The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Freeloader

by The Worm

Chapter 6

Cathy woke up naked and horny, the same way she had all week. Her hand drifted to her warm crotch, her fingertips gently rubbing her eager clit. She slowly stroked her wet pussy, careful not to move suddenly and wake her sleeping companion. She bit her lip to stifle the moans as she quickly came. It was hardly the strongest orgasm she’d had these last few days, or even the past several hours, but it was enough to satisfy her desires for at least the next few minutes.

She rolled over and stared at Monica’s sleeping form silhouetted in the moonlight. Her breasts rose and fell softly as she slept, and it took every last ounce of Cathy’s remaining will to keep her from reaching across the bed and caressing her lover’s nude body. She reluctantly rose from the bed, pausing briefly to let her eyes adjust to the dim lighting in the room. Dawn was still hours away, but she knew that if she waited for daylight, she’d lose her nerve.

She knew what she had to do, and she wanted to do it with a clear head.

* * *

Monica woke up happy and contented. Memories of passion from the night before still remained, and she warmly embraced them. It truly was the best night of lovemaking she’s had since college. She could practically still feel her lover’s warm body in her arms, could still smell her fragrant skin, could still taste her wetness. She let these memories linger for a moment, before reluctantly allowing herself to fully waken.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm.... That was wonderful,’ she herself. ‘Exactly what I needed. Who needs all the leather and chains? Sure, it’s fun once in a while, but nothing truly beats a good roll in the hay. God, I hope Cathy still feels the same way after her conditioning wears off. Without that final tape to permanently etch everything into her mind, they’ll start to fade after about a month, and there’s no way in hell I’d feel good about showing it to her now.’

That’s when she noticed she was alone in the room.

She reached over to the other side of the bed, as if hoping that Cathy was still there, somehow rendered invisible in the daylight. Her hand fell upon a neatly folded piece of paper. She read the note, and her heart sank.


Since college, I went from one man to another, but I was never happy, and I couldn’t figure out why. About two months before I came to live with you, the man I was seeing talked me into having a threesome with a woman we picked up in a bar. She was only the second woman I’d ever been with, and it was wonderful. It was the most passionate, most satisfying sex I’d had in years, and every inch of her body reminded me of you.

I must’ve been suppressing these feelings for years, but that night brought them out into the open. After weeks of soul-searching, I realized that I’ve never had a successful relationship with a man because I’m a lesbian.

Wow. That’s the first time I’ve ever admitted it. I mean, I’ve been sure about it for a while now, but I’ve never actually said it until now. God, it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Anyway, after I realized I was gay, my thoughts kept drifting back to you. Our time together back in college was the closest I’d ever had to a real relationship with a woman, and it was more satisfying than anything I’d ever had with a man. That’s the main reason I came here to stay with you. I told myself that it was so you could give me advice, to help me accept who I am, but when I first saw you again, all those old feelings came flooding back, and I realized the truth. I’m in love with you. I probably always have been, and deep down, underneath everything these damn tapes are doing to me, I probably always will be.

I was really nervous about telling you at first. Partly because I wasn’t ready to come out of the closet, but mostly I was afraid of rejection. I didn’t know if you were seeing anyone, or if you felt the same way, or even if you were gay, too. Then, when I found your leather outfits and your toy collection, I kinda panicked. I couldn’t bring myself to leave, though, because I still felt so strongly for you. I started watching your videos, hoping to develop an interest in them, in order to make you happy. But even after weeks of watching those movies, I was still afraid to tell you how I felt.

I know these new tapes are somehow brainwashing me, turning me into your love slave. I’m not upset. In fact, I’m almost glad. I know I’d probably never get over my fears of starting a relationship with you otherwise, and I definitely wouldn’t have given in to my desire for you last night if that fear was still in the way. Last night was the best sex I’d ever had in my life, without a shadow of a doubt, and if I need to be your mindless sex doll in order to feel that pleasure again, then so be it. If it costs me my free will to be with the woman I love with all my heart and soul, that it’s a price I will gladly pay.

With love,

Tears flowed freely as Monica read the note. ‘Oh, Cathy,’ she thought, ‘you really don’t need to go through with it. All you had to do was come to me with your feelings, and I would’ve taken you with open arms. I’d do anything for you, because, damn it, I love you, too!’ She stood up like a shot. ‘Maybe there’s still time. If she hasn’t watched that last tape yet....’

She threw on a robe and left her bedroom. As soon as she entered the living room, she saw her open briefcase on the coffee table. Fighting the panic, she looked through the case. Sure enough, the new tape was missing. The final tape, the one that would permanently turn Cathy into her mindless love slave.

She went quickly to Cathy’s bedroom door, barely noticing that the package she purchased at the lingerie shop the night before was missing, too. She tried the door, but it was locked. She knocked, but there was no answer. She listened through the door, and could hear herself giving her roommate her instructions, and Cathy softly responding.

“You are my love slave.”

“I am your love slave.”

“You will always obey me.”

“I will always obey you.”

“You love to obey me.”

“I love to obey you.”

“You need to obey me.”

“I need to obey you.”

“Obeying me arouses you.”

“Obeying you arouses me.”

“You love to serve me.”

“I love to serve you.”

“You need to serve me.”

“I need to serve you.”

“Your purpose in life is to serve me.”

“My purpose in life is to serve you.”

“You are my personal slut.”

“I am your persona slut.”

“My presence arouses you.”

“Your presence arouses me.”

“You will always be ready and willing to have sex with me.”

“I will always be ready and willing to have sex with you.”

“You will always be eager to please me.”

“I will always be eager to please you.”

“Pleasing me makes your pussy wet.”

“Pleasing you makes my pussy wet.”

“You want to please my pussy.”

“I want to please your pussy.”

“You want to touch my pussy.”

“I want to touch your pussy.”

“You want to lick my pussy.”

“I want to lick your pussy.”

“Pleasing my pussy pleases you.”

“Pleasing your pussy pleases me.”

“You want me to please your pussy.”

“I want you to please my pussy.”

“I make your pussy wet.”

“You make my pussy wet.”

“You love me.”

“I love you.”

“You serve me.”

“I serve you.”

“You will fuck me.”

“I will fuck you.”

“You will obey me.”

“I will obey you.”

“Love me. Serve me. Fuck me. Obey me.”

“Love you. Serve you. Fuck you. Obey you.”

“Love. Serve. Fuck. Obey.”

“Love. Serve. Fuck. Obey.”


“Love. Serve. Fuck. Obey.”

“Rub your clit as you repeat it.”

“Love. Serve. Fuck. Obey.... Mmmmmmmmm..... Love. Serve. Fuck. Obey. Ooohhhhh.... Love. Serve. Fuck. Obey.”

“Very good. Now keep repeating it as you finger yourself.”

“Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey.... Uuhhhhh..... Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey.... Oooooohhhhhhhmmmm..... Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey....”

“That’s it. Let those four words burn themselves into your brain.”

“Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey.... Oohhhhhhhh.... Love.... Serve.... Fuck... Obey.... Mmmmmmm..... Love.... Serve... Fuck.... Obey....”

“They will become your mantra.”

“Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey.... Uuuhhhhhmmmmm.... Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey.... Ooohhhhhh.... Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey....”

“Your purpose in life.”

“Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey.... Oohhhhh.... Love.... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey.... Mmmmmmm.... Love... Serve.... Fuck.... Obey....”

“Your reason for being.”

“Uuuhhhmmmm.... Llloovvee.... Oooohhh... Sasaserrrve.... Uuuuuhhhhh.... Fafafuck.... Oohhhhhhhhh.... Oohhhbey....”

“Very good. Now cum for your mistress.”

“Uuhhhhhhhhh! Ooooooohhhhh! Laaa-laa-llllaahhHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHhhve! SassassseHERRRRRRRrrve!!! FafafafafFFAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHKKK!!! Ohhhhhhh... Ohhhhh... OhhhHHHHHBBAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!”

Monica sat, heartbroken, on the floor, her back against Cathy’s door, softly sobbing as her roommate screamed her new mantra through her orgasms. “What have I done?” she moaned. “Dear God, what have I done?” She allowed her sorrow and guilt to overwhelm her for a few moments, then choked it down. She willed herself to her feet, and forced herself to move. In about an hour, the woman she loved would be begging to serve her, and she needed to be ready for her.

* * *

She stood before Cathy’s door in her best leather halter and thong, waiting for her new slave to emerge. Her six-inch stiletto heels were beginning to hurt her feet, but in her heart she felt she deserved the pain, and more besides.

The door slowly opened, and Monica instantly stuck her chest out, hands on hips, presenting her breasts to the one who would worship them about little else. Cathy emerged, looked upon her mistress with love and devotion, and immediately fell to her knees. “I am yours to command, Mistress,” she said, softly and reverently.

Monica looked over her slave with sorrow and desire. The customized maid’s uniform, little more than lingerie, fit perfectly. The black silk halter, just barely sheer enough to display the outline of her areola, fit her body snugly. It enhanced her ample cleavage, barely covered her erect and eager nipples. The pleated skirt, made of the same material as the top, with white lace trim and apron, barely hid her warm, eager pussy, which itself was barely contained by the tiniest of black satin thongs. The sheer silk stockings defined her long, lean legs, and the white silk wrist-length gloves and peaked cap completed the outfit wonderfully.

She looked down at Cathy and said, “Good girl, my little slut.” Cathy shuddered with pleasure at the word. Her mistress continued, “But you have been very naughty, haven’t you?”

Cathy bowed her head. “I’m sorry, Mistress. I’ve been naughty. Please punish me.”

“Do you remember what you did that was so bad?”

“No, Mistress. But you say I’ve been naughty, so I must’ve been. Mistress is always right. Please punish me.”

Sternly, Monica replied, “You took the tape without permission. And the uniform you’re wearing was meant to be a surprise gift for later.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I thought you would be pleased to see me like this. Please punish me.”

“You do look very lovely dressed that way, my little slut. But I still didn’t give you permission, did I, bitch?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I’ve been bad. Please punish me.”

Monica’s pussy moistened despite herself. She cradled her slave’s chin in her hand as she replied, “You do deserve to be punished, slut. But that can wait. For now, lick your mistress’s cunt.”

“Whatever you command, Mistress,” the slave said. “I live to please you.” Carol quickly pulled down Monica’s thong and slid her tongue in and out of her mistress’s slippery pussy. As she watched the mindless sex slave that was once the love of her life grind her face into her crotch, a single tear rolled down Monica’s cheek. She quickly wiped it away and did her best to relax and enjoy the sensations between her legs. After all this was exactly what she wanted.

Wasn’t it?