The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Freeloader

part 4

by the Worm

* * *

Monica smiled to herself as she ate her breakfast the next morning. Everything was going exactly as she’s hoped. In just a matter of days, Cathy would be on her knees before her, begging to serve her Mistress’s body. She casually played with a video tape while she sipped her coffee, considering her next move.

‘Hmmmm.... She’s already showing some of the traits I designed the third tape to produce. Do I even NEED it, or should I just skip ahead to tape four?” She took a mouthful of her Raisin Bran, chewing it thoughtfully. “No, I should probably play it safe. Use the third tape. If she’s going to accept the fourth one, she’ll need all the help she can....’

The thought trailed off as Cathy walked into the kitchen. Monica’s eyes were drawn to the gorgeous naked blonde, her hair still damp from the shower. She saw Monica sitting at the table, smiled coily, and held her hands behind her back, leaning forward slightly, thrusting her chest out invitingly.

“Morning, Monica,” she said in a sultry whisper. “Sleep well?”

“Uhhhh.... Yeah, I slept fine. How about you?” Monica tore her eyes away and quickly glanced at her watch. It was quarter to eight, about three hours before Cathy usually woke. “You’re up early. Any special reason?”

“No, I just felt like I had too much energy to stay in bed today,” Cathy answered, smiling blissfully. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I had the most wonderful dream last night....”

Monica smiled, and cocked an eyebrow. “Really? What did you dream about?”

The nude blonde leaned back against the counter, eyes closed, slowly caressing her hips, thighs, and stomach as she blissfully replied, “I dreamed that I was your maid, and you ordered me to bathe you.”

Monica nearly gagged on a raisin when she heard this. Luckily, Monica was too lost in her memory to notice. She quickly collected herself, swallowed, and with a wicked grin, said, “Sounds very interesting. So what did you and I do in this dream?”

“Mmmmmmm.... You were lying in the bathtub, and I was kneeling next to it wearing this really sexy maid’s uniform. You had me scrub your back, then your shoulders, your arms...” Her hands slowly glided up and down her own arms, mirroring the actions she was describing. They slowly slid to her chest, and she moaned softly. Her voice changed to a soft, sultry whisper. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Then I lathered up your firm breasts, massaging them until your nipples began to harden against my palms. I rolled your nipples slowly with my thumbs. You moaned with pleasure, and told me to keep going. I slowly slid my hand down your stomach, all the way down to your....” She stopped, her own fingertips barely grazing her dark pubic hair, and she stared at Monica with a mildly puzzled look. “Why am I telling you this?”

Monica was briefly mesmerized by the sexy blonde before her. Shaking it off, she resumed eating her cereal, and replied, “I don’t know. Why do you think you told me?”

Cathy looked directly into her eyes and flatly said, “It’s the tapes, isn’t it? Those tapes are making me do it. They’re making me do everything, aren’t they?”

Monica dropped her spoon into her bowl in surprise, splashing milk and cereal on the table. Cathy quickly grabbed a paper towel and happily scampered to the table. As she wiped it up, her eyes were drawn to the black tape case in front of her. Her face quickly lit up with delight, and she briefly shivered with pleasure. “Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh, is that the next one?”

Stunned for a moment at the blonde’s show of delight, Monica stammered, “Uhhhh.... Yes, yes it is.” Cathy nearly bubbled over with delight at the news.

“Mmmmmmmmm.... I can’t wait to see what this one makes me do!” she said as she picked it up. She then looked at Monica and added with a sly grin, “It’s not gonna make me bark like a dog or anything, is it?”

They both laughed at Cathy’s lame joke. With a thin smile, Monica asked, “So you’re not mad at me about the tapes?”

With a warm smile, Cathy replied, “Don’t worry, I’m not mad. It’ll probably be for my benefit, in the end. I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. I trust you. I l.... I lo....” She paused, took a deep breath, then added, “I just really trust you, is all.”

Monica was both shocked and delighted. Not only at what Cathy said, but what she didn’t say. ‘Those suggestions must’ve taken hold even better than I’d hoped,’ she thought. Smiling, she said, “Thanks. That’s nice to hear. And don’t worry, hypnosis won’t make you do anything completely against your nature, so you won’t be barking like a dog.” She looked at Cathy slyly and added with a chuckle, “Unless, of course, you WANT to bark like a dog.”

Cathy laughed, and started to walk out of the kitchen with the tape, but Monica stopped her. She said, “Before you watch the tape, what do you say we finish breakfast first?” The blonde agreed with a smile, fixed herself a bowl of cereal, and sat down. The two chatted about nothing in particular, Monica in a vain attempt to avoid staring at the gorgeous nude body seated before her, Cathy trying to take her mind off of whatever was concealed on the tape.

* * *

After Monica left for work, Cathy still had to give the apartment a quick once-over, to make sure it was impeccably clean. It already was by most people’s standards, after the thorough cleaning she gave the place the day before, but she still needed to vacuum the rug, wash the dishes, wipe the cupboards and table, straighten up the shower and bathroom, and mop the kitchen floor. All in all, it took her a little over an hour.

Finally able to relax, she settled down to watch the tape. She smiled dreamily as the wonderful images appeared onscreen, and Monica’s soothing voice flowed melodically through the speakers. She happily allowed herself to drift into a deep, relaxing trance, eagerly ready to accept anything Monica said....

* * *

“Cathy, I want you to close your eyes and think back. Remember your second year in college, when you and I were roommates.”

In her mind, Cathy was twenty again, back in her dorm room. She could see the slightly creased Bon Jovi poster hanging on the back of the door. She could smell the musty aroma that always seemed to linger, no matter how often Monica cleaned. She could even practically taste the “mystery meat” the caffeteria always served Thursday nights.

“I want you to recall that first night you and I made love.”

She remembered it clearly, everything from the flavour of the cheap beer they were drinking that night, to the slight buzz the alcohol was starting to give her. She remembered Monica’s laughter as they talked about their past boyfriends, trading stories about penis length and eager masculine tongues. She remembered how this discussion turned them both on immensely, and the beer weakened her inhibitions, so when Monica scoffed when she said that her vibrator gave her a better orgasm than her last ex, she felt she had to prove it. She remembered watching Monica slowly rubbing her own crotch, her eyes glued to Cathy as she slid the long plastic tube in and out. She remembered feeling Monica’s hand glide slowly up and down her thighs. She remembered the moment of shock when she felt Monica’s lips brush against her own. She recalled the feeling of the brunette’s soft hair in her hands as she pulled her back down for a more eager kiss. She remembered the tentative, then passionate fluttering of Monica’s tongue over her eager, tingling clit. She remembered the bittersweet taste of Monica’s juices on her tounge as she eagerly returned the favour. She remembered the way they spent the rest of the night exploring every inch of each other’s bodies, every last detail of their five-hour lovemaking session erupting from her memory within the span of a few seconds.

“You remember that night fondly.”

“...mmmmmm... remember....”

“It was the best sex you’d ever had.”

“...yes... best ever....”

“I was the best lover you’d ever had.”

“...yes... best lover....”

“You think of making love to me often.”

“... think of... making love... often....”

“I turn you on immensely.”

“... turn me on....”

“Thinking of me arouses you.”

“... mmmmmmmmmmmmm... thinking of you... arouses....”

“You want to make love to me.”

“... want to... make love....”

Monica reinforced these suggestions several times before asking Cathy to open her eyes and watch the screen. In her right mind, Cathy would’ve been shocked to see Monica on the screen, completely naked, her nipples hard and eager, offering her breasts for the camera.

“You think my breasts are beautiful, don’t you?”

“... yes... beautiful....”

“You want to touch them.”

“... touch them....”

“You want to caress them.”

“... caress....”

“You want to lick my hard nipples.”

“... lick your nipples....”

“You’d do anything to play with my breasts, wouldn’t you?”

“... yes... anything....”

Monica turned around and bent over. She reached back to caress her ass.

“You think my ass is beautiful, don’t you?”

“... yes... beautiful ass....”

“You want to caress it.”

“... caress it....”

“You want to plant kisses all over it.”

“... kisses... all over....”

“You’d do anything to play with my ass, wouldn’t you?

“... yes... anything....”

Monica straightened up and turned around. She sat down and spread her legs, pushing a few buttons on a remote. The camera zoomed in between Monica’s legs, focused tightly on her glistening vagina. Cathy moaned slightly at the sight.

“You think my cunt is beautiful, don’t you?”

“... mmmmmm... beautiful....”

“You want to finger my cunt.”

“... finger your cunt....”

“You want to lick it.”

“... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... lick it....”

“You want to worship it.”

“... worship it....”

“You’d do anything to taste my pussy, wouldn’t you?”

“... mmmmmmmmmmmmm... anything....”

* * *

When the tape finally stopped, Cathy was on the verge of a massive orgasm. Her mind was flooded with thoughts of Monica. Memories of those wonderful nights in college when they made love until dawn. Images of Monica’s beautiful breasts, her firm ass, her wonderful, glistening pussy....

She drove two fingers in and out of her own dripping gash, sending herself over the edge. She came hard, her hips arched high off of the couch, her hot juices covering her hand and thighs, her voice echoing off of the walls, screaming Monica’s name.

She was overwhelmed by her lust, quickly bringing herself to another crashing orgasm. After finally settling down enough to catch her breath, she noticed that the tape had stopped rewinding. Almost robotically, she pushed the “play” button on the remote. She quickly fell back into a deep trance, staring dreamily at the wonderful, wonderful pattern....

* * *

Monica finally dragged herself home around 9 that night. She had only planned to stay an extra hour to finish off a paper she was writing, but her thoughts kept drifting back to Cathy, and she couldn’t help but masturbate. Vikki walked into the office to the sight of her Mistress lost in her lust, fingering herself eagerly. Monica looked up, saw her, smiled, and ordered her to kneel between her legs, which Vikki did eagerly. The aroused professor spent the next several hours using her slave’s body in every way she could think of, only stopping when they heard the cleaning crew arrive.

As she crossed the threshhold of her apartment, Monica idly wondered how Cathy took to the new suggestions. She had her answer the minute she opened the door. She barely had the chance to set her briefcase down before Cathy jumped her, rubbing her naked body against her, kissing her passionately. After the surprise wore off, Monica eagerly returned Cathy’s passion, her hands slowly roaming up and down the blonde’s back, their tongues intertwining. They both moaned into each other’s mouth as their passion mounted.

Suddenly, Cathy stiffened, and pushed Monica away. Her lower lip trembling, she whispered, “I’m sorry... I... I can’t... I... I just can’t!” She scampered nervously to her bedroom door, stopped, and turned back to Monica. Giving her a doe-eyed, pleading look, she closed the door and locked it.

Monica started to argue with her, but quickly thought better of it. After all, she knew that it was all her fault. Obviously, Cathy knew that she was being brainwashed into becoming her love slave, and was scared, probably even angry, and she had every right to be. After all, Monica was manipulating Cathy’s mind to suit her own ends. What could be more offensive than that? That night, Monica tossed and turned in her bed for hours before finally falling asleep, her tears slowly drying on the pillow.

* * *

Monica didn’t hear her bedroom door open just after 3 am that night. She didn’t notice Cathy slowly enter, walking toward the bed, reaching out with a trembling arm. She didn’t see that arm pull away and fall back to Cathy’s side. She didn’t notice the naked blonde nervously back out of the room, wishing that she had the nerve to do what she so despreately wanted to.

Monica also didn’t see Cathy look into her briefcase, and pull out a video tape. A tape with the number “4” written on the label....