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How To Pay Your College Loans


* * *

The hug the harem, plus Jasmine and Diana, shared with each other was a kind of warm Clara hadn’t felt in a very long time. Despite everything, none of them wanted to let go of each other. At their core, no one truly wanted to make this step into the unknown. Into the ‘next phase’, as Felicity had described it.

One sentiment shared amongst all of them. “Everyone here is a good person.”

But, all good things had to come to an end. Clara reminded everyone of that. Tears were shared. Stories were told. And then the moving vans had arrived.

“...Well, this has been an adventure, but I’m off.”

Lisa, Kae, Felicity, and Anne hung out awkwardly near the doors of the lobby. Each waiting for their individual van to pick them up and get them settled in a new place. Clara stood next to them, hands in her pockets—it’d been a while since she wore jeans—reminiscing on the past few months.

It was hard to believe it was ending. It felt like just yesterday when Clara sold herself to the harem, and wrote off all her expenses and loans. To be fair, that was in part because she’d spent the vast majority of time too stupid to realize time passing.

Kae was the first person she’d met. He seemed anxious about being in the harem, but she couldn’t blame him. Their friendship had become closer to a flirtationship over time, and honestly, seeing him leave ached the most. It helped her knowing he was happy now—that he realized he was happy as a jock guy.

“Forcing me to crack my own egg was probably the best thing that they could have done,” he joked.

Diana blushed, twirling her hands together. “Don’t mention it,” she muttered. “Glad I helped.”

“Yeah,” Clara sighed. “Still sucks to see you leave.”

“Don’t worry, princess.” He wrapped his arm around her tightly, holding her close, and leaving a small peck on her head. “I’ll be back to visit. Plenty and plenty of times, as long as you’re around.”

Clara giggled, and kissed him back. The first mover came in, and ushered him into the car. Before he left through the doors, he held Clara’s hands tightly, and kissed one. “Your knight will be here for you.”

“He better,” Clara teased.

Kae blew her a kiss and left. The fact she’d exchanged phone numbers with all of them definitely made the ache less pronounced. Still, it wasn’t fun to see people off.

“Surprised you two got along so well,” Jasmine murmured to Clara.

“I’ll say.”

“I’m next for a tear-jerking speech,” Lisa said. “I don’t know why you’re staying here, Clara—”

“We’ve been over this before,” Clara grumbled with a blush. Did she really have to reaffirm her love for her Mistresses to Lisa so many times, of all people? Lisa burst out laughing at her the first time. It was humiliating enough to try again after that.

“Lisa,” Jasmine chuckled, “don’t make this harder than it is for my partner, if you’d please.” Jasmine placed a reassuring hand on Clara, who stammered and blushed and said nothing coherent.

“But...” Lisa dropped her suitcases and wrapped her arms around Clara. “I’m glad you’re happy. And, um, well, between you and me...”

Lisa released the hug, clicking her fingers together and looking around nervously. As if she didn’t want to be heard.

“Yeah?” Clara raised an eyebrow.

“...You’re pretty damn good at brat taming,” Lisa admitted through a fake choke.

Clara gave her one last hug, rubbing the kitty’s hair. It surprised all of them—but especially Jasmine and Diana—that she wanted to wear the cat ears from now on. Sure, she’d have to lose them while working, but that didn’t make it less bewildering. Especially for Lisa.

“And you’re pretty good at being a bratty kitty cat,” Clara teased as she groped Lisa’s ass. Lisa squealed and slapped Clara playfully.

“Watch it,” she chuckled. “You won’t get these goods so easily again.”

The second mover came in. The burly folks grabbed Lisa’s suitcases and led her out. Lisa clicked her tongue and winked at everyone. “Smell ya later, losers!”

And she was gone next. “What a pleasant young girl,” Anne said sarcastically.

“Anne, you’re going back to being a professor, right?” Clara asked. It was more of a reminder than a question.

“Sure am,” Anne clapped her hands together. “But this was admittedly a lot of fun that I desperately needed. Thanks for leading me here, you total idiot.”

“I’m not an idiot right now!” Clara protested.

“Eh, can’t really see the difference at this point,” Anne teased. “But for the record, you’re always welcome to come visit me on campus. Maybe you can give my students some tutoring lessons.” As soon as Clara raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth, Anne continued, “when and only when you have functional braincells.”

“...Right,” Clara sighed. “Thanks for sharing this ride with me. I’ll miss you.”

“You’ll see me around,” Anne laughed. “It’s still Summer break anyways. I’ll be back sooner than you know.”

Anne grabbed Clara’s arm, and pulled her into a tight hug. “Be good, plaything. Your Mistresses love you very much. And...” she paused. “You’re in good hands, with Jasmine.”

Jasmine exhaled, putting a hand on her heart. “...Thank you, Anne.”

Clara whimpered, and nodded into Anne’s chest. “I... I think I am, Professor.” She looked back to Jasmine and Diana. Jasmine held Diana tightly, as the blonde lady buried her head into Jasmine’s shoulder.

Anne let go, and left out the door impatiently. “Driver! Where’s my damn ride!?”

That just left Felicity and Clara. “Before I leave, I want to give you something,” Felicity started.

Clara tilted her head. “Yeah? What is it?”

“They’re my journals,” Felicity said. “Before I left the mansion.”

Clara’s eyes widened as Felicity handed her a bag, sure enough, filled with entirely written-out journals. Her jaw fell on the ground. “Felicity, I can’t—”

“I don’t want them,” Felicity interjected. “And I want you to have them. You’ve... done a lot of good for a lot of people, Clara. I hope you keep doing that. I hope you keep making people smile.”

Clara couldn’t help it. She dropped the bag and broke into tears. “Me too, Felicity. In... in more ways than one.”

Clara initiated this hug. Felicity was at first the one she knew least about. Jasmine and Diana couldn’t help themselves and joined in on this particular hug as well. Despite the level of control the two managed, Clara could see they both deeply cared about their playthings. That much was obvious after all this time. It was a sick, twisted kind of love... but now it felt much more gentle. Much more sincere. And... in a way, Clara was really the one to thank for that.

“Stay in touch, drone,” Jasmine whispered. “That’s an order.”

“Affirmative,” Felicity chuckled. “Thank you for everything. I love all of you, too.”

They all wished the hug could last forever. But sadly, things weren’t that simple. The movers had to get going one day or another. So, with a lot of effort, Felicity broke the hug. She kissed Jasmine, Diana, and then Clara. And then she grabbed her suitcases, and left.

Leaving Jasmine, Diana and Clara alone. The three of them let the silence and gravity of the situation register. And then collapsed on the couches.

Clara sitting in between Diana and Jasmine. “So...” she started awkwardly. “What else are we missing?”

“Well, I think everything is taken care of,” Jasmine sighed. “We... reached out to everyone who’d been involved with us in the past. We gave them their memories back. And... enough money and supports for them to stay quiet.”

“But none of them want to see us again, I... presume?” Diana asked quietly, not exactly wanting the answer.

Jasmine sighed. “No,” she answered bluntly. “They do not.”

Diana exhaled. “I... understand.” She placed one hand on Clara’s lap, and the other on Jasmine’s hand.

“We’re not leaving you,” Clara reassured. “I promise.”

“Thank you,” Diana’s voice cracked. “I... also have something to say. I’ve reached out to my parents.”

Jasmine’s eyes widened. Clara’s, also, but less so. “Really?”

“Yeah. I... I want to make amends. I think they actually want to try this time. It...” Diana looked away. “It may take some effort. But I think... I think they feel bad. They... want to try. And I want to give them a chance. And when they’re ready... I want them to meet both of you.”

Jasmine smiled gently. The previously mean businesslady embraced all of them. “I’m so, so happy to hear that, love. I’m happy to meet them.” She paused. “In better circumstances, this time.”

The three reclined, sitting in the quiet. Valuing each other, and their presences, and what each of them brought to their relationship. They had a long way to go to work through their problems and insecurities. But the three of them... they were willing to try. And that’s what mattered.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Jasmine murmured. She reached into a mysterious white square box on the table. “Are you ready to see what’s inside, Clara?”

“More ready than ever,” Clara smiled.

Jasmine lifted the box, and what revealed itself was... a collar. A pink, delicate, discreet collar. It seemed to be made of titanium, or metal, or one of those things. Clara picked it up and eyed it. The interior of it—near the back—read ‘Jasmine and Diana’s Princess’.

“This is...”

“A collar,” Diana finished. “We want you to have it. To wear it. If... you want?”

Diana didn’t even have to ask. Clara already fastened it around her neck, and smiled to both of them. “Of course I do,” she affirmed. “I love both of you. I love being yours.”

“And we love you and owning you,” Jasmine said. She reached behind Clara’s neck and screwed it on, removing the key and placing it on the table. Clara tugged it, and found it was sealed shut. Not to come off without her Mistress’ permission.

Clara couldn’t be happier about that.

“What... do you want to do tonight?” Diana awkwardly asked.

“Well, maybe you could turn on my princess mode, make me all dumb and flustered, have me embarrass myself, and then fuck me mercilessly?”

Jasmine and Diana smirked at each other. “We can arrange that,” they agreed.

“And then movies after,” Diana huffed. “With the premium popcorn, please?”

The three of them laughed together. “Sounds perfect to me,” Jasmine answered. “Does that sound like a plan to you, plaything?”

Clara nodded eagerly. “But first... can we just sit here, for a bit? Together? While I can still think clearly?”

“Of course.” Jasmine and Diana answered in unison. And then they cuddled each other into a light trance.

* * *

“So, everyone’s here?” Jasmine asked, looking around the room. It was the garden, the area where Clara had played Truth or Dare there quite some time ago with Angel and Natalie. Only this time, both Mistresses were there. Along with Kae, Lisa, Felicity, and Anne.

“Present,” Kae raised his hand.

“Ready to rock and roll!” Lisa grinned.

“Affirmative, Mistresses,” Felicity nodded.

“Just make this quick so I can go back to grading dumb students’ papers,” Anne grumbled jokingly.

Diana and Jasmine looked to each other. “Are you ready too, dear?” Jasmine asked her beloved wife.

“I am,” Diana answered assertively.

“Then, all of you,” Jasmine and Diana towered in front of everyone, looking down on them. They smirked. They looked at each other, plans running silently between the two of them. “Kneel before Her Highness and your Mistress.”

The playthings nodded, had their triggers whispered to them, and became ready to be fucked and used like toys.

Clara giggled. “Hiiiiii, Mistress and your Highness!” As always, she was the most enthusiastic. “What can we do for you today?”

Both ladies sat down, and spread their legs. No panties on either of them.

“Start with some body worship, why don’t you all? Make us feel loved.”

* * *