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How To Pay Your College Loans

Chapter 14: C’est Commencé

(cw: mild transphobia)

* * *

A flasback into Diana and Jasmine’s budding relationship.

* * *

“They don’t understand,” Diana murmured confidently to herself. Her eyes struggled to stay open; after all, dawn had barely cracked, and she wasn’t a morning person in the slightest. But this was the best—no, the only time—to make an escape. Besides, her parents were no more of morning people than she was, so she could use that to her advantage.

Carrying a purple suitcase with her, she stuffed various dresses and outfits of her mom’s into her luggage. She swiped anything that caught her eye. Luckily, her mom had exquisite taste in jewelry. Diana didn’t feel wrong in the slightest for stealing.

It was their fault, after all, for not even making an attempt to understand. She needed all this to survive.

Diana had came out as transgender only a few weeks ago to them, and it raised more questions than answers for her parents. Every conversation, they brought her trans identity up. They said they wanted to understand, but Diana wasn’t stupid—she could tell they just wanted to get it to die down or scare her. Diana hated the questions. She hoped her parents would drop the topic, and maybe crack open a computer and go to Google, but they never did. When she came back with an HRT prescription from her doctor, they tried to talk her out of it, citing the most asinine sources they could have found online.

It wasn’t that they didn’t care about her, or love her. No. It was nothing of that sort. But she couldn’t take the questions, the worrying, the raised eyebrows whenever she tried to bring up dressing more feminine. All of her trans friends told her it’d take time for them to come around. She waited, and tried to explain, but it felt like talking to a metal wall.

Diana was an adult, of course. But after dropping out of college following far too many teachers’ scathing criticisms of her and her work, she had to move back in. She was hoping that after a few years, she’d find a job that’d pay enough to move out on her own. Diana snorted at the job. Yeah, right, find a high-paying job. It didn’t help that she had accumulated quite the number of loans from her attempt at college.

“I can’t take this anymore,” she repeated as she closed the door quietly. “They won’t leave me alone. They won’t let me be… me. I’m done.” So this was her last resort. She peered into her room one last time, making sure she didn’t leave anything behind. Luckily she had gotten a three month supply of her pills so her parents couldn’t sabotage that. She scraped together enough money from her terrible retail job for that.

Thank god she was leaving that job as well. Now she just had to find new work. Thankfully, she had a few ideas. And a few leads.

Diana picked up the envelope one last time, the one she left on her bed. She apologized in it even though she didn’t feel like she needed to. She put the envelope down and headed out the door with a suitcase, her backpack, and a one-way train ticket. This was it. She was out.

They don’t understand. And they might never.

* * *

Diana checked into a motel. Her parents were never quite rich, but they were upper-middle class. They never stayed in a motel. They could always at least afford a four star hotel. Diana quickly realized she’d lost a lot of small comforts that she hadn’t realized she’d had, but it wasn’t not worth it. Now homeless, and now unemployed as well, she’d just have to make do. She had just enough in savings to last her a few months. At least she got her parents’ expectations and questions off of her back. That was what mattered.

Her friends told her they had leads—specifically, her friends involved with the Pro-Domming scene. There were always rich people desperate to take orders from a hot lady. Diana wrote up an ad—with a picture of her in her newest, hottest dress with makeup—and, after a week, managed to work up the courage to post it.

The inquiries started pouring in after a few days of managing a social media handle. Soon enough, she had her first client. Greg was sweet, a gentle guy who loved getting beaten. Diana couldn’t say she was particularly attracted to men, but they paid well. And at the very least she was able to vet out any weirdos.

Within a few weeks, she slid into an easy rhythm of work. Managing social media in the day, fake dates in the afternoon filled with wine and dancing, and using people as foot rests and slapping bags in the evenings. All while ignoring the panicked, pleading, sorry texts from her parents. She didn’t care to block them—she let their texts continue to pour in. She felt a bit bad. But there was no way she could go back—she had to live her best life. And that’s exactly what she was doing.

One day, she got an inquiry from a lady with quite a weird request—hypnosis. Diana raised an eyebrow reading it, sipping her $3 coffee. She didn’t even know hypnosis was a real thing. But she was intrigued. She agreed to the scene and spent the week up to it researching, listening, planning. Diana dug herself into files and videos. She practiced inductions in the mirror, tweaking her script until it . She even used some of her last paycheck to invest in a fancy new pocket watch. And then her new sub came over.

Trying hypnosis for the first time felt like acid.

Diana started with a simple meditative trance, ten or so minutes, and already she could tell this was going to be a huge thing for her. The dreaminess in her sub’s eyes. The way her face dropped as she fell into trance. The dumb, mindless smile on her face. The drool dripping down her chin. Every part of the simple scene slammed all of Diana’s buttons.

Once the sub came out of trance, she begged Diana to do more. Diana all but wanted to beg for more too. Diana was inexperienced. But she was committed to learning. The next scene, she tried a post-hypnotic trigger—a simple giggle trigger. The first time she used it, was the instant Diana realized that the power rush from hypnosis was unlike anything she’d felt before. Or anything she would ever feel again.

From post-hypnotic triggers, they went to suggestions. Diana made her into a pet. Then a drone. Then a piece of furniture. Then a maid. Every scene they did a new transformation scene. Transformation became the hottest thing about hypnosis for Diana… that didn’t make anything else less hot, but that was where she began to focus her efforts.

She couldn’t believe she spent her whole life completely unaware of her own damn hypnosis kink. The only thing she regretted was not figuring it out sooner. Now she was a hypno domme, and there was no turning back.

Her sub came back for a few more sessions, and Diana looked forward to each and every one of them. Eventually, though, she lost her job and was no longer able to hire her for her services. Shame, Diana thought—but she was resolved. She would continue hypnotizing people. She edited her bio to include hypnosis kink, and more eager hypnosubs began pouring in. She took all of them. Domming for hypnosis was straight up addictive. Diana kept thinking one day, she would get bored of it, except she never did.

With one new message, a few months into her streak of hypnosubs, her life changed.

The title of the message was “rich lady sub looking for long-term hypno domme.” Diana clicked it open—the vast majority of subs had been guys, even though Diana leaned towards being a lesbian. This newcomer offered to take Diana on lavish dates and pamper her with gifts. Diana agreed. Nothing better than free gifts and fancy dates.

They agreed to meet in a public place. Diana put on her fanciest dress—one she’d bought for herself, at that—and met at one of the fanciest restaurants she’d ever seen. Diana checked her watch, waiting for her new sub to arrive.

And Jasmine arrived.

Diana never got attached to any of her subs. She was too scattered for that. She didn’t want to be tied down to anyone, ever. But Jasmine… Diana was just utterly smitten with her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Jasmine’s hair was tied into a neat bun, not a single hair out of place. Her suit must have been tailored, because it was to perfection on her body. She was tall, a little taller than Diana in fact—Diana had always been insecure of her height, and finding not-guys taller than her was a rarity. She was gorgeous, and Diana could feel her heart flutter.

“Hello,” Jasmine said, a hint of bashfulness in her voice. “I’m so sorry for being late, um…”

Jasmine’s sentence hung in mid-air. Diana felt wrong asking her to use titles, so she just smiled and said, “Diana is fine for now. Please, sit.”

Diana didn’t even realize how much time had passed during their conversation. Her date—no, her sub—paid for each and every thing Diana wanted, and more. Diana could swear she never had food this good in her life. It was seasoned and prepared perfectly. It turned out one of Jasmine’s relatives owned the place. Diana began to realize, the more she talked to Jasmine, that she came from wealth. In fact, Jasmine’s cushy job at her uncle’s company paid no less than half a million dollars. Running her own, smaller business on the side only increased her income.

“If I’m being honest, it’s quite too much for me,” Jasmine sighed, rubbing the rim of her sugar-coated drink glass with her fingers. “I’ve been looking for someone to share this life with, but I never found the right person. I’ve never actually gone on a second date with anyone.”

“R-really?” Diana blinked. That seemed wrong. How could Jasmine not have had any partners? “It’s none of my business, but… that’s a bit surprising. You’re very easy to talk to, not to mention…” A hint of dominance crossed her mind, but now was not the right time or place for it. “You’re very, very pretty.”

Jasmine flushed red, coughing a bit. “Well… thank you. Truth be told, I’ve only been on dates with men, ever.”

Diana smirked. “That may have something to do with it.”

Jasmine returned it with an equally amused chuckle. “Yes. Turns out I’m not as straight as my family would like me to be.”

Fuck, Diana thought.

“You don’t have to look hurt on my behalf,” Jasmine reassured. “I don’t think they’re homophobic or anything like that. I don’t think they’d care if my partner was a woman, or another gender. They’re just, very…” She looked away. “Concerned about appearances.”

“…Yeah,” Diana murmured. “I know that feeling.”

Jasmine interrupted the awkward silence by waving to a waitress for the check. After she paid for the hefty bill, she grabbed her suit jacket and offered to take Diana’s hand. She was so chivalrous. Diana was finding it harder and harder every second not to fall head over heels for this woman. “Before we go back to your… motel, well… would you like to go shopping a bit?”

Diana felt her mouth open to protest that she didn’t have enough money. “Don’t worry about it,” Jasmine smiled, knowing what she was thinking. “I have plenty to spare.”

* * *

The shopping flew by, and Diana had an entirely new wardrobe by the end. And the scene? Went even better. Jasmine acted like—no, she was—the perfect hypnosub. Jasmine was Diana’s perfect flower, and Diana was Jasmine’s royal owner.

“Um, so, what should I call you during the session?” Jasmine asked, fiddling with her hands nervously. Jasmine was powerful, but Diana could tell all her power vanished in the presence of a hot, dominant lady.

“Well,” Diana started flirtatiously, “most of my clients call me ‘Mistress’, but on our first date, you made me feel like royalty, so… why don’t you call me ‘Queen’?”

“Yes, my Queen,” Jasmine obediently replied.

Diana swore she almost came the first time Jasmine referred to her as such.

By the end, Jasmine’s body was all but broken, and Diana had played with Jasmine’s mind as if it were magnetic sand.

Jasmine instantly booked another session. For just a few days later, in fact. This time, Diana actually went all out preparing. She did her makeup with her favorite brushes and palettes, and she donned her best Domme dress. The date went similarly, except this time instead of shopping after their meal, Jasmine brought Diana to her favorite art museum. Jasmine asked if she could hold Diana’s hand, and Diana agreed before she even finished asking.

Each and every session was more intense, more loving, and delved deeper than they had before. Diana was beginning, though, to realize something. She needed Jasmine—not just as a hypnosub, but as her partner.

“Jasmine, I… I love our dates and everything, and how much you pay me,” Diana started after their scene one day. “But I…”

Jasmine’s eyes furrowed in worry. “Did I do something wrong, my Queen?”

“No, of course not!” Diana reassured. “I… would like to date you. Formally.”

Jasmine’s eyes widened in shock. “Really?” Her voice was quiet, as if she genuinely was expecting Diana never to ask.

“Yes. I… love you. I like you and love you, a lot.” Diana let silence hang in the air for quite some time. “So… do you love me too?”

Diana rubbed Jasmine’s hands gently. “It doesn’t have to be, anymore. I want you to be mine. All mine.”

Diana knew how possessive that sounded. But it didn’t matter to her. She loved Jasmine. She wanted to own Jasmine. And Jasmine was more than happy to be hers. It was an equal relationship. Whatever red flags or alarms set off existed didn’t matter. They were both staring at each other with rose colored goggles. Neither wanted to take them off.

“Can I make one request?” Jasmine asked quietly. “If it’s okay with you, can we... not tell my parents? At least for some time?”

Diana nodded, and agreed instantly. She sure wouldn’t be telling her own parents anytime soon, either.

* * *

About a year passed, and it felt like the new relationship energy hadn’t even remotely diminished. Diana and Jasmine were still deeply in love, and it felt like every day they fell even deeper for each other. The Domme in the relationship still worked as usual, though she didn’t have to take on as many clients she hated after Jasmine moved her into her house.

At times, Diana felt a tinge of jealousy over how easy Jasmine had it, but at the very least Jasmine was generous with her estate. Jasmine donated a lot of her money; not too much to be dipping into her savings, but enough that it helped the world a little. She wasn’t just a spoiled rich girl, too—she ran her own small business on the side, too, with the knowledge her parents had passed down to her.

One day, things changed. Jasmine had come home after telling Diana vaguely, “I need to go see my lawyer.” When she returned, Jasmine collapsed in the bar stool seat at the dining room table.

“I have some bad news,” Jasmine said grimly. Diana was seated next to her, Jasmine’s hands gripping Diana’s tightly.

“What is it?” Diana asked quietly.

“My uncle passed away,” she exhaled. “From a heart attack.”

Diana’s eyes softened. That wasn’t what she feared Jasmine would say, but it was still terrible news nonetheless. “Oh,” she said, clutching her girlfriend’s hands. “I’m so sorry, dear. That’s awful.”

Jasmine broke a gentle smile and laughed. “It’s fine,” she admitted. “We weren’t close, and we all saw it coming. I… I’ll need some time to grieve, obviously, but there’s something a bit more pressing.”

Diana’s eyebrows furrowed, the anxiety returning to her.

“He left me, in his estate, in charge of his business.”

“…Oh,” Diana blinked. She didn’t really know anything about how that stuff worked. She wanted to ask ‘is that good’, but she worried that would make Jasmine laugh at her. And that wouldn’t be acceptable.

“You see,” Jasmine took off her glasses and rubbed her temples. “Usually people leave businesses to their spouse or children, but my uncle never married or had kids. Then they’d leave it to their siblings, but, my father—his brother—hated his guts. Thankfully, my uncle liked me, I was an excellent employee, and the only person who would be capable of doing so, so I guess he left it to me.”

“That sounds… a lot,” was all Diana could manage. “So, what does this mean for… us?”

“It means I still love you and cherish you deeply, and want to be with you,” Jasmine started. Diana braced herself for the ‘but’ that eventually came. “But things may be busier with me from now on. We… may have to dial back—”


“—some of the things we do together.”

“Like what?” Diana demanded.

“Like, our date nights, our weekend get togethers, hiking trips… this is a time of transition for me, and for the business. I still want to live with you, and—and love you.” Jasmine’s hands were so tight they almost felt like they were breaking Diana’s bones, but it didn’t matter. Both of their hands shook. “My Queen, I… need to take care of this. But I promise, I will hire and do whatever I have to, so I can still dedicate time to you. To serving you.”

Diana’s voice became quiet. She hated that she was the one looking at Jasmine with puppy dog eyes, but this was how it was.

“You promise?”

“Yes, my Queen. I promise.”

* * *

Jasmine did whatever she could. She hired at least a dozen new personnel to help her with some of the workload. The money wasn’t a problem—the business was a multimillion dollar clothing store business, after all. She could do whatever the hell she wanted, now that she was CEO. And truly, she did. She wanted to spend as much time with Diana as physically possible.

But it wasn’t working.

Jasmine spent most of her time at work—at least 60 hours a week, if not more. Diana was left alone, stewing in frustration and loneliness and uncertainty. And whenever Jasmine and Diana did eventually spend time together, Jasmine was left worrying about her business and about working the next day. She’d sometimes have to cancel dates if something important came up.

Jasmine would come home after already long days, exhausted. Diana would curl up to her, and the moment their bodies touched, Jasmine would get some kind of urgent email or call. She’d promise Diana, “just a few minutes, I promise,” and then would be hung up for at least a few hours. Diana would just wait for her to put her damn laptop away, so she could curl up into bed with her. But Diana would end up just falling asleep, alone and crying.

And then when she’d wake up, excited to see her partner, she’d find out Jasmine was already up and at work.

It didn’t help that Diana wasn’t particularly a morning person.

Despite how much control she had in their relationship, things were completely out of Diana’s hands. She spent days wondering if Jasmine was going to break up with her. Or if she was going to get sick of this and break up with Jasmine. Either option hurt. A lot.

And Diana had to act. Drastically.

She stood up, grabbed the credit card linked to Jasmine’s account, and dragged herself to the jewelry store.

“I need a ring,” Diana said to the clerk.

The cashier flashed a smile towards her. “Of course,” he said. “What are you looking for?”

Diana looked at the collection of gorgeous wedding rings. She wanted something royal-looking. But nothing too extra. She described what she wanted to the cashier, which gems she’d want on it—diamonds were too basic, so she picked a ring with rubies and pearls—but she eventually picked something rather simple otherwise. Jasmine might have been filthy rich, but she was practical. She wouldn’t want something to get in the way.

She found the perfect ring. She paid the cashier in both a lot of money and thanks, and headed back home.

“Please come home tonight,” Diana texted Jasmine. “I have something I want to ask you.” It was rare for Diana to say please in their relationship, mostly because that was how they both liked it.

Fortunately, Jasmine agreed, and found herself back at 6pm.

“What’s going on, my Queen?” Jasmine asked.

“I…” Diana looked down. “I love you so, so much, my flower. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I know you’re busy, but… I just want to be next to you for the rest of my life.”

Jasmine’s eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, raising in pure shock as Diana dropped to one knee.

“Where is this coming from, my Queen?” Jasmine exhaled, her voice barely above a whisper.

Diana tried her hardest not to avert her eyes. She may have failed a little, but hopefully Jasmine didn’t notice. “Because I want to own you. In every way. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything in my life. I would do anything just to make you happy, and… I know you would do the same for me.”

“I…” Jasmine’s eyes began to tear up.

“Jasmine, will you marry me?” Diana finally asked, praying for the right answer.

“…Yes,” Jasmine said, after a moment of deep thought. Diana stood up, wrapped her arms around Jasmine, and put the ring around her finger. Then they made out and Diana dragged her to the bedroom to make more use out of her sub.

* * *

“Absolutely not. In no world would I condone this marriage.”

Jasmine’s hand clenched Diana’s tighter as her mom spoke with a stern discipline. Her parents sat across from her and Diana, cross looks on their faces as they eyed Diana up and down with nothing but judgment and scorn in their eyes.

“Mom, I’ve been seeing Diana for years now,” Jasmine said through gritted teeth. “I haven’t shown our relationship because I was afraid you would react exactly as you are. I love this woman, and—”

“And she’s a leech!” Her dad said, uncaring in the slightest that Diana was right there in the room with them. “You’ve been spending your uncle’s money on someone who doesn’t even work for herself? You should be ashamed of yourself, Jasmine.”

Jasmine rolled her eyes and gripped Diana’s hand as if she were holding onto her life. “And I can bet the rest of my money that you wouldn’t be saying this if Diana were a man,” she spat.

“We wouldn’t be saying this if she had any sort of funds or significant income.”

“I have more than enough money to support a woman I cherish. The business is mine now, you dolts. I can do whatever I want with it.”

Her mom didn’t care about that, though. “Imagine what people will say about you! About our family! All the rumors and gossip that’ll go around. You really want to put your parents through that? We’re your family.”

Jasmine bit her lip. Diana desperately wanted to say something, but knew it was better for her to keep her mouth shut—as much as she hated every word coming out of her parents’ mouths.

“You two are so focused on your appearances,” Jasmine retorted. “I am marrying Diana. And you are going to support me.”

“No, we’re not,” her dad said. “This conversation is over. I won’t support whatever you have with this leech.” Diana’s heart sank as her dad motioned towards the door. “Your mom and I have more important things to do. Leave.”

“…Fine,” Jasmine said, picking up Diana’s hand and leading her out. Diana shot Jasmine’s parents the best death glare she could muster. Jasmine tried not to cry.

* * *

“Screw them,” Diana said for what felt like the fiftieth time. “Who needs their support anyways? We can get married on our own. We have the money to do it. We don’t even need a fancy ceremony or honeymoon! We can just—do it.”

Her words weren’t exactly falling on non-listening ears, but Jasmine wasn’t entirely convinced by Diana’s spiel.


“My Queen,” Jasmine began, the words feeling strained. “They’re my parents.”


“Despite how… stuck up they can be, I do care about them.”

Diana’s eyes began to well up. A tinge of pain hit her heart as she realized she hadn’t spoken to her parents in literal years. “You… are picking your parents over me?”

“No,” Jasmine shook her head. “But… maybe it would be better to give them time. Let them get to know you first. I mean, maybe it was shocking that I introduced you out of the blue and told them we’re getting married. Let me try again, my Queen. Which… may mean slowing down just a little.”

“We can’t slow down!” Diana retorted. “We… we have to think of something.”

Jasmine looked up at Diana, an unreadable look on her face. “I’m sorry for questioning you, my Queen, but… what’s the rush?”

“The rush is that I love you and want to be with you forever,” Diana said.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?”

Diana put a hand to her chest, recoiling in shock. “Do you think I’m lying to you?”

“My Queen. Please. What’s going on?” Diana didn’t immediately respond, so Jasmine continued. “I just want to help.”

That made Diana pause. Jasmine only said that sentence when she absolutely needed to calm Diana down. “I do want to marry you. A lot,” she started. “But… I… felt like I was losing you. You were so busy. I—I wanted to still be important in your life.”

Jasmine looked down. “You are.”

“But it doesn’t feel like it.”

Jasmine wanted to say something, but whatever she was going to say disappeared. “You’re probably right,” she said. “It probably does seem that way, hm.”

Diana collapsed onto the seat and they took a long moment to sit in silence. The two just sat in their chairs across from each other, thinking what to do, where to go from there in their relationship. Jasmine was the one usually coming up with ideas. They had two different kinds of intelligence, and one of Jasmine’s strengths was problem solving. Thinking outside the box. And soon enough, she came through.

“I have an idea,” she said. “But it’s risky.”

“What is the idea?” Diana asked, her arms crossed.

“I want you to brainwash me.”

Diana raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

“Aren’t I already doing that?”

“No, my Queen. You’re hypnotizing me. With brainwashing, I… wouldn’t even know it happened. I wouldn’t have any say or objection once it’s done.” As Jasmine continued, Diana’s eyes slowly widened as the gravity of what Jasmine was suggesting hit her.

“Alter my memory,” Jasmine begged. “Make me think you’re a queen.”

Diana huffed a little. “I am your Queen.”

“A real queen. Someone who came from royalty. With billions of dollars in a trust fund, maybe—maybe you ran away because the demands were too high or you were being roped into an arranged marriage, or—something like that.” As Jasmine continued to explain her idea, she got deeper into this fantasy, trying to pitch it to a pensive Diana. “And you came to the states, wanting to find love, and—and found me. And that can be why you don’t talk to your parents!” Jasmine stood up and began pacing around. “Then, maybe one of your parents dies and—and you get their money. And all their dresses and—everything. And I’d be the one paying for that lie. I’ll even have someone forge documents. I promise. I think this’ll work.”

Diana felt a splitting headache cross her head. “I mean, dear, this… is extreme, even for me. You really want to do this?”

“Yes,” Jasmine said. “It will only be temporary. Once we get home, and all is said and done, you can bring me back to normal, and we can go get married. Like it’s meant to be.”

Diana’s body fell onto the chair. Her knees felt weak, ready to give in, so much so that she would have collapsed otherwise. Brainwashing. She had heard a lot about it in the past. In her eyes, it was the most extreme form of hypnosis. She wasn’t opposed to doing it with her loyal submissive, her girlfriend, of course. What she had pause over was doing it for something like this.

“Jasmine. Do you really think this will work?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

Diana never got fully used to hearing those words. Every time she did, she’d feel her body convulse just a little.

“Just for now,” Jasmine promised. “We won’t make this permanent.”

Yeah. For now.

“Okay,” Diana said. She pulled out her pocket watch and idly fiddled with it. “So… how do you see me doing this?”

* * *

They weren’t sure how it worked. A week later they went back to Jasmine’s parents, and Jasmine explained the entire story they planned. ‘Diana’s father had died, and left his runaway daughter a sizable estate from the kingdom she escaped from because there was an arranged marriage.’ It sounded like an absurd lie and Jasmine still believed it. She didn’t even question it. It was like a fact of life to her.

And her parents accepted the lie too! And permitted their marriage! They were momentarily confused—okay, it took a lot of convincing. But Jasmine and Diana made evidence. All under Jasmine’s unknowing eyes. Even as Diana guided the process, Jasmine was completely unaware of how she was being controlled and manipulated—and she asked to be this way. It was extremely fucking hot.

But this wasn’t a permanent thing. A few moments after the newly engaged couple got home, Diana dropped Jasmine, and brought her back up with the brainwashing undone.

Jasmine rubbed her temples. “I… wow. Fuck.” It was rare to hear the sweet, docile Jasmine swear. (At least, she was sweet and docile to Diana. To her coworkers and employees? Not so much.)

“H-how do you feel?” Diana hesitated.

Jasmine took a moment to think. “How do I… say this?” she mused. “It felt like being trapped in a tsunami. And… I loved it. That was one of the hottest things you’ve ever done to me.”

Without thinking, Jasmine embraced Diana in a tight hug and kissed her. The kiss turned hotter, more passionate, making out on top of the kitchen table. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Diana had to wonder if part of the brainwashing wasn’t undone, if some of it still lingered with Jasmine. No, that was crazy, Diana was too good to make that mistake. Jasmine just really loved her Queen.

Jasmine pulled away, some kind of feral look in her eyes. “More,” she hissed in need.

“More?” Diana raised an eyebrow. “What made you think you get to make those decisions?”

“I need more,” Jasmine pleaded. “My Queen. I want you to brainwash me again. I want to know you are a Queen without reservations. I want to know fully that I’m devoted to service to you. I want you to wed me while I’m completely brainwashed. I want this, my Queen. Will you please grant me this?”

Diana tightly gripped Jasmine’s hips and pulled her back in for a kiss. The window curtains were slightly ajar, but neither of them cared. They were too heated in the moment. Jasmine’s determined request only made their bodies feel hotter.

“Yes,” Diana agreed. “Let’s do it more. But first, I want you to worship me.”

“With honor, my Queen,” Jasmine said as she knelt in front of Diana eagerly.

* * *

With every brainwashing session, they both felt more addicted to the sensation. And with every time Diana released Jasmine from it, the longing and grief grew stronger. Diana started with a few hours at a time, before they decided to try an entire day. The days going up to the wedding, they’d try a few days or once—even a week—at a time.

Seeing Jasmine completely convinced. Nothing in her mind out of place. Every brain cell specifically wired to serve and love Diana. Every time, Diana felt more sure this was how she wanted things all the time. But that… that was too extreme. A part of Diana wanted to slow things down, especially before the weddings. But Jasmine seemed to want it every day. Diana resigned to her sub’s requests, more often than not. ‘How unbecoming of a Queen,’ she thought at one point.

Once, in her powerfully brainwashed state, Jasmine said something… weird.

“Oh, that reminds me,” she started, her eyes all but spiraled. “We should probably get a prenuptial agreement, hm.”

Diana blinked. “Huh? What… do you mean?”

“Well, in case something goes wrong… well, it would make sure we’re protected. As people.”

Diana pursed her lips. She understood what Jasmine was saying. But… that was oddly out of character. Maybe Jasmine was too work-focused, even with her mind completely wiped blank.

‘Jasmine wouldn’t want to even consider the possibility of a breakup…’ Diana mused in her head. ‘Maybe I should fix that, to make her happier…’

“My beautiful flower,” Diana started. “Do you think something bad will happen to us, to our partnership?”

Jasmine had to think. “No, of course not, my Queen.”

“Then… would you like me to remove this idea from your head, since we won’t need it?”

Jasmine nodded, completely at ease with that concept. “Of course, my Queen.”

* * *

The wedding was perfect. Well, weddings. They had a large, extravagant wedding for all of Jasmine’s friends and family, and a smaller, more intimate one for just the two of them that acted more as a collaring. Jasmine’s family finally accepted Diana as one of their own, though the only approval she needed came from Jasmine. Jasmine acted—no, she was—Diana’s perfectly delicate flower, who the Queen now owned.

Diana felt... happy. All was well in her life. She had a perfect wife and submissive, a lovely home, and all their needs and wants met with ease. Not to mention, brainwashing became a more usual ritual, one that they just couldn’t get enough of. Their longest session went on for two weeks, post-wedding and post-all-the-tedious-paperwork.

After that two week period, Jasmine said something extraordinarily strange.

“I want the brainwashing to be permanent.”

Diana choked on the biscotti she was eating. She took a giant sip of water and spoke.

“You want to what?” she asked incredulously.

“I want it to be permanent,” Jasmine reaffirmed. “I love you so much. I love—I love being completely, entirely yours so much.”

“Jasmine, my flower, my plaything, I love you so much too,” Diana started, and even Jasmine could sense the hesitation in her voice. “But isn’t this... a bit too dangerous?”

“Yes,” Jasmine nodded. “Which is why I want it.”

“But, but,” Diana tried to get her head straight, trying to wrap her mind around Jasmine’s absurd request. “How would I know when—if—you don’t want this, anymore?”

Jasmine shrugged as if Diana were asking her about the weather. “I’m waiving that right of mine. I’ll even sign a contract and get it notarized, if you’d like.”

Diana didn’t quite know how to respond, especially to the part about notarizing a kink contract. “I...” Diana instinctively held her breath. Her heart pounded so hard in her chest it felt like it was going to burst out in seconds. “Jasmine, do you understand what exactly you’re asking for?”

“I’ve been thinking about this for months,” she said. “Well, in between the brainwashing sessions. You want this too... don’t you, my Queen?”

Diana nodded. She couldn’t deny that. But she also knew the risks, how to balance those things versus the benefits of long-term brainwashing. She was a pro-Domme, after all—she knew basic concepts like risk-aware consensual kink. “How will I know if... this version of you, if she doesn’t want this, anymore?”

“Then drop me and make me want it again,” Jasmine answered casually. Diana couldn’t believe how sure she sounded of this.

“This sounds like you’re asking me to abuse you,” Diana said, the uncertainty in her voice more clear than sunrise.

“It’s not abuse if I want it,” Jasmine started, clutching Diana’s hands tightly. “I trust you with my life. If something truly unexpected happens, then I know you’ll do the right thing. Otherwise, I want to live this fantasy forever.”

Diana clutched Jasmine’s hands. She wanted to kiss her and accept the request, but... something pulled at the strings in her heart. “And... what about our hypnosis sessions? You... won’t miss those?”

“Will you?” Jasmine asked genuinely.

Diana paused. “Yes,” she answered. “I love being a hypnosis Domme. I love hypnotizing people. Being unable to do that with you anymore, it... would hurt. It’s a need of mine, I think.”

“Then...” Jasmine pondered. “Why don’t we open our marriage, so we can both have people to hypnotize and play with?”

Diana’s eyes widened. Not in a bad way. “You really want that, dear? You want... other people, to hypnotize?”

“Not just hypnotize,” Jasmine chuckled lightly. “We can change them. Besides, we can use my assets to help them with... whatever’s troubling them in life.” Sort of like how Jasmine paid Diana’s college loans before they got married, in full. “We get both of our needs met. We get both of our wants met. I want to be completely owned by you. I want you to own every single part of my body and mind, more than you already Do. So...” Jasmine clutched Diana’s hands like they were delicate gemstones. “Do you want to do this, my Queen?”

Diana paused one last time, some calculations running through her head. Hypnotizing people other than Jasmine... that appealed to her. It could... be a good way to get her needs met, right? From both Jasmine, and others.

“Yes,” Diana accepted. “Let’s draft that contract.”

* * *

Jasmine curled her fingers into the new girl’s cheeks, digging her nails in as she grinned down at her. Diana sat in the corner, watching her precious sub’s dominant tendencies let loose. “...and you’re going to be our perfect little drone, Felicity. Soon enough, you’ll forget your own name, and you’ll just be known as...” The edges of Jasmine’s lips lifted. “Drone #0452. Do you understand, drone?”

“Affirmative,” the drone responded sleepily, her entranced eyes looking up at one of her new Owners.

“Say it,” Jasmine ordered the drone.

“This unit will serve its Mistresses forever,” she responded like it was clockwork. It only took one session for the two of them to break this stupid hypnoslut’s brain into pieces.

“Good,” Jasmine kissed the top of Felicity’s head. “Then, I want you to go down on my strap, and prove your devotion to us.”

“Affirmative.” Felicity dropped to her hands and knees as Jasmine undid her belt, letting her purple strap on loose for Felicity to worship. The drone obediently followed directions. It made both Diana and Jasmine so fucking hot. This was the best decision ever.

It hadn’t taken long to scoop Felicity off the street. Jasmine had promised a stranger a lifetime of financial security in exchange for being a mindless plaything. The stranger hadn’t come from a good life. Everyone she knew had been purely awful to her, and she had racked up tens of thousands of dollars in debt she couldn’t pay off. Being disabled with fibromyalgia, she couldn’t work too much either. When Jasmine and Diana mentioned the idea of hypnosis and transformation kink, Felicity more than eagerly agreed. It was hard to believe they lucked out with another hypnofetishist.

Diana and Jasmine prepared a special room for Felicity, and said this would be her life. They deemed her trustworthy enough, though, to give her some level of freedom. They allowed her to go out when she wasn’t being used, as long as she’d come back to their beck and call. Jasmine even created a special credit card for Felicity. It wasn’t like Felicity could leave, even with the freedom, though—she’d just be stumbling back to a life of debt and bills.

Oh god, Diana thought as she watched the drone suck off Jasmine obediently. This is so, so fucking hot.

A week later, one day when Jasmine was finished with Felicity—at least for the next few hours—the two Dommes had some time alone.

Things with Felicity were going incredibly. Felicity was the perfect drone. Jasmine and Diana could use her and her holes whenever they wanted, and they could mold her mind into whatever shape they wanted. Felicity wasn’t just used for sex, either—she was used for whatever menial tasks they didn’t want to do. Heck, Felicity even sometimes cleaned better than some of the maids did. Diana got her needs for hypnotopping met.

And something still felt wrong.

“Dear,” Diana asked. “How would you feel about doing this more?”

Jasmine blinked. “I do not want to question you, my Queen, but… what makes you say that?”

Diana pondered. “We could be doing more of this. This… turning people into something else… it’s hot. We could take on more people, and turn them into whatever we want them to be. Don’t you feel it too, my flower?”

Even to Diana, this felt wrong. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Felicity—no, Felicity would be a great addition. But it felt less wrong than sticking to one person.

But she wanted more.

“If that’s what you want, my Queen,” Jasmine agreed, kissing the tips of Diana’s fingers tenderly. “I’d be happy to find more candidates for us.”

And she did. Over time, more subs joined them. Some were turned into drones, pets, bimbos or himbos, jocks, maids… some subs would stay, and some would leave—or be made to leave—for whatever reason.

After the fourth or so submissive, Diana realized something.

She wanted to hypnotize Jasmine.

But there was no way to do that anymore. What would she do to Jasmine, were she to hypnotize her flower again? She was brainwashed. There was nothing more Diana could do to her brain—other than perhaps some light meditative trances, which was far from what she wanted.

“Is something wrong, my Queen?” Jasmine asked one day, while Diana pondered this.

“...It’s nothing,” Diana lied. “I’m just a bit tired, is all.”

* * *