The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Imnir Ark

Volume 1, Chapter 1 – Close Encounter


Isaac Butler is abducted by a mysterious and sexy alien, who has come to Earth for an all-important mission—using him for the resurrection of her perished species.

Isaac jolted awake out of the blue, suddenly feeling a shock of alertness throughout his body as though someone had put smelling salts under his nose. He automatically took in a deep breath while he surveyed his surroundings, and the rational part of his brain brought itself together out of the foggy depths of his already-forgotten dreams. When he could finally think, he realized something was very wrong.

This isn’t where I went to sleep… Isaac peered all around, and then further noticed what else was bothering him; he had awoken standing up. Glancing down at his feet, his mind reeled. He wasn’t just in a standing position, he was literally suspended in midair. He could still feel the pull of gravity, but it was as if invisible clamps were fastened on his thighs, calves, torso, arms, even his neck. The room he was in was cluttered, looking vaguely like a surgical ward – a narrow bed was off to his left, with bright lights shining down above onto it. Tables and consoles were set almost haphazardly throughout the room, and the walls seemed to be entirely composed of some kind of metallic cabinetry or lockers. Some were open, revealing a selection of items that reminded him of a hospital – vials and bags filled with unnamed substances of various colors, inscrutable tools and parts, and what appeared to be flickering white and blue displays on a couple surfaces. Many more surfaces had the same-shaped areas on them as the displays, but were dark. Broken equipment?, he speculated.

Holding himself still, Isaac willed himself to awake again. He finally had to admit to himself that where he was, was real; dreams were never this lucid, and he remembered hearing that once you ask yourself if it’s a dream, you either wake up right then, or it isn’t one. Still, he had no idea what was going on. How did he end up here? What was this place? Looking more closely at the various stuff in the room, he realized the labeling on the various items, and the text he could make out on the displays, was just as foreign. It actually looked nothing like any script he’d ever seen before, and he’d been through twenty-four countries and six continents. He couldn’t get a close look at it from where he was, but he was sure even from his distance that he was looking at something very strange. The whole place actually looked somewhat run-down; the metal of the walls, unpainted, seemed pitted and scratched, and the edges all had the marks of long-term wear and tear. There was a heavy industrial feel to it, and everything seemed built to last, but he couldn’t help but get a sense that the place was very old and somehow outdated.

Unable to move regardless, Isaac had no options. He called out loud.

“Hello? Hellooo?”

He went silent, waiting and quieting his own breath in the hopes of hearing someone, or anything really. All he heard was distant mechanical sounds – the low hum of what sounded like a worn-down air conditioner, the regular and distant clang of metal on metal as some unknown machine clunked through its task in poor maintenance.

“My name is Isaac Butler. I’m stuck here. Can anyone come help me?”

Still nothing responded.

“I’m an American citizen… Kidnapping is not cool. People get cruise missiles through their bedroom window for this kind of thing, you know.”

The silence was getting to him. Was he completely alone here? Panic began its slow creep out of its already minimal containment.

“I’ll give you a doughnut.” He didn’t have anything on him really, just the forty bucks in his wallet. The light pressure of it in his back pocket he could still feel, at least.

Suddenly a section of the wall on the far side of the room seemed to crack, then slide inward toward him a couple inches. Steam or pressurized air escaped for an instant, then the top and bottom halves each retreated into the ceiling and floor, respectively. His admiration of the unusual engineering choice was broken when he saw who was on the other side. A naked woman stood in the threshold, staring at a floating display of information over her forearm.

“Hi, can you help – oh shit, are you okay?” As she strode inwards, not responding at all to anything he said, he noticed how strange she looked. Her skin was a bright red color, not like she was injured or sunburned – it was like she was just naturally… red. She had small spots on and around her in places which were mostly yellow but also shaded into a light teal color in places. The look was surreal, and yet her skin seemed totally natural to her at the same time; he could tell it wasn’t make-up or some wild tattoo job, that this was how this woman really looked. The only thing normal about her was her eyes, which were a particularly bright but otherwise normal-looking blues.

The woman, whom he was increasingly noticing was completely naked, was in good shape; she had the lithe and impressive build of an athlete, her waist toned and supported by supple, strong legs. Her breasts swung pleasingly as she turned and passed another bed; they were bright red orbs suspended in front of her, looking quite shapely – especially for a woman who apparently didn’t bother with bras. At a guess he would have put her at a C-cup. Her face was delicate and would have been beautiful without the severe expression she wore, like a woman focused on a critical yet grim task; still, he thought she looked amazing and more exotic than any other woman he’d ever seen, anywhere in the world. Around her head hung long, simple black hair, straight and shiny; it had no particular hairdo or decoration to it, though it seemed well-kept. Suspended though he was about six inches up in the air, she still seemed short, probably five and a half feet – a couple inches less than his own nearly six.

She glanced at him, making no acknowledgement of anything he said, and flicked her wrist. The hovering display of information vanished. She walked up to his face, only inches away. Isaac felt a little bolder.

“Hello – I’m Isaac Butler. I speak English. Do you? Um, I also speak Portuguese and Arabic. Você fala Português?”

The woman turned her attention away to the display, which had suddenly reappeared. She appeared to make some kind of final notation on it before closing it again. Isaac decided that if she understood him at all, she clearly had no intention of responding. He steeled himself.

“Listen – can I go? I mean, I didn’t mean to wake up in your crazy naked red people land, I’m sure it was a misunderstanding. When I get back I’ll be sure and find the guy who was supposed to be here and let him know. How’s that sound?”

The woman’s fingers brushed his sides and waist, almost as if she was measuring him, but he felt a hint of sensuality to it. While he wouldn’t say her touch was unwelcome – bizarre though she looked – his mind was focused elsewhere at the moment. One hand went to the waistband of his pants, so casually and unceremoniously that he didn’t notice when she slid her fingers beneath and he felt her warm grip on his flaccid cock.

“Whoa! Hello, how are you do—“ He choked on his words as she gave him an experimental squeeze, and tilted her head as if considering the results. The woman pulled her hand out as quickly as she’d put it in, and seemingly made another note on her floating screen. Still more confused than he’d ever been in his life, the woman suddenly grabbed his t-shirt and, without any obvious effort, ripped it open easily. Stunned, he could only try not to yell as she then moved down to his pants; she gripped the waistband of both his jeans and underwear at once, in both hands, and suddenly he felt a tightness against his ass as she gathered up the fabric and tore it in half as well. His clothing lay in shreds on the floor below. Isaac’s still-flaccid dick hung low, swinging slightly as his hips struggled against their invisible confines.

The woman came upward a little, almost but not quite to head level. She was of an average height, maybe five feet and six inches. Her deep eyes met his own and he wanted to shy backward from the predatory gleam in them. He didn’t even realize for a moment when she began to speak.

“Taansu-kæghne wäikuri zhót. Vinthane, tralahira.”

Isaac’s face went blank as he tried to wrap his head around the unintelligible nonsense. While he wouldn’t call himself a globe-trotter, Isaac had been to more places than most people had in their lives, and he had heard all of the world’s major languages spoken – at length. This sounded like nothing even close to any of them. Another part of him noticed her voice was low and husky, not unattractive but very distinct. Was that one of those tribal languages spoken by only a few people? Isaac wasn’t aware of any tribes of fire-engine red people anywhere in the world.

The red girl crouched down on her haunches, inspecting his dick, then stood back up suddenly and giving him a knowing smile. It was the first real expression she’d made since walking in, but she was still silent. Despite himself, the sight of any kind of happiness – hard-edged or not – on her pretty face, on top of the sight of her nude and very exotic looks set off some process inside him; it began sending blood into his cock and it slowly begin to stand. She noticed, taking his length in a closed fist, and went down onto her knees in front of him. Staring up the whole time into his eyes, her bright red and orange-shaded hands played along his length for a couple moments, and he gasped when she gave a sudden, single lick to his head.

“Who are you?” He said it between breaths, his own arousal quickly increasing – faster than he’d ever known it to. It was as if his hormones were being dumped forcefully into his bloodstream, filling his thoughts with sexual energy that he could barely contain. The woman didn’t answer his question, only holding his dick in both hands and then making as if to pull it away from his body. The force she was using increased, and he felt sparks of pain at the base of his dick – then the sensation seemed to shift and turn into great warmth. The woman turned and her mouth quickly closed over his cockhead, and her head began bobbing up and down. Isaac moaned, and his eyes grew wide as he began to notice something. Every time his dick popped out of her mouth, it was actually getting larger.

He thought it was just his eyes messing with him on the first couple strokes, or his too-rapid erection finally reaching its maximum size, but by the fifth stroke he knew his dick was bigger than it had ever been in his life, and still growing. Heat and power flowed along his shaft, the wetness and warmth of her mouth and tongue laving his pole all around as he felt its mass and size increase. The width of its base widened as well, and in between glances he saw his trimmed pubic hair apparently getting shorter of its own accord. The heat spread beyond his cock, out into his body, and he felt muscles and tendons tighten. He wasn’t sure, but he felt a little heavier, a little more solid somehow. After a minute or so of expert cock-sucking, her mouth opened and released him, his hard and now very heavy dick flopping downward under its own weight to point directly outward like the hand of a compass. It was unmistakably much larger than it had been before. He felt more energetic and powerful than before, too; looking at his arms and chest, he could clearly see that somehow she’d made him stronger. Isaac stared down at himself, amazed.

Isaac – a typical Caucasian male of mixed European ancestry – had, prior to this, been just short of six feet tall, and kept himself well-tanned with frequent outdoor activity and trips to the beach for the surfing hobby he still enjoyed, though he was now slightly over thirty years old. He kept his hair close-cropped, and was more of a runner than a bodybuilder, but he wouldn’t consider himself skinny or frail. Like most men, he had his history of ex-girlfriends, but his was shorter than most; a late bloomer, Isaac had only ever had three serious girlfriends, and it hadn’t worked out in the end with any of them. He had often felt held back by his not quite impressive dick, but it wasn’t the headline of his own perceived shortcomings. Looking at himself now, he would have guessed his body was the same general size and shape, color and build, just a little more built and subtly enhanced – aside from his now much larger penis.

The woman extended one brilliant red index finger, waved it in front of his bewildered face, and before he could wonder what was going on, the finger touched against the pre-come-dripping head of his enlarged cock. He felt a rush of sensitivity, the slight touch of the one slender finger sending a shudder throughout his whole body, then another sensation. While the woman’s body was nice to look at, albeit strange, he wouldn’t have said he was too horny to think just prior to that moment – the surprise blowjob had had its effect, but if he had to describe his state of mind, he would have chosen ‘confused as hell’ – yet in seconds, his arousal began to ramp up out of nowhere all over again, though this time with much greater power. His erection, once just a physical after-effect of the woman’s attention to it, now matched the raging inferno of desire burning inside him. Red or not, there was a hot, naked woman in front of him right now, and he wanted to grab her and fuck her until she couldn’t even stand up.

Raring against his constraints, he managed a pathetic, half-inch thrusting motion with his hips – his body still totally constrained by the invisible force. The woman made a deliberate, unmistakably sultry walk back to the bed, and made a show of leaning herself over it and displaying her ass and dark pussy, pointing straight at him. Her head turned, staring at him with a knowing smile, and the display over her forearm flickered to life for an instant, then disappeared again. The pressure against his body suddenly vanished, and he fell the short distance to the ground, landing on his heels and taking a few surprised moments to regain his balance. The fiery hormones in him weren’t interrupted by the disturbance, and as soon as he was on flat feet he immediately rushed over to her and grabbed her by the waist.

A slight rocking motion in her hips was all the signal he needed. She wanted it, he knew. That was fine with him, because he was so horny at that moment that he’d have fucked her regardless. Taking only a few moments to line himself up and tease the pink folds of her entrance, he pushed his steel-hard cock against her opening and felt her body’s reluctance to allow such a large invader within. She moaned, the first sound he’d heard out of her at all, and her tightness began to slowly abate, the head of his dick gradually entering her. Once the crown was inside, he took a moment to revel in the sensation, then continued to push, opening his eyes and looking down at her – she was gritting her teeth and bunching up the bed’s sheets in her fists. There was a distant voice inside his mind – that he hadn’t meant to hurt her, to slow down – but the blazing eroticism overrode everything in his head, driving his every thought into a singular purpose: to fuck this red woman until he was utterly satisfied.

His shaft reached further inside her, sliding into her more easily as she relaxed herself, and he suddenly felt the base of his cock resting against her wet pussy lips. The contrast of her bright red skin – what the hell is with that? – against his tan was strange, but somehow exciting. It felt adventurous, if anything. Letting his cock rest deep inside her, he felt primally male, and indulged a stray whim; leaning down, he laid a kiss on the side of her neck, which seemed to surprise her. He continued, nibbling at her ear briefly, which actually seemed to tickle her a little and draw a smile out of her for an instant, then suddenly she looked serious again, apparently having caught herself having fun. Determined to see another moment of her perfect guard breaking down, he leaned back up and suddenly withdrew himself, then slammed his cock all the way back in, slapping against her and sending a ripple through the muscle of her ass.

With one free hand, he began to stroke and fondle her ass and thighs, and he began fucking her again as he reached her firm breasts. Not huge, not small, the red flesh felt perfect in his hand, well-shaped and warm, firm yet pliable, and her large, erect nipple pressed in the center of his palm. He felt the globe in his hand try to wobble around as her body shook with the force of his thrusts, and took the nipple in his fingers and gave it a light pinch. She moaned again, staring into his eyes, and he could tell he’d gotten to her; desire was now infused into her own mind as well, not just the boring, somehow businesslike demeanor she’d had when she started.

Isaac mixed up his thrusts, tilting her ass downward somewhat to accommodate a more upward motion, then alternating from side to side with his thrusts. Wanting to explore her more and force her to feel at least some of the enjoyment he felt at being allowed such intimate contact with her exotic body, Isaac’s hand slid down her flat stomach and found her bare mons, then, searching the wet folds of her core, found her clit. He felt her legs stiffen as an electric impulse jolted her whole body, both in surprise and pleasure. Isaac almost laughed at the wide-eyed shock on her face and her audible gasp as his fingers continued to gently manipulate her clit, sliding over the tiny nubbin. She made a long ‘unngghhh’ sound – English or not, her meaning was clear; he was finally affecting her, and he felt his confidence bolstered.

The fun-loving part of him wanted to continue the games, trying to elicit more reluctantly granted sexual reactions out of this mysterious red girl. Her entrancing body was having its effect on him, though, her wet and tight pussy wrapped around his dick, her slender red body open and lewdly displayed for his pleasure – he wasn’t sure if he would be able to fight down his impending orgasm long enough to make her come too. Reopening his eyes for a moment, he noticed the red woman staring at him, her eyes narrowed and focused, and looking somewhat angry at him – or just concentrating, he couldn’t tell. Isaac felt something within himself, a growing… connection, to this woman, somehow. For reasons he couldn’t guess at, he suddenly felt like he’d known her for a long time – not love exactly, more just a close and intimate bond. Her presence also took on another form in his mind, her stature – not physical size, just her presence – growing larger in his mind, commanding and dominant. After these feelings grew, something happened, and the feelings solidified – in a culminating instant, becoming permanent.

Isaac he felt his balls quickly begin to boil, his own arousal being pushed along by some mysterious force further and further, robbing him of the chance to make her come, compelling him to bring himself off deep inside her as soon as possible. Grunting again and gripping her hips tightly, he focused on his own dick and redoubled his pace, plunging in and out of her pussy faster and faster. The rapid animal fucking seemed to affect her too, and she closed her eyes and seemed to simply surrender herself to it, holding still and almost panting, probably focused inward on her own pleasure as well. Another isolated, rational part of his brain noticed that after whatever she’d done to make him feel so close and connected to her was complete, she looked exhausted now, when before, even as the two fucked harder than Isaac ever had before, she hadn’t even broken a sweat.

He roared without thinking, rapture converging at the base of his cock. It kept building and building, well beyond what he was accustomed to when he came; normally he would have peaked and begun emptying his load a while ago, but the pleasure kept increasing and his cock seemed to be far from pumping its hot payload. His animal brain kept his hips thrusting automatically, while his mind was overwhelmed with the raw pleasure emanating from his penis. It overrode and washed away conscious thought, turning his whole world into a single orgasm; the crescendo finally came and he felt his balls finally begin to empty their massive load. It was indeed massive – the first spurt he felt, much longer than any in his past, opened his cockhead wide to spray a rope of come deep inside her body. A second jolt of pleasure released another stream of semen, and a third, on until a tenth or eleventh, he lost count. Come seemed to pour out of him, and in the cacophony of his nervous system’s fireworks he could have sworn he felt something else, another presence working its way throughout his body and into his head.

As the pleasure receded and the world returned to him, he felt his cock dribbling out a slow ooze of come, but even so releasing more now than he previously would have in an entire orgasm. The strange, other sensation had also vanished. He heard a loud, unintelligible grunting, and realized it was himself; his instinctual, heightened masculine sexuality affecting him for a while, bringing out a long-forgotten bestial side. Reason re-established itself in his mind, and he wondered at his own behavior. What had overcome him? How had he gotten himself so distracted in what was clearly a very bizarre situation? He’d never been the type to let his cock do all of his thinking in the past. And what the fuck was up with there being here a hot, but tight-lipped, completely red chick who wanted nothing other than to just fuck and be done with it? He let his cock slide out slowly, a sheen of wetness coating the organ as it grew increasingly limp. He noticed that the red girl was looking limp herself, seeming to have lost that rigid, disciplined energy she’d had when she walked in. She fell to her knees, bracing herself with her hands above her head, holding herself up against the side of the bed. He was suddenly worried.

“Are you okay?” She said nothing, and slowly turned herself around to lean against the support beam of the bed. Even with his head swimming in urgent questions, he couldn’t help but notice how amazing she looked. Her breasts heaving, her body looking weak and vulnerable, her stomach bulging… wait a minute. Looking more closely, he was sure her stomach hadn’t had that slight bulge when she walked in; she’d looked like a swimsuit model, her flat abs visible on a tight waistline. He knew he’d come hard, but enough to fill her up like a balloon? He knew that, expanded dick or not, he hadn’t spewed anywhere near so much inside her. Her eyes caught him staring, and with a heavy-lidded glare she gestured with one hand. It was something like a beckoning hand-wave; the intent seemed clear. He kneeled down next to her, a small part of his mind noting with glee that even limp, the leaking tip of his new monster cock flattened against the cold metallic floor in this position.

Isaac held out both hands, holding one to her forehead and the other to her stomach. She was very warm to the touch, but not so much that he felt she was sick. Her hands went to her stomach as well, and slowly a blissful smile crossed her face. Glancing at him, she kept smiling. She suddenly began to speak.

“Isnofela… kaelosc imnir… zaema, sen.”

Her hand slid along his arm, reaching his shoulder, then the side of his head. He held still, unsure what was going on, and her eyes focused on him. She bit her lower lip, and her expression seemed determined – but to do what, he had no clue. Isaac began to hear a screeching sound, but was unable to move; he couldn’t place the noise, and it was rapidly becoming very loud. However uncomfortable it was for him, it was she who was obviously more distressed; her face turned into a grimace and she doubled over, but her grip on his head never relaxed. The screeching sound dissipated quickly, but her discomfort remained; she stayed curled in on herself even as Isaac quickly recovered. She was panting now, holding her head in both hands, looking like she was fighting the headache of the century.

Isaac shook off the pain and refocused on their situation. He couldn’t help but feel bad, sitting here like he was, useless and confused while she was writhing in some inexplicable suffering. He wrapped an arm around her back and positioned himself to help her stand back up. “We really need to get you to a hospital. I don’t know what’s wrong with your stomach, and you’re in a lot of pain.” He shifted down, making to lift her up – or to simply carry her, if need be. Crazy, kidnapper, red, whatever – Isaac didn’t want to think of himself as someone who could just leave somebody in pain. Especially a woman he’d just made love to, even if under very bizarre circumstances that he hadn’t himself yet figured out.

“Nahhhuuuuaahhhhh…” She seemed frustrated, trying to say something, but he wasn’t sure what. “Nooh. No.” Her eyes opened again, and she seemed more in control of herself, though clearly not well yet. “No.” She shook her head. “Fine.”

Isaac frowned. “Why didn’t you say anything earlier if you speak English?”

“Ah…. Many… so many word… can’t yet. Can’t…. aaagghhh!” She was still holding her temples, and a tear escaped her eye; he somehow knew it wasn’t emotional, just the result of her fighting a lot of pain. “Help... help up.” She held one of her arms out. Shrugging, Isaac figured he was going to help her up regardless; he stood and helped the staggering red woman to her feet. The woman leaned against him for a while, one hand still against her temple, fighting the headache. She seemed to want to just stay there, leaning against him; with no idea what was going on or what else better to do, Isaac’s thoughts inevitably turned to the sensation of the slender red woman curled against him, using his body for support. Glancing downward, he could see the occasional tremble in her weakened legs; he felt a little guilty, remembering the thought cross his mind earlier, during his inexplicable super-arousal, to fuck her until she couldn’t even stand. Apparently he’d done exactly that.

He fought down the impulses he felt rising out of his dick, but it seemed more difficult than usual; his urges somehow were harder to dampen. After a couple minutes, she took a few tentative steps backward, while she left her grip on his elbows to steady her. Once she was no longer directly against him, he could see her stomach had swollen even further, now looking more than slightly pregnant. A single beat went into his cock, making it rise for a moment, and he was left wondering why that sight, specifically, sent a rush into his penis. The sight of his flagpole rising for a moment distracted her, and she suddenly lost her balance; she was about to fall flat onto the ground when Isaac caught her.

“Okay, no more standing.” He set her down and laid her out again. She seemed to comply, if only for the time being, though her expression betrayed her lack of understanding about what he was up to. Curling one arm under the small of her back and one under her knees, he lifted with his legs and suddenly was holding her up in the air in a standing position. He flexed his arms for a moment, testing her weight; she was about as light a naked woman as he had ever lifted, which in hindsight hadn’t been as many as he would have liked. She gave him a bleary stare for a moment, then relaxed. One finger pointed at him.

“Tell I... no. Is wrong. Tell me your… name, beige man.” She looked a little pleased with herself at finally completing a sentence.

Beige man? “Finally you can talk.”

She gave a look like she was searching herself, translating within her own mind, then frowned. “That is not a name. Your name. Give.” The woman was insistent now.

“Isaac. I am Isaac Butler.”

“Isaac.” She seemed to consider it. “Good Isaac.”

“What happened just now? Are you sick?” He looked around the room again, wondering what to do now that he was holding her.

“No. Not at all.” Her speech was growing more confident, with less odd pauses and the weird accent diminishing with each sentence. “I am fine. I am very okay.” She patted her belly. Was it him, or was it even bigger?

“Okay. What’s going on? What is this place?”

She nodded towards one wall, with no shelving on it, and he walked over toward it, carrying her. Her hair swung back and forth as he waddled around the various junk strewn about. Stopping at the wall, she reached out and touched a small control panel he barely saw, and there was a flash from the button she pressed. He heard the same screeching, hissing sound as he’d heard when the door opened, but it came from behind. Isaac turned and saw an entire section of the wall opening, outwards and away, revealing what appeared to be a floor-to-ceiling window. Outside, he didn’t see at all what he expected. At first, as the window was only halfway open, he thought it was simply night outside, but he had to quickly squint his eyes when a bright light streamed in. He saw a broad arc of blue-white below. He looked closer, and his eyes adjusted; he made out details, ocean, clouds, an occasional island. His mind froze. Speechless and standing perfectly still, Isaac took in the amazing sight of Earth from several hundred miles up, the surface continuing to move very slowly. The woman looked out the window as well, but seemed totally unsurprised and maybe a little bored. He couldn’t make out continents or cities on the grand vista, and they seemed to be over mostly ocean right now, with a jaggedly shaped island interrupting the otherwise solid blue.

“Jesus Christ.”

“What is a… Jeesoos Chriiist?” The question came from the woman in his arms; he’d practically forgotten he was still holding her. She was light, true, but Isaac found it a little strange when he thought about it; am I stronger now? Slender or not, she must weigh a hundred and twenty or so pounds, and I couldn’t just lift that without much effort before.

“It’s – uhh – I was just surprised.” Anger flashed into him, feeling misled and lost. “And why the fuck shouldn’t I be! I’m in goddamn space! If you could talk, why didn’t you say, ‘Oh, hi random beige guy, FYI: you’re in space!’”

“I’ll… explain. Just – take I… me… out of place, this. I need to be in… another place in the boat… ship. I will give to you… directions.” He was still furious, with both her and himself for suddenly getting so pussy-stupid that he’d spent all his time plugging his dick away while he was flying through goddamn space. How did I get into space? And why is this chick red, anyhow?

A thought occurred to him which linked the two mysteries together, but he immediately dismissed it as ridiculous. Then he reconsidered. It has to be. Nothing else adds up. Turning back towards the door she used to come in, Isaac walked over, carrying her out of the room and into a corridor outside. She nodded to the right, and he continued walking as she guided him. During a long stretch of walking through worn metal corridors, he decided he’d gathered his thoughts enough. He summoned his resolve, fully prepared to sound like an idiot.

“So, uh, does everyone from your planet look like… I don’t know, an endangered fish?” He regretted the roundabout tack he’d chosen to ask her about her origin as soon as he said it. It sounded funnier in my head…

“What is a… fish?” She seemed genuinely confused. Isaac stopped for a moment, searching her expression; she was still partly lost in her headache, but he sensed no humor or ill intent in her. I’ll just ask.

“I mean, I’m pretty damn sure you’re an alien. I was just trying to make conversation.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You tell I…. me, I mean, you are alien too.” Her accent was almost gone. Is she just learning English that fast? Is that even possible?

“Not fair. That’s Earth below us, or at least I’m pretty damn sure that bigger island was part of New Guinea.”

“Fine. I am one imnir. You are, um, human. Right? Human is what you call yourselves.”

“Was last time I checked.” He stepped over a broken pipe laying out in the hallway. Now knowing they were in a spaceship, Isaac felt mildly unimpressed. The place was a pigsty, and seemed very poorly maintained. She guided him into an elevator, which was very slow, and gave a little creak and groan as it started. He counted two decks going by, and noticed the heat emanating from her swollen belly. Looking down, it was even bigger, looking probably four months pregnant. “I’m worried about your stomach, even if you aren’t. We need to get it looked at. Where’s the other crew? Is there a doctor?”

“No… no other crew. Me… alone.” She seemed a little wistful as she said it. “I am fine. Really.” She stroked his cheek with the back of her palm while she slid her hand along her belly. “You did a very good job.” The elevator’s door opened, revealing another dark metallic corridor. She directed him to the first door on the right.

“And what was my job?”

“To come inside me. I am a… little… distracted, right now. Please, hurry.” Well, why bring him to a spaceship if she just needed him to come inside her? She couldn’t have found a less convoluted way to get a guy to blow his wad inside her pussy?

He managed to figure out the door-opening mechanism himself, a small button on either side of the frame. Inside was a wide, mostly empty room, like the previous one but with no hospital-like clutter. There was a broad console along the far wall with a dark screen above it, and the two walls flanking it were covered with vault-like doors, or possibly lockers, probably six inches on a side each; on each one was what he guessed was probably numbers, judging by the repeating characters. The floor of the room was completely unlike the rest of the ship; it was an off-white color, and had a consistency like especially dense memory foam. He stepped into it and felt it gather around his feet, bunching under his toes, but it wasn’t pliable enough to make walking difficult. She gestured to be put down, and he gently laid her, ass-first, on the soft floor, her back leaning against a wide cushion that ran along the lower wall to about two feet up; it just seemed the obvious place to put her.

She let her legs spread out wide and flat; she has no modesty at all, he thought, but he didn’t mind. When she isn’t trying to be a commanding bitch, she’s actually every kind of sexy, he mused, even with the pregnant-looking belly. Her stomach hadn’t swollen any more, but was still warmer than the rest of her. She suddenly gasped, and held a hand down on her pussy.

“Here they come.” Her mouth went wide, and he looked on in confusion as rapture overtook her expression. Her silent gape remained frozen on her face, and looking down, he saw her pussy seeming to dilate wider on its own. Her fingers rested against her lips, and something emerged from inside her. It was an egg, small, but bigger than a chicken egg – somewhere in between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball – and round, and was grey with irregular white and black splotches and speckles on it. An egg? She needed me to fertilize her? His mind reeled as the egg popped out completely, falling easily into her fingers, followed by a slight ejection of a clear gel-like substance that oozed down past her asshole and onto the floor, leaving her legs and ass glistening when she shifted a little and it smeared beneath her. She let the egg rest on the soft floor nearby, where it left a small divot and remained it place. Her fingers quickly returned to her pussy for another egg’s emergence. Isaac stared in fascination as the nude woman gasped again, and a wet sound came from her pussy as a second egg was revealed, the sphere slowly sliding out of her body, with more goo leaking out from her the whole time. Isaac noticed her stomach was somewhat less round now.

After gingerly depositing the second egg, she gave a short yelp and seemed to tense up. Her left hand drifted down to her folds, lightly flicking her clit as her body prepared for a third egg. On an impulse, she grabbed Isaac’s hand and yanked it downwards, and his hand suddenly made contact with her wet pussy, some of the goo coating his hand; it was warm to the touch, almost hot. There was another quiet squelch and he felt the lips of her pussy part on their own, and she pressed his hand inward towards herself, willing him to aid in the egg’s birth. His fingers snaked inside her, feeling the slick, tough membrane of the egg sliding into his hand.

It moved effortlessly, his hand released from her grip as the sphere finished emerging and came to rest in his soaked palm. Blinking, Isaac stared down at the grey globe; it was heavier than he would have thought, but it was possibly just his imagination. A little bit of ooze flowed onto his pinky, the rest continuing to puddle up under her ass. It was strange to think that this grey sphere in his hand was his progeny. Her hand gripping his wrist guided him to leave the egg on the decking, and she let go of him, moving her own hands down onto herself to let the fourth egg emerge. His own hand went to his cock, his fist barely closing around the half-rigid pole and stroking it without thought while he watched her lay an egg again; his mind couldn’t wrap itself around whether or not what he saw was twisted or erotic, but his body had already made its decision.

She continued into her fifth and final egg, each having come out easily on its own. Her breath quickened slightly, reaching a slow pant, and he noticed that her nipples had hardened again, as pointy as they had been when they mated not long ago. After the fifth egg sat on the pliable floor material, he saw her stomach had returned to normal, flat as a board. His eyes trailed up to her breasts, themselves heaving with her deep breaths, the erect, almost sharp nipples weaving up and down with the motion; to her face, looking tired but beautiful, and quite happy – then to her pussy, the last of the clear goo forming a tiny moat around her ass in the indentation her lower body left in the soft floor. Her pink-orange clit was standing up with its own little erection; between her nipples and the on-the-edge expression she was wearing, it was clear it wouldn’t take much to bring her off.

Isaac wanted to give this beautiful creature something back for showing him something incredible, and he allowed his hand to approach her; she either didn’t notice or didn’t stop him, and she soon felt his fingers probing her over-sensitive pussy, and teasing her clit. He leaned in closer, his thick pole standing straight out forward and bumping into her arm and the side of her breast as he placed one hand on her back, the other playing with her womanhood. She was very responsive, reduced to an almost animalistic state; her body and the sounds she made both seemingly in slow motion as her now helpless body was gradually pushed further and further into pure pleasure by Isaac’s fingers. Unlike his recent explosive orgasm, hers was quiet, long, and sensual, extended over a long period by her body’s languid state. Her fingers gripped the arm he was using to tease her, and she leaned her weight into him, enjoying for a moment the warmth of another body as she went past the point of no return and came. He felt her tense against him over and over as pleasure pulsed out of her clit and into her whole body, a small ‘ahhh’ sound escaping her with each wave.

Isaac felt like he’d seen something he shouldn’t have. He waited for her body to recover, patiently, for an indeterminately long period of time. It could have been five minutes or an hour, the only way to mark the passage of time being their slow shared breaths. After a while he could feel her shift, and she leaned back; he could see her conscious mind had reasserted itself.

“What just happened?” He felt dumb even asking, but Isaac felt obligated to start his questions at the beginning, and make no assumptions.

Gathering her thoughts, the woman took her weight off of him and leaned back again. Whatever force had weakened her so much seemed to have mostly departed; she looked depleted yet energized, like someone who’d just rested after running a few miles. She looked him right in the eyes and started talking – her English now flawless. “I picked you, Isaac. There were a few others before you, but they all failed. Only you had perfect DNA.” She looked at him with an almost evil smile. Her English was next to flawless now, like she’d been born and raised in the US with him. He even noticed she drew out her ‘a’ sound a tiny bit – just like I do… “I liked those little touches you added. Nibbling my ear, playing with my tits, my clit. You really tried to make me come, didn’t you? All of the other men couldn’t think of anything but their own cocks when I forced a massive hormone release. You’re a lover. That’s a nice bonus. You’ll make a good partner.”

‘Forced a massive hormone release?’ Isaac pondered the implications. So, she’s saying she forced me to fuck her, basically, then we ‘bonded’ somehow. He had no idea how she’d allegedly controlled him. Drugs? He peered down at her. What does having ‘perfect DNA’ even mean? “What was all this for? You flew all the way to Earth just for… what, to get some dick?”

“In a manner of speaking. Go get one of the tubes from out of the wall vaults, and I’ll explain.” With no other option but to obey, he picked a door at random, opening it and extracting one of a set of four tube-like devices inside. Each was metallic and as worn-looking as the rest of the ship. On the tapered, closed end was a red enamel-like paint, and the other end – which seemed to be the open end of the tube – had a yellow and black crisscross pattern painted around it, which gave a vague impression of hazard striping. There was what appeared to be a plate with instructions embossed on one side, but they were written in the same alien language he’d seen on the displays in the room he awoke within.

As he returned, she was gathering up the eggs around her, holding them lovingly. She took the tube from him, and he noticed the aperture on one end was just slightly bigger than an egg. Sure enough, she began to load the eggs inside the tube. Once all five were within, she took each end in one hand and suddenly twisted. The yellow end seemed to rotate independently of the tube itself, and there was a whoop sound as air rushed into the tube. The woman then tossed the tube away like a piece of garbage; it clattered against the far wall and bounced weakly on the soft floor before coming to rest. She held out a hand, gesturing for him to lift her again. Isaac helped her up, though she was still a little wobbly on her feet; she nodded towards the console at the far end of the room, and he helped her, on wobbly feet, over to it. He set her down in front of it and sat down behind her. The woman stared at the console surface for a few extended moments, looking like she was working on a difficult crossword puzzle, then selected a button.

“To answer your question earlier… I’m from another galaxy.” A chart, flickering and dim in places, appeared on the screen on the wall. “There.” A line appeared, pointing at a galaxy in the center. The focus shifted, moving the ‘center’ through empty space and over to another cluster of galaxies, finding its way to the medium-sized element of a trio of large galaxies surrounded by a host of smaller ones. “I was sent here to choose a male to bond with and set about the task of repopulating the imnir race.” She said it matter-of-factly, though none made sense to him.

“Isn’t it an awful goddamn coincidence?”

“What was?”

“You! Us! I mean, what are the chances two alien species meet for the first time and oh, hey, we look exactly the goddamn same except you’re red. We’re so similar that I can actually get you pregnant. I mean, that’s statistically… it has to be basically impossible.”

“Oh. You couldn’t normally, of course. There’s a lot of differences inside. It also isn’t that simple. I was changed a lot before I got here. I didn’t look human at all back home. The Ark made me look and feel human.”

“Okay…” Isaac let the subject drop. “There wasn’t a single man back home you could have done this with?” Much as Isaac would like to believe he was a one-of-a-kind man that aliens would fly across galaxies to meet and/or have crazy sex with, he knew he wasn’t really anything special.

Her eyes rolled upwards for a moment. “For reasons I don’t feel like explaining right now, that wasn’t an option. I’m something of a prototype in a new technology, quarkware. We reverse-engineered it from some artifacts we found on other planets in our home system… but it didn’t work out so well. This ship was supposed to be full of people like me. Making that many turned out to be a little pie-in-the-sky.” She paused. “I got all these expressions from your mind, and I know their use – but I don’t know what the words reference. What is a pie?” She turned back and pressed another button, which only turned the map on the screen another color and revealed cloud-like structures surrounding the galaxies on the map. She looked frustrated.

“Um.” Isaac was more at a loss than he felt he should be, then he suddenly smiled. “You can abduct a grown man out of his own home, but you can’t abduct a pie?”

“I wouldn’t know what to look for.” She seemed serious. “I’m assuming a pie wouldn’t normally be in the sky?” She peered at him.

“Listen, I can email you some choice pie recipes later. And no, they aren’t typically in the sky. Forget about that. I don’t think I’m the right guy for this repopulation thing.”

“You are. I’m certain of it. I bonded you, so it’s too late now regardless. Anyway – I was the only one they could finish in time.” In time? He filed it away, wondering what that meant, while simultaneously grumbling to himself about Nall’s unilateral decision. She went on. “All the quarkware vessels that were found and studied were inanimate objects, useless without someone to bond to and command them. We couldn’t copy those, but the team was pretty sure they could turn living imnir into less powerful vessels where the bond worked the other way. I still need to bond to someone like a vessel would, but I command them.” She grinned at him. “We already bonded, Isaac.” His blood froze. He realized what the strange sensation of closeness he suddenly felt when they made love was, and knew she was telling the truth. His mind raced. Does – does she mean I’m her slave?

“I mean I can read your mind.” He couldn’t hide his shock. “Though I’ll tell you I’m not very good at it yet. Humans and imnir aren’t completely neurologically compatible. I can also make some changes to your mind, like you already felt in the medical ward.” He recalled how he had inexplicably become instantly and incredibly aroused after she touched the tip of his dick. “After I finished bonding with you while you came inside me,” she gave her hips a sexy little shake, “we were linked enough that I was able to overwrite my language center with the contents of yours.” She smiled again, and stretched in the chair, arching her back and flexing her taut body. Despite himself, his cock stirred for a moment. “I didn’t know a word of English until then. Anyway, you’re already in the process of becoming my bonded male and patriarch of the imnir rebirth. That happened in the moment you came, and it’s inevitable now. I can only bond to one man, so don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe, and protect you.”

“Protect me from what?” Even as he said it, he disappointed himself. Way to act macho at the wrong time, champ.

“Anything.” She leaned back, arms behind her, resting on her palms. The console display remained frozen in place, no longer being used. “I told you, I’m a quarkware vessel. You’re familiar, I assume.”

“Can’t say as I am.” It slipped out, though he was curious why she would believe something so completely wrong about his own memories if she claimed to be able to read his mind.

She gave him a quizzical look. “But the probes monitored nineteen quarkware vessels already operating on Earth. The computer assumed a technology level comparable or superior to the imnir at the end. How do you not know about quarkware?”

Isaac shrugged. “Guess I slept through class that day. What’s quarkware?”

Her expression darkened, if that were even possible. She spun backwards in the chair, facing the console.

“Quarkware is, in short, a technology a step beyond nanobots. You have to be familiar with those.” She said it in a condescending tone, and he gave a half-committal nod and shrug. Isaac had only heard of nanotechnology in bad movies and the occasional Scientific American article, but he had the general idea. Usually it was bullshit magic ‘science’ used by lazy writers to explain away some hand-wavey plot device, the reality probably being decades or centuries from anyone even knowing whether or not it was possible. Nall went on showing him how superior she was. “I’m not going to bore you with the details. Just believe me when I say that I made your cock grow to triple its mass with my power.” His mind suddenly shifted back to the increased weight in his groin; she was right, it hadn’t been a hallucination or just some temporary drug-induced change, and her ‘quarkware’ power was very real. His cock was definitely huge now, which went a little ways towards mitigating whatever alarm and misgivings he felt about his current insane situation. What kind of simple creature am I? He chided himself.

“What was your name, anyway?” He poked her on the shoulder, trying not to let his total alarm and powerlessness show.

“Ävhip-ñall Sloclaá.” The bizarre syllables rolled quickly off her tongue, and he immediately knew that no matter how hard he tried he would mangle them beyond recognition. While he was reaching this conclusion, he caught another wistful look from her, out to her side. Talking to herself, she said quietly, “Good, I can still say my name, at least.” She looked back at him before he could ask what she meant. “A couple of the phonetics don’t exist in English, or either of the other two languages you know. That we know. Just call me Nall.”

“Okay, Nall. How long do I have to do this?” A sly grin he didn’t feel crossed his face.

Nall stood back up, turning to him. The chair returned to its place beneath the floor. She was quite a bit shorter than him, but he wasn’t fooled; the woman had all the power here. “Until I’m satisfied.” She smiled, far too broadly. “I was sent here on a one-way trip, with a mission to fulfill. Send back as many eggs as possible. You and I are now the mission.”

Sputtering, Isaac didn’t even know where to begin. He was outraged. Just like that? “What the fuck! So I just sit around your space… trailer-home, and stare at my big dick all day when you’re not laying eggs?”

Nall seemed confused, then her expression cleared. “Oh, no. We won’t live on the ship, but I will keep it handy.” she said, gesturing around her. “This old piece of junk is just a re-commissioned military freighter with a mostly intact electronic stealth shroud. They only put me in it because warp bridge technology isn’t accurate enough to land me right on Earth’s surface at this distance, and because my quarkware network can’t hold all of the eggs’ DNA data and biomass at once. The overwhelming majority of the project’s technology isn’t tied up in the ship, it’s in me. Is me.” She pointed at herself, then continued. “I just stayed in orbit and plucked up a couple likely males with a reverse bridge until I found you. It’s a damn good thing too; the warp disc’s baryon grids shorted out, you were the last one I could get up here that way. We’ll have to go down by shuttle. Now that I’ve found you, we’ll move down to your primary habitation unit and begin in earnest.”

“Am I missing something here? Is your planet too polluted to lay eggs on or something?” He said it snidely, picking a possible reason out of a hat; it sounded like something suitable to a movie plot.

“Oh, no. You saw me just then, I only laid five eggs. That’s about as many as will ever come of you and I mating. The mission isn’t for you to fuck me.” She sauntered over to him, wrapping her arms over his tense shoulders and sliding her body up against him, her warm skin rubbing against his body pleasingly. “The mission is for you to fuck human girls that I’ve played with a little first, and they lay the eggs. You’re even more virile than I had hoped for; girls should lay hundreds of eggs at a time for you!” Nall smiled widely again, and planted a kiss on the bottom of his chin, then licked down the length of his throat. Isaac stared into space, his mind awash in horror, fascination, and arousal; his cock surged, his heart beating rapidly with the fight-or-flight response. If Nall wasn’t lying to him, the change had already been made; if he came inside any woman at all, she would lay imnir eggs. For all he knew, it would be for the rest of his life. But wait, he thought. She said something about girls she ‘played with a little first’; maybe if I get away from her, I won’t have to worry about this anymore?

“You can’t get away from me.” Isaac’s concentration broke, realizing she’d been able to read his mind again. “We’re bonded, Isaac. You’d never get far, and I will always know exactly where you are.” She undulated against him, her bright red skin snaking against his body.

“I- I don’t know if I can take this.” He let far more fear into the statement than he’d intended, but there weren’t any other emotions he had extra helpings of to share. “This is so much, so sudden…”

A sharp laugh broke out of the woman. “Too late now. You shouldn’t have done such a damn good job fucking me. Don’t worry, you’re my prize possession. If your mind starts to go, I’ll be sure and whip it back into shape.” She kissed him again on the throat, his most vulnerable point and apparently her favorite. She returned to the console, letting herself fall down onto her knees. She paused, looking at the controls, and frowned. Taking her time, she deliberately poked a few buttons in sequence, concentrating hard; suddenly, Earth appeared above, first as a globe, then the surface lifted off and flattened itself into a more conventional Mercator-like map. The view zoomed in on North America, in daylight; he could just barely make out the evidence of human civilization – New York, LA, Chicago, and that blotch there was probably that big oil spill…

“Now, Isaac. Point me out the nearest spaceport to your habitation unit.”

Dumbfounded, Isaac pondered for a time as to what on Earth would qualify as a spaceport. Finally, he shrugged and pointed at the rough location of Cape Canaveral. “It’s at least a ten-hour drive, though.”

She frowned. “But there’s many large population centers near where I bridged you out from. Do they not have spaceports? Or maybe they’re occupied by hostile forces?”

What the hell is she on? He could only give her a confused look, but he did give a slight chuckle at the idea of the South being occupied by hostile forces. “That’s Cape Canaveral, where they launch the Space Shuttle.”

“What do you mean? ‘The’ space shuttle? There’s – there’s just the one spacecraft? For the whole planet?” She stared at him for a couple moments, then seemed to search herself. A look of concern crossed her face, which slowly turned into what might be fear. “I can’t find any words in English for modern technology, Isaac. Oh no, oh no no no….” Isaac waited a few moments while she seemed to think to herself furiously. She turned back in a flash, her stare burning intensely. “Isaac, what’s the most common energy source on your world?”

“Um – I guess for most common – coal? Oil? Nuclear is probably the most advanced, but it’s not as common.” The answer seemed to genuinely scare her. Isaac felt some of his earlier mental fortitude renewed. Maybe this space witch isn’t completely in charge.

“Okay – maybe that’s a bad metric. What’s the life expectancy of a normal human, and most common causes of death?”

“Depends on the part of the world you’re talking about, and on the availability of health care…” Isaac felt a shot of pride at being able to recall the alien’s pop-quiz answers off the top of his head. “I think usually between sixty-five and seventy-five? Anywhere well-developed, anyway. And the most common reasons people die, I guess heart disease and cancer?” The last part he wasn’t as sure about, but it felt like a safe bet. Nall looked no more reassured – if anything, she was crestfallen. While he wasn’t thrilled to see such a beautiful woman unhappy, he was still angry at being so blatantly made into her tool, apparently for life; it further bolstered him. He added, “You couldn’t have taken five minutes to look any of this stuff up?”

“Looked it up how? I haven’t been down to the surface yet. Is the information grid not secured?” She was perplexed.

“I don’t know, you could just use wireless internet, or maybe just listen to the radio for a couple hours.”

Nall wracked her brain again, then looked aghast. “Radio like radio waves?”


“Is that… the most common way you transmit data??” He could hear the tremor in her voice, and a surge of pride went through him. He had the alien woman scared. What she was actually scared of, he wasn’t clear on, but he knew he’d gotten the upper hand… somehow.

“No, most of the time it goes through cabling. Copper wires, mostly, I’m told.”

“Copper… wires….” She trailed off, looking downtrodden. Nall stared at the worn, flickering keys to the console for a while, her mouth hanging a little open. Her hands came up to cover the lower half of her face, and she sat frozen in place.

“Nall?” Suddenly, she smacked herself on the thigh, the shock bringing her back into focus.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll just live with it.” She said it like she was steeling herself for a harrowing experience, he noted. “How the hell did the probes get it so wrong, though…”

“Hell, it isn’t that bad.”

“This changes everything. My whole plan had been to just show up as a quarkware vessel bearer and work openly. That’s impossible now. We’ll have to keep everything secret. Everything.”

“Keep what secret? That you’re an alien? I don’t think people will just fail to notice you’re bright fucking red.”

“Not just that.” She stood up again. “It doesn’t matter. It’s time to go.”

“Go where?” Isaac had barely finished saying it when he noticed she was staring at him intently. Confused for a brief moment, he suddenly felt waves of lethargy and tiredness fill his body and mind, and he helplessly slumped over. The last thing he saw before passing out was Nall’s intense stare at him, as if she herself were making him go unconscious with her mind.