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How To Pay Your College Loans

Chapter 2: Makeover

* * *

Content Warning: This story is intended for adults. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. This is a work of fantasy and is not a realistic depiction of hypnosis or sexual assault. Non-consensual hypnosis and sexual assault in real life are highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone these things. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

* * *

Clara finally moves into her new mansion, and gets a new friend, a new room, and a new wardrobe.

* * *

Two weeks. Two entire weeks had passed since Clara signed the contract binding her life to two incredibly rich, attractive ladies as their eternal sex slave. Two weeks since Clara had some of the best, (literally) mind-numbing sex of her life. Two weeks since Clara wouldn’t have to worry about paying off her loans, or her rent, or anything.

God, what had she done? She felt so stupid. She was so stupid. Who the hell signs their life away to be a sex slave just to pay off some money? Why couldn’t she have just grinned and bared her shitty job?

She knew the answers. She knew this was probably the right decision. She just still hated herself for it.

It was the 1st of the month, the last day of Clara’s lease (or rather, the last day she’d have to be in her apartment; Jasmine and Diana casually paid off the rest of it, so they wouldn’t have any legal trouble with her landlord.) All of her stuff was packed away — or at least, all that mattered. She hoped she’d at least be able to keep her laptop and sketchbooks she would draw nature journals in; maybe she should have asked about that instead of just saying “yes” to the million times they asked “are you okay with being a sex slave?” in every single way.

Clara dragged her four suitcases out of the van that was called for her, gazing once more at the mansion. This was her new home — this was where she was going to live the rest of her life. Or maybe they’d kick her out once she was old and ugly. Or maybe she would outlive the two ladies…

This wasn’t the time to think about that, though. She had to think about the present. Her situation was, put it simply, inescapable. Might as well just accept that, she thought.

She dragged her suitcases up the few stairs to the mansion, and rang the doorbell. It took a minute for someone to unlock the door for her, but they did the second she thought to put her bags down. She picked them back up and walked inside.

The mansion was still as gorgeous and perfect as ever. How did they have so much money? So much money as to have a beautiful mansion with god knows how many rooms and bathrooms, and so much money as to, well, have a harem of sex slaves they essentially bought.

Clara wasn’t left with her thoughts for too long. Not too long after she entered without a “hello” from the secretary, she saw Jasmine come down the stairs alongside a maid and butler. Of course, she looked just as distant and judgmental as always.

“Hello,” Clara stood up, taking a deep inhale and instinctively holding her breath. The situation sort of called for her being tense or on edge. She thought just a friendly greeting would be sufficient, or rather, not too bad.

She was wrong. In an instant, Jasmine approached her with her hands around Clara’s arms and an angry expression on her face. Immediately, Clara melted in her demanding, possessive grip.

“First of all, you do not speak to us unless you are spoken to,” she growled, making Clara flinch at her strong words. “Second of all, that is no way to greet us. You will refer to me as ‘Mistress’ and Diana as ‘Your Highness’, and nothing short of that. Do you understand?”

“Y…yes, I understand.” Clara thought that would be enough to satisfy her, but instead her grip only tightened.

“Yes, what? Do you retain any information, at all?”

“S-sorry,” Clara stammered. “Yes, Mistress. I do understand.” Her eyes drifted over to the maid and butler standing next to her — neither of their expressions changed or budged in the slightest. They were probably far too used to seeing this sort of thing from Jasmine.

“Good,” Jasmine huffed, finally letting go of Clara to feel the blood rushing back through her arms. “Then give your stuff to these two lovely servants and follow me.”

The walk up the stairs was nothing short of silent. Clara now knew the rule of not speaking unless spoken to, though that made her even more uncomfortable. She hoped that would change at some point — after all, she signed that contract expecting to be close to them; why would simply speaking to them be an issue? Needless to say, she wasn’t in a position to protest.

Finally up on the third floor (Clara was already out of breath at that point, once again), Jasmine led her to a door down a hall. It wasn’t nearly as decorated as the one she and Diana dwelled in, but the engravings were still pleasant to look at.

Jasmine opened the door and they walked inside. The room was much different from the room she had in her apartment — it was much larger, more furnished, and more decorated. Clara was thankful, seeing that the ladies of the mansion at least had the decency to give her a decent living space.

“You will reside in this room. You are expected to be in bed by 11pm every night unless we have a need for you,” Jasmine began to explain as Clara looked around the room. “You are allowed to make requests for accessories you would like in the room, however we have the final say on it, and if there’s a way we want to decorate your room otherwise, then that is to our discretion.” Jasmine turned to Clara once more. She grabbed her new slave’s chin and made Clara look her in the eyes, her gaze intense. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Clara was made to respond as if it were already automatic.

“Very good. I like the way you say that,” Jasmine responded with a grin. “I will give you the opportunities to ask questions. Do you have any?”

Clara had many questions, actually.

“Well, um… I have a few. Why… or, how, or why did you start… this mansion?”

“Are you asking why we decided to buy a harem of slaves?” Jasmine clarified.

Clara took a moment, and then nodded.

“A curious question. I would admire your confidence to ask, if I were not tempted to mistake it for stupidity.” Jasmine didn’t grin this time, but she raised an eyebrow curiously. “Simple. We have money. I am the CEO of a megacorporation I inherited from my family after they passed, and Diana is royalty. What kind of rich person without this much money would pass up the opportunity to buy sex slaves? Do you know anyone like that?”

“No… I don’t know anyone like that, Mistress.” Clara was smart, but she wasn’t smart enough to have the answer to that question.

“It’s also a form of altruism, in our eyes,” she continued. Clara was bewildered by how she could think this was altruistic in any way. “You remember your past life. What were you doing? Struggling with money, working in a job you hated? Lacking friends or family that accepted you? You made the right decision, giving all of that up to join us. You could say we… saved you.”

“I… I see,” Clara nodded. “I suppose… that makes sense.”

“Do you have any other questions?”

“How… how many slaves do you have right now?”

Jasmine took a moment to think, as if counting. “We have dozens of assistants who help clean the mansion and deal with any conflict, however, in terms of slaves, we have six. Yourself included.”

“Six… I see.”

“I’m sure you will meet all of them, in due time. Feel free to make friends. Though,” Jasmine leaned in to emphasize what she said next, “don’t you dare discuss escaping with any of them. We will know, and you will be rightfully punished. Do you understand?”

Clara wasn’t even close to thinking of that until Jasmine planted the idea in her head and immediately took it away. “Yes, I do understand, Mistress.”

“You’re probably not even smart enough to escape,” she laughed. “Any other stupid questions?”

“Where… is Diana — I mean, Her Highness, now?”

“She is getting some beauty sleep. Trust me, she needs tons of it. While I work night and day to run my company, she has the luxury of resting all day, if she so desires.” Jasmine paused to examine Clara’s curious expression, and then added, “trust me, you will see much of her in due time. She has as much use for you as I do.”

Clara nodded. She had more questions. “So um… what will my first task be?”

“My, getting impatient, are you?” Jasmine chuckled, as if mocking Clara. “For now, your task is to ready your room. I will have more use for you later.”

“Okay… okay, Mistress.”

“I will give you one more question. Do you have any other questions?”

One more popped into her head. Clara asked, “Do you… like me?”

Silence befell the two. “Why do you ask?”

“I just… don’t think I’m anyone special. I’m surprised you even chose me.”

More silence crowded the two. Maybe this was Clara’s second mistake, the first being addressing Jasmine with no real need to.

“I think you have the potential to be a good slave. I find you attractive, and able to be useful to us.” Jasmine stated this as if it were plain fact. “However, otherwise, I feel vastly indifferent towards you.”

For some reason, that stung Clara.

“I find it uncouth to get too attached to my slaves, lest we must toss them on the streets. Though it is cute that you value my approval.” Jasmine bit her lip, clearly confused why Clara would ask such a question — and yet, not complaining in the slightest. She continued by adding, “the one person who matters most to me in this world is Diana. She is my other half, and no one could ever replace her.”

“I… I see.”

“I must head to work now. One more thing — there should be a rule book in your desk drawer. Review it once you are finished setting up.”

“Okay. I will, Mistress.”

“Kiss me goodbye.”

Clara blinked. She just asked her to kiss her? After saying she felt indifferent towards her?

“What are you waiting for?” Jasmine snapped. “I gave you an order. You know you’re going to have to do work for me, right?”

Well, that was obvious, and yet Clara still felt intimidated by her presence. But that was an order, and the last thing she wanted was to be thrown into the streets as Jasmine lightly threatened.

Clara walked up to her. Jasmine was so much taller than her — probably a good six inches or so. She got onto her toes and lightly put her lips on Jasmines. Once she was close to her, Clara could smell her perfume — it was a nice floral scent, a particularly strong one as well. Her lips felt soft, with a nice purple shine to them. And yet, Clara still felt scared in a weird way. But she fulfilled the order, she thought as she broke the kiss.

“That was very sweet,” Jasmine commented, and Clara swore she could see a smile. “We will work on having more enthusiasm to come close to me. I will be back.”

Turning around, Jasmine left the room, as did her silent servants. Clara sat on the bed, her legs giving out. For a while, she contemplated her situation. Despite being demanding as she was, Jasmine was a lot nicer to Clara than she thought she would be. Clara had a feeling she wasn’t half as nice to her subordinates at work, though. And then she wondered — how many people knew about what Jasmine was doing? Did anyone know aside from who was in the mansion?

Clara briefly wondered, if her own parents or old friends knew where she was, would they care? And then she realized that thought didn’t do anything for her and began unpacking her stuff into the drawers, bed and desk.

* * *

She finished unpacking her stuff — or at least, all the stuff that mattered. She still had a suitcase and a half full, but she figured she could spend more time reorganizing as time went on. For now, her room was looking nice; she even had some space to decorate the walls. There was, after all, no rule about decorating the walls with band posters and science-themed posters.

In addition, she took some time to review the rulebook. It wasn’t nearly as big as she expected, but it was still a good 20 pages or so — and she could have sworn she saw the rule “you will obey our every command” 5 or so times. They really wanted to emphasize that.

Clara briefly wondered how Jasmine’s day was going at work; was she just going along with her day like nothing happened, like this was just a normal occurrence for her? And how about Diana — was she having any sweet dreams? Clara laid down in her bed, half thinking to go to sleep as she pondered these questions. On second thought, she didn’t want to be disoriented or anything that would get in the way of being, as the book said, a good slave.

She was at least given the freedom to talk to the other slaves and explore the mansion. Maybe that was the best course of action, she thought as she stepped out of bed and sheepishly headed out of the room.

The halls were unnaturally empty, especially for how well-staffed they were. Maybe it wasn’t cleaning day, or something like that.

She went down the stairs, being careful not to trip on each one. She was always so clumsy. She hoped she wouldn’t embarrass herself — that was the last thing she wanted. But exploring wouldn’t hurt, for now.

Clara went to the first floor, with the lobby. It was just as fancy as always. Something was different, though. Clara could swear she smelled the scent of coffee coming from her left. Turning around, she saw the kitchen and heard some footsteps coming from that direction. Someone was there, she figured. Maybe it was Diana?

It was not Diana, Clara found out, and immediately felt stupid for thinking that — Diana was probably more of a tea person than a coffee person. Who she did see, though, was a masculine-looking person, or at least someone extremely androgynous.

She wasn’t left unnoticed for very long; the person turned around to look at her. They looked like they saw a ghost, somehow, and almost dropped the coffee pot.

“Oh! Um, hi there, are you—“ they began to speak in a voice on the higher end, and then silenced themself and paused. Once they spoke again, their voice was a lot lower, and Clara could tell they were straining their voice to speak lower. “I mean, uh. Hello. Do I know you?”

“I… probably not. I just moved here. Well, moved is sort of a weird term. It’s more like—“

“So you’re a new slave, then?” they asked. Clara nodded, and he sighed. “Well, didn’t think they’d bring another one on board. Suppose some people just have too much money.”

He gave a hearty, yet nervous laugh. Clara chuckled for a bit as well.

“I’m Kaelyn… or well, I go by Kae now. I’m… supposed to act more… manly. I guess.” They sounded sheepish after saying this, biting their lip. “S-sorry. You’ll learn more later. What about you?”

“I’m Clara,” she introduced herself. “Nice to… nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, you too. Welcome to the rest of your life, I suppose,” Kae laughed again. Clara didn’t laugh this time.

“How… long have you been here for?”

“Two years at this point. I’ve gone through quite the, uh, transformation. Used to be all girly, blond hair, makeup, dresses, everything.”

“Really?” Clara blinked. “I can’t see it at all.”

“Two years of being ordered to act as masculine as possible really does a lot to you.”

“So… you’re actually a girl, then?”

That definitely made them break out laughing. Clara could tell Kae was much more jaded by the situation than she was. “I don’t know anymore,” he spoke through his laughter. “I’m sure you won’t know who you are either, two years from now.”

Clara gulped, the blood draining from her face. “Ah, that’s… unsettling.”

Kae shrugged. “Honestly? At least we’re not kept in a cage in the basement. Or well, you won’t be, if you’re good. I learned that lesson pretty quickly,” Kae said as they looked off into the distance wistfully, remembering something painful obviously. “We have it much better than other sex slaves, I’d assume. Not that I’m saying we have it good.”

Clara didn’t respond once again. Kae turned to her after finally pouring the coffee. “You want some?” he asked. “I find coffee drowns out your anxieties because you’re too busy vibrating from energy.”

“Wouldn’t that make you, um, more anxious?”

“Not really.”

An uncomfortable silence filled the kitchen; no one else was probably on the floor at this point. “Ah, sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Do you want me to introduce you to the others, sometime?”

“I’d… love that. It might be good for me to have some friends, after all,” Clara laughed. Kae laughed back.

“We hang out sometimes. All things considered, we stick together. Support each other. Just don’t talk about escaping or anything. Then you’ll get us all in trouble. You don’t want to end up like the last girl,” Kae warned.

“What happened to her?”

“I don’t know.” Kae immediately responded. “She mentioned a plan to escape one day. The next day, she disappeared. No one knows where she went.”

That was not reassuring to Clara in the slightest. Again — not that she had any plans to escape, at least for now. But if she did, she assumed it’d mean she would have to do it all on her own.

“Did she die or something?”

“I doubt it. The ladies of this mansion aren’t that stupid. You might have signed a contract; death for not following orders was not in it.”

Clara nodded.

“I wonder what they’ll turn you to be,” Kae pondered.

“Me… me too.”

Kae finished drinking the coffee in only a few long sips. Clara watched with amazement—they didn’t even add any sugar, cream or milk into it. Once he was done he put the mug in the sink, washed it, and put it on the drying rack. “Now if you excuse me, I have to work out my energy. Catch up later.”

“Right… right,” Clara responded as they left the room.

“Don’t worry,” they said right before leaving. “As long as you do what you’re told, things aren’t so bad.”

That wasn’t completely reassuring to Clara. In fact, it wasn’t reassuring at all. But at least she had a friend now.

* * *

5pm struck at some point, and Clara was already used to the massive bell on top of the mansion going off by the hour since first getting there. She wasn’t particularly doing much at the time, since she met Kae; mostly she was going around and sketching various plants that were in the mansion. There was a greenhouse there she would have loved access to, but she got the feeling she would need permission to go inside. Same with the library that, even from the outside, looked massive. She’d have to get those at some point.

At this point, she was kicking back and relaxing in her room. At the very least, she was able to relax when there wasn’t much to do, though she had a sinking feeling that would change at some point.

Clara took some time to ponder — Jasmine and Diana were making Kae turn from a girly girl into a mega-tomboy. What sort of transformation would they put her through? The question sat in her brain for some time, but she figured there wasn’t much point to dwelling on it.

She sat in her room, taking another minute to review the rulebook. She was surprised by how much time she had to herself. For now, she even had the freedom to eat what she wanted, as she pleased.

Things weren’t so bad, for now. And the biggest thing was she no longer had to pay her college loans.

The door connecting her room to the hallway clicked open, and Clara turned her attention to it. In walked Jasmine, looking just as condescending as usual. Clara stood up as if to show respect, putting the rulebook down on the bed. She almost spoke up, and then remembered what could happen if she ended up speaking out of turn.

“You were reading the rules we left you,” she commented without so much as a hello or how are you. “I’m impressed, and pleased. It’s good to see someone so enthusiastic.”

Clara couldn’t really describe herself as enthusiastic, to be honest. But she responded with, “yes, uh, yes, Mistress. It’s… interesting.”

Jasmine looked like she didn’t have the energy to argue with that, to be honest; from her few interactions with Jasmine, Clara could tell that Jasmine’s job was on the more taxing side. Clara feared that Jasmine would at some point take her frustration out on her.

“Great word choice, I can certainly tell you have a college degree,” she snickered, leaving Clara embarrassed. “I trust you don’t have anything better to do than to come with me if I tell you to?”

She wasn’t wrong. Clara really didn’t have anything better to do. “No, I don’t, Mistress.”

“Good. That is the correct answer. Follow me,” Jasmine tilted her head towards the hallway, subtly encouraging Clara to follow — who of course, rightfully did so.

Clara was expecting another silent, long walk down the mansion hallways towards god-knows-where, where she wasn’t allowed to talk to Jasmine and instead just awkwardly look around the mansion.

“You are free to talk to me, if you wish,” Jasmine added. “I am giving you the privilege of conversing with me.”

“…Oh,” Clara blinked. That wasn’t expected at all. “Well, okay… um… how was your day?”

“Tiring, as always. Do you know what it’s like to run a business?” she asked.

“Uh… well, I sort of, uh, ran some sort of gig editing people’s papers in college. I guess that doesn’t count, though.”

“So nothing substantial, then,” Jasmine clarified, her words stinging Clara again. She could feel physical pain from that. “I see. I run a megacorporation that my grandparents started. It wasn’t necessarily the life I chose, but, it lets me live the life I want.”

Clara nodded. God, if only she could have inherited a megacorporation from her parents. Instead, she inherited terrible anxiety and whatever gene causes inadequacy.

“Today was another day I had worthless, weak people asking to partner with me,” she scoffed and continued. “Not to mention, I had a small crisis I had to deal with. Luckily, no more than 3 people were fired.”

“Wait, what did, uh, what did they do?”

“For starters? Not what their job description detailed.” She gave a laugh at that. “If not for the Department of Labor, I would by all means hire my staff here to assist me at work. It would be nice to maximize my assets, after all.”

Clara was never good at economics, so she just kind of nodded and agreed once again.

“You don’t understand what I’m talking about, do you?”

“Not… not really, Mistress.”

“Then let me ask you. What are you good at?”

“Um…” Clara tried to gather her thoughts before responding. “Well, I was a good biology student. I’m good at drawing and studying nature. Especially plants. I also like to think I’m good at editing—I mean, I got paid to do it, but, I’m not good at writing, I guess, and—“

“I asked for a straight answer, not for you stumbling everywhere,” Jasmine snapped, making Clara stop in her speech. “What are you good at? Answer clearly.”

Clara paused. “Biology. Studying nature. And editing.”

“Good, much better. I bought a person. I expect you to act and talk like one.”

“Y…yes, Mistress.”

Jasmine went on to explain, “I’m different from other slave owners. At least, I like to think I am. You are my property, as of signing the contract. But you are also a person, and I expect you to have more purpose and desires than being my fuck doll.”

“I… really?”

“Yes, really.” Jasmine stopped in her tracks and turned to Clara. “If I wanted a vibrator or fleshlight, I could just get one. But I chose to get a person instead. So, you’re my toy, yes, and that includes being someone I am interested in engaging with.”

“I see…” was really all Clara could say.

“Do you understand, toy?”

“Yes… I do, Mistress.”

“You’ve gotten so good at saying that,” Jasmine cooed as she turned away and continued to lead Clara down the hall.

“I’m going to enjoy hearing it so, so much more.”

* * *

Clara hadn’t properly understood just how big the mansion was until she learned that it was a ten minute walk from her room to the place Jasmine wanted to take her. Once again, being out of shape and having to go up multiple sets of stairs, Clara was out of breath by that time. She again earned a soft scolding from Jasmine, and another affirmation that she would “fix things up” with her health.

Jasmine opened the door, and Clara was immediately taken aback. It was a wardrobe — or well, the entire room was a wardrobe, and she swore it was the size of one of her large classrooms in college. Different types of clothes lined the walls in multiple rows. All types, as well — different eras, different styles and colors, different levels of masculine-leaning versus feminine-leaning (and Clara could definitely tell which end the two fit Kae with.)

That wasn’t it, however — to one end, there was an entire wall filled with makeup and hair care products. Clara knew next to nothing about this stuff; in fact, she knew for a fact that the last time she bought makeup was for her fifth grade dance where she immediately cried it off after.

Clara did also see that Diana was there. She was sitting in a chair by that very wall, doing her own makeup. She looked tired. Clara wondered if she had just woken up, despite it being the early evening.

“Hi, dearie,” Diana said as she continued to do her makeup. Clara almost responded, before realizing she was probably talking to Jasmine.

“Hello,” Jasmine responded, going up to her and putting an affectionate hand on her partner’s back. “How was your sleep?”

“Mm,” Diana hummed. “I had some bad dreams.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you,” Jasmine frowned, rubbing her back. Clara was curious by how Diana just said that so casually. Maybe that was a normal occurrence for her.

“I brought our new property down for her makeover. Would you like me to begin picking out some clothes for her?”

Clara’s heart sank at thinking about what sorts of clothes she would be made to wear. It wasn’t like she had much of a choice, but that didn’t make it any easier for her.

“Mm… I’ll help.” Diana finished with her lipstick and stood up. “Would you mind sitting there, Clarie?”

“Clarie? Already giving nicknames, I see,” Jasmine laughed. “Go sit down, toy.”

Clara blushed at the nickname. No one had ever given her any sort of nickname in her life, except for her mom at one point. Regardless, she answered with her usual, automatic ‘Yes, Mistress’ and sat down in the chair in front of the mirror.

“What size are you?” Jasmine asked.

“Ah… a size L, I think.”

They didn’t respond to her. Instead, Diana and Jasmine made normal conversation, as if talking like a normal domestic couple that didn’t own slaves or anything. Clara tried not to eavesdrop, but it was so interesting hearing about Jasmine’s day. And she was fascinated by how much Diana could sleep — hearing about her nightmare in the background was scary in and of itself, though. A part of her wanted to comfort Diana too, but she knew that offering would only result in punishment.

So instead, she just patiently waited for the two to pick out clothes for her and anxiously awaited her new wardrobe. Diana went over her and began picking out makeup, still casually talking with Jasmine.

“Clarie,” Diana suddenly startled Clara by calling out her new nickname. “Do you like pinks, reds, or purples?”

“Well, if I had to pick… I really like purples.”

Once again, Diana hummed in agreement. She really enjoyed doing that, Clara figured. As Diana was picking out lipsticks, she gravitated towards purples and some dark magentas, mixing in some subtle pinks as well. Clara appreciated the option to pick.

Diana put down the lipsticks on the desk Clara sat at. And then she shocked Clara even more by embracing her in a soft, warm hug from behind, putting her face into Clara’s neck. She froze. What was Diana doing? Not that the hug didn’t feel nice, but it felt very uncharacteristic for someone who essentially bought her.

“You’re soft,” she commented. “Very warm.”

“Um… thank you.” Clara paused, blinked, and then added, “I mean, thank you, Your Highness.”

“Awwh, Jasmine already told you,” Diana pouted, pursing her lip. “I wanted to tell you…”

“Sorry, dear,” Jasmine commented. “I wanted her to treat you with the respect you deserve ASAP.”

Diana still pouted. “You’d smell better with… a fruity scent. I think I have something.”

She broke the embrace, leaving Clara frazzled and confused. And then the two Dommes went to keep picking out makeup, clothes, and now perfume for Clara. Of course, they left her in silence for the next 30 or so minutes.

* * *

Clara must have sworn she dozed off at some point, because she was brought to attention by Jasmine slamming her hand next to Clara’s face on the desk.

“Slave!” she called out, angrily.

“Ah—“ Clara jumped to attention.

“You shouldn’t be sleeping when we have plans with you! What kind of disrespect do you have in you?!”

“I’m—I’m sorry, Mistress, I didn’t…”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses,” she growled. “Just don’t do it again. Do you understand?”

Before Clara could respond, Diana interjected. “Now, now, dear. I’m sure she’s exhausted from moving. Be nice to her for now.”

“Diana… I… fine. I’m sorry I lost my temper.” It was clear to Clara, though, that Diana was more so apologizing to Diana rather than to Clara. “Consider this a warning. Next time it’ll have consequences,” Jasmine snapped to Clara.

“Now, are you ready to see your new wardrobe?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress.” Clara stood up and walked over to the cart Jasmine and Diana were showing. Clara realized she would probably be here the entire day, trying on clothes and makeup (or rather, being shown how to use makeup.)

She examined the clothes. As she in one way or another requested, the clothes were mostly in purples, however there were some pinks, reds, and even some blues thrown in. Moreover, the clothes looked like they costed hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per item. Of course, there was a selection of shoes as well, mostly with heels higher than Clara would have liked. It definitely made Clara feel insecure, as she was still wearing simply a sweater, jeans and sneakers since she got there.

Overall, Clara was amazed. All this was for her?

“Now then, let’s see what looks good in terms of basics. And obviously, we’ll have the final say,” Diana said as she began sorting through the clothes to pull some lighter clothes out. She started with a vintage pink dress with ribbons and lace.

Diana saw the look in Clara’s eyes. “Is something the matter, Clarie?” she asked, though Clara knew that there would be consequences for protesting.

“No, Your Highness, it’s just, uh… I’ve never worn clothes like this.”

“Really?” Diana asked. “Is it too late to start?”

“No! That’s not… what I meant. I just…”

“Plaything,” Jasmine interjected, glaring daggers at Clara. “You will wear what we tell you to wear. That was in your very legal agreement, was it not?”


“You agreed to those rules. I expect you to follow through on them. I don’t care if this isn’t your usual dress, it will be from now on. Your options are to get used to it, or get used to it. Do you understand?”

“I… yes, Mistress.”

“Now, apologize to Diana for scoffing in the face of her decisions.”

“I’m sorry… Your Highness.”

Diana couldn’t help but grin and curtsy at that. “Apology accepted, Clarie. Now, are you ready to try your clothes on?”

Clara gulped. She did sign a contract, after all. “Yes… I am.”

* * *

It must have been hours since Clara began trying on clothes. They went through almost every single outfit combination, and it was even more difficult when Diana and Jasmine couldn’t agree as to what looked best on her. (“No, the pink leggings go well with this dress, not the purple ones!” “This has too many sparkles, we need to tone it down.” “Just make her wear the bigger heel, it’ll look better in the long run.”) Clara was honestly puzzled by what sort of look they were going for — it seemed to be between “blonde ditz”, “pseudo-royalty”, and “expendable, slutty slave”. All in all, Clara wasn’t particularly fond of these looks; every time they changed her outfit, Clara just felt more and more uncomfortable, as if she wasn’t even standing in her own body anymore.

And of course, every time she dared to show her discomfort on her face, she was slapped by Jasmine (or once, Diana, so she could just see how it’d feel; it was clear she was the more gentle one, at least gentle in her own ways.)

Jasmine and Diana told her that they were planning to slowly burn all of Clara’s old clothes as time went on and she became more conditioned. Clara didn’t want to get slapped again so she reluctantly agreed, but inside something in her sank. The reality of the situation was sinking in.

Diana walked her through a makeup tutorial that must have taken over half an hour; all the while, she passive aggressively corrected Clara’s technique, and eventually just took over herself. At least Clara had some choice in terms of makeup, she figured.

Eventually, it was over, or at least Clara thought. Jasmine and Diana turned her around to the mirror, making Clara look at herself in her new ensemble. Clara barely recognized the person standing in the mirror — she couldn’t believe it was herself in the slightest.

“Do you like what you see?” Diana cooed, running a hand down Clara’s side, along the lines of the dress.

“I… um… I don’t…”

“You don’t?” Diana echoed, hurt. “But we spent so much time and effort into making you look gorgeous. What don’t you like?”

“Well, um. The clothes are really nice. Don’t get me wrong, I do like them. It just… isn’t what I’d usually wear.”

“Well, it is now,” Jasmine scoffed. “You’d better get used to that, too.”

“Okay,” Clara responded after a pause. “I… I like how I look.”

Jasmine and Diana could probably still tell the hesitation in her voice, and Clara knew by the way the two of them were pouting. But how could she lie? She was always bad at lying, being an inherently honest person.

“Sit back down in the chair,” Jasmine ordered.

“I… did I mess up?”

“Sit. Down.”

Clara took the hint, and sat back down in the chair. Diana and Jasmine walked to her after, Jasmine being in front of Clara and Diana being behind her.

“What’s going on?” Clara blinked.

“We’re going to make this easier for you,” Jasmine told her. She began rummaging through the makeup desk, going through the drawers and muttering “where is it, where is it…”

While she was doing so, Diana began playing with her hair, almost making braids for Clara despite her hair not being nearly long enough. Diana wasn’t particularly pulling at Clara’s hair, but she was tugging a little in some directions. Clara tried to keep her head still, not going with it; after all, she didn’t know what the hell the two were doing.

Finally, Jasmine pulled out of the desk what Clara recognized as an aromatherapeutic diffuser. She’d seen one of those before, in a therapist’s office, and she remembered how relaxing it was. Jasmine put it on the desk and plugged it into the outlet.

“I want you to just watch the diffuser,” she began to speak as she turned it on. Bright pink smoke emitted from the diffuser as the center of it lit up various shades of red and pink, slowly drifting between the two colors. Simply looking at it made Clara relax a bit.

“Sink into the color. Just keep your eyes on it and watch its smoke fill the room, fill your vision, fill your mind,” Jasmine continued speaking, her voice getting softer and more gentle, a kind of voice Clara didn’t expect from her. “It’s very soothing, just watching it glow, switch slowly between colors, fade from one to another…”

Clara was so enticed by the diffuser that she didn’t even notice Diana beginning to actually tug and pull on her head for real. She wasn’t being violent or forceful in the slightest, but as she continued to pull, Clara could feel herself being less and less able to resist her head moving around in Diana’s grasp. Somehow, the tug of it was gentle and warm, as if guiding her further into the mist emitting from the lit up machine.

Clara felt herself drifting. As she did, she heard Jasmine continue to speak. “It’s making you very, very tired. After all, you wouldn’t want to be in this world, would you? You’d just want to be in this world of pink mist, with only pink mist around you.”

And just like that, Clara began to drift into this world, a world of hot and light pink smog around her. It clouded her mind and judgement, and she felt her eyes growing heavy, feeling more relaxed by both the sight of the diffuser and her hair being pulled so gracefully.

“As you watch the mist and feel your eyes growing heavier, you find yourself descending into it. Feeling more and more sleepy, with your eyelids slowly closing, leaving the conscious world and going into your subconscious. Drifting, slowly and slowly away.”

Jasmine wasn’t wrong — Clara’s eyelids were closing slowly. She found herself not even being able to focus on the diffuser. She was drifting further away from the waking world.

Even more so when Jasmine and Diana spoke together, two very sweet words — “And drop.”

Clara sank. It was almost like she fell into the seat, her back slumping over and her head falling down. Diana let go of her hair to grab her shoulders and moved her back into an upright position, where she could still hear their soft words, speaking so kindly to her, making her more suggestible.

“Now that you’re in this deep place, you find yourself hearing only my words. And you know now that this is normal, this is how things should be; you are exactly where you need to be, and who you need to be. You are ours, and that is entirely natural.”

“This is normal. This is normal. This is normal.”

“And you know not only that this is normal, but you also know that you are our gorgeous princess. Princesses dress in pink, in dresses, with girly makeup and nice hair. You are a gorgeous, loving princess, are you not?”

Clara didn’t notice in the slightest, but she nodded. She was a princess.

“Good. Let that sink further into your mind, branding the words into your brain. And you drop again, even deeper…”

At some point, Clara completely blacked out. She heard Jasmine’s words, but she couldn’t make them out. All she could see was pink.

* * *

“Waking up on three…… two… one, wide awake and alert.”

Just like that, Clara came to, as if she had woken up from a very long and nice nap. Stretching her arms, she tried to readjust herself in the chair.

Only this time, she wasn’t in the chair. She was on the floor, seated, with Jasmine and Diana seated in front of her. Clara blinked. When did she get there?

The next things she noticed were that her hands felt wet and sticky. And… so did she, in her cunt against her underwear. She blushed immediately, not sure what happened and yet having a feeling.

“How do you feel?” Diana asked.

Clara took a moment to respond. She didn’t know.

“She asked you a question, plaything,” Jasmine urged.

“I… I feel okay. But why do I feel… uh…”

While Clara was trying to gather her thoughts, Jasmine took out her phone and opened her videos. Clara, for a bit, was curious what Jasmine was going to show her. Her face drained in horror when Jasmine played a video of Clara… touching herself, moaning louder and louder as her fingers moved faster. Her eyes were glazed over, hypnotized, in a trance as she kept fingering herself and making a mess.

She finished on the camera. Her Dommes caught all of it on camera.

“I… you… wh…”

“Is something the matter?” Jasmine asked, with the usual serious edge to her voice. “Are you trying to say we can’t record you whenever we want?”

Clara wanted to scream. That wasn’t in the contract, she thought! It said nothing about recording her masturbating! Her fists clenched and she could feel her face tensing up. She was angry.

“No,” she responded anyways. “I’m not… saying that.”

“No, what?”

“…No, Mistress.”

“Good. Then you can trust we’ll take good care of this video, and not share it… to too many people,” she snickered. This time, Clara’s face rushed with blood in a hot blush.

“Trust me, princess, we’ll have a lot more fun with you as a dainty lady rather than a tomboyish mess. Now let’s move these clothes to your closet, shall we?”

Clara nodded. She couldn’t even bring herself to talk anymore.

“As long as you do what you’re told, things aren’t so bad,” she recalled Kae telling her. Maybe they were right, after all.

* * *