The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Harnessing a fembot army-Chapter 2.

(Though all the fembot girls now,or will have fembot unit designation apart from the initial transformation I will probably use their ‘human’ names in the story,at least predominantly,for sake of convenience for my readers,I trust thats OK.)

Amelia came round to see the most amazing sight.4 young human looking women with the most amazing cleavages thoroughly linked to a computer and it clearly looked to her frightened eyes that they were being controlled by the computer,as there were devices attached to their large breasts,a probe wired up into their pussy and a large helmet and wiring connected to their heads.Just as Amelia was about to cry out in panic,Kathy turned to her and spoke,

“Greetings Earthwoman,you are honoured to have been chosen as the first member of our Master Thruxx’s fembot army,you have been brought here to be processed according to his wishes.”

Amelia blurted out,“What are you?Where am I?And I have no desire to become a fembot or serve Thruxx whoever he may be!",and tried to escape but found herself unable to move.

Kathy spoke again,“To answer your questions,we are Master Thruxx’s fembot command unit,we were formerly human women but have now been fembotised by our Master to serve him in the duty of providing him with a fembot army to conquer the planet of Femazonia.You will soon be processed on the fembot production line to serve him as he wishes you to.Where are you,in our Masters spaceship orbiting 100,000 miles above Earth,you were teleported here by the use of a transponder implanted in the gown you are wearing.And you have no choice but to serve in our Masters army,as you will be processed into a basic fembot unit to serve him,and there is no escape from your designated duty.”

“What exactly is going to happen to me then?“asked Amelia,not really wanting to know the truth,but thinking she had better find out.

This time Angela spoke,“Your body will be placed on the fembot production line,and your body will be adapted into that of a fembot, your internal body being replaced by wiring and circuitry.When this work is completed your new body will be activated and strengthened. After this your human mind will be wiped clean and replaced by your commands from our Master so that you will be able to serve him as a basic fembot unit.After that you will be dressed in your new uniform and become a member of his obedient fembot army.”

“And if I dont agree to all this?“said Amelia trying to find an escape route.

“Your body will receive a massive stun blast from your harness,and then you will be placed on the production line anyway.Besides you are 100,000 miles from Earth with no escape route possible!” said Angela.

While all this was going on Lucy and the computer were clearly linked into work mode,and after a few more moments Lucy spoke to Stephanie,

“Fembot production line 1 now fully operational and powered up,ready to process human unit.”

Stephanie then spoke to Amelia,“Are you willing to be attached to the fembot production line,or do we have to stun you first?”

“I’ll go,“said Amelia reluctantly,“might as well at least be awake when it happens!”

“Its for the best that way,“said Stephanie,she pressed a button and Amelia’s ballgown evaporated just leaving the harness on her naked body,“X-31 place her on the production line please.",then turning to Lucy added,“If this fembot unit process is successful then teleportation of other 3 selected units to be done immediately.Angela and Kathy to process this unit while you Lucy prepare to teleport next selected humans when desired.”

All 3 of them said,“Yes Commander.” as one.

X-31 took Amelia firmly by the arm,led her through a doorway into a room with 4 conveyor belts in there,and row upon row of silver knee length boots of various sizes.There were 2 rails,1 on each side of the conveyor belt,and restraints on the belts where the boots were clearly fitted.She selected a pair of boots for Amelia and she put them on her, then took her over to the conveyor belt,attached the harness to the 2 rails and placed the boots in a restraint.X-31 then informed Stephanie that the production line could be operated.

Kathy,Angela commence fembotisation of unit immediately.“she said.

“We obey Commander.“they replied.

Amelia felt the belt move under her feet,and she watched nervously as she entered a chamber with robotic arms,electrodes and wiring surrounding the edge,and she guessed they would soon be surrounding her.Once she was inside the chamber the belt stopped,and it began to tighten around her body.She moaned gently in pleasure as initially 2 tubes injected into her full breasts and a probe began to pulse in a most arousing manner after entering her slit.The chamber closed tighter still until all she could feel apart from intense sexual pleasure was electrodes against every part of her body and the wiring and harness becoming as one with her body.Suddenly she felt a massive charge of electricity flood thorugh her as the wiring raced through her body transforming her internally,all the meanwhile massive bursts of pleasure spread through her from the devices working within her breasts and pussy,she had never known such arousal was possible.She felt her body changing shape and form,but had no desire to do anything about it because of the amazing stimulation she was getting from the machine. Then,in what seemed like moments to her highly roused body,but was in fact more than 10 minutes the stimulation died down and the probes and devices disconnected from her body,and then she felt the conveyor belt whir back into life.

She looked down at herself,her muscle tone was now more developed than before,and her massive breasts now the size of the other ‘girls’,firm and pert,standing up proudly.Moments later she saw the next chamber and wondered what would happen there.She entered,it closed around her and a massive surge of electricity pulsed through her and all her circuitry was activated,Amelia didnt feel a thing physically even though 20,000 volts had just passed through her continuously for 30 seconds.Her body felt truly amazing after this,and so strong she felt she could lift anything if she so desired.The chamber reopened and the journey continued,she knew the next chamber would remove her human thoughts and being,and she was slightly sad about this,but she saw this device approaching her,then she was in it and the belt stopped again.

She felt 2 implants punch into her head just below her ears,then nothing as all her thoughts were evaporated by the device,and she became blank,peaceful and content as her mind was totally absorbed and controlled by the machine wiping away all her own thoughts and replacing them with total obedience to Thruxx,her new Master.She was also given details of all designated duties she would need to carry out in his service.What had been Amelia Taylor was now gone,she was simply base unit fembot A-11 and nothing more.She didnt need a headset as she would only receive instructions from her controllers and would not be required to interact with the computer personally.When this work was completed she was released and journeyed to the end of the production line.At this stage 2 arms came down and sealed her breastplate on her, her gauntlets placed on her arms and her silver briefs placed on her as well.After this X-31 glided across to check her over,

“Fembot unit,your designation please.“she said.

“Base fembot unit A-11,name designation Amelia fully operational and ready to serve her Master in any way he desires.What is her first command?“Amelia replied in a blank robotic type voice.

X-31 replied,“To assist in fembotisation of other earth females as required by your command unit.After we have successfully processed the next 3 females you will be in charge of fembotising units on production line 1.”

“Thank you X-31 for my command,downloaded and unit A-11 obeys.“Amelia said.

X-31 sent a message to Stephanie that the production lines were working perfectly,and that the next 3 females should be teleported immediately. Stephanie gave Lucy the command to do so,and she confirmed teleportation of the 3 females designated would occur in 30 seconds.

Lorna Carter,a slim redhead was dressed to impress her boyfriend,she had purchased a very tight fitting leather catsuit and it showed off her slim figure perfectly.She had been a bit bemused by the internal fittings on it,but the girl who had sold it to her was right,it made it cling even more,and made her feel so sexy and horny wearing it,what a night she had in store wearing this she hoped.

Josie Murray on the other hand was simply trying on her new swimsuit she had purchased,being a ‘little’ less slim than Lorna she had been pleased by the news that the internal harness design would make her look slimmer,but she wasnt convinced looking at herself in the mirror. She couldnt deny however that she felt very sexy wearing it,it seemed to emanate a pleasant tingle down below!

Hannah Best was having a ‘quick nap’ wearing her new nightie,she had thought it a ‘little’ clingy for her plump,buxom figure but the assistant had convinced her otherwise.She had slept in it a few nights now and had had such wonderfully erotic dreams she tended to wear it most of the time now under her clothes to enjoy the effect it had on her.It was more like a body suit than a true nightie,but the internal skin seemed to make her look slimmer rather than show her full figure, something she greatly approved of. Hannah was just 18 and had never had a boyfriend as they seemed to like ‘skinny’ girls,but this nightie-suit had made her feel very horny and damp,and she had purchased a vibrator to satisfy her newly discovered desires.She had been baffled by the 2 ‘points’ that seemed to attach to her nipples when wearing it,but the effect was so good she just didnt care.

All 3 women were about to find out how magical their outfits were!

Moments later all 3 women found themselves stood like statues unable to move in a room full of women who looked part human and part machine, Hannah woke and tried to squeal in sheer panic as Lucy reported in a monotone voice,

“3 selected females teleported successfully and placed in statue mode.”

“Thank you L-1,X-31,A-11 and A-1 are to transfer them to production lines 2,3 and 4 and you and K-1 are to process them accordingly.”

“Orders confirmed,carrying out as instructed.“all 5 fembots reported to Stephanie,and carried out their duties after Stephanie pressed a button on her control panel and their clothing had vanished,just leaving their harnesses on show.Within a short period of time the 3 women had been transformed into obedient fembots in the same manner as Amelia and designated a production line to work on,and at this point mass teleportation began.Lucy tracking and teleporting women at a rate of 120 an hour,Stephanie,Kathy,Angela and X-31 each operating a production line while Amelia,Lorna,Hannah and Josie prepared each new arrival on their production line,fitting them with their boots and attaching their harness to the rails.

In a week of non stop work (after all fembots dont need breaks!) an army of 20,000 fembotised earth women were stored in chambers aboard Thruxx’s ship in standby mode ready to serve him as commanded.At this point the 4 helpers were instructed to do the same and obediently did so,Stephanie having first made careful note of their unit designations. Then the 5 fembots disconnected themselves from the master computer that had run them for the week,and Stephanie reported to Thruxx that the army was complete,and that they were now seperated from the fembotising production line computer centre.

“Excellent news,X-31 should go to the flight deck immediately to prepare the ship for travel,the other 4 of you are to join me in my chambers for your briefing.“said Thruxx happily.

The 4 fembots walk into Thruxx’s room and stand robotically to attention,Stephanie confirming to her Master that the fembot army that he would command was now completed and awaiting their opportunity to serve him by conquering Femazonia for him.He walked up to Stephanie and kissed her on the lips,and caressed her ample cleavage,she of course didnt react at all.He tenderly stroked her firm stomach and then taking a step back spoke to all 4 of them at once.

“You 4 are my perfect fembot slaves,beautiful with massive breasts and totally under my control,what more could I ask for.And soon you will be the leaders of my mission to take Femazonia for myself.I will now explain my plans to you as you will lead the planetary mission.I am unable to land until the virus has been removed,and X-31 will coordinate things from my ship.”

The 4 of them spoke as 1,“Yes Master we will do as you wish,our only purpose is to serve you as you desire.”

An image appeared on the large computer screen in front of them,a 3D image of Femazonia with certain landmarks picked out,“This is a map of the planet,marked on it are the targets for our fembot army to overcome,then picking out 1 specifically,this is the main target Femazon Cloning Facility 232 as it is known,and this is where your personal force will attack.You will take 1 shuttle and land on the planet nearby,the other shuttles will be directed by remote control by X-31 from the spaceship,they will be directed to the other significant landmarks shown to enable us to control the whole planet.There is 1 other thing you need to know,the planet is surrounded by a protective force field,and though your shuttles are equipped with a device to get through this hopefully you will not need to use it.“Thruxx explained to them.

“Why Master?“Lucy asked him.

“Because one of the flight controllers is a woman called Ly’aa and she is a member of an underground resistance group on the planet and she hopefully will lower the shield for you.They are a small group of 8 women who realise the futility of the current regime and wish to change it for the better,and I believe we can rely on her help.Naturally she doesnt know what plans I have for the females of the planet but if the resistance proves helpful then they will be rewarded in their future lives,if they do not then I will process them in the same way as the others,as basic worker fembot slaves.”

He continued,“These cloning facilities are the latest attempt by the Femazon council to increase the number of females on the planet,but the design of them makes them ideal for fembotisation units,which is naturally how I intend to use them.The leader of this facility is a member of the high council called Traxina,she is under no circumstances to be fembotised until I give further instructions,I have special plans for her and the other council members.”

“Yes Master,your specific command concerning her is downloaded and confirmed.“Stephanie said.“How well protected is this site that we are to take?”

“There are a large number of guards there,and several hundred workers as well,but with use of your orgasm bolts on them they should submit easily,and indeed enjoy the whole experience.No one should be harmed, well not unless they die of orgasmic exhaustion anyway!Once you have control of the factory site your 3 sub commanders are to link into the sites computers and commence adaption of cloning tubes into fembotisation units while you run the operation on the planet in contact with X-31 on the ship.Your 3 assistants here are all programmed with the necessary data to do this work.After this work is complete all guards and workers at the factory are to be immediately fembotised, others will follow shortly after.While you are doing this work the other army units will secure sites and set up these,“and an image of a machine with radar discs on top appeared on the screen, “these will lock into the frequency of the Femazon females antennaes implanting orgasmic pleasure and obedience control signals direct to their brains,they will then progress to the facility for fembot processing. They may be able to resist these signals for a short period of time,but not for very long,within days they will all be fembots under my control.”

A signal came through on Thruxx’s video screen,it was X-31 informing him that the ship was ready to leave and that a course for Femazonia was plotted and locked in to the flight plan.

“How long will the flight be Master?“asked Kathy.

“With our hyperdrive engines,a matter of a few hours,X-31 has already directed our fembot army to board their designated shuttles and prepare for duty,by the time you reach your shuttle they will all be in position.fembot command team,it is time for you to board your shuttle and by the time we meet again I will be controller of my beloved planet.X-31 start hyperdrive engines and commence the flight.”

“Hyperdrive engines activated,flight time will be 2 hours 49 minutes and 6.31 seconds Master.” replied X-31,as the other 4 robotically walked off to their shuttle,their proud chests standing out as they walked.

The 4 arrived at their designated shuttle and boarded the craft and headed to the flight deck,when they got there they took their designated seats,Kathy and Angela in position to pilot the ship,Lucy downloading the orders to the neural units of their section of the army,and Stephanie at the communication deck in preparation for contacting Ly’aa at the right time.Once each of them were seated a tube came out from their desk and connected to their breastplate and glowed blue as data link was joined between the computers and the fembots,and then the girls were simply ‘switched off’ until they were needed again.

After 2 hours or so they were reactivated by X-31 and told that launch time had been reached,Kathy confirmed that the ship was prepped and ready,Lucy confirmed that the fembot army had full download of commands and she was setting orgasm blasters to level 8 in preparation for usage.They lifted off closely followed by the other craft remotely controlled by X-31 following behind,their target zone locked into their crafts by X-31,meanwhile hiding Thruxx’s ship behind a nearby moon.

They could see that Femazonia seemed a very lush and green planet,and soon after Angela reported to Stephanie that they were approaching the force field e.t.a 7 minutes.Stephanie connected to the radio link and called the planet,

“Calling Ly’aa of flight control,shuttle party seeking lowering of force field to permit entry.”

“This is Ly’aa of flight control speaking,no off planet shuttles are scheduled at present,please state your name and mission.”

“We are a fembot unit sent by our Master to assist your resistance group in overwhelming current leaders of your planet.“Stephanie replied.

“Your Master?“Ly’aa asked nervously.

“Yes our Master Thruxx intends to take control of Femazonia,with or without your assistance,but we offer much hope and reward to your resistance group,of which we are told you are a fine leader.”

Ly’aa lowered her voice,“There are only 8 of us in the resistance,so our help can only be limited.But we need to overcome the current council,their plans with the cloning factory are unsatisfactory for happy Femazon life for most of the population.What will happen when I lower the shield?”

The computer informed her through Kathy that e.t.a at the force field was 3 minutes.

“We have an army of 20,000 fembots designed to take peaceful and bloodless control of your planet,we need your group only to assist us in directing us to safe landing places,and to locate cloning factory sites so that we can adapt them for our purposes.This unit is directed to cloning facility 232 as our main target,and would be grateful for your assistance in this mission,we intend to transform it into a fembotisation unit to use on non friendly Femazons.“Stephanie said to Ly’aa.

“Fembotisation,I’m not certain I like the idea of that,but guess I can live with it.Bloodless,how?“asked Ly’aa.

“We have special weapons called orgasm bolts,believe me they are a pleasurable experience for females,and the only way anyone will die is of orgasmic exhaustion!“said Stephanie.

“Alright,in that case I’m lowering the shield now,I will contact other resistance members and arrange for them to meet arriving craft,can you send details of landing sites?I will meet your ship personally.“Ly’aa said.

Angela turned and said to her,“Confirming force field switched off,I am sending details to Ly’aa of our landing sites.”

“Thank you Ly’aa,you wont regret this.Ending communication now.“said Stephanie to her.

Stephanie made a quick call to X-31 confirming contact with Ly’aa and asking her to detail other army units to immunise the first femazon contact and not to orgasmic blast them,and X-31 confirmed this information would be spread to each unit.

Stephanie laughed,“After all they wouldnt be much help if they were lying in a puddle of orgasmic bliss for 2 hours would they!”

“Agreed,“said Lucy,“but I wonder if she would have been so keen to help if she knew she was to be fembotised too!”

“Yes,“said Stephanie,“but I think Master plans to reward them with a higher grade fembotisation,similar to our levels rather than basic units.But even so,it was handy I didnt have to tell her.I think he wants some Femazon commanders to help him,and they are ideal for the role.They will be able to enjoy serving him as much as we do.”

X-31 calls Stephanie back to confirm all shuttles safely through force field zone,and that single Femazon persons are located at landing sites.

Then Kathy calls out,“Cloning facility located,single Femazonian being awaiting us,confirmed by computer as Ly’aa.”

“Track landing point,and bring shuttle safely to ground.Lucy,activate base fembot units and prepare them for duty.“Stephanie said.

“Activating base fembot units now,passing on all necessary data, confirming setting of their their orgasm blasters is level 8. Instructing that first Femazonian is friendly and not to be attacked under any circumstances.“said Lucy.

The fembot army burst into life and as one said,“We are designed to serve our Master Thruxx.Command orders downloaded,gauntlets setting to level 8.“The gauntlets glow white as this happens.

The shuttle lands smoothly and Angela and Stephanie disembark to greet Ly’aa,while Locy and Kathy confirm that their army unit are all fully functional.She is very similar looking to Thruxx apart from having 2 antennae on the top of her head,and wearing a knee length flowing silver garment rather than a tight body suit.The planet is very green,almost jungle like,and the cloning facility is a very futuristic looking building,pyramidical in shape.Stephanie strode across to greet her and said,

Thank you Ly’aa for your assistance,our Master appreciates it.”

“Just hope I’m doing the right thing,“said Ly’aa,“you are strange looking beings to my eyes.”

“This is due to the fact that we have been adapted from Earth women,a far distant planet from here.Your fembot beings will be identical in look to now.“Stephanie replied.

“Anyway,I’m glad you are here,before the cloning facility is used for the wrong reasons.It is that building over there.“said Ly’aa.

“Is it well guarded?“Lucy asks.

“Yes it is,it would be impossible for our small resistance group to do anything about it.“said Ly’aa,then seeing the army massing behind the 4 women added,“But they might!”

A signal lit up on Stephanie’s breastplate,it was a message from X-31 to tell her that all other shuttles have landed safely and been greeted by the resistance,and that their members have been immunised against any wayward orgasm blasts.They have met some resistance from Femazonians,but are dealing with it effectively.

“Our unit is fully operational and ready for action commander,“Lucy told Stephanie,“we only need your word to commence operations.”

“One last thing then,Ly’aa swallow this tablet,it will immunise you against the effect of wayward orgasm blasts,as we dont want you writhing in pleasure for 2 hours when we need your assistance.” Stephanie said to Ly’aa.

A wicked gleam formed in Ly’aa’s eyes,“A 2 hour orgasm,maybe when we’ve won the battle you will let me experience it!”

Kathy arrives back from a scouting mission,“I have checked out the facility,there are approximately 200 guards and 500 workers,we have a fembot unit of 1,000 fighters.”

“Excellent news.“said Stephanie,“Commence attack on cloning facility with 400 fembots,and arrange the other 600 to encircle the site.”

“March on facility commencing,will carry out orders on reaching outskirts of site as commanded.”

It was an impressive site as 1,000 buxom silver clad fembots marched on the cloning facility through the lush greenery.Ly’aa had to admit it was quite a sight as she accompanied Stephanie in that direction.