The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Gilded Cage

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2016

Chapter 6 — Taking Flight

Johnathan watch Dianica complete another cycle, she’d been in the cage for almost a week without anyone intervening.

The only time anyone went in to the room was to change out her uniform and top up the water and feeder, which was done when she was asleep.

He switched over to the view from the front of the posture chair as she lowered herself on to the dildo and started to chirp.

The surgeon had done a wonderful job and he had been right that she’d healed very quickly. He’d only had to keep her sedated for a day and a half before she was well enough to resume her training.

He watched her over plump lips try and close completely but fail as she set her head on it’s rest. The tech boys had really outdone themselves with her new whistle.

When the client had first come to them with the request for her to only make bird song, they’d been stumped on how to do it. Sure they could leave the mechanical whistle in her mouth, but that reduced the options available or would take the client out of the moment to remove it.

At first they’d thought to implant it in her throat, but computer modeling of the sounds proved to be a disaster as it would be muted and indistinct.

It had turned out to be a stroke of luck that part of her uniform was her distinctive choker with the oval jewel in it. One of the tech boys, who definitely got a big bonus, came up with the idea of making it a two-part implant.

The internal part replaced her vocal cords with sensors to detect the airflow muscle position while the external part fitted behind the jewel and received the transmitted data, converting it to the bird song he could hear her singing even now.

They’d even figured out how to use the jewel as the speaker so there wasn’t any speaker grate or anything else to distract from the effect.

As an added bonus, without her vocal cords, she could no longer form her famous cry.

On the monitor she re-positioned her breasts around the arch of the chair, she had always been well endowed but the client had a particular size and shape in mind and once more the doctor had come through in spades.

She clasped her hands behind her back and took her final position.

The client hadn’t said anything about her waist, but when the doctor had suggested removing a couple of ribs and adding and internal corset, he didn’t think the client would complain.

There were only two things left to do, one final test and then delivery to the client.

* * *

Dianica hardly noticed him come in to her field of vision, she was busy working through her current training cycle and she was focused on it.

She was waiting for the vibrator to start up again but instead felt something touch her lips. She focused on what was in front of her and recognized it for what it was, a source of water.

She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it and sucked it in as hard as she could as she started to chirp her song. She sucked it in and blew it out in time with it. She felt it get harder and harder as she increased her pace and when the crescendo of her song came, she received her drink that she eagerly swallowed.

It pulled out of her mouth and the vibrator started up once more so she continued to sing her song.

A few hours later, her training cycle was done and she started the next.

Part way through, Dianica felt the dildo slide out of her pussy and she felt so empty, but she felt the seat push her up slightly and she felt a cool breeze pass over her pussy just before the dildo returned.

It felt a little different, warmer and a little bigger but it was moving and she started her song once more. The orgasm washed over her as her body tensed and then relaxed back in to the chair. The dildo once more slid out of her and then back in as the seat was lowered back down.

Dianica slept soundly during the next training cycle and when it was over cleaned herself up before returning to the posture chair for the next cycle.

Once more she was waiting for the vibrator to start, but this time she felt something press against her sphincter and she immediately started her song as her ass was penetrated repeatedly. When her body tensed as her orgasm took her she was dimly aware of the voice of her mentor saying something before she passed out.