The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Gilded Cage

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2016

Chapter 4 — A New Perch

Dianica walked in to the training room and didn’t know what to do, she looked at her mentor with a confused look on her face.

The room was empty except for a single piece of furniture in the middle of the room. At least she assumed it was furniture of some kind.

It was made of chromed metal and was mounted on a tripod base. Its main structure was a single piece of metal that arched up, starting wide at the base and then narrowing as it reached its summit.

There were several holes along it’s length. Mounted to the top side of the arch, just above the tripod base, was a metal seat. In front of the seat were two round struts that came out, one from each side and below them a large round pipe that was several feet long. At the top of the arch was some kind of head rest but she couldn’t quite figure out how it might be used.

“Sit in the seat.” He said.

She approached the device and sat down, facing away from the arch and tried to lean back to the headrest.

“No, turn around the other way.”

She stood back up and turned around, sitting in the seat.

“Now hook your legs over those posts and place your feet on the tube below it.”

She did so and waited for more instructions.

“Now lean forward and rest your chin on the top there. Good, now get as close to the arch with your body as you can. And finally grasp your hands behind your back at the elbows.”

She pushed herself as far forward as she could, her exposed breasts hanging at the sides of the arch, here knees coming up just below them, her head held level by the chin rest and her ass being pushed up in to the air as a result.

The rest of the day was spent trying to hold her position, each time she relaxed slightly her mentor would correct her and she’d fix her mistake.

After several hours he commanded her to get up and took her out the door on the other side of the room, she hadn’t even seen it as she had been so fixated on the device when she had come in.

As they entered she immediately felt relived as she instantly recognized it as her regular training room. Well almost, the pedestal was gone and the stationary bike and treadmill were both different.

The stationary bike no longer had a seat and the treadmill had a tennis ball hanging down from the ceiling in front of it.

He pointed at the chair and she quickly took her position, taking the dildo in one hand and grasping her breast with the other.

Once she was done with the couch, she approached the stationary bike and stepped on to it. Without a seat it was more difficult to stay on the pedals with her stiletto ballet shoes, but after a little while she got the hang of it and continued her workout.

Getting on the treadmill, she started the automated program that varied the speed and incline and started to jog.

“Keep your nose in contact with the tennis ball.”

She sped up her jog slightly until her nose touched the ball and then continued. It was difficult to maintain contact and she lost it several times but by the end of her session she was getting better at it.

* * *

Dianica walked confidently in to the room, it had been a week of training in the posture chair and she’d managed to keep her form for the last two days without any correction.

She walked behind her mentor and he waved her to the chair, but it was different today, the seat had a dildo attached to it.

She stepped up to the device and position herself over the dildo before sliding down on to it. She then hooked her legs over the posts and took her position.

The distraction of the dildo made it harder for her to concentrate but she focused and maintained her pose until she was released.

He then led her in to the training room and she also noticed the changes that had happened there.

The couch had been replaced by a wooden horse that had several straps attached to it. The chair looked the same but the bike and treadmill had been altered again.

The bike still had no seat, but instead there was a dildo where the shaft had been. Likewise, the tennis ball had been replaced by another dildo that was hung horizontally so the tip was pointed directly at her.

Without hesitation she took her position in the chair and started her training.

When she finished in the chair he had to help her get strapped in to the wooden horse, it was only after that she noticed the other device behind the horse. He wheeled it around behind her and pushed the mechanical dildo in to her pussy and then started it up. In moved in and out in a consistent rhythm until he changed the speed. Faster, slower, faster... he kept changing it throughout her training.

She pulled herself up from the horse and took her place on the bike, she lowered herself on to the dildo and started to peddle. It didn’t provide any support for her but like the device on the horse, as the program of the bike increased and decreased the difficulty of the ride, the dildo moved faster or slower in and out of her.

Finally, she mounted the tread mill and placed the tip of the dildo to her nose as she started her jog.

She heard a slight chuckle, “That’s not quite right Dianica, put it to your lips.”

She hurriedly repositioned it and continued to jog as the wave of euphoria rushed across her body.

* * *

Dianica felt the vibrator in her pussy buzzing like there was no tomorrow but focused on maintaining her posture. After a week of training with the basic dildo of the posture chair, it had been replaced with the vibrating model that was now stuffed deep in her three days ago. Its constant distraction had made a mess of her perfect posture the first two days but she was determined not to let it get the best of her today.

When it finally stopped, her orgasm shook her entire body but she never lost her pose.

* * *

Johnathan watched on the monitor and was impressed at Dianica’s stamina, sure she was a superhero and in phenomenal shape, but she wasn’t an alien or anything. She was still just a human being, though obviously a very motivated one now and she was putting everything she had in to conforming to the shape of the posture chair.

He flipped through a couple of the different angles and checked to make sure there were no gaps. When he was satisfied he switched back to a longer view on the monitor. He was impressed how much the pose the chair forced her in to gave the impression of a bird sitting on a perch. Her legs push up under her, her ass pushed up like plumage and her breasts forced out in front of her.

He was sure the client would be quite happy with the effect.

He’d have to give her a few more days to make sure she’d mastered it, but he was pretty sure she was ready for the next phase of the program.

* * *

Dianica waited for the vibrator to start as she sat in the posture chain, reach to start her training for the day, but instead her mentor walked in front of her.

“Open wide.” He said.

She did so and he placed something between her teeth.


She bit down on whatever it was and her lips formed around it, forcing them out over it, not letting them touch together.

“Breath in and out.”

She took a breath; it was slightly constricted by the device but she managed to get a good deep breath none the less.

She exhaled and the device let out a high pitched chirping sound. It sounded just like a song bird.

She did it again and after a few times found she could change the sound by how hard she exhaled.

If she exhaled very slowly and gently, it made no sound at all.

Then the vibrator started up and she focused on that instead, the constant chirping as she exhaled distracted her but she remained steady and in control.

It took her several days of training with it to control her breathing so it didn’t make any noise, but once she had she found something new to focus on. Very faint in the background, she could just make out a melody of bird songs playing.

She listened carefully and started to copy them as a way to distract her from the vibrators constant attack.

* * *

Johnathan listened to Dianica chirp in time with the faint song that was playing as she had been for the last week. The song in turn was playing in time with the vibrator, though he doubted she had realized that.

Today would be the first day he didn’t remove the whistle from her mouth after her time in the posture chair. After today, she’d never say another word again, just whistle.

The only time she’d take it out would be to eat and clean the whistle and her mouth.

* * *

Dianica chirped out the song like she had for the last week, it started slow and steady and rose to a crescendo and the vibrator brought her to orgasm every time.

She hadn’t noticed a few days ago when the faint melody in the background had disappeared, she didn’t need it any more, she knew the song by heart.

As her chirps came faster and faster, she neared her orgasm, but today the vibrator stopped just before it. She continued to chirp and her body crested as her song did and her orgasm washed over her none the less.

She looked up to she her mentor standing above her, a smile on his face. He reached down and stroked the side of her face, “That’s a good girl.”

The second orgasm was as good as the first.

* * *

Dianica hung over the wooden horse as her mentor strapped her in. As always he rolled the machine around behind her and lined it up.

Unlike every other time though, today, she felt it press against her sphincter. She felt the cool lube that was spread over it and then it pushed against her back door as he manually cranked it over.

She let out a shrill chirp, followed by another one as it entered her and then pulled most of the way back out.

He repeated the process manually several times as she let out chirp after chirp, until finally she heard a familiar faint song being played. She focused on it and it lasted only a few bars but it was enough to start her singing the song she had done so many times.

She didn’t notice him turn the machine on to automatic, nor did she notice it had the same pattern as the vibrator in the posture chair.

She sang her song as the machine did it’s work and as the machine sped up and she reached the crescendo of her song and her body orgasmed just like it always did, the mechanical dildo buried deep in her ass.

* * *

Johnathan reviewed the tape of Dianica on the wooden horse, it was the fifth day of it penetrating her ass. She was chirping away at her song but it was clearly not yet completely imprinted on her.

Today had been the first day he hadn’t had to prompt her with the music so it would take a few more sessions before she fully imprinted to the idea that anal sex was as good as vaginal. But she’d get there, he had no doubt of that.

She hadn’t shown a single sign of rejection since the first time he’d handed her a dildo and all the readouts confirmed it.

Once she was done with the wooden horse, they’d be able to move on to the final phase.

He looked over to the tech/henchman beside him, “Prep the room for the final phase in five days.”

“Yes sir.”