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Following Her Dream 6

Disclaimer: Contains literary material intended for adult audiences.

* * *

Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone that messaged me, and telling me how much they liked the story. Without you, I don’t think I would have had the motivation to do so. Special thanks to Gabrielle, for your encouragement, this chapter is dedicated to you. And thanks to Valasania for your advice and insight.

* * *

Janet wasn’t sure how much sleep she actually got last night. She recalled waking up on the couch just after midnight. She walked haphazardly towards her room, shuffling across the creaky floor that was dimly illuminated by a light in the hallway. She climbed into bed and stared at the darkness of her ceiling.

Her brain just wouldn’t power down as she laid under her comforter, mulling over the myriad of possibilities that the next day could bring.

Whenever she managed to doze off, she would find herself dreaming of Melanie. In her dreams, she was able to live out every fantasy she could ever think of. Every dream offering a new scenario for her to be with Melanie, make love to Melanie, control Melanie. Every dream building in intensity of desire and lust, until just before the point of orgasm, where she would wake up.

It happened every time. Snapping out of every dream right at the precipice, she would find herself so worked up and frustrated from not crossing the line. She would have to get herself off on the memory of the dream as it slowly faded. She lost track of how many times she had cum. On it went, until suddenly her room was flooded with the light of the morning sun.

Despite all this, Janet was surprised with how awake she felt. She glanced at the clock, still a few paltry minutes before her alarm would sound. Rather than wait in bed for it to go off, she preemptively silenced it and got ready for the day. A quick shower to clean up, some fuss over her hair and makeup, and more time than usual to select the perfect outfit, and she was ready.

Grabbing her school bag, Janet stopped at Rachel’s door, politely knocking and calling out, “Rachel, are you in there?” She heard some shuffling, and the sound of a drawer closing. “I’m heading off to class. I have to stop by Ms. Gilio’s office afterwards, so I’m gonna be home a bit later than usual, okay?”

After a brief silence, Janet heard the reply: “Okay. Have fun.” Smiling, she practically skipped towards the door and out onto campus.

* * *

Janet wasn’t exactly pleased at having to wait until the afternoon to get what she wanted. Unfortunately for her she had to work around Melanie’s schedule. According to Ms. Gilio, the girl didn’t have any openings until the afternoon. She had considered just staying home, but Janet figured the wait would be more torturous there.

And so the day dragged on, as she was becoming accustomed to. The clock in every new room she entered seemed to always appear broken. Every teacher sounded the same. It was no small miracle that she made it to her last class.

Partway through the lecture, Janet was truly becoming anxious. If what Ms. Gilio had told her was right, then Melanie should be meeting with her at this very moment.

She wanted to be there herself, to play a part in her own plan. However, she convinced herself that Melanie would be more comfortable without the presence of a stranger. She certainly wouldn’t be a stranger for much longer, Janet mused to herself.

Instead, she tried to imagine what was happening inside the office at that very moment. Melanie would be invited in under the pretense of a scholarship opportunity for next year. They would exchange greetings before Ms. Gilio pulled the tablet out, following the specific instructions Janet had given her on how to use it.

Melanie would sit in the same chair Rachel was in the day before, a perfect smile on her face, completely oblivious to her fate. Ms. Gilio, entirely mindless but instructed to act normal, would present the program to the student before her, coaxing the unaware girl towards relaxation with the mantra that Janet had the teacher memorize.

Melanie would soon be captivated by the sights, unable to look away, her professor’s voice running through her head. Her thoughts slowing, covered in the honey of Ms. Gilio’s words. Her shoulders would slump, her posture slouch. The smile would slowly fade from her face until all movement ceased from the girl, save for the rise and fall of her chest.

The professor continued to talk. No longer to Melanie, no longer at her, but just talking. She was repeating the same lines over and over that Janet had told her to say, her own face now devoid of any expression now that Melanie was under. The entire room was still and silent, save for the words that reverberated off the walls, reverberated in Melanie’s mind, bringing her further and further under. Making her so relaxed. So calm. So thoughtless. Mindless.

Janet jumped at the vibration of the phone in her pocket, her daydream shattered. She quickly removed her hand that was pressing hard against her crotch and relaxed her thighs that were clenching together. Blushing, she looked around to see if anyone noticed what she was doing. Thankfully, most students were finding their own ways to stave off boredom as the teacher went on about oscillations or ostriches, Janet didn’t know. She breathed a sigh of relief.

She sneakily pulled her phone out, making sure to keep it under the desk and out of the teacher’s line of sight. The last thing she needed was for some sort of delay as she was scolded after class. She glanced down at her phone, a dopey grin spreading across her face at the single-worded message from Ms. Gilio: Ready.

The moment class was dismissed, Janet was the first out the door. She made her way across campus, desperate to run as fast as she could, but not wanting to draw attention to herself. It felt like her heart was beating in her head. Her peripheral vision was a blur, with the only clarity being the building that lie ahead.

The door towered over her. Janet held her breath as she reached for the knob. She hesitated as she stared at the metal, as if touching it would burn her. This was the moment she had been waiting for. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Janet let out a small whimper. The room was quiet despite her intrusion, feeling almost devoid of all life. She stood there taking in the scene that lay before her.

A cough was heard from the hallway, catching Janet’s attention. The door was wide open, almost inviting the outsiders to pry into Janet’s perversion. She quickly closed it, pressing her back against the wood. She shivered. Her own breathing seemed deafening in her ears.

The tablet lay on the desk facing Melanie, the girl’s eyes still staring at the now-blank screen. Across from her, seated behind the desk, sat Ms. Gilio with a mirrored expression.

Janet sat on her feet next to Melanie, taking a moment to simply admire the source of her infatuation. Her eyes traced over every inch of the still girl, from her delicate feet, up to her kissable lips that hung open, enticing Janet to slip her tongue in.

Her hand reached out, desperate to touch Melanie’s skin, Melanie’s lips, touch everything, but still afraid the girl might somehow react. She pushed through her fear, as the tip of her finger made contact with Melanie’s arm, causing Janet to squirm in place. She looked at Melanie’s eyes, which showed no indication of awareness.

Time to begin. You can do this, Janet thought, trying to motivate herself. She licked her lips and swallowed nervously.

“Uh.. h-hi, Melanie...” Janet said, unsure if she was expecting a response or not. The person before her made no movement. “Can you hear me?”

With a monotone voice that still felt sensual to Janet, a single word escaped from Melanie’s lips. “Yes.”

Janet could have sworn she knew what she was going to say at this very moment. She clearly remembered planning it all out, even reciting it to herself ad nauseam. In the heat of the moment, all that was gone. She would have to make due. She reasoned she could fix any mistakes later, like she had done with Rachel.

Janet raised herself up, bringing her face closer to Melanie. She could smell the lilac scent of the girl’s shampoo as it wafted towards her face. She placed her hand gingerly on Melanie’s arm as she began to speak.

“Melanie, I am going to tell you some things, and these things will become the absolute truth to you. You love me Melanie, you love me so much. You want to do anything for me. You will do anything for me. Anything I tell you to do. Anything I tell you to believe. You won’t care what it is. It will feel normal to you. Nothing you do for me could ever be wrong.”

Janet’s body was heating up. Her voice was shaking. She did her best to maintain her composure, but the lust within was slowly consuming her. She wanted nothing more than to drag Melanie down to the floor and have her way with her. Fulfill all her fantasies right now on the floor of some professor’s office, as students went about their day just feet away. Her own words, the words she just spoke to Melanie, repeating in her own head, fueling the fire. She had to finish quickly.

“Do you u-understand... everything I have told you, M-melanie?”


Janet almost lost it there. Her hand gripped tightly at the fabric over her crotch as she dug the heel of her hand into it, as if to hold her lust in. “If you ever hear me say the words...,” Janet panted. “...trance time, you are going to... oh fuck... return to this same mindless state. If you... nnngh... understand this, I want you to wake up.”

With shaky legs, Janet stood up and backed away from Melanie. Her eyes remained glued to the girl’s face, watching her features. Quickly enough, she saw the life return to the girl’s eyes.

Melanie blinked rapidly, shaking her head slightly as things came into focus. Melanie glanced up at Ms. Gilio. “My sincerest apologies, Ms. Gilio, I must have dozed off.” When the teacher gave no reply, Melanie inquired, “Ms. Gilio? Is everything alright?”

“Ignore her for now.”

Melanie gave a small jump at the noise as she noticed the person to her side. She glanced over at Janet. “Oh my, you startled me. I didn’t... hear you come in.”

Melanie stared in awe at the stranger. Eventually her features softened as she rose from her chair. She extended her arm and introduced herself. “Hi. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. My name is Melanie.” She offered her hand to Janet.

Tentatively accepting it, Janet marveled at how soft and delicate Melanie’s hand was. She stared at it dumbfounded, as if she couldn’t believe it was real.

“Well are you going to tell me your name?” Melanie questioned. She smiled politely at Janet’s awkwardness.

“Janet,” she responded, almost passively. She looked back up to Melanie’s face.

With anxiousness, Janet hastily reached towards the desk to reclaim her tablet. Clutching it in her right arm, she made towards the door, commanding Melanie to follow her. The agreeable girl did so, the door closing behind them as they left. With no one else in the office, Ms. Gilio awoke from her trance and went about her day as commanded, oblivious to all that had happened.

* * *

Janet growled as she dropped her key, fumbling in desperation to get the door unlocked. Melanie simply giggled at the sight. The girl had been talking to Janet the entire way to the dorm, but Janet couldn’t recall a single thing that had been said. She was too focused on getting Melanie inside, on squelching the fires within.

“Here, let me help you,” Melanie offered, as she picked the key up and effortlessly slid it into the lock. Janet could only stare at her, almost taken aback. How could she be so calm when Janet felt like a hurricane was wracking her body?

The door opened, and Janet hastily entered, bringing Melanie in with her. “Ooh, I like your place! It’s very simple,” she paused, bringing a finger to her chin as she glanced around, “but elegant!”

Janet cared little for what Melanie thought of her décor, at least at present. “No talking until I get off,” Janet commanded, as she turned to face her. Looking Melanie straight in the eyes, Janet gave the one command that mattered most to her at that moment. “Fuck me.”

Melanie responded with a smile and a nod. She began approaching Janet, before Janet pounced on her, slamming her backwards against the door. Their mouths met, as Janet shoved her tongue past Melanie’s soft lips. Her hands reached up to assault the other girl’s chest, squeezing the mounds of flesh between her fingers, losing herself to her urges.

Janet was pressing herself hard against Melanie, caressing the other girl over her clothing. It wasn’t enough. She took a breath in between kisses. “Bed,” she shouted, before diving right back in. Another breath. “Strip.” She started pulling the girl back with her, not wanting to break the contact of their lips.

The two slowly wandered towards Janet’s bedroom, only ever separating long enough to remove a new piece of clothing, before Janet pulled the other girl back in.

It was no small feat that Janet had made it into her room without tripping as she dragged Melanie backwards. She stumbled a few times, her arm shooting out to brace against the wall. She grew frustrated with the action, as it meant one less part of her was touching the other girl. As soon as she found her balance, her hand would go right back to it’s unruly, wild behavior, a stark contrast to Melanie’s sensual, coordinated movements.

Melanie squealed as Janet pushed her onto the bed. She watched as Janet removed her last bits of clothing, before Janet reached down to tear away Melanie’s panties.

Janet felt a moment of clarity as she caught sight of Melanie fully nude. She gazed down upon the young woman as she lay on the bed, her legs dangling off the edge, her hair splayed out around her, her eyes staring back at her, waiting. Janet’s breathing was ragged. Enraptured by Melanie’s beauty, Janet fell to her knees, and crawled over to the bed. She leaned forward, placing her lips on Melanie’s thigh, kissing and tasting the soft flesh.

Janet began rubbing herself as she left a trail of kisses up Melanie’s leg, around her pussy, across her stomach, finally stopping at the woman’s chest. Melanie giggled at the ticklish sensations.

Janet took a nipple into her mouth, sucking on the hardening nub and tracing circles around it with her tongue, eliciting a soft moan from the girl beneath her.

With one last push, Janet raised herself farther to once again press her mouth against Melanie’s, who smiled at her through the accepted kiss. The two entwined themselves with each other, as Janet ground her slit against Melanie’s thigh.

Janet broke the kiss, bringing her lips to Melanie’s left ear. With a trembling voice, she whispered, “I’m going to bring you to orgasm, and it’s going to be the best one you’ve ever felt, and you will enjoy every moment of it. After that, you’re going to return the favor.” She followed up by biting down on the girl’s earlobe, eliciting a sharp intake of air from her.

Janet began tracing back down Melanie’s chest, this time maintaining eye contact. She stopped just before the girl’s opening.

In some of her dreams, this is the time she would often wake up. Janet hesitated, fearing the idea, not wanting to risk being brought out of this moment. Not after all the events of today. Not after finally achieving her goals. If she stopped here, she wouldn’t have to worry about the dream ending. She could stay here with Melanie. Unless this wasn’t a dream...

She closed her eyes. The reward before her was too great to risk missing out on. She lowered her head, and gave her first long lick along Melanie’s sex, causing the girl’s breath to hitch. Janet braced herself for the dream to end. She opened her eyes, expecting to see her ceiling above her, the sun filtering through her curtains, brightening the room. Instead all she saw was Melanie, laying before her, covered by the light from the ceiling fan, her eyes staring back, a look of desire now written across her face.

Her heart fluttered as her libido kicked back into gear. It was real. It was happening. With renewed effort, Janet returned her attention to the pussy in front of her. She pressed her nose against Melanie’s clit as her tongue dove deep inside.

Melanie grunted at the sudden attention. She reached down to hold Janet’s head as she enjoyed the girl’s wild ministrations. She brought her other hand up to caress her chest. She closed her eyes as her body trembled. The commands from Janet bringing her to her limits far faster than she expected.

Janet increased her pace, her tongue darting every which way, her face now slick with juices. She brought her left hand up to rub and press against Melanie’s clit, as her other hand returned to her own. She could feel Melanie’s thighs clench around her head as the girl started shaking.

Janet was spurred on by the moans coming from Melanie. She began gyrating her hips against her own hand, slowly inserting one finger after another. Her other hand deftly worked at Melanie, giving her all to pleasure the girl the way she did in her fantasies.

Within short order, Melanie’s body stiffened as she was brought to orgasm, a soft scream escaping her mouth. In time, her arched back fell to the bed, her eyes closed as she savored the euphoria.

Not wasting any time, Janet wiped her face with the back of her hand and began crawling onto the bed and over Melanie. Still on her knees, she lowered herself just inches above Melanie’s head. Giving the girl as much time to calm down as she was able to handle, Janet gave one final order before lowering herself onto Melanie’s face. “Eat me out.”

The sensation was better than Janet ever could have possibly thought. No longer did she have to try to picture Melanie’s beautiful face, or her sexy lithe body, while she fingered herself. No longer did she have to guess at what her tongue would feel like as it slid between her dripping folds, in place of whatever toy she was using. All she had to do now was look down and see for herself. To experience the real thing, without dreams or imaginations. And the real thing was fucking amazing.

If Janet were to give one complaint, it was that she was already too worked up when things started. The moment Melanie’s tongue entered her, she was already riding on the highest waves of an orgasm. It felt like every nerve in her body was firing off pure ecstasy. She had never experienced sensations this strong before. A small part of her wondered if this is what Rachel felt, when she tried to explain it to her. The memory seemed to heighten Janet’s orgasm.

When it was over, Janet lie on the bed with her eyes closed. She was arranged chaotically, her arms and legs stretched out in every direction. She could feel the moisture on her face, hands, and thighs, as she became conscious of the satisfied grin on her face. Her breathing was long and deep, as her body was finally calming down.

She heard ringing in her ears, an almost melodic, musical kind of noise. Janet could have sworn she heard something similar before, but couldn’t quite place it. The noise quickly went away, so she paid it no mind.

“Hey Lindsey, how are you?”

Janet furrowed her brow and turned towards the direction of the sound. Standing by the open bedroom door was Melanie, a phone pressed to her ear, held up by her shoulder as she pulled on her underwear. “Yeah, sorry I couldn’t make it to practice today, my new friend told me to fuck her,” Melanie explained casually.

Janet sat up coughing, the afterglow from her orgasm dissipating immediately. She stared in horror at Melanie. Panicking, Janet shouted out to her, “Tell her you were joking, that you were just feeling sick, and you have to go.” Janet waited with bated breath, but Melanie didn’t say anything else of concern before she hung up. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Are you expecting a call from anyone else tonight?” Janet inquired with caution.

“Well, after practice I usually go home to my boyfriend.” She glanced at the clock. “He’ll probably call if I’m not back soon, so I should probably get going. I had a lot of fun tonight though!” Melanie crossed the room and began picking her clothes up and getting dressed.

Janet felt a lump in her chest. “Do you... live with him?” she asked.

“I do,” Melanie said while smiling, as she brought her shirt down over her head. She walked over and gave Janet a warm hug. “It was a pleasure meeting you today. I love you so much. I left my number on the counter over there.” She gave one last squeeze of Janet’s naked body, the other girl too stunned to move. “Call me and we can get together again!” With that, she stood up to collect the remainder of her clothes from the other room.

Janet had no idea what to say. She had been so driven by her lust for Melanie she hadn’t considered how her actions would affect the other people in Melanie’s life. She quickly jumped up and shouted, “Stop!” She ran to the hallway in time to see Melanie with her shoes in her hands, facing her and smiling. With a look of loneliness, she followed with, “stay with me tonight.”

“Okay,” Melanie replied, placing her shoes back by the door. “What would you like to do?”

Janet placed her right arm across her stomach, holding her other arm as it lay by her side. She stared at the ground, noticing the mess of her clothes as they laid strewn about the place. “Help me pick up? And then we can grab a bite to eat.”

“Sounds perfect,” Melanie said cheerfully, as she began picking up clothes to hand to Janet. “So, since I don’t know much about you, how about we remedy that? Where are you from?” She crossed the room and gave Janet what she collected.

Janet took the clothes, staring Melanie in the eyes. “Kiss me.”

Melanie did so. “Not much of a talker, are you?” she said teasingly after pulling back, eliciting a short nervous chuckle out of the other girl.

Janet had Melanie heat up some soup for the two of them as she finished cleaning up. Bringing the pile of clothes into the bedroom, she placed her tablet on the nightstand and put on something fresh to wear. Returning to the kitchen, the two sat at the table to eat together.

To avoid any issues, Janet had Melanie tell her boyfriend she’d be sleeping at a friend’s house for the night. Her heart sank a bit when she heard Melanie say she loved him.

The two talked as they ate, with Melanie carrying most of the conversation. Before long, Janet had learned all sorts of things about the girl. She was from a small family that lived out of state, the only one to have gone to college. She had been top of her class through most of her academic life, providing her with numerous scholarship opportunities to attend any school of her choosing. She came to this university with her childhood boyfriend to major in biomedical engineering, and wants to use it to assist people from around the world, already speaking two foreign languages fluently.

Hearing about all of Melanie’s aspirations and accomplishments, Janet felt her life was mundane in comparison. To make matters worse, the girl’s phone kept going off before Janet told her to silence it. Her friends could always talk to her tomorrow, Janet justified to herself.

Once they finished cleaning up dinner, Janet ordered Melanie to join her in bed. Undressing once again, Janet went back to caressing Melanie’s body, but with much more restraint and focus this time around. The two embraced each other in a slow smoldering of arousal.

Pulling away slightly, Janet stared Melanie straight in the eyes. “I want your tongue on me. Just like earlier.” She put some pressure on Melanie’s shoulders, guiding the girl down between her legs.

Janet bit her lip and closed her eyes as Melanie gave her first of many licks along her sex. She was looking forward to enjoying the entire journey this time around, now that she wasn’t delirious from lust going in. With a clear mind, she was able to savor everything that Melanie was doing to her. With a clear mind, everything felt...

Janet opened her eyes and looked down at Melanie. “I said do it like earlier.”

“I am,” Melanie responded, before continuing.

Janet stared at her confused. Melanie’s tongue didn’t feel even close to how it did the last time. “Try doing it the way your boyfriend does,” Janet suggested. The notion of bringing her boyfriend left Janet feeling awkward, but if it would help Melanie get her off, she’d push through it, however reluctantly.

“Oh, we haven’t done anything together yet. We’re waiting until after college, when we get married.”

Janet didn’t know what to say. She watched the other girl return to licking her. This wasn’t how things were supposed to be. This never happened in her fantasies. Janet let her head drop back against the pillow and stared at the ceiling. “Stop, stop... stop,” Janet called out, shortly after.

Melanie looked at her expectantly, the ever-present smile still on her face.

Janet considered coaching the girl through everything. Trying to work out what to say, she felt her lack of sleep from last night finally catching up to her. Giving up on the idea for now, Janet had Melanie lay next to her, the girl falling asleep quickly at Janet’s command. Feeling frustrated, Janet thought over all the events of the day, until she succumbed to sleep herself.

* * *

Janet awoke to the sound of her alarm. With closed eyes, she reached to shut it off, her hand slapping the wood of the nightstand all over, unable to find the clock. Groaning, she opened her eyes to assist, finally succeeding in silencing the offensive noise.

With a stretch, Janet let out a hearty yawn before going limp once again on the bed. She became aware of the arm draped around her stomach and the gentle pulses of warm air from Melanie’s breath on her neck.

Turning around in her spot on the bed, Janet faced Melanie, the other girl still asleep. She simply watched the girl, almost envious of how peaceful she looked. She reached up to stroke her cheek. “Time to wake up, Melanie.”

Her eyes opened slowly, focusing quickly on Janet. “Good morning,” she greeted, as her friendly smile showed itself. Janet loved that smile. “Did you sleep well?”

Janet nodded as she stared into Melanie’s gray eyes. After giving the girl a sensual kiss, Janet sat up in bed, pondering the day to come. What should she do with Melanie? Perhaps in time she could train her to perform the way Janet had always envisioned. It may take awhile. She looked back down at girl. She decided it was worth it.

Then there was the social issue. There would be a lot of questions if Melanie just dumped her boyfriend out of the blue. Even more if people found out she was with Janet so suddenly. Janet groaned as she flopped back on the bed. Things were supposed to be so simple, now.

“Is something the matter? Anything I can help with?”

“Just... thinking.” She didn’t want to deal with this right now. Rachel should be home, perhaps she could test the waters with her. It was only a matter of time before she had to reveal Melanie to her anyways. Might as well start with that, she argued.

Janet’s stomach growled. She turned to Melanie. “Get dressed and we’ll get some breakfast. Do you have anywhere to be today?”

Before Melanie had a chance to respond, Janet heard the front door open. “That must be Rachel,” she proclaimed. “Guess it’s now or never. Come join us when you’re finished dressing and then I’ll introduce you two.”

Making her way towards the entrance, Janet called out, “Hey Rachel, I didn’t hear you come in last night. I actually have someone I want you to... meet...” She stopped as she entered the living room.

By the entrance stood a girl with long green hair, tied up messily in a pony tail. To her side stood Rachel, a dopey grin on her face as she stared adoringly at the stranger. “You must be Janet,” the stranger announced. “Rachel here has told me so much about you.” She spoke with confidence, a hint of sensuality in her voice.

“Um... hi...,” Janet managed to get out, her eyes darting between Rachel and the green-haired girl. There was a familiarity to Rachel’s expression that unsettled Janet.

* * *