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Following Her Dream 9

Disclaimer: Contains literary material intended for adult audiences.

* * *

“Is this what I looked like when you guys used the thingy on me?” Rachel was staring at Janet in awe as she leaned over the counter, supported by her elbows.

Violet looked up from the diary at Rachel’s questioning. “Pretty much, yeah.”

After a pause, Rachel added, “I bet I was cuter.”

Violet let out a bemused puff of air before returning to the diary. She skimmed through Rachel’s entries one last time, collecting her thoughts before she engaged with Janet. The stool she was in was beginning to grow uncomfortable, prompting her to periodically change her position. She wished she had taken things upstairs, but the tablet was already set up on the counter with Janet staring mindlessly at it. Her comfort could wait.

“So... you’re going to change her? Like you changed me?” Rachel asked, turning towards Violet. She shifted her weight to her other leg, her toned ass giving a slight jiggle in her leggings.

“Do you have a problem with that?” She studied Rachel carefully, wondering how she would respond. It would not do well to have Rachel reacting negatively to what she was going to do with Janet, and she didn’t want to waste time correcting any complications.

“Nuh uh. You made me so happy, just like I’m sure you’ll do to Janet. I could never have a problem with that.” Violet visibly relaxed in her stool. “Can... I make some changes to her? Please?” She put forth her best puppy dog eyes, hoping to assist in showing Janet just how wonderful Violet was. After the unpleasantness earlier, Rachel just wanted Janet to be as happy as she was.

Violet closed the diary and set it on the counter. “No, I already have plans for her.” She focused on Janet, the girl sitting silently across from her. The tablet lit up her tranquil face, the colors dancing across her features in the dimly lit store.

Rachel stood up, taking a few steps back with a slight pout. She quickly chastised herself, knowing better than to be upset about anything Violet did. She knew best, after all.

“Janet, can you hear me?” Violet didn’t have to wait long for Janet’s intoned response. “Right then, here’s how this is going to go down. When I wake you up, I’m going to be asking you some questions, and then you’re going to answer them for me, to the best of your ability, as truthfully as possible. You will also obey any command I give you. Do you understand?”


“Good. Go ahead and turn the program off and then wake up.” Violet drummed her fingers on the counter as she waited. The quick strikes of her nails on the glass seemed to accentuate the temporarily still atmosphere.

Janet reached up and began tapping at the keyboard. The colors stopped as life returned to her face. She looked around the room as everything came into focus and awareness crept back in. Eventually her gaze settled on Violet as she narrowed her eyes.

“Welcome back to the world of the living!” Violet waved her arm in presentation. “We have some things to go through, and I’d rather not do them with you acting like a mono-toned zombie.”

Janet took a moment to assess her situation. She didn’t feel any different, still her usual self. Was she supposed to? She had no frame of reference. She never honestly talked to Rachel about how it felt when she used the device on her. Her body grew tense at the uncertainty of it all. It didn’t help that she was already tired of Violet’s exuberance. “What did you do to me?” she asked in a hushed but angry voice.

“Not much... yet... but I’m not sure I particularly like that tone of yours. Apologize. Now.”

“I’m sorry,” Janet blurted out, before clenching her jaw shut with a shocked expression. The words had tumbled out of her mouth without her intention. She had never experienced such a force before. It was nothing but jarring. She was reminded of her first test on Rachel, and how she freaked out. Only now could Janet understand the reaction that Rachel had shown at that time. The memory did not sit well with her.

“Goodie, seems that works. Just as a reminder, you’re still in the same situation as before.” She nodded her head towards Rachel. “So let’s not go getting any ideas. For now, why don’t you go ahead and remove your password to the tablet, and set it up for me to put one in of my own. And don’t forget to take away any other methods that would allow you access.” Violet turned the tablet to the side so she could watch as Janet got to work, making sure she didn’t try anything. Just to be safe.

Windows opened and closed as Janet typed and clicked away. When finished, she sat back in the stool, gesturing to Violet that it was her turn.

Violet grabbed the tablet and turned it towards her. “No peaking, now.” She waited for Janet to look away before she entered her own password. Slowly typing it out with only her index fingers, she kept glanced between the screen and the keyboard as she hunted for the correct letters. When done, she turned the tablet off before logging back in to verify that it worked correctly. Satisfied, she turned the machine off, closing it up and laying it face down on the counter.

“Great. Now that that’s out of the way, are you ready for twenty questions?” Violet tented her fingers as she eyed Janet attentively.

“Yes,” Janet begrudgingly responded, annoyed at her impulse to answer. She kept her gaze to the side, holding her head in her hand, her elbow planted on the counter.

“Are you going to continue to be grumpy this whole time?” Annoyance crept into Violet’s voice.

“Yes.” She sighed. “If you don’t like it, why not just make me like princess positivity over there?” A trace of regret fell upon Janet for referring to Rachel in such a manner. It wasn’t her fault she was acting the way she was.

Rachel took it in stride, not even aware that it was used as an insult. After all, how could being positive be a bad thing? She wished Violet would hurry up and change Janet, she didn’t like seeing her friend like this.

“I suppose I could, but that doesn’t work for what I need of you. For now, I just want to know more about the device. All I have to go by is what’s in this diary, and from my experiments with Rachel.” She turned around to face Rachel, causing the girl to straighten up and flush at the attention. “Though I have to say I did a pretty good job for not knowing what I was doing.”

“That’s dangerous!” came Janet’s outburst, her hand slapping the glass. The reaction startled Violet as she spun quickly back around. “What if you did something permanent to her? What if she can’t be changed back?!” Her voice was loud and full of concern.

Violet thought about the accusation, but decided not to argue it. If Janet was worried about what the device could do to a person, all the more reason for her to figure out as much as possible, for her own goals. “Which is why I’m trying to learn more about it. So, for starters... why?”

“Why what?” Janet followed with slight trepidation. Violet had become rather serious ever since waking her up, and she didn’t know what to make of it. She had never seen the other woman be anything but teasingly cruel, and this change unsettled her.

“Why’d you make the device? Why’d you use it on Rachel, and then make her forget about it? Tell me everything.”

Janet met Violet’s gaze as her words came spilling out. “Ever since I saw Melanie... I wanted to be with her. She was so beautiful, so perfect. It was all I could think about. But I was a nobody. I had no chance with her. Not through normal methods at least. I figured... maybe there was another way to get what I wanted, to obtain my dream.”

“If I could just... change her. Make her think about me the way I thought about her. I needed to know more. I was already good with programming and tinkering, so I started taking some psychology courses, hoping I could merge the two. Through much trial and error, and months of work, that’s the end result.” Janet pointed at the tablet.

“Rachel, though... she was just someone to test the program on.” Janet glanced over at Rachel, waiting patiently a few steps to the side with her ever-present smile. It looked genuine, reminding Janet of Rachel’s normal carefree self, but she knew it was nothing more than an imitation. A mockery, even. “She trusted me. I betrayed that trust for my own selfish goal.” Janet looked down at the counter. The reality of her actions finally dawning on her as she was forced to speak her truth, to hear it out loud from her own mouth. She paused briefly as it all sunk in.

“She... seemed to take to the programming well. A bit too well. I was concerned about her. I chalked it up to her imagination letting her take things further. She always had such an imagination.” Janet began fidgeting with her hands. She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost forgot that she was talking to Violet. “I knew I should have stopped it then. Told myself I would. I had all I needed for the test. The device worked, and I could use what I had learned to be more careful with Melanie. Yet... I liked doing things to Rachel, so I kept making more changes. I didn’t want to admit that I was enjoying it, so when it came time to use the program on Melanie... I just removed Rachel from the equation. At least... I thought I did. Shortly after that... you showed up.” Janet clenched her fist, her nails digging into her palm.

She glanced up at Violet, sorrow in her eyes. She expected to see the girl laughing at her, bemused by her tale. She was surprised by what she could have sworn was a look of understanding. “Happy now?” Janet added with a huff, averting her gaze.

“You said earlier that you were nothing like me,” Violet began solemnly. “You may not want to admit to it, but I think we’re more similar than you may realize.”

Janet remained silent, unmoving.

Violet let the silence play out for a time before she continued with her interrogation. She started by going through Rachel’s diary line by line, having Janet explain what she could about what was written. Violet was enraptured when Janet explained the details of what she did with Rachel and her toothbrush.

Janet grew visibly tense as they got to the part of Rachel’s confession of love for her.

“She mentioned a Ms. Gilio,” Violet said, pointing to the line in the diary even though Janet wasn’t looking, “but that’s where her entries end. Go over that.”

“Likely I made her forget everything from that day before she wrote it down in her diary. Ms. Gilio was her teacher, but she also had Melanie as her student. That was my way in. It was Rachel’s idea, even. She and I used the program on Ms. Gilio, and then the next day I had the teacher use it on Melanie. Just before that is when I made Rachel forget everything.”

“So, all you did was have the teacher use the device on Melanie? Nothing else?” Violet asked with slight incredulity.

Janet sank into the stool, lowering her head. “I... also had her seduce Rachel and then eat her out.”

Violet burst out laughing, eliciting a harsh glare from Janet. “Sorry, sorry.” She waved her off. “Hoo boy,” she began, trying to compose herself. “That is... quite the tale. Wow. Is there anything this device of yours can’t do? Are there any limitations, that sort of thing?” she inquired with a wave of her hand.

“There could be, but I haven’t come across any as of yet.” Growing tired at the interrogation, she quickly followed up with a question of her own. “Are we about done? I’d like to know what you plan on doing with us.”

“What, and spoil all the fun? I think not.” Violet’s familiar nature crept back in. “Tell ya what though, once I’m done with you, how’s about I go and get Melanie, just for you?” She reached up to tap Janet on the nose, but Janet pulled away in disgust. “You’ll still both be mine, but I’m willing to share. If you’re good, that is. That sound fair?” Violet waited for a reaction. “You know... you take the enjoyment out of things when you don’t respond. Fine then, I have what I need, so it’s time to put you back under.”

Violet began setting up the tablet again, still smug at her sole access to the device.

Before she ran the program, Janet spoke up with a reactionary scoff. “What, you didn’t put in a trigger?”

Violet stopped what she was doing, looking up from the screen. “A what now?”

Janet clasped a hand over her mouth, her eyes wide, realizing her mistake.

“Tell me,” Violet demanded.

With disappointment, Janet responded, dropping her hand. “A trigger is something like a spoken word that can be used to elicit a response.” She rolled her eyes. “Don’t even know something like that... How could I ever let myself lose to someone like you?” She tried to ignore the memory of her first time with Rachel where she forgot to use a trigger herself.

“First of all, watch it,” Violet scolded sternly. “Secondly, elaborate.”

Struggling not to give Violet any more tools to use, Janet ultimately relented to the command. “Instead of having me look at the device every time, you can just use a key phrase—a trigger—to put me back under.”

Violet’s eyes widened in marvel as a grin spread across her face. “Oh ho ho, that is simply delicious. My my, Janet. You never cease to astound me.” She brought her hand up to her chin, turning to the side and speaking partially under her breath. “I definitely need to have fun with this. Where to start, what should I do?”

She booted up the program, turning the tablet to face Janet. “Well, guess this is the first step anyways. Go ahead and look at the screen for me, Janet.” She watched excitedly as life faded from Janet’s eyes once again.

* * *

“And— wake up!”

Janet blinked a few times in rapid succession. She saw Violet giving her an impish grin, a look of anticipation on her face. “Do I even want to...”

Sleep!” Violet’s voice cracked out.

The already-dim room gradually darkened before Janet’s eyes slid fully shut. She could hear the clapping of Violet’s hands and her giddy laughter before the sound became muffled. It too faded to nothing.

Wake up!”

The voice pierced through the darkness, rousing Janet from her slumber. “Wha...,” she blurted out, shaking her head. She brought her hand up to rub at her face. At last she realized why she felt so disoriented, as Violet’s giggling became apparent. She glanced around the room, realizing they were alone. “Where’s Rachel?” Janet demanded, the last vestiges of befuddlement leaving her body.

“I sent her on a little errand. It’s just you and me right now, so don’t worry about her. I think the better question is... why are you naked?” Violet watched Janet expectantly.

Janet’s eyes went dull for a fraction of time. She looked down at herself. Instead of the clothes she was wearing, she saw nothing but her own nudity. She brought one hand up to cover her chest, her other hand covering her sex. She grew annoyed that the counter was made of glass, offering her no chance to hide herself in her current spot. “Real mature,” Janet said, blushing. She became even more red when she looked up to see that Violet was also naked.

Violet did her best to stifle her laughter, afraid it may clue Janet in.

In an effort to cover herself, Janet began taking her clothes off. When her last article hit the floor, she sat back in the stool, comfortable that her body was once again concealed. Just because Violet was a pervert that liked to be naked doesn’t mean Janet wanted to be. She certainly didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of seeing her nudity. So what if Violet forced her to strip while she was under. Janet wasn’t sure why that was amusing enough for Violet to be grinning at her the way she was.

“Feeling better now?” Violet asked with a cackle.

“I’ll feel better when you’re done with your games,” Janet explained, well beyond fed up with Violet’s antics.

Violet pouted. “Alright, fine. Before we continue, though, you might want to consider putting some clothes on.”

“What are you talking about? I just did!” Janet couldn’t believe anyone could be so ignorant. There was clearly something wrong Violet if she already forgot seeing Janet dress right in front of her. Janet was once again reminded of how she was outsmarted by someone like her. Outsmarted... Janet cringed at the concept.

Violet merely gestured towards Janet’s chest.

Janet looked down, reluctantly indulging in Violet’s hijinks. To her dismay, the clothes she expected to see herself wearing were discarded on the floor, her skin completely bare to her eyes. With a yelp, she hopped off the stool, putting her exposed back to the counter as she gathered her things. “So is this how things are going to be now? You toying with me like a child?” She dreaded the notion, almost enough to wish Violet would just do to her what she did to Rachel. Almost.

“Mmm, just a little bit more, while we wait.” Violet sat up on the stool, looking over the counter and down at Janet as she started to dress. “We can take a short break if you’d like, though. You do look a little thirsty.”

Janet stopped dressing, having only managed to put on her underwear, as her eyes lost focus. She stood up, no longer concerned with hiding herself. Looking around the room, she began making her way around the counter.

“Where are you going?” Violet inquired knowingly. She spun in the stool, following Janet as she meandered.

“Do you have a water fountain, or a faucet in this store?” Janet stopped walking, but she still glanced around for something. She licked her lips, her saliva doing nothing to impede the feeling of dryness that spread throughout her mouth.

“None that you can use, sorry.”

Janet turned to Violet and casually asked, “Can you at least let me eat your pussy, then? I’m thirsty, you owe me that much.”

Violet looked away, bringing a finger to her chin and acting innocent. “I don’t know...”

“Please, Violet. I’m just asking to eat your pussy. It’s no big deal. Pretty please?” She was growing desperate. Why was Violet being so unhelpful? Even if she was an evil person that Janet didn’t like, that was no reason to deprive her of something so necessary. Not over something so trivial as letting Janet lap at her cunt. Anyone else would have happily let her do it. It was common courtesy.

Violet savored the look of desperation on the girl’s face.

Janet began to grow impatient at Violet’s silence. She kept looking between Violet’s cruel glare and the crotch that contained what she needed as her thirst grew and grew. Just when she felt like she couldn’t take anymore, she saw Violet’s legs spread ever so slightly. “Thank you, Violet. I owe you one.” Janet made her way forwards.

With a hand, Violet halted the parched girl before reaching back and hoisting herself onto the counter. “If I do this for you, will you agree to be my slave?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever. Please, I’m just so thirsty.” Janet’s tongue felt so dry in her mouth, even as it watered in anticipation.

“Very well.” Violet leaned back, pulling her pants down as Janet approached. She slid to the edge of the counter, propped up on her elbows, as Janet dropped to her knees in front of her.

Janet purred with relief as she began lapping at the waters of the oasis that lay before her. She put all her focus into it, hoping to goad the spring to let forth its flow with long, deliberate licks.

Violet laughed through her nose, but was cut off when Janet began, her hips giving a quick involuntary jerk at the sensation of Janet’s skilled tongue along her sex. The amusement she obtained from Janet’s changed perception had already been forgotten.

Janet probed further with her tongue, desperate to drink up any liquid that she could find. The more she worked, the more the delicious nectar there seemed to be. She couldn’t be happier to sate herself.

Violet fell back onto the counter, her arms giving out as Janet worked her up far faster than Rachel had. Her breathing became hectic as her head dangled over the other edge of the counter. She reached down to rub at her clit, but Janet pulled her hand away, desperate to not let anything block access to the source of her nurturing.

The denial caused Violet to frown for a moment before losing herself once more to the sensations. She arched her back as Janet explored deeper, more fully. Her tongue managed to impossibly find its way everywhere, and it was driving Violet wild. She cried out as her eyes locked shut, her brow furled with tension.

Janet finally felt the dam burst as she sought to have her fill. She made sure to collect every drop upon her tongue. When the source of her nourishment finally stopped producing, she leaned back. Licking her lips, Janet brought a hand up to wipe her face with her finger before licking it clean. Her thirst was finally quenched, much to her relief.

Violet lay awkwardly across the counter, condensation forming on the glass at the edges of where her skin was pressed against it, outlining her body. She stared at the back wall, waiting for her heart to calm down. A satisfied smile slowly spread across her face. She struggled to sit up, instead opting to rotate her body and lay along the counter, her head resting on her outstretched arm.

“Thank you, Violet. I needed that.” Janet stood up, standing awkwardly while Violet watched her.

Violet let out one last big, shaky breath. “I feel I should be thanking you. So, you agree to be my slave now?”

“A promise is a promise,” Janet said, shrugging her shoulders. She was no longer particularly concerned with her predicament. She remembered feeling such a range of emotions before at the thought of Violet, but none of that seemed to matter at the moment. After all, as she said, she promised to be a slave if Violet gave her something to drink. How could she break a promise?

“Wonderful,” Violet praised. She sat up, grabbing Janet by the chin and bringing her gaze up to hers. Gone was any indication of defiance. Violet stroked Janet’s cheek with her thumb. “Now then, we have more work to do, so why don’t you go ahead and sleep for me.”

Janet let out a pleasant sigh as the room fell away.

* * *

She sat at the bar, twirling her glass. The clinking of the ice was barely audible over the driving bass that filled the room. It was her latest in a series of drinks offered to her from hopeful strangers wanting her favor. It likely wouldn’t be the last. She wouldn’t decline the offer, but the same couldn’t be said about the proposals of those offering. A simple drink didn’t entitle them to anything.

She stared out into the crowd, idly watching the mass of drunken bodies as they moved to the rhythm of the beat. The dance floor wasn’t really her scene, but the club was close, and she had been optimistic of her prospects at the start.

That was before she realized how few acceptable people were here tonight. Anyone she might have been interested in seemed to already have hooked up with some other stranger. The ones that hadn’t, well... she never considered herself to be particularly picky, but if she heard one more person use her white hair as a reference for their grandma, there might be blood. And the person who suggested her hair would easily hide his semen? Well... there may have actually been some blood with that one.

And so she continued to twirl her glass. Pulling out her phone, she checked the time as someone sat next to her and ordered a drink. It was late now, and she considered cutting her losses. She still had other ways to unwind, it was just a shame that she may have to go it alone tonight. The only downside being that she couldn’t tie herself up the way she wanted without a partner.

“You know, a scowl like that, it makes me wonder if you actually intend to hook up for the night.”

She turned towards the stranger speaking to her, ready to shut them down at the drop of a hat. She looked them over, sizing them up. Toned thighs covered in fishnet stockings. A tight black shirt tucked under a pleated leather skirt, the low neckline giving an appreciated view of her ample cleavage. Cute face framed by slightly-messed green hair. Dark, mysterious eyes with lush, purple-colored lips. Certainly a unique look for the locale, to her surprise, but just the style that she liked. Perhaps she would give them a chance.

“Not worth my time if they’re scared off by a simple frown.” She turned away, disregarding the gorgeous stranger as a test.

The green-haired woman took a sip of her drink. “It’ll take a lot more than a pretty pout to scare me off. Nice accent you have there. Russian?” She stared straight at her with a piercing gaze, a cocky grin on her face.

The guess drew a laugh from her. “Polish,” she corrected. It wasn’t the first time someone had made the same mistake, and she was mostly over letting it get to her, though admittedly this time it was more so that she didn’t want to argue with the first potential companion for tonight.

The stranger didn’t bat an eye. “My apologies. Allow me to start over. What’s someone like you doing alone in a bar? Seems pretty surprising.” She made a show of checking her out, her eyes tracing up and down her body. She took a sip as she leaned against the counter. “Not that I’m complaining,” she added with a wink.

“Oh you know, just trying to get back into the swing of things after a particularly unpleasant break-up. Doesn’t seem like tonight will be the night, though.”

“Night’s not over yet. Perhaps I can help you forget all about it.” The woman reached out and placed a hand on her thigh, caressing it gently. “Care to start with your name?”

Her leg tingled at the touch, impressed with the confidence of the stranger. “Klara Dworaczyk, but my friends call me Snow.” She took a sip of her drink, never taking her eyes off the intriguing woman before her. People always said her eyes were her best feature, a soft blue to contrast her hair. One couldn’t help but be drawn to them. She hoped the stranger would feel the same way as she gave her her best sultry look.

“Evening, ladies.” A man walked up to the two of them, drink in hand, interrupting their conversation. With a practiced smile, he continued, “How’d you like to take a ride in my magic convertible, and I can show you my world?”

Snow looked over to the interloper, offering an embarrassed chuckle. Just as she was about to tell him off, she felt the other woman grab her chin, turning her head. The woman leaned in, giving a smoldering kiss as her hand slid it’s way up Snow’s thigh and under her tight dress. Snow relented to the advance with a moan, surprised by the woman’s boldness, but loving it.

Turning her eyes back to the intruder, she watched his jaw drop, his eyes practically bulging out of their sockets. Snow embraced the other woman, one hand pawing at her chest, deciding to give the guy a quick show. She pushed back as their tongues entwined, matching the other woman’s aggression. She caught a whiff of her perfume, hints of rose and leather, exactly like her favorite brand.

The other woman pulled away first. “I think we’ll do just fine by ourselves, tonight. Toodles!” She waved the man off.

Snow chuckled as the man scampered away back to his friends, his pants clearly tented. She felt the other woman lean in as she began to whisper seductively into her ear.

“Well, Snow, care to let me warm you up? Or perhaps you would like me to make you shiver?” She gave a light flick on Snow’s clit with her thumb.

Snow purred. “Only if you promise to no longer use such awful lines. My place is close, if you’d prefer.” She kissed at the other woman’s neck, feeling puffs of hot breath on her own.

“I would, assuming you have the right equipment.”

Snow pulled back, an inquisitive and surprised look on her face. There was a hint of hope in her eyes.

The green-haired woman grinned at Snow’s reaction. She brought her hand up, placing it gently on Snow’s neck. “Something tells me you could do with a little... restraint.” She emphasized the word with a firm squeeze of her hand, causing Snow’s breath to hitch.

Her eyes were wide, but full of lust now. Snow couldn’t believe her luck. The stranger seemed to know exactly how to drive her wild, and they haven’t even done anything yet. She grabbed the woman by her wrist, holding her hand in place on her neck. She gave a small nod, which was all the woman needed as she pulled her up. “You haven’t told me your name,” Snow explained.

“You can call me Janet,” she responded. With an icy grin, Janet added, “and I hope you do, over and over.”

The two left the bar together, Snow already dripping with anticipation.

* * *