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How To Pay Your College Loans

Chapter 1: An Advertisement

* * *

Content Warning: This story is intended for adults. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. This is a work of fantasy and is not a realistic depiction of hypnosis or sexual assault. Non-consensual hypnosis and sexual assault in real life are highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone these things. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

* * *

Clara can’t pay her college loans, or rent, or anything. She’s stuck at a job she hates with no one around her. Her life turns around when she sees an ad on the dark web recruiting “servants”, and takes drastic measures to turn her life around.

* * *

Clara looked over her bills. Then at her rent payment. Then at her transportation expenses. Already, she was red in the bank, and just looking at one thing made her panic enough. Sure, she had a job, but it hardly paid her. She was a barista at a cafe where she was routinely disrespected and walked all over, and yet, she couldn’t afford to leave. She couldn’t afford to stay either.

But the expense that stressed her out the most was her student loans. For the first few months, she did okay with paying them. But now she was three months behind, and they were coming after her. She had no idea how she was going to pay one month, let alone three. At one point, she realized it was a problem and asked her boss for a 50 cent raise. She was, of course, laughed at straight in her face.

Clara took some time to look through job boards and wonder if there was anything out there, anything better. She did go to school for biology, and she got straight A’s. It was supposed to be a worthwhile major that’d get her into a good job—so why wasn’t she in a good job? Why weren’t there any good jobs? She lived in the city. There were plenty of good businesses. It shouldn’t have been this much of a problem.

She threw her head back and laid down on the couch, pushing her computer aside. This was useless. She was going to die in a sea of debt and bills. That seemed like a better idea than living thousands of dollars in the red. Anything seemed better than that. It wasn’t like she could go to her parents for help too — not after they kicked her out before she went off to college.

Clara tried to ask her friends for support, but even her more wealthy friends obviously couldn’t drop thousands of dollars for her. And getting another loan was out of the question.

Giving up, she resigned herself to distraction. She went to the next browser window on her computer — a forum from the “dark web”. If she couldn’t amuse herself with her situation, it was much easier to amuse herself looking at ads selling terrible things. These forums had everything. Hired assassins. Drug deals. Pornography that would nearly make Clara vomit.

She scrolled through. And kept scrolling. It was all the usual people; no one new, and yet, no one interesting. For a moment, she considered hiring an assassin just to kill her. But then she’d be even deeper in debt if they failed.

Just as she was about to close her computer, she saw a peculiar advertisement. It was written in much better grammar than the rest of the forum.

“Never worry about money again,” the title read. Clara obviously immediately clicked it. This was probably some weird sex thing, but she was willing to do anything at this point.

The ad read, “We will take care of you, if you submit yourself to us. We are looking for new servants who are able and willing to serve two attractive rich ladies. Please respond to this inquiry with your name, email, phone number, a picture of yourself, and why you would like to be our slave. Join us—become something new.”

Clara read it over and over again. It really was a weird sex thing. And of course, the thread was teeming with comments, people wanting to drop everything to serve these complete strangers. Clara didn’t blame them.

Because she immediately did the same.

Once she posted her comment, she realized that she probably made a mistake. Then she realized it wasn’t like they’d probably pick her, anyways. She wasn’t that attractive. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t particularly skinny either. And she usually half-assed her makeup and hair in the morning, if she did them at all.

But, it was worth a shot, right?

* * *

Clara realized she fell asleep at some point looking for new jobs or avenues to make quick money. Typical for someone as lazy and unmotivated as her. Was this really how she was using her day off? Responding to random ads asking for sex slaves and fretting about finances?

It really was.

She was jolted awake by a phone call. It was probably her friend Stef, asking to hang out despite knowing Clara didn’t have any time whatsoever, as she was usually at work or wallowing in her misery.

But the number was different. She didn’t recognize it. Maybe this was from a job she applied to, she hoped with her heart.

Without waiting another second, she anxiously picked it up.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Hi,” came the sound of an older woman, probably in her late 30s or 40s. Clara obviously couldn’t just completely tell from just one word, but she sounded dignified. “Is this Clara Longwood?”

“Um… yes, it is,” she responded.

“I’m calling because you responded to our ad on the… how do I say it, dark web.”

Clara froze. That was extremely quick! Especially for how many responses there were. She completely forgot, in her sleep, that she even commented at all. And they picked her? Of all people?

“Oh,” was all she said. “Um… well, um… thank you for calling?”

Clara swore she could hear the lady scoff into the phone. “What a way to greet someone who you asked to be a slave for,” she laughed at them. Clara’s face flushed. She didn’t even know this person’s name, and she was already being made fun of.

“I apologize for my demeanor,” she added after a pause. “It has been a rough few days. I want to get to the point — would you want to come in for an… interview, with us?”

Clara didn’t even stop herself as she responded with an enthusiastic “yes”. She would take any interview, any opportunity for money. Ignoring the sinking feeling in her chest, she waited anxiously.

“Good decision,” the lady commented. “Then you are to be at our location at 5pm tomorrow. I will email you the address. That isn’t a problem, is it not?”

She had work. She couldn’t miss another day, or she would get fired. Her boss was extremely strict about attendance, and… everything else. But did she really care anymore? She was already in debt, what would losing her job for this opportunity do?

“Yes… yes,” Clara eventually decided. “I mean, no. It’s not a problem.”

“Very well. I find your flustered talking rather cute.” Despite the lady saying that, it sounded like she was making fun of Clara, so she just became more embarrassed.

As Clara stuttered out a response, she could hear the lady laughing at her more. Eventually she composed herself and spoke. “That… sounds good. Um… what’s your name?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t forget such a crucial detail.” There was a long pause, and Clara expected her to talk again. “Of course, I will not be giving it to you until you prove your devotion to us. Understood?”

“Y…yes. I understand.”

“See you at 5pm tomorrow, Miss Clara.”

“Um… uh huh. See you then.”

The call ended. Clara realized she both completely embarrassed herself in front of this older lady, and also signed herself up to lose her job in exchange for maybe becoming two hot ladies’ slave.

Maybe that’s what she was being laughed at for.

Realizing she had to text her boss to tell him she’d be out, she pulled out her phone and made up the excuse that she had the flu. Her boss told her to find coverage or come in. Clara didn’t really know how to respond to that — so she didn’t.

She was really an idiot.

* * *

Clara made sure to get there early. It was a longer commute than she’d expected, despite being in the same city. Maybe it was rush hour traffic. Regardless, she managed to get there on time. At least… she thought she was there? The building was in a more remote part of the city. It was a rather big building — in fact, Clara wouldn’t be surprised if it was classified as a mansion. Maybe that was normal for a couple buying people as slaves with the promise of giving them loads of money.

She walked up to the door nervously. Hesitating for just a moment, she rang the button. Hearing the echo of the doorbell outside, she fidgeted with her hands nervously, almost having half the mind to run off. She dressed up for the occasion, wearing her fanciest dress with actually well-done makeup.

The buzzer came from outside, and she heard a voice speaking through. It wasn’t the same lady’s voice, but it was another female voice. “Please state your name and reason for coming.” The voice was stern, but not unfeeling.

“I’m Clara… I’m here for an interview.” Clara automatically responded in her general interview voice, forgetting that this wasn’t a normal interview by any means.

Regardless, she heard the door unlock, and the voice speak again. “Come in.”

Clara entered through. If the exterior of the building didn’t look like a mansion enough, the inside blew her away. It was decorated with fancy furniture, chandeliers, lots of gorgeous art in frames… it was amazing. Despite dressing up for the occasion, Clara felt underdressed. This wasn’t made any better by the maids and butlers around the mansion, tidying up even the slightest smudge or speck of dust. She briefly wondered—was she going to be just another one of these servants?

“Please sit down.” Clara turned around to see a receptionist, with a bored look on her face. “The Mistresses will be with you shortly.”

“Okay… okay.” Clara nodded nervously and sat down in one of the sofas. She sank into it — it was one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture she had ever sat in. In fact, it was so soft that it made Clara take a deep exhale. She felt all her anxieties fade away. The only thing that mattered right now was how comfortable this sofa was… so, so soft…

Clara woke herself up. She could almost feel herself getting tranced by the furniture. Physically making sure her eyes stayed alert, she felt embarrassed by the fact she was almost tranced by a sofa.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to get herself to stay awake for very long. She heard footsteps — high heels, definitely, as they walked down the staircase. Clara whipped her head around to find a tall lady that fit the description of the kind of person she thought was speaking to her on the phone. She was dressed in a fancy business suit with her face done in professional-looking makeup; she was also definitely in her early 40s, as Clara had thought.

“Miss Clara,” she spoke. Clara stood up in response. “We spoke on the phone.”

“Y-yes. Hi, that’s me.” Clara nodded and forced a smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she continued as she put on her best interview voice.

“Quite indeed,” the lady responded as she fixed her glasses. “Right this way, then, if you will.”

“Of course!” Clara responded excitedly, following the lady up as she began to walk up the stairs. If this person was going to be their Mistress, maybe it wasn’t going to be so bad.

The lady chuckled again as Clara spoke. “Very enthusiastic, I see. I do enjoy seeing that.” Clara fixed her dress as they walked, taking in her surroundings. She almost wanted to make small talk, but she got the impression from this lady that she wouldn’t be up for it. So instead they just walked in silence.

Once they got to the top floor, Clara felt her legs giving out — they must have walked up four or five flights of stairs, and Clara wasn’t particularly in shape. The lady turned to her and gave her a quizzical look.

“Are you out of shape?” she asked, and Clara ignored the condescending tone in her voice.

“Um… a little.” Clara tried to laugh it off while still regaining her breath. “I haven’t worked out in a while.”

“Hm. We’ll have to remedy that.” The lady turned back away and led her down the hall. “We expect our property to be in tip-top shape. Both living and inanimate property.”

“Um… right,” Clara nervously responded as she followed. Her skin crawled every time she was referred to as property or as a slave or servant. But if this was going to be her life for now on, she might as well just bite her lip and get used to it.

No less than 10 rooms later, Clara and the lady reached what was probably the main bedroom — Clara could tell this by the extra elegant engravings around the door and on the door itself. It was encrusted with diamonds and all sort of various gemstones around it. Clara swore this door itself must have costed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She wasn’t too fond of rich people, though these people were using their wealth to pay off people’s student loans and whatnot. Albeit, in exchange for what Clara presumed was eternal sex slavery.

The lady knocked on the door. “Dear, I brought Miss Clara here.”

“Come inside,” another voice came out, this one more high-pitched and more soothing; whereas the first lady’s voice sounded strict and demanding, this one sounded more relaxed. The lady opened the door and led Clara inside. Of course, the room was also extremely elegant; the bed was probably past a king size, if that even existed. Fancy dressers, couches, and art decorated the room. Clara could have sworn this entire mansion probably costed a billion dollars, at the very least.

“Welcome, Miss Clara,” a second lady stepped out of her seated position on the couch and put her book down. Clara barely caught a glimpse of the book, but it seemed to be some fairy tale kind of book… at least, one that was more refined for adults. “How do you do today?”

“I’m fine!” Clara responded in her usual interview voice. “How are you today?”

“Mm… I’m doing well. Spent some time reading, which was nice.” This lady was on the shorter end. She had blonde, shoulder-length wavy hair, and a royal pink, red and yellow dress. Clara was, however, drawn to the tiara that donned on her head. She briefly wondered if this lady was some sort of royalty? If so, what was she doing here?

“Shall we sit?” the lady who led Clara in offered. Clara accepted the offer and sat down on a sofa presumably made for one person, and the other two ladies sat down on the sofa aside from it. The ladies intertwined their fingers with each other. If the situation were different, it’d be a rather cute sight to look at.

“Thank you for coming in,” the queen-like lady continued. “I’m sure you have many questions.”

“Well, that’s what interviews are for,” Clara chuckled — though she probably failed to hide the fact she was nervous as hell.

“We’re going to ask you some questions. All are yes or no. Do you understand?”

Clara nodded. She began to answer as each of the ladies took turns asking questions.

“Do you understand that if you take this position, we will pay for all your expenses in exchange for servitude?”

“Yes, I understand—“

“Just yes or no.” The stern lady commented. Clara zipped her lips and nodded.

“Do you understand that you will be living with us in this mansion? You will have your own room, food, and occasional free time.”


“Do you intend to follow orders such as reading, working out, eating well, cleaning, running errands, or otherwise daily tasks?”


“Do you understand that you will also be of service to our friends, guests, and coworkers?”


“Do you understand we will hypnotize you into being whoever we want you to be, and acting however we want you to act?”

Clara paused and suppressed the urge to furrow her eyebrows. She never actually considered hypnosis to be a real thing. “Yes,” she responded anyways.

“Do you intend to follow orders such as requests for sexual favors and dressing how we want despite being demeaning or embarrassing?”


“Do you have any obligations, personal or professional, that would get in the way of your devotion to us?”

“N…no.” Clara had to think about that one. She didn’t necessarily have friends. She was estranged from her family. And lord knew she didn’t care about her current job. “I don’t.”

“Do you understand that you will sign a binding, irrevocable contract to give full control over your life to us, and that this contract cannot be reversed and that there are legal consequences if you try to escape?”

Clara took another pause. This was really going to be how she paid off her student loans. There was no more waiting for things to get better, waiting to suddenly become a billionaire like these two were. She had nothing.

“Yes.” She finally responded.

“And you are okay with this?”


“Excellent,” the lady in royal drab broke her serious face with a smile. “I just have one question that isn’t yes or no. Why do you want to be with us?”

Clara opened her mouth to respond, and tried to think of a good response. All through her life, none of her interview practice sessions could have possibly prepared her for this. She didn’t really have a good response. Of course, her primary reason for wanting to be here was wanting to not have to pay college loans, or rent or whatever. But obviously that wasn’t going to be what she wanted to say.

She realized she was taking too long, and gave them the first response that came to mind.

“Because I want to be useful.”

The other ladies stared at her—the royal lady was still smiling, but the business lady was trying her hardest not to laugh at that response. Clara felt an embarrassed flush run to her face.

“Well, someone as eager and willing to sign their life away to submit such as yourself can be very, very useful,” the businesswoman snickered. “I enjoy it.”

Clara nodded. She didn’t sign anything. She still had time to get out.

“Well, um… when can I expect to hear back?” she asked sheepishly.

“Actually, we’d like to move you to phase two of the interview,” the royal lady responded.

“Phase two will start here, and now. There is no opportunity to reschedule.”

“Um… I’m not prepared, um, did I need to—“

“You don’t need to prepare,” the business lady narrowed her eyes. “You did say that you have no obligations that would get in the way of serving us, no? Were you lying?”

“I… um…” Clara did say that. She couldn’t turn around and say she didn’t. “I wasn’t. I suppose I am ready then. Just… what is phase two…?”

“The test.” The ladies stood up. “You have proven you are willing to submit to us. But are you ready to, is our question.”

Clara looked up at the ladies as they stood and walked over to her, the two dominating ladies towering over poor little Clara. The blood in Clara’s face drained.

“Stand up, and strip.”

Clara stood up instinctively; not so much out of obeying as out of horror. They weren’t actually serious, right? So soon? Right now?

“What are you waiting for?” the business lady snapped. “We gave you an order. You want to obey us, don’t you?”

“I… well, um… I didn’t think—“

“Of course you didn’t think,” the other lady chuckled. “It’d sure be nice to have someone as dumb as you in our possession. But first, you have to do what we tell you to do, hm?”

“I… can’t this wait? Just another day, or another… week? Does it have to be today?”

“Dear, I think she’s backing out,” the royal lady whispered to her partner.

“Yes, it seems so. Disappointing. I would have figured she would have done anything to pay off her debt. No matter how degrading or debasing.”

Clara forgot the entire reason she came here. She had to pay off her debt. She had to get out of being in the red. If these ladies could help her, then she should accept the help, right? It wasn’t like she had anything else to do with her life. She had no prospects for a better job, she had no friends or family. A part of her wanted to wait and see if things would get better… but they wouldn’t, and she knew that.

Clara inhaled, and then responded on an exhale. “Okay…” She breathed deeply again, and then started taking her clothes off. She hadn’t gotten naked in front of another person, let alone two people, in a very long time. And these were people she hardly knew — in fact, she didn’t even know anything about them other than whatever she could assume based on appearances.

She started with her shirt, and then her pants. Her body wasn’t beautiful — it was chubby in some places and she had acne scars around it — but it wasn’t particularly bad either. Her breasts and ass weren’t gorgeous, but they were passable. She hadn’t shaved in a few days either, which was obvious when she hesitantly took off her panties and bra.

The two Dommes examined her closely. Clara couldn’t tell by their eyes if they were being judgmental or admiring her body; yet, their strong gaze felt searing, as if they were burning into her skin.

Clara’s embarrassment increased tenfold when the business lady grabbed a fistful of her hair and began playing with it; or rather, she was pulling Clara’s hair around in a million different directions, as if seeing how pliable she could be. Clara bit her lip to avoid yelping out in pain or surprise. However, she failed to do that for very long as the royal lady began examining her in other ways. She slid her hands up and down Clara’s body, not particularly stopping on any particular spot. And yet, Clara couldn’t help but gasp from the unfamiliar, cold touch when she reached her breasts, thighs, ass.

“You could do with some makeup and working out, but, I like what I see,” the royal lady grinned as she went back to Clara’s front. Clara inhaled and held her breath as the royal lady reached down towards her crotch and began fingering her very, very lightly. Clara gasped out in surprise, the tickling sensation taking her aback and almost making her legs give out.

All the while, the other lady was still playing with her hair, getting increasingly rougher. At one point, she pulled Clara’s head back far enough to expose her neck nice and clear. Leaning in, she began to kiss Clara’s neck. Clara was surprised to see how soft she was being at first, only for her to get rougher and begin biting. If Clara wasn’t already gasping out in surprise from all the touching, then she was now, except in pain. As the business lady lifted up, she left a big, dark purple mark on Clara’s neck — right where everyone could see it, unfortunately for her.

And then she began biting again. Only this time, the royal lady turned her gentle flicking of Clara’s clit into a rougher fingering, pushing her fingers into Clara’s junk and moving them wildly. Clara could feel her legs beginning to give out — not only that, she was very quickly getting wetter and wetter, also feeling her cunt twitch against her fingers. Feeling completely debased and embarrassed, Clara’s body gave out and she fell back down into the sofa.

She expected the two ladies to be mad, or scold her. Instead, they both laughed together at Clara, which honestly might have been worse.

“Look at you,” the royal lady cooed. “So weak and hapless… like a lost puppy tied to a bench on a rainy beach. I haven’t seen anything so cute and pathetic in a long, long time.”

“You’re completely correct, dear. Well, I suppose there’s only one thing to do with adorable, wistful girls,” her partner added.

“And… um… that is…?” Clara asked, gulping.

“Isn’t it obvious?” she cackled. “That’s to fuck the life out of them, obviously. Every day. Whenever we want, however we want. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Clara gaped and went silent. She had no idea how to respond.

“What better day to start than today, then?” the other ladies in the room began undressing quickly — their clothes were more elegant and layered than Clara’s, so it took them a longer amount of time, leaving Clara in sheer anticipation and anxiety.

The royal lady, when she finished undressing, revealed herself to be a trans woman via showing off her already half-erect cock; the business lady on the other hand just chose to don a strap on, and what Clara decided was a massive one at that. Not that she had a problem with either of those things — the problem was more that she was in no way prepared to get gangbanged by a duo of beautiful older ladies.

“Sweetheart, grab the lube for us,” the business lady cooed as her partner complied. She then turned back to Clara to grin at the wide eyed, drooling mess. “You don’t have any complaints… do you?”

“I… um, I don’t… I wasn’t really…” Clara had half the mind to protest, but she couldn’t form a coherent sentence. She had realized that simply being in these ladies’ presence was draining them mentally. What was she even doing? Why hadn’t she run away yet? It wasn’t like she had signed any contract yet.

She wasn’t listened to, though. The two ladies were already lubing themselves up, and Clara realized she felt a growing sensation in her, a intense heat and a wetness in her cunt. She was excited. She couldn’t believe how horny she was, and the fact she could barely think about it didn’t help.

The business lady went back over to her and, without asking, spread Clara’s legs apart, revealing herself twitching and dripping. As if she wasn’t already wet enough, the royal lady dripped some of the lube in her hands and began rubbing it into Clara via more fingering. Clara gasped out again and again, the cool, sticky sensation being vastly unfamiliar to her.

“Look at her. She’s so dopey,” she laughed. “Can’t form a sentence. Turned on by two gorgeous ladies to the point of silence. She really will make a perfect slave.”

“Now, now, dear. Let’s make sure she passes the test first.”

The two got in position; the royal lady stood next to Clara’s face with her cock pointed towards her mouth, and the business lady was at her crotch, ready to plunge the strap on deep into her. It seemed to be a strap on with some sort of tube in it that dripped out lube on its own — very, very fancy, in Clara’s eyes.

“Are you ready, slut?” one of them asked.

Clara hesitated, and then nodded. There was no going back. She didn’t have the energy to, or half the brain to.

“Good. Then get sucking,” the royal lady ordered.

Clara bit her lip for a moment, and then opened her mouth to let her in. The royal lady went in slowly, taking her time at first, and then once her cock was nice and warm and erect in Clara’s mouth, she didn’t wait another minute to start fucking her face. Clara did her best not to gag or choke, and manage her breathing. At the very least, she was delicate, as any queen or member of royalty should be.

The business lady, meanwhile, was completely different. She dove in immediately as she found Clara’s hole, not sparing Clara a minute to get comfortable as she began to fuck her. Clara began moaning and groaning into the other lady’s dick, both in pain and in pleasure as she did her best not to clamp her teeth down. With her hands, she clutched at the throw blanket on the sofa as she could feel her cunt getting pounded harder and deeper with every thrust.

For a second, the lady with the strap on stopped, giving Clara a moment’s reprieve. Unfortunately, that moment didn’t last long as she pressed a button on the toy and it began to vibrate deep inside Clara, making her gasp in surprise and let go of the lady’s dick in her mouth. For that, her hair was grabbed again roughly and the royal lady growled down at her.

“What are you doing? I didn’t tell you to stop,” she hissed, and Clara immediately went back to sucking. Her movements became more and more jagged as the vibrations hit her harder, getting to all the right spots in her.

Clara was getting close to the edge. And from the twitching in her mouth and their moans, she could tell her Dommes were getting close as well. She could assume that the woman with the strap also had a connected vibrator in her own cunt that was turning her on the way it was turning Clara on.

She couldn’t take it anymore, nor could the other two ladies. The queen came first, dumping her entire load into Clara’s mouth with long, thick strands one after another. Clara gagged at both the sudden load in her mouth and the taste as the lady grabbed her hair and dragged her throat to the base of her shaft as she finished inside of her.

The business lady came second, and with her orgasm, she pressed another button that dumped some sort of sticky, warm lube inside Clara’s cunt as she delivered a few last thrusts to her. She slowed down considerably, giving Clara the opportunity to have her own orgasm soon after. Clara had masturbated many times in her life, but she never had an orgasm with another person, let alone two people, let alone people whose names she didn’t even know.

For her, that sealed the contract. She never knew pleasure like it before. It wasn’t a fleeting moment, either; her finish must have lasted at least a minute and a half, alternating between intense and quick and long and drawn out.

With some gasps between the three ladies, Clara’s mouth and cunt were pulled out of and the ladies cleaned themself off and began to reclothe themselves. Clara looked at them expectantly, waiting for them to say something; either a comment on how inexperienced Clara was, or how they weren’t impressed, but…

“I think we’re satisfied,” the queen exhaled. “You were quite well and tight, Miss Clara.”

Clara wanted to respond with a “thanks”, but she was too busy catching her breath from the most intense pleasure she’d had in years.

“Then it’s settled.” The business lady, once clothed, went over to the desk and grabbed a clipboard with a pen off of it. Clara looked at it curiously as she brought it over; as she thought, it was a short contract. She shoved it into her hands and face.

“Are you ready to sign it?” she asked.

Clara gazed over the contract; or at least, she tried to. Her brain was so clouded, and she couldn’t even focus on reading. But she decided, she decided long ago.

Without even taking a moment to read anything, she signed her name on the bottom and dated it.

The ladies smirked at her.

“Welcome to our harem, slave,” the queen said. “My name is Diana. It is quite the pleasure.”

“I am Jasmine,” the business lady introduced herself. “Now that you’ve signed the contract and you know our names, we’re pleased to have you as part of our mansion… and looking forward to everything we’ll put you through.”

“I… um… yes. I am too,” Clara nodded. The weight of what she had done dawned on her.

She was so stupid.

“So, let’s give you the grand tour of the mansion and the breakdown of your responsibilities and lack of rights; shall we?”

* * *