The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Hose Virus

Chapter 3

Carl Loses His Grip on Reality

Carl awoke an hour later absolutely famished. He was completely unaware that an hour before he had had the most intense experience of his life. Apart from being extremely hungry he was surprisingly energized. He swung his legs over the side of the bed actually making it all the way to his feet this time before he realized there was a problem. “What the hell?” he squeaked as his feet hit the floor. He looked down to see his entire lower half covered in what appeared to be nylon. “Pantyhose, how much did I drink last night?” His stomach growled again at him shaking him out of his shock. His stomach’s demands overrode any desire he might have had to extract himself from the hose.

Luckily his fridge was full of the remnants from a dinner he had had earlier in the week with his brother Steven. Linda his wife was an excellent cook and always made far too much food when Carl came over so she could send the leftovers home with him. Carl Not even tasting any of it dove in eating far more then he generally would in one sitting. His hunger finally satisfied he sat down at the kitchen table to remove his embarrassing silky pajamas. Carl attempted to hook his thumbs into the waistband of his pantyhose but they were apparently so tight he couldn’t work his thumbs under at all. “Screw it. I’ll tear the damned things off.” He grabbed for two fistfuls of the material intent on shredding the hose in short order but the more he pulled the less success he seemed to have at removing them. In fact during his exertions he inadvertently brushed a hand against his cock and began to develop quite an erection. So intent was he on shredding the offensive underclothing that he failed to notice its unusual fit. His package was not being contained inside. He was now standing straight out at attention his penis completely cocooned inside the nylon web. In fact if he’d have looked closely the material was not only clinging to the outside of his shaft. It had worked its way inside of his urethra as well. Carl’s focus didn’t actually wander until he felt a pulsation inside his ass.

Carl had never had anything inside him before and had no secret desire to experience a prostate massage before this moment but whatever it was that just hit him was simply too good to ignore. The silky material began to pulse in a wavelike pattern both inside his rectum and over the surface of his dick focusing heavily on the underside just below the head. Carl stopped trying to remove the hose and quite literally fell out of his chair and on to the kitchen floor. He slid down on to the cool linoleum face up with his knees bent and legs spread as far as they could part. His hands no longer clawed he began rubbing them softly up and down the inside of his thighs reveling in the feel of the silkiness covering his lower body. The nylon continued to pump in and out of his backside while simultaneously stimulating his manhood until again he exploded into his pantyhose jetting a tremendous amount of cum that formed a telltale bubble before dispersing making his hose darker yet again. Carl’s mouth gaping in a silent scream of ecstasy he slipped into the inky blackness. Denied of his consciousness he was no match for the attack that followed. The symbiotic hose had penetrated deep into his body and struck the spinal column. A tendril was sent up through his spine and into his brain. Once inside his cranium all higher functions were shut down permanently. Only base instincts and areas of the brain actually required for life, ambulation and pleasure were spared the onslaught. The sheath that had inserted itself into his penis had invaded his reproductive system to make even more sinister changes. The storage capacity and production of semen was greatly improved. Its semi liquid high protein composition made it a perfect media for the virus to use for replication. Carl had become an ideal host for the parasite. A mindless panty hosed zombie.

Linda was really worried about her husband Steven. His brother Carl always seemed to weigh heavily on Stevens mind as he apparently had since their parents died. Carl was the younger brother and Steven felt obligated to take care of Carl. Carl was always in some predicament or other that required a late night drive to pick him up from some bar he’d gotten stranded at. It wouldn’t have been so bad for Linda if Steven didn’t require her to also extend herself so often for Carl’s welfare. The weekly dinners were not her idea. She was tired of cooking large meals on a weekly basis for Steven’s alcoholic brother to cart off. She really wanted children of her own but as long as Carl was so dependant on Steven that would never happen.

Linda reached over and took Steven’s hand as they pulled up next Carl’s beat-up Camry. “I’m sure he’s fine honey. He probably drank too much and forgot.” Steven nodded before replying. “Probably so but he didn’t show up to work and he hasn’t answered the phone all day. It’ll just take a minute to check on him.” She sighed as they entered the stairwell leading up to his apartment. Linda knew nothing ever just took a minute to clear up when Carl was involved. After knocking the couple waited patiently for the customary noises of Carl crashing through his apartment to answer the door. Strangely everything was quiet. Further knocking also elicited no response from inside. “He has to be here. His car’s outside.” Steven exclaimed as he turned his head to listen closely through the door. Inside he heard a guttural moan. It sounded as if Carl might have fallen again or was suffering from yet another bout of alcohol poisoning. Steven Alarmed by the possibilities threw his shoulder against the door hard enough to force it open. The apartment, as expected was in a shambles. Steven rushed into the bathroom while Linda calmly closed the front door behind them. She had grown use to similar scenes and wasn’t rattled in the least. That is until Carl shuffled out of the kitchen.

At first she thought Carl might have really been injured from his posture but the initial impression was nothing in comparison to the shock she received when she realized what he was wearing. Jet black pantyhose covered his pelvis and legs and did nothing to hide his magnificent erection. He didn’t seem to notice her standing in front of his door until her amusement, too great to contain caused her to giggle. Carl’s head now raised fixed his gaze fixed on Linda. His face distorted with lust the clumsily shamble became an all out sprint. In that split second she realized things were even less right then she had believed possible. Even for Carl.

Steven stepped out of the bathroom just in time to see his brother Carl rush past making a beeline towards his wife. He was temporarily stunned by the sight of his brother, in pantyhose of all things running past. “What the hell Carl?” he shouted as Carl bowled into Linda pressing her up against the door. His pelvis already thrusting as his nylon impregnated penis easily slipped up under her skirt. Her indignant noses were muted with his body pressing her between himself and the door but her mind was frantically seeking an escape. Strangely despite her revulsion for Carl her body was already starting to betray her. She could feel herself growing wet as the slippery nylon coated penis slipped between her thighs. She had never been into pantyhose herself and certainly never thought she’d find them attractive on a man but this had almost instantly turned her on. Without thinking she adjusted the angle of her pelvis ever so slightly allowing his cock to slip past the leg of her panties. The last coherent thought she had was recognition of a hot splash on her sex as Carl came like a fountain.

Steven still unsure of what was happening wrapped his arms around his brother from behind to pull him off. His initial hesitation wore off when he realized his brother was raping his wife. Brother or not Steven wasn’t about to stand by and allow such a horrid transgression. As Carl was freed from the entanglement with Linda Steven realized she’d fainted from the stress. Her eyes had rolled up into the back of her head and she slumped to the floor. Steven still detaining Carl stared at his wife with concern. He noticed her skirt had rolled up as she slid down the wall leaving a clear view of her panties. A strange black goo was running out from underneath them spreading at an alarming rate down her legs. Even worse Steven realized she wasn’t unconscious after all. She began moaning exuberantly squeezing her breasts together and sliding her legs across each other. He’d never seen her act so wanton before. As her legs rubbed together the black material thinned out becoming what appeared to be a pair of sheer pantyhose. In her excitement she tore her thin shirt exposing her bra her nipples straining against the fabric. The black hose was rapidly spreading up her chest but strangely once it hit her mouth retreated to the swell of her breasts.

For Linda the experience was transcending. Never in her life had she been so completely filled. Any prudishness was wiped out by the pleasure that invaded her body. The parasite landed perfectly to convert Linda in the most rapid manner possible. It immediately wrapped up her clitoris and slipped a tendril inside her yielding vagina. Attacking the inner walls with vigor it hit the G-spot before Linda hit the floor. Slipping along the crack its silky texture slipped inside her ass pulsating in orifices better then any vibrator or man could ever hope to. The fluids that leaked from her pussy were quickly converted and utilized to spread the parasite as was a fecal deposit found deep inside her Colon. As the silky feeling spread she couldn’t help but rub her legs together grinding the pulsing intruder harder into herself and spreading the orgasmic joy all the way too her toes. Her breasts swelled painfully as her nipples engorged. Her shirt now too tight was torn apart as her questing hands traced the next path she wanted the nylon to ravish. She was not denied. When the hose hit her breasts she exploded. Her bra popped open as two large blobs formed underneath the silk. Composed of milk they too were quickly converted to create more material used in her domination. Linda was rocked to the core every nerve in her body seemed to be simultaneously orgasming when overwhelmed by it all, she finally did pass out.

Steven’s shock at his wife’s transformation would have certainly been much greater if he’d been able to witness most of it. While holding his brother off of Linda he failed to take notice of his own danger. A large tentacle had slipped out of Carl’s ass and attached itself to Steven’s leg. He didn’t notice it at first so great was his concern for his wife but when it slid up under the leg of his shorts and past his sphincter it was hard to miss. Very familiar with male anatomy the tentacle ballooned out inside Stevens’s rectum pressing hard on his prostate and intensely vibrating. The sensation was foreign to Steven but its effect was undeniable. He instantly achieved the hardest erection of his life. Lost his concentration and his grip on Carl and fell to his knees with his forehead on the floor. The tentacle had broken loose from Carl as Steven fell leaving a large blob of slime filling the crack of Steven’s ass dripping down between his legs towards his throbbing hard on. Unable to move Steven kneeled in rapture to his new master as it ensconced his testicles and penis sending him over the edge speeding along his transformation into a new host. Moaning he quickly submitted and like Carl and Linda became nothing more then a panty hosed zombie.

Carl for his part had spent the bulk of his parasites mass to quickly convert the two. What looked more like dark tights when they arrived now again more closely resembled sheer pantyhose. The host would have to be fed so that it could in turn feed the hose. In fact all three hosts would require nourishment and soon. The pantyhose must not be denied.