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Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex

Chapter 2

It’s 10 years later and Catherine and Carl have been fucking on a weekly basis for almost 8 years now. Catherine just doesn’t realize it.

* * *

Catherine sat on the bed, well actually reclined in the middle of the bed. She was naked and stroking a shaved cucumber in and out of her pussy. She’d done this now for 3 months and she enjoyed each session. Not only was she having fun, but she was totally alone in the house. Carl was on a business trip and wouldn’t be back for another 3 days. In the course of 3 days she’d already worn out 6 cucumbers fucking herself with them. It was getting harder and harder to find anything big enough to use on herself, but she kept looking. She’d even gone to the next town and visited the local Farmer’s Market hoping to find something that would satisfy her, but with little luck. She’d just have to make do with what she could find locally.

She didn’t hear Jessie enter the house.

Jessie had tried for two days to get his nerve up to where he was now.

He’d witnessed Miss Catherine and her evening ritual for almost a week now. He knew Mr. Carl was away on a business trip and had decided that if he was to try this it would have to be tonight.

He entered through the back door, being as quiet as he could. After all he didn’t want to scare Miss Catherine and thus make her do something, like call the police on him.

He’d watched, and listened, often enough to know what he had to do to get Miss Catherine to do what he wanted done, and tonight he was determined to get her to not only give him blow job but to also allow him to fuck her. He knew from watching that she was using the cucumbers on herself andhe also knew that his black cock was much larger then any vegetable she’d be able to use on herself.

Sneaking down the hallway he stopped at her bedroom door and listened. The door was not closed, since she never gave it a thought that someone might enter her house without her knowing it, and he glanced into the room, spying her on the bed and using the cucumber on herself. He watched as she

dipped it into her hole and then began to fuck herself with it. He listened as she make noises of contentment with each stroke.

His cock was already straining in his pants, aching to be released.

He could see that her eyes were closed, so he quickly removed his shoes and entered the bedroom on stockinged feet, careful not to make any unwanted noise.

As he approached the bed he got on his hands and knees and continued to move to the side of the bed. Once he was there he poked his head above the mattress and said one word....


Catherine instantly stopped with her thrusting and slumped down onto the bed, her hands dropping onto her body.

Jessie knew from experience that the woman was now in a trance and would be receptive to his commands.

“Miss Catherine, can you hear me?” he asked.

“Yes, Jessie. I hear you.”

“Damn,” he thought. “How did she know it was me?” he wondered.

Then he realized that she’d probably just recognized his voice. No harm, and no foul. Yet!

Now it was time to get down to what he wanted.

“Miss Catherine, I want you to suck my cock and swallow my cum, like you do for Mr. Carl.”


Catherine sat up on the bed and turned around so she sat on the edge of the mattress. Jessie was standing there, waiting for her. She undid the belt holding up his pants, undid his zipper and let them fall to the floor.

In anticipation of this Jessie had not worn his boxers today.

What Catherine saw in front of her immediately made her forget all about the cucumber she’d been using just moments ago. For a man of Jessie’s age (he was now 53, 12 years older then Catherine and Carl) he kept his body in excellent shape. With all the work he did around the house and grounds, it

wasn’t hard to keep his body in shape all the time. In fact he liked to keep trim and fit.

Sticking out from Jessie’s crotch was a cock like she’d never seen before. Of course she only had the vision of what her husband’s cock looked like, and even then she only remembered it when she was in a trance, like she was now.

Carl’s cock was about 10 inches long and quite thick, with an abundance of foreskin covering his cock head.

Jessie’s cock looked to be about an inch or two longer and much larger around as well. It even had an amount of foreskin attached that made Carl’s look short in comparison.

Reaching out she grabbed the skin and pulled it out from the black rod she held in her other hand, admiring it’s length. Once she had it stretched as far as she could she guessed it was easily as long as the cock was.

“Amazing!” she thought.

With her other hand she pulled the loose skin back onto his cock and watched as the slightly darkish head of his cock appeared. It was almost pointed, with his piss hole situated at the top of the glans, much like her husbands. The only difference was the color. The cock in her hand was just a black as the man

himself. The difference between her white hand and his black cock startled her, as well as amazed her at the same time.

The texture of Jessie’s cock was also different from Carl’s. Jessie’s skin had a velvety feel to it. It actually felt like she was holding something other then a cock in her hand. If she hadn’t been looking at it she’d have sworn it was just a wooden rod with velvet cloth draped over it.

As she slowly began to pump up and down on the cock a drop of clear liquid appeared at his piss hole and she remembered Carl telling her it was pre cum, a lubrication he shot before he actually ejaculated. She touched it with the end of her tongue and realized it tasted much like the fluid she’d suck from Carl’s cock before she’s suck him off.

Slowly she took the cock head into her mouth, using her tongue to slather around it, feeling its texture and sponginess. Using her tongue further, she slipped it between his foreskin and his cock head, tasting the juices accumulated there. Much like Carl’s it had a tanginess about it, but it excited her just the same.

Already her juices were beginning to collect between her legs and she knew from experience that they’d soon be flowing and spilling from between her legs and onto the sheets beneath her. With her other hand she played with her clitoris as she sucked off Jessie, enjoying the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth and her own fingers in her pussy.

Jessie stood there and watched as his black cock disappeared into Catherine’s hot mouth. It’d be a while since he’d been sucked off and it still felt as good now as it had then. The only difference was that the last time it had been a man with his cock in his mouth, sucking him until he shot his load into the man’s


Catherine took as much of the cock into her mouth as she could. She’d only recently learned to take all of her husband without choking and gagging. Jessie though, was much longer and she’d have to work a little longer to be able to get all of him into her mouth and throat, but she knew she could eventually do

it. In face, she knew she’d end up doing it.

As she sucked she also jerked Jessie’s cock, allowing the foreskin to cover and retreat from his cock head, feeling the skin as it slid up and down the hard rod. She enjoyed the feeling of the excess skin as it slid down the back of her tongue and into her throat, and she didn’t gag on it, either. Once she’d gotten

it all down her throat she’d enjoy the feeling as it reversed when she pumped the cock and retreated back to uncover the head once again.

To Jessie it felt like a dream. None of the men who’d ever sucked him off had done what Catherine was now doing to him and the feeling just increased the feeling, making him feel sure that he wouldn’t be able to keep from shooting his load into her mouth.

Once, when Catherine had felt he was about to shoot his load, she remembered something Carl had taught her. She slid her hand down the length of his rod and squeezed the middle of his organ between her thumb and her first two fingers. That would stop his ejaculation and lengthen the time she could

still suck on him.

She continued to suck and jack, suck and jack, until she was certain he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer, then she pulled as much of him into her mouth as she could at that time and used her tongue to jab into his piss hole at the same time. Once she’d done that she pulled out and bit down on his

foreskin, then immediately sucked him back into her mouth. After doing that twice it was only a matter of time before she shot his load. In fact, the next time she sucked him in she could feel the first eruption hit the back of her throat and she swallowed as fast as she could. She didn’t want to miss a single

drop of his semen. With each shot she would pull him back slightly and then take him in once again, greeted each time with another shot. Finally, after about five minutes, the shooting was reduced to a trickle and she pulled her mouth off the cock and used her tongue to gather up the remaining traces of

his juices.

Catherine looked up at Jessie and smiled.

“How was that, Jessie?” she asked him.

“You did fine for your first black cock, Miss Catherine.” There was a big smile on his face as well.

“Now, are you ready to see how this feels between those legs of yours?” he asked her.

Turning around and positioning herself in the center of the mattress, she replied, “Ready and waiting!”

No further encouragement was needed as Jessie got up on the bed and quickly positioned himself between her spread legs. Her pussy was open and dripping her juices, begging to be fucked by that big black, uncut cock. Jessie was determined not to let her down.

He grabbed his cock and positioned it at the entrance of her vagina. With his other hand he pulled her lips even wider, creating a larger opening for his cock to enter. Then he touched his cock to her clitoris and began to rub it up and down, with his piss hole catching her clit on every stroke, stimulating her even

further. After watching her with her cucumbers he knew she’d be ready for him, so he decided not to wait any longer and pushed his cock into her until his pubic hairs were touching the bald flesh of her vaginal lips.

Catherine groaned in appreciation to the penetration. With her pussy already stretched by the cucumbers Jessie’s cock slid easily into her. His girth and length quickly filled her up and the feel of his velvety cock inside her excited her even more, causing more of her juices to be produced, making his penetration even easier.

Once he settled in, and was sure she would be able to handle his size, he began to stroke in and out, causing her to groan even louder.

“Feels soooooo gooooood,” she moaned.

She also clutched his cock even harder with her pussy muscles, gripping him tighter and causing even more friction with her body.

Jessie knew it wouldn’t be as long as her oral stimulation before he shot another load deep into her, but he wanted it to last longer so by the time he’d been fucking her for about five minutes, he pulled out of her.


“Oh, I will. First thought I’m going to use my mouth on you for a while.”

That thought excited her very much. She loved it when Carl sucked her pussy and she was sure she’d love it when Jessie did it.

Once he’d pulled out, Catherine grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them back until her knees were touching the point of her rock-hard nipples.

Before Jessie dived into her pussy though, he pushed her legs aside and use his mouth on those nipples.

He’s always been amazed at those hard nipples and her almost flat chest since that first moment he’d witnessed Catherine and Carl that night almost 15 years ago. Now he was finally getting his chance to suck those nipples and he was enjoying it, too.

Catherine loved to have her nipples handled and sucked on. Carl would spend what seemed like hours sucking and biting her nipples, until she’d finally have to tell him to quit. The next day she’d be glad that she didn’t have to wear a bra, because her nipples would be constantly hard, and sore, at the same time.

It would take about a week for them to lose their tenderness and be ready for the next assault on them.

Not that she complained about it.

Jessie loved the feel of those nipples against his tongue. He was surprised at just how hard they actually got to be. He’d never sucked on nipples this hard in his life. It was almost like sucking on a rock, but that didn’t stop him. He’d suck on one then the other, using his teeth as he’d seen Carl do, and he

continued working on them until he heard Catherine tell him she couldn’t take any more.

Only then did he begin to work down her body, traveling to her open pussy, which was just waiting and begging for his oral attention.

First he concentrated on her outer lips, licking up the remaining juices and enjoying the smoothness of her naked pussy. While he preferred a little hair around the lips, he certainly enjoyed the feeling of no hair as well. He dipped his tongue into her hole and gathered the constantly running juices, swallowing

and savoring them like a fine wine. Her juices had a sweetness to them, not the usual tartness he had occasionally encountered on other women he’d eaten in the past. He licked and sucked. Sucked and licked. And continued that until she begged him to once again stick his cock into her and fill her with

his load. By this time he was only too willing to do as she asked. So she straddled her legs once again and pushed all the way into her with one stroke. She was so wet from her juices and his that it hardly felt like he was in her at all. After five more minutes he finally shot another load, this time into her

pussy instead of her mouth, and he held himself in her until he was sure he was finished.

Once he withdrew he once again went down on her with his mouth, this time cleaning up the load he’d shot into her and he didn’t stop this time, not even when she begged him to. He loved the taste of his own sperm and wanted to make sure he got every drop inside her. When he’d finally finished he pulled

his mouth off her hole and sat up on the mattress, between the still spread legs of Catherine. He moved around until his legs dangled off the side of the bed, his feet resting on the floor. He turned to Catherine and noticed she’d already had her fingers between her legs and was busy stroking her clitoris.

“Damn!” he thought. “There’s no satisfying this one.”

Once Catherine had brought herself to one final climax she withdrew her fingers, bringing them up to her mouth, and licking off her own juices. She looked at Jessie and smiled again.

“Thank you,” she told him.

“Buttermilk,” was all he said.

Catherine immediately went limp and once again entered a trance.

“When you wake up you won’t remember any of this. You’ll feel quite satisfied and relaxed. If you want to pleasure yourself you’re free to do so, but you won’t remember that I was in your bed, or that you sucked my cock, or that I ate you out and fucked your wonderful pussy. OK?”

“Yes,” was the only reply.

“When you hear your alarm clock you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go.” And, while he spoke, he set the alarm clock for the following morning, got dressed, collected his shoes in the hallway, and went to the building at the back of the grounds where he lived.

All in all, he was quite pleased with himself.

Now, his only thought was how was he going to get Carl in a position where he could suck that wonderful white cock and have his cock sucked as well. He’d do a little research himself and see what he could come up with.

To Be Continued……….