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The Hash

Chapter 13: #Three #Library #TreasureHunt #Honesty #Help

Jen stretched, and shook her head. The first thing she noticed was Eric’s smile, leaning back on his chair on the other side of the table. They were in the library reading room, and she couldn’t quite remember the last thing he’d said. Had it been something about counting? Or…

“Did you hypnotise me?”

“I think you mostly did it yourself. You’re getting quite good at it now, saying just the right things to take yourself deeper. Another couple of practice sessions and you’ll probably be better than me.”

“Okay, so you’ve done something?” Jen tried to think, but her mind was a little foggy still. There were rules though, they’d agreed on that. This was a game for her to play. Eric would take one object she was carrying, and set suggestions in her mind to make it more exciting, more erotic, more embarrassing. Last time, it had been a book. The time before, a marker pen which she was still using to mark herself as Master’s property every morning. So this week, the gift would be… “Have you looked through my bag yet? What’s the present?”

“Well, I saw this on top of your shopping,” Eric spoke lazily, sliding an ornate box across the table. Right in sight of anyone who happened to be looking in through the windows, Jen realised. She snatched the box off the table, and did her best to hold it where it would be out of sight of any accidental voyeurs. Eric continued without reacting to her sudden show of embarrassment: “It seems to be empty, though. If you buy something for me to play with, it should be in the box.”

“Of course,” Jen nodded. Awaking from hypnosis could be just like waking up first thing in the morning, she realised. It took a few minutes for her to realise just what had happened the night before, and what they’d been talking about. But she remembered Eric’s teasing, his suggestion that she should change back to her regular underwear, so that he could orchestrate the whole scenario of her changing into her new clothes and being somehow affected by them and the suggestions placed on them.

Putting the box on the seat beside her, Jen lifted her skirt just enough to hook her thumbs over the waistband of the purple panties, and tugged them down to her thighs. Then she took her feet off the ground just long enough to take the underwear off over her shoes, and carefully folded the offending garment back into its box. It didn’t quite have the presentation it had originally, but she thought it would look appealing as a present if she hadn’t bought it for herself. And she told herself that the damp patch would be entirely invisible until the box was opened, all evidence of her arousal hidden from Master until he decided to ask.

“That better?” She asked, just a little cheeky to see if he was going to decide she needed punishment. It never hurt to try, she was sure. Then she pushed the box back across the table. It had gone half way before she froze in place, eyes suddenly widening.

“Oh, God!” Jen whimpered, the realisation short-circuiting her mind. She’d just known that if Eric said to change her panties, that was what she had to do. It had never occurred to her to go somewhere more private, or to check who might be looking in first. She could imagine anyone had seen her now; a curious library assistant or a willing voyeur in the steamy romance section. He would have thought all his dreams had come true. She could just imagine it now, people she didn’t even know being excited by what must seem an act of exhibitionism, and she hadn’t even known.

“You okay?” Eric asked, just managing to contain the laugh she could see in his eyes. He knew it was cruel, he knew it was humiliating, and he knew exactly the kind of things that would turn her on when she thought about them. Jen just nodded, not trusting herself to speak right now in case the excitement was obvious in her voice. It was taking all her self control not to leap on Eric and give all those voyeurs a real show.

“Well, let’s begin,” he said, slipping the lingerie packet back into her shopping bag and handing it to her. Of course, he’d left the shameful package right on top, so it would be visible to anyone who glanced at her bag as she was walking around the library. “I heard what you said about a treasure hunt, and I thought that sounded an excellent idea. Not to mention that I love to see a beautiful young woman reading. So, I’ve hidden a few clues around the library, each book giving you a hint towards the next. Does that sound like the kind of game you’d like to play?”

“That’s…” Jen wasn’t quite sure how to phrase her thoughts, but she put together some words pretty quickly: “Not the kind of suggestion I expected. Not the kind of thing we’ve done before.”

“No, well. I think some things might get us in trouble if we did them in a library. But if you really want, I could take you on the table right now, and make you so horny you can’t even think. Then people would be sure to watch, you wouldn’t just be fantasising. Do you really want that?”

“Yes!” Jen answered without thinking, her smile spreading so wide it was almost painful. Then she started to realise what she’d just said.

“Wait…” she gasped, taking a deep breath and trying to force either that grin or the resulting blush to leave her face. “Wait, no! Not in public, everybody would think… Did you…?”

Eric laughed, and shook his head with a more low-key smile.

“I couldn’t stop myself,” he answered as Jen continued to attempt a spluttered explanation. “A few words that will elicit an honest answer out of you. Whether something excites you, without thinking about the consequences, or social acceptability. You gave me an honest answer. And I think your eyes are telling me now that you were somewhat embarrassed to have said yes so readily. And maybe, those feelings are even more intense now you can’t deny that consent came from your own mind. Your own desires.”

Jen nodded slightly, her head bobbing the slightest fraction. Thinking about how ashamed she would feel, seeing everybody watching something like that. And how Eric must think of her, knowing that she was positively excited by the thought. There were tears in her eyes now, just from the embarrassment, but she wouldn’t have given it up for anything.

“Now…” she tried to get her breath back. To think of something other than taking Eric right away. She had to calm down, because she knew that some things were impossible no matter how much she wanted them, and dwelling on those thoughts could only lead to a very bad reputation or more frustration than she could cope with. “This treasure hunt. Where’s the first clue?”

“Each book leads to the next. Did I give you a book?”

“Yes,” Jen nodded, “but I can’t read that here! In public? And I don’t have it with me.” Even thinking about carrying that book in public was shameful. She didn’t want anyone else to know she owned a copy, and she would have hidden it from Simon and Claire too if it hadn’t been on top of her shopping bag the last time she returned from a meeting with Eric.

She forced herself to think, which was getting increasingly difficult as her arousal built up. Eric had given her a copy of a trashy romance novel that had a lot of sex and very little romance. The book had somehow made it onto the bestseller lists as a result of a media frenzy; taking a previously controversial novel and turning all the troublesome elements up to eleven, and then claiming that it shouldn’t be censored because it was made over-the-top as an act of parody. Circumventing the rules that kept books of that type out of high-street bookstores and supermarkets had been the best marketing possible, but Jen wouldn’t ever have considered reading it. Except now…

She couldn’t read that book in public. That would be a disaster, with consequences too serious to ever be worth the thrill and embarrassment. But if she found another copy of the same book, she could look in it for a clue. And the library would possibly have one, wouldn’t it?

She didn’t say anything else to Eric, but walked over to the romance section. She took a deep breath on the way there, and then started to look at a wire rack of books that squealed accusingly as she turned a different side to face her. They didn’t seem to be in any kind of order, but she was sure she would recognise that book at a glance. When she didn’t see it, she started looking again, reading off the titles on the spine of each book. It was slower, but this way there was no way she would miss it even if it was a different cover.

“These treasure hunts take you some strange places,” a voice behind her made her jump as she was scanning the second row down. It was the assistant who’d spoken to her earlier. “Can I help you find anything? If you know what you need to find now, I mean? It’s not cheating if you solved the puzzle already.” He wasn’t laughing at her, she forced herself to realise. He wasn’t intentionally mocking or teasing, but he must know how embarrassed she was to be looking for that book, even if his guesses at the reason weren’t quite right. Well, he already knew she was going through a kind of hunt, and that she wasn’t really interested in the book, so if she could ask anyone for help it was right now.

“I’m looking for…” It was still so hard to say that title. To admit an interest in the book that everyone had been sneering at a month before. “Have you got a copy of ‘Sixty-nine shades—’ ”

“Of course,” she could hear the chuckle in his voice, knew that he must find the whole situation hilarious. But that was just everyday schadenfreude, not any insight into her personal life. He didn’t think she was the kind of slut who couldn’t help masturbating every time she so much as glanced at the words in her own copy of the book. “It’s on the ‘New and Popular’ section, it just crept back into the bestseller lists. But the head librarian’s a bit of a prude, so she tries to make sure it’s behind the trolley. Would you like me to…”

“No, no. I’ll be fine. Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver.”

Jen strode away, hoping she hadn’t been too abrupt. She knew he wasn’t judging her. He was sympathetic to her predicament, as he saw it, but knowing that didn’t stop her heart racing when she imagined what he could think of her; what he might do in any number of situations she was sure would never happen.

‘New and Popular’ turned out to be the set of shelves directly facing the door. The top dozen bestsellers on the shelves were turned to show off their covers, three on each shelf, with the less-popular volumes arranged on three rows beneath. And, as the helpful assistant had said, she saw the book she was looking for on the second shelf from the bottom, half concealed by a carefully placed trolley full of books ready to be reshelved.

Jen dropped to her knees as she picked up the book. She was so excited just to see it, she couldn’t wait to take a look inside and see what the clue might be. But then she couldn’t help thinking what might happen. The hypnotic suggestions in her mind, that could leave her climaxing in sympathy every time she read about Amantha’s pleasure with her lumberjack friends. She could just imagine how the library’s few patrons would turn to look at her, and how ashamed she would feel when she was forced to leave. She was dreading it, she couldn’t even bring herself to open the book. But at the same time, she couldn’t deny how much those thoughts were turning her on. She was practically dripping now, her body responding to shame in ways she’d never been able to understand.

She could hardly think, it felt so good, and if she opened the book…

On some level, she still knew she was safe. Eric was a responsible master; he would never do anything that might get her in real trouble. No matter how much she wanted it, she could rely on him to do the right thing.

Couldn’t she?