The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hierarchy of Needs

by Pan

Chapter 4:

It took me longer than it should have to realize what was going on.

Twenty minutes after I slipped out of the small room, my sister arrived home, and I almost did a double-take when I saw what she was wearing.

It looked like she’d strategically ripped her shirt to show off as much skin as possible, and it was clear that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. All as planned, right?

Wrong. To my surprise, Ashley blushed as soon as she saw me, and immediately went into her room to change.

When she came out, she was dressed as she always did. Certainly not in an outfit that, like, covered her from head to toe, but nothing compared to the slutty remnants of an outfit she’d walked through the door in.

For the rest of the night, we hung out. I got the sense that my sister wanted to tell me something, but I wasn’t sure what. I could have asked her, I guess—now that trusting me was a huge priority, I doubt she would’ve kept it a secret—but I simply wasn’t curious enough for it to be a priority. Instead, I just sat back and waited for her to come to me with whatever she was hiding.

That evening, after Ashley insisted on greeting the pizza delivery guy, she finally said something.

When she returned to the lounge-room, her face was bright red. Her flannel shirt was missing three buttons—not weren’t unbuttoned, completely missing. I worked out later that in her haste to show off her tits to the pizza boy, she’d ripped her top open with such force the buttons had gone flying off. (She’d then manually unfastened the rest to show him her magnificent orbs.)

And I hadn’t even noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Maybe I need to move ’Awareness Of Women’s Apparel’ up in my own cabinet.

“Jacob,” she said, turning to me with a blush. “Can I talk to you?”

“Of course,” I replied, trying to sound casual.

“In my room?”

“Of course,” I gulped, completely failing to sound casual.

If things were going as I’d planned, I was going to head into Ashley’s room and she was going to flash me. Her need for exhibitionism would be so great that it would overwrite anything else…and she’d trust me too much to find it weird.

At least, that was the plan.

When I sat down on the end of Ashley’s bed, I already had a hard-on. I’d been dreaming about this for as long as I could remember—seeing those perfect orbs of hers, those beautiful bouncing breasts that I’d fantasized about for so many shameful nights…

But when she turned to me and started to speak, I realized that something had gone wrong.

My sister wasn’t flashing me. She wasn’t even showing off more skin than normal; as I entered her bedroom, she’d found a safety pin to re-seal the gap in her shirt.

She really did just want to talk. And yeah—it took me way too long to work out what was happening.

“Jacob,” she said hesitantly. “I can…I can tell you stuff, yeah?”

“Of course, sis.” I replied gently, still thinking that this was a prelude to seeing her tits.

“I’ve been…feeling weird today.”

“Oh yeah?”


There was a long pause as I mentally willed her shirt off. With Morality such a low priority, you might think I was tempted to just reach out and rip it off…

And you’d be right. I was tempted. But there were so many things stopping me—most of all, the all-important Sex With Ashley. If I screwed things up now, that was never going to happen, and that priority was far too high to risk. I couldn’t do anything that would risk screwing it up.

Even forcing my sister to show me her tits.

Finally, Ashley worked up the courage to tell me what was on her mind.

“Have you ever wanted to…show your body off?”

My eyes lit up. This was going exactly where I’d hoped it was.

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, it’s pretty hot when people check you out…”

“Exactly!” she replied, far too quickly. “I mean, isn’t it?”

“Sure,” I said, trying to nudge her in the right direction. “Even if it’s to, like, a family member…”

“Ew!”Ashley replied. To my surprise, she sounded genuinely disgusted. “No, not like that. I just mean to…other people. Like, y’know. Strangers.”

I was flummoxed. Like I said, something had gone wrong, but I couldn’t even start to figure out what. I fell silent and let her take the lead.

“I just…I want to know I can trust you. You won’t think I’m a freak if I talk about this kind of thing, will you?”

“Of course not.” At least one of my moves had worked as planned.

“Today, on the bus, I just…I got this overwhelming urge to show off. To, like, the strangers on the bus.”


“And even the pizza guy. As soon as I knew he was coming, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I got all heated up at the idea, I just wanted to…I dunno. Is that weird?”

“Not at all,” I said, trying to make the best out of a bad situation. It was quickly becoming clear that I wasn’t going to see my sister’s tits, but even if that was a lost cause, I could build up some trust—lay some foundation for the future.

I started spinning my own tale of snapchatting with a girl, sending her pictures of my junk and getting shots of her boobs back. As I did, I saw Ashley’s pupils widen—she hung onto my every word, and at one point I caught her biting her lip. It seemed that even hearing about exhibitionism was enough to get her excited.

So why didn’t she want to show me anything?

My sister thanked me for the talk. I decided not to push my luck too far, and just wished her a good night. After leaving her room and going down the hall, I sneaked back and listened at her door.

I may not have much experience with women, but I’ve seen more than my share of porn. And I would bet my right nut that what I could hear from inside my sisters room was the quiet but distinct sound of female masturbation.

What the hell was going on?

* * *

After my folks went to bed that night, I got up and once more entered the strange room full of filing cabinets.

I made a beeline straight for Ashley’s drawer, and was relieved to discover that nothing had changed. I guess everyone’s priorities shift over time, but even though Ashley was obviously freaked out by her newfound need to expose herself, the Exhibitionism folder was exactly where I’d left it.

So why hadn’t she flashed me? None of the folders in front of it had clashing priorities—Trust In Jacob was the only one that I could see which could cause any kind of conflict, but if you want to trust someone, surely showing them your nude body is the best way of ensuring this.

The only thing I could think of was that she was worried that, like, I wouldn’t trust her if she acted strangely? But it hadn’t been a like, nervousness that had stopped her. It had been disgust. Even though I’d made Exhibitionism one of her highest priorities, she clearly had zero interest in exhibiting herself to me.

But why?

My mind was spinning. Curiosity was no longer a priority, but that just meant I wasn’t curious for curiosity’s sake. In this case, Sex With Ashley was driving, and it had a bunch of questions it wanted answered.

I took out my sister’s Exhibitionism folder, and wondered what would happen if I didn’t return it. Would she just become completely unaware of the concept? Or would showing herself off just become a total non-priority?

Answering that question wasn’t going to get me any closer to putting parts of myself inside Ashley, and so I didn’t follow that train of thought any further, instead just opening the folder to see what was inside.

Like many of the other folders, this one contained a few subfolders. In order, they were labeled:

I found it interesting that Ashley considered exposing herself to strangers and acquaintances a higher priority than lovers. I puzzled on that for a minute, in case that somehow contained the key. Probably because that was just an expected part of the relationship; like how you work harder to get your friends to like you than your family, because your family’s love is just…expected, y’know?

My eyes widened.

Family was missing.

Strangers, Acquaintances, Lovers, Friends. That’s a wide net, but it’s far from every possible relationship in Ashley’s life. To pick one obvious example, it was missing…me.

I opened the ’Friends’ folder to see if there was an ’Exposure To Jacob’ folder nestled in there, but instead I just found further subfolders. ’Exposing Tits’, ’Exposing Ass’, ’Exposing Cleavage’—one for each part of the body.

Where the hell was Family?

Ashley’s new exhibitionistic desires were useless to me if I wasn’t going to be on the receiving end of them. I went to put the folder back, but paused as I decided where it would go.

My sister had become aware of her new fetish; she’d even used to to strengthen the level of trust between us. Moving it now might be suspicious, and if I left it where it was, maybe she’d divulge more to me. The more she trusted me, the less suspicious my actions would be.

I tucked Exhibitionism back where I’d just taken it from, making it one of her top priorities. The advantages of having a sister who obsessively showed off her body were quickly becoming apparent to me.

Making Ashley abruptly start having sex with me was a bad idea, I was sure of that. Hell, just a few hours ago she’d verbally expressed how gross she found the idea of showing off her skin to her family. To suddenly leap from that to making the beast with two backs…yeah, no. It wasn’t going to be that easy. I had the ability to shift her priorities, but I couldn’t erase her memory or just directly implant thoughts into her head.

But I was clearly able to affect my sister’s actions…there was potential there, I was sure of it.

I couldn’t make my sister jump my bones, not directly. But as her interaction with the pizza boy had confirmed, I could definitely make her more of a slut. I already had made her more of a slut.

So what if I pushed that a little further?

She hadn’t seemed disturbed or put off by the fact that she was flashing the delivery man. If anything, she’d been sort of curious about it. Intrigued, y’know? Her first action hadn’t been to freak out, it had been to check with me if there was anything weird about her new desires.

And I’d told her it wasn’t. I’d said that it was totally normal to get off showing your body to other people. And it was so important to Ashley that she trust me, she hadn’t even questioned it.

Upon suddenly being implanted with an intense exhibitionism, my sister had just sort of accepted it.

It made sense, really; the Exhibitionism folder had already existed. It was already a part of my sister’s psyche.

All I’d done was move it up.

And if my sister continued started acting on her newfound desires…I dunno, I had this strong feeling that she wasn’t going to be suspicious. If I built on what was already happening, what Ashley already wanted on some level, if I made my sister even more of a slut, I didn’t think I’d find as much resistance.

Then, once she was showing herself off to everyone, Ashley wouldn’t be nearly as squeamish about showing herself off to me. If everyone in town had seen my sister naked, I’d just be another name on the list.

The idea immediately made me a little uncomfortable. It’s funny; a few days ago, I probably would’ve chalked it up to morality. Y’know, ’it’s just wrong’, that line of thinking.

That wasn’t an easy excuse any more, and I had to really stop and think about why I didn’t like the idea.

First of all, she was my sister—I wanted to have sex with her, not make her the town bike. If everyone knew my sister was a slut, it would…I dunno, reflect poorly on me.

And make her a little more appealing, if I’m being honest. It’s probably a biological thing; we want what others can’t have.

And even beyond that, if I knew my sister was out there fucking half the city, I knew I’d start to get jealous.

I probably should have abandoned the plan. Instead, a smile spread over my face.

The only thing stopping me at this point was my feelings about it. My priorities. And since I’d made Sex with Ashley one of my highest priorities, I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way—not even myself.

I tucked Exhibitionism back into Ashley’s folder where I’d taken it out, right near the front, and crossed the room to access my own folders. It took me almost twenty minutes, but I managed to find what I assumed would cover jealousy—’Exclusivity With Sexual Partners’—and moved it right to the back. While I was searching, I also stumbled upon ’Family’s Well-being’. I dove into subfolder after subfolder until I found it: ’Ashley’s Reputation’. After quickly browsing its contents to make sure I wasn’t doing anything stupid, that too got relocated to the back of my own drawer.

Returning to Ashley’s drawer, I considered just moving ’Sex’ to the very front, but I knew I had to be careful. When my sister’s exhibitionist traits had blossomed, she’d obviously noticed something was up—fortunately, she didn’t seem to suspect outside influence (why would you?) but if she was suddenly sleeping with everyone in town, I’m pretty sure she’d notice something was up.

Instead, I brought two other folders forward. I wanted to ensure that over the coming weeks, she didn’t get any diseases, or get herself knocked up, so I shifted ’Sexual Health’—which was alarmingly far back—right behind Trust in Jacob; I figured that would ensure she was safe with everyone else, but would happily let me do whatever I wanted with her.

And boy, there was so much I planned to do with her.

The other folder I shifted was a subsection of her ’Money’ folder: Short-Term Wealth.

I also spent a few minutes trying to find ’Exposure To Family’. It definitely wasn’t anywhere to be found within her Exhibitionism folder, and I couldn’t find a trace of it anywhere else. But I had a plan, and if all went well, the location of that folder would quickly become obvious.

Before I left the room, I opened my parent’s drawers. I stared at them for a few minutes; I needed to make sure that they were okay with anything that Ashley and I did (my first thought was to move ’Children’s Well-Being’ to the back, but I immediately realized that could simply result in us getting booted out onto the street).

After a few minutes of thinking, I instead opened their ’Social Norms’ folder, and moved everything that could possibly relate. Presentation Of Children, Offspring’s Public Habits—there were even separate folders for ’Ashley’s Job’ and ’Jacob’s Job’—mine was significantly further forward than hers, I was surprised to notice.

I suppose as the only male, my parents thought it was more important that I do well. ’Ashley’s Boyfriend’ was in a similar position to ’Jacob’s Job’. My parents have always tried to treat us the same, but I guess it’s a generational thing.

I was about to close the drawer when I had a thought. Within ’Children’s Well-Being’, I found ‘Ashley’s Sex Life’ and ’Jacob’s Sex Life’. They weren’t folders, just pieces of paper. On them was written all the stuff that you’d expect: Safe Sex (won’t be a problem any more, Mom and Dad), Consensual, Fulfilling. I considered getting a pen and adding a few items, but I don’t think anyone would remain unsuspicious if Mom and suddenly prioritized getting me and Ashley together.

Instead, I just moved them right to the back. Now, no matter what Ashley and I got up to, our parents wouldn’t care.