The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


It was another Thursday afternoon and Topher was getting his hopes up again. Whenever he had some free time, the 39-year-old single guy would walk up and down Franklin Mills Mall (he was never ever calling it Philadelphia Mills. That rebranding could go to hell) and hope to catch the eye of one of the many lovely ladies who frequented his favorite hangout. Topher wasn’t bad looking. He was in decent shape, had short gray hair. He’d been told many times that he had nice eyes and an equally attractive smile. He was still alone. It didn’t help that he was pretty shy around women he was interested in. Even now, as he passed a cute redhead, he tried and failed to make eye contact. He was just ignored as she walked right past him into the Gap. He might as well have no existed. He hung his head again in disappointment when a voice came out of nowhere and stopped him in his tracks.

“Watch where you’re going dummy!”, the voice yelled at him. It was a soft yet firm feminine voice. A voice that was used to and expected to be obeyed. Topher didn’t break that expectation. He stopped immediately and looked up. For maybe a fraction of a second he was annoyed but that evaporated when he saw the unbelievably gorgeous young black Goddess in front of him. His eyes went wide, his jaw dropped open and he was speechless. The petite Woman in the leather jacket and stylish torn jeans seemed annoyed at first as well. As She watched Topher’s reaction to Her, She realized what was happening and rolled Her eyes.

“I-i-i-I’m sorry Miss”, he managed to say meekly. He couldn’t take his eyes off Her. She smiled a breathtaking smile and his mind melted even more. She rolled Her eyes again and laughed.

“You should be dummy. You should thank me for not kicking your ass for almost running into me”. She waited patiently for his response. She got the one She expected.

“Thank You so much for not kicking my ass, thank You Miss.” Topher didn’t even register what he was saying. He just knew he didn’t want to stop staring at the most beautiful Woman he’d ever imagined. Her dark brown eyes were intense and playful at the same time. Deep and mesmerizing, seemingly able to see right into his mind. He couldn’t help himself from watching Her lovely lips as She formed words, doing his best not to be too obvious as he gazed up and down Her perfect body. Doing his best but failing spectacularly. She was so perfect in every way, he could hardly make his brain accept that She was standing right in front of him.

“Eyes up here dummy, “She said with a knowing laugh, “I know I’m perfect but I want You to look right in my eyes. My eyes are so gorgeous, why wouldn’t you want to look soooo deep into them?”. It wasn’t a question. It was a command. Topher couldn’t help but obey. “You love when I call you dummy, don’t you dummy?” Again not a question. Topher answered yes. It was a pretty loud yes considering they were in a crowded mall. It got some looks from other shoppers and She laughed out loud at him. The Goddess’s name was Larah and She was used to this from submissive guys. They were always so awestruck by Her beauty that they would start to fall into a kind of trance. Which She used expertly to make them Her obedient puppets. Usually there was some conversation first as they tried to impress and charm Her with cheesy pickup lines. As She spoke slowly and seductively, all men realized the truth that She was superior and deserved to be completely obeyed. She laughed at how easy Topher was falling under Her spell. “That’s right keep looking into the eyes of Miss Larah. Keep staring at my perfection and feel how inferior You are to me. How much you want to serve Me. How much you need to worship Me. How deeply and eagerly you crave to obey Me.”

Topher stared deeper and deeper into Miss Larah’s eyes. Her stunningly beautiful eyes that filled his world and made all his thoughts go away. All his thoughts were being replaced with Her voice. Her voice was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard in his life and he needed it like a junkie. Every word felt like a shot of pleasure straight through his body and he was aching for every syllable as She spoke and laughed. He’d never felt this way before. He’d always been submissive to Women but this was so much more intense, so much more real. He’d always felt before that his submission was a choice. That he could walk away if things got to be too much. But the more Miss Larah spoke to him, the more he could feel his free will slipping away. All he wanted was Miss Larah’s voice in his head and to obey Her every command. Obeying Her felt so right and so good. He was so incredibly grateful to be allowed to serve Her. To make Her happy and give Her everything She wanted. She was so beautiful, so flawlessly gorgeous, he was desperate to do anything to please Her. His legs were so weak and wanted so much to collapse and prostrate him before this true Goddess. The more She called him a dummy, the deeper and deeper he felt owned. The more and more in lust and in love he felt. He needed Her more than air right now, he needed Her control. He was aching for Her more of Her voice and felt such a painful loneliness between Her sweet and powerful words.

“Keep listening to me dummy and fall deeper and deeper. You are my puppet, my good little dummy slave and all that matters to you is pleasing your Queen. Your Goddess. Pleasing Me. I am better than you in every way and you know that so deep in your soul. You know your life only matters when you serve Me. When you worship me. When I snap my fingers and call you dummy, your submission to me gets so much more intense. Your love and worship of me becomes all you can focus on. You are my dummy and my dummy obeys. The word dummy affects You to Your very soul. Whenever I call you my dummy, you become more deeply obsessed with me. Filled with lust for me and a core desire to obey Me. To attend to my every wish and surrender to my every desire. When I call you my dummy you fall into an irresistible trance that makes Me the center of your universe. You are my helpless groveling dummy and you love it. My dummy serves, worships and surrenders to Miss Larah. Miss Larah is perfect. Miss Larah is everything. You will repeat that in your head over and over for the rest of your life and you will thank me for the privilege of belonging to me. You will be so grateful to know and obey someone as perfect as Me. Tell me why you exist dummy”. She was right in his slack jawed face now, whispering Her words and triggers into his very receptive mind. She was laughing and snapping Her fingers with every command, conditioning him for his new life as Her toy. Her pet, Her loyal puppet. This was just the beginning too.

“my purpose is to obey serve and worship my Queen, my Goddess Miss Larah,” Topher said in a blank distant voice. He had a good blissful grin as he stared deeper and deeper into Miss Larah’s intoxicating eyes and fell more and more under Her control. He was being reprogrammed so easily and Miss Larah was enjoying how much She could manipulate Her new pet.

“Kneel dummy,” She snapped Her fingers and he dropped to his knees before Her, his entranced eyes never leaving Hers. She laughed at the people pointing and laughing at him.

“Kiss my shoes and thank me dummy.” Without hesitation, he began to lavish and worship her sparkly purple sneakers with reverent kisses all over. Not caring about anything but obeying Miss Larah’s commands. His only purpose was to please Her. She allowed him to lick the bottoms clean and he was in heaven. Her laugh filled his mind and made me even weaker and more determined to be a good dummy for Her.

“This turned out to be a very useful trip to the mall. I should come here more often. I have myself a new dummy to use and abuse. And we can start now. Give me your credit card and pin number dummy.” Again, in his lovestruck trance, Topher obediently handed over his wallet and all the information Miss Larah demanded. She frowned briefly. “What do you say dummy?”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me serve You Miss Larah. Miss Larah is perfect. Miss Larah is everything. Thank You Miss Larah.”, Topher chanted while staring at his perfect owner with all the devotion of a lovesick puppy. She laughed, smiled and snapped Her lovely fingers again. She allowed him to stand up and follow Her into Victoria’s Secret to have some more fun. He rose shakily from his knees and signed the most contented sigh of his meager existence. Topher belonged to Her now. Nothing else mattered but Miss Larah.

“Good dummy, “She spoke with a smirk and a laugh. She snapped Her fingers and didn’t look back. She knew he was following Her. He was Her good dummy now.