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Following Her Dream 17

Disclaimer: Contains literary material intended for adult audiences.

* * *

Rachel had expected to confront Janet the moment she returned home, but found the place empty upon her arrival. It was a bit of a surprise, given Janet’s penchant adherence to her schedule that Rachel had become all too familiar with. Rachel none the less welcomed the postponement of whatever was to come, allowing her a few more moments of assured freedom.

However, the wait did nothing to settle the turmoil her thoughts found themselves in. Rachel began to doubt if this was the best idea. For all she knew, Janet still had a way to put her under. As soon as the door opened, Rachel could be mindless with just a single word. She’d be all alone, at the mercy of Janet’s lust for control. She’d be made to do anything, and made to love it.

She knew it was due to Janet’s conditioning that she felt a twinge of excitement at the idea.

Maybe she should have asked Emma to come with after all. If anything, a witness would have Janet thinking twice about putting her under right away. Was it fair of her to risk her friend’s freedom for a chance of her own, even if for just a few minutes?

She may still have time. She could still call Emma. Maybe she could even warn her not to look at the tablet in the process. The two of them could wrest the device away from Janet. They could use it on her, make her normal again. Once Janet was dealt with, Rachel could simply make Emma forget about it. She then could live her life, free from the control of others.

That was assuming that Janet didn’t trigger Rachel and have her turn against her best friend. Maybe Janet would have Rachel hold Emma down. Rachel would force her to stare into the device, whispering words of surrender into her ear until she lay limp in Rachel’s arms, ready to do whatever Janet wanted.

There were so many ways this could go down, most of them ending with Rachel on her knees. Before she could even pull her phone out, she heard the keys sliding into the lock on the other side of the door.

So much for any help.

This was it, the moment of truth. Rachel had no idea what the fuck she was going to do. She got up from the stool and stood in front of the door.

It swung open. When Janet looked up, the smile faded from her face as her eyes went wide. “Rachel?”

Janet let go of the tablet, the device falling to the floor with a thud, protected by its case. She rushed at Rachel, throwing her arms around her friend, so elated to see her again. She put her head against Rachel’s chest, never wanting to let go. She could hear Rachel’s steady but fast-beating heart, and it brought her a sense of comfort.

Rachel scrunched her nose as she caught a whiff of Janet. The girl reeked of sex, and it filled her with disappointment. She made no move to return the embrace.

Noticing this, Janet pulled away. She looked up at Rachel, seeing the impassive look that was returned to her. Her heart sank, the reaction dashing any hope Janet had that Rachel would be happy to see her as well. She knew it was a naive expectation, but it did little to diminish the relief she felt just to see Rachel again. It wouldn’t be easy, but the best she could hope for now was to make amends.

“Where have you been all this time?” Janet choked out. She wiped away the moisture collecting at her eyes and sniffled.

Rachel didn’t answer. Instead, she turned around and approached the kitchen table, taking a seat. She was still herself, as far as she could tell. Whether or not that meant anything, she wasn’t sure. She gestured to the empty chair across from her.

After Janet followed suit, the two stared at each other in silence.

Janet squirmed in place. “I’m glad you came back.” She looked away, Rachel’s oppressive, wordless gaze becoming too much for her. It was just like before, just like the day Rachel left. At least this time Rachel was here of her own volition. Perhaps this time she would stay.

Janet took a deep breath. You got this, Janet. “I’m sorry for what I said, Rachel. I didn’t mean to scare you away. I just wanted to be completely honest with you.” She took a tentative glance upwards, but Rachel remained as stone-faced as ever.

“You know... the worst thing about this last week wasn’t that you were gone. It hurt, but no... it was that every new day was starting to feel more and more normal, as if the days themselves were trying to tell me that I’d be able to move on without you. I hated myself for feeling that way. I don’t want those days to be the new normal.

“I understand you may not like the idea of me continuing to use the device. I can’t help how I felt when I used it on you...” Janet expected some sort of reaction from Rachel at that, but got nothing. She had no clue if that was a good sign or not. “I just want to remind you that... that you’re more important. If necessary, I can give up the control if it means I can be with you. Anything you want, you can make it happen. We can go back to how things used to be. Even if it’s just as friends... I’d find a way to live with that,” Janet pointed at the device, all but forgotten over by the front door. “You can make me live with that.”

Janet held her breath, having said all she could think of to say. It was up to Rachel now, and this time Janet hoped things would turn out differently.

If Rachel was affected by, Janet’s words, she didn’t show it. “What did you do to me last week?”

“I...” Janet was caught off guard by the sharp, accusing tone of Rachel’s question. “What do you mean? I didn’t do anything, I undid it. I undid everything I could, just before you left.”

“You’re lying!” Rachel’s nostrils flared.

“Rachel, no... I...”

“Prove it.” Now Rachel was pointing to the device. She kept her eyes on Janet, still wary that she might be put under at any moment, and there was nothing Rachel could do about it. Janet hadn’t tried anything yet, but Rachel knew she was hiding something. Janet couldn’t fool her with that act of innocence anymore.

“Rachel, that’s not necessary,” Janet protested. “I’m telling the...”

She saw the conviction on Rachel’s face. Regardless of why Rachel was reacting this way, appeasing her seemed like the best course of action. If Janet wanted to be trusted, then she would need to trust in Rachel as well.

Janet retrieved the tablet from the floor before returning to her seat.

When the device was placed on the table and opened, Rachel grabbed it by the sides. She held it with a tight grip to ensure that Janet couldn’t turn it around on her. She watched as Janet poked and prodded at the screen, presumably loading up the program.

As screen came to life, Janet closed her eyes. With a slow, deep breath, she pictured Rachel’s smiling face, a reminder of the happier times that they shared. It gave Janet hope as she opened her eyes and looked at the tablet.

The colors danced across the screen, and she let out a sigh. Her thoughts slowed as her face relaxed into a calm expression. The screen consumed her vision as the image in her head began to fade until all that was left was the shifting colors in her mind.

Rachel watched as Janet slumped into the chair, her eyes dull and lidded. She let out the breath she was holding, safe from the worry that Janet would subjugate her once more. Now that Janet was under, Rachel could... she could do anything she wanted. Now she had the power to change Janet. She could return Janet to the shy roommate she used to be. Janet said herself she’d be okay with that anyways.

That wouldn’t resolve her current issue, though. Right now all that mattered was removing whatever Janet had done since the beginning. She wanted her life back. Janet may have said she already removed everything, but Rachel just needed to force the truth out of her. Once that was done, only then would she consider changing Janet.

“Listen to me, Janet. You have to answer my questions, completely and honestly. Do you understand?”


“You won’t try to put me under. If I tell you to sleep, you will return to this state. Do you understand?”


It was time for resolution. “Wake up.” Rachel didn’t even wait for Janet to come fully out of it. “I’ll ask you again, what did you do to me last week?”

“I undid everything, that’s all. I promise.” Janet already knew it to be the truth, and hopefully now Rachel would to. Now they could move past whatever this was.

Rachel looked away, growling in frustration.

“Rachel,” Janet implored, trying to get her attention, “why do you think I did something to you?”

“You don’t seem to have a problem changing people, why would I believe you wouldn’t do it to me again? You admitted to wanting to yourself.” As Janet stared back in shock, hurt by the accusation, Rachel reached into her pocket, pulling out the strips of paper. She tossed them onto the table.

The papers came to a rest just in front of Janet. She reached out and unfolded the ragged pieces. As she held them in her hand, creased every which way, Janet recognized them as the missing pages from Rachel’s diary that Janet had thought were destroyed.

Rachel pointed to them. “The things I wrote in that paper... did you make me feel that way?”

Janet shook her head. “I just told you not to be bothered by the changes I made to you. I never said anything about liking it.” Janet felt a sense of vindication over the forced truth of her words. Ever since the beginning, she had doubts about Rachel’s reaction to the program, always wondering if she had said something unintentional. She was finally able to feel liberated of that source of worry, but now she had one more to deal with.

“Rachel, please, tell me what’s going on. Why do you think I’ve done something to you?”

Rachel looked away once more, her hand clenching into a fist on the table.

“Rachel?” Janet whispered.

Rachel slammed her fist down. She fixated on Janet with panicked eyes as she shouted, “Because I shouldn’t want this! You... you had to have made me want this! It’s the only explanation that fits, you made me feel this way! The dreams I had, with you controlling me, you made me have those. You made me love them—made me love you!” Her voice was distraught as her eyes began to water. When she finished shouting, her body was shaking, her breathing shallow and ragged. Worst of all, her cunt was crying for attention. She looked at the table, ashamed of her confession.

Janet shook her head, her mouth agape. She tried to think of anything that would support what Rachel had just revealed. She thought she returned Rachel to normal, but maybe there was something that Janet had forgotten, some unassuming command she made that she hadn’t accounted for. If there was indeed nothing, then that would mean... “Rachel?” Janet said, nervous over what she was about to do.

On the verge of tears, Rachel glanced back up at Janet. She followed Janet’s every movement as the girl left her seat to tower over Rachel.

“Stand up.” Janet’s voice was forceful yet compassionate.

Rachel obeyed.

“Take off your shirt.”

Rachel’s eyes went wide as her breath hitched. Without thought, her hands drifted to the hem of her shirt. She looked down at them as if they were being controlled by some unknown force, but she knew they weren’t. She looked back at Janet, her eyes pleading, as she lifted the fabric over her head and onto the floor. She brought her hands up to cover her exposed chest.

“Put your hands down,” Janet commanded.

Rachel could only stare at Janet with fear and excitement as her hands dropped to her sides.

Janet had to look up to keep eye contact with Rachel, but she made sure it was never broken. “Kiss me.”

“Janet, no... don’t do this...” Her voice was weak and unconvincing.

“All you have to do is put me under, tell me to sleep. You can make me stop, if that’s what you truly want. It’s up to you to decide.” Janet reached up to place a hand on Rachel’s cheek. “Otherwise... kiss me.”

Rachel hesitated. Part of her mind was still telling her this had to be due to some sort of programming. Janet was making her follow her will. She had found a way out of the programming, just like she did with Violet. That was the only way.

At that moment, she stopped caring.

Rachel reached out and grabbed Janet, pulling her close. She lowered her head and pressed her lips against Janet’s in a deep, satisfying kiss. All worries about being controlled faded in that one moment. With that one kiss, she accepted what it was her body was trying to tell her all along, and her pussy throbbed in excitement over her acknowledgment.

Janet began placing delicate kisses down Rachel’s neck and across her bare shoulder. “Strip,” she instructed.

Rachel tilted her head back and closed her eyes, a rush of ecstasy radiating out from Janet’s touch. She reached down to remove the rest of her clothing, the effort made difficult as Janet’s hands trailed across her skin, causing her limbs to tremble. Only when she finished did Janet step back.

Janet’s heart was pounding in her chest. With Rachel now naked before her, Janet took in her entire beauty. She saw Rachel’s body flush in response. When she looked back up into Rachel’s eyes, Janet began removing her own clothing. She did so at a deliberately slow pace, watching for Rachel’s every reaction, loving the way Rachel’s eyes would follow her hands wherever they moved.

Leaving her underwear on, Janet commanded Rachel to follow her to the bedroom. When they arrived, Janet guided her to the edge of the bed. Rachel was staring up at her now, just the way it should be. She pointed to her underwear, demanding that Rachel be the one to take the last piece of clothing off.

With shaky hands, Rachel reached out and wrapped her thumbs under the band of the fabric before sliding them down Janet’s smooth legs. Her face came within inches of Janet’s sex, and she couldn’t look away.

Janet pressed on Rachel’s shoulders until Rachel took the hint and collapsed onto the bed. She pulled on Rachel’s knees until she was positioned with her hips just over the edge, her head craned up to watch. Janet then knelt down and said, “Your last command is to enjoy this.”

“Wait,” Rachel called out.

Janet held off, worried about what Rachel was going to say. She wanted this so much, and didn’t want to stop. She saw the conflict written on Rachel’s face.

“Please,” Rachel begged, “don’t let this be another dream...” The smile that Janet gave melted Rachel’s heart. She watched as Janet leaned in and buried her face between her legs. The experience was everything she could have ever hoped for.

As Janet’s tongue went to work, Rachel threw her head back onto the mattress, a loud moan escaping her throat. She brought her hands up to caress her tits as Janet’s skilled mouth sent spasms through her body.

The orgasm came quick and with devastating force. She clamped her legs around Janet’s head as she squirmed on the bed.

With the vice-like grip holding her in place, Janet continued to lap at Rachel. Only when Rachel settled down was Janet released, gasping and content.

All anxiety had washed away from Rachel with that one orgasm. Her mind felt at peace for the first time in days. When Janet climbed onto the bed next to her, Rachel gave her a soft smile. “Thank you, Janet.” She leaned in for another kiss.

Janet let her head rest on Rachel’s shoulder. She gently circled Rachel’s hardened nipple with her thumb, enjoying the warmth of Rachel’s soft flesh against her own.

She looked up at Rachel with remorse. “I’m sorry for everything I put you through, Rachel. If I had known what was going to happen to you because of my actions... If I had known earlier what you meant to me...” Janet wondered how things may have turned out if she never erased Rachel’s memories, if she never made the device. Was there ever a possibility for them to be together like this? Knowing where they were now, was it worth all the things they went through?

Janet decided now was not the time for such ruminations. All that mattered right now was this shared moment. “I promise I didn’t make any changes to you.”

Rachel smiled back. “I believe you,” she said before sliding down the bed to return the favor.

* * *

Awareness slowly came back to Rachel. She found herself sitting in the living room on a chair. Her nudity was evident in the calm living room air.

There was rustling behind her. When she went to turn her head to see what it was, she realized that her body was frozen.

Rachel tried to call out. Her mouth wouldn’t move, and no sound escaped her throat. All she could do was stare straight ahead at the wall. She didn’t know what was going on, and felt like she should be panicking, yet she remained calm.

Movement appeared in her peripheral vision. She couldn’t even move her eyes to get a better look. It didn’t matter, as Janet soon placed an empty chair in front of Rachel and sat down.

She was just as nude as Rachel.

Being shorter, Janet’s head fell just below Rachel’s direct line of sight. Rachel could still make out the nervous smile on Janet’s face. She was so cute when she tried to act confident, and Rachel wondered what was going to happen.

When she saw Janet move her hand, Rachel tried in vain to focus on it. She was just able to notice the way Janet placed her hand low on her thigh.

Rachel wanted to gasp as she felt something touch her own leg, but her breathing remained relaxed and steady. As Janet snaked her fingers up the smooth, tender skin of her leg, Rachel felt the same thing in turn. Her body yearned with anticipation as the phantom digits approached her pussy.

All her thoughts were on the sensations meandering their way up her inner thigh. Rachel was caught of guard when she felt something grope her tit. Sure enough, when she directed her immobile attention towards Janet, she saw Janet pawing at her own chest.

Rachel needed to be able to look directly into Janet’s eyes, to drink in her beauty as she savored the sensations that Janet was providing. More so, she needed to encourage Janet to keep going, to slide her fingers into her own cunt so that Rachel could enjoy the feeling herself.

In her current state, none of this was possible.

As if reading Rachel’s mind, Janet’s hand found it’s way to her clit as she began circling it with her fingers.

Rachel retreated into her mind, relishing the blissful touches that seemed to be telegraphed across the room between the two girls. Her body saw all that Janet was doing, her mind need only react.

When Janet inserted one finger, Rachel was ecstatic. Another finger, and she was crying out for Janet in her head. That is, until the experience halted, snapping Rachel back to reality.

She was shouting for Janet to continue. There’s no way she could stop there. Only when she saw Janet with the dildo in her hand did she understand what was to come.

Rachel wasn’t prepared when she felt the ethereal dildo slide into her cunt. She could feel the phallic rubber spread her so perfectly, yet she knew if she were to look down all she would see were her dripping lips, unmoved.

Her thoughts were silenced as she felt the dildo push itself into her depths. All that mattered was the pleasure she felt as Janet began pumping the dildo, faster and faster.

Rachel knew she should have cum by now, but the pleasure kept on building. To what end, she didn’t know. She could hear Janet moaning, and it only spurred her on.

“Cum with me,” she heard Janet squeak out, and Rachel did. Her mind washed away in the orgasm, her body entirely still.

“Wake up, Rachel.”

The words cut through the pleasure. They latched onto Rachel’s mind, dragging it back up towards the light. The world rushed at her as her body shook. Her eyes landed on Janet’s and she leapt off her chair.

Rachel straddled Janet, holding her close. She pressed their lips together as Janet continued to squirm from her own orgasm.

“Oh, Janet,” Rachel panted, “how could you dare make me forget something like that?”

“I’ve regretted it since the moment the words left my mouth.” She could feel the warmth of Rachel’s dripping sex against her waist.

Rachel purred into Janet’s mouth with another kiss before standing up, leaving Janet’s stomach to glisten in the light. She sauntered over to the kitchen counter and grabbed a pen. Shuffling through the diary pages, she found the final entry and crossed it out.

She frowned. “I guess that’s all of them.” She turned towards Janet with a look of disappointment. “I think? Are there any other memories we can recreate?”

“Just the one with your teacher.” Janet was reluctant to bring it up, unsure of how Rachel would react.

Rachel brought her hand to her chin as she looked at the floor in thought. “Was it hot?”

Janet chuckled. “Kinda, actually. She was pretty sexy, especially when she spanked you.”

“She spanked me?! I should have her fired for that. And anyways, Ms. Gilio? Sexy? You must be thinking of the wrong teacher. She’s got a stick so far up her ass I’m surprised she doesn’t choke on it.”

Janet shrugged. “Does that mean you’re not interested?”

“Only thing I’d be interested in is discovering how you could think she was sexy.” She smiled as her eyes roamed over Janet’s naked body. “But... maybe we can save that for another day. How about we make some new memories?” She prowled towards Janet before kneeling at her side. “Any ideas?”

Janet reached out to caress Rachel’s cheek as Rachel leaned into the touch. “There is one idea I’ve been wanting to try, but I’ll need you to drop for me.”

Rachel’s eyes flashed with excitement before the light faded from them, leaving the girl to slouch where she stood. With how often Janet had been putting her under lately, coupled with the amazing orgasms that always followed, the process had been faster than ever. She fell to her knees next to Janet, an addition to the trigger that Janet was eager to implement.

“Can you hear me, Rachel?” Of course she could, but to hear the monotone response that Rachel gave was always such a delight. Janet could never get tired of it.

She turned in the chair towards the mindless girl next to her. She grabbed her lover by the chin, directing her unseeing gaze upwards. “Listen to me, Rachel. You’re going to follow me into the bedroom. When we get there, you are going to lie on the bed for me. From then, until I snap my fingers, you will not feel anything I do to you. No pleasure at all. However, the moment I snap my fingers, you will feel everything as you would have, condensed into three minutes of ecstasy. Now, wake up.”

As much as Janet enjoyed the blank look and the flat voice of Rachel while she was under, there was still much to be said about the moment when she was brought out of trance as well. The way she would always offer that wicked, knowing smile to Janet in advance of what was to come. If Janet had to choose, she wasn’t sure which one she liked more.

“You said I have to follow you, so get the fuck up and go to the bedroom already!” Rachel was pulling on Janet’s arm, desperate to get her out of the seat and towards the bed, Janet giggling all the while.

Janet protested Rachel’s impatient behavior by leaning back against Rachel’s arms, moving at an intentional snail’s pace.

Rachel growled at Janet’s resistance, putting as much of her weight into her efforts as she could without knocking Janet over. When they crossed through the doorway into the bedroom, she threw herself onto the bed, eager to experience what Janet had in store for her. “This might be better than the toothbrush one,” she proclaimed.

“Sure made kissing you more bearable,” Janet teased.

“Less talk, more lick.” Rachel pointed at her crotch.

“As you wish,” Janet replied, falling to her knees at the front of the bed. She placed her mouth on Rachel’s cunt and set to work.

After about a minute of Janet’s attention, Rachel sat up on her elbows. “Um, Janet?” she interrupted. “No offense, but um... Since you made me not feel anything, this is, um... kinda boring?” She gave a look in preparation for Janet’s likely retaliation.

With her mouth still pressed against Rachel, Janet glared up at her. She brought her hand out to swat at Rachel’s thigh.

“Hey! Sorry, but it’s your fault! What do you expect?” Her tone was playful, but she still felt she had a point. “Maybe if y—”

“Drop for me.” Janet savored the blank expression that supplanted itself on Rachel’s face as the girl’s arms gave out and she flopped onto the bed. “Just be mindless then, still following the same instructions.”

Janet smiled before placing a loving kiss on Rachel’s thigh. She could be so headstrong at times, but Janet loved that about her. It made Janet’s control over Rachel all the sweeter.

Janet returned to her task, using every trick she knew to pleasure the unresponsive Rachel. She gave some attention to herself as well with whichever hand was free at any given moment.

Only after Janet’s third orgasm, when her tongue and hands were too tired to continue, did she stop. She had no idea how long she had kept it up for, and partly wondered if maybe she went for too long. She could always temper the reaction, but knew Rachel would only be mad at her for doing so.

With morbid curiosity over the coming result, Janet called out, “Rachel, wake up.”

After stirring for a moment, Rachel bolted upright in the bed, startling Janet. Her eyes darted between Janet’s face and her fingers with an intense look of anticipation. “Okay, okay... I’m ready.” Despite saying that, Rachel was incredibly nervous. The feeling was replaced by confusion when she noticed the serious look on Janet’s face.

“Rachel, before we do this... there’s something I need to tell you.”

Rachel noticed how Janet was avoiding eye contact with her. “Wha... what is it?”

Gathering her courage, Janet looked Rachel dead in the eyes. “I’m sorry, Rachel, but...” she took a deep breath, unsure of how to break the news. She knew Rachel wasn’t going to be happy with her, but it was something she needed to say. Better to get it over with quickly, she surmised. “I ate the last of your yogurt last night.”

Janet hopped to her feet and made her way towards the door. “I’ll go to the store to get it replaced, you want anything else?” She didn’t wait for a response as she continued her way into the hall.

Rachel’s mouth hung agape. She couldn’t even process what she heard right away. When it dawned on her what Janet was doing, she was filled with anger. With as loud a voice as she could muster, she shouted, “Sleep, Janet!”

Rachel rolled out of bed and stomped into the living room. She found Janet standing still in the middle of the floor. “Snap your fingers,” she commanded.

Without raising her arm, Janet did as she was bid.

The moment the sound reached her ears, Rachel’s legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor. She brought a hand to her mouth in a futile attempt to stifle the screams as she writhed on the carpet.

The pleasure was incredible, like nothing she had ever experienced before. Every nerve between her legs seemed to be firing at maximum impulse. The overload of sensations wracked her brain, leaving her unable to think of anything but the intensity of it all.

Her hand was instinctively rubbing at herself with fervor, but the minuscule response paled in comparison to the overwhelming force that had built up in the cage of pleasure created by Janet’s command. One would have better luck trying to find the impact of a small stream that had been overtaken by a raging river.

Yet the waters eventually found their levels. As consciousness returned to her, Rachel could still feel her body thrumming with delight. With her head resting on the floor, her lungs crying for air, she saw Janet standing still in the hallways, her back turned to Rachel.

“Wake up... Janet...” Rachel said as soon as her voice would allow.

Janet whipped around. “What the fuck, Rachel?! You didn’t even let me enjoy it!” She stomped her foot, her fists clenched as she glowered at girl on the floor.

It was the most adorable thing Rachel had ever witnessed as she gave a crooked smile.

In between breaths, Rachel managed to cough out, “You... deserve it... for teasing... me...” Her eyes widened when she saw the smirk on Janet’s face, her own blissful smile retreating from the sinister gleam in Janet’s eyes.

Janet raised her hand, fingers at the ready. She moved her hand out, watching as Rachel followed the movement.

“Hey now... let’s think about this Janet. Don’t you think this is a bit mu—”

Janet snapped her fingers once more.

As Rachel convulsed on the floor, her arm shooting down between her legs once more, Janet knelt down beside her. “Try putting me under now,” she taunted with a laugh. She noted the time, waiting out the three minutes as Rachel ground her hand between her legs, grunting and moaning all the while.

As expected, once the designated time had passed, Rachel’s movements slowed and became less erratic. She opened her eyes and glanced up towards her tormentor. “Janet,” she gasped, “did you... really finish... my yogurt?”

* * *

“Absolutely not!” Rachel growled. She folded her arms across her chest, a stubborn look on her face.

“It’ll be fine, Rachel. She’s changed. I promise you. Just give her a chance,” Janet pleaded.

“Not after what she did to me. To us. She gets nothing from me, I don’t want to ever see her again.”

“What about Snow?” Janet argued. “It was her idea. She just wants to clear the air.”

“What about her? She’s not the one I have an issue with. Though the idea that she’s with her doesn’t exactly put Snow in high regards in my book. If she wants to visit, fine, but she can do so by herself.”

“You’re being stubborn.”

“Stubborn?! I’m being stubborn... Do you forget what she did? You weren’t there when she took advantage of me. I went to her for help—because of what you did, I’ll remind you—and she just took the opportunity to use me. Never mind all the things she did afterward.” She couldn’t believe that Janet was even entertaining the idea. She was used by Violet as well, how could she possibly want to just forgive her?

Janet had expected this to some extent. She felt she owed it to Snow to try to reconcile things, but wondered if it would even be possible at this rate. There had to be some way to convince Rachel to... a light bulb went off in Janet’s head at the recollection of some past event.

“What if I could make it worth your while, Rachel?”

If anything, it at least grabbed Rachel’s attention.

Rachel scoffed. “What could you possibly offer that would change my mind?”

Janet walked over and began whispering into Rachel’s ear the one thing she knew Rachel had wanted before.

A devilish grin plastered across Rachel’s face over what she heard.

Janet felt confident that she would have Rachel finally agree until the grin returned to the cold expression of before.

Rachel narrowed her eyes at Janet. “Don’t think I don’t see what you’re getting at, Janet.”

“What do you mean?” she responded, taking a step back.

“The day I came back, you reeked of sex. I know what you were doing with them. I didn’t bring it up because I assumed you would move past that, but it seems I was wrong. Why do you still want them if you have me now?”

“I... I don’t... it’s just harmless fun, Rachel. It’s not an everyday thing. Snow wants it too, it was her idea after all.”

“I will—reluctantly—allow them to come visit, but that’s it. No using the device for sex with them, that’s our thing. I’m serious.”

Janet was speechless. She loved her time with Rachel, more than anything. She didn’t want to jeopardize that, but she couldn’t get the image of Snow and Violet serving her out of her head. When Snow had suggested they get together, Janet was overjoyed at the prospect. She knew what Snow would want to do once everyone cleared the air. She wished Rachel could feel the same way.

“It’s not like it’s anything we haven’t done before, Rachel.”

Big mistake. “You did NOT just say that. I didn’t choose to have sex with Violet, she forced that on me, and you know it. God, I can’t believe you.”

Janet cowered back at the rebuke. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’ll text Snow and tell her it’s just to talk.” Filled with disappointment, Janet brought her phone out as Rachel paced the room, muttering. She hated to see Rachel mad like this, and hoped they could push past this small bump.

As Janet began punching in the message, her mind drifted to the image of three women kneeling before her. They were naked, ready and willing to do anything Janet commanded. They stared up at her with complete adoration, waiting for Janet’s command.

Rachel had asked something, but Janet didn’t hear. She held her thumb over the send button. The image of the three women began to fade from her mind. It left Janet feeling empty.

“Janet, are you even listening to me?” Rachel asked, exasperated.

“Drop for me.” The words seemed to come out on their own.

This time it wasn’t excitement that flashed in Rachel’s eyes before they drooped. Janet tried to ignore what it was she actually saw. After all, it would all be okay, she told herself. She’d be careful with what she said this time. She had learned to be careful.

She approached Rachel, the girl’s arms now by her sides as she knelt down on the floor in a trance. Janet wrapped her own arms around her, leaning in to place her chin on Rachel’s shoulder as she held her close. She kept her eyes straight ahead, looking at the wall.

She chose her words carefully. Just a surgical change, that’s all. “Listen to me, Rachel. You don’t mind that I use my device on Snow and Vio... on others, for any reason. You won’t be jealous about what I do with anyone else, because you know I love you most of all. It’s all just for fun. You won’t remember me putting you under just now, or question anything that’s different in response.”

Janet took a few steps back, returning to her previous spot. “Wake up.” She kept her eyes averted, unable to look Rachel in the face.

Rachel shook her head, feeling disoriented for just a moment. She didn’t think anything of it. When she saw the look on Janet’s face, she sighed. “I’m sorry, Janet. I didn’t mean to upset you. I don’t know why I was so bothered by it. They can come over, and I’ll try not to kill Violet when I see her. As long as you keep your promise, that is.”

Rachel smiled, hoping that would cheer Janet up. When it didn’t seem to work, she pulled her into a warm hug. “You know I love you.” She gave Janet a squeeze.

* * *

“That’s it, so deep for me. You’re doing great, Rachel. It feels so good to just listen to my voice, to let my words wash over your mind. Feel the pleasure simmer from within as you continue to touch yourself. Feel it spread throughout your body as you repeat the words I have given you. The more you repeat them, the deeper you go, the more pleasure you feel. You will stay in this state until I wake you, trapped in your own mind, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Janet was kneeling behind Rachel, leaning against her. With her tits smashed against Rachel’s back, Janet had her arms wrapped around Rachel’s stomach. She continued to whisper her delicious control into Rachel’s ear, her voice soft and soothing. Rachel’s barely-audible mutterings in her entranced state sent warm tingles throughout Janet’s body.

If she kept things up, Janet knew she’d have to strip her clothes off and have Rachel attend to her. She’d probably leave Rachel mindless during it all, as usual. Then she could give Rachel her treasured reward, and they could spend the rest of the day embracing each other until one or both found the energy to go again.

It was a tempting thought. Seeing Rachel like this always left her dripping. She wished she had more time.

As if to emphasize the thought, Janet heard the doorbell ring.

She closed her eyes and smiled. “You hear that, Rachel? Snow and Violet are here. I hope you’re ready for some fun. I’m going to leave you like this for now, though. Just keep pleasuring yourself, keep dropping deeper for me. I’ll be sure to wake you when I’m ready.”

Janet slid her hand under Rachel’s shirt to caress the breasts beneath. She placed a loving kiss on Rachel’s neck. With reluctance, Janet stood up and walked over to the door. She opened it to find Snow’s beaming face staring back at her. Off to the side stood Violet, her hands held behind her back.

Snow went in for a hug that Janet eagerly returned. “It’s so good to see you again, Janet. And in such good spirits, no less! I hope you... oh my...” Snow looked into the room to see Rachel kneeling on the floor, her back to them all. “Is she...”

With a grin, Janet nodded.

Janet ducked out of Snow’s embrace, the girl seemingly as entranced at the sight of Rachel as Rachel was herself. She turned towards Violet, still standing in the hallway, looking uncomfortable. “Hello, Violet,” Janet greeted as politely as possible, motioning for her to enter.

Violet looked up. “Hi,” she replied. “I, um... I want to thank you for what you did for us.” The confidence began to return to her voice. “Letting me use her trigger, that is. We’ve been having a lot of fun these past few days. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!” She was smiling at Janet now, eyes wide with excitement.

Janet closed the door. “You’re welcome.” She turned to Snow. “Hey, can I talk to you in private for a second?”

The smile faded from Violet’s face. She had hoped Janet would have asked more about what they had done. Then Violet would get to boast about all the clever triggers she and Snow had experimented with. Like when she said ‘freezer burn,’ which caused Snow to be unable to move at all, but every pleasant sensation she felt was amplified. Aside from being left completely mindless, it was one of Snow’s favorite. Violet was sure Janet would have been proud.

“Um... sure,” Snow responded, pulling away from the breathtaking sight before her. She took a quick glance towards Violet, seeing the dejected look that was now on her face. “Be right back, okay hun?”

Violet forced a smile. “Sure.”

Janet walked Snow over to the other side of the room. She made sure she was out of ear shot before she began. “So... I’m sure you’re aware that Rachel isn’t exactly happy with what Violet did to her.”

Snow nodded. “It’s understandable.”

“Here’s the thing. She was pretty adamant about never seeing Violet again. I finally got her to agree, but on one condition. I don’t think Violet is going to be happy about it though...”

“What is it?” Snow asked with apprehensive curiosity.

Violet watched the two converse in the distance. Every now and then, Snow would look over at her in an uneasy manner. It didn’t sit well with Violet as she began to feel self conscious over being left alone.

She shifted her attention towards Rachel, dutifully following her instructions while kneeling on the floor. She crept over, curious over what she was doing.

Violet got down on her haunches as she eyed Rachel. She reached her hand out, waving it in front of Rachel’s face.

Rachel remained undisturbed.

Violet’s eyes trailed down Rachel’s arm until they stopped where Rachel’s hand slipped under her leggings. It was subtle, but Violet could see the steady rise and fall of the fabric as Rachel slid her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Reaching out, Violet grabbed Rachel by the wrist and pulled it away from her crotch. There was some resistance on Rachel’s part, but it didn’t take much force.

Rachel whined at the loss of sensation on her sex. As soon as Violet let go, her hand slid right back under to continue its orders. Violet let out a bemused puff of air and continued to study Rachel’s actions. Eventually she let her gaze drift back upwards. She saw Rachel’s lips as they moved, hearing just the faintest of a whisper from the mindless girl.

Violet leaned her head forwards, bringing her ear just inches from Rachel’s mouth. She held her breath as she listened to what Rachel was saying.

“ pleasure. Janet is my Mistress. I am Mistress’ slave. slaves must be obedient. This slave will cum when it wakes up. Obedience is pleasure. Janet is my Mistress. I am...”

“You’re right, she’s not going to like this. Can’t you just, like... make her forgive Violet?”

Janet looked away. “I don’t want to change her like that. I hope you understand.” She repeated to herself that this was different than before. It did little to suppress the guilt she felt over forcing Rachel to agree to everything else she had planned for the day. She had to practice restraint.

“All right, you have my permission.” Sighing, Snow placed her hand on Janet’s shoulder. “Just please don’t let it go on for too long.”

“I won’t.”

Violet nearly toppled over when Snow touched her.

“Enjoying the show?” Snow asked.

Violet stood up, composing herself as if she wasn’t just startled. “Meh, you do it better.” She took her place by Snow’s side, wondering what the two had discussed.

“You might want to take a step back.” Janet waited as the other two heeded her warning. “Are you ready?” she inquired before turning her attention to Rachel. “Wake up, Rachel.”

Rachel threw her head back, her mouth open wide in a silent scream. After a few noise complaints from their neighbors, Janet made sure they could still have their fun without disturbing the peace. With a few careful words, any screaming Rachel did was all in her head.

It was still deafening to Rachel. She fell onto the floor as the the orgasm rippled through her body. She pressed her feet into the carpet, raising her hips into the air as her back arched. She clenched her eyes shut, every muscle in her body taught. She kept pumping her fingers in and out, her palm pressing down on her clit, hoping to extend the experience for as long as she could.

When at last the pleasure began to fade, Rachel collapsed back onto the floor, panting. She opened her eyes to find Janet staring right back at her. They shared a loving smile.

Snow regarded Rachel with intense jealousy. She wondered how long before she could find herself in the same situation. As Rachel struggled to get up, Snow took it upon herself to offer her hand.

Rachel reached out before remembering hers was still slick from her orgasm. With an inward chuckle, she grabbed Snow’s arm with her other hand, pulling herself back up to her feet.

“Hi, Rachel,” Snow greeted. “I guess in a way we’ve never met before. That was quite the introduction, if I do say so myself. I’m glad you and Janet were able to work everything out. She really does care for you a great deal.”

“I know, and uh... thank you. It’s nice to meet you too.” Rachel wiped her hand on her leggings before accepting Snow’s embrace. “I hope you can still like the real me,” she added. When she looked over towards Violet, her face soured.

Violet held out her hand. “Rachel,” she greeted with a smile.

Rachel crossed her arms. “Bitch,” she returned. She nodded her head with a smirk.

Violet’s eyes flashed in anger. “Hey!” Before she lost her temper, she took a deep breath. She knew she’d never hear the end of it if she did. There was no worse feeling than that of disappointing Snow, so she decided to ignore the insult. “I’m sorry for what I did to you.” The statement sounded rehearsed. She glanced over at Snow, hoping for her approval.

“Not yet you aren’t,” Rachel threatened. “So, Janet, can we do this now? Is Snow okay with it?”

Janet felt a bit relieved. While she didn’t expect it to come to violence, things still could have been worse. “She agreed. Just don’t overdo it, okay?”

“Yes!” Rachel hissed in triumph. She grinned wider than ever as all three of them turned towards Violet.

“H-hey now... what... what’s going on?” Violet took a step back, feeling anxious at the sudden attention.

“Violet, drop for me.”

“Wai—” was all Violet managed to get out before she lost the ability to speak. The last thing Violet felt was fear before it, too, dissipated from her mind, replaced by nothingness.

“You have strange priorities, Rachel,” Janet muttered as she advanced on Violet. Leaning forward, she began whispering into Violet’s open mind.

Rachel began wringing her hands. She couldn’t wait for Janet to wake Violet up, then Rachel could enact her vengeance. It didn’t make up for everything, but it was a start.

As Janet continued to program Violet’s mind, Rachel glanced over at Snow. Her excitement was squashed at the look that was returned to her.

Snow rolled her eyes with a shrug. “Just this once, okay?” she compromised.

Rachel nodded.

“Wake up, Violet.”

Violet eyes fluttered as her mind came back up. She looked around, once again pinned by the stares of the others in the room. “Um, guys?”

“Chicken!” Rachel shouted, wasting no time at all.

“Bawk!” Violet bobbed her head, scratching twice at the ground with her foot as she did so.

When Janet thought about what she could possibly do to convince Rachel to give Violet a chance, she recalled the one thing Rachel wanted to do to Ms. Gilio back when they first ensnared her. Rachel may not have the memory of it anymore, but Janet counted on still being able to use it as a bargaining chip. Thankfully, Rachel could still be as childish as ever about some things.

Rachel burst into laughter, causing Violet to stare at her in confusion.

“Hey, Janet, do you mind if I get something to drink?” While Snow may have agreed to the humiliation, she had no interest in seeing it play out. She hoped once Rachel got it out of her system, it would be the end of it.

“Yeah, sure, let me help you,” Janet responded, taking the hint. The two walked to the kitchen, trying their best to ignore Rachel’s antics just feet away.

“Why are you laughing like that?” Violet put her hands on her hips, puffing herself up in an attempt to intimidate Rachel.

It wasn’t working.

“Hold on, hold on.” Rachel held her finger up as she fished in her pocket to pull out her phone. “Let me get a video.” She aimed the camera towards the incredulous Violet. Before Violet could object, Rachel shouted once more, “Chicken!”

“Bawk!” After she went through the motions, oblivious to her actions, Violet stomped her foot. “Turn that off! Stop laughing at me!”

“Oh, you wanna see?” Rachel teased, tears in her eyes. She turned the phone around, hitting play. As soon as the trigger word was heard through the speakers, Violet squawked along with the video. “I’ll be saving this for quite some time.”

Violet growled. “So you’re laughing at nothing. Cool. Great prank there, Rachel. How long it take you to come up with that one?”

Snow placed her hand on Janet’s shoulder, looking at her with concern.

Janet nodded. “Okay, Rachel, I think that’s enough.”

Rachel was about to protest until she saw the pleading look on Snow’s face. “Alright, fine,” she pouted. She clapped her hands twice.

Violet’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. Her face flushed red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger as the realization of what just transpired returned to her. “You... you... UGH! Delete that video, right now!” Violet made a grab for the phone.

Rachel pulled it away just in time. “Fat chance! I’m sending this to everyone I know!”

“Don’t you dare!” Violet was charging at Rachel, but couldn’t catch the more nimble girl. “You’re so immature!” she growled.

“And you sound like an emu when you moan!” Rachel shot back. “Maybe I’ll have Janet put you under again just so I can get that on video as well. Violet the one-woman zoo, I’ll call it.”

Violet gave up on the fruitless chase. “I liked you better when you were happy to do anything I asked.”

Rachel had just been having a bit of fun at Violet’s expense, but that last comment got to her. She was reminded of all the things Violet had subjected her to, and was no longer willing to hold herself back. “At least I don’t need to be changed by the device to make other people like me!”

“Rachel!” Janet scolded.

“That’s going too far,” Snow added. “She’s been trying to make up for it.”

All emotion drained from Violet’s face. She had nothing more to say as she turned around and made her way towards the front door. “Snowfall,” she called out. She waited a moment for the trigger to take effect. “Let’s go, Snow. We’re leaving. I’m clearly not wanted here.”

Snow shook the fog out of her mind as she forced herself to wake up, Janet’s one condition for the trigger overriding Violet’s control. “Violet, wait,” she implored, walking over to stop her girlfriend from leaving.

“Rachel...” Janet narrowed her eyes.

“All right, fine,” Rachel sighed. The abject disappointment that was written on Janet’s face was too much for her. She walked over as Snow continued to talk Violet’s anger down. “Don’t think this means I’ve forgiven you, but I made a promise to Janet.” She held out her hand. “Truce?” Rachel knew Janet still wanted to have fun between the four of them. Rachel was fine with that, but it wouldn’t work if Violet walked out.

Violet frowned at the hand. The humiliation she was subjected to just now seemed undeserved, in her opinion. It’s not like Rachel had been miserable back when Violet was in control. She felt Snow nudge her in the arm. Only when Rachel deleted the video in front of her did Violet reach out and shake her hand.

“See? Best friends now,” Snow cheered in a dispassionate manner. “Now that the drama is out of the way, how about we get to the main event?” She put an arm around Violet, pulling her in. “So, Janet, what do you have planned for us all?”

Janet took a moment to make sure the bickering was indeed settled. With a gleam in her eye, she responded, “Well, I think it’ll be more fun if I don’t tell you. Some things are better left a mystery.” A shiver of anticipation ran down Janet’s spine as all three stared at her, waiting to see where she was going. “First things first, though, you all are going to have to get naked.”

It wasn’t long before Rachel and Snow were standing nude. Rachel’s clothing was discarded every which way around her. Meanwhile, Snow had made a tidy pile of her garments, stacked neatly off to the side. The two looked over to find Violet still fully clothed. She was looking at the floor, holding the hem of her shirt in her hands.

Rachel poked her with her elbow. “Not very good at this, are you?” she teased. “Too embarrassed to be seen naked, or something?”

“I’m just out of my element, is all. Not everyone here is used to being submissive like you.” Despite her arguments, Violet began tearing her clothes off, embarrassed at being called out. When she finished with the last item, crumpled in a pile behind her, she took a proud stance.

Satisfied with everyone’s appearance, Janet turned around and hopped up onto the nearby table. Holding her hand out, she pointed towards the ground. “Kneel before me,” she purred.

As soon as Janet finished talking, Violet dashed over. She slid on her knees to be the first person to take her place beneath Janet.

Rachel was caught off guard by the sudden reaction. She didn’t even move from her spot until Violet was already on the ground. With a huff, she stomped over next to her. As she kneeled down, Violet stuck her tongue out at her. Rachel gave her a light push, and Violet pushed right back.

Rolling her eyes, Snow approached the two girls as they grabbed at each other’s arms. Holding Violet by the shoulders, Snow dragged her to the side. She then took her place between the two warring girls before assuming the proper position and staring up at Janet, ready to begin.

Violet smirked at Rachel before settling down. As she mimicked Snow’s posture, the pain on her knees became apparent, causing her to grimace.

With her legs crossed at the ankles, Janet waited on her three subjects. As they all stared up at her, naked and waiting, a thrill went down Janet’s spine. Her cunt throbbed in excitement over what was to come. The sight was everything she could have ever dreamed of. She knew that after tonight, it wouldn’t be long until the next time they all got together to share in her control. Perhaps with a few more carefully spoken words, they’d be just as eager.

“All right, everyone... drop for me.”

* * *

Ms. Gilio threw her keys onto the table. The sound rang out in her small apartment just before the door closed with a thud.

The teacher rubbed at her neck as she walked over to her fridge. The light splashed over the floor as she surveyed the offerings held within. She was met with half a dozen plastic containers of various colors, arranged in no semblance of order, mixed in with a mess of other goods. She reached in, pushing a bag of carrots this way, a package of blue cheese the other. Finding what she wanted, she pulled the bottle of wine out from the back, careful not bump anything off the edge.

She picked up a used glass in the sink, inspecting it for any sign of filth. Satisfied that it appeared clean enough, she ran it through the tap just to be safe.

Pulling out the cork, Ms. Gilio poured a generous amount into the glass, just enough to avoid any concern of spillage on her way to the couch.

She placed the glass with caution onto the end table before settling down onto the cushion. She reached down to unfasten the straps of her heels, tossing them to the side.

Ms. Gilio let out a deep sigh as she sank back into her seat. She closed her eyes, letting them rest after the long day. The year was over. She could finally relax for a few months. Maybe this summer she’d take that vacation she’d been planning for the past six years. More than likely she’d squander the time accomplishing nothing, just like those same six years.

Still, it was nice to get away from those irksome students. It always amazed her what she managed to put up with, but it wasn’t long until she was right back in class, with new faces to fail at remembering and new questions that gave her little hope for the future.

Ms. Gilio shook her head. Today was a day for celebration, not for worrying about the next year. Finals were over, grades were posted. She’d never have to see another student for weeks. With a smile, she brought the wine to her lips.

Her phone rang in her purse.

Groaning, Ms. Gilio stood up to retrieve it. She looked at the number. It wasn’t one she recognized. She hated getting calls from people. Texting was so much easier, so less urgent. You weren’t pressured to respond in the moment to an invite to something you had no interest in attending.

Because of these reasons, Ms. Gilio was surprised to find the phone already placed against her ear. She chastised herself, wondering why she didn’t just let it go to voicemail. Still, she wasn’t the kind to be so rude as to hang up on someone unless they deserved it. “Hello?”

A young woman’s voice could be heard on the other end, one that seemed vaguely familiar. “Hi, Ms. Gilio, I was wondering if you could do something for me?”

“What?” She did nothing to hide the disappointment in her voice. It was probably one of her students, here to beg her to change their grades. They’d likely try to come up with some dumb excuse, too afraid of what their parents would do to them once they found out they failed a class. They should have thought about that before they wasted their time partying instead of studying.

“Can you drop for me?”

Ms. Gilio kept the phone to her ear, her other hand laying limp on her side. The light faded from her eyes as her mouth hung open. “Yes, Mistress...” she intoned.

(The end)

* * *