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Following Her Dream 4

Disclaimer: Contains literary material intended for adult audiences.

* * *

The wind blew through her hair as Janet fidgeted nervously where she stood. She saw the car turn the corner a block down. As it approached, she turned to stare up at Rachel, her friend’s flowery dress flapping against Janet’s thigh as it danced in the breeze. Janet marveled at the blank expression on her roommate’s face.

As the car pulled up in front of them, Janet felt a sudden wave of panic come over her. The plan she had for their evening, the one she had dreamt about, had seemed so exciting when it was in her head. Now that it was becoming a reality, all she could feel was anxious.

It wasn’t too late, she told herself. They could always go back home and find something more private to do.

The car window rolled down. “Yo, you gals gonna get in or what?” the driver asked impatiently.

Janet didn’t like to be pressured. It made it even more difficult to come to a decision. She took another look at Rachel. She could already imagine her disappointment if they were to turn back now. No, Janet could do this. She had to do this—for Rachel, like she promised.

She stepped up on her toes to whisper into Rachel’s ears. “Follow me into the car.” She let go of Rachel’s hand and opened the door, sliding to the opposite side. She offered an apology to the driver for making him wait.

Rachel mechanically entered the vehicle to sit next to Janet before continuing to stare straight ahead, the door still open.

“Close the door, put on your seat belt, and give the man the address,” Janet quietly commanded, her left hand cupping the gap between her mouth and Rachel’s ear. She caught sight of the driver through the mirror, causing her to blush. She couldn’t help but feel awkward in the situation.

Rachel followed her instructions to the letter. The car lurched forward after Janet buckled herself, taking them to their destination.

The driver had been eyeing them ever since they sat down in his car. “Everythin’ okay with your friend back there?” He didn’t know what to make of the two. The more lively passenger seemed strangely uncomfortable. The other, well... didn’t seem to be showing any emotion at all.

Straightening up, Janet stammered, “Uh yeah, she’s uh... fine.” She sat there nervously, hoping there would be no further questions. She wouldn’t know how she could explain it if he pried further.

The driver decided to leave it at that. He dealt with a lot of strange people with his job, and this was no exception. The lifeless one was cute enough, he figured. He couldn’t help but stare at the generous cleavage on display in the mirror.

After a few more minutes of driving, Rachel spoke up at Janet’s request. “Eyes on the road, please.” The monotone of her voice confused the driver further. He squeaked an apology, but was only able to abstain from hes leering for so long.

The car slowed to a stop as it approached its destination. The driver’s eyes bulged out when he noticed the storefront. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he put the car in park, eyes never leaving the mirror. “That’ll be 11... uh... $11.23, please.”

More whispers. Rachel took the $15 from Janet, handing it to the driver without looking at him. “Thank you. Keep the change,” she intoned. When he grabbed the money from her with a shaky hand, she unbuckled her seat belt and stepped out of the car. She stood on the sidewalk facing the store, once again motionless.

Janet followed soon after, thanking the man herself as she scooted by.

As Janet held onto Rachel for support, she let out a nervous laugh. Her heart was beating fast from the thrill of the experience. She couldn’t help but wonder what was going through the driver’s head at the sight of Rachel. It certainly must have been an unusual sight, but the truth of the situation sent tingles across Janet’s skin.

Janet looked back to see the driver still staring at the two of them. Without breaking eye contact, Janet craned her neck up to once again instruct Rachel on what to do. When she was done, she turned away from him and walked Rachel into the shop.

The driver sat there dumbfounded, his mouth agape, as he watched the two girls. He waited there until they had entered the shop, completely out of sight, before departing. With a tent in his pants, he decided to take an early lunch as he drove home.

The inside of the store was lit with a rich purple light, the windows almost entirely opaque. Upon the floor were three long rows of black shelving, fully stocked and sitting at an angle from the walls. More shelves adorned the walls up to the ceiling. In the back was a dark oak door with a sign that said ‘employee’s only’. On the right wall, almost directly in front of the door, was a long glass counter. The toys of all shapes and sizes that filled the counter were lit with a phosphorous bulb.

Behind the counter sat a woman with green disheveled hair, two tufts of which framed her face. Her deep purple apron contrasted the black of her clothing. Upon it was written the store’s name, Violet Delights.

Anxious of what lay before her, Janet looked up towards Rachel, standing still in the doorway with her. She thought back to her instructions earlier that day. “I want you to be trapped in your own body,” she had told Rachel. “You will still be fully conscious, but you will carry out each and every command I give to you, without question or hesitation. Completely aware of everything. Doing so will fill you with such pleasure. The more you obey, the more pleasure you feel, but you can’t show it. You are not allowed to move, act, or express on your own. Like a mind inhabiting a doll. Only I can move you.”

Janet had squirmed in her seat as she gave the instructions. She wasn’t sure who had the better situation. At the same time, she was nervous. She didn’t want to take things too far, and feared Rachel may be upset if she were made to do something she didn’t like. It didn’t take her long to come up with a solution. “Also, Rachel, if at any time you are uncomfortable with anything I ask of you, you will come out of trance and we can stop there.” Today was all for Rachel, and Janet would do her best to make sure she enjoyed it as much as possible.

So here they were, standing in the sex shop. Rachel made no indication of breaking out of her trance, so Janet felt assured she was okay with how things were progressing. Once again she whispered into her ear, “Any time I’m holding your hand, you will follow me as I lead you around, holding mine in turn.” Interlacing their fingers, the two carried on farther into the store.

As the two approached, the cashier looked up. The annoyed expression on her face was quickly replaced with a forced smile. “Welcome to Violet Delights,” she began. “I’m Violet, is there anything I can help you with today?” She almost looked relieved when Janet explained that they were just browsing. “Very well,” the cashier cheerfully replied, “help yourselves. I’ll be over here if you need anything.” Violet took a moment to watch as they walked off before returning to her phone.

Janet led Rachel about the store, weaving through the isles as she inspected all the merchandise. She never knew there was such a collection available. She stopped to gander at the dvds and gawked at all the butt plugs. She felt a twinge of pain when she saw the biggest one on display before quickly moving on. All the while, Rachel followed her as instructed. Her eyes always stared straight ahead, her body never moving unless being pulled by Janet.

Violet occasionally kept eyeing the couple as they passed from one aisle to the next. There was something about the taller customer that she just couldn’t figure out. With the nature of the business, she had seen some unique individuals, but there was something about these two that she couldn’t figure out. With reluctance at having to actually do her job, Violet stood up to investigate.

Janet had stopped in the corner to admire the collection of packaged lingerie. Having already seen most of what the store had to offer, she looked up to regard Rachel. “I wonder what’s going on in your head right now,” she said softly. “I suppose I could just ask you to tell me, but maybe it’s better if I don’t. How good does it feel? Don’t tell me. If it’s anything like the other night, you must be dying inside. I’m kind of jealous. I wonder if Mela—”

The cashier approached the two as they stood in the opposite corner of the shop from the counter. “Did you need help finding anything?” Her eyes moved from Janet to Rachel. “Are you okay, ma’am?”

Rachel did nothing to acknowledge the girl. Janet quickly interjected, “She’s uh... doing some role-play.”

“Oh...” Violet responded. “Oh!” Understanding registered in her voice. “Well if there’s... anything you’d like to know, feel free to...” Her voice trailed off, her eyes never leaving Rachel’s face.

“Actually, I’ve uh... never been to a place like this. Is there something you’d maybe recommend getting?” Janet shifted nervously on her feet. “Something for um... for fun.” She was blushing furiously, unable to even look at the cashier.

“Yeah, sure. Follow me please,” the cashier responded, finally averting her gaze from Rachel as she turned around. She led the two to the middle of the store. “This product is one of the newer ones in our store. It’s a vibrating strapless strap-on. Instead of straps, it has a bulb at one end that you insert into your—”

“I was looking more for a... single-user kind of thing,” Janet clarified, cutting Violet off. She noticed the look of disappointment that flashed on the cashier’s face, if only for a second.

“Very well. Right this way.” She placed the box back on the shelf and led them further down the same isle. “Over here we have your standard dildos. I’ve often felt that simplicity is the best, especially for the inexperienced. I think this one has a nice size, and just the right amount of texture,” she explained, handing a box over to Janet.

Janet turned the box over in her hands and studied the toy through the window. “We... I’ll take it,” she declared. She followed the cashier back to the counter, Rachel still trailing behind her by the hand. She watched as the cashier began to ring up the order.

“Will that be all?” she asked, staring at Rachel as she spoke.

Janet bit her lip. She held a finger up at the cashier as she let go of Rachel’s hand. She hurried back to the middle of the store, looking about nervously as if trying to avoid unseen eyes.

Rachel was left standing by the counter, facing the wall. “Hi,” Violet said confidently, giving a sultry look. There was no response. She clutched at her apron as she stretched up to look towards Janet across the shop. She quickly reached for a fresh roll of thermal paper and, grabbing a pen, began writing on it. She tore a piece off and looked at Rachel’s. Finding no pockets, she pouted. She instead placed the torn paper into the bag along with Janet’s first order. “Just in case the two of you wanted to have some fun,” she said with a wink.

Returning to the counter, Janet offered over a second box, doing her best to hide it from Rachel’s line of sight. She watched as Violet took the hint and discretely added the item to the order, placing it in the bag. After paying, Janet was handed the bag and the receipt. She reached up to whisper into Rachel’s ear once again.

Rachel extended her arm to grab the bag from Violet. With a ridiculous smile, she thanked her for her assistance, never bothering to look Violet in the eyes. When Janet began making her way towards the exit, Rachel stiffly followed behind her.

“Thank you, have a wonderful day,” Violet called out, a clear indication of longing in her voice. She waved as Janet led Rachel out the door, watching them leave. She hoped to see them again as she sat back down to wait out the rest of the day. At the very least she’d have some fun scenarios to play in her head later that night.

* * *

Within half an hour, the two were dropped off by their dorm again. Pulling Rachel behind her, Janet made her way quickly inside the building. She leaned against the door after she closed it. “Oh my god, that was intense.” She shivered as the excitement finally caught up with her. “Everyone had their eyes on you, but they had no idea what was actually going on. Could you imagine their reaction if they knew?” She stared at Rachel, “and you, following nothing but my commands.” Her voice trailed off. An essence of sadness crossed her face. Perking back up, she continued, “Well, I think it’s time for part two. Come here Rachel.”

She led the unresponsive girl farther into the living room. Janet grabbed one of the kitchen chairs and sat it behind Rachel. “Sit,” she commanded forcefully.

Rachel obeyed.

Janet grabbed another chair, placing it three feet in front of Rachel, facing her. She sat, watching the other girl. She watched Rachel breathe, watched her exist without actually being there. That wasn’t quite right, though. She was there, somewhere, deep down inside. Locked away, still watching, still thinking, but unable to do anything.

Janet stood up again, approaching Rachel. She grabbed one of her arms, placing it on the wooden armrest of the chair. She proceeded with the other arm, likewise. “Stay right there, please.”

Janet went to pick up the bag that was carelessly dropped by the door. She pulled out the box, opening it carefully. Holding the dildo to her chest, she gazed at Rachel, the other girl facing away from her. “Here’s what I want you to do for me,” she started as she went to sit back in the chair. “You still can’t move or express yourself, and will remain fully conscious and aware of everything around you. This time, though, you will mirror everything that I feel, but more. Every touch you see me make will feel exponentially better for you. Every perceived sense of pleasure I feel, you will as well, and then some.”

Janet hesitated, hand still clutching the toy to her chest. She had never done anything like this before. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, gathering her composure, her courage.

Placing the dildo on the floor, Janet slowly began taking off her shirt. Pulling it over her head, she tossed it to the side. Gazing into Rachel’s eyes, she reached behind and unsnapped her bra, shaking it off and adding it with the shirt. One sock, then the other, was peeled off her feet. She brought her hands up to her waist, unbuttoning her pants. Arching her back with the chair to support her, she lifted off the seat and slid her pants down her thighs, her underwear caught up in the motion. Returning to the chair, she pushed the pants down to her ankles, the bare wood cold against her skin. With little effort, Janet removed the jeans entirely, adding them to the pile.

The two remained still, seated in front of each other. Even though Rachel wasn’t directly staring at her, Janet felt more exposed than ever. A shiver ran through her in anticipation of what she intended to do.

Tentatively, Janet trailed a hand up the side of one leg. She moved it to the other side as it crossed her stomach, rising higher. Her eyes remained fixed on Rachel. Her other hand began to gently rub her inner thigh, goosebumps appearing on her legs in response to her delicate touch. Her breathing was deep and slow, her heart strong but steady.

Janet lifted her breast as her hand slid across the surface, stopping as her palm made contact with the nipple. She leaned back against the chair. Her legs parted slightly as her other hand traveled inward. She began to knead her breast, gently pulling at the hardening nipple as it cried out for attention from all the excitement of the day.

Her lower hand finally found it’s destination as she began to rub at her slit, her breath hitching in her throat. Her legs opened wider, her head tilting back as she closed her eyes and let out a small gasp. Her left hand switched to the other breast, tweaking the protruding nipple. Small jolts of pleasure spread outwards from her touch.

She moved her hand faster along the entrance, her finger pressing against the length of her labia. She looked back towards Rachel, desire shown plainly upon her face. She wondered what her friend was going through, what she was feeling. She ground the heel of her palm against her clit, letting out a long and low moan.

Her fingers becoming slick, Janet once again picked up speed. Gingerly, she let one finger slide into her opening as she lowered herself in her seat to lift one leg over the armrest. Her eyes narrowed, her brow angling up as she bit her lip. She added a second finger, her other hand joining to dedicate itself to her clit.

Janet rode the pleasure of her ministrations as she varied her speed. Her body squirmed as she bucked her helps gently. Eventually, with her fingers still penetrating her, she reached down with her other hand to pick up the dildo. She pulled her fingers out and began sliding the toy across her mound, lubricating the shaft all around. She lifted the toy by the base and placed the head at her entrance.

She paused, staring at Rachel with conviction. She wondered what Rachel would say if she stopped right then. Janet didn’t think she could, anyways.

With firm pressure, Janet pushed the dildo into her pussy. Slowly she eased it farther in, her toes curling. Farther, her breathing becoming rapid and shallow. Farther, her body screaming in delight. With a final gentle press, Janet pushed the dildo to her depths, grunting with effort, as her body spasmed.

Janet let her body relax around the appendage as she savored the sensation of being filled. Gradually she retracted it, bringing it out until just the tip remained inserted. She began pumping, bringing her free arm back up to attend to her aching breasts.

Working up to a moderate pace, Janet studied Rachel. She tried to imagine a ghostly image of her squirming in the seat. The phantom occupied the same space, dancing about the chair with Janet as her instructor. Its knees shook, head thrown back in ecstasy, while the physical body maintained it’s positioning.

Janet’s arm began picking up speed, every inch of her singing in delight. Her moans began raising in pitch.

Faster now. Her tits swayed as her body rocked on the seat. Her mouth stayed open as she gasped for air.

Faster. Her moans became small screams. Her hips undulated.

Faster. Her hand aggressively pulled at her chest.

Faster. The fire spread through her pussy, up her body, down to her feet, through her brain.

Faster. The pleasure reached its peak, her arms a flurry of motion. Her entire vision was moving, shaking. Everything was blurry but Rachel. Her eyes were locked on her roommate as the room distorted. Rachel was at the center of it all, still in the same position as she left her—arms on the rests, sitting straight, staring straight. Janet swore she saw Rachel twitching slightly. Her breathing seemed faster, more ragged. Her legs were perhaps the tiniest bit farther apart. Janet saw all this, and it was bringing her over the edge. Just before the pleasure peaked, she managed to scream out to Rachel: “Cum with me!”

The torrent of pleasure washed through her. Her eyes locked shut. She saw white. Every nerve in her body was thrown into an overdrive of bliss. Her mouth gaping open, she wasn’t sure if she was screaming or not.

Eventually Janet collapsed on the chair, the dildo sliding out of her and onto the floor. She stared at the ceiling as her heart raced, trying to catch her breath. When she felt her strength finally return to her, she sat up to check on Rachel.

She noted that the girl looked the same as ever. Did it work? Did she actually feel what Janet felt? There was only one way to find out. Without hesitation, Janet spoke, “Wake up, Rachel.”

Rachel’s breathing turned into short gasps, almost like hiccups. Her eyes darted about erratically before eventually locking onto Janet’s. The two stared at each other, Janet trying to read her face.

With intense speed, Rachel leapt off her chair and lunged at Janet. She barreled into her as they both fell to the floor. The arm of the chair caught Rachel in the ribs before clattering to the side, but she made no indication of feeling any pain. She began pawing at Janet’s breasts as she forcibly pressed her lips to Janet’s. When Janet tried to remove her hand, Rachel pinned Janet’s to the floor. She pushed her way between Janet’s thighs and began grinding against her.

“Rachel,” Janet managed to cry out, in between the girl’s relentless kissing.

The crazed girl broke away long enough to sit up and pull her dress over her head, revealing her dripping pussy. The fabric was tossed carelessly to the side.

“Rachel, stop,” Janet cried, but was muffled as Rachel pounced on her again. Rachel grabbed at Janet’s neck, holding her head still. Their lips locked once again. With her other arm, Rachel reached down between Janet’s legs and began rubbing her.

Janet grasped Rachel by the shoulders and, with all her strength, managed to push the girl off of her. “I said STOP!” Janet sat up, panting. She stared at the feral girl, listening as her gasps began tapering off.

Rachel looked at her, pleading with her eyes, “Why, Mistress? Isn’t this what you wanted?” She didn’t even seem to care about the trigger that had yet to be removed.

“You know I can’t, Rach,” Janet responded, bringing her knees up to her chest to cover herself defensively. “That’s... going too far.” Her voice was quiet.

Rachel collapsed onto her back, staring up at the ceiling as she caught her breath. The adrenaline that was pumping through her slowly receded. She turned to Janet, watching as the girl stood and began collecting her own clothes. She breathed in deeply one last time and then audibly exhaled. “I’m sorry. It was all just so... incredible. I couldn’t really... I’m sorry.”

Pulling her pants up, Janet responded, “I think that’s enough for today. School is tomorrow, and we have to figure out what we’re going to do with Ms. Gilio.”

Rachel remained silent. Her dress landed across her midriff as Janet kicked it towards her. She made no efforts in moving it.

Approaching the hallway, Janet pulled her shirt over her head. She didn’t bother putting her bra back on. Before she entered her room, she stopped to say, “I hope you enjoyed yourself today.” The door closed behind her.

As she laid on the floor, Rachel wasn’t sure what to make of Janet’s tone. Was it sorrow? Disappointment? Regret? She stood up and proceeded to her own room, her dress clutched tightly in her hand.

Time passed. Janet knocked twice on Rachel’s door before she opened it to enter. She saw Rachel laying on her side, quickly shoving something into her night stand before closing the drawer.

Rachel turned to face Janet. “Hey,” she greeted sweetly.

“I think we should talk about earlier.”

“I got carried away, I know that. You wouldn’t believe what today felt like.” The memory brought a grin to her face. “I’ll try to be more careful next time.”

“I don’t know if there should be a next time.”

Rachel stared at her roommate in confusion. “Why?”

“Because I’m worried about you. You seem to be reacting so strongly to everything, and I don’t know why. You convinced me to overlook it the other day, but after this... I’m not so sure. I think it’s best we just hold off on things, maybe it’ll give me time to figure out what is happening.”

“That’s being a bit selfish, don’t you think?”

“I don’t... understand.”

Not missing a beat, Rachel gave her rejoinder. “I suppose you still intend to use the program on Ms. Gilio tomorrow, and then Melanie after that?” Janet gave no response. “And then what? Let’s say you get your dream girl, and you live happily ever after. What happens to me? You just get bored of me, put me back on the shelf? How is that fair to me?”

Continued silence.

Rachel moved to cover herself with her sheets, finally reminded of her ongoing nudity. Janet remained pressed against the door frame with her right shoulder, her arm hanging limp on her side. Her left hand was crossed over her stomach to grip the molding, her fingers toying with the texture absentmindedly. Her lip trembled almost indistinguishably.

Rachel’s head fell back to her pillow as she expelled a blast of air out of her nose in amusement. “Look at us, two days and things have gone so out of control.” She tilted her head towards Janet. “I guess I’m not really being fair to you either.”

She saw Janet finally look up at her. “Tell you what. I’ll still help you tomorrow. Only because I have some sweet sweet revenge to enact on Ms. Gilio. In exchange, you won’t deny me that. Also, we are going to sit down and discuss where things go from there. Capiche?”

Janet simply nodded her head weakly. She eventually took cue of the silence and left Rachel’s room.

Rachel watched Janet leave. Once out of sight, she turned her back to the door, closing her eyes. She wept quietly.

* * *