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The Game

“What’s that?”Bethany asked as she leapt onto the couch.

“It’s a new gaming system” Rick said as he continued haunched over, connecting cables

“It looks expensive” Bethany said as she watched her brother (‘the dork’ as she often called him) at work.

“Yeah” he said as he found the last cable. “This is odd?”


“I’ve just never seen a cable connection like this before”

“You’re such a nerd!” Bethany laughed

He gave her a stern look.

Bethany was nineteen, a year older than him. She was very much different to him. Although she was now in college she was not bookish like he was. She was in Community College, really… and even there she was struggling. She was blonde, blue-eyed with two amazing assets; her breasts.

Rick was tall, thin, awkward. He had the same blonde hair as him, but on him it didn’t seem to suit, the hair wanting to always go its own way.

Rick delved into the cardboard box and pulled our a controller. It was really odd. He looked it over, there were two recesses on each end, and he couldn’t work out what these were for. He said so.

“Why don’t you read the instructions?” she chirped as she adjusted her T-shirt. Her T-shirt was severely stretched by her assets.

“Ah, here they are” he said. He read them. “That’s weird”

“What is?” she asked.

“Well, I guess your thumbs go in here…” he said. The holes were for his thumbs… so it seemed. He pushed them in, nothing happened.

“What’s that mean…?” Bethany asked…

He looked and she pointed to the screen.

“Ah” he said, “I think this only works with two players”


“So you’re going to have to play too…”

“I’m not playing your stupid computer game”

“Oh, go on Beth” he pleaded, “I just need to see what it does”

“Oh… okay” she said as she took out a gaming console.

“No!” he said, “Stick your thumbs in the holes”

“Like this…?”


The game flickered to life on the tv screen

Suddenly they both jumped as they felt a pain.

“What’s that?” Bethany said “I…. I can’t take my thumbs out…”

“Me neither…”

“What’s happening?”

“I… I don’t know!”


Bethany found herself standing up. Her brother stood opposite of her. Both stared at each other blankly.

They were naked.

They were in a room somewhere; or so it seemed.

Bethany watched her brother’s penis as it grew hard. She felt a sudden overwhelming need. She stepped forward. He did too. They embraced and kissed.

A voice in the back of her head told her that this was wrong, but she felt such a strange burning in her thighs that she knew she needed his cock.

Bethany’s breasts pressed against her brother’s chest. He drew a hand around and felt her soft ass cheeks.

“Mmmm” she purred against his lips.

Instinctively they both turned their heads. A bed, a big four poster stood there. The only piece of furniture. Bethany smiled and, being the more experienced, lead him to the bed. She lay down.

“You’re so beautiful” he said. She smiled, she liked to be complimented.

“Come” she said, drawing him onto her.


“It’s alright” she whispered “I’ll show you what to do…”

In their embrace they rolled over together and she was now on top of him. She was wet. She moved her hips back, and felt him prodding her. She lifted herself up a little, and taking hold of him guided herself back onto him.

“Oh….” he gasped as her vaginal lips opened up around his cock-head.

“You’re so big” she gasped as she eased herself down onto him.

Her wetness helped.

Her pussy swallowed him, till she was pressing against his thighs. She leaned forward so her clit rubbed against him.

“Oh, fuck yesssss” she gasped…. already her first orgasm ripping over her.

She rose and sank on him, keeping eye contact with him. She smiled as she watched the joy in his face. She loved it; the feeling of desire.

And, even though she had her brother inside her at this point in time it didn’t seem to matter.

She took his hands and put them on her breasts; urging him to use them.

He obliged his thumbs rubbing against her very hard nipples. He kneaded her spongy soft flesh.

“Oh, my” she gasped again. She stiffened and then relaxed as another orgasm rippled over her.

This was… the best fuck she had ever had… and there was more.

She rode him faster, and then surprising her he rolled her over, still inside her. He was on top of her.

“Yes, baby” she acquiesced as he took control of her. He grabbed her by the leg, under her knee and lifted it up, widening her. He drove in harder and harder.

“Yes, baby” she repeated “Fuck me!”

It was now she peaked a third time, watching her brother grimace, his sweat falling onto her face.

She knew he was peaking and she urged him to release into her.

“Oh… fuck!” he spat as his cock shuddered and erupted hot cream into his sister’s snatch.

“Yeah, ohh-ohh-ohhh!” she cried, holding him, scratching him as she hit the biggest orgasm she’d ever experienced.

“It doesn’t seem to work” Rick said as he looked at the monitor.

“Maybe you should take it back…” Bethany said

“That’s the thing”


“It arrived on our doorstep”

“Did dad order it?”

“That’s what I thought” Rick said. “Hey!” he suddenly said, looking at the clock on the wall


“It’s now 3pm” Rick felt that he had lost twenty minutes. Bethany didn’t notice it.

“You’re such a dork” she laughed as she pulled her thumbs out of the console and put it on the couch next to her.

“I don’t know what to do…” he said, trying to work out how to fix it.

“Maybe wait till dad comes home” she said

“I can fix it…” he said hurt

“He’s a bigger dork than you are!’

“Hey, leave your brother alone” Sarah said as she came in the door with a bag of groceries.

Bethany leaped off the couch and went over to the door to help her mom. Sarah was not as tall as her daughter, and a little plump. She had larger breasts than Bethany, something that the daughter was always a little envious of the mother over.

“Aren’t you gonna help?” Bethany called… but Rick was too busy

“Let your brother alone” Sarah gently scolded.

“He’s so dumb!”

“He’ll make a great… whatever…” Sarah smiled as they unpacked the bag in the kitchen. Sarah enjoyed having her daughter back from college. They were the best of friends.

“Leave the rest” Sarah said as she started to put things away in cupboards.

“Okay, mom” Bethany said, pecking her mom on the cheek. She went up the stairs to her bedroom.

“What do you want for lunch?” Sarah called out. Silence.

“I said…” Sarah came into the lounge room…. “What did you want for lunch?”

“Sorry, mom” he said, “I don’t mind at all”

“What is that thing?”

“A new gaming system” he said

“It looks expensive”

“I think dad ordered it”

“Trust him!” she laughed.

“Only I can’t get it to work”

“You?” she snorted “The expert?”

“I thought I’d got something…” he stopped, “Look, mom. Can you help?”


“Yeah, sure” he said handing her a console “Take this and put your thumbs in these holes”

The game flickered to life on the tv screen

Suddenly they both jumped as they felt a pain sur

“What’s that?” Sarah said “I…. I can’t take my thumbs out…”

“Me neither…”

“WHat’s happening?”

“I… I don’t know!”


Sarah stood there naked beside her son. A bench seat stood in front of them.

Sarah stepped forward. She knelt on the bench, resting her breasts on the back of the couch.

Rick stepped forward, behind his mom.

“Fuck me” Sarah purred, looking back at him, “Fuck me in the ass”

Rick spat on his mom’s ass. He waited as the spittle rolled down her ass-crack and over her anus.

His cock was rock hard. He pressed it against her star.

“I…I don’t want to hurt you mom”

“Don’t worry, baby” she said, and instead she pushed back onto him She winced a little, she’d only ever done this once.

She pushed back further, her anus enveloping his cock, sucking him in like a stinky hairy mouth.

“Oh, yessss…” Sarah squirmed as she pushed all the way in.

“Oh, mom” he gasped in response “Your ass is sooo tight”

It felt constrictive, squeezing his cock, but it felt good too.

He began to ride her, humping his mom’s backside.

“Oh… yes… yes… yes!” she gasped in time with each thrust.

She slid her right hand under herself and fingered her cunt as her son fucked her in the rear. This double penetration of cock and fingers sent her over the edge. She almost howled out as a deep orgasmic ecstasy slammed into her.

Her son was up in her rectum when her orgasm made her contract; squeezing him It was too much. He erupted into her rear.

He fell onto her as his cock spewed forth its white stickiness into her.

“Hey” Bethany said, “I called out to you and you didn’t answer”

“Huh?” Sarah said as she let the console fall to the ground.

“I asked you if you wanted help with dinner”

“I…” Sarah said, “Yes, honey… that would be great”

“What the fuck?” Rick said

“Language!” Sarah scolded as she and Bethany went into the kitchen.

Rick stood for a moment looking at the clock. Somehow he’d lost another half an hour.

He decided to put the console to one side.

Brett was early. Home by 5pm. Brett was the head of research at a major technology company in the valley. Just a week earlier he had laid off over thirty staff, including shutting down two major research projects. But despite the animosity at work—he was now highly despised, he was having an affair with Ruby, his daughter’s best friend. More accurately; he was ending an affair with the eighteen year old. Ruby’s father Saul had been sacked at well, from the company. Brett did this because of Saul’s relationship to Ruby. No other reason. It had come as a complete surprise to Saul who hadn’t even expected to be facing any cuts at all.

As Brett sat down to dinner with his family he could pretend to live a normal life as a caring husband and doting father. “Business is business” he would say but his children never knew how cold and callous he could be in the corporate world.

But as they shared their meal, a family united they could at least live in that dream.

Brett’s phone rang. He looked at it and saw it was Ruby. He dismissed it. He looked at his wife and smiled. She smiled too. She loved him.

The phone rang again. “Perhaps it’s work?” Sarah assumed.

“Ah, yes” he said rising from the table, “I better get this…”

Brett went out to the lounge room and answered.

“Brett, honey” Ruby cried, “Please, don’t hang up”

“I told you not to call me again”

“Please…” Ruby begged, “I won’t have the baby… if you don’t want it”

“That’s nothing to do with me” Brett said angrily

“Nothing to do with you?” Ruby cried, “You’re the only man I’ve ever had”

“I don’t want you calling me!” Brett said and turned the phone off.

Stepping back towards the dining room Brett almost stumbled over the game’s cardboard box

“For fuck’s sake1’ he spat

“Rick, get in here!”

Rick jumped up from the table and went into the lounge room “What is it dad?”

“What the hell is this?”

“It’s a new gaming console”

“I can see that…” Brett said angrily as Bethany and Sarah joined them “But why the fuck would you get a new gaming set?”

“I…” Rick began

“We thought you bought it, daddy” Bethany said as she went over to the gaming console.

Something spoke into her mind.

“Can we play it together?”

“What?” Brett said

“Yes, honey” Sarah said

“There’s four consoles!” Rick chirped in.

“Please, daddy” Bethany said



“Oh, go on” Sarah said as Rick handed her a console.

Bethany handed one towards her dad….”Please….” she begged.

“Oh, alright…” he said

“You put your thumbs in…”

“I can see!” Brett said…

“What’s that?” Brett said “I…. I can’t take my thumbs out…”

Brett and Rick stood naked facing a large four poster bed. Bethany and Sarah stood on the other side, naked, facing the same bed.

Rick suddenly stepped forward towards it. Sarah did so from the other side. Sarah knelt on the bed and the lay back. Rick climbed up onto his mother. He was rock hard.

Bethany and Brett now did the same. Brett mounted his daughter. “Oh, daddy” she gasped as he penetrated her.

“Fuck me baby” Sarah said to her son. She then turned and looked at her daughter. Bethany turned to her mom and they kissed, each sighing as cock met pussy.

“Daddy’s so big” Bethany sighed

“I know, honey” Sarah grinned and brushed the hair off her daughter’s brow… “You can take it”

“I’ll try, mommy” Bethany gasped, she adjusted the position of her hips to meet her dad’s thrusts.

“Fuck you’re tight!” Brett gasped as he rode his daughter

“How’s your mom, son?” he asked as he watched Rick riding Sarah

“She’s so hot, dad” Rick gasped. Sarah so so happy at the mutual stares of lust.

Brett pulled out of his daughter. He spat on his cock-end and moved up behind his son. Rick trembled as he felt his dad’s penis push against him. It started to hurt, but he thrust back against his dad and his mom moved up against him from the other side.

Bethany got up on her knees and then straddled Sarah’s face. Sarah drew her daughter down onto her mouth. She lapped at her daughter’s vagina.

“Fuck you’re tight” Brett gasped as he rode his son’s ass-hole.

For Rick it was too much, he shot his load into his mom’s hot cunny. She herself came too. But she continued to eat her daughter’s pussy.

Rick’s cock fell out of his mom’s pussy and then Bethany bent forward to kiss her mom there, and she lapped at her own mom, but now tasting her brother’s semen oozing from Sarah’s open snatch.

Brett held his son tight and then came in his asshole. It was delightful.

As he did, Sarah began her second orgasm and Bethany her third.

Rick felt the semen oozing from his asshole and he got some off his finger to taste it.

Bethany moved forward to taste her dad’s cock, cleaning it. She could taste her brother’s ass-hole on it.

Rick offered his own ass to his mom who fetched him. Sarah drove her tongue deep into her son’s anus.

Saul smiled. He moved slowly around the family of four. Each of them caught in the game unaware of his presence with them in the real world. ‘Fuck up my life, my family’s life!” he snarled. He stood there gloating.

He went to the gaming console and made some on-the-spot adjustments.

“Welcome to the real world” he said and then parted.

Rick looked up at the clock. Another chunk of his day had just seemed to have passed without him noticing. He went into the kitchen where Bethany was drying up. “What just happened?” he asked

“Ah…?” Bethany said unsure about the question. Then as she stood there thinking it occurred to her that she did not know how it was she had got to the kitchen sink.

“I…” she stopped again, puzzled.

Rick scratched his head and went back to the lounge room. He decided to unplug the console. He took it upstairs. He drew down the ceiling ladder to the attic. It was as dusty as he last remembered it.

Coming back down to the top floor he heard a strange sound.

He stopped by Bethany’s bedroom and looked in. He was taken by surprise. “Oh, daddy!” Bethany cried as she sat bouncing up and down Brett’s cock. Rick watched, unable to take his eyes off his sister’s gorgeous frame. Something told him this was wrong.

“Coming to bed, baby?” Sarah said as she brushed past her son. She turned and smiled wickedly at him as she threw off her robe. She climbed onto the bed, straddling Brett’s face, and facing her daughter sat down on an eager tongue. She kissed her daughter as Brett ate her.

Rick took off his pants. He was rock hard. He went over to his sister and watched for a moment again as she rode up and down on their dad’s dick. He pushed her forward, exposing her ass. He guided his cock to her star and pushed in.

Bethany screamed with delight at the double penetration; two dicks in two holes. “Fuck her!” Sarah encouraged her son. “Fuck her good!”

The front door was wide open; Saul had made sure. He had left the cell phone in the house, on automatic dial—9-1-1

The police came to the house in response. Moving into the house, through the house calling out, guns drawn.

It was officer Susan Boyle who found the family fucking in the bedroom. She put her gun away.

Rick saw her but he was compelled to keep fucking, this time his cock was deep in his dad’s ass-hole doing to his dad what had happened to him. Sarah and Bethany were in ’69’ next to them. Sarah looked up too, seeing the cop standing there dumb-founded. She ignored her and returned to eating cum-drenched pussy

Saul drove away only after his scanner picked up the call made. The media were soon on scene.

Even as Brett was handcuffed he tried pushing his cock into his wife’s hungry mouth…

Rick had to be pried away from his sister as he was found still fingering her.

“Let me fuck him!” Bethany cried as she was lead to a separate police unit. She was put in it with her mom only for moments later for a police officer finding them kissing each other…

The End

Oh, several days later Saul was asked to return to the company, this time as head of development.