The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Here’s a possible grand finale for the Jane story. Hope it’s not too depraved!


by Very Bad Man

Jane woke with a start, disoriented.

As she came out of her sleepy haze, she felt vaguely unclean and ashamed. She realized she’d been having a very sinful dream, but she couldn’t remember any of the particulars, and she didn’t want to: those kinds of thoughts were unchristian, and she was a good christian woman.

More awake now, she felt the unfamiliar, unwelcome signs of arousal—a warm sensation between her legs, her erect, sensitive nipples rubbing unpleasantly against the fabric of her undergarments. She blushed, upset with herself: somehow she thought that if her spirit was more pure, she would have better control over her own baser functions.

Still, what happened when she was unconscious wasn’t her fault, and now that she was awake again, she was in complete control again, a young woman beyond approach. Yes, it was all coming back to her now. She was in the back seat of a limousine, on the way to an exclusive dinner party hosted by her father, the Senator. Everyone who was anyone in Washington society would be there.

And so would Jane, because she was always invited to these functions. Everyone loved her and, she had to admit, maybe they even envied her a little. And who wouldn’t? After all, she was young, beautiful, well-educated and rich, a successful corporate lawyer from a successful family, on her way to the top...

...and she had the most wonderful husband in the world. Steve. Turning her head, she saw the handsome young lobbyist sitting beside her. Handsome, muscular, blonde—a self-made man, with impeccable morals. And he respected her. She smiled as she remembered how polite he had been during their courtship, never pressuring her for physical intimacy. Why, even on their wedding night, he had been the perfect gentleman. Naturally, she had been a virgin, and she’d been nervous about her marital duties—but after that first time, which had been magical and incredibly romantic, he had barely ever pressured her for sex, preferring only to snuggle with her and shower her with kisses. And that was fine with Jane.

Steve glanced over at her and flashed his pearly whites. “We’re here, my angel. And, by the way, have I mentioned how absolutely elegant you look this evening?”

“Only about a dozen times, silly,” Jane giggled, blushing. But it was true: she did look divine. She wore an elegant white evening gown of shimmering silk (made just for her by one of the finest designers in Paris), long white gloves and an expensive string of pearls. Her hair, coiffed by the finest stylist in Washington, was piled on top of her head so that she looked like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She even wore a little diamond tiara, and why not? She was queen of all she surveyed. And she knew she deserved it all.

Stepping from the car, her perfect evening was ruined by the sight of a filthy homeless man begging for change outside her father’s palatial estate. “Please, I’m so hungry,” the wretched specimen of human filth whined.

Turning to the chauffeur, Jane snapped, “Why do I have to see this? Don’t you have sense enough to shoo these pests away without being told?”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m sorry,” the chauffeur muttered, leading the homeless man away.

“There, there,” Steve said, taking Jane by the arm. “Don’t be upset, sugar plum.”

“I’m not upset,” Jane said bravely. “I just get angry when I see lazy people begging like that. Where is their dignity?”

Entering the house, Jane said hello to all the gathered dignitaries and socialites, blessing them with her presence. Steve escorted her into the cavernous, candle-lit dining hall and she took her seat at the long banquet table. Everything was so perfect, except...

“Boy!” she cried out to a 30-year-old Cuban butler standing at attention near the table. “Look at my wine glass! It’s filthy!”

The Cuban butler rushed forward and saw that the wine glass did, in fact, have a small smudge marring its surface. “I’m sorry, ma’am.”

“Well, you should be!” Jane snapped. “Doesn’t my father pay you enough to do your job correctly? Maybe you should go back out to sea with the boat people where you belong!”

“My apologies,” the Cuban butler backed away with the glass. “I beg your forgiveness.”

“There, there, sugarplum,” Steve cooed beside her, patting her leg. Suddenly, his powerful hand slid up between her legs, violently grabbing her crotch through the cool silk of her gown. “Don’t be such a cunt.”

Jane shot to her feet like she’d been zapped with an electric charge, too shocked to speak. “How DARE you!” she shrieked.

“Sit down and shut up,” Steve snarled. Although she was utterly furious, Jane did as she was told, not wanting to cause a scene. Or at least that’s what she told herself.

Across from her, her father stood up and tapped on his glass, enjoining his guests to take their seats at the table. “Thank you all for coming. I’m sure you’ve all been looking forward to this, and so have I. As you all know, my dirty little whore of a daughter has been given a drug that forces her to follow any command, no matter how degrading. Isn’t that right, Jane?”

Jane gaped at her father in horror. Her face burned with such embarrassment that she felt like she was on fire. Everyone in the room was staring at her—the cream of Washington society—all her friends and co-workers.

SMACK! Jane snapped out of her initial paralysis as Steve slapped her hard across the face. “Answer him, bitch!”

Tears sprang to Jane’s eyes as she jumped up, livid, shrieking, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT! HOW DARE YOU...!”

“Stick a cork in it!” Steve laughed and Jane...practically delirious with confusion and emotion, suddenly found herself grabbing the cork out of the nearest wine bottle.

“I’ve never been so humiliated in all my...” The rest of her words were muffled as Jane stuck the cork into her mouth, smudging her lipstick. All the guests at the table laughed, openly mocking Jane now that the game was afoot.

“That’s right, Jane,” her father smiled. “You’ve never been as badly humiliated as you will be tonight...but you’ve been humiliated before, you just don’t remember what a cum-guzzling whore you really are, because I commanded you to forget. I made you think that you were virginal and pure, and that all these people loved and adored you. But that was just a lie, so you could re-experience your utter degradation again tonight as if it were the first time. The horrified, helpless look on your face already tells me that it was worth it. Because, you see, Jane, as much as your mother, brother and I...and many of the other people in this room, including the porn star we hired to play your husband...enjoy fucking your ass and your face and your pussy on a regular basis...we noticed that you were starting to enjoy it too much. That’s no fun. I want you to feel the pain and anguish of your punishment all over again. I want you to know that you’re being raped and that you deserve it, because you’re such a trampy little cunt.”

“NOOO!” Jane screamed, nearly gagging on the cork in her sluttish mouth as she tried to run from the room.

“STOP!” her father commanded. She froze in mid-flight, nearly toppling forward as her legs suddenly betrayed her. This can’t be happening, she thought, panic-stricken, squeezing her eyes shut.

“Turn to face us,” her father continued. “Spit out that cork and open your eyes.”

Jane felt like she was in a nightmare as she turned helplessly to face the table, spitting the cork from her lips. When her eyes popped open and she saw the familiar faces of her friends and family now transformed into hideous, leering masks of lust, the reality of the situation suddenly hit home. This was really happening.

“Please...” she wailed, her body racked with sobs. “I don’t understand...”

“Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to, bitch,” Steve snapped. “And answer like the dirty little girl you are, with a ‘Yes, daddy’ or ‘No, daddy.’”

“Yes, daddy,” Jane whimpered in a baby voice, subconsciously sucking her thumb for comfort.

“Don’t expect any sympathy from anyone here,” her father smiled. “You’ve always treated people like objects, and now you’re our puppet. Do you believe that? Do you believe that you’re a slut slave?”

“No, daddy!” Jane cried. “I’m a good girl!”

“Oh really? Let’s see. Piss on yourself.”

Jane couldn’t believe her ears, but suddenly warm urine was running down her thighs, staining the front of her beautiful dress, forming a puddle at her feet.

A fresh wave of humiliation coursed through Jane as the room erupted in mocking laughter. The shame and embarrassment of the moment was so terrible that she wanted to die, but it only got worse as her father commanded her to raise the hem of her gown and expose her wet, naked cunt to the room.

As she felt the breeze on her exposed genitalia, Jane realized for the first time that she wasn’t wearing underwear and that her pubic hair had been shaved off, leaving the moist pink lips of her pussy totally exposed.

“You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you?” her father sneered.

“Yes, daddy,” Jane muttered, lowering her eyes in surrender, knowing it was true.

“And does my dirty little girl want to be gang-raped?”

“No, daddy, no! Please!”

“Quiet! You have no choice. You’re going to be raped in your ass and your cunt and your mouth, and the worst part is that you’re going to like it. The more you get fucked, the better it’s going to feel...but you won’t be able to come until I give you permission. And I won’t give you permission until you beg me. If you’re really a good little girl, then we’ll let you go free. But if you beg me, you’ll know you’re a whore and you’ll be our slave forever. Now...ask to be raped...and be polite.”

“Rape me...” Jane whispered. “...please...”

With that, three men charged into the room, and Jane gasped when she saw them: her chauffeur, the Cuban butler and the filthy homeless man she had insulted.

The three men grabbed her and threw her down on the dinner table, tearing the dress from her struggling body. Nobody had commanded her to lie still, so Jane fought the attackers, but the lustful crowd around the table grabbed her arms and legs, holding her down and spreading her legs wide open as the Cuban pulled out his huge cock and plunged it into her piss-wet cunt with a single hard thrust.

Jane screamed in pain as the giant phallus split her wide, but for the first time in the whole ordeal, she felt the first, horrible stirring of pleasure in her cunt. The chauffeur jumped up on the table and straddled her chest, tearing the necklace from around her throat. “I’ll give you a real pearl necklace, you bitch,” he laughed, grabbing her large tits and mashing them against his cock, thrusting it back and forth between her slick, sweaty breasts until he quickly ejaculated all over her neck.

Jane’s ass squirmed around on the table as her cunt grew accustomed to the Cuban’s cock, rising to meet his thrusts. The slickness of her pussy now had nothing to do with the urine residue there. Spasms of pleasure were shivering through her body now, growing every time the cock head pushed into her slit or the Cuban’s massive balls slapped against her ass.

Jane’s arms were still pinned to the table, with her hands hanging off the edge. Now she felt her father’s cock being pressed into her gloved left palm; moaning she wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke it while a warm wet pussy pressed up against her right hand.

Jane lolled her head to the side, drunk with lust now, and watched the gloved white fingers of her right hand disappearing into the slick, gooey slit of a redhaired young debutante.

Sex was all Jane knew now, all she wanted. She was a whore, she was a slut, she was a dirty little girl—but it didn’t matter. Lust was better than shame, and now she wanted to share the pleasure she was feeling, to somehow purify herself with it. She jammed her fingers up the redhead’s cunt faster and faster, diddling the woman’s clit with her thumb until the debutante was shaking with orgasm.

At the same time, she was stroking her father’s cock faster and faster until the Senator groaned and shot his load across his daughter’s tits.

“Flip her over,” the Cuban barked. “I want to come in her ass.”

A dozen people rolled Jane onto her stomach and bent her over the table, releasing her arms. “You want it in the ass, bitch?”

“Y-yes, daddy!” Jane moaned, hopeless now with insatiable, ruttish lust. “P-please!”

“Then spread your cheeks wide!” Jane reached back, clutching her firm buttocks and pulling them apart until she felt the air on her exposed shithole. The Cuban grabbed a bottle and poured wine down the crack of her ass, then pressed the head of his cock against her tight, wet opening, then forced his way into her, making her shriek with agony and ecstasy. With her mouth opened wide, the homeless man shoved his slimy cock down her throat, making her gag.

The taste of the filthy organ was so foul that Jane tried to pull her mouth away, but the homeless man grabbed his head and began thrusting, fucking the lips of her mouth like a pussy.

However disgusting this latest violation may have been, Jane’s passion only continued to grow and she worked her tongue around the mottled shaft, desperately hoping for an orgasm that might trigger her own. “Are you gonna come, big boy?” the redhaired debutante whispered into the homeless man’s ear. “Let me shoot it on the bitch’s face...”

With that, the redhead grabbed the homeless man’s cock and yanked it out from between Jane’s lips, jerking it until the come spattered all over the degraded girl’s beautiful face.

As soon as Jane tasted the warm spatter on her skin, the salty taste on her lips, the feeling of depravity, combined with the hard driving cock in her ass pushed her so close to the edge of orgasm that she thought she’d go insane if she didn’t come soon. Every nerve in her body was on fire, she was drooling like a yelping like a bitch in heat and she knew she’d be willing to fuck everyone in the room as long as the craving, the desperate longing in her cunt would be satisfied.

With a final jackhammering series of thrust, the Cuban filled her quivering asshole with jets of hot come, then he pulled out, letting the warm fluid drip from her crack down the back of her thighs.

Then her father shoved her to the cold floor like the used-up, cum-spattered whore she was. The gang-rape was over...she could leave...but no...she released an agonized sob, because she knew she would sell her soul to end the longing in her snatch...she was a slut, a bitch in heat...her spirit was utterly broken...

“...p-please, daddy...” she whimpered pathetically, turning her cum-spattered face up to her father in abject supplication. “...I’m a whore...a slut...I’ll be your slave forever...just please...ooohh...ooooohhh...please let me come...”

“Only one cock can satisfy your hungry little cunt, my dear,” Jane’s father sneered, cruelly taunting her sopping fuck-hole with the toe of his boot.

“Ooooh....yes daddy...” Jane moaned, pressing her face to the floor and raising her naked rump in the air like a bitch waiting to be mounted. “...fuck me...fuck your dirty little girl...”

“Oh, no, you whore...not me...” her father laughed, pointing across the room. “I meant the cock over there.”

Looking up, Jane was horrified to see one of her father’s servant’s entering the room with a huge black Doberman on a leash.”

“Noooo...” Jane gasped. “...not that, daddy...I beg you...”

“If you want to come, you’ll crawl over there and take my dog’s cock in your mouth. He’ll come once on your face, and then he’ll mount you...and with each thrust of the animal’s cock, you’ll thank me until you come,” her father smiled.

Utterly degraded, Jane began crawling across the stone floor, wincing in unbearable ecstasy every time a ridge in the masonry brushed her engorged clit, her foamy slit leaving a shiny trail behind her, like a snail.

Several times, Jane thought she would lose consciousness, and by the time she reached the Doberman, she was barely human. She was an animal. A bitch in heat. She wrapped her sluttish mouth around the dog’s dark, wiry penis and fucked it with her lips.

It was a matter of seconds before the animal’s spunk sprayed across her glazed face and lips, then Jane rolled over and thrust her ass in the air, grunting and snarling, her mind all but gone. She felt the animal’s bristling fur against her creamy flesh, the powerful embrace of its limbs locking onto her...and then the final violation of a dog’s cock in her foamy cunt, stinking with overheated juices.

“Thank you, daddy, thank you...” she bellowed in a hoarse, guttural moan as the dog’s cock penetrated her. After that, she lost the power of speech as a mind-blowing orgasm seared through her body and soul, making her howl at the moon like a coyote as the Doberman filled her cunt with sperm until it overflowed into the crack of her ass and down the back of her thighs.

Jane collapsed in a heap on the ground and Steve came over to attach a dog collar and leash around her neck. Tugging her back to the table, he yanked up to her knees. “Sit, doggie, sit,” he taunted, while Jane whimpered like the obedient animal she had become.

“Now open your mouth and keep it open,” Steve ordered, pulling out his giant porn-star cock. “Your mouth is an open toilet from now on, and anyone can do their business in it. You’ll remain in this room for the rest of the night as a toy for your father’s guests...and you’ll come every time somebody cums on your face.”

With that, Steve slapped her in the face with his cock, but she didn’t move or close her mouth, and he rewarded her by jamming his stiff member into her moist mouth. With a grunt of satisfaction, he pulled out and spattered her face with a fresh load of cum. “Good doggie,” Steve said, patting her head as she shuddered in helpless orgasm.

Dinner was served, and throughout the evening, one guest after another came over to use the naked slave. A teenage girl, fresh out of high school, walked up to Jane and spit a loogie into her mouth. Jane swallowed obediently, then the teenage brat lifted her mini-skirt and pressed her hot snatch against the slave’s lips. Jane fluttered her tongue against the girl’s clit until she came, adding her slick cunt juice to the shiny glaze of cum dripping from Jane’s once-proud features. “Stick your tongue up my ass,” the brat ordered, and Jane fucked the girl’s dirty asshole with her strong tongue for a long time. Finally the girl turned around and wrapped her thighs around Jane’s head, pressing her cunt against Jane’s mouth so she could piss down the girl’s throat.

By the end of the night, Jane was covered in pussy juice and ejaculate from head to toe, like frosting. Her hair was stiff and matted, her face was flaked with dry sperm, and jism dripped from her nipples. Her very breath smelled like cum from the gallons that she had been forced to swallow. Every man in the room had shot into her open mouth at least once, and her father had even gone out to the stable to procure a pint glass full of horse semen, which he’d poured down her throat, after which she’d been forced to thank him.

She’d come so many times that she could barely remain on her knees, she was so weak and exhausted, but she remained there on the floor, with her mouth and legs wide open throughout the night, ready to serve, like the good slave she was.

Finally, everyone was gone but the Cuban, who was left to clean up the dinner dishes. Jane hadn’t been told to move, so she remained where she was as he tidied up, then, finally he walked over to her and pulled out his hard member one last time. “Time to hose you off, slut,” he smiled, releasing a powerful stream of golden piss.

The urine sprayed over her tits, then he directed the hot, powerful stream into her gaping cunt, fouling her even more. “Piss on my face...” Jane pleaded, unbidden. The Cuban sprayed her face and hair, stepping closer to direct the stream directly into her mouth. “Now thank me, cunt.”

“Thank you,” Jane gargled as the piss hit her teeth and tongue, washing down her throat into her belly. “Thank you, daddy...”

“Don’t swallow, let the piss fill your mouth,” the Cuban commanded.

Jane did as she was told, and soon the hot urine overflowed her mouth and spilled down her chin and neck, mixing with the jism and pussy juice that covered her.

Finally, the Cuban stopped and tucked his cock back into his pants. He pinched Jane’s smeared nipples and tugged them hard, then cuffed her hands behind her back, shackling her to the wall. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, then he left the room and turned off the lights.

Naked Jane remained in the dark all night, on her knees with her legs spread and her mouth filled with piss, happy at last.