The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hostile Takeover: Inheriting the Heir

Gerald Maxim Deacon Jr., or simply Max as he likes to go by, stepped out of the bathroom in the lavish penthouse executive suite of the Deacon Hotel, aptly named so after the multinational business empire of his father, Gerald Deacon Sr. Wrapped only in a towel around his waist, the muscular six-foot tall 23 year-old heir was not shy to show off his body. His dark-brown short hair and trimmed facial hair, from his Irish-Mediterranean roots, accentuated his hunkiness, and the sweat and moisture from his hot shower further highlighted the sexiness of the millionaire playboy.

However, the blond chick in the room somehow didn’t seem too fazed by the male specimen before her, as she finished tidying up her clothes and gathering her belongings. Perhaps it was simply because she had just had her ride with this adonis, treating the sturdy 9-inch cock of his boyfriend of the last two hours to exquisite pleasure through every pleasurable hole of her body. As she put on her heels, she gave Max one more wink and smile, almost of the stereotypical routine sleazy style, before making her way out the door. Passing by the desk, she casually grabbed the stash of cash and stuffed it into her purse on her way out.

* * *

Once outside the door, the girl’s slutty attitude quickly faded. Her face turned cold as she put on her designer sunglasses on her way to the elevator hall. She simply ignored the presence of the two bodyguards standing by either sides of the door, as if to reinforce her sudden high status.

As she stepped out onto the hotel lobby, the girl made a call on her phone, and all she said, in a flat monotone, was: “I’m done”. The voice at the other end of the line said something, but the girl did not consciously register any of it as she continued her steady pace across the lobby towards the main entrance. By the time she stepped out onto the busy street, the call had ended and she seemed to slowly resurfacing out of a mental fog, as if she was overcoming a slight hangover. She had already forgotten the last two hours of intense sex, or as a matter of fact, her entire encounter with Max Deacon, including the moment where she downloaded the secret app to Max’s phone while he was in the shower, through an encrypted link that had been inscribed in her mind beforehand. For all she knew from this point was that it had only been a blurry night with yet another hot but forgettable guy...

* * *

The guards, Aleks and Karim, both 6ft2 bulky Turkish wrestlers in their mid-30s, and were hired by Gerald Deacon Sr three months ago to protect his son, as his corporation got into an ugly battle against a hostile takeover bid by some Middle-Eastern billionaire, who Gerald only interacted through a corporation called “Dark Falcon”. After some failed negotiations, that man and his firm have resorted to some shady tactics to try and coerce Deacon Sr. to sell his business. In addition to his own team of four bodyguards around him, Gerald hired these two men to protect Max in the meantime as he put some desperate last efforts to try and dissociate himself from this intimidating mafia-like businessman.

Having been around the young heir 24/7 for some time now, Aleks and Karim have seen more than their fair share of their boss’ sexy catches to be even bothered by this lady anymore. They maintained their military attention by the door, eyeing the girl behind their sunglasses, as she made her way down the hallway and disappeared behind the closing elevator doors. However, if they had paid more focus, they might have noticed the girl’s slightly robotic motion, or the somewhat distanced look in her eyes behind the shades. Before the elevator doors closed completely, the girl pulled out a small remote control device from her purse and pressed a button on it. A faint white noise buzz rang out in the radio earpiece of the guards. It was completely undetectable to Aleks and Karim, and before they could even realize, their minds were invaded and pried open by the subliminal sound waves. They continued to remain standing at attention, but behind those dark sunglasses, their eyes began to glaze over and their mouths slacked open very slightly, as their earpieces delivered the subliminals and commands....

Max didn’t even recall the chick’s name as he popped open a beer from the fridge, and her face was already quickly fading from his mind. Just another fuck of the day, it didn’t matter much to Max. As long as he showed them the cash, the chicks keep showing up and he got to choose them. Being the only child and heir of a millionaire business tycoon, Max had been spoiled from early on by the gold-plated high life of the upper society. As long as he didn’t get into trouble, his father provided the cash and he never really had to serious work, just endless parties, traveling, sex, and then some more.

Speaking of which, Max haven’t heard back from his father for the last two days already. He was getting a bit annoyed by that, since his dad would always say yes right away and give him more money to play with. His cash is running low by now and the accountants won’t wire the funds over without Deacon Sr.’s sign off. At least he won’t have to worry about food and housing as he can stay in his father’s hotels anywhere in the world, but he can’t go party and banging hot bitches for much longer if he can’t show them the money.

Finishing his beer, Max decided to lay back on the plush king-sized bed for a while until dinner time. He looked for his cell phone on the bed stand but found it laying on the bed by the pillows. “Was that bitch trying to peek into my phone?” he thought, slightly annoyed, though not too surprised either. Perhaps the girl was trying to add her number into his phone...they often like to do that, thinking that Max would call them back again. Yeah right, he thought, with the looks and money he’s got, there is absolutely no shortage of fresh pussies for him to pick from and no way was he going to let any bitch push their way onto him.

He browsed through his contact list but couldn’t seem to find any new numbers added that he didn’t recognize. He shrugged it off and turned to his music player and put on his headphones and played some beats from his playlist. As he laid back on the bed, the heavy blast of the hip-hop music was all over Max’s ears, but unbeknownst to him, underneath the heavy base and rapping, a white noise with some subliminal pulses was also playing through those noise-cancelling headphones into the young heir’s ears and straight up to his brain. It took only a few minutes and Max has stopped rocking to the beat of his music. He laid on the bed half conscious, eyes glazed over staring blankly up to the ceiling, and mouth slightly ajar, as the subliminal white noise fed its programming and commands that will completely rewrite the life of the once spoiled elite billionaire playboy...

About three hours later, the night has fallen on the city outside, but Max continued to lie in the darkness of his room, oblivious to his surroundings, as his mind continued to be reprogrammed. Likewise, outside his suite, Aleks and Karim remained standing at attention as their minds were also being rewritten by the subliminal sounds. Being on the penthouse floor, there was hardly any other guests passing by to distract them as they stood in the quiet hallway. However, if one would stop and look down, they would notice one thing that has changed in the last couple of hours: the now obscene bulge straining against their suit pants, barely concealed by the overhang of their suit jacket.

Suddenly, the door to the suite opened and Max emerged from his dark room, phone in one hand and headphones still in his ears, with his eight-inch uncut cock standing straight out hard and dripping wet for all to see, the towel he had earlier on had fallen off when he got off bed at the command of the programming on his phone. Staring vacantly towards the opposing wall of the corridor, his face slack without any emotion, his mouth spit out the words mechanically: “My holes need to be protected.”

Aleks and Karim, who had remained oblivious to Max’s naked presence, reacted to the trigger words and immediately moved from their position. Both turned sideways towards Max and the room in unison, and marched their way in slowly as their boss backed himself back into the room. As Aleks closed the door behind him, Karim found the light switch and opened some lights in the room. The three of them continued to march slowly to some open space by the end of the bed and Max waited to one side. The bodyguards went over to the bed and removed all the pillows and duvet blanket. They also pulled loose the bedsheet from under the mattress.

Once the bed was cleared, Max finally put down his phone and headset on a table nearby, stepped onto the bed and knelt down in the centre, facing his guards at the end, while Aleks and Karim began stripping off their suit without a moment’s hesitation. Their erect dicks, stiff and wet from the subliminal programming, sprang out straight ahead as they pulled down their trousers and underwear.

When everyone’s clothing has been left in a pile on the floor, the guards also made their way onto the bed to join Max. Karim moved first and got behind the young man, right up to his back. He sat down on the bed, with his legs hugging each side of Max, and then pulled the Deacon Jr’s back up to his chest before guiding him down until the guard’s hard cock is poking at the young heir’s asshole. Wetting two of his fingers in his mouth, Karim’s right hand found its way down below and gently rubbed and poked his boss’ virgin hole until it is sufficiently lubed and loose, before guiding his own eight-inch Turkish sausage into the tight hole. Despite the tightness and his ass being blatantly violated, Max zoned out mind was completely oblivious to the action, except for the involuntary gasp purely from natural instincts. Karim guided Max’s body down until he was firmly lodged onto his dick all the way to the base, with those athletic ass cheeks squashing the bodyguard’s pubes.

Next, it was Aleks’ turn to join the group, but before making his way onto bed, he went over to the desk where Max had left his phone. He picked up the phone to turn off the music player that was still running, and immediately a messaging screen popped up. Aleks simply typed in “We are ready” and hit send, forwarding the message to a private number that seemed to have been preset for it. He closed the screen and made his way back to the bed to join the other two.

Aleks got in front of Max and laid down on his back, sliding his head up towards Max’s crotch. Then, using his hands for support, he lifted his back and flailed his legs up to do a headstand. With the help of Max and Karim, they pulled Aleks’ body up until he is facing upside down against Max’s body. They pulled their bodies together and Aleks lowered himself until his head was down to Max’s crotch level, his shoulders resting on Max’s lap. The young man’s stiff cock was pointing straight at him, to which the guard opened his mouth and swallowed the rod all the way in. Likewise above, Max came face to face with his bodyguard’s stiff dripping cock, which he similarly swallowed down his mouth without hesitation as Aleks’ body leaned in. Even though both guys now have each other’s balls right up to their nose, neither gagged or showed any signs of difficulty with the cock in their mouths; the conditioning had instructed them to relax their throats and accept the cock.

Once their cocks were properly lodged in the appropriate holes, Aleks rested his muscular thighs on the shoulders of Max and Karim, then crossed his legs around until he had both men’s heads in a headlock, pushing Max’s face firm into his crotch and Karim’s face squashed up behind Max’s head. Finally, completing their “body sculpture”, Max wrapped his arms around Aleks’ lower back in tight embrace, while Karim’s hands reached forward to grab onto Aleks’ shoulders and his legs crossed over Max’s knees, holding everyone tight together.

As soon as everyone moved into their instructed pose, the trio froze in place and their minds wandered back into the trance-like state that they had been taken to by the hypnosis for the past couple of hours. They just sat in their awkward tight embrace, and waited...or rather, they just remained in oblivion from reality.

Twenty minutes later, a lanky bellboy opened the suite’s door with his master key and entered the room. He was followed by five tall bulky men dressed in black suits and sunglasses. Along with them, the suited men wheeled in a large black metal crate, similar to the ones for carrying large sound equipment. The cubic box measured four feet on each side and is padded on the inside with soft protective foam. The moved the crate to the foot of the bed where Max and his guards have been compelled to hold out their acrobatic human sandwich. Nobody appeared to be surprised to see the strange scene as the approached the bed and opened the lid of the crate. Immediately, four of the suited men went over to the bed and began pulling the loosened bed sheet towards the three zoned-out men, wrapping them in such a way that they wouldn’t fall apart from each other and also provide some grip for the suited men to lift the three off the bed. Despite Max and his bodyguards being fit muscular men, the four suited men did not have too much trouble lifting the bundle of bodies off the bed and carefully lowering them into the crate. Once in, the men loosened the sheet wrapping before closing up the lid and locking the guys securely inside. The crate has some concealed air vents on the sides that would allow its occupants to breath inside. In addition, the same subliminal sound waves that hypnotized Max and his guards were played continuously within the soundproof box, keeping the guys constantly subdued and driving them deeper and deeper into the control of the sound. Locked in the confined darkness, Max, Aleks and Karim continued to remain rigidly in their instructed pose, completely detached and unaware of what’s happening or where they are.

Assured that their “shipment” was securely locked, the suited men wheeled the crate out of the room and down the service elevator they came in. Before they left, the fifth suited men, the one that appeared to be more in charge over the others, stopped by the bellboy. The young service boy had been standing idly by the doorway all this time, his face slack and staring blankly towards the closet. The man pulled off the earphones in the boy’s ears and spelled out some instructions into his ears. The young man had been on break from his shift, playing with his phone it the back alley of the hotel when his headphones were invaded by a subliminal white noise that stunned his mind and opened it for manipulation by the suited men who were spying on him in a nearby van.

As soon as the suited men closed the door behind them, the innocent bellboy would mindlessly go about inside the suite gathering all of Max’s belongings, as well as Aleks’ and Karim’s clothes, and dispose of them. After that, he would gradually come out of the trance and return to his senses, yet not remembering anything since his break.

Max would be assumed to have left his room with his bodyguards that day, and was never to be seen again...

* * *

Within two weeks, it was announced that Gerald Deacon Sr has completed the sale of all of his stakes and ownership of his Deacon International Holdings to Dark Falcon Investments in an undisclosed private deal. It came as a surprise to many outsiders, since it was long understood that this was a Deacon family business to be carried down the line. But with Deacon Jr. gone missing, there were many speculations as to the fate of Max (drugs, mafia, name it) and that perhaps Deacon Sr. found out about it, and decided to cut ties and sold his empire in anger and dejection of his son’s misbehaviour. It was also rumoured as a strategy to teach his son that his inheritance is not a necessary given, and some alternate arrangement was actually still in place for his control of the company behind the scenes. However, being private corporations on both sides of the deal, there was no way to find out the exact details of it, or the actual stories behind it. And so the rumours continued for a bit until it became old news and eventually forgotten and then it was back to business as usual...

* * *

Far away in the Arabian desert, tucked away deep behind the mountain valleys, lies what appears to be an ancient palace carved out from the cliffside and built into the vast cave beneath the mountain. The facade of the “palace” was adorned with various sculptures of falcons atop the large stone pillars and edge of the parapet tops. Large heavy metal doors complete the imposing outlook of the facade.

Inside, an elaborate network of underground caves and rooms decorated with lavish elegance define the overall setup that is known as the secret lair of the Dark Falcon. The classic decor with dark leather and hardwood provides a strong sense of firm dominance and manliness, yet also a sense of plush coziness at the same time. This is the place where the elusive Dark Falcon, along with his stable of loyal staff, lives and runs his business operations regularly, and occasionally invites some close business friends and allies for private entertainment.

However, behind the lavish rooms and living quarters that greet regular guests and everyday staff, through a maze of corridors and heavily-secured doors, lies another set of rooms that are not known to most of the Dark Falcon’s entourage, except the few selected exclusive friends. The area is sudivided into a series of smaller bedrooms and there is no secret as to the true purpose of this place as soon as one walks through the secured doors.

The Dark Falcon, an Arabic man in his mid-fifties with an imposing air of authority behind his trimmed beard, walked into the private area with two of his business friends, two similarly middle-aged sheikhs with seemingly endless wealth from their oil businesses. The three men, dressed in their traditional thawb, made their way down the secret corridors until they came to a strange pair of heavy metal doors. The two guests were initially shocked by the sight, but being part of the Dark Falcons inner circle of friends, they quickly realized this as one of the man’s newest creation and are eager to find out what’s in store for them inside the room.

For the most part, the two doors are just like any other thick metal coffer or dungeon doors. However, at about waist height, there are two halves of a large cutout, one on each door, forming a single hole in the closed doors. That hole is occupied by two large muscular male bodies, lying horizontally in a 69 position one on top of the other, straddling the doors. Their bodies fit the void snugly and filled the space perfectly, literally becoming a part of the door, since it had been built to their size.

The two guests wouldn’t know, but these two musclemen in the door were once the two chief bodyguards of Gerald Deacon Sr. They are now still guarding their ex-boss dutifully, albeit in a very different format, as they have been trained to. With their mouths locked on each other’s cock in a tight 69 embrace, the two former guards create a “human lock” for the door and effectively guard the doors, preventing any unauthorized persons from entering the room behind. Their feet are resting comfortably on the floor and their arms holding onto a handle on the other’s door, the two men remain motionless in their position 24/7, moving only to unlock the door upon command.

The Dark Falcon approached the “door” and announced the specific command, and the two “human locks” immediately began moving inwards to open the door. They released their grip on the opposite door, holding instead onto their own, stepping sideways in sync until their large hard cocks slipped out of each other’s mouth with an audible slurp and pop. The two swung the doors wide enough for the three guests to enter the room and then immediately moved back until the door was fully closed again, and they locked themselves back into the 69 position.

The room behind the doors was only modest in size, decorated in simple, modern designs, although the visitors could see two separate bedrooms off to each side, with a large plush king-sized bed and in-suite bathroom within. Near the back of the otherwise sparsely furnished main room, in the centre of it, are four naked musclemen standing together rigidly at attention two by two, facing each other. In between each pair of facing men, there is a pedestal about knee high with a thick padded leather top. Another man is kneeling on all fours on each pedestal, sandwiched between the two musclemen standing at each end.

As the Dark Falcon led his guests closer to the group, they could tell that one of the kneeling men is older while the other is much younger. Although they couldn’t clearly see their faces, which were completely buried in the crotch of the man standing in front. In fact, their mouths are completely stuffed with the standing man’s hard cock. Similarly at the back, the musclemen standing behind them have their cocks fully plugged into the men’s assholes. The whole scene appears like two spit-roasting groups, except all six men stood completely frozen.

“So gentlemen,” the Dark Falcon announced to his guests, “here is my latest acquisition: the Deacon Enterprise! On your left,” pointing to the older man kneeling, “is Gerald Deacon Sr, and to your right is Deacon Jr, or Max as he liked to go by.”

“Oh, what’s the deal this time?” asked one of the guest. “Any reason you decided to keep these two around?”

“Not much really,” the Dark Falcon responded. “Senior here didn’t want to deal with me in buying up his business, so I had them listen to the hypnotic programming that the Wicksteed Brothers developed for me last year, and then the takeover was all done in no time.”

“The Wicksteed Brothers...the two from the IT startup that you bought out two years ago?” asked the other guest. “What happened to them? I thought you were keeping them?”

“Yeah, that was the original plan, but one of my business partners in Kazakhstan made a really great offer for them that was really hard for me to refuse, so they were sent away last month. The Deacons here showed up just in time as the brothers moved out of this room so I decided to keep them here for now. Who knows...until I find another good deal for them.” explained the Dark Falcon.

“Shouldn’t be much trouble for Junior here to fetch a good price,” teased the guest, “but it might be harder for daddy to find an owner. Oh well, I wouldn’t mind enjoying either of them a few more times....I’d hope they stick around for a while.”

As the Dark Falcon and guests continued to chat about them, the Deacon father and son actually heard and understood everything that was said. They were completely horrified and disgusted by their predicament that they have been forced into. The thought and realization of being turned into a sex slave and the prospect of being sold of like a piece of merchandise were both scary and very humiliating. However, they were powerless to even budge a muscle as they knelt on the pedestals, their holes filled by the dicks of their own bodyguards. The rigorous mental programming ensured that they will be unable to break free from their own mental prisons, trapped within their bodies.

Ever since his capture at the hotel under the hypnotic recording, Max and his father have been brought to this secret compound and put through a two-week training session that completely reprogrammed their minds to the Dark Falcon’s liking. The master decided to allow the pair to keep their conscious minds fully intact to their senses, but not the physical control of their bodies. As a result, Max and his father became prisoners of their own bodies, which have since been programmed and trained to follow a set routine of activities, regardless of their minds’ actual thoughts or will. Along with their bodyguards, the Deacons have since been confined to this room, waiting to service the Dark Falcon and his friends whenever and however they wished. Ironically, the guards may have it better off than the pair in some ways, since they have been turned into complete mindless drones with the sole purpose of “safeguarding” and taking care of the father and son. They have no conscious awareness of their surroundings or their predicament, or even of each other and the Deacon Jr and Sr.

With his face firmly buried in the crotch of his former guard Aleks, Max couldn’t even catch a glimpse of the two latest visitors that are about to use him and his father’s bodies. With dicks plugged into him from both ends, the former millionaire heir remained rigidly on the pedestal on his hands and knees, yet his mind is running in overdrive with desperation as he wished in vain to be able to break free of this living hell. He painfully remembers all of the men that he had been forced to service sexually, almost on a daily basis, ever since he woke up in this room impaled on his guards dicks. He wanted to cry, to scream, to beg, to simply push his guards away and run...but none of that was possible no matter how much he tried; his body remains like a peaceful statue from the outside like his father and the other guards in the room.

The two guests chatted with the Dark Falcon a bit more before finally communicating their pick of the night to their host. The master gave the slaves their orders and Max could feel himself being lifted by his guards as his arms and legs automatically wrapped around them for support as well. Aleks and Karim carried Max, their cocks still plugged in, to the bedroom on the left side, while Gerald Deacon Sr was carried by his guards similarly to the room on the right. By now, he knew all too well the routine that was about to unfold for him and his father, but they are completely powerless to stop it and are forced to play along with the utmost enthusiasm dictated by their mental programming, time after time.

The guests followed their respective picks into the bedroom. Once inside, the guards carefully lowered the Deacon man onto the plush King-sized bed, while the guest of the night disrobes and gets ready. Gerald and Max knew what was to come next and futilely tried to hang on to their conscience as their guards began gently pulling their dicks out of their holes. As soon as the cocks left their anus and lips, the body and mind of both father and son immediately exploded with an uncontrollable surge of pleasure and sexual high. Every inch of their bodies felt like as if it was suddenly on fire and hypersensitive to the slightest touch. Their minds were similarly invaded by a sensory overload of intense pleasure, overwhelming any rational thoughts with an intense desire for sex, to suck and fuck themselves on a dick. Their own dicks are stiff as steel, twitching and leaking madly, but yet they do not get to cum. As soon as their “client” climbed onto the bed, they immediately latched onto the man, furiously making out with him. At this moment, the Deacons didn’t care if it was a man or woman, or of what shape, size or colour the person was: they just need to desperately have sex with any warm body they could grab onto as if their life depended on it.

After several hours of intense sex, the intense sexual heat and frenzy in Max’s body were turned off as soon as he felt their guest shoot his load into him. At that moment, all of the insatiable hotness and pleasure that had overwhelmed his senses for the last couple of hours evaporated suddenly and his mind fell into a calm dreamy state as he laid limp on the bed. While the guest cleaned up and got dressed, the guards, who had stood motionless by the door throughout the session, immediately approached Max to “clean him up”. Aleks got down to the young man’s deflating dick and lapped away at the tip and all along to clean up the dripping precum. None of them get to cum, not that Max would even be able to on his own, unless commanded by the Dark Falcon. After that, Aleks went over to Max’s lips and similarly licked them clean of any fluids that the client’s dick might have left. At the same time, Karim was busy poking his tongue deep into Deacon Jr’s asshole to clean out and suck up the cum that was deposited in there. The same thing was being carried out with Deacon Sr in the other room.

By the time the guards were done cleaning up the Deacons, the guests had already left the bedrooms. Karim pulled Max’s limp body onto his knees and pushed his dick unceremoniously back into the warm loose hole of his former boss. As soon as the dick past his anus, Max’s conscious mind awoke immediately and his body shot up to assume the standard all-fours position again. The clear and vivid memories of all of the steamy sex that he just had with the stranger in the last several hours flooded Max’s mind immediately, much to his disgust and humiliation. He wanted to puke and beat the crap out of that man, yet his body remained motionless and without any visible signs of emotion. Max wanted to scream and bite as Aleks fed his dick back into his mouth, plunging his face back into the darkness of his crotch. But both he and his father knew it was hopeless. As they were being carried back out to the main foyer and back on their pedestal, they knew there was no way out; they are forever stuck in this living hell, with no chance to see even beyond the walls of this room, and only to be used day in day out by countless anonymous men like a blow-up fuck doll. Gerald regretted at ever crossing paths with this evil Dark Falcon, and if he knew of this fate, he would have immediately sold his business to spare him and his son of this insanity.

The guards at the door unlocked their 69 embrace and swung the heavy doors open as the Dark Falcon escorted his two satisfied friends out of the room. The three men casually walked away chatting about their fulfilling experience as the gates closed in again back into their locking embrace. The room was once again calm as before, the six men in the middle of the room rigid and quiet as ever on their pedestals, almost as if part of the furniture. Yet the two screaming minds of Max and Gerald Deacon are as alive as ever, but forever imprisoned by their former guards plugging their holes and by the invisible mental bondage in their own bodies. Their minds resigned to their fate, left with nothing else but stuck in reliving the growing memories of their humiliating sexual adventures with countless unknown men....until the Dark Falcon brings in their next guests....