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A Trip To The Beach

* * *

Kae and Clara go on a very special date as the two get dragged to a vacation home on the beach.

* * *

Clara’s legs swung aimlessly in the comfortable, plush seat of the private jet. She wasn’t quite sure why she was surprised that Jasmine had access to private jets, but she shouldn’t have been. Jasmine and Diana dropped it on her quite suddenly. They were taking her to their private resort on a remote island, far away from anything. They were going to have fun at the beach, which meant new swimsuits and floating in the gorgeous ocean.

And it could mean hot, steamy beach sex. At least, that’s what Clara would have wanted. Kae was mostly indifferent—though Clara remembered the date they had “planned”, and while Jasmine and Diana didn’t know the details, they were certainly more supportive than Clara thought they’d be. Not that that was a problem at all. Kae was the first person who was supportive to Clara when she moved in, though their words of warning occasionally rang in her ears. Kae was nice, though. They’d make a nice boyfriend.

“I’m, like, so excited for this trip,” Clara reiterated with a big, dumb grin on her face. “I can’t wait to spend time with y’all!” To enhance the point, she embraced Kae in a tight, firm hug. Kae chuckled awkwardly before forcing themself away to avoid getting suffocated.

Jasmine’s eye twitched in annoyance. “Yes, yes, we know,” Jasmine sighed in exasperation. “You’ve only said so several hundred times. It makes me want to bring out my spare ball gag. Should I, dear?”

Clara squeaked as she turned to Diana. Diana merely sipped some more tea out of her fancy glass before responding, “Let her be excited. I love seeing how dim she looks when she is.”

“Aww, thank you!” Clara grinned even wider. Once again, she was completely unaware that she was being insulted. “What are you two, like, um, most excited for? I can’t wait to build sand castles or, um...” Her legs twitched in anticipation. Everyone knew what she was thinking.

“You don’t even know what we have planned for you.” The side of Jasmine’s lip curled deviously. “You don’t even know about the ball.”

Clara’s eyes widened even more. Her eyes sparkled. A ball? “Like, a ball for us? That’s, um... that’s lovely, but... I don’t know how to dance.”

“Don’t worry,” Diana sipped more tea. “We’ll teach you.”

“Huh?” Clara tilted her head. “Um, how—”

“Idiot,” Jasmine sighed. “How do you think?” A pause. “Oh, right. You can’t think. My apologies.”

“With hypnosis,” Kae whispered into Clara’s ear, entirely aware that they were completely audible. “How long have you been here?”

Clara tried to think. It was as if the question was much, much more complicated than it actually was. “Uh... I dunno,” she giggled. She was right. Clara had no idea how long she had actually been at the mansion.

They all laughed. At Clara. And Clara wouldn’t have it any other way.

“So anyways,” Kae leaned back, throwing their arms around the couch. Their right hand landed on Clara’s shoulder, and they decided to keep it there. “If I can ask, why am I coming? Weren’t you just going to take Clara? Isn’t Clara more, well... fit for a ball?” They looked down at their attire. As usual, they were wearing a sportsy t-shirt, jeans that looked only a little worn down, sneakers, and their baseball cap. Needless to say, they looked way, way too casual for a ball. Especially one that Jasmine and Diana were taking them to.

Jasmine smirked. “We heard about your plans for a... ‘date’. We thought there was no better opportunity for a date than a fancy ball.”

“Hmm.” Kae hummed in understanding. Clara didn’t even register how invested Jasmine and Diana were in their little flirtationship. “I’m just happy to get a vacation, at least.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Diana spoke up. Finally, some shred of a smile appeared on her face. “You’ll have plenty of opportunities to relax. If you serve us well.”

Clara whimpered in desperation. She always wanted to serve. Kae was indifferent and threw their head back in a sigh.

* * *

The flight was, all in all, only about 30 minutes. Clara was almost wondering why they didn’t just take a train, until she remembered that trains can’t travel across the ocean. The harem leaders and two harem members wandered into a cab that took them the rest of the way to the suite. Kae and Clara were stuck carrying their luggage. Mostly just Kae, though. “Heavy lifting isn’t fit for a princess, but it is fit for a jock.”

Kae resented that sentiment, and kept it to themself.

Eventually, after an even shorter cab ride, they made it to the resort. Jasmine assured them it wasn’t as big as the mansion, but to Clara, it was quite hard to tell. Were they... renting this place? Certainly they were only renting a part of it. Right?

Nope, she was being stupid again. Of course they owned the whole building. “We will each have our own rooms. We expect you to be ready to be of service to us at all times.”

Kae smirked. “I supposed we can’t go into your rooms as we please the same way, hmm?”

Jasmine’s resting bitch face quickly turned into a demanding scowl. “I’d suggest you watch your tone, you masc, dumb jock.”

Clara was expecting Kae to either snarl quietly or make one more snarky remark. Instead, their head drooped down and their eyes fell shut. Clara knew that Kae would have toppled over from standing if Jasmine hadn’t caught them. Diana seemed unfazed. Was that... Kae’s trigger phrase? Kae certainly seemed like they were in a hypnotic daze. Jasmine readjusted their body so they were leaning their weight on her.

“Diana, will you please prepare Clara?” Jasmine asked with a slight smirk. “I’m sure you know well how to turn her into a prom queen.”

“Of course,” Diana nodded with a smile. “Only the dumbest prom queen.”

“Huh?” Clara suddenly realized what was going on—finally she was out of her initial shock from watching Kae go into trance. “Like, are you talking about me?”

Jasmine chuckled, and didn’t respond to that as she walked away with Kae around her shoulders. Diana patted Clara’s back gently and led her away. “No need to worry, princess.”

“Like, okay, Your Highness!”

Diana led Clara into what must have been the royalty’s room—after all, it seemed as if it were already decorated for her. There was a tall, fancy red velvet cake in the middle. Diana had to physically stop Clara from devouring it, with a soft and subtle “don’t worry, I’ll save some for you later.”

Diana dragged Clara onto the bed, and threw both of their bodies onto it. Already, she started groping and playing with Clara’s body. She squeezed Clara’s pockets of skin tightly, as if she were using her as a stress ball. Clara didn’t mind—she was being of service, after all.

“I’m so, like, excited for the ball,” Clara giggled. “Are you two going too?”

“Of course,” Diana smiled lightly. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Especially seeing you and Kae together. You two will make a fine couple.”

“Huh?” Clara blinked. “But me and Kae? We’re not, like, dating. I just think they’re... cute,” she blushed.

Diana chuckled. “You don’t need to think, bimbo.”

“Like... what?”

Before Clara could ask anymore dumb questions, Diana quickly put her in a deep trance with “pink, pink, pink”.

And Clara was gone. Down into a trance, under Diana’s spell, privy only to her hypnotizing words. “You’re going to have a fun, fun night tonight,” Diana grinned. Despite being so heavily entranced, Clara could feel the devious smile curling on Diana’s lips. “I’m going to turn you from a ditzy, dumb princess into the perfect bimbo prom queen. You’re going to have the perfect night at your college’s spring formal. Lord knows how you even got into college, but that’s no problem. You’ll have no idea how to dance, or how to socialize, or how to act… normally. Instead all you’ll be focused on is flirting with everyone, dancing the best you ‘can’, and making out with your prom king—Kae.

“Kae’s such a lovely jock. Of course the captain of the football team would make the perfect prom king, with the prom queen being you—the leader of the cheerleading club. Of course, neither of you are very smart. All muscle, only kindness in your hearts… but no brains. You don’t know anything, Clara, and neither will Kae. You’ll be completely perfect for each other.”

Clara giggled in trance as Diana whispered the induction into her ear, as the royal queen used her body as a stress toy. Clara’s body was an object—to Diana, to Jasmine, and the rest of the harem. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Now,” Diana continued, ruffling Clara’s hair and pulling on it gently. “You’re going to wake up, and we’re going to get ready for prom. Me and your Mistress will be there as well. We’ll be occupied with each other and the other guests—who’ll know well you’ll be there too. But we’ll always be keeping an eye on you. And you can be well assured—” Diana squeezed Clara’s hair particularly rough, making her yelp out in pain. “We’ll be laughing at you. And the other guests will be too. You know it sounds fun, because I’m saying it, and you’ll go along with whatever I say, won’t you?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Clara gasped through the pain of another rough tug.

“Good,” Diana smiled. “I’m going to keep you in trance, because I’m going to be doing your makeup and hair. Can’t have you giggling at every second and ruining my work. You’ll look like a complete stupid, brainless bimbo. And you are going to love every second of being stupid and being laughed at.”

Diana began adjusting Clara’s body, gently standing her up and walking her over to the massive vanity. Clara aimlessly looked into the mirror. She couldn’t quite think straight—ever, but especially in trance—but she loved how she looked while hypnotized. Her eyes were half-open. Her body was slouched over without Diana’s help. Her cheeks were flushed red. And best of all, she could see a small strand of drool dripping down the side of her chin.

Diana walked over to Clara’s suitcase and pulled out her massive bag of makeup. She opened it up and got to work quickly. Of course, Diana was kind of considered the queen of makeup, at least to Clara. So it made total sense how Diana could get it done so quickly. The ditzy, dumb princess always loved getting her makeup done by Diana—it was like being blessed by a divine goddess. Diana’s touches on her face made her blush further, as she tried to stifle many entranced giggles. Diana held her face still, her eyes closed, her lips half-open. Clara watched intensely for the next 30 minutes while Diana got her face perfect, all the while whispering insults and praise to Clara.

Eventually, her face was done. Diana counted up, bringing Clara out of trance with one last bit of praise. As her eyes opened all the way, Clara looked at herself in the mirror.


She looked just as good as Diana. Or at least, almost as good. Her makeup was... immaculately done. It looked perfect. The foundation was smeared across her face evenly, the eyeshadow was expertly done with sharp winged eyeliner, and the shade of lipstick Diana had chosen was bright and fun and enthralling. Not to mention, Diana only chose purple or pink hues—even the eyeliner was a hot pink. She looked like a complete bimbo. She looked like a doll. She looked wonderful.

Clara squealed, almost jumping out of her chair. She held herself back, so as not to startle Her Highness. “Oh my gosh, Your Highness, it looks...” she felt her eyes welling with tears. Diana looked at her fondly, allowing the tears to flow on her face. “Perfect. I’ve never been happier.”

Diana smiled. Suddenly, she opened her arms and closed them around Clara’s body. She embraced them in a tight hug, one that seemed awfully uncharacteristic for Her Highness. Diana held Clara’s body in place, moving up to gently kiss her forehead. The makeup didn’t smear—of course, Diana only chose the highest quality. Clara leaned into the kiss, into the hug, savoring every moment. She began to realize a certain fondness she had for Jasmine and Diana. Of course, she liked everyone in the mansion—they were all such lovely people, if not a bit harsh! But the way she felt about her owners was... different. Was it affection? Admiration?


“I... um...” Clara tried to force out the words. Despite how stupid she was, she couldn’t seem to get them out. Diana looked at her curiously. “Your Highness, I—I have feelings, feelings for, like... you.”

Diana blinked. “Well, of course you do. I’m your owner. What kind of ditzy princess doesn’t have feelings for her owner?”

“Um, yes, of course, Your Highness!” Clara affirmed. Her mouth stayed open. She still wanted to confess.

“...what kind of feelings?” Diana finally asked.


Clara didn’t finish. After all, they were having such a lovely time. How in the world would Diana respond? She was married. To Jasmine. Clara was just an object to her, property, a plaything. There was no way Diana would... return the feelings...

Diana eventually shrugged, realizing Clara wasn’t going to finish her sentence. “You forgot, didn’t you?”

She was offering Clara an out. Clara gladly took it. “Uh, yeah, Your Highness. I like, totally forgot what I was saying!” For once, she was lying. Diana knew, but didn’t press further.

“What a silly little ditz,” Diana chuckled. “There’s a reason I like you. You make such a good plaything. All you do is giggle and go along with whatever we tell you. If only the other playthings could be as malleable as you.”

“Huh?” Clara blinked. “What’s...”

“Exactly. Let’s go get you changed, shall we?”

The dress Diana has chosen looked just as perfect as the makeup. It was a pink evening dress with a thin purple veil, with fancy sequins and just the right length. It fit Clara to a T, along with the high shiny heels Diana had gotten to match. She looked... like royalty. Just as Diana did.

“You like it, don’t you?” Diana whispered into the fully prepared Clara’s ear.

“Yes,” Clara sighed wistfully. “It’s perfect.”

“Good,” Diana kissed her ear gently. “I think Kae should be ready too, soon.”

As if on cue, the other door opened, and Jasmine walked out with Kae in tow. Kae looked also completely different. Their attire was completely changed into a fancy suit with a tie that wasn’t done correctly at all. Clara blinked as she tried to process. Specifically, she tried to process the look on Kae’s face. He looked dumb. Empty. Dim. Just like Clara.

The himbo prom king, and the bimbo prom queen. They were going to be perfect.

“I, like, uh,” Kae spoke slowly, and dumbly, as if they weren’t used to speaking for themself. “I’m like sooooo... excited to dance with you, Clara.” He held out his hand, inviting Clara along. “Let’s, like, go already and uh, make out!”

Clara giggled. “Sounds fun to me!”

Jasmine and Diana looked at each other with wide, evil smirks. This was going to go swimmingly.

* * *

The cab driver was much more confused when Kae and Clara walked back into the car. But he looked like he was paid enough to not ask questions. The drive to the dance venue was short, but it felt much longer to Kae and Clara—after all, they spent the entire ride with their hands on each other. They looked like they were in love. In dumb, stupid love for sure. The couple only had a handful of brain cells to share between them. Most of the brain cells being reserved for obeying, making out, sex, or giggling. They were perfect in and of themselves, and for each other. Diana and Jasmine, of course, spent the entire ride laughing at them—not that Kae and Clara could tell.

The cab driver pulled into the venue, parking the car. He was going to wait for them until they were done. Kae had to know how much he was paid, and so they asked. Jasmine chuckled and responded, “that’s a number you probably couldn’t understand.”

They walked in the venue through the front door. Clara’s jaw dropped as she looked at the people standing and socializing. They looked almost as wealthy as Diana and Jasmine, if not as much. Clara noted a few people looking their way. Were they... smirking? Were they already laughing at them? Jasmine gently waved to them, nodding as if to signal something.

The four took seats at a table reserved for just them. The more time they spent in the venue, the more obvious it was that people were laughing at them. Or... plotting. Thinking of something.

Jasmine jolted them out of their thoughts. “Kae and Clara, why don’t you go get us something to drink? Here, we’ll write it down for you, since you’ll probably forget.” Jasmine pulled out a notepad from her purse and jotted something down, handing the piece of paper to the two dumbasses. “The other patrons here may have... things... they want to say to you. You two are to be nice and treat them well, and indulge them as they please, understood?”

Clara giggled. “Like, of course, Mistress! We’ll like, be suuuuuper nice.”

“Good,” Jasmine smirked. “On your way now. Grab something for yourselves too.”

“Sure thing, like, Mistress!” Kae responded eagerly. Did he forget Jasmine’s title? Jasmine didn’t seem to care—in fact, she seemed quite amused by it. They strolled on over to the bar and relayed the drink choices to the bartender. Of course, they were struggling to pronounce some of the words.

Kae’s arm was protectively secured around Clara’s waist, gripping her gently. She was theirs for tonight. She was their date—she belonged to them. And they were going to make quite the spectacle.

“Excuse me.” As the bartender prepared the drinks, a couple of women approached the two. “Are you Clara and Kae, by any chance?” There was a certain... look on her face. Bemusement, perhaps?

“Um, like, yeah, that’s us!” Clara giggled enthusiastically. She completely ignored the look on their faces.

“Wow,” one of them marvalled. “You sound even dumber than I expected. Well, I suppose I wasn’t sure what to suspect, with you two in Jasmine’s grasp.”

“Huh?” Kae blinked. “You like, know them? Aren’t they like, the best?”

“Well, they’re something,” the other chuckled. “And as are you! You two look like you are going to have quite a fun time. We’ll keep our eyes on you if we want anything.”

Without waiting for Kae or Clara to respond, they walked away, with Clara waving bye to them. “Did we, like, know them?” Clara asked.

“I dunno,” Kae shrugged. “Maybe they, like, uhhhh, kinda liked us! I mean, we look pretty darn cute right now.” The bartender handed them the drinks, finally, and they began to walk back to their owners. They passed the two ladies briefly, and noticed they were laughing to themselves.

They didn’t know this would happen their whole night.

All through the night, people in fancy outfits kept approaching them and making snide remarks or comments. They continuously faced their scorn. Their amusement. Their cruel snippy comments about their demeanor, their behavior, their appearance. Some of them would just openly laugh in their faces. But Clara and Kae never really registered they were being laughed at. After all, everyone was just having a good time, right?

Even the DJ seemed to be laughing at them. Every time Clara would turn his direction to request something, she could see them laugh at her. Of course, then she’d get distracted by Kae wanting to dance with her. Well, “dance” was subjective. They were more so just awkwardly moving around, having discarded every atom of grace in them. All the eyes were on them, and they still had no clue they were being laughed at. As far as the himbo prom king and the bimbo prom queen were concerned, people were admiring their dance skills. So they danced harder, and more awkwardly, and more unhinged.

“This is like, so fun, y’know!” Clara giggled as she leaned even harder into the weird dancing.

“Uh, like, yeah! We’ve like, got the entire crowd’s attention!” Kae responded with a hearty laugh. They just kept dancing, further embarrassing themselves even as the crowd was audibly laughing at them.

“But you know what, uhh, would make them love us more?” Kae asked, and before Clara could answer with a dumb ‘what’, Kae dipped Clara far too deep and leaned over to start making out with her roughly. Their kiss was messy, as if they’d never actually kissed anyone in their life. Clara kissed back, as they began openly and sloppily making out in front of the crowd. The crowd gasped, and returned to their laughing. They didn’t care. All that mattered was each other. This was the best date ever.

They just kept making out and awkwardly dancing in the interim. Clara could swear she felt Kae’s strap on against her thigh, through her evening dress. Eventually they realized—finally—that they were taking up the center of the ballroom and they shuffled out through the crowd, continuing to make out in the halls. As they continued leaning into each other, valuing each other’s presence, they didn’t realize that they were crashing into someone.

Luckily, Jasmine’s hand stopped them from doing so. Kae and Clara finally broke their awkward kiss, looking up to see Jasmine and Diana also laughing at them.

“Oh my gosh, like, Mistress! How’s your night, like, going?” Clara giggled. “Kae and I were, like, having the best time ever.”

“We can tell,” Jasmine grinned wickedly. “I’ve been hearing all about it from everyone here. My, you two are making quite the spectacle.”

“Uh, thanks, Mistress,” Kae laughed. “But like, why are other people watching us?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Diana interjected. “You’re embarrassing yourselves. Those people aren’t admiring you, they’re laughing at you. As you two deserve after your… ‘performance’.”

“Huh?” Clara tilted her head. “What… what does that mean?”

“Don’t you worry about it.” Jasmine grinned wider as she wrapped her right arm around Diana to pull her close, and held Diana’s hand tenderly with her left hand. “Kae and Clara, I do have to stop you before you screw each other in everyone’s presence. Why don’t you go to the side room I’ve reserved just for you two? We marked your names on it—surely you two can still read your own names, right?”

“Uh, yeah, Mistress! Like, totally, thanks for the spare room! I’m going to screw Clara so hard she can’t think straight.” Kae chuckled as Clara blushed a deep red. “You two are like, the best owners ever!”

“You’re welcome, you stupid, idiotic himbo,” Jasmine responded with way too much snark. “We’ll catch up with you, when, y’know… you’re ‘done’.” Without saying anything else, Jasmine and Diana walked off—presumably to go dance with each other in a more refined, dignified manner.

Kae and Clara found the spare room, eventually. Turns out that reading their own names was harder than they thought. The intelligence reduction had really done a number on them. It didn’t matter, though. They had each other, with soft jazz playing in the background and Kae’s favorite strap on. Clara got on her knees and gave their strap-on a blow job, at least as best as she could. She wasn’t smart. Neither was Kae. But at least she knew how to please her prom date as best as possible. Kae and Clara attempted to converse, to have any semblance of an intelligent thought. Nothing came to mind. All they could think about was each other, sex, pleasure, and what they called “dancing”. And they loved it exactly like that. They just loved spending time with each other—especially with everyone openly laughing at them.

* * *

The morning after was... strange. When Jasmine removed the suggestions from Kae, they decided to retreat in the room for the day out of embarrassment. Clara tried to coax them to come out, to hang out with her at the beach. Instead, they just chuckled and assured her they’d go tomorrow. Specifically to spend more time with Clara. They assured her they had a lovely night. They were just exhausted. Clara could understand.

“I suppose it was a fun date, though, huh?” they resigned.

“Um, yeah. It totally was!” Clara giggled. Of course, her intelligence draining suggestions weren’t gone in the slightest.

At least it had nothing to do with her. Clara liked Kae, a lot. After all, Kae was the first one to be really kind to her! Jasmine and Diana were plenty nice, too. Well, maybe nice wasn’t the right word, but they treated Clara well. At least, that’s what she thought.

Jasmine and Diana let Kae stay back, encouraging them to continue their hypno training on their own. When Kae tried making a snarky remark, Jasmine snapped it out of them. Despite all of Kae’s faux-resistance, they were in the harem for a reason. And part of that reason was because of how scorching hot it was.

“I suppose you’re still coming with us, then, aren’t you?” Jasmine asked, though it was more of an order than a suggestion. Clara nodded.

“Good. Go on and disrobe us, then.”

Clara blinked. “What’s, um, disrobe?”

Diana chuckled a bit. Once again, Clara was getting laughed at. Not that she realized that. “It means you need to undress us, silly. So we can get in our bathing suits.”

“Oh, okay!” Clara smiled. Jasmine and Diana turned around, their backs facing her. Clara started with Jasmine, being extra careful with her body. Despite all of her experience with Jasmine and Diana, she never really got to see them truly up close. Jasmine’s body had a surprising amount of muscle on it, though not enough to make her look anything like a body builder. Her skin was soft, especially around her arms and legs. Clara could almost feel her heartbeat. Clara slid the light suit jacket off of her, slipping the shirt underneath off as well. She tenderly undid her bra. It was a garment that must have costed a few thousand dollars. Clara knew better than to damage her clothes. Clara undid her belt, pulling her pants down... eventually, after all her lingerie was off, Jasmine was completely bare. She looked down at Clara with a triumphant smirk. “Very good, princess. Now, do my wife.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Clara responded obediently as she started on Diana. Diana was significantly easier; after all, she was only wearing one layer of a gorgeous dress. Clara was gentle with it, and took time to admire Diana’s body as well. Her breasts were plump and tender, her bulge was twitching just a little in a lovingly adorable way. Her body was much more delicate than Jasmine’s; she looked like an expensive porcelain vase. The two of them were beautiful. Both of them. Clara was head over heels in love with them. She loved her owners. She loved their bodies, their cruelty, their kindness, the time she got to spend with them. As she fully disrobed both of them, Clara realized through the pink fog how enamored, how infatuated she was. And she couldn’t be happier.

“Very good, plaything,” Diana purred. “Now, you undress yourself, and we’ll get our bathing suits and cover-ups on. Understood?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Clara obediently responded. She undressed herself, hoping she looked half as good as Jasmine and Diana. As she did, they got their hands all over her, both of them wanting a bite of her. It took an extra 30 minutes for the three of them to get dressed, out the door, and to the beach.

* * *

The trip to the beach was only a short walk—after all, Jasmine and Diana made sure they got a beachside view for their suite. They had to constantly keep Clara not too distracted, though, which put on a few extra minutes. Eventually, they got to the private beach, laid down some chairs and an umbrella, and got ready to jump in the water.

Diana loved the beach. Clara learned she barely got to go as a child, so she loved going now. Jasmine looked at her wife fondly, the way she quickly walked in the sand, making her way to the water. And then she moved too fast, and—

“Ow!” Diana shouted in pain, raising her foot and examining it. Jasmine’s eyes widened and Clara could feel her heart stop in its tracks. From a distance, it looked like Diana stubbed her foot on a rock she couldn’t see.

“Diana, dear!” Jasmine cried out worriedly. She rushed on over—Clara was still able to hear a bit of their conversation. “Are you alright? What happened?”

“I’m fine,” Diana hissed, turning away from her wife. “Just a rock.”

“You have to be more careful,” Jasmine warned. “The rocks are hard to see, we don’t want you hurting yourself. Please, let me take a look to make sure—”

“I said I’m fine!” Diana shouted even louder than when she stubbed her toe. Clara’s eyes widened. Did Diana just... yell at Jasmine? Jasmine froze as Diana kept going, “gosh, you always worry about me like I’m some child! I’m not a child, Jasmine, I can perfectly take care of myself!”

“I... I didn’t mean to—”

“I mean, you don’t even know half of the pain I’ve been through.”

Clara frowned. It was so saddening to see Diana so upset, especially when she was upset by Jasmine’s overbearing attitude. Jasmine looked oddly enough, hurt. Clara had never seen her so vulnerable, in so much emotional concern. Sure, Jasmine had concern for her playthings, for her property. But that concern was more possessive, materialistic. Here, she just cared about her wife. And her wife didn’t want Jasmine to care too much about her. Clara didn’t know a lot of things, but she could understand Jasmine’s hurt. Clara had to wonder, though—why was Diana being so defensive?

“Diana, dear, I don’t know everything about your history, but I do know that I—”

“Love me, want the best for me? I know you do. But let me handle things on my own every now and then, y’know? Give me some room to be alone. Let me breathe.”

Without waiting for Jasmine to protest further, Diana stormed off, leaving Jasmine closer to Clara than to herself. Jasmine’s shoulders slumped. Clara’s face fell even further. The ditzy princess realized just how shallow her breathing was, as if she was waiting for whatever would happen next.

“I know you were listening, princess,” Jasmine spoke. It didn’t so much sound like a threat as it did a resignation. “Go on, share your thoughts to the crowd.”

“I…” Clara looked down. What could she even say? “I’m sorry that happened, Mistress.”

Jasmine paused for a moment. She turned around and approached Clara, her arms crossed in disapproval. “What in the world could you possibly be sorry for? You didn’t place that rock over there, now did you, idiot?”

“N-no, Mistress, I… I don’t think I did, but—”

“But? Are you talking back to your Mistress?” Jasmine’s voice only had a hint of anger in it. She seemed too exhausted to keep putting on her Domme face.

“S-sorry,” Clara backpedaled. “I meant, I’m, like, sorry that—that happened. You and Diana always seem to get along, so, um, it’s hard to see…” Clara trailed off. Jasmine kept staring at her intently, waiting for her to finish her thought. Jasmine eventually realized that’d never happen, and interjected.

“Nothing is perfect, Clara. Not even Diana. Everything has its flaws, its problems. Including my marriage.”

“Really?” Clara blinked. That came off as quite a surprise to her.

“Yes,” Jasmine sighed. She walked over, and to Clara’s shock, sat down in Clara’s lap. Jasmine was at an angle so she was still facing Clara, her legs perpendicular against Clara’s. The cruel, mean, powerful Domme Clara had some to known had become… vulnerable. Tender. She gently placed her hand on Clara’s. Even her eyes looked more decentered than usual. Her eye contact was unsteady, and her lip was quivering. Clara still knew how to be a good person. She still knew how to tell when someone was hurting—especially someone she loved, like Jasmine.

“I’m… sorry, Mistress. I had no idea.”

Jasmine sighed. “I know, plaything. I know you’re not that smart. But let me ask you a question—and I can’t believe I’m asking for your advice, of all people.” Jasmine pulled off her golden glasses and rubbed her temples. “My marriage isn’t perfect. Even I’m not perfect. And… Diana isn’t either. Since I’ve met her, she gets into these childish… tantrums, where I’ll try to show some caring, some compassion for her, and instead I’ll just be met with… rigidity. Not that you know what ‘rigidity’ means,” Jasmine added with a bitter smirk. “How can I help her when she refuses my help? How can I keep our marriage stable when she rejects any sort of help or support? How can I make her… a better person?”

Clara narrowed her eyes. There were a lot of words in Jasmine’s question that she didn’t know, but she got the general idea. What was she even going to say? What could she possibly tell Jasmine that Jasmine herself couldn’t figure out? Clara’s last few braincells struggled so, so hard to think. Eventually, it seems that she came up with something.

“Well, um,” Clara started, realizing how dumb she was going to sound. “Everyone has, well, their problems. Y’know, I’m so stupid I can’t even think!” Clara waited, waiting for Jasmine to laugh. She didn’t, so Clara sighed and continued. “But everyone deals with… things and stuff. All people sometimes, um, hurt and fight a little. B-but with the people they love? Anyone can change for, um, for the better! With enough, com… cum, compassion and love, anyone can be a better person, Mistress.” Clara ended her advice with a grin and two thumbs up, hoping it’d somehow work.

Jasmine narrowed her eyes at Clara. Was her advice useless, as usual?


“Shockingly, that inane monologue had some semblance of wisdom in it,” Jasmine murmured. She was both praising and insulting them—and Clara loved every word of it. “Thank you, plaything. I think I know what I have to do. But first, you deserve a reward. Let’s call it a thank you.”

Jasmine’s hands reached into Clara’s bathing suit, beginning to trace her clit in circles. Harder and harder. Pinker, pinker, pinker. The fog started setting in again. Clara was feeling nothing but bliss—nothing but sheer, happy bliss. And she couldn’t think, and she couldn’t censor herself from how she was feeling.

“Mistress, I—I love you.”

Jasmine stopped.


The fog disappeared. Suddenly, Clara could think again—at least a little bit better. Clara blinked, wondering why Jasmine had stopped. And then she realized what she said, flushed a deep red, and felt nothing but regret.

“Oh… oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just said that,” Clara clasped her hands over her mouth. “I’m like, so sorry, Mistress, I—”

“It’s fine,” Jasmine interjected, pulling her hand back. “Let’s continue this conversation later, shall we?”

“Um… sure,” Clara nodded. “W-when?”

Her thoughts disappeared. Jasmine wasn’t having any of them. She didn’t want to actually continue the conversation. “Pink, pink, pink.”

* * *