The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Forgotten Dreams:

I guess I was always an odd girl. I realized that I was a lesbian at thirteen, and instead of turning into the typical “dyke,” I morphed into a truly sexy, six foot tall woman. That was on top of my blue eyes, C-cup breasts, sexy size twelve feet (I get compliments!), and easily tanned skin. My hair is naturally dark brown, but I often put in blonde highlights.

What really made me an odd girl, though, was how easily people would follow my commands. That persuasiveness became noticeable when I hit puberty, and became more potent as I aged. I’m eighteen now, and having people do what I want is the simplest thing in the world. I guess it went to my head, too. I’m a very dominant woman, especially in bed, but I’m not crazy or anything. I think it’s downright silly to “dominate” someone just to have them do your dishes, and bark like a dog! That kind of thing just doesn’t turn me on. Besides, I always confined my persuasiveness to sex.

My parents were driving me to my new life: Hendricks University. I chose the place, because they were known for their psychology program. I guess psychology interested me, because of how easily I could dominate another’s mind. It just seemed like the right fit.

In the parking lot, outside my new dorm, I met with my girlfriend Sally. She had brown hair, dark brown eyes, B-cup breasts, perfectly tannable skin, and cute size five and a half feet. We were high school sweethearts. We were even the first and controversial prom “Queen and Queen”! She was one of the most beautiful women at my school, and I think I fell for her at first site. It was odd for her to be pursued by a woman at first, because a lesbian relationship never crossed her mind. I saw making her into my lesbian lover as a challenge, and I succeeded. Sally often told me that she couldn’t believe that she ever was attracted to men.

We tightly embraced next to her car. Her lips were so soft, and she just knew where to twirl her tongue. With her being just five foot three, my body almost consumed the poor girl! I pulled back and she said breathlessly, “Lets save some of that for later, Kristy!” I nodded. We laughed again about how the university’s policy of separating the dorms by gender was to “keep accidents from happening.” Obviously it was all about sex, but they clearly forgot that sometimes people weren’t straight!

Sally’s parents were not available to help out that day, but my parents were luckily available to help out. It was beyond time consuming to move into a dorm. A simple warning would have been nice! After we brought everything up from the cars, my parents left.

We unpacked most of what we brought: Clothes, computers, TV, etc. We slid the adjustable, twin size beds together along the wall with the window, and made our bed. Holding hands, we fell onto it. I looked into her sexy, dark eyes. She was more beautiful then than ever. Maybe it was the freedom we both felt, but I never felt closer to her. I found myself able to see into her mind. I never could do that before. I could see and feel everything within her. I could feel her love for me, her sense of freedom. Her mind was mine for me to do with as I pleased.

I then had an urge to try something I never even thought of doing before. I closed my eyes, and completely overtook her mind. Then I gasped! I saw myself next to me. My eyes were closed, and I could see my eyes move as if I were asleep. Sally’s mind was there, but not conscious. I let go of … my hand. I sat up and looked around.

Everything was new and different, and yet the same. As I stood up, I nearly fell flat on my face! Though Sally was technically the same body type as me, she was quite a bit shorter. I kneeled down, and rummaged through a box for a mirror. This was so unbelievable! I found one, and looked into it. Sally looked back at me. I touched “my” face. The feeling of Sally’s soft skin was truly remarkable in this way. With some difficulty, I said, “This is amazing!” I put down the mirror. To prove to myself later that this was all not a dream, I wrote a note to myself, and hid it in my desk. I slowly walked over, and lay next to my “sleeping” body. I closed my eyes, and let go of Sally’s mind.

I opened my eyes, and found it hard to breath. I looked over and saw Sally drowsily coming to life. “Whoah … We must’ve passed out,” she quietly said. I walked over to the desk, and found the note to myself.

That was the start of a memorable semester. I adapted to college life well, or maybe it was the other way around. I became fast friends with many women, and my courses were easier than I anticipated. I always had a photographic memory. This trait came in handy when I learned how to absorb certain memories from another’s mind. Sally and I also started to take on campus yoga lessons, of which I was a natural. Not long after we started, the instructor dubbed me the “Rubber-Lady.” I think I was more flexible than she was!

What struck me was how easily I could dominate people’s minds. Sure I was very good at manipulating people before, but since I learned how to enter another’s mind, it was more than natural. This expansion of abilities scared me to a certain degree, but it also excited me. I felt as if I were discovering my true self.

Sally was, more or less, aware of my burgeoning abilities. She would always let me experiment on her, and I never programed her to want that! Though, I never told her that I could take over a body and mind so completely. Even she would have found that crossing the line.

It was late one night when I decided to again take her over completely. I had been taking her over quite a bit, if only in short bursts, and without her knowledge. I opened her eyes. I loved experiencing the world through her mind and body. In fact, I never manipulated her mind all that much beyond sexuality.

I walked to the tall mirror now on the door, and took off the nighty. “I’m in love with you!” I proclaimed to the reflection. I then gave in to the body I inhabited. I loved every bit of it. As I rubbed that clit infinitely hard, I felt the length of the body. With passion, I rubbed the hair, the forehead, the nose, the lips, the neck, down to the plump tits, flat stomach, firm thighs and calves, and finally to the sexy feet. Oh how soft those soles were! I couldn’t hold back any longer. I screamed in orgasm, as I squirt.

I stood up, and looked over my apparently sleeping body. I decided to go one step further, and be Sally for a day. It should be easy, with it only being just for a Saturday. Plus, neither of us had any plans. I’ll just say that I was sick, which I ironically never was before. I crawled up next to my sexily tall body. I kissed myself, and closed Sally’s eyes.

Not relinquishing my control, I experienced Sally’s dreams. It was remarkable! I never could remember my dreams. I then manipulated them into the more erotic. Together, we experienced great orgies of women, and only women. In our little dream world, men did not exist. There was only a single gender amongst all people, while we had no concept of gender from the start. It was beautiful.

I opened Sally’s eyes to my sexy body. I was always secretly narcissistic, and what better time to indulge? I gave myself a big, wet kiss, while wanting my body to kiss back. Suddenly it did! In that moment, I realized that I could control both bodies at once! I opened my eyes. In what should have been some kind of data overload, I found myself functioning easily through both bodies. Though muted, I could feel everything that my own body felt, while my mind was only active within Sally’s.

I had so many ideas, so much I wanted to try. I went with an old favorite: The Scissor. I put us in position. The sensation of feeling both crotches make out at the same time almost made me cum then and there! While we humped, I felt up and down my legs, while my body felt up and down Sally’s. Sweat dribbled down our breathless bodies, as I worked to hold back the climax of both bodies.

Then things started get weird, or at least weirder then it already was! I couldn’t keep Sally’s eyes off my feet. I was literally looking at then through new eyes. They were so large, yet so smooth. For the first time in my life, I thought they were the sexiest things on my body. Sure, Sally and I experimented with foot stuff before, but we had no serious draw to that. Now, I found myself drooling over them. Oh those high arches, wrinkled soles, long toes, and oh that sent! Humping wildly, I grabbed my foot laying over the body I controlled. I pressed it onto Sally’s face, and inhaled deeply. Everything was right in the world. I then licked and sucked every inch of my foot through Sally’s watering mouth. When I shoved every toe into Sally’s surprisingly flexible mouth, both bodies came wildly. Our squirt spewed into our crotches, causing us cum again seconds later.

I licked myself clean. I then put Sally’s crotch over my mouth, and had it clean as well. I had my body go back to its apparent sleep mode. I looked at myself. I had a new respect for my body. It was a feeling that I was near perfection. I placed the blanket over my beautiful, naked body, and kissed myself on the lips. I readied myself for my day as Sally.

I was walking to the Campus Center. The first thing I noticed was that I had no power over anyone else. I could hear no thoughts even if I tried, and couldn’t make anyone do anything. Despite only recently being able to do so, I felt like had a handicap! Then again, it was my body that had the powers over the mind, and not Sally’s.

I met up with some friends quickly, who wondered where “I” was, and I explained how “I” wasn’t feeling well. Sally and I were almost always hip to hip. It was so easy to be Sally, however. I had all her memories at my disposal, and I was practicing with her body in the dorm. For all intents and purposes, I was Sally to them.

As the day went on, I realized that I was still drooling over feet. I knew that it could not be Sally’s mind talking, because she never had a foot fetish. I just couldn’t help but stare at other women’s feet, and even Sally’s. The mere fact that I had such cute, flip flop clad feet at my disposal turned me on! I often found myself touching them without even thinking. And I probably found as many excuses to come in contact with Sally’s feet, as I did to stare at others.

That night, while walking back to my dorm, I thought about merging mine and Sally’s minds. I knew I could do it. It would be a perfect union for two lovers. That excited me!

I walked back into the dorm room with a skip in my step. I smiled at my sleeping body, and lay next to it. I closed Sally’s eyes, and opened my own. I rather liked looking through my own eyes again. I lovingly stroked Sally’s brown hair, as she slept next to me.

I came to a realization, looking into the face of my sleeping lover. If I merged our minds, my mind would likely overwhelm hers. In the end, Sally may cease to exist. No matter how much becoming a single, beautiful mind excited me, I didn’t want to lose Sally. I closed my eyes, and implanted the memories of the day into her. They were albeit altered as if she did them, and there was no indication of a foot fetish.

Sally opened her eyes, and said, “Feeling better?”

“Oh, I’m fine, Sally. How was your day?”

“Oh, it was great! I met up with some friends in the Campus Center, and we spent the day together. They hoped you’d get better soon.”

I brought her head closer to mine, and gave her a loving kiss. “I love you, Sally.”

“I love you too, Kristy.” She kissed me back, and we made out.

I woke up the next morning in shock. For the first time in my life, I remembered my dream! It was hard to keep together in any logical fashion, but some of it stuck. I only remembered two things clearly. The first was someone telling me that I “will have great powers,” and the second was my body being changed dramatically. I could remember great pain from the latter. The dream gave me a feeling that I could not fully describe. It was almost like anxiety, yet of a variant I never knew existed. For some reason, I couldn’t tell Sally about it.

Sally and I got ready for the day. I worked hard to repress that strange, new feeling the dream gave me, and hopped that the weekly yoga session would ease it. When we walked inside the multipurpose room inside the fitness center, Joan, the yoga instructor, met up with us. Joan was attractive for a middle aged woman, if only out of her physically active lifestyle.

“You’ve been doing so well, Kristy …” I knew what she was going to say instantly. “… Would you be opposed to joining me in teaching some of the beginner classes?”

“Oh, no, I’d love to!”

“That’s my Rubber-Lady!”

We started the session soon after. Without much effort on my part, Joan brought us to some of the most advanced positions. Though, I was the only one, besides Joan, that could do them all, and Joan was clearly struggling on occasion. I think she was trying to compete with me!

Some those poses had the silliest names. There was the “Little Thunderbolt,” which had me bend backwards, having my head touch the floor between my feet. There was the “King Pigeon,” which had me have one leg ahead, and the other behind, while I lifted and bent back until my head touched my soft sole. There was the “Compass,” which involved having one leg outstretched, and the other pulled behind my shoulder. They had other names, too, but I didn’t find those as silly! I didn’t even break a sweet doing them all.

A little while later, I found myself alone in the dorm room. Sally was doing a project for a class in the library. I started doing my own yoga session, but made it a touch more erotic. It was the first time I tried nude yoga, and I rather liked it! I gave in to the lust I felt for my own body. I pulled both legs behind my shoulders, and bent forwards, while curving my back outward. I placed my mouth over my pussy lips, and made out with myself. I had never done such a thing before, and I fucking loved it! The stretching, the juices, the sensitivity. Swirl upon swirl, my tongue went. I could feel my sweet juices building … … Explosion! I squirt right down my throat.

I uncurled myself, with my legs still behind my head, and lay back. I could barely move, I could barely think. Sweat poured down my forehead, as my own juices dripped down my cheek.

I then grabbed my left foot, and plunged its heel into my wet crotch. I grabbed my right, and forced it deep into my drooling mouth. In and out, in and out. Up and down, up and down. It was as if the feel and flavor of them dominated my mind. The pleasure of it all was too much to bear. I came hard and fast within minutes. Ironically, I squirt very little, but I was too mindless then to put any thought into it. I lay back, and placed my feet behind my head. I said under my breath, “Feet are how women should fuck.” I passed out.

“You will have great powers …” an echoing, fractured voice said in the darkness, “… Your mind shall remember all … Transformation … Reversion … Good luck …”

I then heard a scratching noise in the darkness, and slowly opened my eyes. Sally was shaving her legs and crotch next to me on the bed. “You’re so sexy when your all contorted,” she said in a teasing way, and pecked me on the lips.

I brought my legs down in front of me. I looked over at her, and realized that I had not shaved myself for a couple of weeks. My cycle was usually once a week for at least my legs. But I knew that it was all silky smooth from my recent escapades. I felt off somehow, and a bit light headed.

“You OK, Kristy? You look a bit piqued.”

“Might be coming down with something, but I think I’m all right anyway.”

Sally looked over my naked body, and said inquisitively, “You know … I haven’t seen you shave yourself recently …”

“Oh, you just weren’t around the last time I did it.” I lied, but I didn’t know why.

A few hours later, I was surfing the web on my laptop. Sally lay on her stomach on the bed. She was reading something for a class. She gently swayed her feet above and behind her. Her feet were so sexy. It was unbelievable the kind of draw I now felt for feet, but it was undeniable.

Feeling instinct’s call, I slowly walked to Sally’s swinging feet. I went to my knees, and delicately cradled her right foot in my hands. “Kristy, I really gotta catch up on my reading for this …” I delicately worked her arches, as I brought the foot closer to my face. I simply couldn’t believe how amazing they were. Counting the arches, the toes, and the wrinkles, feet had more feminine curves than any other part of the female body. And there was nothing better than a feminine curve.

“Oh, Kristy … that’s soooo good … But I need to … OOOH … I need tah read this …” I then closed my eyes, and willed her to go with whatever I was going to do with her. Sally threw her book off the bed, and said, “Fuck it! I AM horny. Do whatever the fuck you want to do to me!” I smiled, and licked her foot from heel to toe. It was in that moment where I realized how much I was drooling. It was so much that I couldn’t keep it in my mouth! It also tasted different somehow, and the flavor was so familiar. The strange drool not only flowed out of my mouth, but down my throat as well. The more it flowed the less I could think. Soon my actions were pure impulse.

With Sally’s toes pointing toward my mouth, it opened wider than I thought possible. I pulled the foot into my spit filled mouth. The feel of Sally’s sole rubbing across the roof my mouth was beyond exhilarating. It slid so effortlessly. Before I knew it, I could feel her toes against the back of my throat. I then angled Sally’s foot downward. This proved successful, as I was able to shove the foot further into my body. Eventually I could feel Sally’s sole resting along the back of my throat. The longer it sat there, the more disappointed I grew, and I didn’t know why exactly. It was as if something was supposed to happen on Sally’s part, but nothing happened.

I slowly pulled the foot out. As it moved threw my mouth, I realized how sensitive my mouth was, and had a feeling it had something to do with my excess saliva. Several thick strands of spit spread between her toes and my mouth. Seeing Sally’s spit glazed foot, my mind came back somewhat. The flavor in my mouth was all too clear to me. It was the flavor of pussy juices. Those juices, which apparently no longer flowed in my now pussy, turned my mouth into something better than a pussy whenever I would be aroused. My pussy was now useless for sexual pleasure.

I didn’t know why I knew those things, but that wasn’t all I knew. I could feel a great warmth in my feet, and I knew what it meant. Now that I was aroused, my feet were nearly as sensitive as my mouth. I knew exactly what I could do with them.

I hopped onto the bed. I lay on my stomach, and had Sally shove my warm, sensitized foot into her mouth. I knew that she could not get as far as I did, but she at least accommodated all my toes. I told her suck it off, and she did so with great vigor. It felt so good! Every bit of friction between my foot and her mouth shot waves of ecstasy through my body. It was better than any stroke, any shove, into my crotch. “Yes, Sally … FUCK! … … OH Gah … I CAN’T TAKE IT! … FUH YEAH” My foot exploded with hot liquid from every pore. I could hardly breath. Nothing felt more right.

I removed my foot, and looked over at my shocked Sally. My foot-cum dribbled down her cheeks. “That’s how women should fuck,” I stated to Sally, with my enhanced spit leaking from my mouth.

Over the next week, everything began to settle. I ensured that Sally had as strong of a foot fetish as mine, so we would always fuck with our feet. I taught yoga to beginners, while I even found myself on the verge of taking over some of the more advanced classes. My regular classes seemed to fly by. It was like I fell into automatic.

I also had this recurring dream. It seemed to be the same one I had originally. I could never remember the whole thing. What always stuck was something about “great powers of the mind,” “transformation,” “reversion.” And it was always followed by a great feeling of discomfort and anxiety. Not counting the first dream, the latter feelings would always fade. What I didn’t know was that everything was about to change.

Sally went home for the weekend. That Saturday I made love to myself by deepthroating my foot. The amazing part was that I was literally making love to myself. After my changes, masturbating simply involved jerking off my feet. Don’t get me wrong, jerking off my feet were just as good as how I used to masturbate!

I made love to myself twice that night (each foot came). I lay back onto the bed, crossed my ankles behind my head, and quickly fell asleep.

I found myself in a hazy room. I felt very different, yet had the feeling of “normality.” Someone walked in. I couldn’t make out the image. It was like trying to remember a long forgotten memory.

“Agent 264, welcome,” the blurred image stated in different, yet familiar language, “On behalf of the Supreme Counsel, I would like to thank you for volunteering for this mission. Now to the point. We recently discovered an intelligent and developing species in the Cunar System. They call themselves Humans, and live on Cunar Three. We believe they call their System simply the “Solar System,” with some of the more educated calling it the “Sol System.” Regardless, you will learn all of such oddities directly from them.

“We have already acquired DNA from them. They have two genders unlike our one, and we have chosen to sequence the DNA toward the gender which is closest to ours. Though, we did have to use some of our own DNA to manipulate the Human’s. You will have great powers over the Human minds: The standard reading, transforming, and the rest. All, of course, would be unconsciously, when you are on you mission. Your mind shall remember all that it processes for later extraction. This transformation will be more painful than usual, and we apologize … Oh, yes, because of the way we sequenced the Human DNA, the expected reversion, prior to your extraction, may not be just of the mind, but also of the body. This means that there is a chance that your original DNA may fuse with the Human. The extent of which is unpredictable, and may make it impossible for you to revert back to your true form. But this is all within your training, 264 … We will give you the standard ten to fifteen years before extraction. Good luck, and pleasant journey, Agent 264.” The blurred image left the room.

The next thing I knew I was moving toward a round chamber. Once inside, a door closed behind me. It then started to fill with a warm, blue liquid. Before I knew it, I was totally submerged in it. I could still breath, and somehow I knew that that was the point. There were blurred images of those watching me. I could feel the burning liquid being absorbed into me. I could barely think. Every part of my body moved in impossible ways. I lost track of time in the growing pain. I closed my eyes.”

I opened my eyes to a bright morning. Sally still slept soundly. It was all a dream, or was it? The dream wasn’t “vivid” in the traditional sense, but it felt real. Even the feelings associated with it weren’t fading. It was like a long forgotten memory floating back to the surface.

I slid out of bed, and walked over to the door mirror. It was still me, but there was an unfamiliarity toward my body, which I never felt before. I looked deep into my eyes.

I suddenly realized that my powers of the mind somehow reflected back into myself. Like a computer, my mind opened its earliest memory. I was ten years old, and in the back seat of my adopted parent’s station wagon. They were taking me home from an orphanage. It was a happy day. To my surprise, there was nothing before that moment. I concentrated harder, and harder, and harder, until something happened. It felt like I smashed through a thick pane of glass. I remembered everything.

I was indeed “Agent 264.” I was born on another world, whose name and associated empire was unpronounceable to the human tongue. I joined that empire’s exploratory agency at an age synonymous with twenty years old. I was sent on my first mission not long after. They cleanly transformed me into another being, who fully believed to be that being, and planted me on the associated world. Near the end of the standard duration, my mind reverted back to its original self, and I was soon picked up by my people for debriefing. They gave me the standard option of staying on that world as a permanent agent, but I declined. I was soon my old self again, waiting for my next mission.

Earth was my next mission. Like the dream, but with great clarity, they prepared me for the mission. They easily planted me amongst the humans. I grew up, fell in love, and here I was. The real difference from the first mission was that my DNA did indeed grow corrupt, which made it unlikely for me to return. The corruption was not overtly visible, and primarily affected my sexual inclinations. In fact, an early sign of DNA corruption was my lesbianism. The later changes to my powers of manipulation, mouth, pussy, and feet, were mere confirmation of the corruption. Luckily, corruption had ceased before anything stranger, from a human standpoint, occurred. It was interesting to note that my now revised sexual inclinations were a nuanced form of those of my, well, former race.

I told the truth to Sally about my original nature. She took it surprisingly well, and claimed that it made sense! She was right, too. How often do we find a super hot lesbian, who can dominate another’s mind? That’s not to mention the unique form of my foot fetish!

Two years later, the expected extraction occurred. They stated how my original DNA had fully integrated with that of the Human, and that the corruption was too extensive for them to revert me to my original form. This was all expected. Despite some difficulty, they were able to extract my memories of my time on Earth. They were rather unhappy that I revealed myself to my Human lover, but were nonetheless pleased with all my “experiments.”

After the verbal debriefing, they stated that they would return at standard ten year intervals to extract further data. My only real option was to stay on Earth. It was not standard procedure for them to revert my mind back to its “Human” form, nor could they with the state of my DNA. They and I looked forward to my continuing exploits amongst my adopted race.