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Following Her Dream 8

Disclaimer: Contains literary material intended for adult audiences.

* * *

Violet’s phone chirped softy, alerting her to the start of a new day. As awareness crept in, she found herself holding Rachel against her chest, the both of them lying naked underneath the purple sheet.

“You’re still here,” she announced quietly, her voice full of astonishment. She gently stroked Rachel’s cheek as she stared down at the girl.

Stirring from her sleep, Rachel gently nuzzled against Violet’s fingers before tilting her head up to meet her gaze. “Of course I am,” she replied lovingly. “I would never leave you.” She pressed herself against Violet’s thigh.

“Promise?” Violet asked with uncertainty.

“I promise,” Rachel proclaimed with full conviction.

Violet smiled warmly at Rachel before reaching up and grabbing her by the hair. With a firm tug, she tilted Rachel’s head farther back, eliciting a delightful squeal in response. Grasping her by the back of her neck, Violet then pulled Rachel into a forceful kiss.

Rachel closed her eyes as their lips met, her mouth willingly open to allow Violet’s tongue to snake inside. She moaned as their tongues danced, her body shivering slightly.

By the time Violet pulled away, Rachel was panting, a look of hunger in her eyes. She mewled softly at the sense of loss, but knew better than to protest.

“What time will Janet be leaving in the morning?” Violet inquired in a serious tone.

Rachel raised herself onto her elbow as she glanced around the room. She let out a soft gasp when she felt Violet grab her chest while she was distracted. When she found the clock, her nipples were already hard. Returning to her spot, Rachel answered, a whisper of desire in her voice, “she usually leaves in about an hour.”

Violet purred. “Marvelous. Well then, are you ready to reintroduce me to your friend?”

“Anything you want, Violet,” Rachel happily replied.

“That-a girl,” Violet said with a smirk. “I suppose we do have some time to spare, so if you don’t mind...” She pressed down on Rachel’s shoulders.

Taking the hint, Rachel’s eyes went wide with glee. Without a voiced response, she began shimmying down the bed, disappearing into the darkness under the covers. She used her hands to feel her way down Violet’s stomach towards her target.

Violet’s body tensed in reaction to the delicate touches of Rachel’s trailing fingers. She closed her eyes, biting her lip with a wide smile when Rachel reached her destination. Her body thrummed as Rachel began tonguing her, letting out a soft moan.

Spurred on by Violet’s pleasured noises, Rachel set about her task with fervent devotion. Her only goal was Violet’s satisfaction. Bringing her lover to climax was her intrinsic purpose. It was her duty—her creed.

Rachel’s mouth moved on auto-pilot as she she brought one hand up to assist, rubbing at Violet’s clit. Her other hand grabbed Violet’s ass, kneading the flesh, and offering her some leverage to better press her face against Violet’s sex. She didn’t need her hands for herself. Her own pleasure was unimportant.

Crying out, Violet grabbed the banister with tremendous force as she rocked her hips against Rachel’s face. The bed creaked gently.

With her free hand, she reached over the bed. Her body rotated in the process, but Rachel maneuvered with her as she kept up her care. Violet felt around blindly on the floor, searching for her toy. When her hand grasped the purple dildo, she returned to her original position, Rachel never once allowing herself to be separated.

Violet passed the dildo under the sheets, pressing it against Rachel’s face to get her attention.

Rachel pulled away as she accepted the gift. She began sliding the shaft along Violet’s dripping cunt, lubricating the toy. After preparing it for as long as her patience would allow, she pressed the tip against Violet’s entrance and gave a firm push, the dildo sliding in gradually but fully.

Violet gave a deep guttural moan as her favorite toy spread her so deliciously.

After a short pause, Rachel withdrew the rubber phallus before plunging it right back in. With each cycle, she accelerated the pace of her pumping. Her craving for Violet became too great as she attended to her lover’s clit with her tongue once again.

Violet’s body was reaching its boiling point as she kept up her cries of encouragement. Rachel’s conditioned fidelity to Violet’s pleasure sent the green-haired woman into spasms of ecstasy. Her left hand shot under the covers to grab Rachel once again, roughly pressing the girl’s head against her as the orgasm tore through her body.

Rachel continued licking as Violet bucked against her face. Even as Violet settled down, Rachel saw no reason to cease. It wasn’t until Violet had finally managed to catch her breath and pull Rachel away that she stopped. She slid her head back out from under the covers, her face as joyful and pleased as it was slick.

Violet crooked her finger, beckoning Rachel closer. Reaching down, Violet pulled the dildo out. She presented the used toy to Rachel, pressing it against her lips.

Wasting no time, Rachel began cleaning it with her tongue, making sure to be as thorough as possible. She wanted to savor every last bit of Violet’s pleasure.

When satisfied with Rachel’s work, Violet tossed the toy carelessly to the side as she kissed the girl again, tasting her own essence with another moan. With her forehead touching Rachel’s, and her eyes closed, Violet spoke, “Wow... even better than last night.”

Rachel beamed at the praise, glad she was able to satisfy Violet so sufficiently. The two lay in bed together for a moment longer without saying anything.

Violet took the opportunity to mull over what sort of opportunities were now open to her. Rachel certainly took well to the changes she had made last night. For all intents and purposes, she was a completely different person. The exact person Violet wanted her to be, all because of the program. Rachel had told her about what she had wrote in her diary—brief mentions of the things that Janet did to Rachel that had Violet curious. “Tell me,” she began, studying Rachel’s face. “What kind of limits are there with Janet’s device? What kind of control does it allow?”

“I’m not sure,” Rachel responded. “Janet made me forget everything about it. Other than what I already told you, there isn’t really anything I can say.” Rachel waited nervously, fearful at the notion that her answer may disappoint Violet.

If Violet was irked by the reply, she didn’t show it. Instead, her expression was one of inquisitiveness. “If I were to order you to orgasm, would you?”

“I would happily masturbate for you, if that’s what you wanted,” Rachel said brazenly.

“That’s not what I meant,” Violet explained, Rachel recoiling slightly at the rebuke. After a brief pause, Violet shouted out a firm command. “Cum hard, now!”

Rachel flinched at the outburst before her eyes went wide. Her head flew back as her entire body stiffened, the tension causing her limbs to shake uncontrollably. Her mouth was wide open, the only sound coming out being that of a choked scream. As soon as her body would allow, she brought her hand down and plunged her fingers into herself, gyrating against her palm and digits.

Violet roughly slapped the hand away. “No touching,” she instructed.

Rachel may not have heard her consciously, but her body obeyed. She clenched her fists, gripping the sheets tightly in both hands. Her face pressed against the bed, a puddle of drool forming around her mouth, as her hips bucked wildly into the air.

With one last grunt, Rachel’s body relaxed into the bed. She lay completely still, save for a few sporadic shivers that propagated along her limbs. Rachel let out a shaky but content sigh, her eyes lidded and a euphoric smile plastered across her face. “Thank you,” she gasped out, her body still buzzing.

Violet stared at Rachel in astonishment. “That was... interesting,” she uttered. She lay in bed, evaluating what she had just seen.

Catching herself in her thoughts, Violet glanced at the clock. “Well, fun’s over,” she announced with a start, jumping out of bed. “Time to go reintroduce myself. Come on, Rachel. Let’s get ready.”

Rachel clambered out of the bed, her muscles still wobbly from the experience. Her face was all grin as she followed dutifully after Violet.

The two showered together, Violet having Rachel do all the work. The obedient girl elatedly washed every part of Violet with meticulous detail, her actions more reverent than practical. When Violet was satisfied, Rachel hastily attended to herself. She did the bare minimum, the idea of making Violet wait seeming abhorrent.

Dried and dressed, with Rachel in her clothes from yesterday, Violet led the way out the door.

* * *

“Do me a favor, Rachel. We’re going to play a little game. When we get inside, just ignore Janet, don’t respond to her. If you do well, perhaps I’ll let you taste me again. Can you do that for me?” Violet held her finger under Rachel’s chin as she spoke with a sultry voice.

Rachel’s eyes lit up and she shook her head vigorously.

“Good girl,” added Violet, causing Rachel to shiver. “Shall we?”

Rachel opened the door, allowing Violet to enter first. She stood next to her as Violet surveyed the room. She waited patiently, hoping to earn her favor. Before long, they heard Janet approaching.

“Hey Rachel, I didn’t hear you come in last night. I actually have someone I want you to... meet...”

“You must be Janet. Rachel here has told me so much about you.”

“Um... hi...,” Janet nervously greeted, surprised at the stranger in her home. She looked over at Rachel, noticing the strange but vaguely familiar expression on her face.

Having finished dressing, Melanie entered the hallway. Seeing new people in the room, her face brightened. “Hi, I’m Melanie.” She began approaching the two by the entrance, holding her hand out to greet them. “Nice to meet...” She was cut off by an arm that grabbed her, holding her back. She turned to Janet, noticing the look of concern on her face.

“Melanie, go wait in my room. Please,” she ordered the girl, never taking her eyes off Rachel and the stranger. Janet waited as Melanie did as she was told, the girl returning to the bedroom with mild confusion. “And you are?” Janet finally asked.

“You don’t remember me?” Violet pouted. “You were at my store just the other day.”

Janet thought back to her weekend. The only store she went to was... the store she took Rachel to—the sex shop. What was the name? She couldn’t recall, but she recognized the girl’s face now. She was the cashier. What was she doing here, though, and with Rachel no less?

Janet looked over at her friend, studying her face. “Rachel?” she called out, quietly. She received no response. She looks like... A chill went down Janet’s spine.

“No...,” she muttered, quickly turning and racing down the hallway. She stopped at her doorway, leaning in, her hands bracing against the frame as she scanned the room frantically. Melanie eyed her with worry, and may have said something, but Janet paid her no attention. Her focus was on the item that she swore was on her nightstand. The same nightstand that was currently bare, save for the clock. No, no, NO!

Stomping back into the living room, Janet confronted Violet. “What did you...,” she was stopped mid-sentence by the sight before her.

Rachel was on her hands and knees, her side turned towards Janet, with the same dopey expression. Sitting atop her was Violet, her legs stretched forward, putting almost all her weight on Rachel’s back. She held her hand up, casually inspecting her nails, before addressing Janet. “Sorry, my legs were getting tired, and Rachel here so graciously offered to help me off my feet.”

The girl’s demeanor made Janet’s skin crawl. “What did you do to her?”

“Please. You’re smarter than that. You know exactly what I did.” She lowered her hand, resting it on Rachel’s arched shoulder, her other hand still on the girl’s ass. She gave Rachel’s cheek a rough squeeze.

Janet clenched her fists. “Stop. Stop doing that. You can’t do that to her. Get off of her!”

“Stop what? I’m just doing what she wanted.” She followed it up with a playful smack on Rachel’s rear, prompting a tiny yelp.

The statement caught Janet off guard. “I don’t... I don’t understand.” She took a step back.

“Sure you do. You pushed her away, and so she came running to me. You should have seen how much she cried her eyes out over you. ‘How could she do this to me?’ She was such a mess. Thankfully I was there to help her. Unlike you, though, I didn’t hold back. I was able to give her everything she truly wanted. Now she’s happy, not a sad thought in her pretty little head. Isn’t that right, pet?” Violet patted Rachel on the head to emphasize her point.

“Yes, Violet,” Rachel purred. Her body lightly trembling at the attention.

“No... that’s not... t-that can’t be true. You’re lying, Rachel would n-never...,” Janet stammered. She took another step back. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. There was no way Rachel would have asked for this. How could she have even known? Janet had made her forget everything. None of this was possible. This couldn’t be real.

“Oh don’t be so dramatic.” Violet gestured towards the hallway Melanie went through. “You finally got what you wanted, this should be a time of celebration!” She imitated a party-popper with her hand and a smack of her lips.

Violet gave Janet a moment to respond. When Janet just stood there, Violet huffed, shrugging her shoulders. With an exaggerated imitation of Janet, Violet mockingly asked her: “Well by golly, Violet, whatever are you doing here?” She hopped off Rachel as she continued in her usual voice. “Glad you asked. I’m actually here to thank you for the gift you gave me! ...and~ to ask for the password to your device. You see, the darn thing locked me out,” she explained jovially, “if you could believe that. How am I to help other people without it?”

Janet’s eyes narrowed at the mention of her tablet. With clenched teeth, she admonished Violet, “give it back, and release Rachel.”

Calling over her shoulder, Violet asked, “Rachel, dear, would you like to return with grumpy over here, or would you rather choose to stay with me?”

“I’ll always choose you, Violet,” Rachel explained matter-of-factly. She remained on her hands and knees, having never been told to move. Violet stayed silent with a simple shrug of her shoulders, leaving the answer at that.

Speaking sternly, Janet inquired, “How is this even possible? I made her forget everything. How could she have known about the device, and how could she get into it to run the program?”

Violet hopped up and down, clapping excitedly. “Oooh, this is the best part! I’m so glad you asked! Rachel, would you mind grabbing your diary for me?” She grinned as she saw Janet’s mouth drop in shock, the anger disappearing in an instant.

With a simple verbal acknowledgment, Rachel stood up and proceeded to her room. She walked around Janet, not giving her so much as a glance or consideration. To her, Janet was nothing more than a small obstacle in the path to her objective. Within short order, she returned, diary in hand, as she presented it to Violet. She glowed with gratification at accomplishing her task.

“This,” Violet began, holding up the book, “this is what one might call an oversight. Poor Rachel here, so confused to read about things that she didn’t even remember.” She delicately rubbed Rachel’s cheek with her hand, her mouth forming a faux pout. “Imagine finding out that your best friend messed with your mind, leaving you to question your own reality. Imagine finding out she used you for her own gain, for her own pleasure, made you love her.”

“I never made her love me,” Janet interjected, angry at the baseless assertion. She focused on that truth, doing her best to ignore her guilt over the other claims Violet made.

“Well, maybe not intentionally. Still, that’s what happened. Honestly, it’s all in here. So I’m told, at least. Let’s see...” Violet opened the book, flipping through the pages to find the one she wanted. “Pardon the wait.” She continued to scan the entries. “Ah, here we are.” With fake theatrics, she began reading from the book. “I wanted her so bad. I think I might love her. But...,” Violet clutched the book to her chest as she read the last line, closing her eyes. “She’s only doing this for Melanie.” She returned her attention to Janet. “They really should make a play out of this, it’s that dramatic. I’ll let you read it if you’d like, after I’m done with it of course.”

Janet couldn’t begin to comprehend what Rachel might have gone through if what Violet said was true. Her heart sunk in remorse at the revelation. “Rachel, I...”

Violet cut her off. “That’s not even close to the best part. Could you imagine what it must have been like for Rachel to listen to you fucking—Melanie, was it?—in the other room, basically confirming everything she didn’t want to believe?” Violet whistled. “That’s cruel. Hope she was good in bed, though.”

Janet staggered backwards, collapsing into a nearby chair. She stared at Rachel as her eyes began to water. “Rachel... I’m so sorry... I-I didn’t mean to...” She began to sob as Rachel ignored her. “Why are you doing this?” she asked of Violet.

Violet shrugged. “Like I said, I’m just here for the password, so...”

Janet steeled herself. “I won’t give you the password. You can’t just do this to people. It’s not right.”

“Please, you’re one to talk,” Violet said, scoffing. “You already did worse to Rachel, and I’d wager that hot piece of ass in your bedroom isn’t exactly there of her own free will.”

Janet glowered at the accusation. “I’m nothing like you. I’m not the one demeaning people. Say what you want, you’re never getting the password.” She puffed her chest up, attempting to look intimidating. Inside, though, Violet’s words resonated in her mind.

Violet regarded Janet for a moment. Turning around, she approached Rachel, beckoning the girl to stand up. She began whispering in her ear. When she finished, she addressed Janet once again, her voice full of sincerity. “Sorry it had to come to this, but I need you to realize you don’t have much in the way of bargaining.” With that, she gestured towards Rachel.

On Violet’s cue, Rachel glared at Janet, her face full of disgust. “If you don’t give her the password, Janet, then I will never see you again. Consider our friendship finished.” With that, she returned to fawning over Violet.

Janet’s breath caught as she listened to her friend. Her lip trembled as tears stained her cheek. The thought of losing Rachel was too much to bear. She slumped in her chair, the fight leaving her body.

Violet watched on, somewhat dissatisfied at Janet’s surrender. She clicked her tongue. “Too far? Sorry.” She sighed. “Tell ya what, I’ll give you some time alone. When you’re ready to give me what I want, you know where to find me. Toodles!” With that, she turned around and made for the door. “Come!” she called out behind her, causing Rachel to scamper after her.

Violet stopped in the doorway as she turned towards Janet one last time, with a solemn look. “One last thing, before I go.” Janet continued to stare at the ground. “The things that Rachel described in her diary... can the program really make a person feel like that?” She waited for a reply that never came. Giving up, she proceeded out the door with Rachel in tow.

Janet looked up as they were leaving. “Rachel...” she called out, her arm reaching out. Rachel said nothing as she exited the apartment, the door closing behind her with a thud that was thunderous in Janet’s ears.

Janet sat there in shock, unable to believe what had just transpired. None of this was supposed to happen. She just wanted to test her program on Rachel. Once she knew it worked, she could use it on Melanie. That was the plan from the beginning. It was all supposed to be so simple.

Everything else that she decided to do, the things she did with Rachel, well, that was just harmless fun, right? Sure she was concerned with how Rachel had acted at times, that’s why she decided to make Rachel forget everything. Learn from her mistakes, and let Rachel go about her own life. Janet didn’t know she kept a diary. How could she have known? How could such a small thing manage to fuck everything up so much?

Janet thought about what was in the diary, the passage that Violet read... was that really written in there? Had Rachel actually fallen in love with her? Janet tried to think of any signs that would substantiate that, but her focus on Melanie over the past week had made her oblivious. To think Rachel had been hiding her feelings from her this whole time. Janet couldn’t imagine what it must have been doing to her friend. Why didn’t she say something?

She stood up, her legs weak as she staggered towards her bedroom. When she got to the doorway, she saw Melanie sitting on her bed. She studied the girl, eyes roaming over every inch of her body. She saw her mouth moving, but heard nothing. She was so beautiful, and she was right there, but Rachel was gone now. Violet had taken her. She took her best friend. She took her program. She took control away from Janet.

Her body began to heat up at the notion, her blood pumping as an anger welled up from within. Violet had stolen from her. Rachel was not hers to take, she belonged to Janet, just like Melanie now did. Her vision felt blurry, but Melanie was still as clear and beautiful as ever.

Janet crossed the room, hastily taking off her clothes. When she got to Melanie, she firmly pushed on the girl’s shoulders until she was on her back, her legs dangling over the bed.

Janet reached under the bed and pulled out a package. Opening it up, she extracted the dildo from the box, the same one she impulsively bought from Violet’s store. Inserting the bulb end into her vagina, she switched it on.

Janet roughly pulled Melanie’s underwear down her legs, leaving them loosely clumped around her ankles. Holding the dildo in place with her hand, she positioned it at Melanie’s entrance before pressing in with her hips.

She was still in control. Violet could never take that from her. Janet made the program, she was the one the deserved to use it.

She grabbed Melanie by the wrists, pressing them against the bed, using them to support herself. Janet pushed farther, as the anger simmered within her. She felt Melanie resisting. Janet wanted none of that. Melanie was hers to do with as she pleased. So what if things with her weren’t the way she imagined it. She was in control, she could make Melanie anything she wanted. She could make her the perfect companion, the perfect lover. When she was done molding Melanie, she would make Violet pay for taking her Rachel, for taking her program, for trying to take away her control.

As her anger reached its peak, Janet broke through Melanie’s resistance. Before long, she was pushing the dildo as far as she could into the girl that was now writhing on the bed. All Janet could hear was a ringing in her ears. All she could see was Melanie’s beautiful body as it was rocked by her thrusting.

Janet increased her pace as the sound of their flesh slapping together reverberated through the room. With every thrust, her anger began ceding some of its hold over to pleasure.

As the vibrating end of the dildo buzzed within her, an image began forming in Janet’s mind. She saw three women kneeling at her feet, their eyes downcast, their palms face-up on their thighs. She knew they were hers to do with as she wanted; they were her objects to use. She opened her mouth to issue her command to them. At the sound of their obedience, Janet came.

She kept thrusting her hips as best she could as she collapsed on top of Melanie, still holding the girl’s wrists down. Melanie shared in the bliss as her own orgasm rippled through her in turn. When it began to subside, she nuzzled gently against Janet.

Panting heavily, Janet stood up, taking a few steps back as the dildo slid out of Melanie. She watched as the girl brought her hand down to idly stroke her pussy, savoring the afterglow. Janet’s mind began to focus as she watched the girl. She looked down at the toy that remained inside her and saw her rage. She collapsed to the floor, horrified as she realized what she had done.

Janet pulled the dildo out of her and quickly threw it into the trash. She crawled away, staring at the container in disgust, afraid of the evidence of her crime.

She ran into her bathroom to wash her hands, staring at herself in the mirror, a tortured expression on her face. She jumped as she felt Melanie put her arms around her with a calm smile that contrasted with Janet.

“What’s wrong, Janet?”

Janet took a step back, pulling out of the girl’s embrace. “Melanie, I’m so sorry.” Melanie simply cocked her head. “I-I didn’t mean to... you and your boyfriend... you were planning...”

Melanie approached Janet and hugged her tightly. “Shh, it’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong. Nothing you do can ever be wrong.”

Janet relaxed into the hug as she pressed her face against Melanie’s neck and gently cried. “She’s gone, and it’s all my fault. I felt so bad, I just... I let my emotions take over and then...” Melanie caressed Janet’s back lovingly.

Janet took a moment to compose herself. With a final sniffle, she spoke out, “Rachel... I have to save her. I... but I don’t know how.” She sat on the toilet seat, staring at the floor. After a moment, she turned to Melanie. “Please... help me.”

* * *

Rachel stood behind the counter of the empty store, staring straight ahead with a smile on her face. When she heard the door open, she turned her attention to it. “Welcome to Violet Delights. Oh, hi Janet. Let me go get Violet. She’ll be so happy to see you!”

Janet watched as Rachel hurried off towards the back of the store. She called out to her, but was once again ignored. She did her best to disregard how much that hurt her.

She didn’t have to wait long before Violet sauntered into the room, tablet in hand, Rachel trailing behind as expected. “You’re late,” she chastised, “but at least you didn’t entirely disappoint.”

Janet wished she could slap the grin off her stupid face. “Why is she wearing that?” Janet demanded, motioning towards Rachel as she adjusted her glasses. The shirt Rachel had been wearing earlier was now replaced by a dark purple polo that appeared to be a few sizes too small. Over the chest was embroidered the store’s logo.

With a knowing smile, Violet responded in an innocent manner. “It can be so difficult to run a store all by yourself, and good help is so hard to come by. When Rachel heard of my plight, why, she so thoughtfully requested that I hire her to help. Such a kind soul, she didn’t even ask to be paid for it! She’s such a wonderful employee, I hardly have to do anything anymore!”

Rachel beamed at the praise, thrusting her chest out with pride. Her hands were locked together behind her back as she swayed on her feet.

“Are you ever going to stop playing games? You weren’t like this the first time we met,” Janet chided.

Violet gave a devilish grin. “Gotta be friendly to the customers. Nothing more than a show I have to put on. It’s actually quite easy.” She relaxed her expression as she spoke with a chipper voice. “Welcome to Violet Desires. How can I help you? What’s that? Your husband can’t get you off anymore?” She covered her mouth with both hands. “Oh my, that’s awful! You’ve come to the right place. I know just the perfect thing to help. This little bad boy here will be sure to satisfy your needs. If you’d like a live demonstration, just ask my lovely assistant over there. All set? Thanks, you have a wonderful day. Make sure to cum again!” With a smirk, she added, “See?”

Janet merely sighed in response.

“Oh lighten up, don’t be so serious all the time.” She approached the store counter, placing the tablet on top. “Rachel, would you mind locking the door for me? Wouldn’t want some stranger interrupting things... as fun as that might be.” She turned to Janet, winking. “Don’t you agree?”

She spun the tablet around to face Janet once it was on. “So, shall we proceed?”

“I’d like to make a deal,” Janet said, approaching the counter.

Violet frowned in response, eyeing Janet suspiciously. A moment passed before she acquiesced, curious at what Janet would say. “Alright, let’s hear it. What do you have in mind?” she said, sighing.

“I’ll give you the password, but you have to let Rachel go.” Janet stared Violet down, doing her best to appear imposing.

“Should have figured you’d be up to something.” Violet looked over at Rachel, the girl returning to her side after accomplishing her task. “Doesn’t really seem like a fair trade, I’ve grown rather fond of the girl.” Violet pulled Rachel closer, her arm reaching around her back to fondle her chest, drawing an angry scowl from Janet. “What else you got?”

Without hesitation, Janet answered, “I’ll take her place, but you have to promise that she remains free, and that she’s returned to normal. The way things should have been.”

Violet regarded Janet for a moment as she evaluated the offer. Just as Janet began to shift uncomfortably at the silence, her assertiveness being whittled away by her nerves, Violet spoke up. “It’s true what they say, you know. Confidence is sexy. I suppose I can agree to that, I just hope you’re as good with your tongue as she is.” Violet savored the blush that appeared on Janet’s face. “All right Rachel, listen up, I...”

Janet interrupted her by holding her hand up. “I do the talking for that part, you just tell her to stare at the screen. And I want you to stand over there.” She pointed to the nearby corner a couple yards away. “Make any moves, say anything to Rachel to interfere, I turn the tablet off, locking you out.”

With a huff, violet clicked her tongue stubbornly. “Clever girl.” She sighed as she approached the corner, leaning against the wall with her arms folded under her chest, frowning. “Just be quick about it. Rachel! Stare at the screen for me.”

Janet watched Rachel as the girl happily walked around the counter to stand next to her. Don’t worry, Rachel, I’ll finally fix what I’ve done to you. I’m sorry things turned out this way. I just hope I get to see you again some day. Janet opened the folder that contained her program, hovering over the icon with the pointer.

“Although,” Violet interjected, causing Janet to reach her finger up to the power button, ready to shut the tablet off at a moment’s notice. “I have to wonder what you expect is going to happen with all this.”

Finger at the ready, Janet responded. “What do you mean?” Her voice lost some of its edge at the unexpected reaction from Violet.

“Did you actually think any of this through?” Violet inquired. “I was willing to humor your offer just to see what you’d say, but why would I accept such a ridiculous proposal? Let’s say I let you go through with it, and you freed Rachel. No way I’d trust you to keep your end of the bargain, once she is out of the picture. You’d have no reason to use the program on yourself. On the other hand, if you actually did fulfill your part, do you really think I wouldn’t just use you to get Rachel back?” Violet laughed at the absurdity of Janet’s scheme. “Nah, as amusing as it was, that’s not going to work for me.”

Janet powered the tablet down, holding it possessively against her chest. She began to sweat as her plan crumbled away.

Violet stood up from the wall, leaning over the counter across from Janet, causing her to step back. “Rachel, do me a favor. Stop her if she tries to leave, by any means necessary.”

Janet turned around in shock to face Rachel, who was now standing directly between her and the only exit she knew of.

“You see, I hold all the cards here,” Violet explained, causing Janet to whirl around, fear now written plainly in her eyes. “I don’t have to make any deals, or try to trick you into staring at your own program. I could use force—well, really, Rachel could use force—but that’s not my style. No, you’re going to stare at the screen of your own free will, because you very much don’t have a choice. You’re going to, because you know I can make Rachel do anything I want. Maybe she’ll decide that school isn’t worth her time anymore, and she’ll drop out. Maybe she’ll decide that she doesn’t want to be friends with someone that wouldn’t do whatever it takes to help her. Maybe she’ll decide that she has a new family with me now, and doesn’t need to speak to her old family ever again. The possibilities are endless, but its up to you how far things will go. So, Janet, my dear. What. Are. Your. Limits?”

The store fell silent, save for Janet’s labored and shaky breathing. Her heart was racing as she tried to think of a counter to Violet’s threat. Her mind ran a mile a minute trying to come up with something, anything. She began thinking of all the horrible things Violet had insinuated—all the horrible things she didn’t even have to say.

Janet stumbled backwards, slowly. She held her tablet tighter against her chest, all her muscles tense. She jumped when she felt herself bump into something. Craning her neck, she looked up to see Rachel, still standing behind her.

“I can’t let you leave, Janet.” Rachel gripped Janet firmly by her shoulders.

Janet looked back towards Violet, who was now seated on a stool behind the counter, her legs crossed, staring back at her patiently.

In all regards, Janet felt trapped. Every notion, every thought of defiance that she could muster, was quickly stamped out through fear of Violet’s retribution. If she was the one to suffer the consequences alone, she could live with that. To involve Rachel, to risk her life, her future, her everything, was too much for Janet. It was not something she could bear.

Janet broke down, her head bowing. Wordlessly, she approached the counter. As she set the tablet up, she thought back on the last few days. Everything that led up until now, all because of a stupid crush. She felt foolish for thinking that things would end up perfectly once she was with Melanie. All she managed to do with that was steal something important from the girl. Something that could never be replaced, and it sickened Janet to her core.

Nothing hurt Janet more than what she had put Rachel through, though. It was never supposed to be about her. An innocent bystander to Janet’s lust for another woman, swept up by happenstance. Janet inwardly scoffed at the cruelty of how Rachel seemed to be affected the most of anyone.

It didn’t seem to matter anymore though. Janet loaded the program up. The screen came to life before her eyes as she accepted her fate. A tear ran down her cheek. Just before her mind was lost to her own contraption, Janet spoke out. “I’m sorry, Rachel.”

With a sigh, Janet’s world fell away along with all her worries.

* * *