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Going Home

Synopsis: Diane Carlton, a young maid from the Sherwood gated community of Forestt Hills, goes home to see her mother... and teaches her what her true station in life is. A Sequel to Gas Leak

Acknowledgements: I couldn’t possibly rite this story without the help of the author Mike S. He is my editor, my proofreader, my sounding bourd and my friend. Without his help, none of my stories would have ever been written. I also want to thank Son of Sandman for the inspiration for this story and my first story Gas Leak with his story “A Tale Of Mice And Men.”

Chapter 1:

Anita Carlton was sitting on her living room couch relaxing after a long, hard day of work. Her job was very important to her; she was the Vice-President of the Springfield chapter of the man-hating group, The Feminist Rights Are Going To Dominate. She had joined the group on Diane’s third birthday, and it had been growing at a steady rate now for over twenty three years. FRIGID, as their enemies had called them, was made up of mostly militant lesbians and abandoned mothers, like Anita. They were an ultra feminist group calling themselves “wyminists”, who didn’t like the term feminist, female or women because it had the name “men” or “male” in the title.

Anita joined FRIGID because when she was 18 years old, she had married her high school sweetheart, Rodger Denton, after he got her pregnant the night of the senior prom. Her parents forced Rodger to marry her when her pregnancy started to show and, being good Catholics, refused to get an abortion. The next two years were miserable for both of them because, although Anita liked the sex the night of the prom, Rodger never touched her again after he found out he was going to be a father. Also since he HAD to marry her, he lost the opportunity to go to college since his parents weren’t going to pay for his tuition since, in their opinion he had been seduced by that little slut and he deserved everything he got. Within a month after little Diane turned two years old, Rodger decided he’d had enough of this shit, and left his wife and daughter to fend for themselves. Anita and Diane hadn’t heard from him since.

Anita worked hard for the next twenty three years to provide for her daughter and herself, putting herself thru college, getting a job and raising Diane the best that she could.

However, the pain that she felt from getting pregnant, forcibly married and abandoned by her worthless ex-husband, created deep scars in her psyche that turned her away from sex and men for two and a half decades. She couldn’t trust or even be around men anymore without dredging up the hatred she felt for Rodger. In time, any and all types of sexual activity became repugnant to her.

When Anita caught her 14 year old daughter masturbating, she totally lost control and nearly beat Diane to within an inch of her life. Anita apologized to Diane for beating her but, within a month, Diane found herself on the doorstep of the strictest convent and girls’ school in the country, Our Lady Of Perpetual Punishment. Diane spent the next four years in that hell hole, a place that she would never forget.

Springtime had just returned to Springfield when Anita heard a knock at the door. When she answered it, she was surprised when she found her 26 year old daughter Diane on the porch, dressed extremely conservatively in a grey, woolen, ankle length skirt, a matching long sleeved jacket, white cotton blouse and her hair in a bun on top of her head. Although Anita approved of Diane’s wardrobe, she was surprised at her sudden and unexpected visit. Diane also had with her several large suitcases and three large trunks. “Hello Diane, this is a surprise, and with so many bags too. Did you get fired from your housekeeping job?”

“No, Mother, I didn’t. I just had some vacation time saved up and thought I thought that I would come to visit with you for awhile, if that’s alright with you of course?”

“Don’t be silly, I’m pleased that you would come home to visit your old mother. You can stay as long as you like and your room is just as you left it.” Anita stated. “I’m glad to see that you’re dressed properly, as befitting a woman in life.”

“I wouldn’t dress up in any other way for you mother.” Diane said, smirking in such a way so that her mother couldn’t see her.

Anita helped Diane carry all of her luggage to her room. After it was all brought in, Anita just had to ask her daughter the question that had been burning in the back of her mind since her daughter had stepped through her threshold.

“Diane, why did you pack so many bags to come home for just a short visit? If you didn’t lose your job back in Forestt Hills, I can’t imagine why you would need so much luggage.”

“Well, to tell the truth mother, only about 1/4 of all of this stuff is clothing. The rest are all gifts that I have brought for you and, I thought that since I came out all of this way, I would also revisit my old school. I haven’t been back there since I graduated about 8 years ago.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, dear, however, I had always hoped that you would one day return to your old convent to take up vows and become a nun yourself someday.” Anita said sadly.

“No mother, I don’t think that I could ever pursue that kind of life on a daily basis,” Diane said with a hidden smirk. “But who knows what could happen, maybe I could change their lives instead.”

“I seriously doubt that Diane. How could you possibly change their lives?”

“You never know mother, you never know.” She said mysteriously.

“Well, I’ll leave you to unpack and settle in. Dinner is at 7 PM, don’t be late.”

“I won’t mother.” Diane replied.

After Anita left the room Diane started unpacking her bags. She had chosen each item she packed very carefully before coming home but she knew her mother would be shocked to see exactly what Diane had brought with her from her new home in Sherwood.

Diane opened up her first suitcase, inside was another two plain suits, almost identical to the one she presently was wearing. She needed these drab outfits for camouflage for what she was planning, however she hated the things. Since the events of last summer in the gated community of Forestt Hills, in the town of Sherwood, the place she now considered home, Diane usually wore much more...revealing clothing than the Victorian-era schoolmarm get-up she currently wore.

Next, Diane opened up a few more suitcases. These were the clothes she now normally wore on a day-to-day basis, if she wore that. These consisted of micro-mini skirts, tight see-thru blouses, wispy lacey bras, panties and thongs in a large assortment of colors. Next came boots, from thigh high to ankle length in leather, PVC, vinyl, latex and suede. Stiletto high heels, platform sandals and every other sexy type that you could imagine.

In another large bag came some things that Anita would have had a heart attack if she ever saw, right now that is, in this bag she brought her favorite toys. Dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, double-headed dildos, lube, oils, whips, paddles, handcuffs and other kinky items as well

The biggest luggage that she had were three large trunks, the biggest that she could find, inside each of these trunks were four cylinders, sort of like SCUBA diving tanks but about twice the size. These tanks were currently her prized possessions, because inside each of these twelve tanks was a very special gas.

Last summer, all over Sherwood, an earthquake opened up fissures in the ground. Out of these rifts came a gas, the very same gas that now is stored in the tanks Diane packed. This gas changed the citizens of Sherwood and made them open to any and all sexual encounters. The first day she was exposed to it, Diane fucked the entire family she worked for, the next day, she began fucking her neighbors, after that she fucked and was fucked by anyone who would want her, male or female, orgies, light bondage, public fucking, and other acts to numerous to mention. In the first month after exposure to the gas, she had more sex, with more partners, in more positions, than anyone has ever had in their lifetime.

And that was just the beginning.

This “vacation” that Diane had started was all part of a plan that her employers, and often lovers, Mike Jenson and his family, had concocted and thought out. Each of them had planned in every detail what to do and at what times to do them.

Sheryl Jenson, Mike’s wife, had suggested the woolen suits as Diane’s camouflage to get into the places Diane needed to get into, her mother’s home, the FRIGID headquarters, and later, Diane’s old Catholic school. The suits, while extremely uncomfortable to wear to a woman who now often wore next to nothing at any given time, would fit in perfectly into these sexually repressed environments.

Mike Jenson, who was an extremely rich and powerful mine owner in Sherwood, was also a brilliant engineer, he designed the tanks needed to hold the “sex gas” as well as special valves for them to release the gas in precise increments, either an extremely slow rate or incredibly fast. Depending on how Diane needed them. He also designed them to be bulky, but very light weight so that anyone who might have lifted them would think that they were clothing or something else of light weight.

He also loaned Diane his own private plane, pilots and a couple of very attractive stewardesses that Diane could party with when she wasn’t busy elsewhere. The plane was to avoid airport security who might question Diane bringing her tanks and toys with her on a commercial flight. The four person crew had already been affected by the gas and would willingly help Diane on her missions. As well as provide her and the other members of the crew some much needed “stress relief.”

Diane arrived at her mother’s home very, VERY, relaxed indeed. She could still taste the stewardesses pussy juice on her lips and the two pilots’ cum warmed her stomach and made her pussy squish when she walked, and she loved it.

The toys and sexy clothes she brought with her were donated by the Jenson twins, Candy and Mandy, two redheaded girls who had a special talent in the arts of perversion. The twins were favorite playthings among the residents of the gated community of Forestt Hills. No perversions was taboo to them, they eagerly fucked all comers, male, female, families, animals. They were much sought after during the regular Friday night orgies. It was impossible to imagine that a mere seven months ago these two wanton sluts were virgins and wanted to save their virginity till their wedding nights.

Finally, Thomas, the Jensons twenty year old son designed planned out most of the seduction and ravishment of Diane’s mother, friends, co-workers and the school. Thomas, unlike the twins, was already the Hills’ legend when it came to the art of seduction of the female species. Before he graduated Forestt Hills Prep, he had already fucked his way through most of the female student body, most of the female teachers and the wives of many of the male teachers, including Sylvia Bartowski, the wife of the headmaster. And this was well before the gas leak released its special gas from deep below the Earth on that special day.

Thomas’ reputation might have suffered some, since every man in town was fucking as many people as they wanted to now, but he didn’t regret it in the least. Why, you might ask? Because the sex gas had opened his mind to fucking pussy that he would have never considered before, namely his mother, his sisters and the family maid, although before the events of that day he was about to try to seduce Diane.

The gas in question was created deep below the Earth long ago. No one knew how it was created. Was it some new kind of volcanic gas? The decomposed remains of some long dead plant? An interaction of both along with the naturally occurring ores found in that region? No one really knew what had created it; the only thing that they knew was that, so far, no one could synthesize it yet. However, they estimated the gas pocket under Sherwood to be roughly the size of Chicago in width and five miles deep, more than enough to supply the people for centuries to come.

However, they did manage to do other things with it through experimentation; the people of Sherwood created other formulas such as a short term memory eraser for temporary exposures such as visitors to Sherwood and a “growth serum” to increase breast and penis size.

The next day, after her mother left for work, Diane set up her equipment. Diane placed a tank of gas under Anita’s bed and set a remote control on the valve to slowly leak out gas into her mother’s room while she slept. Mike Jenson told her that at this rate the gas would take about three nights to completely change Anita’s personality to that of a resident of Sherwood.

While Diane was in her mother’s room, she found a picture of Anita and her ex-husband on their wedding day that she found under Anita’s bed and she started playing with her pussy while imagining herself fucking the two of them, too bad she hadn’t seen her father since she was two years old. She didn’t even know if her father, Rodger Denton, was still alive or not, and so far, Mike Jenson’s private investigators hadn’t found him yet. He must be either dead, fled the country or living completely off the grid.

Rodger was a handsome man in the photo, she estimated his age at the time that it was taken to be about 18 or 19. He was tall, over 6′ 6″ and maybe 200 lbs. Diane had heard that he was a star basketball player who also ran track and field as well. He had dark hair and a strong chiseled face as well. “Yes, I’d definitely fuck him,” Diane thought.

Anita at 18 looked much like Anita at 44. She had aged very well. At 5′ 10″ and 125 lbs, she hadn’t gained an ounce of weight over the years. She was, Diane estimated, a 36D-cup at the time was taken, she guessed that she was a double d-cup now. Diane’s pussy got wetter and wetter just thinking about what she’d do to her unsuspecting mother.

Once she was done in her mother’s room, Diane took the photo back to her own room and lay back on the sheets after retrieving her favorite vibrator from one of her bags. She knew the photo wouldn’t be missed by her mother because she found it under her bed covered in a thick layer of dust.

Diane fucked herself for over 2 hours, imagining one perversion after another that she wanted to do to her still beautiful mother and what she would like to do to her father, if she ever found him that is. She didn’t care that he abandoned Anita and herself anymore, she just wanted to suck his cock and have him fuck her to oblivion again and again.

A couple of hours later, Diane returned to the task at hand. After showering, putting on a light coat of makeup and donning her, EXTREMELY uncomfortable schoolmarm outfit again she called a taxi and asked to go to FRIGID headquarters.

Diane had to know what she was up against.

Inside the HQ, she found an uber feminist horror show, to her eyes at least. There were perhaps fifty women in the room, manning phones, designing things like posters and bumper stickers, making placards for protest marches and so forth.

Mostly, if you looked rrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy closely that is, these were women who could, possibly be still beautiful, if you looked past the fact that the wore NO makeup, whatsoever, some of them hadn’t been taking care of their skin either, zits and blemishes seemed to stand out proudly to these women who didn’t care about their appearance. Their hair seemed to be dull and lifeless as well, oily, stringy and greasy. As bad as they looked however, Diane suspected that, with the right hair, makeup, and skin treatments, they could all look very good in less than a day or two.

Their clothes didn’t help much either, Diane had never seen so much ugly clothing in her life. Grey, brown and black seemed to prevail, in wool, cotton and (ugh) polyester. “My gawd, are those women wearing flannel shirts?” she thought to herself. This was a fashion nightmare.

The women took a brief interest in Diane’s arrival when she entered the building. As many women were in the room, they rarely got any newcomers to their organization; however, once they saw that Diane was dressed similarly to themselves, they quickly went back to their own business, having already decided that Diane was a new sister to their cause.

Diane asked someone for help in finding her mother; the 30 something harpy-like woman begrudingly pointed her to an office in the back. As she entered her office, she found her mother wasn’t alone; another woman was in the office with her, a woman just as lovely as her mother but just as bitterly oppressive as Anita.

“Ah, Diane, welcome to our little organization, FRAGTD or Feminist Rights Are Going To Dominate, although the men around here refer to us as FRIGID instead.” Anita stated, “This is Maria Garcia, our president.”

“Nice to meet you Diane,” Maria said. “From what your mother tells me, you could fit in perfectly here if you want to join us.”

“No offence to you and your...organization here Ms. Garcia,” said Diane. “But I don’t know if this is for me at this time; I’ll Let you know soon thou, if I do join you.”

“I hope that you do,” replied Maria. “We often have fun here, when we’re not protesting for women’s rights.” “I’d say that I’d definitely join you for some fun,” said Diane eagerly, “I like to have fun.” Diane knew what kind of fun she’d like to have with this hot little Hispanic bitch. She could see herself forcing Maria on to her knees and making her eat her soaking wet, bald pussy or pushing her face down on her desk while Diane ass-fucked her with her favorite strap-on. She couldn’t wait to suck with her huge titties too, Diane estimated them to be about a 44DD. “UUUUMMMMMM” Diane thought, “I LOVE girls with huge tits, I can’t wait to get her”

Maria had dark skin and long, lustrous hair that fell down to her firm, round ass, a narrow waist, pouty lips, and huge tits. She was about forty-five to fifty years old but she didn’t have a single grey hair yet. She could easily pass for a thirty year old or younger if she wanted to. To put it bluntly, this bitch was HOT! Diane thought to herself, “Man, what I wouldn’t do to sit on her face while she ate me out and...”

Diane lost her train of thought for a minute; she shook herself slightly to return to the here and now and turned to speak to Anita.

“Mother,” she began, “I came by to invite you to lunch, my treat.”

“Sorry Diane, I can’t make it today,” said her mother. “We’re having a convention in town this weekend for FRAGTD members from five different states. Over five hundred women are scheduled to attend, maybe even as many as two thousand if their RSVPs come in before then. Quite frankly, we’re swamped here with all of the preparations. It’ll be late before I can even get home.”

“That’s ok mother,” replied Diane. “I have a friend in town that came with me from Sherwood that I can visit with today.”

“Not a MALE friend by chance,” she said with a shudder of disgust.

“No mother, Barbara is actually one of the stewardesses that I flew into Springfield with.”

“Flight attendants dear, not stewardesses, let’s be politically correct here please,” said Anita.

“Sorry, flight attendant. Well, I guess I’ll see you tonight then mother, goodbye.” And with that, Diane left

Diane returned home with the beautiful blonde stewardess/flight attendant about an hour later, after a quick lunch, they were soon lying naked in Diane’s bed in a hot 69 embrace, licking and fingering each other’s bald pussies. A couple of hours later they caught the neighbor’s 17 year old son watching them. With a sly grin and silent agreement, the girls invited him over to play. For the next few hours the three of them sucked and fucked in every combination that they could think of and both of the girls were thankful for the teenager’s boundless energy. Billy left just before Anita was due home and Barbara left as Anita arrived home.

“Did you have fun with your friend today dear?” Anita asked

“Yes we had a ball mother,” Diane said mysteriously. “You should have been more considerate honey, you should have asked her to stay for dinner.”

“Don’t worry mother, she ate.” Diane tried to suppress a giggle at that.

Later that night, as Anita slept, Diane cracked open the tank under her mother’s bed to slowly release the gas after she shut off her alarm clock. As Anita slept deeply, she started playing with her pussy and fondling her tits all night long. The next morning, she awoke concerned with why her alarm didn’t go off, bit for the first time in years, she didn’t want to go into work. After thinking it over for a while, she decided to call in sick today.

Around 8 o’clock she saw the paperboy come down the street. Anita lived on the end of her street and she knew that she was his last delivery of the day.

Ramon Garcia was a good looking Latino kid of Cuban ancestry around 18 years old who will graduate high school this spring. He hated delivering to Anita Carlson’s place; she was a hateful shrew of a woman who seemed to hate anything with a dick between their legs. He took the paper route for a little extra spending money but Ms. Carlson made his life a living hell, just as his own mother did. She worked for his mother at some kind of women’s rights group that Ramon made it a point to avoid as much as possible. Unfortunately for him, he needed to collect her subscription fee from her.

With dread in his heart Ramon knocked on Ms. Carlson’s door, not looking up, he made it a point to only look at his records book. As the door opened, Ramon slowly lifted his eyes to look at her. “Hello Ms. Carlson, I need $4.95 for your...” If a healthy 18 year old could have a heart attack, he would have surely have died then and there.

Anita came to the front wearing a thin robe, the part at her legs showed she was wearing some kind of stockings as and he hoped that they weren’t pantyhose, he hated those ugly things as he’s seen his own mother wear them much too often. He didn’t think that they were panty hose thou as they were sheer and black. On her feet, Anita wore stiletto heels that must have had a five inch heel on them. Ramon was positive that no woman in that thrice damned women’s group even owned high heels or stockings. “So where did they come from,” Ramon wondered.

Unknown to Ramon and Anita, Diane came into her mother’s room this morning and, after shutting off the sex gas flow, laid out for her mother, heels, lacey stockings, a garter belt and a bra in the thinnest material she had. When Anita woke up that morning, she didn’t even question where these things came from. After her shower, and more fingering herself, she just put them on. She also put on make-up to look sexy and sultry; another gift from her daughter, as Anita didn’t own even a single tube of lipstick.

Anita opened her robe and let it drop to the floor.

Ramon almost fainted.

“Damn Ms, Carlson, what’s this.”

“Oh Ramon, I knew that you would be coming today so I thought I might do something special for you as a surprise. SURPRISE”

“Bu... But Ms. Carlson,” he said as she pulled him into the house.

“Call Me Anita, dear boy.” She said as she planted her lips to his, as he opened his mouth, she pushed her tongue in, caressing his tongue with hers while her hands fumbled with his belt buckle and pants.

“Ms. Carlson...Ms. Carlson, no.” Anita pushed the reluctant boy back on the couch, her hands trying to open his pants, his trying to keep them closed; Ramon knew that if his mother found out about this that she would skin him alive.

Diane was watching all of this from the dining room. She didn’t expect her mother’s reaction to the gas to be THIS strong; she expected that it would take her 3 days to reach this level of depravity. Ramon started to push Anita away from him. “This will never do,” Diane thought. “Not for mother’s first time in over twenty years.”

Fortunately, Diane had planned this out in case of emergencies. She took her remote control in her hand and aimed it at the couch and firmly pushed the button hard. Diane suspected that if something unforeseen might happen, she might need a backup plan, so she placed one of her precious tanks of gas behind the couch, the same couch in which the action of her depraved mother and the reluctant paperboy were currently on. Diane opened the valve of sex gas to the fully open position, the sound of the escaping gas was hidden by the sounds of the couple on the couch at first, after that, they were both too busy to hear anything. After less than a minute, Ramon wasn’t fighting back anymore, he started kissing Anita hungrily and pulling off what little clothing she had on. Another minute later, both of them were naked, him on his back, her on top of him doing a sixty-nine.

Anita sucked Ramon’s cock as if her life depended on it, as if the cum in his young balls was the last food on Earth and she was starving to death. “In a way,” Diane thought, “I guess she was starving for sex. She’s been celibate for almost twenty five years. That’s a long time to have cobwebs growing in your pussy.” Diane should know as she was a virgin as well until last summer.

Ramon licked and sucked Anita’s pussy as if it was the sweetest tasting thing on Earth and Anita loved it. When Ramon brushed her clit accidently, Anita ramped up the pace of her cocksucking and ground her pussy onto his face harder for a brief instant. Ramon may not have been a straight A student in high school but he knew how to figure things out quickly, so, when her pace slowed back down, he realized what had happened, he flicked her clit again for a second, felt her speed up for that instant and then attacked her clit full force.

The handsome teen and the hot MILF then went wild with each other, sucking, slurping, tounging and fingering each other. For five minutes, then ten, twenty; after some forty five minutes, Ramon finally exploded in Anita’s mouth for the third time. Anita lost count of the number of times she had cum, something like twenty times.

When the two of them finally calmed down, Anita invited Ramon back to her bedroom for him to fuck her pussy for the first time in nearly a quarter of a century, which Ramon eagerly accepted.

Diane followed behind them to watch the couple fuck from behind the wall. In preparation of this event, Diane drilled a small hole in the wall between her mother’s and her bedrooms, then, set up a camera to record it and play it on her TV set at the foot of her bed. Diane got out her favorite vibrating dildo and fucked herself while watching the hot and sexy mother, fuck the young paperboy, her own boss’ son for hours on end.

Diane watched for the next five hours wishing she had invited one or more of the flight crew over to fuck her while watching her mother and Ramon fuck in every way possible. Him on top of her, spooning, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, and anal were just some of the ways they fucked till late that night.

While all of this was going on, Diane, Between bouts if fucking herself considered calling Billy, the neighbor’s son up to fuck her while watching the action taking place less than 30 feet away

Diane wondered why the gas affected the two of them so quickly; the slow leak under her mother’s bed should have taken three days to affect her like this. the gas that was released behind the couch, Diane estimated, Should have taken more than five minutes at full pressure to change Ramon’s morals.

She wondered for some time until it came to her.

Repressed sexual emotions! That had to be it! The more a person suppressed their own sexual instincts, and the longer they did it, the faster the gas released the stud or slut inside themselves!

Diane couldn’t help but laugh at this. This made her plans SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO much easier for the rest of her mission. Both here AND when she went back to her old girls’ school.

Diane planned to have to use at least five tanks of gas on the old biddies at their convention this weekend. IF she was right about the correlation between gas and suppressed sexuality, she might need just two or three tanks max to affect all of them at the convention.

Finally, around midnight, Anita escorted Ramon to the door. She was still naked as she kissed him goodbye with an open invitation to “cum” by anytime for more of the same. Ramon promised that he would as soon as he possibly could.

As Anita closed the front door and turned around, she was surprised to see Diane standing there in the hallway, just a few feet away from her

Anita was also surprised, although not as shocked as she felt she should have been, that Diane was also naked and, as she couldn’t help but look between her daughter’s legs, Diane’s pussy was just as wet, and just as open, as her own.

“Hello Mommy,” Diane began, “We need to talk.”