The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

I Have No Idea

by Redsliver

Chapter 17

* * *

I had spent the morning in the volcanic supervillain’s lair. Ellie was beaming the whole adventure. She loved directing the girls. After a couple of hours, we were winding down. Shego sucked my cock. Ellie gripped my fingers and the bar as the goth girl bartender ate her out.

“Liking the director role?” I asked.

“Yeah, once the whole thing is set up!” She sunk back and shivered. Her thumbnail scratched the side of my index finger. “I don’t envy Mel’s casting choices. It was fun designing the rooms though.”

“This is great,” I grinned. “Love the mad scientist vibe.” I grumbled warmly as Shego’s corkscrew and lick technique reached all of the way into my brain. “Belle’s ballroom is great too.”

“The comic book room is a like big wood panelled mansion.” Emma Frost, Nastya told me. “But mixed with a debaucherous strip club.”

“So more Hellfire than X-Men?” I tugged on Shego’s hair. Everytime I had done that pre-blackout. The girl sucking my cock had stopped and jabbered her offense at me. I honestly thought that had been trained out of me. I looked into Shego’s fire green eyes and was encouraged to pull harder. “I assume we rebuilt the Enterprise’s bridge for Sci-fi?”

“No, it’s a holodeck,” Bethany giggled. “Sorry, I love that place but I’m not ‘mature’ enough for a Beverly Crusher, but I love that room. It’s just chaos, there’s bits of Star Wars, Battlestar, and Futurama and three other shows I didn’t recognize everywhere! It’s a shame Mel’s gone baby mad now.”

“Yeah, but she did great work,” I said meeting Shego’s eyes. I looked over my shoulder to see Kim pouring something behind the bar. I looked down at the little goth girl between Ellie’s thighs. Ellie’s moans were echoing in her throat. “Who is she playing?”

“Oh shit!” My pregnant blonde warbled. “She’s uh! Oh my!” She started heaving and death-gripped my hand. “You know and—”

Her words wandered and criss-crossed as her orgasm struck her. The gothy bartender kept digging with her tongue going for yet another. Ellie didn’t even need drugs. I grabbed Shego’s hair. It crunched. At least with her hair I knew the crunch was mine. I looked over and smiled at Nastya. She stirred her drink and mouthed, “On her face.”

My White Queen had wonderful ideas. I lifted Shego’s fading green lipstick off my cock. She snapped her two hands onto me and started pumping madly.

“You’re going to need to keep your fluids and energy up,” Kim Possible reached over and squeezed my shoulders. I leaned back to watch her pour a Red Bull into a crystal glass and set it next to a freshly poured off brand Gatorade. She met my eyes and kissed the air. She walked over to Ellie who was finally starting to end her wild ride.

“Oh my God!” She huffed and leaned in to sip through the straw sticking out of the drink Kim offered her. “You’re lovely. Now kiss the mess I left on of Sam’s face.”

I listened to the exchange as my hands tightened in Shego’s hair. Ellie had kept to the costume names all night. I still didn’t recognize Sam. Shego was moaning and pleading for my cum. I recognized it as a performance but it was fantastic. I grinned, rolled my shoulders, and heaved as much cum as I could summon all across her face.

“What a blast!” Ellie punned. She punched my arm to ensure I caught the joke. I would’ve certainly missed it for the moment of post orgasmic chemical brainwash the drugs depressed but didn’t write off. The after orgasm tiredness never came. I regrew another erection.

“Drink!” Emma put the Red Bull in front of me and dropped the shotglass into it. I smirked as the Jagermeister formed a black cloud in the amber liquor. I threw it back. “Good, and this too.”

I sipped my electrolytes and sugar water. Kim had Sam’s mascara and dark lipstick staining her mouth. I nudged Shego over. She had been kneeling at my feet, wearing the cum until I told her what to do with it. I toed Kim. “Her too.”

“Of course!” Kim lunged for Shego’s face and started licking up the cum. It was destroying the green supervillain’s makeup. Our goth was a wreck. I reached out a hand to help her up.

“Thanks,” She smiled pushing her hair behind her ear. Her upward floof of a ponytail had been pulled out during Ellie’s screaming pleasure. Her black hair hung limply around her face. “Sam Manson.”

“What?” I asked. She laughed.

“She’s from Danny Phantom,” Ellie grinned. “Mel and I used to watch that show all of the time. It was her favorite.”

“Awesome,” I said. I mean it was my Fuck Island, but I wanted my Family to share our Freedom. My family should be getting what they wanted too. More excuses to learn more cartoons and nerd shit. I ground my teeth and put down my empty glass. Unless what they wanted was to keep my Goddamned brain in the dark and away from my children.

The dark thoughts I was keeping at bay always found other ways in.

“You OK?” Bethany hung up a phone under the bar. She walked by me as she asked. She sat down next to Ellie. Kim and Shego were just finishing up. I looked over at the no longer bespectacled redhead.

“Who were you talking to?” I asked.

“Olivia called, I had to talk to Frankie and—”

I waved her to shut up the story. “Do I have to go somewhere? Should I keep waiting here?”

“Stay here,” Bethany grinned. “Or maybe we could go over to the shark tank?”

She gestured to a wide bubbling jacuzzi. You could fit a whole cheerleading squad in there. Storm reclined, naked but for her crown and contact lenses. Her breasts floated in the froth. She lifted a long stemmed glass. She had set iced buckets all around the back walkway of the pool. I grinned. “Yeah, let’s go.”

“You might want to let them get out of their costumes,” Ellie grinned as I helped her to her feet. “They’re made to be destroyed but it’s not fun having them on in the hot water. Also the contacts suck.”

“Good idea,” I looked at all of them. The White Queen’s combat lingerie dangled off where the glue had failed or the stitching had been ripped. Sam Manson’s costume was mostly intact but her hair was undone. Shego had lost her gloves, ripped her top, shredded open the crotch of her pants and her makeup had been fucked off. Kim was in relatively good shape. Ellie noticed and grabbed her black t-shirt (that she had replaced since I had arrived) and tore it to ribbons.

“Everyone get naked!” Ellie cheered. I dropped my loud Hawaiian shirt onto the ground. It wasn’t much of a strip it had been hanging off of me and wide open since I had fucked Nastya’s ass. My shorts were long gone. I kicked off my sandals.

The girls were skilled, practiced, savant and disposing of their clothes. Sam splashed into the shark tank with giggles. Shego chased after and all but jumped in. I walked the outside, watching all of the girls hurry in. I smiled to Nastya. She followed Ellie as the pregnant woman stepped in so her feet were covered and sat out on the edge.

“I am living here when the gyno delouses my uterus.” Ellie sighed. The girls chuckled. I raised my eyebrow.

My confusion at the joke was met by discomfort and amazement from Shego and Bethany. However, that made Ellie laugh harder. Two of the girls rushed to explain.

“Mistress Deering exploded when you used that line on her after her water broke!” Sam Manson laughed over Kim Possible’s vanishing mumble. “You are such a clown, Master.”

“And you’re a great girl,” I said. I was furious that there were inside jokes I couldn’t get because Amanda kept drugging me. I faked my smile. I sat down next to Storm. I ran my fingers through her white hair. “Not a wig?”

“Not anymore, I just loved the way it looks even when I’m out of costume.” She said. She stood up, sidestepped in front of me. “Can you pass me my Champagne?”

“Of course,” I reached over for her abandoned glass. It was hard to turn my head from her wonderful ass. Ellie was smirking. Storm lowered herself.

“That’s your asshole,” I said as I felt her reach below herself. She aimed me hard and upward. I grinned as she sank down. “Your Champagne?”

“My hero?” she smiled. Her hips instantly began rising and falling. Her grip on me was warm and tight and wet. The heat and froth of the tank echoed all around me. I took one of her large breasts in my hand. Our Kim Possible poured me a flute. It was almost comical sipping Champagne as she fucked her ass onto my cock.

I gripped her silky black skin. I laid my hands over her hips. She proportioned like a goddess. I slapped her ass as she squeezed herself down onto me. She hooked her arm around my head. her fingers tossed my hair. She leaned over her shoulder and I kissed her warm lips.

“Smack her ass again to speed her up,” Nastya suggested. She even reached over and paddled both of Storm’s cheeks.

“Sunlight?” I hazarded recalling her name.

“Sunny’s fine,” She kissed me again and licked around the tip of my tongue. “Or Storm? I do like feeling powerful.”

“Did you choose to try out for Storm or—”

“I honestly wanted Uhura but Mel said the best sista had to be Storm,” Sunny laughed. She squeezed her ass tighter and rolled her hips in quick movements. She handed Nastya an empty glass. “Your twin sister, Ellie. She really shouldn’t try to pretend to talk like that.”

“I didn’t even see you drink that?” I interrupted Ellie from replying.

“That’s ’cause she spilled it all into the tub when Nasty smacked her.” Giggled Sam.

“Nastya,” my White Queen rebuked softly. She stood up, waded into the middle of our shark tank. If the jets had been off. I’d have seen the shark stickers on the walls and bottom of the tub that prevented people from slipping and falling. Unbeknownst to me, I had a hammerhead up my butt.

Nastya grabbed Sunny’s hips and aided in the rise and fall over my cock. I took a long and hot breath. Nastya leaned in to suck on Sunny’s nipple. Sunny squealed.

“God she knows how to do that good!” The girl on my cock shuddered. “Rub my clit, Boss. Rub my clit.”

Not master? I would’ve asked had she not been black. That moment of self restraint brought me back from an immediate edge. I still had grips on her waist. I hadn’t even thought to reach over her and rub her off. The water cleaved in front of Shego as she rushed over to rub and suck on Storm’s other breast.

“Oh fuck!” Sunny huffed. She was cumming after only two more travels up and down my cock. She dug her ass in deep, wiggling as I filled her. I tried to bounce her. She moved a quarter of inch up and down as I focused on myself. She had Nastya and Shego finishing her off. “Goddammit boss!”

“Cum you little harlot!” I growled in her ear. I wanted to feel more but I was stuck in a moment of limbo as she came. It was incredible to feel. I was proud of myself for getting this girl off. I was fucking Superman. I couldn’t think through the fog of lust. She gasped, failing to take a deep breath, and then wheezed.

“Get moving!” I demanded. I slapped her ass to make her go faster.

“I’m going—Ugh, OK!” She was lolling her head forward and and holding the girls who had just come off of her tits by the shoulders. “Let’s do this. You—” I’m pretty sure she kicked Shego. “Go rub his balls and—”

“Hey Olivia!” Ellie waved as the front doors opened. My stepmother entered wearing a long diaphanous black gown. Dad and my brother came in after her. They were dressed in terrible Hawaiian shirts. Larry wore bermuda shorts. That was nice. Dad was in a speedo. I moaned lamentations to the heavens.

“Big party, eh?” Olivia wandered over. Sunny fell limp as Nastya and Shego fell back from the black girl. Olivia smiled. She looked amazing. I waved from behind my black weather goddess mutant. My stepmother rubbed my pregnant strawberry blonde’s hair, “C’mon Ellie. We gotta go.”

“Are you kidding? This is the best day I’ve had with—” Her voice tapered off. “Oh, the celebration thing. Yeah, I guess.” She bit her lip and met my eyes. “I’ll see you tonight?”

“I hope so.” I had those orange pills infecting me. I hoped I was around until the end of the night.

“You boys have fun.” Olivia fished three cigars out of her handbag. Dad snatched them up and kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh!” Sam Manson popped naked out of the water. Watching her tight body shoot up and the steam and water flow down was a gorgeous distraction. “I’ll grab the matches and some... I’ll get what you need. I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t run with your feet wet! You could slip and hurt yourself.” My dad warned her. She flushed red and sheepishly walked to the bar.

“Cartoon?” Larry flicked his eyes around. “This room is dead. Anywhere else, except for fucking Middle Earth, would have had way more of a party available.”

“He came to see Dakota.” Bethany explained. “But one of the guests was monopolizing her.”

“And you just let some other dude take your woman?” Larry scoffed. “Jesus, what the hell is wrong with you?”

I gripped Storm’s hips and dragged her down tight in my lap. She started circling her hips. I kissed her shoulder. This was good. The great feeling of the hard fuck was not conducive to pointing out my brother was a hypocrite.

“Don’t say it,” Dad slipped in. He kept on his speedo but called over Shego and Kim to flank his chosen seat. I took the cigar from his fingers. “It’s a beautiful day. You have a beautiful son. Let’s celebrate the best of us.”

“To Shani!” I grinned. “That girl was always brought out the best of us.”

“And so she always will,” Larry agreed. Sam had arrived and used a tiny guillotine to trim the end of my brother’s cigar. She struck a match and lit it.

“God! These are delicious!” Dad puffed a ring after she stopped at him. Larry smoked calmly. I had never smoked tobacco before. I hadn’t even tried weed more than a half dozen times. I surprised myself. It was harsh but I took another puff in overconfidence. I was coughing out my lungs by the time Sam had pulled back the match and shook out the flame.

“Smooth!” I gasped around the fit. I was trying to be funny.

“They’re a bit dry. They should’ve been in the humidor until we were ready,” Larry shook his head. “Why’d we give them to Olivia in the first place?”

“We didn’t give them to her. She took it upon herself.” My dad sighed. He snuggled the redhead close. “Sorry girls, I’m going to hold off until we meet the girls for lunch before I take my loving pills.”

“Oh,” Kim snuggled in tightly, “I’ll have to make due with the cuddles.”

“Good girl. They don’t often make ’em as sweet as you,” He looked over at me. “Breathing right yet?”

“I think I got it.” I frog squawked. “Thanks Larry. I’m glad I can trust you to hold things down while I’m not at my best.”

“I expect you to get better.” He soured for a moment. “I have no problem stepping up for my family.”

“I know.” I smiled around the cigar in my mouth. I felt like a king. “I’m going to be leaning on you as I heal from these blackouts.”

“We’re here for you, Brian. And Larry, have you thought more about your own family?” Dad asked. “I know you’ve been doing all that mad science with Amanda.”

I frowned. My heart was beating hard and Sunny’s slow circle on my cock had little to do with it. That sexual thought, right here, right in front of my father. That burned out the paranoia and distrust of Larry. He was Larry. He was the biggest dick in my life. There was no man I trusted more. I had fucked a baby into his wife. He supported me. He supported Shani.

“Don’t you dare in the pool!” Sam laid ashtrays down at all of our shoulders. I highly considered putting it out. I was getting hit by a dropping euphoria to a bit of dizziness. This wasn’t the kind of drug I liked. What did I like? Boner pills.

“Hey!” Sunny had to exclaim as I bounced her.

“Finish him off.” Larry demanded. I could see it in the way he spoke. It exerted something over all of the girls in the room. Is that what happened when I spoke? No, I was noticing it because it was different. There was something less potent about my brother’s push. I pushed into no resistance. Or was I just beyond any possible resistance. Larry’s words had taken hold.

Sam knelt behind me. Her hands were a little chilly as she grabbed my shoulders and begun to knead the muscle. Sunny kicked her knees as wide as she could. She wanted a good grip on my knees. I just closed my eyes. Nastya leaned in and suckled my neck as her hands caress my chest. I let them prove themselves.

“You know what still surprises me? You don’t see many fake tits on the island,” My dad considered. “Or am I just blind?”

“I only know of a handful,” Larry laughed at his own pun. Their lazy conversation dug at me and what I was doing. I would’ve rathered close my ears if my goal was to finish.

“And they’re all on older girls, but not older women you know?” Dad pondered.

“Mid-twenties?” Larry asked.

“Yeah, to early thirties at the latest.” Dad squeezed in the girls around him. Kim was probably 18 or 19. Shego would’ve amazed me to have had a 23rd birthday. Shego was worrying as they spoke. She was not lacking in the breast department. Kimmie was a little b-cup. She seemed unmoved.

I took a deep breath. I grabbed Sunny. I moved her faster. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. Sam bend over me for a Spider-Man kiss.

“He’s starting to go!” Sunny announced as she moved her hips harder.

“Training all the girls to be vocal,” Dad commented, “Wouldn’t have been on my list but I also wouldn’t have had these geek bordellos made.”

“I know what you mean,” Larry nodded. “You did enjoy your Bond Girl birthday last year.”

“Well, even I’m an old nerd sometimes,” Dad laughed. I was trying to be overwhelmed by the heat, affection, and impact of the three women hurrying me along. I slipped forward, roughing my butt along the hammerhead’s added grip. Once I dunked my ears beneath the surface of the water, things were golden.

I had shifted the balance of my three girls. Sam’s grip had broken and she was waiting over the lip of the shark tank. Sunny’s fingers were tight on the flesh of my thighs. Her ass was running me up and down. Nastya had taken a big breath. I only had to feel her lips touch my balls to catch my mind up to the impatience of my body.

I’m sure she bellowed and moaned and celebrated my release. I could only hear the rush of the jacuzzi jets. I sunk, in my orgasm, water rushed up my nose. I dropped Sunny off of my lap as I wiggled back up to the surface. She collapsed into the water. Nastya burst up from the center of the shark tank. The hot tub steam veiling her like a holy vision. Water ran down off of her tight skin, defined muscles and large breasts.

The ring of her ass being slapped shocked me. Larry gestured for Nastya to move along.

“You good,” Larry laughed, “C’mon I’ve hardly had time with both Tanner men since that first million.”

“Jesus, it might as well have been that long,” Dad laughed. “Without the womenfolk talking our ears off.”

“Really?” I looked around at all of the girls in the pool. Even Larry was reclining back, enjoying the moments when Bethany came back up for another breath.

“These girls aren’t here to talk,” Dad seemed guilty for a moment. “Until we ask them too”

“Here you go,” Sam had my cigar. I hadn’t even thought of that since she had kissed me. I took another puff and coughed like a weakling.

“I’m looking forward to being back,” I said, “Being all the way back. I don’t want to miss all of this. I don’t need all of this.”

“Really?” Larry snorted. “You’d let it go.”

“Well, I guess that’d be a shit ton of futures we cut short if we stopped all of the recruitment and hiring,” I sighed. “Everything’s a responsibility.”

“And you don’t even know the half of it,” Dad turned somber. “Literally. Look, we’ve got the best pharmacologists and doctors working on it.” He put out the stub of his cigar. He had smoked that so quickly. I was just taking little mouthfuls of smoke and fighting not to look like a wimp.

“Amanda foremost.” Larry said in a way that made me cold. I wanted to ask Nastya about that first blackout the first time I had visited the globe. The Valkyrie had been with us. I held my tongue.

“Well, what can I do? How do I make sure I get to go to sleep and wake up me?”

“Are we allowed to ask about what’s wrong?” Sam worried. “We all want you to get better. We didn’t even know you were sick.”

“Thanks.” I reached up and stroked her cheek. “Just be awesome at what’s asked of you.”

“We will.” She beamed. After watching Larry push. There had been a glint in the eye. Sam was practically firing lasers of happiness sparkles when I told her to be awesome. I looked over to Dad.

“Even with the work you did in the blackouts, you’re not the chemist. I think you’re going to have to put the trust in Amanda and her team.” I think he saw the worry on my face. I think Larry was only pretending his attention on Bethany’s latest dive.

“Look, I’ll be honest, Brian. This is beyond me. I know Olivia’s conspiracy theories but everyone, you, your brother, Shani, you’ve all said it’s impossible. I know you, even in your other way, you wouldn’t let someone screw with your mind. But Livvie was still chasing ghosts, so I checked in with Doc Vanessa. She said...” my dad worried. “She thinks for you to keep going back as deep as you do, someone might be reinforcing your blackouts, Brian. I can’t imagine anyone would go that far. What kind of idiot would stand between a father and his family? Let alone you and you family?”

“You think someone’s drugging me?” I voiced my own fear. Larry didn’t respond. The look on Dad’s face, from pensive to a smiling head shake, I was starting to feel better. There was hope.

“God no!” Dad laughed. “I just don’t like telling Livvie straight out that she’s crazy. Vanessa was at least reassuring on that front. First she said, while blacked out, you just seem to pee out all of the drug. You have to come out to be pulled back in. No one would be able to get away with it. To get you back into a blackout? Do you know how big a dose you’d need? After months of that stuff?”

“Two horse sized pills?” I frowned. Dad thought about it. Larry looked startled.

* * *