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Going Home

Chapter 4

The sun had not yet risen in the town of Springfield when the first group of “revolutionaries” descended on the convention center, it was just about 6 AM when Anita and Diane Carlton, Rick and Amy Hunter, Maggie Barker, Tina Weston, and James and Marie Matthews arrived ready to set up their equipment.

Mike Jenson had a fresh supply of “sex gas” shipped in last night and the team had started to hook up the tanker truck to the central air system in order to pump the gas into all corners of the large building when needed,

Mike’s flight crew, who had flown Diane into town last week, had been busy this week, “convincing” the owners, employees and their families of the convention center to help them set it up so that no problems would occur setting up the equipment.

The city’s police force had cordoned off a 2 block radius around the center so that, until the gas started flowing, no one outside of FRAGTD and the “revolutionaries” could get in.

The members of city hall and their families were also invited to come later this morning at Anita’s invitation, since she was one of the senior officers of FRAGTD in Springfield. Mayor Jackson wasn’t invited since she was already a member of those frigid bitches anyway, she would already be there.

At around 8 AM the equipment was all set up and in place and the first members of FRAGTD had started to arrive.

By 9 AM everyone had arrived, on both sides, including the families of the “rebels” and the police started to arrive leaving a few people at each barricade until they could take them down and join them later. The plan was to release the gas at 11 o’clock and by no later than 11:30 every woman in the building would be raving nymphomaniacs and then the mass orgy would ensue.

The plan went off without a hitch, the FRAGTD women never suspected a thing as they filed into the convention center and into the assembly hall. At 11 AM, the women were preparing to wrap up the morning’s activities to go to lunch when Anita, Diane and the employees of city hall and the convention center as well as their families showed up unexpectedly. Many of the women were wondering why all of them had showed up with Anita when suddenly, an unfamiliar sensation swept through the people inside the center.

Some of the women had never had a sexual, or even an indecent, thought before in their lives, suddenly were receiving images of all manner of perversions and degradations that they found they were enjoying seeing

A couple of minutes after this, all of the “rebels” entered the room, adults and family members. The police stationed at the barricades had packed up as soon as they were signaled so that they too could be a part of it as well.

As the gas swept through both the hall and the entire convention center, (as they had planned, just in case there was someone inside the building that was unaccounted for,) the women of FRAGTD looked upon the assembled “rebels” with an increasing... longing. They tried to subdue these unfamiliar feelings welling up inside their minds and bodies; they tried to convince themselves that these people had done something to them, something horrible and insidious and that, if they could just fight to remain pure in mind, body, soul, and the mission and purpose of their organization, an organization that they’ve spent years to build up but which, for some reason, they couldn’t even remember the name of anymore.

All of their thoughts were quickly turning to sex of hard cocks and wet pussies, of fucking, sucking, eating and covering themselves in cum and drowning in a tidal wave of lust.

The women soon forgot FRAGTD even existed and were standing around aimlessly, quivering in need, as they were waiting to be shown a new purpose in life, a purpose that the opposition would only be too happy to supply.

After about 10 minutes, those who had planned the operation, the so-called “rebels”, started to break ranks and began to choose women to be their conquests. The most obvious of the group was Captain Hunter, who had his eye FIXED on Mayor Sharon Jackson. The 42 year old brunette still had the body of a woman almost half her age and she would have been a prize for anyone in the group, plus, he wanted to make her his sex slave; both for sending him and Barker on a humiliating assignment to track down a “little lost lamb” of FRAGTD, namely Ms. Anita Carlton AND conspiring with Tina Weston to remove him as Chief of Police because of Weston’s fuck-up.

Rick descended on Jackson like General Sherman did to Atlanta, Georgia during the U.S. Civil war and his “attack” was just as devastating to Jackson. Rick ripped the clothes from her body in less than 20 seconds. He turned the hot little bitch around, slathered some KY jelly on his cock that his slut Weston threw to him, and shoved it deep into her ass in one thrust. Sharon screamed in pain for over a minute until she forced her ass to relax, when that happened, all she felt was pure bliss. Sharon had never had a man take her so forcefully and no one had ever made her feel so good. She had had sex before, of course, but only on her terms. treating her men as little more than a living dildo with no thought to their feelings, Just a little bit of warmth, a little tingle in her pussy, and then it was back to ice cold bitch mode again; but now, she had already cum, just from being fucked in the ass, more in just the last couple of minutes, than she had in the last 10 years, and she loved it more with each passing moment. Chief Hunter was a very powerful, dominating lover, one that she had been looking for all of her life without even realizing it. Sharon knew that she would do anything this man would ask for her to do; Rick Hunter had just become her lord and master for as long as he wanted her.

In another part of the hall, Ramon Garcia decided on the woman he wanted right now, His own mother, Maria Garcia. When the “rebels” entered the convention hall, Ramon made a beeline for her. Maria has always been a stone-cold fox in Ramon’s eyes and a supreme MILF to him and his friends, the only thing that distracted this image to the boys, (and quite a few girls as well), was her uber-bitch attitude. Now, however, all Ramon could see in his mother’s eyes was pure lust. As he approached her, she fell to her knees, reached out to undo her son’s belt and pants, pulled down his boxers and inhaled his massive cock into her mouth. Ramon, who by this time had been well experienced with all types of sexual activities with Anita and a few others, was eager to add his own beautiful, but frigid mother to his growing list of conquests, but even more than that, he wanted to make her desire him just as much, if not more than, he wanted her. If Ramon could successfully “tame” his mother, than he could get her to help him in his pursuits with other women, just as Diane and Anita had taught him.

Maria Garcia had been angry for a very long time about men, she had once been a sweet, innocent teenaged Catholic schoolgirl when her then boyfriend seduced her after a basketball game. She became pregnant after that one time with him and swore off men forever. Her parents disowned her, her “boyfriend” abandoned her saying it wasn’t his child and Maria was kicked out onto the street. If not for a kindly woman she met one day, Maria and baby Ramon might have died there on the streets. Veronica Sanders was a feminist from way back before the term feminist was even coined, she taught Maria to hate ALL men but the one man she could never had was her son, Ramon, who was an innocent in her eyes. Even though Maria now hated 99.999999999999 + infinity % of all men in the world, she still loved Ramon more than life itself. If any other man had approached her sexually that day, she would not have responded to them more than she did with her son. When Ramon came to her in that convention center, all of her love and lust were focused on him. She was his, now and forever more. She somehow knew that her own son would never abandon her like his worthless father did.

With all the love that a man and woman could share, the mother and her son stripped off their clothes. The two of them kissed with all the love and passion they could feel for each other magnified by the effects of the gas and their feelings for each other that they could never have expressed to the other because of society’s taboos. As the two of them started to fuck, those taboos fell away and the two of them knew that whatever happened from now on, the two of them would be together forever.

In another part of the room Amy Hunter spotted a woman that she had never suspected of seeing again. Her own mother Abigail. Since her mother left home, Amy hadn’t heard a single word from her at all. She knew that she had left town but she didn’t know where or even what happened to her, but somehow, because of the way that Abigail had treated Rick, Amy was happy when her mother had finally left; but now, seeing her mother like this, franticly rubbing her pussy and feeling up her tits while searching for someone, anyone to get her off. With a smile on her face, Amy walked over to her mother, she wanted to dominate this woman even more than she had Tina yesterday.

When Amy reached her mother, who was sitting in a corner, trying vainly to get herself off, Abigail slowly realized someone was standing over her, as she looked up: first she saw a woman’s feet clad in 4 inch stiletto heels, above that were her slender thighs and legs wearing thigh high black stockings with black lace garter belt straps attached to them peeking beneath a black leather micro mini skirt, from Abigail’s angle on the floor, she could see the woman wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt. A bare midriff below a skimpy leather bustier, the woman had what must have been a 13 inch strap on dildo in her hand. Finally Abigail looked at the sexy woman’s face and was shock to see it was her own daughter Amy. Abigail should have felt disgust at seeing her only daughter dressed like this in front of her but all that she felt instead was pure lust. Amy dropped the sex toy to her feet, stripped off her skirt, grabbed her mother’s head and shoved it into her crotch. Amy was pleasantly surprised when she felt her mother’s tongue eagerly licking her twat.

Abigail never thought she would do something like this to any woman, let alone, her own teenage daughter, but her uncontrollable lust brought on by the sex gas broke down any resistance or inhibitions she might have had and the still beautiful 41 year old mother dove into her daughters pussy with eager relish, doing her best to make her little girl cum as best she could.

Maggie, the young Japanese-American cop, chose her own FRAGTD member to fuck and currently had a young redhead on her back with a strap-on drilling her pussy and the redhead’s legs draped over Maggie’s shoulders. The woman screamed ecstatically as she came again and again.

The Matthews family was over in another area, each fucking a woman they had selected. James had a 30-something blonde woman with huge tits and a nice bubble butt. Marie and Billy had teamed up together to fuck a young dark skinned woman of Indian descent while the youngest Matthews child, Mark was going at it with a silver haired woman who was old enough to be his grandmother.

All over the convention center the orgy continued as FRAGTD members were being drilled by city hall employees, cops, convention center employees, Diane’s flight crew, the trucker who brought in the sex gas from Sherwood and the various Springfield family members who were exposed to the gas as well.

Unfortunately there were many more FRAGTD members then there were “rebels” so hundreds of women were left to play with themselves, fuck each other or join in on the sex acts going on around them. The police officers and various families in attendance, when they realized that there weren’t enough men to go around, even brought all of the pet dogs and police dogs into the action. Dozens of dogs were learning a brand new game to play and many of the FRAGTD women, as well as many women among the “rebels” learned how much fun a good dog can be.

Every so often, as one couple or group would finish fucking their partner, they would either rest for a while to recharge themselves, eat or choose new partners to fuck. The orgy went on for the whole 3-day weekend. The police officers would come and go in shifts replacing those on duty and those who would come off duty would take their places, because it was a 3-day weekend, the city hall workers didn’t have to work and each of them wanted a go at their bitchy mayor. By the end of the weekend, Mayor Sharon Jackson had been fucked well over 50 times, mostly by Captain Hunter, who took great pleasure in fucking her into oblivion

Strangely enough, even though by the end of the weekend he had plundered the pussies of over 15 FRAGTD members, the one cunt Rick Hunter didn’t want was his ex-wife Abigail. After what she did to him last year, he didn’t want anything more to do with the bitch. His daughter Amy finally convinced him to take pity on her. During the entire weekend, Abigail hadn’t been fucked once by any of the males present, human or otherwise. For Amy’s sake, not Abigail’s, Rick proceeded to fuck her.

Rick lay his ex-wife on her back, he knelt down as he tenderly and lovingly licked and sucked the woman’s cunt. Rick figured that even if he hated this woman, even if he couldn’t stand to be with her, if he was going to fuck her at his daughter’s request, he was going to do it right.

Hunter ate her pussy for a long time, Abigail had more than a dozen orgasms while he did it. If he had done this for her when they were still together, she might not have ever left him. After several more orgasms, Rick rose up from her pussy and lay on top of her, he still had not yet put his cock inside her yet. He looked into her eyes while he vigorously rubbed her clit to keep her simmering like a pot on a cook stove and asked her.

“Do you want this, bitch? Do you want my cock inside of you now?”

“Yes, oh yes, please put it inside of me, I want it so much!”

“If you want my cock, you will have to do everything I tell you from now on. You will fuck who I tell you to fuck when I tell you to fuck them, you will dress and act as I want you to. If I want a maid, you will be my maid. If I want you to be my footstool, you will kneel down on all fours while I rest my muddy boots on your back. If I tell you to lick one of my other ladies out, you will dive into her pussy like an Olympic swimmer into a pool. DO YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THIS, SLAVE?”

“Yes, Master, I will do whatever you ask me to do, just please fuck me!”

“Alright Abby, I guess you can have it.”

With that said, Rick pulled his hips back allowing Amy to line her father’s cock to her mother’s pussy. Rick slammed down hard into his ex-wife’s cunt which drove the air out of her lungs. Rick set a hard, fast rhythm as he thrust in and out of her sopping wet pussy and Abigail had a mini orgasm as soon as he entered her, she had more mini cums every few seconds as her ex pounded into her again and again. As her mind exploded in rapture over and over again, she wondered why she had ever left him in the first place. Something about trying to find greener pastures than she could find in this little city. Abigail realized that there were no greener pastures than what she had all along and determined to herself never to leave Rick again. He could do whatever he wanted to her, he could fuck a thousand other women, with or without her there, and she would willingly do that and anything else his wicked heart desired as long as he fucked her every now and then.

Rick fucked Abby for almost 2 hours and Abby had over 15 major orgasms and dozens of smaller ones, he fucked in every position that he could get her in to and all the while, Amy was there to help her parents along. When they fucked in the missionary position, Amy felt up her mother’s tits. When they did it doggy style, Amy got under her and licked her parents joined genitals while Abby ate out her daughter. Rick lay down on his back while Abby rode his cock and Amy sat on his face allowing mother and daughter to tongue kiss and feel up each other’s tits.

Although Rick didn’t want to admit it, even to himself, he was starting to fall in love with his ex-wife again. He wasn’t ready to forgive her for running out on him or their daughter so as punishment, he would bring her back into their home as a maid and sex slave for the foreseeable future. Maybe, just maybe, he would someday forgive her completely for her sins.

When Rick finally came inside of Abigail, it nearly blew her head off with a pleasure bomb that she had never felt before. The fact that her own daughter was sharing it only made the feelings more intense somehow. Abigail knew now that this is and always was the way her life should be.

Meanwhile, above this arena of lust, sin and debauchery, the two Carlton women watched the happenings all around them with joy in their hearts and a tingle in their pussies. Anita and Diane lay back together naked, playing with each other when they weren’t fucking each other. Over the course of the weakened, they would occasionally join in on the action going on all around them before coming back into each other’s arms again. By the end of the weekend, Anita and Diane were more than just mother and daughter. They were a couple, as if they themselves were married to each other. Sure, the two of them would have other lovers, male and female either separately or together sharing their lovers with each other, but they would invariably return to each other.