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How To Pay Your College Loans

Chapter 4: Getting Wasted and Smashing Something

* * *

Clara finds Diana in need of comfort, and spends time coddling her. The night goes on and develops the relationship between the two, who find out they have more in common than they knew.

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. This story contains unrealistic depictions of non-consensual sex and hypnosis. In real life, these things are highly immoral and illegal and I do not condone them. All characters are above the age of 18.

* * *

It seemed that every night at this point started and ended with Clara tossing and turning in a futile attempt to fall into a deep sleep. Things had calmed down in the mansion over the past few days — as in, Diana and Jasmine were probably too busy with the other girls to notice Clara. The two of them did have some fun with Clara’s new pink hypnotic trigger every now and then, and each time it left Clara feeling more and more blank in the head.

She couldn’t lie and say she wasn’t sick of it. She was proud of her smarts, damn it! Why was that the thing they had to take away? Clara wasn’t completely far gone, yet, that was for sure; though that being said, she knew it would come soon enough that they’d take away the last bit of her intelligence.

Well, at the very least... she didn’t have to worry about rent. Or bills. Or her student loans, thank god.

Clara resolved to try to get some sleep. She hadn’t gotten much over the past few weeks. Maybe her mind just needed to catch up...

Maybe if she tried her trigger... to be thoughtless... Maybe that would work?

Clara took a deep inhale, and on the exhale, began speaking to herself. “Pink, pink—“

Just as she was about to say the third pink and drop herself, she stopped. Both because she was uncertain about the possibility of becoming addicted to trance, the feeling of needing to be mindless; and because she heard light sobbing in the hallway.

Clara knew that she should only be caring about herself, in this situation. Her end goal was to get through life finance-issue-free, despite being turned into a ditzy princess in the process. But a part of her heart broke for whoever was crying. If it was another one of the girls, maybe Clara could sympathize with them.

Alright, that was that. Clara still had it in her to care. She stood up, put on the pink slippers begrudgingly, and walked outside.

She’d fully expected to meet another one of the girls; instead, she saw Diana, curled up into a ball in the corner. Clara looked closely and saw Diana’s red eyes, and her mascara-stained puffy face.

Diana didn’t seem to notice her. A pang of pity rang in Clara’s heart, despite the things that Diana had done to her. Doing some internal pros and cons in her head, Clara debated whether she should comfort Diana. Should she? Or should she just leave her buyer be?

As Clara was about to go back to her room and try to go to sleep, Diana spoke up from her curled up ball.

“Go ahead, laugh,” she choked out.

Clara wasn’t expecting to have been seen. How long ago did Diana notice her staring? And how much of a fool did Clara look like?

“I wasn’t going to laugh,” Clara defended herself. “I was just... wondering if I should say anything.”

“Yeah, well if you’re gonna mock me, by all means.”

“No, I— I wasn’t going to. I was... I was going to ask if you were okay.”

Diana scoffed. Clara braced herself to be degraded and told something like ‘does it look like I’m okay, genius?’ But Clara was pleasantly surprised when Diana commented, “that’s really nice of you,” without a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Uh... sure.” Clara was still not sure what to say to this. “Can I... ask what’s wrong?”

Diana sniffled, making eye contact with Clara. “Jasmine hasn’t come home yet.”

“So... you’re lonely?”

“Well, yes... but also she usually texts me when she is going to get home late. And I miss her. And I think she’s mad at me because we... we got... into a fight.” Diana seemed to hesitate to speak at first, but then the words and tears started pouring out. “I’m scared she’ll leave me. I don’t want her to leave me.”

“Well, uh, I don’t know her too well but... I don’t think she’s going to leave you. She may have just gotten caught up at work,” Clara suggested. Reassurances didn’t seem to be working though — she had to try something else, at the very least to stop Diana from sobbing so much. “Well, uh... do you need anything?”

“...I need Jasmine.”

“Um... aside from that?”

“...a hug.”

A hug? That was what she wanted? Clara didn’t know if she wanted to give it to Diana. But maybe that would be enough to stop her from crying so much. Clara mostly cared about going back to sleep, yet her heart still felt sorrow for Diana. Maybe just this one time...

Clara went over to the other end of the hall where Diana sat, and took a seat next to her. Wrapping her arms around Diana, Clara leaned into her captor and pulled her into an embrace. Diana’s skin was silky, soft, warm, and cozy; and yet, she was on the skinnier side, so the hug wasn’t super plush. Thankfully, Clara’s own cuddliness made up for that.

Diana choked out for a bit, and then calmed down as she relaxed into the hug. She stroked Clara’s hair as she inhaled deeply and exhaled.

Her sweet, rosy perfume was quite nice, as well. Clara only had a moment to take in the scent before Diana pushed away, loosening out of the ball she was curled up into.

“Thanks, Clarie,” she said with a soft, small smile. “You’re very nice... nicer than the other girls.”

Clara blinked. What was that supposed to mean? Was Diana just saying that to be nice, or did she genuinely prefer Clara over the others? Jasmine seemed to be leaning towards the same... what was she doing?

“Why... do you say that?”

“Hm? Oh. You’re very easygoing. Most of the other girls resisted for weeks... but you’re sinking into your new role very effortlessly.” Clara felt a hint of anger rising within her, but she immediately quelled it. Why did hearing that feel so wrong to her? Diana continued, regardless, and Clara liked what she said next much, much better. “Not to mention you’re soft... warm. You’re nice. I like nice people.”

“Ah... well, thank you. Nice people are... nice.” Clara almost felt like she was talking to a child, but at least she was cute like this. It was nice to see Diana not acting like the spoiled brat she always embodied.

Diana paused for a moment. “Can we spend some time together? I want to be next to you.”

“Huh? It’s really late. What’s there to do?”

“You can decide,” Diana urged. “You’re the smart one.”

You’re the smart one, Clara bitterly thought to herself. “Uh... well, when I couldn’t sleep, I used to go to the trashiest bar I could find. I’d get wasted and smash something when I got home. But that doesn’t seem to be your style—“

“Let’s do it.”

“Wait... you’re being serious? You want to get drunk and break something?”

“Yes,” Diana stood up. “Get your normal clothes on. I’ll meet you by the door.”


Diana was about to leave, before she stopped in her tracks. “Are you disobeying an order?” Her voice changed back to her usual demanding, bratty tone.

“Um... no. I’ll get dressed... your Highness.”

Diana curtsied and headed downstairs. Clara couldn’t believe it. She never thought of the day she would see Diana get smashed on alcohol. In fact, she didn’t even think Diana had that in her.

Going back to her room, Clara looked at her options for outfits. Considering the clothes Diana and Jasmine gifted her, she certainly had a lot of options for a night of trashy bars and drinking. She was going to look so, so cheap.

* * *

Clara walked downstairs, looking at a mirror she passed. The pink sequins on her tight fitting dress shimmered in the dim light, and the glass flats shined as well. She even had it in her to do a bit of makeup; not a lot, but a little.

She was beginning to like the pinks and reds she’d always wear. That probably had something to do with the hypnosis.

Sure enough, Diana was standing at the door, already all dressed herself. Clara caught up with her, and Diana looked just about ready to head out.

“I don’t think I want to go to a trashy bar,” she started, not surprising Clara in the slightest. “But I do know of a good place with amazing, exquisite cocktails.”

“Sounds good,” Clara smiled, ignoring the awkwardness of the situation. “Let’s go there, then.”

In the short time Clara had gotten dressed, Diana had already called a cab; and a very nice one at that. The two got in and drove off into the city.

* * *

There was a certain nook of the city that Clara had never been to. And Clara had never been there because it was so high end and expensive; in fact, at one of the stores she briefly browsed through, a pair of socks costed $150. (She immediately left after seeing the price tag.)

Diana seemed to know the city well, at least this end of it. After getting out of the car, Diana seemed to keep getting distracted by every single store, vowing to buy the fanciest dresses. Some, she commented, would look good on Clara. Clara couldn’t even begin to imagine the price tags on some of the clothes.

Eventually, 30 minutes or so of window shopping later, the two made it to the bar. It was definitely much more upscale than anything Clara had ever been to in her drinking days so far. Before she had a moment to look at the menu, Diana ushered them inside.

The interior was furnished with carved shiny wood and marble, with lots of fancy furniture and decorations. Clara looked to the massive grandfather clock to the side. She couldn’t believe it was already 11:30pm. Surely they wouldn’t be there for too long. Diana had it in her to get back at a semi-reasonable hour... right?

The two walked over to the bar and sat down. A fair amount of other people sat there as well, but they seemed too engaged in their own conversations to notice the two members of royalty (and Clara’s trashy outfit, which led her to feel immensely underdressed.)

The bartender — who looked more like one of the butlers Clara saw at the mansion — brought over a drink menu to them. Clara choked looking at some of the prices. $20 for a single cocktail!

“Have whatever you want,” Diana said. “You’re keeping me company, so you deserve it.”

“Thanks... that’s really kind of you. You’re not worried about finances?”

Diana didn’t respond to that with words, and just gave a confused look at Clara. It was almost as if she was insulting her intelligence just from her furrowed eyebrows, and Clara vowed not to say anything more on the matter.

“Bartender,” Diana called over. “A raspberry-strawberry martini, for me.”

“I’ll have a vodka shot.” Clara ordered. Diana turned Clara to her, holding up two fingers. “Uh... two? I’ll have two?”

Diana nodded. As did the bartender, who walked away silently.

“I want us both to get trashed,” Diana said intensely. “You won’t do that with one shot.”

The bartender came back, both shots and the martini in hands. He placed them down on the table in front of the two — the vodka was clear as day, and the shot glasses were rather tall.

“Cheers,” Diana offered, and the two clinked glasses. Clara downed the first shot instantly — she wasn’t unfamiliar to the strong taste of vodka, but this vodka was particularly strong. The alcohol content must have been through the roof.

And then she had the second shot, already feeling the effects of it on her body. Clara turned to Diana, who was already halfway done with her drink — and seemingly like much more of a lightweight than Clara.

“You like it?” Clara asked.

“Oh yes,” Diana grinned with her speech slightly slurred. “I see we have different tastes in alcohol. I much, much prefer fruity drinks.”

“Yeah, well... that’s pretty fruity.”

“It is. So you know what?” Diana slammed the glass against the table to get the bartender’s attention. “Two more!” She ordered.

The bartender nodded, and Diana turned to a bewildered Clara. “One for you, one for me. That should get us nice and wasted. Shouldn’t it, princess?”

“Uh... yes, your Highness,” Clara gave a nervous smile. “But, aren’t you worried you’d get sick?”

“Probably! Dunno who’d care though,” Diana signed with a hint of irritation in her voice. Clara knew better than to press her — she wanted to add something about Jasmine probably caring, but she knew Diana would probably retaliate to that tonight.

The bartender brought over the drinks, once again. Diana picked hers up and handed the other to Clara. “On three, we chug. Got it?”

“Uh, are you sure that—“

“One, two, three, chug!”

Clara wasn’t left with much of an option other than to do as told. If anything, Diana was becoming as trashy of a party girl as Clara was being.

Fruity drinks did not sit well with Clara. Not only was the alcohol content high as heaven, she nearly gagged at chugging the whole thing down — almost like drinking fruit syrup en masse.

She must have looked nauseated. Clara realized this when Diana looked at her and commented. “Maybe that was too much... ugh, sorry. Let’s cool down somewhere.”

“Let’s... let’s.” Clara just wanted to get out of the way so she wouldn’t vomit in public.

The two scoured across the bar, looking for a good place to sit down and relax. It was a large place, after all; there must have been something. Sure enough, Diana came across a hallway with some private rooms. A bouncer kept them out, as if to ask for payment, until Diana unloaded a giant wad of 20s into his hand. He stepped aside, and Diana and Clara crawled into the first available room.

It was comfortable. There were two off-white couches with a nice table (the two of course only took one couch), ambient soft color-changing light, and a nice flat screen TV to match. Surely they’d have some privacy here, especially considering Diana locked the door.

“Clarie, what time is it?” Diana asked, scooching in closer to Clara.

Clara eyed her watch; between all the drinks she had, she could barely see straight. “It’s almost midnight, your Highness.”

“God,” Diana checked her phone. “Still nothing from Jasmine.”

Clara didn’t say anything; she simply eyed Diana sympathetically.

“At least you’re here,” she said as she cuddled the thicker woman. “You’re so soft and warm... Jasmine’s skin gets so dry. And so cold, sometimes. But you’re always warm. Like a nice blanket and pillow.”

“I... thank you?”

“And so pink.” Clara knew what was coming, but Diana made Clara hold her breath and wait as she leaned in to make out with her. Clara could clearly smell the alcohol on Diana’s breath, but she was probably no better.

The royal queen was ruthless, getting her tongue in Clara’s mouth as quickly and roughly as possible. Regardless, she noticed Clara’s hesitation.

“What’s wrong, plaything?” Diana asked, a sudden flirtatiousness to her voice.

“Are... are you sure we should...? I mean, we’re both drunk, and it’s in public, and—“

“Shhhhh,” Diana urged, and then followed up with a string of sweet words: “Pink, pink, pink.”

In an instant, the pink fog came rushing back into Clara’s mind. In an instant, Clara was mindless, thoughtless, hypnotized. Not to mention, extremely horny just at hearing those words and just at feeling so, so blank.

Diana made out with Clara again. This time, Clara was needier; she needed this, even if she didn’t think so. Moans escaped Clara’s mouth into Diana’s, and Clara could feel a growing wetness in her crotch.

Mindless. Horny. Obedient. That was all she needed to be.

Diana broke the kiss and grinned at Clara. “You like this. Not only do you like being a brainless, ditzy princess, you like being used like a toy. As my toy. My plaything. My property. I like having you too. But you get some sick pleasure in being treated like a piece of meat, don’t you?”

Clara couldn’t respond with anything but a desperate moan and clutching her legs together.

“You know this. You love being used. Say it to me, over and over.”

“I love being used. I love being used. I love being used. I love being used. I love being used.”

As Clara repeated the new mantra naturally, Diana pushed her down onto the couch and began undressing the soft, ditzy girl. She ran her hands under the sequin dress, toying with Clara’s chest greedily as Clara kept telling Diana how much she loved being used.

“And every time you feel used, you get just a little hornier. Being property is pleasure. Being my property is pleasure. Isn’t it?”

Clara kept mindlessly repeating the mantra between moans from having her tits groped.

“Every time I say to you, ‘my precious plaything’, you’re going to fall into this state of needing to be used. Of being horny from being my property. My plaything. My precious plaything. My precious plaything. Do you like that, my precious plaything?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Clara repeated, her back arching as she moaned. “I love being used! I love being used!”

Diana chuckled. “And I love being your queen.” With that, she pulled down Clara’s panties to reveal her soaked crotch, and her own undergarments to reveal her rock-hard dick, already leaking with precum.

The queen positioned herself in front of Clara’s cunt and entered her, not needing any lubrication or preparation because of how wet Clara was. With a soft, drawn out moan, she got deep into Clara and began thrusting into the mindless plaything.

“Pink. Pink. Pink. Pink. Pink. Pink.” As Diana repeated the word, Clara groaned and became hornier, closer to the edge, less and less thoughts or feelings. She felt one thing, and one thing only — owned. And for some reason, that was a warm feeling for her.

Clara could feel the heat rising in her, and her entire body shaking, just as the pink mist filled not just her mind but her entire body. As Diana repeated the word, she could almost feel her skin turning pink. Pink. Mindless. Horny. Obedient. Pink, pink, pink.

It was too much. Clara was quickly becoming a trance slut, a princess slut, not to mention a sex-crazed slut. Every time Diana fucked her harder, she felt more and more amazing. Just as Diana fucked her cunt, it was almost like she was fucking Clara’s mind too.

“Unf, ahh, ahhhh—“ Diana seemed to quite enjoy the feeling of owning slaves, let alone owning a princess slave quite like Clara. She came, dumping her load into Clara’s crotch, deep in her pussy. It was warm and smooth, and almost made Clara’s mind even more pink.

After a moment of twitching and leaking the last of her cum out, Diana pulled out to leave a trail of cum from Clara. Clara wasn’t done, she needed more.

And Diana knew this.

Diana leaned into Clara’s face, smiling at her. “My precious plaything. My precious plaything. My precious plaything.”

Nothing was happening to Clara — she wasn’t being touched or anything, but she felt herself getting close to the edge just at hearing those words.

“Do you want to obey me? Forever and ever?” Diana asked.

Clara nodded.

“Good. Cum.”

And that is exactly what Clara did. Despite having no hands or dick on her cunt, she had an intense, frighteningly loud and long orgasm. It was as if the pink mist in her turned hot pink, pinker, the mist making her feel so, so good and warm. Her body shook as she leaked out the cum from her, squirting some out with her juices. So mindless. So thoughtless. What better way to have a climax?

Clara finished, her body shivering and calming down. Diana left Clara in a mindless state and redressed the two of them.

She kissed her one more time.

“Did you know you’re my favorite?” Diana asked.

Clara groaned out confusedly.

“It’s okay,” Diana giggled. “You don’t have to understand.”

Still keeping Clara in a trance, Diana pulled the intelligence-drained princess out of the room and back towards the entrance to the bar. She dropped another wad of 20s into the bouncer’s hand and murmured, “for the cleaning fee.”

* * *

When Clara came to, she found herself with Diana at the front of the mansion. How much time had she lost, she wondered. What had happened? The memories began rushing back to her, though she could never quite get used to the embarrassment she’d feel from being used in public.

Being used... it was a horrible thing. But why did it feel so good?

“How are you?” Diana asked.

“Uh... I’m good,” Clara responded with hesitation. “Are you... feeling better?” She thought it would be unwise to ask about what happened.

Diana giggled again. “Much. Thank you, Clarie.”

“Um... you’re welcome, your Highness.”

The two of them walked in, expecting to silently slip back in. Instead, they were greeted by the worst possible sight: a very displeased and irate Jasmine.

“Where were you?!” Jasmine immediately demanded, and her tone of voice sent shivers down Clara’s spine.

“Where was I? Where were you?” Diana spat back. “You never work late without telling me! I was... I was worried you were annoyed with me!”

“You know I have more work to do than you,” Jasmine quipped back. “You should expect me to work late some days!”

“Yeah, well you should expect me to let loose sometimes!”

“You...” Jasmine growled and turned her attention to a very frightened and nervous Clara. “What did you two do? Tell me! Tell me or I’m going to—“

“No! Wait!” Diana interjected, much to Clara’s surprise and relief. “She... she kept me company. She made me happy.”

Jasmine opened her mouth to respond, her eyes still glaring at Clara. Her glare was stone cold, and Clara felt frozen just being stared at with those eyes.

“I’m sorry, Jasmine... I was lonely. And... I wanted to be with someone. I’m... I’m sorry I worried you.”

There was a long silence between the two of them. The fury seemed to leak off of Jasmine’s face and be replaced with concern and sorrow. “It’s okay, dear. I just... like getting home to you. Especially after such a rough day.”

Diana said no more, and just drunkenly collapsed into Jasmine’s arms. Jasmine wrapped her arms around her queen and began stroking her hair.

Clara stood awkwardly until Jasmine turned her attention to her. “Go to sleep,” she ordered.

“Yes... I will.”

As Clara ascended up the stairs, Jasmine thought to add: “thank you for helping her.”

* * *