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Hot Blood: Sexiness and Lust in a Silicon Valley Startup

Chapter Seven

Author’s note: First of all, literally everything I’ve put on MCstories has been edited by Jennifer Kohl, without whom, for one example, one of the characters would have a name weirdly like a character in Atlas Shrugged. (Don’t know what that was about.) Also Jennifer is my real life submissive. Support her patreon and think about hunting up some other hypnofetishists in real life!


Henry Packard still liked the way Rebecca looked in pink. His former assistant, soon to be mother of his child, was sipping happily on ginger ale. On their wedding night, she’d worn Motivos pink lingerie.

“So how’s the weight loss business?” His old frat brother Rob was an investment broker now, and of course, Henry had invested. That’s how things on Wall Street worked. It gave them something to talk about at boring parties.

“Eh, it’s fine.” Rebecca was turned away. “It’s a steady business. The cow is always full, Slim Support just has to show up to fill the pail.” His wife didn’t like how disparaging he could be and he did like to keep her happy. But decades in the weight loss business gave a guy a very cynical attitude about the diet-attempting customer base.

“Yeah, venture capital finance is a little like that too,” Rob said. He lowered his voice. “You want to get a cigar outside?”

Rebecca, who had clearly heard everything, shooed them both with a hand, smiling. Cigar smoke would send her running for the bathroom for sure.

“So, what’s going on?” he said when they were outside on the terrace. You could tell it was a good party because it had a terrace.

“They still paying you ok at the fat farm?” Rob asked.

Henry winced. That was a little crude even for him. “As I said, I do all right,” he suddenly didn’t want a cigar anymore. Besides, if he smelled too much like smoke, he’d have to send Rebecca home in a car service.

Rob lit his cigar and took a long puff. “You looking to do any investments?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I’m looking for some guys for a series A,” Rob put up a hand, interrupting himself “I know, I know, you’re small potatoes. But since we’re friends, I think I could get you in.”

“Charitable,” Henry said.

“Like the United fuckin’ Way, I am,” Rob affirmed. “These guys are legit, the money’s a sure thing.”

Henry nodded toward the door. “I don’t think the wife believes in sure things. We got private daycare to think about.” And he wanted to send his kid to his old private school, and college wasn’t cheap. Henry didn’t kid himself, he called his baby “Bugatti.” Rebecca laughed it off because she could take one look at him and know that he thought every penny was going to be worth it.

Rob lowered his voice.

“You get in as an angel now, my friend, you’ll have ten times your investment by the time kiddo is four.”

Henry took a long sip of his drink. “Tell me about the company,” he said.

“It’s a tech startup. They say they’re doing motivational technology. Some real self-help hippie bullshit, am I right?”

Oh God.

When their friends asked, Rebecca and Henry always said they ‘met at work.’ After the thunderstorm of sex that had begun their relationship, things had calmed back down. Rebecca had been more productive at work, for a few days. Maybe a week? The sex had still been good, so they’d told human resources they were dating and she’d gotten a transfer to another VP and then he’d gone for Passover at her parents’ house and she’d moved into his walkup and, well, now he had a pretty young wife and a baby on the way.

And that Motivos technology still hadn’t shown up. It hadn’t been Henry’s job over it or anything. Even the CEO knew that tech startups could be flaky. For what they were paying, it was like they had an option on the tech. If it never worked, fine. Henry slept better knowing that if it ever did start to work, no other weight loss company could have it.

“Sorry, bro, I can’t put up any money right now.” Henry knew the laws on insider trading were complicated when the company was private, so he wasn’t sure if it would actually be illegal for him to invest, but it wasn’t worth him to hire some asshole lawyer to tell him. At the same time, he wasn’t telling Rob anything about Slim Support’s Motivos deal.

“But you haven’t heard the best part,” Rob said.

“Fine, what’s the best part?”

“The corporate board.”

Henry couldn’t have picked his own corporate board out of a police lineup. He looked back toward the party. Rebecca looked fine but she got tired easily these days.

“What about Motivos’ board?” Henry said.

“Well, so far there’s a psychology professor, some academic big shot, who thinks Lavinia Ramsey is the next...” Rob’s patter actually stumbled for a moment.

“Anna Freud?” Henry sensed this was weak. But he didn’t know any important female psychologists either.

“Sure. And there’s a couple of the usual tech investors. Nate Brewster is up to his balls in the company but staying off the board, but some of his buddies are there.”

“And?” Henry said.

“Admiral Rod Harrington,” Rob put on what he probably thought was a classy accent. “He was the first. There’s more now. General Jim Casper, like, the medal of honor guy. And, most guys don’t know this yet but... Former Secretary of Defense Jessica Reid is joining up. Just heard that this morning.”

Henry’s attention snapped back. “What? Do, like, military leaders usually invest in tech?”

“Dick Cheney sure as shit did.”

“Well, he used his stock options at least, and he got rich,” Henry allowed. Maybe weight loss technology wasn’t all that Motivos was up to. If they were doing some kind of crazy secret military stuff, he could see why helping Slim Support’s clients get ready for their weddings and high school reunions was no longer a big priority. If Rob was right, losing money on Motivos would be impossible. The company might literally not be allowed to fail. For a moment, Henry thought about mortgaging the walkup, grabbing Bugatti’s college fund, putting everything into this money machine, and anticipating the violation of the laws of physics that would come out.

But still, there was that insider trading. And maybe that he wanted to pick his worries right now, and that he didn’t want them to be about his money.

“You know, Rob? You’re probably right. This is a sure thing. But the wife won’t let me touch it. We’re looking at a house in Connecticut. You know how it is.”

Rob did not know how it is. “Women,” he said.

“Hey, thanks for the tip. Ask me next time?” Henry flashed a smile as he headed for the door.

“I got another text from Lavinia, she’s still in traffic,” Riley said. M didn’t look uncomfortable. She sat at Lavinia’s conference table with a pad of paper in front of her. Literally anyone else in the valley would be on their phone, but M was sketching Riley, who sat rigid, trying to keep the light at just the right angle on their face. “I know you’re not going to make me a ‘Face of Motivos.’ Are you?”

M’s hand-drawn faces and descriptions were going up, one by one, around Motivos Headquarters, sometimes moved around to suit the executives from corporate partners that came by for meetings. Right now, the conference room displayed “Cindy, 44,” a germanic woman with wavy hair. M’s careful handwriting labeled her, “A pediatrician with two children of her own, Cindy uses Motivos to keep her diet on track. Job stress never causes Cindy to eat and working out has become her ‘me time.’”

“I just love your face,” M said. “You’ve got fascinating angles.”

Riley was glad that posing let her look away from M because Riley had trouble not staring. M had expressive eyes like Lavinia, but was shorter and wore a retro-style navy blue dress with white spots. She was weird, but in a very different way than how most Silicon Valley women were weird.

Lavinia hadn’t done her thing on M, but M had still been willing to join Motivos as a special consultant. Riley got the sense that anything Motivos was too weird for M to resist. She’d been happy to start drawing pictures of users’ ideal selves and to work on Motivos’ image. Somehow with M around all of Lavinia’s sharp lines turned curves. M brought the same design sensibility to Motivos that she’d brought to Alight. The new user interface looked like it was native to Alight’s phones, and that was a good thing. Riley hadn’t known a design could look expensive and accessible at the same time, but somehow M’s new design did. Also, media attention tended to go where M wanted it to. They weren’t ready to go public, but M was already laying the groundwork for Lavinia to get the same kind of fawning attention Hux once had.

“How long have you worked here?” M asked.

“A few years. Lavinia was my roommate before she dropped out. A few years later, I got out of school and needed a job. Lavinia was looking for an assistant, or she said she was to help me out.” Riley smiled. They didn’t generally bring up that they had graduated with a master’s degree and no job. They guessed Lavinia wasn’t the only one concerned about image.

“Well, you’re keeping me amused, and that’s what Lavinia’s assistant should be doing right now, so I’d say you’re good at your work,” M said.

“Lavinia’s not usually late.” M took a long look at Riley, then went back to drawing. “We have a board meeting coming up. Lavinia’s been recruiting important people to be on our board and sometimes,” Riley paused, “she has to schedule around them.”

Riley wasn’t sure if they’d just implied that M wasn’t an important person. Obviously, M was. But if M were offended, she didn’t show it. She just kept looking at Riley’s face and drawing.

Barbara “Buffy” Waterbury had been married to Rod for decades and never known that he liked to wear panties. But when he’d told her, something had snapped into place. It had been an eventful night, starting with dinner and drinks and ending with Buffy and Rod taking Buffy’s old college roommate to bed and fucking her senseless.

Rod had agreed to invest in Motivos and to accept a seat on their board, then Lavinia Ramsey had said good night. By then, Buffy had been so aroused she wanted to crawl into Rod’s lap.

But they’d kept drinking wine. And then the confessions had come. Georgina had been to bed with Lavinia. Buffy still rubbed herself and thought about Georgina. Rod loved the feel of his hard cock straining against silky panties.

To the outside world, they were the same. Rod and Buffy Harrington, at the club, doing charity work, hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

But Rod did it all in panties now, and soon i Motivos pink panties.

And Buffy knew it.

And that changed everything.

Of course, they stayed with Georgina when they came to town for the next Motivos board meeting. No part of Palo Alto was cheap, but her part was cheap enough for her to have a nice big guest room. Buffy told Rod to cook dinner, then as he worked on the steaks Buffy and Georgina moved an ottoman to the end of the bed, right where it could be a little stage.

Rod was an Admiral in the United States Navy. He could never be seen at a sex club. But he could put on a show for Georgina and Buffy.

The steak got cold. They just couldn’t wait. By the time Rod had come up to get them for dinner, he’d found them on Georgina’s guest bed, with Buffy wrestling Georgina’s skirt off.

“Can I join?” he’d asked, a cocky grin on his face as he took off his pants.

“No,” Buffy had said. “You’re going to sit right there,” she’d pointed at the ottoman. “And you’re going to get yourself off while we watch,”

She’d gotten used to Rod’s cock pushing against panties, but she’d never seen it as hard as it was right then.

“Show us,” Georgina gave a moan that trailed off into a giggle when Buffy got her hand inside Georgina’s panties.

Rod gave a visible gulp. Buffy closed her arms around her friend. Rod had known they were going to do this. He’d been getting off on the idea for weeks. Somehow, even better than wearing panties was being shown off while wearing panties.

Georgina had even sent them a present. Ladies’ panties in Motivos pink. And that was best of all.

Rod took off his shirt, sliding onto the ottoman wearing only his panties. He gave his cock a long tug.

“I did this for years, you know,” he said to Georgina. Buffy’s friend was a psychologist, she’d probably heard everything. But still, his words seemed to excite her. “I was worried about the other guys seeing me, so I only did it on leave. But every time I had a chance, I’d pretend to be buying a present for my girlfriend and get something soft and lacy, and rub myself just like this.”

Buffy had heard the story before but never got tired of it, or how excited Rod was to tell it. She started scratching Georgina, loving how aroused her friend looked.

Rod was still stroking, his cock so pink and perfect with those panties around it. “I’m not going to be able to hold back too much longer,” he said, “not with you two watching me like that.”

“I told Lavinia that I’d tire you both out,” Georgina said. Buffy wasn’t sure what Lavinia had to do with this but Georgina was moving up the bed, her upper back against the headboard and her legs spread. She crooked a finger and Buffy crawled up to her.

It was silly, how many times had Buffy slipped a hand into her skirt or arranged herself on a hot tub jet, thinking about Georgina’s pussy. She’d never had any idea that Georgina would be so excited to give her what she wanted. Buffy, still in a crawling position, lowered her mouth to Georgina and the world disappeared as Georgina’s salty goodness surrounded her. Georgina first pulled at Buffy’s hair, guiding her into the right position, and then moved her hands to Buffy’s nipples,pulling and rubbing at them. As many times as Buffy had imagined that touch, she’d never thought it would feel so good.

Georgina delicately unhooked Buffy’s bra and scratched her back. She moaned and whimpered and begged as Buffy licked, but her hands never stopped groping and caressing.

“I’m still watching you, Rod,” Georgina said. Buffy’s husband gasped.

“Please?” Rod asked. “Buffy’s ass is so hot from this angle.”

Georgina stroked Buffy’s cheek. “What do you think, Buff, should we let Rod fuck you?”

“Yes,” Buffy whispered into Georgina’s left thigh, giving it a little bite. She wiggled her ass with excitement, knowing Rod was watching it as he stroked.

Rod’s touch was delicate when he took down her panties. It felt so good to be naked, like Buffy’s entire body was radiating heat.

She felt Rod enter her. He’d been fucking her for decades, but somehow this felt like nothing they’d ever done before. Had she ever been this wet? Had he ever pounded her so hard?

She raised her head; she couldn’t keep licking while Rod fucked her, it was too much. But Georgina kept pulling at her breasts. Buffy loved this feeling. She wanted it again and again. She and Rod were coming to town for every board meeting and would do whatever they could for Motivos.

And then her orgasm hit.

* * *

No one thinks about a photocopier and the mail. Motivos hadn’t done anything particularly worth reporting. But the Boss still wanted regular reports, with documents. This report included all of the documents the Motivos board would be receiving, notes about all the motions they would be voting on. One, transferring stock from the company to a charitable trust controlled by Lavinia Ramsey, would have been of minor interest to the Securities and Exchange Commission. But the packet of documents wasn’t going to them.

The Boss would be more interested in how Motivos’ testing was going. Those documents were harder to get, but not impossible for someone good with locks. They went into the packet too.

As arranged, there was a weird blip in the security system at 5:14am. Nothing huge, chances were, Ed wouldn’t want to freak Lavinia out by even mentioning it to her. She was so paranoid these days. Everyone knew that. People got fired at Motivos a lot. A few second glitch in the security system wasn’t worth getting fired over.

But it was enough.