The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A fortunate occurrence

By Latexthom

Chapter 7, George

Marilyn went into the back room and picked out an outfit of very slutty clothing. Returning to the man, she had him undress and dressed him in the clothes she has selected. The body was made of perforated latex, so it could be worn for extended periods and it comprised of false silicon boobs, a corset, shoulder straps and suspenders attached at the bottom edge which came down to the tops of the legs. Marilyn gave him white latex stockings and a pink dress with full skirt. Daniel picked out a white curly wig and Marilyn glued that onto a facemask with an old wrinkly face. When the man was dressed and camouflaged as an old woman, and just before he pretended to came out of the trance, Marilyn instructed him, “Put the mackintosh on and to always walk, with a stoop, pretending to be an old woman.

As the old woman paid for her purchases, Daniel said, “You have chosen the perfect camouflage; the Police will never find you now.” The woman said, “Thank you this is everything I wanted. You used to like being a woman, go and change and become Dorothy again. When you become Dorothy, you can never go back to being Daniel. Now forget I said that.” After the woman had departed, Marilyn picked up a pair of leather manacles and said, “I feel a little strange, can I be excused and go home.”

Daniel thought the feeling was baby related, so he agreed and Marilyn departed. Dorothy walked into the back room and then climbed the stairs. There, he found an outfit of Dorothy’s clothes and changed into them. When he returned looking like Dorothy, Marguerite, asked her if she could help her with some orgasms. Dorothy sat her on a stool behind the counter and crawled under her skirt. Marguerite severed two customers while Dorothy, was hidden from view and after twenty orgasms, she stood up.

Marilyn on the other hand had found the latex woman outside her house rummaging behind one of the plant pots beside the front door. Marilyn asked, “What are you doing?” The woman stood up and said, “More to the point, what are you doing, I cannot remember your name but have you come home because you are uncomfortable?” Marilyn replied, “Yes I am very uncomfortable, what have you done to me?

The woman replied, “Godfrey said that the production models could not be undone by the proto type so I was going to program you and that other woman and leave the prototype so your husband could think he had corrected you. Unfortunately, you still have to do as I say and you cannot tell your husband that you have seen me or that I had anything to do with your future actions. Take me inside and show me your uniform.” The latex woman followed, Marilyn into the house and as she reached the bottom of the stairs, she said, “I will sit in the sitting room, while you go and fetch your uniform.

Marilyn waddled up the stairs and into her bedroom; she picked up her dress, cape, mask and cuffs and returned down stairs. As she entered the sitting, room the woman said, “Get undressed and you show me how you put on your uniform.”

Marilyn undressed and the woman said, “You are very beautiful but you are pregnant. Is that wedding dress a maternity dress? Marilyn stood in the nude and replied, “No, but I have one upstairs.” The woman told her to go and fetch it.

Marilyn returned with the latex maternity dress and as she entered, the woman used the device, she had extracted from behind the flowerpot, to entrance Marilyn the first time around.

Once Marilyn was entranced, she said, “Your uniform consists of this maternity dress the mask, cape and these leather manacles, now put it all on.” Marilyn slowly did as instructed after letting out the sides of the dress. After fitting the mask and pulling the cape over her head, she picked up the manacles. She then said, “You will forget having seen me and you will forget all that I have told you about the different devices. You will wear this uniform every day until you have your baby. It can be washed, after you get ready for bed. When your baby is born regardless of sex, you will dress it in pink girly latex clothing until it is thirteen. Now go up stairs and lie on your bed, close your eyes and go to sleep, wake up as soon as you are asleep and sleep naturally. When you do wake up from your natural sleep your uniform will be your most comfortable clothes and you must not remove any part of it until bedtime. Tomorrow morning unless you have morning sickness you will put the mask on and the manacles before you leave the bedroom.” The old woman put the production strobe in her mackintosh pocket and walked out of the house.

In the shop, Dorothy had been kept, very busy, with the steady stream of customers and Marguerite’s insatiable sex drive. Dorothy had not stopped all afternoon. The shop closed at six o’clock and Dorothy and Marguerite walked home together. Marguerite was becoming desperate to get Daniel’s cock into her pussy. All the orgasms throughout the afternoon were becoming less and less effective towards her total satisfaction.

As they walked up the street, Marguerite was explaining about what she needed. Dorothy said, “If Marilyn is asleep, we can try and satisfy your needs.” Dorothy unlocked the front door and the both entered the house. Dorothy walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Marguerite climbed the stairs and walked into Marilyn’s bedroom. She shook Marilyn, and when her eyes opened, she asked, “Are you Ok?” Marilyn replied, “I am fine, I came home to change my clothes, I only feel comfortable with my uniform on.” Marguerite said, “Dorothy is down stairs making a drink, would you like one?” Marilyn said, “No I am still tired, I will try and go back to sleep.” Marguerite replied, “OK, go into the single bedroom and get into bed there. Then close your eyes and sleep, don’t wake up until the morning.”

Marilyn followed Marguerite’s instructions and was soon asleep. Marguerite returned to Dorothy and said, “Marilyn is still asleep. You can stick that long stick in my pussy. Dorothy took Marguerite upstairs and was surprised Marilyn was not in the double bed. Marguerite told her not to worry and to get her cock out.

On the way to the bedroom, Dorothy had retrieved the prototype strobe from the airing cupboard and laid it on the bedside table.

Marguerite maneuvered Dorothy into position where Marguerite was doing all the work and Dorothy was on the bottom. As Marguerite was riding Dorothy’s cock she reached over and picked up the strobe and said, “Something has changed I need to use this,” before Dorothy had time to do anything, Marguerite had fired it into her eyes.

Dorothy stopped pumping and Marguerite said, “From now on when you begin to think that either of our actions are unnatural or seem programmed, you will become very randy and forgetful. You will forget your concerns and seek me out so you can relieve your horny desires. Each time you have sex with me your love for me will grow and your love for Marilyn will diminish. When your baby is born Ethyl is responsible for its clothes, you have no say in what it wears.” Dorothy asked, “Who is Ethyl?” Marguerite continued, “The woman in the single room is Ethyl Fuckslut and she is our business partner. From now on, you will consider me as your wife and lover. Every time you eat me out, you will believe you are lapping the nectar of the gods and every time you eat Marilyn’s pussy, you are lapping smelly rotten piss. You are now Dorothy again and incapable of dressing in Male clothing. You will love this new you even more than you did before, and you have changed into my lesbian lover. You will forget marrying Marilyn; she is just our business partner. You will remember marrying me. Now wake up and continue our lovemaking.

Dorothy was slow to wake, but when she did, she continued making love to Marguerite. After a mammoth session, they both settled down and went to sleep.

Marguerite woke first, walked into the single room and found that Marilyn had removed the manacles and the mask and was being sick in the washbasin. Marguerite waited until Marilyn was finished being sick and then used the strobe to entrance her by firing it into Marilyn’s eyes. When Marilyn was entranced, Marguerite said, “Marilyn, I am Mrs. Marilyn Whitbread and you are called, Ethel Fuckslut. You have fancied Daniel, from a distance for years and you would love to have him fuck you. Whenever you see me, and him, having sex, you will become horny. Every time you see us kissing and cuddling, your sexual desires will grow but you are not, permitted to talk about them with anyone. You are also not, permitted to masturbate and from now on, you cannot orgasm, ever. Now put your uniform on and go downstairs. Wake up when you are in the kitchen and making our breakfast.”

Marilyn did as instructed returned down stairs and moved into the kitchen. When she had removed the manacles, she awoke and started making breakfast for Marguerite and Dorothy. She felt her reality settle into that which Marguerite had defined.

Marguerite went back to bed with Dorothy until Dorothy stirred and they then washed and went down stairs holding hands like young lovers. Ethyl had their breakfast ready and they sat in the dining room to eat it. After breakfast, Marguerite told Ethyl to have something to eat and then clean up. We are going to open the shop.” The strobe was in Marguerite’s handbag and Dorothy was linking arms as they walked to the shop. As they opened the shop, an old woman in latex entered and used the production strobe on both of them. George asked, “To whom am I addressing.” Marguerite, in a tranced tone, replied, “I am Marilyn Whitbread, this is Dorothy Whitbread and we are married.”

George asked, “Where is that other woman?” Marguerite replied, “Ethyl Fuckslut, is at home cleaning the kitchen.” George continued, “You will both forget seeing me yesterday or today and you Marilyn will ensure that you are seen as Marilyn by all interested parties. You should reprogram the bank manager, the vicar and anyone else that would become concerned. Dorothy you are a girl, with a prick, but like your tongue, it can only we used on Marilyn here. You love her with all your heart and you have no time to think of any other woman. Marilyn however, “You will continue to receive less satisfaction form Dorothy while she is a boy. You need to make her a girl proper.”

George told them both, to wake up when he slammed the door, on the way out and forget everything about him. As George walked out of the shop, something changed in Marguerite’s mind the lack of satisfaction from Dorothy was a step too far. Marguerite told Dorothy to mind the store and followed George back to her Mother’s house. She saw George entrance Ethyl and decided to act.

When George took Ethyl back into the house, Marguerite assumed she did not lock the door. She slowly and quietly opened the door and head what George was saying. Gorge was instructing Ethyl that this was her only name, she could answer or give out no other, she would only be able to write that name and develop a signature to match. George was standing in the dining room doorway looking into the room. Marguerite thought if I get him before he wakes Ethyl that will be better. She picked up a potted plant from the hall table and brought it down on George’s head. George slipped to the floor covered in broken pot, soil and broken lilies. Marguerite retrieved the production strobe and placed it in her pocket. She then retrieved the robes from the stairs and tied George up

As George stirred, Marguerite enslaved him with the strobe and said, “Your name is Georgina and that is the only name you can use. You will only answer to Georgina and you will develop a signature to match. You are a very old woman, and you have dementia in the final stages of regression. If you want me to relieve your suffering, you must use the strobe on me, and removed the restrictions you placed on my satisfaction from having sex with Dorothy and my need to be evil. You must also tell Ethyl to listen to my voice. Georgina took the strobe and entranced Marguerite; she lifted the restrictions form Marguerite and removed the need for her to be evil. She then instructed Ethyl that she would listen to Marguerite as if it were she. She then woke Marguerite up and asked, “Please ease my suffering.” Marguerite took the strobe, tranced him again and said, “You will forget all about mind control devices or their use, you no longer have dementia, but you have all the diseases of old age, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, brittle bones, forgetfulness. You will wake up when you walk to the end of the street, forgetting Cindy, Dorothy, Ethyl or me, and you will never find your way back here. Now go. After Georgina had departed, Marguerite instructed Ethyl to have a password that would remove all of George’s evil programming and return her to Marilyn. The password was “Go and find Daniel, honey.”Marguerite instructed Ethyl to clean up the mess, before walking back to the shop. The strobe was in the pocket of her coat and as she entered the shop she sow Dorothy serving two women. Marguerite stood, watching Dorothy and thought, “She is my favorite person, and I love her, and in this reality she only loves me so, I will keep her tike this for a month or two.”