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Harnessing a fembot army—Chapter 3

Within a short while the fembot army was in sight of the guards at the cloning facility,6 guards in bronze body armour stood at the gates,one of them cried out to the others,

“Intruder alert,unknown females approaching the facility.” and all 6 rushed out to meet the invaders and hold them off until the other guards arrived to help them.

The front line of the fembot army raised their arms and 2 bolts of white light shot through the air from each of them enveloping the 6 guards in a bright white light.When the light died down the sight was amazing,the 6 guards were writhing on the ground enjoying the most massive orgasm they had ever experienced,and it wasnt dying down at all.Soon their juices were running over the ground in front of them as they orgasmed over and over again.As each line of guards moved forward to meet them,a group of fembots would fire their orgasm bolts at them and they would join their fellow guards in total bliss.A few strikes from the Femazonian guns just seemed to bounce off the fembots breastplate,no more than a tickle would be registered by their circuits as they marched onwards.

As the workers at the facility rushed out in all directions the encircling army fired a ring of orgasm bolts at them and soon they too were in the same state of high passion,their nipples hardening and expanding as the pleasure inside them grew and enveloped their minds totally.The fembot troops approaching the facility from the front simply continued onwards simply turning any approaching Femazonian into a puddle of orgasmic bliss,their strong silver clad bodies an amazing sight as they did so.

Ly’aa followed their progress marching alongside Stephanie and was stunned at the sight in front of her eyes,the invasion was going superbly,yet no Femazonian had been hurt at all,well not unless you call being curled up in a hour long orgasm a painful experience!She could hear the coos,gasps and moans of pleasure coming from the women and thought to herself,“I’m going to enjoy this when its my turn!”

Very soon reports are reaching Lucy and Stephanie that the other units are having equal success,resistance has been met but soon crushed by introducing the Femazonians to the ultimate in pleasurable experiences. The other council members are being captured with the assistance of Ly’aa’s resistance helpers and steadily the sites designated are being prepared for the transceivers to be set up as per Thruxx’s orders.Lucy instructs them to assemble and activate them as soon as possible and the army units obey blankly but efficiently.

Soon the cloning facility is under fembot army control,’all resistance crushed but having a marvellous time’ would be the progress report if had been issued.Ly’aa takes this opportunity to lead Kathy and Angela to where Traxina would be hiding.They find her hiding behind her desk in the office,and when the 3 women walk in she rushes them and tries to knock Angela out with a punch on the jaw,but her blow barely registers on her strengthened body.Kathy fires a level 2 orgasm blast at her and Traxina crumples on the floor writhing in a pleasurable state.Soon after all this while Traxina is still recovering Stephanie and Lucy join the others.

“What do you want from us?“moaned Traxina,still in some state of pleasure,even from the low level orgasm blast she had received.

“We have been detailed to take control of this planet for our Master and to return this planet to his control.“said Stephanie.

Lucy turned to her and reported,“Facility now fully under our control and sub commander units are readied to carry out necessary adaptions to the facility computers and processing units.”

Traxina glared at Stephanie and said,“Why are you doing this,men are evil,that is why we removed them from this planet in the first place so women could rule?”

“We are fembot unit females controlled by our Master Thruxx,and our only wishes are to carry out his commands.“Stephanie replied to her. “He wishes us to transform the females of this planet into obedient fembots who will carry out all his commands.”

Traxina groans,“Oh no,not that!”

“Our instructions are to adapt the cloning tubes into fembotising tubes by computer adaption and then fembotise all the people here,with the exclusion of yourself.",Lucy said.“When do you want us to commence adaption of tubes Stephanie?”

“As soon as I have arranged for Traxina to be safely held,“Stephanie said smiling,and talking into her communication device said,“Amelia and Hannah track this beam and join me.”

2 voices spoke as 1,“Designated units obey their command.“and shortly after Hannah and Amelia arrived in the room.

Stephanie turned to her 3 sub commanders and spoke,“Commence facility adaption to fembotisation process,8 tubes are to be designated fembot level 2 and not used other than when instructed by myself or X-31.All other tubes are designated basic level 3 fembots.”

“Order downloaded and obeyed,adaption will take place as instructed.” said the 3 girls.

Traxina watched in amazement as the 3 women sat down in front of the master computer and cables extended from their breastplates and linked directly into the computer,their seats changing into saddle shapes and linking to their hips and then also to the computer.Again as 1 they spoke,

“Sub command units all in place,and the computer is now fully linked to and controlled by us,facility transformation can now take place.”

“Commence transformation duties.“Stephanie said,and as Traxina struggled to her feet and tried to show resistance she added,“Amelia, Hannah restrain her without use of orgasm blasts.Give her immunity tablet to transceiver signal,our master commands that he wishes all council members to see the fate of their people.”

Each of them grasped her firmly,and Traxina was amazed at their strength as they forced the tablet in her mouth,she couldnt possibly escape now,she had to literally just stand and watch her planets fate. The cables from the 3 womens breastplates glowed in a red light as the memory bank of the computer was wiped and replaced by fembotising programmes instead.It was possible to see the cloning tubes changing as all this happened,as extra circuitry was added for mind control purposes and to inject the nanobotic fluid into the Femazonians that would speed up the whole process with so many to be fembotised.

Stephanie again spoke into her communication device,“Calling to X-31 with progress report.”

Aboard the ship X-31 answered her,“Yes commander Stephanie,send progress report.”

“Invasion successful,cloning facility being prepared at present including designated number of tubes for selected units and Femazons.Pacification transceivers set up,require activation by yourself.Confirming all members of resistance have been very helpful to us,and will be designated level 2 subcommander fembots in time.” said Stephanie.

“Details confirmed and ratified by other army units Stephanie,level 2 designation for our friends is confirmed.Activating pacification transceivers now.“said X-31.

Even though the nearest transceiver was many miles from the facility Traxina could see the effect on the people there as the signal was sent,as the tips of their antennae began to glow,their eyes rolled upwards as signals of pleasure and obedience were sent directly to their minds.

“Whats happening to them now?“asked Traxina

“Preparing them to accept their status of basic unit fembots and be content in their new life.“said Stephanie.

“Thats not possible,Femazons are strong creatures.“said Traxina.

Stephanie looked at them and laughed,“Not for much longer,they will soon be low grade fembots controlled by our Master and very happy to be so.”

Within a short while Stephanie received a message from Kathy stating that the tubes were now ready to commence fembotising,and that the first 92 workers could now be given the pleasure of being processed to serve their Master.Stephanie designated 92 members of her army to help ready them,and called Lorna and Josie to join her and the others.

At this stage Ly’aa turned to Stephanie and asked her bashfully,“You did say earlier that I could experience this orgasm blast,it looks absolutely wonderful,is there any chance,err now perhaps of letting me feel it?.........Before I’m fembotised!”

Stephanie smiled at Ly’aa and said,“Of course you can,I will just give you a little taster for now,and then when your fellow resistance members arrive I will give you all a big treat together.Your immunity tablet will have worn off by now so you will get the full effect.As to your fembotisation,Thruxx is rewarding you with a higher grade than these people,you like us 4 will be able to have an electro orgasm as and when Thruxx chooses anyway!",then turning to Josie said,“Set your orgasm blast to level 4,then 15 second blast at Ly’aa please.",adding to Ly’aa,“you will enjoy the next 30 minutes or so!”

Josie said,“Level 4 set,for 15 seconds......firing now.”

Josie’s gauntlets fired a white blast at Ly’aa that seemed to surround her whole body for 15 seconds,by the time the light died down Ly’aa was already laying on the floor moaning in absolute heaven,with a trickle of her orgasmic juices running in front of her with a massive smile on her face of sheer delight.She just about managed to grin and say “Wow!” before subsiding into the next massive climax.

In the meanwhile,the first selected batch of guards and workers were directed into the fembotising tubes by the fembot army and the tubes sealed again on them.2 large needles came down from the adapted circuitry and injected both of their arms and a helmet dropped down and locked in position over their heads.A massive blue glow filled the tube as a powerful electrical charge transformed their bodies into that of machines,and their minds were wiped completely of free thoughts and replaced with total and utter obedience to Thruxx.After 5 minutes or so of this transformation the tubes released them and 92 fembots walked blankly out of the tubes declaring their allegiance and ownership by their Master,Thruxx.After this they continued to process the facility staff until the only 1 left unfembotised was Traxina.In the meanwhile the other members of the resistance had brought in the other council members as requested,accompanied by some of Thruxx’s army in support of them.Ly’aa greeted them happily and introduced them to the leaders of the fembot force as by now the fembotising system was fully functional in its own right and Kathy,Lucy and Angela had been able to release themselves from it as it continued to fembotise incoming Femazonians attracted by the transceiver devices.

Ly’aa told her resistance force everything that had happened there,and indeed what would happen to them,and though 1 or 2 werent happy,they all accepted that fembotisation albeit at a higher grade than most was their inevitable fate,but she did explain to them that they were going to get a little treat first,and whispered something about a high level orgasm blast for each of them,and this bought a few smiles from the women.As Stephanie was clearly in contact with X-31 aboard the ship she approached Lucy and asked about this ‘treat’ for them before they were fembotised.Lucy just smiled and said to her,

“Yes,we havent forgotten.”

As by this time Traxina was being formly held by 2 of what had been her workers Lucy walked over to Hannah,Amelia,Lorna and Josie and gave them some instructions.She then walked back to Ly’aa and said

“For close range firing I would like you to gather in pairs then the 4 girls will be able to orgasm blast you to best effect.I have set their gauntlets to maximum level 10,the most potent effect possible and therefore the blast will be very brief,just 1 second,however you will notice the effect for a good hour or so!So if you would like to get in position.”

“Oh yes please.“grinned Ly’aa from cheek to cheek,and gathered her group together accordingly.

“Right ladies,as instructed level 10,1 second at these very willing ladies.“Lucy said to the 4 of them.

An amazingly bright white light hit the 8 women and the effect was truly stupendous,their eyes rolled up as an amazing stream of ever increasingly powerful orgasms ripped through their bodies,growing and growing in power.All that could be heard from them was the most amazing moans of passion and delight coming from all 8 of them.By this time Stephanie had completed her contact with X-31 and along with Kathy and Angela came across to admire the sight.

“X-31 will be joining us shortly to help us process the Council members to Thruxx’s wishes,and to help with handing out our rewards from Thruxx,whatever they may be.The virus neutraliser is working well and Thruxx,our Master will be able to land on the planets surface in about 6 hours to take control of things.In the meanwhile,“and looking at Ly’aa and her group writhing in pleasure,“when they have ‘recovered’ we are to use the special tubes and fembotise them as level 2 sub commanders,that is to be their reward.”

Eventually,after an hour or so Ly’aa and her group recovered sufficiently to walk to their designated fembotising tubes to be transformed as level 2 sub commanders,the highest status that any Femazonian would hold.Their processing took slightly longer because as command level units they would need to be able to link into computers throughout the planet in the same method as the other 4 could,and also they needed to be fitted with special electro-stimulators as well,an honour designated to level 2 and upwards.

While this work was being completed X-31 landed on the planet and joined them,telling Stephanie that she had a special treat in store for her later.Their first duty however was to process the council members to serve as their personal guards,4 to be processed by each one of them,though the 4 guards that X-31 processed would be designated to Stephanie,as her role in life would not require personal guards.They each chose a member of the council as their first guard,Stephanie selecting Traxina as her first.

X-31 looked at them and smiled,“Our Master has a special treat for you for treating him so badly,you will not have individual unit designations like the rest of them,but simply become our guards and secondary beings,infused with our DNA to become the lowest level fembots there are,no identity of your own,but simply part of ours,to serve as we wish,totally at our control.”

She turned to the others and said,“If you are ready I will fire up the necessary programming.Stand directly in front of your subject.",the other 4 nodded,moved into position,and X-31 pressed a button on her armguard.Instantly 2 long cables fired out from their breastplates and implanted into the council members breasts,the cables glowing red as they did so,a brief scream uttered by each of the council members then silence.Another cable flew out of their navels and did the same thing. For 20 minutes or more the fembots and the council members were joined as the designated fembotic DNA passed into and overwhelmed their systems,stimulating their wombs to massive levels of fertility.Their minds and their identities wiped clean,these Femazons no longer truly existed,they just simply became sub bots and personal guards to the commander processing them.After 20 minutes or so the cables retracted and the 2 beings seperated physically but not mentally.Stephanie asked a question of Traxina,

“Who are you,and what are your duties?”

“I am unit 1 of Stephanie’s personal guard and male child production unit.I serve my Mistress and through her my Master Thruxx in every way possible up to and including giving up my life to protect her.”

“No other identity?“again Stephanie asked.

“None Mistress,unless you designate me one.",and all the others gave similar answers to the girl who had processed them.

This process was repeated 3 more times until all council members had been designated a commander to serve.The personal guards were then instructed to dress in their outfits,a skimpy tight metallic silver bra barely covering anything,and silver briefs made of the same material which covered almost as much flesh as the tops.X-31 implanted a control unit into each of their temples so that other high level fembots could give them orders as well as and when necessary.Once they had put their uniforms on they were hermetically sealed on to their bodies,never to be removed again,the briefs at least would open at the crotch to facilitate one of their primary duties.

Then X-31 took the 4 girls aside and told them their rewards,they were each to be upgraded 1 level with Stephanie taking over X-31’s role as Thruxx’s second in command,and Lucy,Kathy and Angela being upgraded to Stephanie’s level of command. Then turning to Stephanie she said,

“We need to upgrade 4 of the basic fembots to sub command level,have you made your choice on this matter?”

“I have indeed,its to be the first 4 women we processed name designations Amelia,Lorna,Hannah and Josie.“she said.

“In that case,call them forward and place them in level 2 fembotisation tubes for their upgrades,the tubes are so designed to recognise their current fembot status and just raise their level accordingly.I have raised the level of designation of 3 of the tubes to level 1 commanders and Kathy,Lucy and Angela will be upgraded in them,Ly’aa and her friends are more than capable of doing this work now.But for you I have a special treat.When we return,this work will have been carried out,so come with me now.”

She took Stephanie into a seperate room and hugged her tightly,“For you our Master has made a most beautiful upgrade,stand in front of me.”

Stephanie replied,“Yes Mistress.“and did so.

X-31 pulled out 2 headsets from the case she had been carrying and placed 1 on herself and 1 on Stephanie,she then pressed a button on her armguard and the 2 womens breastplates lowered revealing their massive breasts to the air,the next thing they were sealed at the nipples by a strong magnetic force and their hips writhed together as their 2 pussies made contact with each other,their clits dropping and connecting as one.X-31 said the words,level 0 upgrade commencing as designated by Thruxx code T-1 and a pink light enveloped the 2 women and they joined as 1.It was clear that the sexual stimulation levels of both units were going off the scale judging by the sounds emanating from the 2 bodies and they stayed like this for 30 minutes or more.At the end of this time the pink beam died away and they seperated at nipples and clit,X-31 removed the headsets and asked Stephanie a question,

“State designation level,and upgrade efficiency levels.”

Stephanie replied blankly,“Designation level 0,high command level activated and operating at 100%,all upgrade efficiencies at same level name designation Stephanie.”

“Excellent.“said X-31,“Unit return to standard mode.”

“R.e.t.u.r.n.i.n.g t.o s.t.a.n.d.a.r.d. m.o.d.e” she said totally robotically as the programming rushed through her,her neural unit still processing the massive upgrade it had received,then smiling she said in her normal tone,“Thank you X-31,I am honoured to be like you.”

“Not for long my dear,“smiled X-31,“for I am to be crowned as Thruxx’s queen when he arrives on the planet and I will then again be a level above you.But you have done very well,and we are both very proud of the way you have served us and will continue to do so.”

They then returned to the main area to greet and welcome all the other upgraded fembots,and congratulate them accordingly.A matter of hours later Thruxx safely landed his spaceship on the planet and was welcomed by his entire fembot army and his new Femazonian robot slaves,but most importantly for him,all his commanders from X-31 down to his new sub commanders.

(And in the future)

Thruxx and X-31 (Xantha was her name designation but I decided that as we started with X-31 we would continue that way) became Leader and Queen of Femazonia,later changed back to Electra its original name,and ruled the planet with a firm but fair hand,well allowing for the fact that all women were his controlled fembot slaves!Male babies were born and they were not fembotised but designed to increase the male population of the planet in time.More on this shortly!Thruxx and X-31 had a most luxurious palace and lived there happily together for many,many years.

Stephanie became the day to day commander of the planet,downloading any necessary commands from her Master,but basically the massive data boost that X-31 had given her allowed her to make the mundane decisions of everyday life without the need to refer everytime to her Master.Lucy, Kathy and Angela assisting her in these matters in the roles designated for them by Thruxx.They each had a luxurious home of their own where they and their guards would live,the guards serving their Mistresses totally,and indeed this could be done simply by thought command as they were simply part of their commander obeying every thought they sent down to them.

The 12 sub commanders had duties designated to them and were based throughout the planet,being in regular contact with the command levels above them,but living pleasant lives in very pleasant homes.They were given small levels of authority themselves,acting almost as councillors for their district of the planet.

The former members of the council,well they had no will of their own,and basically were used by Thruxx as male baby bearing units alongside their guard duties,to produce the male babies who would lead the planet in the future.They were the lowest level fembots possible, and had no rights whatsoever other than to serve Thruxx and their respective Mistresses.

The fembot army and the other Femazonians had a life as basic worker fembots being allowed basic privileges by their leaders as designated to their programming.They had a peaceful if totally controlled lifestyle which of course they were happy to live.