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Being a young spotty youth, with his hormones ranging, I wanted sex, sex and more sex. In fact I wasn’t getting any. I dreamed of young girls under my control doing all sorts of sexy things to me.

I saw this film once where the butler hypnotises all the staff of a big house for his sexual pleasure. I wanked over this thought for weeks. Then I thought, perhaps I could learn to do that. I spent a fruitless week in the local library looking for a good book. I didn’t take any out in case someone found out what I was doing.

Then I was at this Car Boot sale where I found an old medical volume on psychiatry, it had a whole chapter on clinical hypnotises. This was the real stuff, not Hollywood fiction. I studied this book for weeks, saying out loud the words as I road my bike to school. The only trouble was I didn’t have the courage to try it. There was, however, one area of hope, a passage in the book said that it was easier to hypnotise a patient if a light sedative was administered or if the patient was naturally tired or drowsy. If I can find someone almost asleep perhaps I could hypnotise her. As it happens, no sooner than I read this, the perfect opportunity pops up.

I came home from school one day, where I find my younger sister half-asleep on the sofa. Now my sister is a year younger than me but is a knock out, with a body to die for. The only problem is she keeps it well hidden. When I started to talk to her but all I got was a mumble in reply. Now Mum’s not due in for an hour or so, so perhaps.

“Sis” I say “can you hear me”

“Mmm” That’s a good start.

“Mel” I say “NOW listen to me. You can see waves rolling in and out” I recite the litany I had learned.

“Every time the waves roll out you feel more and more relaxed, you can still hear my voice. You are feeling sleeper and sleeper”

I carry on like this for a few minutes until I think she is safely under.

“Mel can you here my voice” I ask

“Yes” she whispers

“Mel you CAN only hear my voice and you WILL obey all my instructions”

“Yes” she whispers again.

Oh my god I had done it, what do I do now, my mind goes blank. I decided to give myself some time to think.

“Mel when ever you hear my voice say ‘sleep sister sleep’ you will return to this relaxed state and wait for instructions”

I reinforced this a few times just to make sure, then as an after thought I add.

“Mel you will find exposing your body to me arousing, the more you expose, the more aroused you will become. But you will only do this when we are alone”

Then I woke her up with the line,

“Mel you will wake up feeling happy and refreshed. You will remember nothing of what has happened, but you will obey all instructions you have been given.”

I watched her reactions intently for a while, but she didn’t seem to know what has happened.

I notice a immediately change in her attitude towards me, as over the next few days, I must have seen her in her underwear 3 or 4 times, when she going to the bathroom.

The following Saturday, Mum and dad have gone shopping, leaving my sister and I alone all morning. This was my chance. I had re-read my book on what I should do now.

“Sleep sister sleep” I said to her once we are alone, her head dropped and she was asleep.

“Listen to my voice and obey” I continued “Every time you see me you will think how sexy I am. At night when you sleep, you will dream about having sex with me. You will find exposing your body to me highly arousing and you would love to pose naked for me”

I reinforced the ‘sleep sister sleep’ trigger code then I woke her up with the usual words.

I retreat to my room to got my digital camera out and change the batteries. I left my bedroom door open on purpose so that I could see what I was going on. Nothing happened.

Days dragged by, nothing, then at the next weekend.

“What are you doing?” she asked looking into my bedroom seeing my photographic equipment out.

So I tell her that I going out to take some pictures.

“Oh would you like to take a few sexy ones of me first” she asked shyly.

“I don’t know sis” I say “you’re a bit young.”

“I’ve got a good body” she snaps back, “As good as any models in your girlie magazines”

“Well I don’t know sis” I then say, “Oh ok then” As if she had changed my mind, “go and change into something sexy”

It’s WAS working, great! It just took time. I go down stairs and wait. After a few minutes later she reappears dressed in a pair of bikini bottoms and a leather waistcoat. She really has a great body.

“Ok” I say “lets start with you kneeling on the sofa, that’s right” I pose her.

“Come on undo those buttons” she obeys “that’s better” as her tits start to appear.

“Ok now take it off” I say wondering if she would balk at being topless in front of me. She doesn’t hesitate at all, off comes the waistcoat. What beautiful tits!

“That’s right sis stick them out at me” as I snap away till the memory card is full.

“Ok” I say, “that will do for now, I need to down load this lot, do you want to watch”

She does, so off we go back to my room. I connect the leads and the pictures start to appear on the computer screen.

“What do you think” I say to her, I look round only to discover that she still topless.

“They are great! Can we do some more now please” she sounded breathless.

“Sure sis of course we can if you want”

“Oh yes please” she replies

“Well you have to take everything off then” I say

“Oh, ok” she replies and remove her bikini bottoms and lies down on my bed.

I continue to snap away at her nude body until the card is full again.

As I down load these pictures I look over at her lying on my bed. One of her hands has gone between her legs, rubbing her pussy and while the other is squeezing her left tit. As she touches herself she looking directly at me with lust in her eyes. I pick up the camera again, with the memory card now empty and start to record her masturbating.

“Oh that was good,” she sighs after she had cum, “now come here brother, please touch me”

Oh my god, my sexy sister was begging me to touch her.

Her tits are beautiful, firm and feels like silk. My hand travel over her body at will. One hand moves between her legs, a moan escapes from her lips.

“Oh yes please make me cum again, please! Oh yes please don’t stop, please I do anything for you, please”

That’s what I like to hear she’ll do anything I want, a dream come true.

I push two fingers into her sloppy wet cunt and finger fuck her.

“Oh yes, yes, oh please, harder! Oh, oh.”

She stiffens and cums hard all over my hand.

“Oh big brother that was the best every” she smiles up at me.

“Now what can I do for you” she smiles sexually at me

“Do you want a blow job, or perhaps a tit fuck, or would you like to fuck me properly”

God would I, my cock is straining to get out of my pants. She reaches over and undoes my belt to release it.

“Oh it’s nice and big” she says

I don’t need any more stimulation so I move between her open legs and thrust into her still wet cunt.

“Mmm big brother that’s nice, come on fuck me hard”

I thrust in and out fast and hard till I come deep inside her.

“Oh my god sis, that’s was great”

“Lets see if we can get you hard again big brother” she says

She sucks my limp cock, this does the trick in no time, after a few minutes I’m hard again. She doesn’t stop however but continues to suck me.

“I love doing this” she says when she comes up for air “It’s so naughty. It gets me so hot and wet”

She now straddles me and impales herself on my newly hard cock. She rides me as I watch her beautiful body move. It’s like an erotic dream. She is getting closer and closer to orgasm, her tempo increases and then she collapses on top of me. I pull out and push my still hard cock between her tits.

“Push your tits together” I command

I thrust between those beautiful mounds until I cum. She is now mine any time I want!

Story by JAX 12/5/00