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How To Pay Your College Loans

Chapter 7: Forgotten History

* * *

Anne’s plans to reverse Clara’s conditioning are thwarted when they get an unfortunate call from Jasmine — Clara’s Mistress and Anne’s apparent ex.

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of ownership, hypnosis, or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and ownership of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

* * *

Clara wasn’t sure where the heck Anne was taking her, but it sure was pretty far away. Clara, being the ditz she was, continued trying to converse with Anne. It was nice to catch up with her old teacher. At least, she thought it was catching up — Anne would give her three-word answers at most. About thirty minutes into the trip, Anne dropped Clara into trance just to not deal with her. For a while, they drove in complete, blissful silence, at least until Clara came to and started talking again.

Of course, it wasn’t obvious to Clara that Anne was still trying to process the mess Clara was in. Clara wasn’t smart enough to gather that.

Clara eventually resigned herself to looking out the window, looking at all the trees and foliage they drove by. She wondered what season it was. Since joining Jasmine and Diana’s harem, she had essentially lost track of the days, weeks, and months that had passed. It didn’t seem worth it to count. After all, it wasn’t like she was going anywhere any time soon.

At least, that’s what she thought. Anne eventually pulled into a different parking lot, about an hour away from the harem mansion. It was much less populated — in fact, Clara couldn’t see a single person around other than herself and Anne. Clara looked at her watch and frowned. Crud. She was supposed to be back in twenty minutes. There was no way she’d get home by then. And… she sure as hell didn’t want to get punished by Jasmine again. Clara didn’t know if she could mentally survive another punishment.

Whatever worries Clara was having, they drifted away from her head in an instant, as Anne dragged Clara’s attention back to her with a heavy, long, exhausted exhale.

“Ooh, what are we going to do now?” Clara eagerly asked, completely forgetting her impending punishment. “This place is so cute! It’s like, so… cute…”

Clara was obviously trying to find another word, but couldn’t think of any other word than ‘cute’ or ‘pink’. And it certainly was not pink; at least she knew that much.

“God, I don’t fucking know,” Anne exhaled heavily again. “But I have an idea. I’m going to snap you out of this.”

“Will it be fun?”

Anne paused for a moment, a bitter smile crawling across her face. “It’ll be fun, sure.”

“Yay! Oooh, snapping makes it easier to go all trancey,” Clara grinned.

“No! Ugh, no, you dumb idiot — I’m going to get you out of this whole pink cute princess mode.”

“What?” Clara pouted at Anne. “But I like being a princess.”

“Yeah, that’s because Jasmine conditioned you to! You’re better than this, Clara.”

“What do you mean? What’s better than being a princess?”

“Just… just be quiet for a minute.” Anne inhaled, grabbing Clara’s chin and turning her face to look into Anne’s eyes. “Okay. I’ve never hypnotized anyone before, but — but I can sure try now.”

“Nooooo,” Clara moaned out in desperation. “I want to be a princess. I don’t want to go back to, like, having to think and stuff. Thinking is hard. Now I can just sit and look pretty and service people.”

Those were the longest sentences Clara had formed in a long time, though she didn’t notice.

Anne completely ignored her pathetic pleading. “Look into my eyes,” Anne spoke with a hushed tone. Already, against her wishes, Clara was slipping into trance just by looking into the depth of Anne’s eyes. “Pink, pink, pink.”

And then Clara slipped away, closing her eyes. She sighed, slumping backwards into the soft plush car chair. She sank back into the pink mist she knew so well — though it obviously didn’t feel as safe or lovely as her trances with her Mistresses had been.

“Imagine yourself in… a vast, open field. Some sort of grassy hill, with the sun shining, reflecting off your skin. The air feels clean, and you can feel yourself take a refreshing inhale.” Clara inhaled, breathing peacefully as Anne spoke the induction softly. “Around the field, you can see and hear a wealth of biodiversity. You can hear the birds singing as they fly above you, see squirrels race around each other… and you can see plants. The hill is filled with gorgeous flowers — your intelligent thoughts — and… weeds. The weeds that Jasmine planted there. They suffocate the plants… taking away their air…”

Clara giggled a bit. That was such a gorgeous mental image. She could see the plants and sky and animals around her clearly, even if she didn’t quite understand.

“Now, I want you to go up to the weeds, and I want you to start pulling at them. All those triggers and intelligence drains that Jasmine gave you… just pull one out of the ground for now, so the flowers around it can grow again.”

Clara, in her mind, kneeled down to the plants. So pretty… she reached for one of the tall, unnaturally green weeds, and tugged at it.

She pulled, and as soon as she was about to pull it out…

“Ah!” Clara’s eyes shot open and she screamed out. Suddenly, she felt some giant shock rampaging through her body — not a painful sensation, but certainly a very uncomfortable one. She straightened out her body, looking around in fear. The sensation faded quickly, but it was enough to drag Clara out of her trance.

Anne kept staring at Clara. “Let’s try again. Pink, pink, pink.”

Clara blinked. She felt nothing. The shock, while gone, still left the hairs on her skin standing up. Her consciousness was trapped in reality. Why, though? And for how long?

Anne groaned. “Of course. Of course Jasmine would think of this, and put in safety measures. So smart, huh?”

“Me?” Clara asked innocently, turning to Anne.

“No.” Anne responded tersely. “Not you.”

Clara was about to respond, to say something else stupid, when she felt the phone in her pocket vibrate. She pulled it out and saw Jasmine calling her — what a pleasant surprise!

“Oh, that’s her!” she said excitedly.


“Yeah. Oh, let me introduce you two!”

“I already know her, remember?” Anne groaned, knowing that Clara wouldn’t register that.

Clara picked up the phone and put it on speaker. Her face instantly dissolved into fear when Jasmine’s voice piped up, much angrier than Clara anticipated.

“Hello, princess,” Jasmine started, her voice dripping with venom.

“Hi, Mistress,” Clara responded with a shaky voice.

“I have a quick question. Are you out of your damn mind?!” Jasmine’s voice rose to a roar, her fury peaking the microphone. Clara instinctively pushed the phone away to give her ears a bit of reprieve. “I told you to be back at a certain time. It’s 30 minutes after that time, and you’re still not here. You’re really testing my patience, plaything, to be stretching my trust with this little stunt.”

Clara whimpered back. “I’m so sorry, Mistress…”

“I don’t care,” Jasmine quipped back. “Where even are you?”

“I…” Clara blinked. She realized she had no idea — Anne never told her. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? You don’t know? I knew you were an idiot, Clara, but for god’s sake, I didn’t think you were dumb enough to get lost.”

Anne groaned out, slumping back in the driver’s seat. Jasmine mistook her sigh of distaste for Clara’s. “Excuse me, did you — did you just sigh at me?!”

“N-no, Mistress! That’s the person I’m with!”

Jasmine paused and took a second to process. When she responded, it seemed that some of her anger was seeping away. “You’re… who are you even with?”

“Me, Jasmine.” Anne sighed with exhaustion again.

The silence in the car was absolutely suffocating. Despite her limited intelligence, Clara could definitely sense the discomfort between Jasmine and Anne. She suddenly remembered — they knew each other, right? Anne hadn’t really explained how they knew each other, though.

“Anne,” Jasmine spoke. “Why are you here? What — what are you doing with Clara?”

“Well, I just ran into her at the store, not being able to count past the double digits. She used to be a straight-A student of mine, so I knew something was off. Did a bit of poking around. I had to be sure it was you. Lo and behold — it was the same type of trigger you always used.”

Jasmine waited in silence. She must have felt like a deer caught in headlights. But Clara had to still wonder — why did Anne’s opinions hold so much weight? Why did it matter to Jasmine, of all people?

Jasmine inhaled to gather her thoughts. “What I’m doing isn’t unethical. Everyone in my mansion signed a contract.”

“Just because they signed a contract doesn’t make it ethical. Or legal.” Anne wished that she could somehow punch Jasmine through the phone. “Well, think about it like this. Clara couldn’t pay off her college loans. For want of under a hundred thousand dollars, she became your eternal sex slave. Please, for the love of god, tell me you see the problem with that.”

“There is no problem, Anne. Mind your own—“

“There is no problem?! Fuck, Jasmine, you took advantage of her! You take advantage of innocent college grads who just don’t want to be crushed with debt. You find people in these tough situations and use them for your own benefit. You’re a fucking pathetic, disgusting person, Jasmine.”

Clara could almost hear Jasmine wince in pain. She wanted to intervene in their fight, especially after Anne threw such cruel words at Jasmine, but she absolutely did not want to get caught in the crossfire. She knew that if she did, she’d get the worst of both their rampages.

“Please, just bring Clara back,” Jasmine pleaded, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Gladly,” Anne scoffed. “Can’t decondition her anyways. Guess you’re too smart for a post-grad science professor with multiple advanced degrees.”

Jasmine didn’t respond to that. Neither did Clara — in fact, Jasmine seemed to completely forget Clara was there. ‘Ouch, that stings…’

“Same place?” Anne asked, starting up her car again.


“Figures.” Anne hung up the phone and began to drive off, not even giving Clara a chance to respond to her Mistress.

The car ride back was completely silent. The only thing Clara could hear was the car’s engine and Anne’s occasional deep, exasperated sighs.

* * *

Eventually, Anne found her way back to the mansion. Clara wasn’t sure how Anne knew where it was. Then again, it seemed like Anne and Jasmine had some bad history. Maybe Anne had been there at one point.

At any rate, it was fairly hard to miss. While it was a bit out of the city, it wasn’t hard to see which massive, gorgeous mansion belonged to Jasmine. It was the only one, after all.

As Anne slowed her car down the road to leave Clara by the door, Jasmine came into view. She didn’t look happy. Clara was relieved to see that Jasmine didn’t look angry at her anymore; Jasmine was smart enough to know everything that happened was in no way Clara’s fault. But she did seem on edge. Jasmine’s foot tapped impatiently, and her lips were pursed. Was she… anxious?

Clara got out of the car immediately and ran over to Jasmine. To Clara’s relief, Jasmine pulled Clara’s head into her chest and played with her hair affectionately. It seemed like Clara wasn’t going to get screamed at or punished after all Clara almost fell asleep just from Jasmine’s touch, having exhausted herself from the day.

Anne walked out of the car next, approaching the pensive Jasmine. As Anne walked up, Jasmine clutched Clara’s hair possessively.

“How many?” Anne demanded.

Jasmine blinked. “How many…”

“How many girls, now? How many girls have you lured into your scheme?”

“There’s no ‘scheme’. Every member of my household joined of their own free will.”

“Just answer the damn question.”

“Some have left for various reasons. I currently have six.”

“Uh-huh. How many have you had since you started? In total.”


Anne scoffed, crossing her arms. She was obviously still pissed. Clara never knew how scared Jasmine could get when someone screamed at her like that — especially after she saw how good Jasmine was at taming a brat like Lisa.

“You still wonder why I broke up with you,” Anne spoke. “The worst part is, I was hopeful. A part of me hoped that me dumping your sorry ass would get you to see the kind of cruel, manipulative person you were becoming. I feel like such an idiot, thinking someone like you could ever change.”

Jasmine looked hurt. And yet, she didn’t fail to maintain eye contact with Anne.

“You…” Clara broke the tension, causing their heads to whip towards her. “You two… dated?”

“Regrettably, yes,” Anne said bitterly. “And I am sorry, Jasmine, that I couldn’t help you be a good person. I deeply, deeply regret it.”

Clara looked down, frowning. She didn’t like her former professor being so furious. She didn’t like Jasmine getting bashed on so much. But she had to take her Mistress’s side. “Please… please don’t say things like that to her…”

Jasmine flinched, her eyes furrowing. Shockingly, she still wasn’t mad at Clara — in fact, she seemed appreciative that Clara came to her defense. Jasmine’s hand moved across Clara’s scalp, scrunching up her hair and playing with it mindlessly. Clara began to wonder if she’d make a good human stress ball.

Anne glared daggers at Clara. Clara wasn’t too hurt by it; she loved the feeling of being treated like a malleable object for her Mistress to take her stress out on, and that overrode any feelings of guilt or fear that Anne was trying to instill. “You shut up, you dumb idiot,” she scolded. “This is between me and Jasmine.”

“You know, Anne, I’ve noticed something.” Jasmine tried to keep her voice leveled, but couldn’t help smirking. “You tell me that I don’t care about these girls, that I get off on laughing at them and controlling them. That last part is certainly true. But you seem to be no different than me.”

“What?” Anne hissed.

“Well, you just called Clara here a dumb idiot, and told her to shut up. You seem to have had a bit of… how do I say, fun, kidnapping and playing with her. How is that any different from what I’m doing?”

“Shut the fuck up,” Anne growled. “I’m nothing like you.”

“I know you’re upset,” Jasmine started.

“Oh yeah? Really? How can you tell?” The sarcasm dripped off of Anne’s voice.

“But I’ve made my decision. This is the life I’m leading, with the woman I love more than anything in the world. Whether or not you agree with — or like it — is your business alone. You’ve said your piece to me years ago. Repeating it or insulting me won’t sway me.”

Anne scoffed. “This is a bad decision. I’m right, and I think deep down you know that.”

“We haven’t dated for years, Anne,” Jasmine calmly responded, dissociating herself from the hurt she was feeling. “Your feelings towards this matter don’t hold any weight to me anymore.”

Anne huffed again, crossing her arms tightly. “Yeah. The only person that truly matters to you is that bitch who blatantly corrupted you, huh?”

Jasmine’s demeanor changed in an instant, like a sudden typhoon had hit her out of the blue. Suddenly, her light playfulness with Clara’s hair turned into hard clenches that pulled on her scalp roughly, making her whimper and cry out.

“You need to watch yourself,” Jasmine growled back. She had managed to mostly calm throughout Anne’s surprise visit, but hearing Anne attack Diana like this face was too infuriating for her to tolerate. “I’d advise you to think twice before you badmouth my beloved wife in front of me.”

“Yeah? What are you gonna do?” Anne challenged. “You gonna hypnotize me into being your mindless sex doll, too?”

“That’s enough, Anne.”

“You’re such a joke, you know that, Jasmine? You go around pretending to be this mean, rich, cruel businesswoman, but in reality, you’re just too scared of being alone. You treat people like they’re expendable toys, because you’re alone and miserable and you have no real friends.”

“That’s. Enough.”

“What? Did that strike a nerve? It’s true, though. Even when we dated, you were completely dependent on me. You refused to go to any parties or anything. How do you not see the way you see people as playthings? Not just these girls, but everyone? Your subordinates at work? Your mentors? Even Diana?”

“I said, that’s ENOUGH!”

The way Jasmine shouted was unlike any scolding Clara had gotten from her. It felt like the fury in her voice stilled the world. At least, it stilled Clara’s world. Oddly enough, in this light, Jasmine wasn’t nearly as scary to Clara. The anger in her voice was driven by pain and hurt, rather than dominance or control. Clara wanted to hold onto her Mistress, but… she didn’t want to prolong her pain.

But she had to do something. Her former professor and her Mistress were both clearly still in pain, suffering from anger they had been holding onto for years. Surely, Clara could clear the tension in the air somehow…

“Um… maybe we should go inside?” Clara meekly suggested, wincing as the other eyes turned to her quickly.

“I mean, like, it’s pretty cold outside today, and… if you two keep shouting, people might hear. And… it might alarm people… and… y’know…”

They waited for Clara to finish her sentence. Clara, despite not being all that smart, knew they were in shock that she would speak up. She was at least still emotionally intelligent.

“Maybe make a tr… a truce?”

“A… truce?” Anne blinked, in complete disbelief that Clara would suggest such a thing. “Why would we make a truce? You can clearly see that we hate each other!”

“Well, you uh… you don’t have to like, agree, y’know? You can just like, put it, like… to the side. And talk about it later. Or — you don’t have to talk about it again, y’know? I dunno.” Clara shrunk a little, admitting what she was truly thinking. “I just don’t like fighting all that much. Especially not… with people I care about…”

Clara’s voice was barely above a whisper at that point. Part of her knew that saying all of this might only make the two of them get even madder, but at Clara instead.

Surprisingly, though, the two’s faces and bodies began to relax. Both took a long, drawn out exhale, their stress and frustration slowly dissipating.

“Fine,” Anne resolved. “A truce. Let’s go inside.”

Jasmine smirked — partially from bitterness, and yet also in satisfaction that she didn’t have to deal with Anne’s wrath anymore. “Inviting yourself inside without permission… such an Anne thing to do.”

Regardless, Jasmine led Anne into the mansion, still holding Clara close to her. As they walked inside, she whispered into Clara’s ear. “For a ditzy, dumb princess, you say some shockingly intelligent things.”

* * *

Jasmine’s mansion had nearly every possible room one could think of. Much to Clara’s bewilderment, the room Jasmine used for Clara’s ‘interview’ was usually used as a tea room, a place they could unload and relax.

As soon as they got inside, Jasmine ordered Clara to boil some water for tea (“It’s an electric kettle, so even you should be able to figure it out”). Clara set the water to boil at just the right temperature, grabbing a tray with a myriad of loose leaf teas to set beside the tea cups. The cups Clara had chosen were cream-colored with pink and green accents in floral designs. They must have been imported from other countries, and she couldn’t even begin to guess how much they cost.

Clara was about to step back inside the room, tenderly holding the tray of teas and vintage cups. She heard Anne and Jasmine’s distant voices from behind the wall — it was surprising that walls were this thin in this mansion — and against her better judgement, she had to eavesdrop just a little. What was the harm in that, if Jasmine probably wouldn’t find out?

The first voice she heard was Anne’s, asking a question in a smug tone. “You really put in some powerful guards, huh? You’ve gotten better at this whole hypnosis thing since we last talked, for sure.”

Jasmine didn’t say anything for a while. After a few moments, she calmly responded, “I didn’t. You had such a hard time because Clara doesn’t want to give up being a princess, being an idiot, being mine.”

Anne scoffed. It was barely audible through the walls. “So what, you’re saying my former top student wants to be treated like a slutty sex doll?”

“Why don’t you find out, Anne?”

Clara’s heart fluttered. That wasn’t wrong, for sure. Even a ditz like her knew, though, that if she dawdled any longer outside the door, Jasmine would catch her for sure. Clara knocked on the door, stepped in, and set the tea down for a semi-grateful Jasmine and Anne.

After she poured the tea, Clara tenderly brought the tray over to the room. She carefully opened the door, and set the tray down on the table in front of Anne and Jasmine without spilling water anywhere.

Clara was still good at housework. Jasmine didn’t want to take that away from her.

“Thank you, princess,” Jasmine cooed.

“Of course, Mistress.”

Clara was about to leave after curtsying, before Jasmine stopped her. “No, no, don’t go anywhere. Relax, plaything. Sit.”

Jasmine patted the seat next to her. Clara smiled, taking a seat immediately. She wasn’t entirely certain why Jasmine still wanted her there… but it was nice to spend a bit more casual time with her Mistress.

“It’s still quite surprising that you managed to run into Anne of all people,” Jasmine commented, pressing her hand against Clara’s in need of reassurance. “What a small world we live in. Small enough that even someone as stupid as you can find people I know.”

Clara tilted her head with a shy giggle. Wasn’t Anne going to step in against Jasmine’s verbal abuse towards Clara? Or had Jasmine somehow changed her mind?

“Yeah, it was pretty shocking,” Anne echoed. “I mean, it was surprising at first to see everything you put her through, Jasmine. But maybe I shouldn’t be too angry with you. After all, I do like at least some of the changes you made.”

Clara was even more confused, now. How the hell did Anne change from “fuck you, you devious bitch” to “nice work, you cunning mastermind” in the span of less than half an hour? Did Jasmine… hypnotize Anne? No, even Clara was smart enough to see that Jasmine hadn’t done that. If she had, Anne would be acting much differently.

“So, Clara, as you can tell… maybe… Anne and I took your advice and came to a truce. We talked a little, caught up, discussed some things… and don’t get me wrong, Anne still hates my guts,” Jasmine added with a bitter smirk. “And I can’t say I’m not quite mad myself for all the cruel things she just shouted at me.”

“Oh… that’s sad,” Clara responded with a disheartened tone.

“Don’t be sad,” Anne said, and Clara could tell there was an evil glint to her tone. “We found a way to get our anger out, finally.”

“Oh!” Clara’s tone brightened as well. “How, Professor?”


Clara’s body was suddenly grabbed by the two women, as they roughly and cruelly started to tear her new dress straight off of her body. Clara squirmed a moment, the sudden action taking her completely by surprise.

“We’re going to take our anger out on you, plaything.”

“W-wait! On me?” Clara cried out as Anne grabbed the straps of her dress to pull it above her chest. Muffled, Clara continued. “W-why? What’s that going to…”

“To do? Oh, plaything, it’s going to do everything. We get to take our frustration out, get our hits and insults out… just, on someone who’s too powerless to stop it or protest.”

Clara whimpered. As much as she thought she should fight back or protest, she knew she didn’t really want to; her body told the entire story for her. Her cheeks were flushed as the dress was finally torn off of her body. Jasmine wasted no time undoing Clara’s bra and ripping off her already soiled panties, leaving Clara squirming and bare for the two sadistic women. They looked ready to torture her to her seams.

Clara had no complaints.

Jasmine didn’t even bother looking at Clara as she pulled the princess’s hair back, glaring daggers at Anne. Clara moaned out, gasping for air as her head was roughly pulled back. Anne, meanwhile, grabbed at her thighs, groping them roughly and only worsening the blistering heat Clara felt in her crotch.

“You have a lot of nerve,” Jasmine growled, narrowing her eyes even more at Anne. “Barging back into my life, like you actually care about me or any of these girls… don’t be ridiculous. You don’t care about them. You just wanted to get mad at me.”

Anne, in retaliation, didn’t Jasmine — but she did roughly grab Clara’s dripping cunt. Clara moaned out again, her body shivering as she whimpered when Anne slid two fingers deep inside of her. “Yeah, yeah. You talk like you care about these girls too, especially this one—“ Anne’s grip tightened around Clara’s crotch, making Clara groan out so much that she started drooling from her lips. “I know you don’t. I don’t either. After all, how could either of us? Girls with bodies like this don’t deserve to be cared about. They deserve to get fucked senseless and mindless by their superiors.”

“So you admit it?” Jasmine, still using one hand to tightly grip Clara’s hair, used her other hand to put one, then two fingers into Clara’s mouth. Clara began mindlessly sucking her fingers, before Jasmine was coaxed on enough to shove her fingers deep into Clara’s throat. She almost reached Clara’s gag reflex, though she didn’t care in the slightest. “You admit that you don’t care about the girls in my harem?”

“Of course not,” Anne scoffed as she kept fingering Clara, using her thumb to stimulate her clit in rough circles. “Why should I? They all made the stupid mistake of getting involved with you. They’re idiots — even the ones you claim are smart.”

“Well,” Jasmine smirked. “That’s where you and I are different. I do care about the members of my harem, as much as you might think that’s false. They bring me so much joy and so much pleasure… especially this idiot princess here. I mean, how could Clara not make me happy? She’s everything I could ask for — of course, that’s because that’s how I molded her. Even so, she surprises me every day… including today. Maybe you’re the heartless or coldhearted one here, Anne.”


Clara was fully expecting Anne to hit Jasmine, but instead, Anne’s hand reached towards Clara’s cheek and slapped it harshly. Clara’s head fell to the side as she groaned in pain, as Jasmine shoved her two fingers further inside Clara’s mouth. Clara drooled around the fingers, even more so when Jasmine shoved two more fingers in and began violently facefucking Clara with her hand. Jasmine used her thumb to keep Clara’s head in place, so that she wouldn’t or couldn’t jerk back from gagging.

Anne just cackled. “Heartless? Heartless? Do you even get how panicked I was when I saw who Clara had become? When I figured out she was dumb enough to get involved with you? This former honors student was one of my top, most intelligent pupils. She always came to class eager to learn, did every assignment on time, and came to all my office hours. Now she can barely put two and two together, literally. And you call me coldhearted?”

Clara kept choking on Jasmine’s fingers, but it wasn’t like Jasmine or Anne particularly cared — nor did Clara, for that matter. Thick, slimy drool covered Jasmine’s fingers, which only got Jasmine going even rougher and deeper and harder. Her cunt tightened around Anne’s fingers too, twitching, growing wetter and dripping with every thrust, every passing second.

“Screw this,” Jasmine finally dragged her fingers out of Clara’s mouth and began unbuckling her four-figure belt. “We’re being too tame. Neither of us are going to feel better if we’re just sticking our fingers inside this toy.”

Somehow, it felt both degrading and wonderful for Jasmine and Anne to just keep acting like Clara, the person, wasn’t there, like she was just an inanimate object for the two of them to take their anger out on. Jasmine threw her belt to the side, pushed her shirt up and shoved her pants down to the floor. Stepping out of them, she pulled back on Clara’s hair to force her chin up, and spread her legs across Clara’s face. Without giving Clara even a moment to readjust, Jasmine lowered herself to sit her wet pussy down on Clara’s face.

“You,” Jasmine snapped, “Eat me out. Make sure you do it right.”

Clara wanted to say “yes, Mistress” obediently, but her voice was completely muffled by the juices streaming out of Jasmine’s sex. She obeyed. Clara had to use her entire face to make sure Jasmine was completely pleased — not just her mouth, but her nose and chin moving up and down as well. Clara found a good rhythm, knowing it was right when Jasmine’s threats and insults turned into loud, incessant moans. Jasmine got off on Clara eating her out so expertly, just like Clara was trained. But Jasmine also took great joy, pleasure, arousal in the way Clara herself was crying out in pleasure from being used as some kind of plaything.

Anne didn’t curb her assault on Clara’s body, either. She shoved another finger deep inside of her, fingerfucking her with three digits and using her thumb to vigorously circle her clit. Her smallest finger teased the other edge of Clara’s cunt. The sheer overstimulation Anne was providing her with was moving Clara closer to the edge. Between that and Jasmine beginning to buck her hips back and forth against Clara’s face, Clara was finding herself getting closer to a climax. She twitched all over her body, her panting turning into strained gasps as she tried not to cum before she had been given permission.

“Fuck,” Anne growled. “I think she’s getting close.”

“Well, that’s too bad, because she isn’t allowed to finish,” Jasmine teased. “Isn’t that right, princess? Don’t you feel your ability to finish fading away as I tell you you’re not allowed to cum?”

Jasmine’s tone became even scarier than it already was. Clara’s body still felt ready to finish, but the fear Jasmine instilled in her stopped her from finishing. She didn’t want to get punished — she already skirted the line too much by coming home late and bringing Anne in tow. She gasped for air. The tug-of-war between her brain and her sex drive was driving her wild; somehow, that made her even more eager as she continued sliding against Anne’s fingers and eating Jasmine out.

Jasmine laughed cruelly, and Clara could almost feel the evil smirk on her lips. “Can’t you see why I do this now? It’s not just because I get so much thrill and energy and power out of owning these girls. It’s because they like it too. You can see it, right? You can see how much enjoyment this needy, stupid, ditzy plaything gets out of being treated like what she is. A toy. My toy. Well… our toy right now, hmm?”

“Nngh,” Anne groaned. The professor couldn’t help herself anymore — she reached down her own pants with her other hand and started to pleasure herself. “Fuck. You’re right. I get it now, you cruel bitch. I can see why you like this so much. I— agh, fuck, this is so fucking good.”

“Isn’t it?” Jasmine cooed. “I knew you’d come around and see my point of view, eventually. No one would willingly sign their life away to be a part of my life if they didn’t want to be treated like a piece of meat. Isn’t that right… princess?”

Jasmine didn’t wait for an answer from Clara. It wasn’t like she could respond anyways. Still riding Clara’s face, she grabbed onto her tits and fondled them softly. Clara had no idea how, but her breasts had somehow become softer and more malleable during her stay — just like Clara herself. Her nipples hardened under Jasmine’s grasp. In the interim, Anne moved her body against her fingers to thrust harder and deeper into Clara’s cunt. Her hips grinded against Clara’s, bringing both of them closer to the edge. Of course, Anne would finish whenever she wanted to. Clara would not.

“Fuck, I need more,” Anne groaned out. Still fingering herself and Clara, she moved her legs across Clara’s and began scissoring her. The friction made both of her hands slide in even deeper, hitting the deepest spot of Clara’s cunt and Anne’s G-spot. Clara couldn’t stop moaning like some kind of wanton toy. Getting fucked senseless and sat on until she couldn’t breathe was hot enough, but the fact that Jasmine and Anne were barely even paying attention to her and treating her not as a person, but as a tool for their personal pleasure… it made it all that much better.

Clara needed this. She loved this. She wanted to be treated like this for days, weeks, months, years, and even longer. Not even because Jasmine had brainwashed her so thoroughly. Clara felt like she always needed, loved, and longed for this.

“Plaything,” Jasmine quipped, momentarily startling Clara out of her horny fugue. “I’m going to count to 30. When I reach 30 seconds, you’ll cum right then and there. If you dare finish even a moment sooner, there will be dire consequences. Do you understand?”

Clara muffled out another “yes, Mistress”. Jasmine began the count, starting from one and going much slower than she expected. As opposed to counting up every second, it was every two, three, or even five seconds. The waiting was agony, and before she even reached the double digits Clara was struggling to hold back.

Anne was much more ready to cum than Clara was, especially after Jasmine glanced back at her and spoke. “Feel free to finish whenever you’d like, I’m sure it’d really make this difficult for her.”

“Fuck you,” Anne spat. “I’m not doing anything for you.”

“I didn’t say you have to,” Jasmine responded calmly. “If you don’t want to cum, fine. If you never want to finish again, that’s fine with me too. In fact, it’d be hilarious if you denied yourself orgasms for the rest of your life just to spite me.”

Regrettably, Jasmine had stopped counting in her talking back to Anne. She started where she left off, at the number 16.

“Screw you,” Anne lashed back. “I’ll have the greatest fucking orgasm you’ve ever seen.”

Anne was right. She grinded up against Clara a few final times, before a surge of pleasure rushed through her body, making her thrust up and down multiple times. Clara could feel Anne’s cunt twitching, which only brought her to the tip of the edge of her own orgasm. Anne moved her fingers out of Clara’s cunt and began using both hands to pleasure herself, dragging out her orgasm for as long as physically possible as the heat rampaged through her body. Her orgasm passed after some pleasurable minutes, but Anne continued to rest against Clara’s crotch. Her fingers moved back to stimulating Clara, in order to keep her on the cusp of finishing. It was sort of like edging, the way she suddenly stopped to please herself — though it only took two counts for Clara to come right back up to where she was.

Jasmine kept counting. Twenty-two. Twenty-three. Twenty-four. Each number came slower, with more of an agonizing pause to torture Clara as much as possible. Eventually, Jasmine stopped to have her own mind-breaking orgasm. She rode Clara’s face to hell and back, making sure Clara could feel every atom of her pleasure for what seemed like hours. Clara couldn’t take it anymore. She could feel her brain melting with every passing second she wasn’t able to finish.

Soon, Jasmine’s orgasm stopped, and she chuckled cruelly as she finished her count. “Twenty nine… thirty. Come, princess. Come for me.”

Clara obeyed. Being forced onto the edge for what seemed like an eternity brought her the biggest, most shattering climax she’d ever felt. Her entire body shook with pleasure as her mind began to black out from the tension, release, and bliss. She felt like her brain was dripping out of her ears, like she could physically feel her IQ dropping from the sheer pleasure.

It was a lot. It was almost too much for poor Clara’s body to handle for even another second. As she finished riding it out, she fell into a deep trance, which turned into a long, deep sleep that knocked her unconscious.

* * *

Clara woke up in her bed, probably the next morning. Jasmine and Anne must have carried her to bed after they finished using her — and the thought of that made Clara’s heart sing. Her face, her legs, and the rest of her body were aching in a million different ways, making it hard to even begin to stand up. Regardless, she at least had to make herself breakfast. Hopping out of bed, Clara put on one of the outfits she’d gotten from the clothing store just the day before. It was hard to believe that was yesterday. It felt like it was ages ago…

Going downstairs to the kitchen, Clara walked in and saw Jasmine and Anne still there. Jasmine was patting Anne up and down, not as if she was looking for something, but as if… to examine her. Upon a closer glance, Clara could see Anne’s face. It looked empty. Vapid. Like she was in a deep trance, like she was…

A realization began to wash over Clara. No… how did… this wasn’t what was happening, right?

“Ah, Clara, good to see you’re up,” Jasmine stated without actually looking at Clara. “I have some fun news for you — and for me too, for that matter.”

“Uh… yes? What is it?” Clara blinked in disbelief, even though she knew what Jasmine was about to tell her.

“You see,” Jasmine’s head cocked towards Clara, who could see her devilish grin. “Anne will be joining us, starting today.”

* * *