hand down to grab Snow by her hair, pressing her harder against herself. Her other hand continued to support her as she leaned against the bed frame. “Oh, fuck, Snow, yes!” She cried. Her arm gave out as she fell against the headboard, her cheek pressed against the wood as a trail of saliva began to slowly make it’s way down.

With her head to the side, she caught sight of Janet. The girl seemed to be breathing a bit more heavily. Her hand continued to rub at her vagina, hidden by the skirt that was now bouncing from the movement. Despite that, her face remained entirely blank, as if she couldn’t even feel her own pleasure. Violet wondered if that was actually true.

It didn’t matter, because shortly after she could feel the orgasm ready to overtake her. She shut her eyes, calling out Snow’s name. Her thighs clamped down tightly around Snow’s head, cutting off her supply of air. As the orgasm hit her, she could almost hear Snow’s muffled cries over her own.

Snow’s hips bucked wildly in the air, desperate to feel the physical touch of something real despite the onslaught of the imaginary. She wasn’t sure if she was seeing white from the orgasm or from the lack of oxygen. She gasped for breath when Violet finally let her pull away.

With shaky knees, Violet crawled down the bed and collapsed on Snow. She allowed herself a moment to look at Janet, the girl staring straight ahead once again, her hand back at her side, a drop or two of cum dripping from her fingers.

Violet closed her eyes and nuzzled her head against Snow’s neck as she relished in the glow. “Tak dobrze...,” she heard Snow say. It’s what she would always say after the better nights of sex. Violet never did ask her what it meant, never felt the need to. It warmed her heart to hear it once again.

“I love you, Snow,” Violet whispered. “I’ll never let you leave me again.”

“Mmm, what was that?” Snow asked. When she received no answer, she craned her neck to rest her head against Violet’s. “Would you mind, um... my arms are getting really tired.”

“You can move them now,” Violet exclaimed, as she began gently kissing Snow’s neck.

Snow felt the barrier give way as she was able to bring her arms back. She quickly removed the leather cuffs, tossing them to the side. After gently rubbing her wrists, Snow turned over in the bed to snuggle with Violet.

She took a breath as if to begin speaking but paused for a moment, her mouth open. She released the breath with a chuckle, shaking her head. “Wow... I don’t even know what to say. What is there to say? That was... How did you even... Wow. Thank you, for starters, but... So many questions.”

“Just let me hold you for now,” Violet said somberly.

Snow relaxed into the embrace as Violet asked of her.

Violet opened her eyes, her vision filled with Snow’s white hair. She breathed in, smelling the pungent aroma of sweat and the remnants of Snow’s perfume. She brought her hand up, pressing it against Snow’s neck and running her thumb along her chin. When Snow smiled back, Violet gave her another kiss.

Snow melted into it before reluctantly pulling away. “So... this device of yours... how did you make something like this? How was... that... even possible?”

Violet averted her gaze. “Don’t worry about that. Just know that I did it all for you.”

“Okay... well, thank you. So where do we go from here?” Reaching around Violet’s back, Snow was playing with the other woman’s hair.

After checking the time, Violet stared deep into Snow’s eyes with a coquettish look. “How about another round to tire you out? There are so many more naughty things I want to try tomorrow.” Violet pressed her thumb against Snow’s lips, the other girl opening her mouth to suck on it. Her eyes were full of desire.

Violet pulled her thumb out with a pop. “Plus, there’s someone else I’d like you to meet.”

* * *