The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Evilena: Welcome to the Hotel , Evilena. Part 2

by Mistress Evilena’s Servant

Officer Tori James walked away from Evilena’s hotel suite . The further she walked, the less clear her memory became. The hypnotic commands she had just heard were fading from her mind... at least they SEEMED to be.

As Tori slid into the front seat of her squad car the radio crackled, " Burglary in Progress.....322 South Main Street....all nearby units respond....”

The redhead turned the key in the ignition, and put the cruiser into gear, as she picked up the microphone attached to the dashboard. " I’m en route, and I’ll cover the back.”

A few moments later she turned off the lights and drifted , into a parking spot where she could see the doorway in the rear of the building. “10-23 " she said softly into the radio as she got out and approached the warehouse . Suddenly a metal door flew open and a large man , dressed in black, ran out, saw Tori and changed directions, attempting to flee up a narrow alleyway next to the building.

Officer James drew her black nightstick from the ring on her belt and imitated a move she had learned from an older cop, sailing the baton down the ally, skipping it on the ground a few steps behind the fleeing burglar. As expected, the stick bounced up and struck the man in the back of his knees, tangling up in his legs as he ran. He fell in a heap in the alley, dazed, immobile , and confused.

Tori ran up and forced his hands behind his back and handcuffed him , then spoke into her walkie-talkie. " You can slow down response to this call , " I’ve got the burglar in custody, but you might want to send a search team in case he has accomplices.”

As her back up arrived she was congratulated by the other officers for her quick action and her successful apprehension of the thief, and as the rest of the police personnel searched the building and surrounding area she placed her prisoner in the cage in the back of her car and headed toward the station to book and process him

As she drove off two male officer shook their heads, amazed, " She may be a woman, but she’s the toughest cop I’ve ever seen, " said the one.

“Yeah I’d hate to try to boss her around, " the second laughed, feeling sorry for their watch commander. I bet NOBODY can tell HER what to do.

After booking her prisoner, the red headed cop sat a desk in the station writing her reports for the night. Two fights, a traffic ticket, and a burglary arrest. Wasn’t there a loud music call too ? She couldn’t seem to remember. But there was a reason, she thought, that she went to the hotel room of that sexy blond. If she could just recall. Her memory wasn’t always this bad.

Tori wasn’t alesbian, in fact, she was almost asexual, her job taking up so much time, but as she continued writing she kept thinking back to the amazingly beautiful face of the woman in the hotel, what was her name Evilena ? And the thoughts excited her.

But why ?

And why had she been in the blond’s room ? Hadn’t she told her that she couldn’t meet her ? But.... again her thoughts began to wander back toward the beautiful woman . And her eyes... beautiful, deep green eyes.

Her shift was almost over and she had an overwhelming urge to go back to the hotel. But why ? To see Evilena ? No.... No! That wasn’t right. That would be a violation of departmental rules to socialize with a person she handled a complaint against. But there was no compliat or even a report about Evilena in today’s folder of papers she turned in to her supervisor.

She shook her head to clear it of all these confusing thoughts as she changed her clothes in the locker room. She pulled off the black sports bra she wore under her uniform and bullet proof vest and rummaged through her locker for a sexy outfit. She slipped on the black wonder-bra that had been hanging there since she changed after the last police ball. Magically her already respectable breasts turned in to major hooters. She slipped on her tightest jeans and a short black tee top, grabbed her shoulder holster and off duty Glock 19 , then slipped on blue wool-blend blazer , and was out the door.

“ Why did I change into this fuck me bra ? Who am I trying to impress ? " she wondered to herself, as she shook her long red hair so it flowed sexily down her back . Then she sat down behind the wheel of her car , turned the ignition , and started to drive home.

Fifteen minutes later she pulled up in the parking lot of Evilena’s hotel, and blinked her eyes. What was she doing here ? Home was the opposite way .

Maybe she was just tired and had kind of dozed off while she was trying to drive to her apartmenrt and came here by accident. “I’ll have a cup of coffee in the diner here, then I’ll head to my residence " she thought as she got out of the car.

The next thing she knew she was standing in front of the blond woman’s suite, hand extended, ready to knockon the door .

“Stop ! " she thought to herself. " What am I doing ? Why can’t I think straight today ?”

Suddenly the door swung open, and there stood Evilena. Her long blond hair streamed down her back, and her face was GORGEOUS. She was dressed in a black leather halter top and matching leather shorts. Long, almost knee length boots completed the ensemble . Definitely a kinky outfit, the cop thought.

Tori was stunned by her appearance.

“Hi...I’m the officer that was here earlier... my name is Torie James and maybe you don’t recognize me because I’m not in uniform and I don’t uusually do this but I thought I’d stop by and I really didn’t even plan to come here I just sort of found myself in your hallway and I didn’t mean to disturb you and .....” the usually calm and collected police woman rattled on and on, hardly in control of her own voice.

Evilena stepped back and beckoned the nervous redhead with her index finger. “Do you want to come it ? Just say Yes ma’am, and you can, you know....”

The police woman looked directly into Evilena’s eyes.... " Yes ma’am” she replied.

“Good girl. You have already made a wonderful choice. You are here and you have decided to come in, now don’t you feel better ? Just say yes ma’am so I know....”

“Yes ma’am...” Tori whispered as she walk further into the room, never breaking eye contact with the mysterious blond. Her mind was spinning now. She DID know this woman. She HAD been here before. Memories were flooding back, and she somehow was thinking of the color purple, but didn’t know why.

“I’m going to tell you a secret Tori. Would you like that ?

“Yes ma’am....”

I’m going to tell you the difference between giving up and letting go. Giving up implies that you are involved in a struggle with me. And my mind is MUCH to powerful for you to even TRY to resist. Letting go says you WANT to willingly give up control to a power that is stronger than yourself.... so willingly .....wouldn’t you like to let go dear.... isn’t that the reason you are here.... to let go ? ”

James mulled that complicated thought over in her mind, but she had been right every other time she had answered Evilena’s questions, utilizing just two words. She knew the correct answer.....” Yes ma’am...” she softly responded.

The blond hypnotist reached out and stroked Tori’s cheek with her finger nails....“Good girl. You know that it feels so good to let go. Let go to my power . Let go of all resistance... of all thoughts....of all thoughts other than those I give you .... let go.......”

“Y...yes ma’am...“her eyes were widening and her gaze becoming fixed on only Evilena’s deep green eyes.

Again that spinning feeling, as if she were falling INTO the blond’s hypnotic stare. . As if her eyes were becoming her whole universe.....let go ..... in Her eyes...let go..... even the words , were seemed to be spinning in her brain......

Evilena pointed at the door with a graceful gesture. " Close the door, my dear...”

Gaze still locked on those deep, green ,powerful eyes , James reached back and pushed the door slowly shut. “Yes ma’am,” she whispered, hardening nipples pushing at the silken fabric of her wonder-bra.

“Yes ma’am, " she repeated...

Evilena had yet to begin her hypnotic induction, but this constant repetition of a phrase connoting submission and Tori’s immediate compliance with her command told her that the red head was almost hypnotizing herself. Needing to obey, wanting to be under Evilena’s spell again. The sultry hypnotist smiled.

“You look warm ,dear. Can I help you out of that jacket ?”

“Yes ma’am”

The beautiful blond reached out and removed the business-like blue blazer, leaving Tori dressed in her snug fitting blue jeans and a short, tight tee top which showed off her enhanced hooters. And her shoulder holster . As she removed the jacket Evilena brushed her hands over the policewoman’s nipples. They jutted out , now rock hard.

As the redhead stood slack jawed , still gazing deep into Evilena’s eyes, the blond stuck a finger in Tori’s mouth.

“Suck,” she commanded, and the helpless girl wrapped her lips around the delicate finger as if it were an erect cock.

“Yeff ma’am " she mumbled, rubbing her lips across the invading finger, tongue laciviously swirling around the digit.

Then , a glimmer of resistance registered in Tori’s eyes. Why was she doing this ? She was a tough , hard cop who kowtowed to no one. Not even this dangerous woman. She was being assaulted . This was a sexual assault ! This bitch was going to jail !

She stepped back and pulled out the Glock 9mm she carried in her shoulder rig, and tried to shout out, to order this woman to stop. But she found hard even to speak, as once again her gaze locked onto Evilena’s eyes .

“My goodness, dear, are you STILL trying to resist ? It does you no good, my pet . You KNOW you must let go and let me take over. You know you can’t resist me. Deep in your heart you KNOW. Don’t You ?”

Tori wavered and her arm lowered. She needed to say something. But what ?She felt so weak, so powerless when she stared into THOSE eyes.

“That’s right pet , the gun IS heavy isn’t it ? It feels so heavy you must drop it. You must. Just keep looking into my eyes and drop the gun. DROP THE GUN. ”

“Yes ma’am " was the helpless reply as the automatic slipped from her hand , dropping on the carpeted floor.

Her will had been broken.

“Good girl,” Evilena whispered and moved closer and whispered hotly into the red head’s ear. " You are hypnotized dear. Under my spell. Controlled by me. Your thoughts belong to me. Your mind belongs to me. Your body belongs to me. You are mine, aren’t you pet ?”

“Y... y... yes ma’am.” she replied, the last remnants of independent thought drifting away. She had been captured and enslaved by Evilena’s eyes. She WANTED to belong to Evilena.

“ Now let me see your breautiful breasts, sweetie, they are so sexy and you WANT to show them to me. Such pretty titties to show me. Show me your pretty titties, my pet.

“Yes Ma’am, " was the unhesitating response as the tee shirt and bra were thrown to the floor. The ability to resist was fading from Tori’s mind, as she fell deeper and deeper under the spell Evilena was skillfully weaving.

With a smile the blond hypnotist again leaned closer and whispered to Tori , then darted her tongue into the red head’s ear " The sensations you feel on your beautiful breasts you will ALSO feel in your wet .... wet ... pussy. Do you understand ?”

“Yes ma’am .”

Then the blond lightly drew a long fingernail across the exposed nipples , so tempting and vulnerable, naked before her.

Tori shuddered. She felt the tickling sensation on her stiff nipples AND in her pussy. She was becoming SO moist. Again Evilena’s fingernails lightly caressed Tori’s beautiful areola . Now Tori’s legs felt so weak as her knees trembled. Lust was coursing through Her body.

“Do you want to speak, my pet ? You may if you like.”

“Ohhhhhh... " the redhead moaned in response.....“Ahhhhhhh...” she exclaimed as the feelings swept through her sensitive tits and moist cunt. " Please....PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE....”

“Please what my pet. Please what ?”

“Please let me cum,ma’am.” she begged. She could do NOTHING without Evilena’s permission now.

“ Let you, dear ? I’ll make you ....... cum dear, " was the laughing reply.

Again, Tori’s legs shook.


Her knees grew weaker and weaker.

“CUM !”

And each time she heard Evilena’s command she exploded with passion.

“CUM, my little fucktoy ........CUM ! ”

And then , shaking with lust , defeated cop fell to her knees , thrusting her own hand inside her tight jeans where the moisture had stained them, showing EXACTLY the control Evilena had over the orgasmic red head.

The hypnotist reached down and entwined her fingers in Tori’s long red hair and pulled back, tilting her head upward. She drew her face closer and closer and parted her lips. The cop opened her mouth as if to kiss her new owner and as Evilena drew close, she spit in her open mouth. Tori coughed, then swallowed. Humiliated, but helplessly excited.

Now Evilena yanked at the long red hair and pulled her hypno-slave toward the king sized bed in the suite. “Crawl behind me, " she commanded, and the soaking wet cop crawled behind like a dog at heel.

Evilena pointed at the bed. " Up girl, and get those jeans off NOW! ”

Tori scrambled to the bed, removing the remnants of her clothing as she did so. Then , she got to her hands and knees on the bed and looked at Evilena, expectantly.

The blond hypno-domme ran her fingers through the cop’s wet hair and petted her as if she were some type of domestic animal , then once again thrust her finger into her mouth and smiled as her helpless slave girl involuntarily sucked.

“Kiss my hand,” she ordered and Tori kissed,licked and sucked as if Evilena’s hand were the most sensual thing in the world.“You may now put your fingers in your own pussy dear while I pinch your breasts. You remember , don’t you that any sensation you feel on your tits you also feel in your pussy don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am” she responded and started to finger fuck herself.

Then, ever so lightly, Evilena drew a fingernail across Tori’s nipples, then squeezed one between her forefinger and thumb.

Tori moaned , helplessly. The sensations were overwhelming. Again, she exploded.

“AhhhhhhEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed.

“Now taste yourself my little fucktoy ,” came the command " And look into my eyes.”

Tori’s fingers came up to her mouth as she was once again held captive by Evilena’s hypnotic gaze . Once more she felt as if she was being drawn INTO those bottomless green eyes as Evilena spoke, sofly, but irresistibly . " That taste on your fingers is the second most addicting taste you will ever experience. You will long to taste your own juices every day.”

Then Evilena reached inside her own shorts and gathered her own moist secretions on the tip of her finger , “THIS , however will be the taste and fragrance that will control you. Any time you smell this, " she waved her finger under Tori’s nose, " or taste this,” she stuck her finger into the cop’s mouth,” you will again be under my hypnotic spell. You will belong to me. Say it dear.”

“Anytime I smell or taste you, I will again be under your spell. I belong to you, Mistress.”

“ Good girl, now watch closely.”

Evilena took off all her clothing and the two women touched bodies, the heat was palpable. And the night turned into morning.... slowly ....passionately.

* * *

A month had passed and once again Evilena was returning to a round of important business meetings.

As she stepped out onto the sidewalk outside the airport terminal, there was a black and white squad car parked in the driveway by the entrance . The sexy red headed cop driving the cruiser was in full dress uniform, as if waiting for the mayor or governor.

Evilena tossed her suitcase into the back seat and slid into the front seat , next to Tori. She placed her hand on the back of the red head’s neck and pushed the cop’s head downward into her lap, and the woman inhaled deeply.

She sat up, a glazed look in her eyes, " I belong to you Mistress Evilena " were her only words.

“ I know dear , let’s go to the Hotel and play fucktoy again.” Evilena whispered. She pulled Tori’s face to hers and licked the helpless police officer’s parted lips.

“Yes Ma’am ,” came the cops reply. " Yes ma’am .”