The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Further Adventures of Louis and Elle

Chapter Four.


Contrary to popular belief, a man who has embraced his submissive nature is intensely attractive to many women. First, confident dominant women sense an opportunity; second, women who do not yet understand dominance are intrigued without fully knowing why; and, finally, some women can’t resist a clash of wills with you. Once you have broken your man to harness, guard against horse thieves. Avoid these battles if possible; but if it is not possible, win them.

—Elle Murphy, Ph.D.

Being married had been good for Louis. In many ways he had blossomed. At social events, for example, he was much more relaxed than he had been when Elle captured—sorry, met—him. “More confident” wasn’t exactly the term; “more self-possessed” was closer but still not exactly right. “More comfortable in his own skin” was closest. He was still kind of dorky, but even across a crowded room you would have spotted him as a man who was enjoying life and didn’t really need anything special from anyone to make his life better.

She’d seen the effect that air of good feeling could have on some women; it was like catnip.

So Elle tended to keep an eye on her hypno-husband at social events. She wasn’t worried about him; he adored her and anyway, she had set up enough post-hypnotic suggestions that he would not—could not—under any circumstances fall into another woman’s trap (or arms) without sending distress signals to Elle first.

But still, best practices require keeping an eye on a submissive, even one who adored her and told her so every morning. That meant, among other things, avoiding embarrassing scenes with would-be poachers. It alerted her to the potential competition. And it was useful information about latent domme tendencies in the female population of the tri-county area where they lived.

So Elle’s attention was grabbed when she heard Louis laughing from across the room. He had a great sense of humor, but he wasn’t usually a laugh-out-loud type; a shy smile was usually the chief way he showed amusement.

Something was up; she was sure of it, especially when he saw that he was laughing at something said by a young woman, who was gazing up at him with a slight look of surprise.

Pretty little thing, Elle thought. The girl was about 5′4″, with shoulder-length blonde hair and a figure people would once have called “pneumatic”—not quite plump, but curvy. Her blue blouse was cut low enough to show the top of her nice, freckled breasts and her green skirt was high enough to show off her nice, solid freckled legs.

As for the shoes . . . .

Elle noticed. She doubted Louis had.

She caught Louis’s eye from across the room, and held up her empty wine glass. The result was instant. With a polite word to the little blonde, her husband headed across Juliet’s living room. “Same again?” he asked.

“What was so funny?”

He looked a bit puzzled. “Not sure, really. Justine was talking about the new Jungle Book movie and something just caught me off guard.”

“The Jungle Book?” Elle arched an eyebrow. “Any particular part of it?”

“It was Scarlett Johansson,” Louis said. “You know, the giant snake, what’s her name . . . .”


“Yes, that’s it.”

“So what did you say?”

He looked puzzled. “I told her how great you are. Not sure how that came up.”

“Really? Why wouldn’t it?”

“Well, of course—I just . . . “

Inwardly she was laughing at his confusion. He was following a suggestion: if he sensed a woman trying to flirt with him, he would at once begin describing Elle and how smart and pretty and nice and creative his girlfriend was and how the other woman had to meet her.

It was the reverse of catnip for most women.

“You know, Louis, I think I’d like to meet your new little friend.”


“The little blonde in the pink stilettos.”

He looked over his shoulders. He hadn’t even noticed her shoes. I really am good, Elle thought.

“I’ll meet you on the deck,” she said. “Bring her out there.”

He shambled off obediently. Elle ducked out onto the deck of Juliet’s house. It was a nice deck. It’s where she’d met Louis—nearly two years ago now. Hard to imagine. They’d been married for nearly a year now.

A great year. No pneumatic blonde was going to interfere with that. And the laughter was a tipoff. She had programmed Louis to break up laughing if he ever thought anyone but Elle was trying to use hypnotic tricks on him. It was an alarm bell, and it had just rung.

Elle tucked herself into the shadows in the corner of the deck. Louis escorted Blondie . . . no, wait, he’d said her name . . . Justine, that was it . . . onto the porch. Elle waited a moment, while the girl’s eyes adjusted to the twilight, then moved forward until she was standing over her. “Hello,” she said. “Justine?”

The blonde startled slightly, then her eyes widened. Elle was a good three inches taller that she was. The sleek domme loomed over her. No hint of menace; just pure physical dominance, pure mental superiority. “I’m Elle, Louis’s wife.” She took the wineglass from Louis, drained it, and handed it back to him. “Thanks, honey,” she said. “Get me and Justine another drink.”

Without a word, Louis took the glasses and turned to go.

“Oh, wait, darling,” she said. He turned back and she laid a lacquered fingernail across his chest. “I have something important . . . to tell Juliet. Find her if you can.”

He turned and was gone.

“Wait a minute—you’re Elle Murphy?” the blonde said.


“Oh my God! I’ve heard you on Juliet’s radio show, talking about hypnosis and empowerment! I thought it was very cool. You’re married to Louis? That’s even cooler!”

“I’m glad,” she said. “Tell me about you.”

“Not much to tell, I guess. I’m new to town. I work at the museum.”

“Welcome,” Elle said, and reached out a hand. Instinctively, Justine took it. Elle grasped her hand loosely and moved it out and up just a little—just enough to throw Justine off, distract her—and perhaps loosen her tongue a bit.

“So, Justine,” she said. “Louis tells me you like the new JUNGLE BOOK movie.”

“Um—“ Justine choked a bit on her words, then started again. “Yes, I guess. It’s pretty good.”

“You were talking about Kaa?”

“Kaa? Oh, yes, Scarlett. Yes, I thought she was very good.”

“Yes,” Elle said. She caught and held Justine’s eyes. “But the interesting thing about that scene is how different it was from the cartoon version. Do you remember that the cartoon Kaa?”

Justine’s eyes broke contact; She looked off to her right and up, as if the answer were in the trees above the deck. “Yes,” she said slowly. “With the song about ‘trust in me’?”

“Yes,” Elle said. “But the new Kaa doesn’t sing. She isn’t funny. She really wants to eat Mowgli. But she catches his attention—do you remember how?”

“Well . . . she uses that sexy voice.”

“Oh, yes,” Elle said. She pitched her own voice a bit lower, and softer. Justine moved ever-so-slightly closer. “But she doesn’t just hypnotize Mowgli—she tells him his own story, the story of his birth. She is the only one who knows who Mowgli really is. Do you remember that?”

Again, Justine looked off to the side, more involved in her memories than before. She nodded.

“All he has to do is trust her. Let his guard down. Open himself up to her, let her see inside him, just . . . trust . . . trust . . . do you remember?”

She moved Justine’s hand again, up and out ever so slightly. The blonde’s eyes were now focused on a distant inner landscape, open to Elle’s voice and thoughts.

“So, new to town? Welcome!” Elle quickly dropped Justine’s hand. “We have some empowerment groups and events, I’d love you to come. I do life-coaching too—could I welcome you with a free session?” she said. She leaned slightly forward and pitched her voice just a half-tone deeper. “You’d like that.”

That wasn’t a question.

Justine was looking at her, rapt. She nodded.

“Good! Would you prefer 2 or 3 p.m. Monday?”

“ … 3 . . . “

“Good.” She patted the smaller woman on the arm. “That’s done then. Let’s join the others.”

At that moment Juliet and Louis arrived. Juliet, as usual, was overflowing with good spirits. “Justine! Elle! I am glad you two found each other! Justine, be careful Elle doesn’t put you in a trance!”

“. . . What?”

“That’s totally how she got Louis, isn’t it, Elle?” Juliet said.

Louis was beaming. “She just talked to me for five minutes and . . . well . . . “

“He couldn’t get out of his chair, could you, Louis?”

Justine at once took a step back. Elle didn’t worry. It was too late for that to matter. Louis, meanwhile, was beaming with pride. She had long ago told him that if anyone teased him about being hypnotized so easily at their first meeting, he would assume they were jealous.

Usually they were. Her subjects had fun, and usually woke up feeling better and stronger than before. They tended to feel positive about her, as well, but that was probably just an offshoot of the trance.

“So, Louis, I think we’d better get home, don’t you?” Elle said.

“Yes, Elle.”

“Juliet, we’re on for lunch Thursday, right?”

“Yes,” said her friend. “And I’ve got you booked for the show twice next month, all right.”

“Any time.” Elle turned to Justine. “And I will see you . . . very soon, yes?”

Confusion played across the blonde’s face, but she nodded. Elle took her hand again and moved it in yet a different unexpected direction. “Three o’clock Monday.” She handed Justine a card. “Ring the office bell.”

Louis arrived back with Elle’s jacket, and held it while she put her arms into it. As they walked out, he asked, “What were you and Justine talking about?”

“Oh, that.” Elle waved her hands dismissively. “That wasn’t important. Forget all about it.”

He did. She made sure that for the rest of the evening he didn’t give the blonde a thought. And he went to sleep with a smile on his face.

* * *

When Elle answered the doorbell of her home office on Monday, she found Justine on the step, looking somewhat confused and ever-so-slightly smaller than she had at Juliet’s party.

“Hi! Welcome!” Elle said, beckoning Justine into the cozy dim office and pointing to one of the armchairs she reserved for clients—comfortable and just a tiny bit lower than her own “matching” chair.

Justine seemed ill at ease. “So,” she said carefully, “I really appreciate your inviting me here—but I’m not sure why I’m here exactly.”

Elle laughed gently. “I’m a life coach,” she said. “And a mentor. I work with a lot of young women, and I am part of the social network that includes people like Juliet. So it’s just a chance to get to know you.”

“Oh,” said Justine, seemingly relieved. “I thought maybe you’d signed me up for . . . therapy or something.”

Elle laughed again. “Therapy is part of what I do, but only for people who ask for it. You seem to me to be just fine as you are.”

Almost involuntarily, Justine sat up a bit taller in the seat. The older woman’s flattery clearly mattered to her. “So, what does a ‘life-coach’ do?”

“Well, actually, I may have gotten you here under false pretenses, dear. I’d be glad to work with you, but I am more interested in having you work with me.”

Justine’s eyes opened wider. She was intrigued, Elle could tell. “I’m planning to take my hypnosis operation to the next level, and I am looking for someone to help me. I thought you’d be perfect.”

There it was again—the sign of interest when hypnosis was mentioned. “Well, I already have—yes, I would be interested.”

“It would be part-time, at least at first. But tell me about you. You went to State? What was your major?”

“It’s funny actually,” Justine said. “I enrolled as a dance major, but after my freshman year I changed it to double major—psychology and dance.”

“Really? What an odd combination.”

“Well—that’s it. I saw a hypnosis show my freshman year and it got me interested in hypnosis.”

Elle looked forward and held her eye. “Now, that’s interesting! Tell me about this show.”

“It was really fun! The hypnotist had the subjects play like little children, then he had them dance . . .”

“What fun? Did you volunteer? Did you dance?”

“No,” she said sadly. “I was too shy to volunteer.”

“But you wish you had, didn’t you?”

She nodded. “They looked like they were having so much fun!”

“Tell me more—how did the hypnotist put them under?”

Her eyes moved up and to the right as she accessed the memory. “Well, he had them sit in a chair and then had them relax their breathing—“

Silently, Elle slowed her own, and she could see Justine unwittingly doing the same.”

“Then he had them close their eyes as they relaxed—“ Her own were clearly growing heavy.

“Did yours close?”

“Well, they wanted to.” She yawned.

“Go ahead and close them,” Elle said. “It will help you recover the memory.”

Justine’s eyes fluttered shut.

“At this point,” Elle said, “he probably told them that they were feeling deeply relaxed, that a wave of relaxation was passing down their bodies, relaxing their faces, their necks, their shoulders, their chests . . . “

Elle’s voice became rhythmic and soft, as gentle and unobtrusive as thought itself. Justine struggled to remain awake for a moment, and then collapsed like a puppet whose strings have been cut, her face slumped forward on her chest, her arms down at her sides, her legs askew, as if she were unaware of herself or the world.

“ . . . and just listen to my voice and remember that everything I tell you becomes the truth the moment I say it, do you understand?”

Justine nodded.

“Good girl,” Elle said. She really was a pretty little thing, Elle thought, and might make a very good minion and toy. She decided to see how far she could go with her.

“And then the hypnotist made them dance,” Elle said, “yes he did, they heard the music, you can hear it, and you are so relaxed you only want to dance, lose yourself in the music, that’s right, ON YOUR FEET NOW! DANCE!”

Well, she could see why this girl had been a dance major. She was out of her chair and her every movement was graceful and full of a subtle joy of movement, her hips swinging to an unseen melody, her arms moving gracefully, seductively at her sides, her face in an unmistakable smile of bliss . . .


Justine was a statue caught in mid-step. She hardly appeared to be breathing.

“Sit down and SLEEP!”

Once again she was a broken puppet. “Now, listen, Justine, I am going to tell you a few things that are true because I say them and you will believe them so deeply you never need to think of them again, do you understand?”


“Good girl. Now, you wanted to be Kaa, didn’t you?”


“And you are a very sexy python, I will teach you how to draw men to you and devour them, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. But Justine, you must understand one thing. You are not Kaa. I am Kaa. I am your alpha. You will never challenge your alpha. You will never even think of wanting anything your alpha has. You cannot even look at your alpha’s mate. When your alpha gives you an instruction you will obey at once, without hesitation, without thought, and you will forget that you are being commanded, everything your alpha tells you is what you want to do, you want to serve her and help her, do you understand? Good. Now, when I count to three your eyes will open and you will feel wide awake. And you will think you just closed your eyes for a second, you will not remember going into a trance for me. But when I look at you and say, ‘Sleep, Justine,’ your eyes will become heavy and at once you will return to this deep state of trance ready to obey my every command in deep hypnosis. Nod, dear. Yes, that’s good. Now, get ready. One, starting to come up, Two, almost there, THREE, wide awake!”

Justine’s eyes popped open.

“You were saying, dear?” Elle asked.

Justine looked confused. “I was? I’m sorry, my attention wandered for a moment. What were we talking about?”

“I was asking if you wanted to say hello to Louis as long as you’re here.”

You hussy, Elle thought, watching the broad smile that crossed Justine’s face. “Louis? Oh, yes, I’d love to say hi but I don’t want to interrupt his writing—“

“Well, I do it whenever I want,” Elle said. She pressed a button on the intercom on her desk. “Louis,” she said into the unit. “I need you. Come down at once.”

“Anyway,” she said to Justine, “I will need some help arranging some lectures and events as we build out the hypnosis and life-coaching business—ah, Louis, come on in.”

Louis walked in, looking faintly distracted, as if he had not fully. “Hi, Elle, what’s up?” His eye fell on Justine. “Oh, hi, Justine,” he said. “Nice to see you again.”

She wasn’t just smiling, Elle thought with a bit of irritation. She looked like she was about to start wagging her tail.

“Louis, look at me,” she said. “I have something very important to tell you. Louis, look at me—just at me—don’t look away—SLEEP!”

And just like that, her handsome hypno-husband’s eyes slammed shut, his head fell forward, and he was out on his feet in the middle of the office.

“What—what—you just—“

“Hypnotized him? Yes, dear, I did. And speaking of that, SLEEP, Justine!”

The younger woman slumped again in that broken puppet stance in her chair.

Elle turned to Louis and said, “You I’m touching on the shoulder now, you will just sleep and relax waiting for my commands but you will not hear or pay attention to anything I say until I touch you on the shoulder and call you by name, do you understand?”

Louis nodded. “Yes, Elle,” he said.

Then she walked over to where Justine was slumped in her chair. “You I’m touching on the shoulder now, you will sleep and relax and follow all my commands but you will not hear or pay attention to anything I say unless I call you by name, do you understand? Good, Justine, now listen. When you open your eyes you will notice that Louis has left the room. You may see Louis again later but he is gone from the room and you and I will have a nice talk, you will answer any question I ask you because we are alone together, do you understand? Good girl.”

She crossed to Louis and put her hand on his shoulder. “Listen carefully, Louis, when you open your eyes you will find that Justine has left the room, she has left the house, you will not see her again until I say, ‘Look, here’s Justine,’ until then Justine is simply gone, understand? Good boy.”

She touched both of them and said, “Now, open your eyes.”

Two pairs of eyes opened and looked around curiously. Both spoke at once. “Where’s Justine? “Where’s Louis?”

“Forget all about that,” Elle said. She let go of Justine’s shoulder and said, “Louis, please go at once to my bedroom closet and find the red pair of silk heels with the bows at the toe and bring them here at once, I need you to put them on my feet. Go now!”

Without a word he trotted away. She looked over at Justine, who was sitting comfortably in her chain with an air of being alone in the room. Good. This experiment was working well.

In a moment Louis was back with the shoes. They were spectacular 5″ open-toe silk slippers. She had persuaded Louis to buy them for her when he was last in New York, for a sum slightly smaller than a month’s mortgage payment. “Good boy,” she said, kicking off her patent pumps. “Louis, your job for now is to make sure I have my sexy shoes on my feet, you’re very proud that I will allow you to serve me by putting my shoes on my feet, you may go ahead now.”

She said on the desk and extended her legs. Louis carefully put the shoes on—working slowly, as if dealing with something fragile and precious. “Good,” she said, when he was done. “You may kiss each foot once and only once, and that will be incredibly sexy.”

He did.

“Good boy. Now go sit in your chair until I call you by name again.”

He did and stared into space.

“Now, Justine,” Elle purred, touching the girl on the shoulder. “You can see I have these red shoes on, can’t you? Of course you can. You think that’s wrong, you think I should wear my patent-leather shoes, don’t you? Of course you do. Please carefully remove these red shoes and put my pumps on, do it now.”

At once Justine grabbed the pumps and knelt before Elle, carefully removing one shoe and then the other, stroking the older woman’s foot as she slid it into one of her office shoes.

“Good girl,” Elle said. “Now go sit over there until I call you.”

Justine went back to her seat and stared at the wall.

“Louis Wentworth!” Elle said with a bit of impatience. “I thought I told you to take off these work shoes and put on my red party shoes! What’s wrong with you? Come now, get to work!”

With an expression of great concern, Louis got out of his chair and knelt. Frowning with confusion, he removed the pumps and gently eased Elle’s feet into the red shoes. Then he looked at her so hungrily that she said, “Of course you may, but only one kiss each!” He made the most of each kiss, drawing it out slowly. “That’s so sexy, Louis, isn’t it? Go back to your chair. . . . Justine, what is the meaning of this? I still have these red shoes on! Get to work.”

She could do this all day, she thought. They went through the drill several more times. And as they did, all three players found themselves more and more aroused.

But after a time, she told Justine to wake up, walk to the Rapid Mart, and buy her a ginger ale. The young woman marched off without a backward look. Then Elle turned to Louis.

He stared into her eyes, transfixed.

“Louis, who am I?”

“You are my mistress,” he hypnotized man responded.

“It’s sexy to say that, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Elle.”

“Say it again.”.

“You are my—mistress!”

“Good. Now get up and go to your office. Press the ‘transmit’ button on the intercom. Come on, off you go!”

He left at something close to a run. In a minute she heard his voice, oddly muffled by the intercom.


“Good, Louis,” she said. “Now kneel next to the desk.” She waiting. “Are you kneeling?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Listen carefully. I am your Mistress and my will is stronger than yours. My will has captured your will. When you are with me all you want is to know what I want you to do so you can do it. It is so sensual to know that your will is completely in my hands, that I can make you do whatever you want, that you are my puppet. Isn’t it?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Unzip your pants and stroke yourself, Louis.”

After a pause she heard “—Mistress.”




“AAAAAAAAAH Mistress!” he said.

“Sleep, slave,” she said. “When I count three, you will wake up, clean yourself off, and go to your office to write for a solid hour. Then you will prepare dinner. Remember, Justine has not been here today. You have not seen Justine since last weekend. And Justine will never be here again unless I tell you she is. Justine is gone. There is no Justine. Now, wake!”

The intercom clicked off.

Justine arrived and gave Elle the ginger ale. She took it without a word. “Sit,” she said, pointing at her chair. Justine sat. “Sleep.” She collapsed.

Elle drank and pondered her next move.

“Justine, remembering the hypnosis show. Was there an erotic component to that?”

“No,” the younger woman said, eyes closed. “I heard about erotic hypnosis later, after I became a psychology major.”

“And did you see it or experience it?”


“Did you imagine it? Was it sexy to think about it?”


“Can you imagine it now? Can you imagine in your mind that you are feeling so blank, so relaxed, ready to follow any suggestion?”

Her breath quickened slightly and her eyes fluttered behind her eyelids. “Yes,” she whispered.

“And you hear my voice telling you to just let go and let yourself feel pleasure. Feel how relaxed and comfortable your whole body is and the feeling of pleasure is growing stronger now and it becomes even stronger between your legs, pleasure is spreading out to your stomach, now your breasts, you feel it on your nipples, and you try not to touch your breasts but your hands are going up, one hand is touching your breast and you can’t stop the other it goes between your legs and the pleasure grows stronger . . . stronger . . .”

The young woman’s head was thrown back, her right hand exploring her right breast, her left between her legs. Her eyes were fluttering helplessly, her face was flushed, her breathing quicker.

“Stronger! Stronger, Justine! You can’t stop!”

“Oh, God!” Justine was whispering. “Oh, God!”

“Justine, when I count to three you will have the most powerful orgasm of your life! One . . . Two . . .THREE! COME NOW!”

Justine’s back arched and she screamed “OH MY GOD!” She thrashed and arched her back and then fell back like a rag doll.

Elle walked over to the exhausted young girl and placed a finger in the middle of her forehead. “Relax, Justine,” she whispered. “You can go deeper, you can go as deep as you need to to feel this pleasure again, you want to feel this pleasure again, and you can remember it and know that when you follow my suggestions you will feel this pleasure, you know that obeying me gives you pleasure. Nod.”

Justine nodded.

“Good girl. And whenever I look at you and snap my fingers and say, ‘Come now, Justine,’ you will feel this pleasure again, stronger each time. Nod.”

Justine nodded.

“Good girl. And now you will straighten your clothes, go ahead.” The young woman sat up in her chair and began adjusting her blouse and underwear. “Now all my suggestions are sinking deep into your unconscious mind, no need to worry about thinking, your unconscious mind will follow without hesitation, and when I count to three your eyes will open and you will feel wide awake. And you will remember only that you and I have had a nice talk and you are excited to be my part-time assistant helping me with my hypnosis projects. Ready? One . . . Two . . . Three!”

Her eyes opened and she looked around. “Um, sorry, my mind drifted a minute. I’m really excited we’ll be working together!”

“Yes, me too, Justine,” Elle said. She caught the blonde’s eye. “Justine—“ she snapped her fingers—“COME NOW!”



Justine was a rag doll gain.

“In a moment your eyes will open again, remembering nothing, feeling wonderful. One . . . two . . . three!”

“Should I call you tomorrow?” Justine said.

“Yes, dear, as soon as you get off work, call me to follow my instructions.”

“Great!” Justine looked down at herself and frowned as she tugged her blouse closed again.


The young girl ended up on the floor this time. “Sleep,” Elle said. “You see now how good it feels to obey and follow my suggestions. From now on, whenever you think of obeying me you will feel this blissful sexy feeling without knowing why. You will enjoy it and it will make you want to obey and serve me more and more. Now sleep for three minutes. Then you will wake, adjust your clothing and comb your hair, and go home, remembering only what a wonderful talk you had with your alpha and how you want only to obey and help me. SLEEP!”

Justine began snoring gently. Elle went to her desk and dug out her notes for her latest blog post. She began trying to re-create her train of thought. She heard Justine say, “Goodbye, Elle!”

“That’s Ms. Murphy,” she said without looking up.

“Yes, Ms. Murphy.” The door closed behind her.

Elle tried to concentrate but still felt oddly distracted. Justine was clearly going to be a useful tool. And toy. She would do anything Elle told her. And she couldn’t even see Louis unless Elle chose to allow it.

And she didn’t choose to, for now.

Justine was a pretty little thing, too. Elle noticed with a blush that she was gently touching her right nipple. What was that all about? Louis was the only one for her.

Then a thought stirred. Louis, it said, was the only MAN for her.

I can work with that, she thought.