The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Harnessing a fembot army.

(Thanks to Knyght for his assistance with this story.)

Lucy and Stephanie were flatmates,very good friends and a pair of severe insomniacs.The trouble was that they couldnt sleep at night,and then couldnt stay alert at work the next day without massive doses of coffee which probably helped keep them awake the following night!They were both truly desperate to find a cure but all the usual pills and potions just didnt seem to have any affect on them.

Lucy was 22,a pretty,flat chested slim brunette,Stephanie 24,a plain looking but buxom blonde with a curvy full figure.Both were popular with the boys,and indeed they both enjoyed mens company in many ways.However they had also experimented sexually with each other and enjoyed that as well.As Lucy had said giggling,“We have the best of both worlds!".

One day Lucy came dashing in the flat with a magazine in her hand,and waving it in front of Stephanie’s nose said,

“I may have found a cure for our sleeping problem.”

Stephanie took the magazine and looked with doubt at the page, ‘Volunteers required to test a new electro sleeping harness as a cure for severe insomnia. Harnesses will be supplied free to 4 volunteers for testing.This device works by electrically switching off active nerve cells to give a peaceful and full nights sleep before waking you in an alert state in the morning.Test harnesses are designed for the female form,so men need not apply at this stage.’,and there was a picture of a pretty girl smiling,wearing a harness that looked something like a swimsuit made of straps over her body.There was also a second picture showing electrodes placed on the inside of the straps touching the girls body.

Stephanie looked suspiciously at Lucy,

“You think thats safe,it looks to me like there would be a lot of electricity running through the wearer of that outfit,I have no desire to be electrocuted in the middle of the night!”

Lucy giggled,“Well its not run off the mains if thats what you mean,it says it has an independent low voltage power source within the harness,more pleasure than pain,or so it claims.I have no wish for either of us to be electrocuted or turned into machines either you know.”

“Just wondered about that!“said Stephanie,still a little suspicious, “But if its as good as it sounds.........?”

“We might get some good nights sleep!“Lucy interrupted her,“Anyway I think we should phone up and volunteer and if we dont like the look of it when it arrives,we dont have to put it on,do we?”

“Suppose so,“Stephanie admitted,“but I dont like te sound of it,I have no desire to be wired up like a robot.“she added with a slight giggle, “Oh order it,I wont get any peace if I dont let you.”

“You’re right there,“grinned Lucy,“I want to give it a try even if you dont.I might not want to be a robot either but I like the idea of a good nights sleep.",and she phoned the number on the ad and offered their services as 2 volunteers.

2 days later when Lucy got home from work she was greeted by the sight of 2 identical packages,1 addressed to her and 1 to Stephanie and she excitedly realised what they were.She decided to be patient and wait for Stephanie to get home from work before opening hers and trying it on.10 minutes or so later Stephanie walked in and Lucy excitedly told her the news that the packages had arrived.

Stephanie smiled unsurely and said,

“Let me guess,you want to try them on straightaway.”

“Well I was planning on opening the package first!“giggled Lucy.

“Oh lets have a look at it,I suppose before I decide I dont like it.“said Stephanie still with massive doubts about the electrical side of the harness.They opened the package and most of Stephanie’s doubts seemed to be raised when she looked at the harness.Not only was it covered in wires and electrodes just about everywhere,but there were 3 snap tight fixings,1 which clearly went in her slit and the other 2 to be attached to her nipples.She held the harness up suspiciously and said to Lucy,

“I dont lke the idea of this,electrical bits on my nipples and in my pussy slit,all looks a bit dodgy to me,I dont fancy electrics blasting away on my clit or nips, where’s this from because I think they want volunteers to be robots myself!”

Lucy looked at the label,“Some medical establishment I’ve never heard of,but they say in the letter that those things are to send waves of pleasure through us and send us into a deep peaceful slumber,and its signed by a couple of Professors so they must be right.I want to try mine out even if you dont.”

Stephanie sighed,“Well I couldnt let you do it without me trying it I guess,how do we put it on and switch it on,and more importantly how do we switch it off again?”

Lucy looked carefully at the instructions while Stephanie just looked at the harness with grave doubts,then Lucy explained to her that they climbed into the harness,tightened the straps to fit them snugly so that the electrodes and wiring touched their skin,then attached the fixings to their nipples and slit.After that their body heat would set off the power source and they would be put into a deep slumber for 8 hours,as the electrical tingle pleasured and soothed their bodies into a deep sleepy state until the time came for them to be reawakened.

“No off switch then?“Stephanie asked nervously,“Not sure I like that if I cant switch it off again,those fixings arent going to be quick release.Does it say what voltage it operates at?”

“No it doesnt,“admitted Lucy,“but it must be safe I guess,I’m going to try it come what may,even if you are a scaredy cat.”

“Scaredy cat,no,trying to be safe and sensible yes,but if you are going to do it then so am I,lets put them on and try them out.“Stephanie said with a hint of resignation,knowing Lucy wouldnt give her any peace until she agreed to do so,“I guess from what you’ve said that we have to be naked in this?”

Lucy laughed,“Well unless you can attach things directly to your nipples and slit while wearing clothes then yes we do.Just hope we will be warm enough without our nighties on!”

“Probably fry!“grinned Stephanie,“240 volts or more pulsing through us.End up as robots saying Yes Master or something!Still lets put them on and discover.”

“Thought you would never get round to it.“smiled Lucy already removing her clothes,and Stephanie following suit.The girls actually found the harnesses quite easy to climb into and seemed to tighten around their bodies quite easily. They popped the fastener into their slits and it seemed to attach to their clits rather than just popping into their slit,Lucy even thought she felt it go right into her clit rather than just enter her,but thought she must just be imagining things.The 2 girls smiled at each other as they lay down as instructed and attached the 2 fasteners to their nipples and waited for something to happen. Just as Lucy was about to say that nothing was happening both girls let out a loud moan of passion as the most massive orgasm pulsed through their bodies,and then again and again a huge wave of pleasure erupted through their bodies wiping away all resistance in their minds to the massive orgasms ripping through them.This pleasuring went on for hours, till they were laid on the floor oblivious to anything that was happening around them.Suddenly from nowhere 2 beams of light invaded the house,enveloped the girls bodies and they disappeared from their room.

(Several hours later)

Stephanie woke up contentedly,and was just about to admit to Lucy that she had had a good nights sleep with some amazingly erotic dreams when she realised she wasnt laid down,but in a standing position.She glanced round quickly to realise she was stood in a clear tube,and that Lucy was in an identical tube to her no more than a few yards away.At this she looked round in panic to find 2 other young women in exactly the same state as them.A few moments later all 4 were awake,and they began to try and escape from the tubes holding them,but found they were unable to move more than their heads.Just as this happened a panel in the room they were being held in slid open and in walked 2 beings,for want of a better word.One was definitely alien to Stephanie’s frightened eyes,about 6 ft tall with silver skin and piercing blue eyes and dressed in a 1 piece silver bodysuit,the other definitely looked like a female robot,about a foot shorter,all silver with a silvery blonde bob haircut,a tight black top barely covering her massive cleavage,rubber or the like Stephanie guessed,and a short black mini skirt of the same tight material barely covering her modesty!She suspected she would soon look exactly the same and groaned at the thought.

The alien spoke to them,“Greetings Earth women,my name is Thruxx a male alien of the planet Electra as it was known,now known as Femazonia.My planet is now controlled by the females of the planet,all male life having been wiped out there several years ago with a special virus that the women discovered.I was fortunate enough to be on a mission at the time and escaped this fate.I now wish to return and rule my home planet and you will assist me in this.My only company now is my robot companion X-31 and I intend her to serve as my queen.”

“Help a man,never!“screamed 1 of the other 2 women,“let me go.”

“Just the opposite my dear.“smiled Thruxx,“you will help me to create an army of fembot women to takeover my planet as I cannot return until you have completed your mission and neutralised the virus that would kill all men.And you will help,all 4 of you,by the time I have programmed you to my wishes,you will obey my every command.I will turn you all into fembots like X-31 here and you will then process and lead my female army to victory over the Femazonians.The choice for you is simple,either you agree to be fembotised willingly,or I will simply press a button on my control panel,a massive charge of electricity will pulse through you and then X-31 will place you in the fembotiser anyway.I will leave you now for 15 minutes to make your choice,I will see you soon ladies.And by the way as my spacecraft is orbiting Earth at a height of 100,000 miles there is no chance of escape.“and then both Thruxx and X-31 left the room in the same way they had arrived.

The 4 women introduced themselves to each other,Stephanie and Lucy finding out the other 2 were called Angela and Kathy,and they discussed their fate together.

“Well I have no desire to be a fembot,“said Stephanie,“but I dont really think I’ve got much choice!Might as well go voluntarily I suppose.”

Angela giggled,“Well I always had a fantasy about being turned into a robot,but I’m not so sure now its about to happen!”

Lucy laughed back,“Well at least judging by the look of X-31 or whatever he called her I’m going to have a cleavage for the first time in my life,not much of a consolation I guess,but at least its something!”

Kathy just remained silent and sad while the other 3 chatted merrily.

15 minutes later they heard the panel sliding open and Thruxx and X-31 re-entered the room,“Your decisions ladies,are you going to be fembotised voluntarily,or must I electrically stun you first?”

Stephanie spoke for all of them,“We all agree to be fembotised voluntarily,what do we have to do?”

Thruxx spoke,“I will release you from your holding tubes and take you to the fembotising chamber where you will each enter a pod-tube to be transformed.The machine will then restrain you in position and carry out all necessary work to transform you into leaders of my fembot army. After that you will obey my every command,and help me to process the many thousands of Earth women I need to conquer Femazonia.”

The tubes holding the girls slowly glided up and they found themselves able to move again.Stephanie,Lucy and Angela walked in the direction they had been instructed to,but Kathy attempted to rush Thruxx and attack him,she had gone no more than 2 yards when Thruxx pressed a button and Kathy collapsed on the floor moaning in passion as Thruxx had fired a most massive orgasm blast into her pussy,and she fell on the floor,her juices running everywhere in the most massive climax possible.

“X-31 retrieve the Earthling and place her in a fembotising tube,she will recover from a force 10 orgasm in about 30 minutes,and we will have her prepared by then.I apologise ladies there will be a short delay to your processing until that being has recovered.“said Thruxx.

“Great!“said Lucy,“Now I have to wait to be fembotised,what a treat!”

The 3 of them walked to the chamber,X-31 carrying Kathy’s body behind them.They walked into the pods as instructed,Kathy was placed in hers and then they felt metal restraints grip around their wrists,ankles and necks.A headset was placed on their head by a pair of computerised arms and wiring connect to the 2 buttons on their nipples and the device in their pussy.When Kathy had sufficiently recovered Thruxx smiled at them and said,

“X-31 will now transform you all,I will meet you and give my fembot units their commands when the work has been completed.X-31 commence fembotisation of these 4 Earth women.”

In a robotic voice X-31 replied,“Unit obeys her Master,fembotisation chambers to full power.”

The next thing the 4 women knew was a massive surge of pleasure through their whole body as wave after wave of orgasm enveloped them,wiping away all resistance from their mind and bodies,and preparing them for the data download they would receive in time.The wiring system injected into their bodies replacing their organs with wiring and circuitry,and at the same time the harness sealed itself into the outer lining of their body becoming invisible to sight,but with all the electrodes still in the outer layer of their new skin.At the same time the headset removed all thoughts from the girls minds and replaced it with their commands from Thruxx which was all they would need to know in the future.This whole process went on for an hour or so,and though the orgasmic pleasure blast kept pulsing through their body,their reaction to it died to nil as their bodies were processed through all the stages of fembotisation till they could show no emotional reaction whatsoever. After this an arm came down and hermetically sealed the headset onto their heads and a small electronic collar clamped around their necks,after all the restraints had been removed,by now totally unnecessary to hold them.

Lucy was proved entirely right about 1 matter,the size of her cleavage as her tiny A cup breasts expanded massively until they were a massive E cup size,the other girls already quite buxom also found their breasts growing to the same large size,the wiring and technology inside them ensuring however that they were firm and pert,even at this size.When this work was completed 2 arms came down inside each pod and began to dress the girls,a silver breastplate sealing itself onto their now very ample chests,2 silver gauntlets for their arms,a pair of tight skimpy silver briefs,and then silver knee length boots being placed on their legs.After this work was complete the pods lifted off the now fembotised girls and Thruxx gave them their first command,

“Fembot sub command units take 1 step forward and confirm your designations.”

All 4 girls stepped forward as one and spoke in turn,

“Unit S-1,name designation Stephanie,leader of our Master Thruxx’s human fembotisation unit.”

“Unit L-1,name designation Lucy,sub commander of our Master Thruxx’s human fembotisation unit.”

“Unit A-1,name designation Angela,sub commander of our Master Thruxx’s human fembotisation unit.”

“Unit K-1,name designation Kathy,sub commander of our Master Thruxx’s human fembotisation unit.”

Thruxx smiled and said,“Excellent,I have designated Stephanie as leader of your unit as she was your spokesperson earlier,though you are all totally controlled by me,I need someone to run the fembotisation production line,and designate duties to others while I plan the invasion of Femazonia.My right hand robot assistant X-31 will assist you in the initial processing of Earth women,and after that as units come off the production lines they will assist you as necessary. Fembotisation unit go to the human fembotisation production line computers and prepare yourself to commence your duty of teleporting women to form my army.”

“Yes Master,we obey your command.“the 4 girls said as one and walked off to perform their duty.They sat down at their designated computer desk and then they were prepared to serve by the computer.Their breastplate lowered revealing their massive cleavage and 2 suction cups came out of the computer and sealed to their breasts,at the same time their briefs shrunk revealing their pussy and a probe inserted into their hole,both these devices began to glow gently sending massive ripples of pleasure to their body system.Though the girls would not orgasm,and indeed their minds would not register the pleasure given to them,it charged their body in a manner to raise their worklevels of their circuitry considerably.At the same time a helmet dropped down and linked to their headset thereby directly linking their neural unit to the computer enabling the 2 to act as one,and allowing them to operate the production line purely by ‘thought’ transfer to the production line computer.

When this work had been carried out S-1 spoke to her 3 assistants,

“K-1 and A-1 are to prepare the production line for operating at full efficiency,L-1 you are to track down harnessed Earth women for teleportation and fembotisation.Initially we require only 1 Earth female to initialise the production line and check its efficiency,but after that has been completed,we will receive 3 more,and then each of the 4 production lines will fembotise at a rate of 30 females an hour,and teleportation must be carried out accordingly.Inform me when everything is ready,and I expect at least 4 names to select from at that stage L-1.”

“We obey completely.“the 3 girls said as one.

Shortly after unit A-1 reported that the 4 production lines were ready to operate at full efficiency,and L-1 immediately designated 4 names for S-1 to choose from as the initial teleportation subject.S-1 locked onto the bearings of all 4 women,and then selected the 1 of her choice.

“Commence teleportation of selected unit.“she said.

L-1 said,“Teleportation of selected unit will commence in 10 seconds. Preparing for her arrival.”

Meanwhile back on Earth Amelia Taylor was preparing herself for the evening dinner party she was going to,it was a very swanky affair,and Amelia had been so grateful to find this beautiful ballgown within her more humble budget than most of her friends.It was a beautiful blue colour,and showed off her very large cleavage superbly.She had only been amazed to find it so cheaply.She had been slightly baffled by the gown having an internal harness,but as the assistant had explained to her it would provide a really tight body fit and show off her buxom curves even better,and such a bargain at £20!She had been told she wouldnt need a bra and panties with the outfit as the fastenings on the harness would hold her in,and she was right,it did the job perfectly. She had simply clipped the fittings to her nipples and placed the grip in her slit and she felt tremendous,it almost seemed to arouse her as she did so,and she giggled at the thought of being aroused by a dress! Suddenly a most massive orgasm pulsed through Amelia’s body ,and then again and again growing in strength all the time,and she slumped on the floor in a puddle of her juices.Then suddenly a beam of light descended and Amelia’s highly aroused body disappeared from her room.