The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

I Have No Idea

Chapter 4

by Redsliver

“You were always a good kid, take your time, and meet Livvie at the ballroom at seven. She’ll find it sweet if you’ve forgotten how to dance.” Dad laughed and put his empty mai tai on the counter.

“I’m sorry it’s come to this point,” I looked up. He squeezed his hand on my shoulder.

“I don’t accept your apology.” He shook his head. “Not until you got some clue what you should or shouldn’t apologize for.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. I could see something on Ellie’s face and I didn’t want to push regret. I was going to be a dad. I didn’t want to go telling the mother of my child that I was filled with regret.

“Looks like the volleyball game’s done.” He said stretching his back. I could hear one team cheering and the other team being good sports. I frowned. “You know how it is, winners need help in the showers.”

“I don’t think that’s—”

“Nastya can help you out with that, Garth.” Ellie beamed.

“Yes, I’ll wash their backs, you wash fronts?” She laughed.

“See, boy, you’ve found a way to surround yourself with great women. C’mon Nasty.”

“This is his joke. He is just saying I am sexual and he likes it.” Nastya explained for me with a bright smile.

“Go dad, to the victor goes the spoils.” I smiled for him as he grabbed Nastya around the waist and pushed her quicker along the beach.

“Wow.” I couldn’t figure out anything else to say. I met Dakota’s eyes and stopped her from mixing me another martini. Ellie scooted her stool closer and rubbed my thigh.

“He doesn’t think I’m going to be a good tour guide.”

“How do you mean?” I lifted her chin. Her eyes were an incredible blue.

“If I was Mel, I would’ve taken you down to the losers shower. Punish them.”

“I can’t imagine I’m ready for that.” I shook my head. “Dakota?”

“Yes?” We were talking Portuguese again. “What do we do for fun?”

“On The Waterfront?” She shook her head. “We usually get together at The Globe. I am sorry, I don’t know what you like at the beach.”

“Do you know what you like at the beach?” I smiled hoping to let her cool down, but she just got a little more flustered.

“I help guests with weights.” She leaned across the bar to show me where a big outdoor gym was standing. No one was using it right now but an Asian girl and a black girl were talking with each other, ready for any customers. “I played in big human pyramid once. I was second row. Of seven. We all fell down. Your father was at fault.”

“Yeah, I have no doubt.” The outdoor showers were wide open and broken into two big squares with almost sixteen heads spraying down over each volleyball team. Dad and Nastya weren’t the only people being drawn into to join either team. I looked to Ellie.

“I don’t really get involved with something that might bring guests around. I don’t want to be with any man but you.”

“I think I’ve had enough here. Mel’s at the Globe?”

“Probably, she’s kinda into costume design.” Ellie nodded. “I’d rather take you to The Castle first. It’s better early afternoon.”

“What do you think, Dakota. Castle or Globe?”

“Castle is much more sexy. I don’t go very often. I don’t like heights.” She thought. “Globe is harder work. I love the dresses and stories.”

That didn’t answer my question. Ellie was tugging on her fingers and biting inside her lip.

“We’re going to The Castle!” I declared. Nastya had really set something off in me and Dakota was quite charming. I didn’t invite her hoping she would follow. I swept up Ellie, forgetting she was a monthish pregnant and hucked her over my shoulder. I came to a halt.

“You OK?” I worried.

“Let’s get going!” She bongo drummed my ass with both hands. I shrugged. Smile for Dakota. Took a step towards the palisade wall. I frowned.

“Who do I talk to to call for a cart?” I asked Ellie’s round butt.

“I can call the cart from here.” Dakota announced picking up a phone from under the lip of the bar.

“Awesome.” I said as she dialed in three numbers. I had an idea, a bad idea. Bad, naughty, what’s the difference? “No kiss goodbye?”

“Always,” she swayed over to me. I’m certain Ellie tried to kick her, not to hurt her, she did manage to pop a breast of of Dakota’s bikini top. There was no hesitation in the bartender. She slipped her hands over my cheeks and leaned in to kiss me. It was hot, slow, and I couldn’t believe she was acting at all. I’d been fooled by girls and women my whole dating life. This was something slow burning and passionate. “I’ll see you soon, Mister Tanner.”

“Good girl,” I smirked. “I meant for you to kiss something more important goodbye.”

“Yes!” Ellie laughed. She was getting awkward on my shoulder. I let her down and she squealed as she rushed behind me, wrapped my trunk with her arms and watched Dakota sink to her knees in the sand.

I immediately felt like a king. The power, not only to command Dakota to act but to elicit such joy on her face, was beyond anything I had imagined. She tugged my shorts down to my ankles. Her breath warmed the skin of my cock. Her long fingers stroked their way towards her face. Her thumb swirled on the head of my dick. She laid a warm little kiss upon the tip.

The excitement was hard to overcome but I was managing. What was I doing to her? She had been drugged. Her eyes glittered like her smile as she ran her cheek along the skin of my cock. She took the head into the entry of her lips. I felt her tongue press into the hole. There was a momentary hint of teeth. She kissed the tip once again.

“Th-th-thank you, Dakota.” I muttered and stepped back. Ellie eased back with me.

“I hate saying goodbye.” The dark haired woman climbed to her feet. Her breast still hung free of her askew bikini top. “How about see you later?”

“Of course.” I nodded, smiling in a way that felt like my face muscles were injured. She waved to Ellie and swayed off to her post. I squatted down and pulled up my shorts. Ellie slapped my ass.


“Hey yourself.” She grinned. “Our ride’s here.”

We had to cross the small section of beach to the wide roundabout inside the palisade gate. A driverless golf cart waited but another man, probably 50, was loading a couple of teenaged Arabic girls. He looked up to me and waved with a great big smile.

Ellie elbowed me to make me wave back. I was spared any small talk because he climbed in and drove away before we reached the cul de sac.

“I’m that easy to recognize?” A couple of empty carts pulled in quite soon after we arrived.

“You’re kinda a big deal.” She nodded. “And anyone who’s coming to Fuck Island is sure to know who you are.”

“I guess.” I said getting in. She clicked The Castle on the touchscreen and the cart started off.

“Think of yourself as Bruce Wayne.” She grinned.

“I feel more like Lex Luthor.” I frowned.

“No, Lex is a bad guy.” She shook her head. I had no idea how she could see me through such rose colored glasses. I smiled and pulled her in for a squeeze. The rollercoaster over the tree line was visible the moment we rounded the first turn. The carts that past us by were empty. “Hey, are you hungry?”

“I guess so.” I said. I had just had three martinis on an empty stomach.

“Cool.” She swiped the screen and brought up a smaller map of I guessed The Castle. It was an amusement park. Roller Coasters, carnival games, a ferris wheel, water slides, and all the rest. “You’re going to love this! This is the only place you can get a burger on the island.”

“I do love a good burger.” I agreed. “I have a feeling I don’t eat too many of them anymore.”

“Yeah, you seem to subsist off of salad and seafood.” She made a blegh face at her mention of seafood. “But I’m pregnant and you’re confused so I get to pick what I want.”

We rounded the hill that centered the island. Casa de Tanner, the hotel, I suppose my home now, and dormitory of the working girls sat on top of it. The island was boomerang shaped with a round shaped annex off the southwest half. The Waterfront was inside the kink. The Castle was the southern tip of the southwest peninsula. It was walled off with a gray stone wall topped with a metal fence.

I was asking myself, why I had built an amusement park on Fuck Island? It was an adult getaway, shouldn’t I have focused on more adult entertainment? Why not? Was a solid argument. Our cart let us off at another roundabout. Ellie was up and running before the brakes brought us to a complete stop. She looped the cart and grabbed my hand and dragged me up and going.

Like the beach, everywhere was populated with hot girls. Bikini tops seemed to be the rule, with only a handful of exceptions. The bottoms varied from shorts, to skirts, to bikini bottoms, to yoga pants. Bright smiles and perky tits lit the boardwalk streets.

There was no actual Castle, just pictures on flags. The ferris wheel marked the center, with the roller coaster weaving around the whole park. We crossed a bridge over a lazy river where an older woman floated on a figure eight tube with a cute little redhead fidgeted in the second seat.

Carnival games lined the streets but instead of cheap junk and stuffed animals, there were headshots and filthy promises to win. One tender walked among five booths. She played it up for the old man who was determined to with to shooting gallery. He missed more than he hit.

Ellie didn’t let up for a second. She zigged and zagged and zigged once again until the smell of cooked beef hit me. My mouth watered. The restaurant was open to the elements, a large canopy stood over five tables. A waitress in a pink bikini top and short apron came out to greet us with a bright smile.

“Hi,” I said as she caught me with her dark green eyes.

“Hi, darlin’!” She had a lilting southern accent. Maybe Texas, but I was never particularly good at placing accents. “Got you the table you asked for.”

“Kelsey.” Ellie hissed at me.

“Yes, hun?” The waitress asked over her shoulder. She was a tanned blonde with thick wavy hair. She had a big pair of tits and exaggerated hips. She was thin and fit, and the way she walked in wide heeled sandals made everything move just right.

“I’m just not so good with names. Got it in one!” Ellie beamed. Kelsey led us to a six person table where dark Latina girl and familiar blonde sat waiting.

“You tied your top back on,” I smiled for the blonde. She had been in the next lounger when I had woken up.

“For the moment,” she flirted. The table had benches not chairs, the better to snuggle with. Ellie claimed my side and blonde played footsie with me as I stretched out my feet.

“We need artery killers with dragon sauce!” Ellie told Kelsey quickly.

“Yeah, and onion rings for starters.” I added. Ellie elbowed me. “What?”

“Nothing, I like onion rings.” She beamed.

It was clear. Ellie’s motions with the tablet in the cart weren’t to make reservations at this little food shack. She had called for the girls. Kelsey headed off to put the order in with the cooks, she probably would’ve been here anyway. Obviously, Ellie wanted these two girls in front of me.

“Are you feeling better?” Morning blonde asked me.

“I’m starting too.” I admitted. “Things are still quite fuzzy. Maybe some food will help. Smell’s tied to memory and all that.”

“I know one smell you can’t do without.” Ellie said mischievously. “Traci here’ll make a great appetizer, don’t you think?”

Traci, the blonde, sat up straighter and seemed more relaxed than the hispanic girl. She was, maybe, 20 years old with near platinum blonde hair. She didn’t tan and she had no freckles. The smell of sunblock ws palpable. Her eyes were light blue and her sky blue bikini top was paired with faded daisy dukes. She had short fingernails. Everyone and my stepmother had had long manicured fingernails until now.

“What’s your name?” I asked the Latina. She immediately looked shocked. Traci rubbed her back and said something like “Mistress Deering says he’ll get better in a couple of weeks.”

Weeks? That unsettled my stomach. I was hoping hours maybe I’d see clearer after a tour and good night’s rest.

“My name is Zenya.” She crafted in deliberate English. “Zenya Nu—”

Ellie snapped her hand across the table and picked up Zenya’s hand. The last name never came but Nunes or Nunez seemed likely. She had buried her accent by metering her syllables. It wouldn’t have mattered, I doubted I could’ve parsed where in South America she was from by how rolled her R’s were.

Zena was of age with Ellie and Traci. Kelsey who was bringing a heaping mountain of steaming onion rings on a square tray was closer to my age. I’d have guessed a polite 29.

“Dig in, you’re going to need your energy.” She beamed at me as she slid enough food before our meal in front of us. There were fat dipping bowls of every shade of yellow, orange, and red sauces. “Chef wants to know how much dragonfire, Ellie?”

“Damn, I didn’t think Doc Vanessa made her rounds out this way yet,” my partner in crime muttered. “Fine, whatever she’s allowed to give me.”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” Kelsey drummed her hands on her apron before twisting and stalking off towards the kitchen once more. The glint of gold made me uncomfortable.

“I think I’ll start on the rings, Traci.” I said with a smile. I leaned over to Ellie and asked her which one was dragon fire.

“Orange with white pepper chunks.” She said.

“Over here.” Zenya spun the pyramid of deep fry around so I had access to another set of bowls. I dipped half of my first onion ring.

Before you bite into any sauce named dragonfire, peruse the facial expressions of your table mates. Zenya would have looked mildly startled. Traci was a muscle twitch away from lunging and slapping the ring from my mouth. Ellie grew a dick just so she could have an erection. I didn’t see any of this. I slapped the appetizer on my tongue.

Agony, burning in white hot fire. I managed to spit away the offending tar but the spirit had already burrowed thoroughly into my tongue. My eyes were bloodshot and swimming with tears. I scraped my tongue across the bottom of my teeth. Water! I hoped I shouted.

“This is why you have to pay people to eat with you, Mistress Hess.” She said somewhere over my ear. I had a straw shoved in my mouth and hauled back. The milkshake flooded the room of my mouth before it rained down over my stinging cheeks and tongue. I swear I had the ice cream headache before I had any relief.

“Make sure you get it on your lips, too.” Kelsey suggested. “It’ll cool you down.”

“Oh, Zenya...” Ellie singsonged as I rinsed my mouth with vanilla and peanut butter.

The Latina yanked my hair back and she slapped her plump lips right onto mine. I shuddered in happiness as her chocolate, mint, and vodka shake ran out of her mouth and over mine. I had to swallow, or drown. I snorted and heaved but with Kelsey rubbing my back and Ellie laughing in my face, I recovered.

I had to keep slurping up strawfuls every couple of breaths for the next few minutes.

“You are feeling better?” Zenya hoped. I reached over and slipped my hand into her swimsuit top. She was one of the few, wearing a one piece. She kissed me again. “My lips hurt now.”

She took a quick draft of my shake as hers was across the table. She tried to smile as she loped to the a trash bin and spat it away.

“Are you OK?”

“She’s lactose intolerant.” Traci informed me.

“Then why didn’t one of you three do it?” I demanded of my blondes.

“I’m a burger duty. Sorry.” Kelsey apologized.

“I don’t have Zenya’s plump lips.” Ellie said.

“It’s not something I learned how to do in first aid training,” Traci corked her head. “It would have been a more fun class with that lesson.”

I belched and reached for another onion ring. This time, honey mustard. They were fucking good onion rings. Crispy batter with fat onions inside, not soggy, not this soon anyway. There was no way we were making our way through it. I was upset so much food was destined to go to waste. I didn’t helped that my three table guests had four rings between them.

“The burgers are coming.” Ellie warned me as I grabbed my tenth ring. Maybe a fifth were gone, probably not.

“How do you feel now?” Zenya asked.

“Better.” I answered before I gave it some thought. “Hedonistic. All this food, all of you girls. What am I supposed to do about this?”

Kelsey arrived them with our burger platters. My stomach rumbled in excitement. They were big brown buns with one fat patty with white cheese stuffed with onions sloughing over six strips of bacon. Lettuce, some bean salsa, and my nose tingled with just a touch of dragonfire.

“You will do what makes us happy.” Traci stated.

“Yeah, you know what they say. Happy whores, happy fuck island.” Ellie flipped her burger as she lifted it and could hardly get her little mouth around it. Kelsey tutted. None of the girls reacted poorly to being called whores. I slumped my shoulders.

“There’s hardly a splash of dragonfire.” Kelsey assured me. “It really does taste good if you don’t set your mouth on fire.”

“I can’t eat it.” Traci shook her head.

“Being hot is against your Canadian sensibilities.” Zenya ribbed her. They smiled and poked each other. I chewed my first bite of burger. It was one of the best I had ever had. I wasn’t noticing it.


“Yeah?” She didn’t stop chewing or biting to talk.

“What’s the best way to go wild in The Castle?”