The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Gilded Cage

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2016

Chapter 3 — Free to Sing

Dianica woke once more, her head pounded and she raised a hand up to her forehead. The bed she was on was a simple cot, the sheets were plain cotton and the blanket was prickly.

She let out a sigh of relief and swung her legs over the side of the bed and looked around. The room was spartan, but functional; a dresser and wardrobe stood along one side and a small makeup table along the other.

She still had her uniform on, even her choker and jacket had been returned.

She tried to remember what had happened and her mind replied with two conflicting answers.

The first was that she was here for her training. The man that had saved her from the evil white expanse had taken her under his wing and she was eager to learn all he had to teach her.

The second was that she had been captured and brainwashed and she needed to do everything she could to escape. The man from the evil white expanse was her enemy.

Her headache worsened as she tried to reconcile the two in her mind. She was interrupted in mid fight as a man walked in to the room.

“Ah awake at last, good.” He said, the voice of her mentor/enemy filling the room.

“You... you won’t... get away...” she struggled to get out.

“Get away? But I’m here to help you, remember? You trust me don’t you?”

“Yes, I trust you.” The words were out of her mouth before she even registered she was supposed to reply. The wave of euphoria that followed them landed a body blow to the voice in the back of her mind that said he was her enemy.

“Now stand up.”

She did so, a smile crossing her lips as the euphoria increased, pushing the voice to the ground.

“And follow me.”

“N... n... n...o.” the voice said as it tried to assert control.

“But you want to follow me. And everything I say is true, right?”

“Yes, everything you say is true.” The words escaped her lips again before she could stop them and the euphoria landed a head shot to the voice and it went down for the count.

Dianica took a step forward, “I want to follow you.” She said as they walked out of the room.

* * *

Dianica sat on the edge of her bed, hands clasped in front of her, head bowed as she waited for her mentor to arrive.

She’d been training with him for over a week and he was pleased with her progress, but she knew today would be a special day.

Each morning since she’d arrived she woken up with a voice in the back of her head telling her he was her enemy.

She’d fought it each time but it wasn’t until her mentor came to help her that she’d managed to defeat it. Then, they’d leave her room and begin her training for the day.

But today was a special day, she had woken up this morning and the voice had fought her for control. Like every morning she’d fought back, repeating her mantra’s in her mind, but this morning was different. The voice was weaker, and each time she repeated a mantra, it seemed to get quieter, until finally, it was gone.

Today was a special day because it was the first day she had won her fight by herself.

Dianica hear the door open but kept her head lowered.

“Good morning Dianica, how are you today?”

“Very well mentor, thank you.”

“Is there anything you want to say before we begin your training?”

“No mentor, I am ready.”

“Good, then come with me.”

He led her down the hallway again, like every morning, in to the room at the end of it. It contained several pieces of furniture, a chair, a couch, a tread mill, a stationary bike and a pedestal platform.

Dianica didn’t understand the purpose of her training, but she trusted him and he had told her it was needed so she didn’t question it.

He directed her to the pedestal and she stepped up on to it and took her pose. Her feet spread apart, her hands on her hips and her face a placid mask.

She’d be here for a few hours, he’d give her other positions to take and then when he was satisfied he’d direct her to the chair, where she’d sit reclined back, legs spread and her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open.

The couch would be next, she’d lay down on her stomach and then bring her knees up under her, keeping her arms at her side.

Finally, it would be the tread mill and stationary bike, before he took her back to her room for the night.

Her training continued for another week without any changes.

* * *

Johnathan looked at the monitor as Dianica climbed in to bed and pulled the sheets up over her. He shook his head side to side, she’d almost shown up to early. He’d expected her to take more time tracking down the informant he’d planted and get the warehouse location. Fortunately, they’d worked on the “office” first so it was ready for her when she arrived.

“Everything in the green?” he asked.

“Yes sir. As you know, the repetition of obeying the same commands is critical in this phase, but there’s no sign of resistance left so you can move on to the next phase now.” The tech/henchman replied.

“Good, she put up quite a fight. Swap out her uniform for the first batch of upgrades tonight. It’s too bad we have to spend so much time making changes to her, but the machine can only do so much, now it’s our turn.”

“Yes sir.”

* * *

Dianica slipped her feet in to her shoes and stood up, something seemed different today, but they looked like the same shoes she wore yesterday so she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She pulled at her jacket and tried to get it to sit right, but it too seemed to be wrong somehow. She was about to take it off again when she heard the door start to open, instantly she dropped down on to the bed, clasped her hands and bowed her head.

“Good morning, how is everything this morning?”

“Very good mentor... but...”


“Something seems wrong with my uniform.”

“Stand up and let me take a look.”

Dianica stood up, placed her hands behind her back and waited.

“Nope, thing wrong with them. They’re the same clothes you wore yesterday. They fit perfectly.”

Dianica couldn’t believe how stupid she’d been, of course he was right. She’d put them away herself last night.

He took her to the training room and she mounted the pedestal once more, she took her initial pose and looked towards her mentor for approval. A grimace on his face greeted her instead.

“Time to go to the next level of your training, pull your top down to expose your breasts.”

Dianica hesitated only a moment before hooking her thumbs over the top of her uniform and pulled it down and retaking her position. If her mentor said this was the next level of her training she trusted him.

“Very good.”

A wave of euphoria rushed over her and her nipples hardened.

She spent the rest of the day training with her top down, when she’d gotten to the chair, he’d had her play with her nipples the entire time she was in it and it had almost driven her over the edge.

* * *

Johnathan watched Dianica carefully step up on to the platform to start the day. It had been ten days since they’d started swapping out her uniform, each day making small changes that she’d accept as soon as he re-enforced the idea they hadn’t changed since the day before.

In fact, after the third day she had stopped asking and simply accepted the, without question.

Today’s outfit was the last one for a while, until they proceeded to one of the later phases.

She was being so careful due to the 8″ stiletto ballet shoes she was wearing; she was a quick learner but such a major change to foot wear did have her being extra careful.

Her uniform was quite different now as well, gone was the spandex and leather, replaced by latex. The main uniform hugged her body and ended just below her breasts. There were holes to expose her pussy and ass as well.

The latex jacket didn’t even come down to the bottom of her breasts and the sleeves ended just below her elbows.

The lace choker had been similarly replaced with latex, even though they had kept the oval jewel that adorned the front of it.

He couldn’t wait for her to get to the chair, he was eager to see the new training he had lined up for her there.

* * *

Dianica walked over to the chair, her high heels clicking on the floor as she did so. She sat down and reclined in to it, placing one hand on her breast and the other over her pussy.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as her fingers started to dance over body.

She barely was aware of the footsteps coming towards her until he spoke.

“Here, use this.” He said.

She opened her eyes and looked up at her mentor holding a dildo.

She took her right hand from her pussy and reached up towards it, but hesitated just before grasping it.

The voice from the back of her mind that she hadn’t heard in weeks pounded on her brain.

“I... I...”

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I trust you.” The words flew from her mouth but did nothing to beat back the voice.

“I... won’t....”

“Everything I say is true, you need this training.”

“Yes, everything you say is true, I need this training.” She responded as the voice grew louder.

“N... no... I... don’t...”

“Do you want to go back to the white expanse?”

The voice screamed and shattered in to a million pieces.

She grabbed the dildo, “No mentor. Anything but that. I trust you. I need you. I oooooooobey you!” she cried out as she pushed the dildo in to her pussy and the euphoria overwhelmed her.