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Giant Green Tits

Summary: Professor Isabella Stack is excited by the effects of Georgia’s gamma ray experiments.

Tags: fd, ff, mf, md

Georgia opened the door and there was her boss, Isabella Stack, wearing a bulky winter coat in the balmy spring evening. The coat was a horrible shade of green. Professor Stack almost disappeared inside of it. Georgia blinked.

“Hi, Georgia!” Stack said brightly. “Something came up at the lab; could you let me in and we could chat?”

Professor Stack was a senior researcher at Stryon Industries. Georgia had exchanged pleasantries with her before, but they weren’t on exactly friendly terms. She couldn’t think of a reason why the woman would be at her house at 7 on a Wednesday.

“Uh,” Georgia said, not very articulately. “We were just going to eat…”

“Yes, yes, won’t be a minute!” Stack said, and then she was breezing past, right into the living room. Georgia followed, because what else was she going to do? She was glad she’d sort of straightened the day before, she guessed. Some of Steve’s superhero comics were scattered on the table, which was a little embarrassing. But so it went.

Professor Stack sat down and did not even glance at the table or the comics. She didn’t take off her coat. She looked directly at Georgia, in a disconcerting and evaluative manner, like she was an interesting specimen. Or like she was an interesting grant proposal, she guessed. Stack hadn’t done much in the way of science for a while. That was up to the grunts. Like Georgia.

I guess I should grunt now, she thought, with some amusement. Her mouth twitched, but she kept her expression professional. It was weird suppressing her slightly absurd sense of humor at home the way she did at the very no-nonsense lab.

“So…” she said, and stopped, because there didn’t seem to be anywhere else in particular to go. She vaguely heard Steve puttering in the kitchen with the pork roast.

“Yes!” Professor Stack said. “I have some great news! Your research is a resounding success! Tissue regeneration via gamma treatments turn out to be a truly promising therapy approach! Plus some other exciting side effects!”

Georgia should have been thrilled at this news. She was thrilled at the news; she’d been working on therapeutic applications of gamma radiation for years, and while there had been promising signs, it sounded like there’d been a huge breakthrough.

Stack’s affect was…weird though. She seemed less happy than…predatory?

“That’s…awesome?” Georgia said.

“Yes! Too bad about the explosion. And for you somewhat too bad about the tits.”

Georgia blinked. “The what…holy shit!”

Stack had stood up and set aside her coat. She was not wearing anything under it. Except for her tits. Which were incomprehensibly huge. 38DDD…more? Also very green. They also appeared to be defying gravity, standing straight out, the nipples hard and such a dark green they were almost black. Or maybe so black they were almost dark green? The exact shade was hard to detect. She stepped closer to try to see more clearly. God, close they were even bigger. And luscious. Somewhere in the distance her brain was trying to tell her something. Or something further down was trying to tell her something? She felt very…

“Oh, the look on your face,” Professor Stack said from somewhere near those enormous green tits. “So vacant and hot.”

“Hot,” Georgia said, vacantly.

“Yes. I always liked you, dear. So studious and focused and buttoned down and wholesome, with those curves underneath. Did you ever think about me finger-fucking you in the lab dear? Trying to concentrate on your work while I rammed you from behind? Be honest now.”

“No,” said Georgia honestly. “Not a lesbian.” She paused. “Also you’re my boss.” Paused again. “Also don’t really like you.”

“Oh, well, that’s okay. You like my tits, right?” She stroked the nipple lightly. Georgia’s breath caught.

“Yes. Tits. So big. So…green.”

“Exactly! So, if you love my tits, you love me. You trust me. You want to please me. You know that you need to please me to stare at my lovely tits again. You’ll do anything to stare at my lovely green tits again. You’ll believe anything I say and feel whatever I tell you to feel so you can stare at my lovely tits again. Right?”

Georgia shivered.

“I’m going to ruin you,” Professor Stack continued cheerfully. I’m going to turn you into my own personal debased whore. I’m going to fuck with your husband too. You’re going to offer me your daughter. You’re going to soak your soul in cum and offer it to my giant green tits. Doesn’t that sound great?! Tell me it sounds great, but be dirty about it.”

“It sounds great to be your debased fucktoy tit-slave,” Georgia said. And it did.

* * *

They’d had the roast, and now they were sitting around the dinner table drinking wine, her, Steve, Isabella, and Isabella’s tits which were stupendous even in the loose sweatshirt she was wearing. Georgia kept glancing at them and remembering that she wasn’t supposed to. The wanting to look and looking and not looking was making her a little dizzy. Either that or the alcohol. Georgia wasn’t usually much of a drinker but getting tipsy had sounded really good for some reason when Isabella suggested it.

“So!” Isabella said. “Tell us about why you married Georgia, Steve?

Steve’s eyes crinkled up in the way Georgia loved; he smiled sweetly. “She was smart, thoughtful…she makes me laugh. I don’t know. She’s my sweetie. He leaned over to kiss her cheek, making her snort in an unladylike manner and giggle. “What’s not to love?”

“Aww,” Isabella said. “That’s sweet. But.” She shook her head sadly. “I think we all know it’s not true.”

Georgia felt a tiny stab of loss in her stomach, beneath the wine and thinking about how much she liked Isabella and Isabella’s breasts. Steve’s voice came from some distance away. He sounded uncertain.

“Not true? I’d think I’d know why I married my wife?”

Isa was shaking her head. The breasts swayed. Georgia was sure Steve was staring at them, but she was staring at them too hard to turn her head to look.

“No. It wasn’t because she was smart or funny. It’s because she’s an insatiable little whore and you like putting her in her place. On your dick.”

Steve shook his head. “Isabella, I don’t think that’s right.”

“Oh it is. You know it is. You trust me, right? You want to see my tits?” She turned to Georgia. “Tell him you’re an insatiable little whore and you get off when he uses you.”

Georgia was trying to remember something vital. Oh right, she needed to drink to please Isa. She took a big gulp. Some of it slid down her chin and onto her blouse in which were her boobies. “I’m an insatiable little whore who gets off when I’m used,” she said.

“I do like using her,” Steve said hesitantly.

“Great!” Isa said. “Tell her she’s a fucking whore and then smack her ass hard. Georgia, bend over the table so he can swat you.”

Georgia shook her head to try to clear it. “I don’t…we don’t do that. Even in private,” she said. She felt herself standing. She was a little unsteady.

“Georgia,” Isa said. “You trust me, don’t you? You want to do what I say so you can get what you need, right?”

“Yes,” Georgia said. “I do trust you, Isa.” She shimmied her slacks down her hips. Steve was behind her. She was looking into Isa’s eyes. The other woman was flushed. Her breasts lifted and fell.

“Then you know that you need to be disciplined,” Isa said.

“You fucking whore!” Steve said, and slapped her hard, on the right cheek. She gasped. And jerked forward. Her wineglass tipped over. The puddle spread towards her. It looked wet, like her whore cunt.

“Okay!” Isa said. “I know you loved that Steve and you want to do it again and again, but let’s all sit down again. If you can, Georgia.”

She could, though it hurt. There was a dull pain. Steve was breathing hard.

“Now,” Isa clasped her hands in front of her. “Georgia, tell me how you and Steve met, would you?”

“We were…high school sweethearts?” Georgia said. “We were both into science; we did a science fair project together.” Her mouth quirked. “We tested for lead at various sites around the city. I think they didn’t give us the prize because they didn’t want to publicize how much abatement was needed. I told Steve we had won a moral victory and that we should never do that again. That’s when he kissed me for the first time.”

Isa nodded. “That’s a really cute story. But it doesn’t sound very likely does it?”

“Not…very likely?” Georgia said. “That we did lead testing?”

Isa shook her head. “No, you silly bitch. Not very likely that you met in such a sweet, adorable way. Not when you’re an insatiable fucktoy and Steve lives to humiliate you, right?”

“But…it’s…that’s what happened?”

“It isn’t. You’re misremembering because you’re a dumb bitch.”

Steve cleared his throat. “I…that’s how I remember it too.”

“She’s tricked you, Steve. She’s a wily little whore. Okay? The fact that you remember it that way just means she’s lying and you need to punish her.”

“Punish her…”

“Mmm hmm. You love to punish her. Now Georgia, do you want to know how you two met?”

Georgia felt lost. How did she meet her husband? Who was she? She was almost in tears. “I need…someone to tell me? How did we meet? Isa….”

“Oh, that’s delicious. I love that wide, scared innocent look. Okay, I’ll tell you. You met in a strip club.”

“I don’t…I don’t remember stripping.”

“Well, you weren’t. You weren’t stripping. You go to strip clubs because you’re an insatiable cock whore, and you just love to watch the women grinding on men’s dicks till the cocks get big and fat and hard, just like you like them. Steve was there getting a dance from some big-titted slut, and you could see how hot and heavy it was. And you just couldn’t control yourself, you went over while that big-titted slut was pushing into his crotch, and you begged him to let you finish him. He took you out into the alley and fucked your brains out against the wall.”

Isa was behind her now, her breath hot in her ear. She felt those breasts against her back. “Do you remember now?”

She looked at Steve. He was staring at her with a mixture of disgust and lust. She remembered that same expression as he held her leg up and thrust her up against the dirty wall. Then again back at his apartment, as he shoved into her ass without asking. He didn’t have to ask. His dick was hard. She loved hard dicks.

“Yes,” she said in a small voice. Then louder, “Yes. I remember. I love strip clubs. I met Steve at a strip club. His dick was hard. Needed his dick.”

“Good,” said Isa. She licked her ear and whispered. “You still need dick all the time. You can’t help yourself. You want to make dicks hard. And once they’re hard, you have to fuck them. Anytime. Anywhere.” She raised her voice again. “You get jealous because she’s such a whore, Steve, and you punish her because it’s hot to punish her and fuck her till she whines and begs.

“In fact!” she sounded delighted, like she’d just gotten the best idea ever. “In fact! Steve, you’re so jaded that you can’t get hard unless Gigi here has fucked someone else and gotten you angry. You two never have sex unless Gigi has fucked someone else’s hard dick and come crawling back to you to confess. Then you get angry and you can fuck her out of spite.”

Gigi was breathing hard. Steve was too. He didn’t have an erection though. She wished he was hard. She needed to go find someone hard to fuck so Steve could fuck her.

Isa looked back and forth between them. “This is nice!” she said. “Tell you what; why don’t you both go out to a strip club right now, so Gigi can get what she needs from a few random hard dicks and Steve can maybe cum later, okay? I know you do that all the time. And Gigi, I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow and you can tell me all about it.”

Gigi thought about licking hard cocks. Steve looked furious. She knew she was going to get fucked and then fucked and told she was the whore that she was.

“When do I get to see your tits again, Isa?” she said. “I want to see your giant green tits.”

Isa cupped her enormous breasts inside the sweatshirt. So beautiful. She needed to see them.

“Bring your daughter with you and I’ll show you,” she said. “Betray your daughter for me. That makes you hot, right? It turns you on. Like cock.”

“Cock,” Gigi said, and thought about her daughter, slack-jawed, staring into that beautiful green.