The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Imnir Ark

Volume 1

Chapter 04

The alien woman opposite him poked at the delicacy with the fork, which she held like a dagger. She suddenly turned her gaze up to Isaac, a questioning look on her face. “So this is… pie?”

“You did ask me what it was, back on the ship. I figured it was better to just show you.”

Isaac Butler and Ävhip-ñall Solclaá – whom he simply called Nall – were sitting in a corner booth at a coffee shop downtown. After waking up in the morning, feeling refreshed, Isaac had once again taken in the sight of Nall’s transformed body – while she’d been externally shaped almost exactly like a normal (though very good-looking) human female, the differences between humans and Nall’s progenitor race – the imnir – focused mostly on the internal organs and neural structure, plus the imnir’s skin ran a variety of shades of red through yellow, with spots of yellow, orange, and some teal. After using her experimental quarkware abilities on his dick the previous evening, Nall had made him come inside her, and his semen transformed her to look indistinguishable from any other human in the world. She was still quite striking to see, but nobody would be carting her off to the dermatologist when she appeared in public. After seeing he was awake, Nall had made him come in her mouth again (it being “necessary for the process”, as she often cryptically stated) then sprung out of bed, asking him to take her on a guided tour of the city.

“You’ll need clothes.” He had given her perpetually nude body a once-over, the rich sun-brown skin and flowing black hair pleasing to his basic male brain, but he’d known her imnir-derived nudist lifestyle wouldn’t fly in downtown Raleigh. Nall had shrugged and poked her head into his closet, fingering through his clothes, eventually picking a pair of khaki shorts and a black undershirt. He had nothing for her feet that was even close to her size, so they settled on his running shoes, which laced up tightly. “That’ll do for now, we can shop a bit while we’re out.” Isaac tightened the belt on the shorts, and let the shirt fall back down to cover it. The outfit was baggy and not particularly sexy, and made her look like a gawky high school girl that wanted to be cute but with no real clue how to do it.

She admired herself in the mirror. “Is this standard female clothing for your strata?”

“I don’t even know what that means. Yes. I think. Let’s go.”

Nall ambled on with him, looking curiously in all directions as the two walked together down the hallway and reached the elevator. Riding it down, they’d exited the building into the parking garage, Nall stopping to look around again until Isaac pulled her along with him until they reached his green Sonata. They’d driven around for a while, giving her the drive-by tour first; she mostly just watched, occasionally asking him things – some utterly mundane, some incomprehensible. After two hours of leisurely driving around, she informed him that she was hungry, and made it clear she expected him to resolve the issue. He’d picked out the small coffee shop since it was close – ironically, one of his favorite second-date spots – and had been reminded of the odd moment they’d shared on her spacecraft, after she’d laid eggs for him, when she’d suddenly used the expression ‘pie-in-the-sky’ without actually knowing what it meant. She’d learned English forcibly, by copying his brain’s entire language center and overwriting her own with it, but the meanings, cultural ideas, and values behind the words in English and those in her native Sõrlacc often didn’t match up. It led to his dimly remembered promise to show Nall what pie was.

“It’s food, right?”

“Just eat it.” She peered at him, searching his face – and probably his thoughts – for any hint of ill intent. “Goddamn it, Nall. Stop looking into my head.” Isaac grabbed the fork out of her hand and stabbed the slice of pecan pie, taking a bite and handing the fork back. “Satisfied it’s not poisonous?”

Nall took a small bite herself, but didn’t seem to have any taste for it. She pushed it away, and took a long drink from the coffee he’d bought for her. At least we can agree coffee is good stuff… Looking around the shop, from the corner booth they were in he could see the place had a sizable weekday lunch-time crowd. Leaning one arm over the seat cap, his eyes slid over the many women in the room, with a new appreciation for their beauty. His recently sex-laden life had somehow made him feel even more libidinous, when in the past he’d always been a one-woman man. He attributed the change to Nall’s attempts to modify his thoughts into something more agreeable to her mission, though he was beginning to question whether or not she was actually any good with the mind-control powers he knew her experimental quarkware abilities gave her.

“See any you like?” Nall’s voice drew him back to the woman he was sitting with. She’d noticed his drifting eyes, and had known exactly what he was thinking. His new, expanded cock that she had granted him was a hungry beast, only ever sated for a couple hours at a time.

“Do I get a choice?” Isaac rolled his eyes while burying his nose in his cup, taking a sip of his own sugar-saturated coffee.

“Maybe.” She looked around too. “I’m not actually that picky. I figure if you’re on board with the choice of female, you’ll just come that much harder, and more eggs for me.”

Isaac gave her a glare. He’d never liked the casual way she talked about his forced role in her mission. The way she said ‘female’ bothered him too; it was like she didn’t see herself as being the same as any other woman present, as if the other girls – each talking, laughing, working, reading, or whatever else occupied their lives for the moment – were just targets or tools to her. Actually, I’m sure she thinks she’s different. He recalled the events of the previous day afterward, and the tenderness and affection she’d shown for Jessica when the two had made love, and later while Jessica had laid a large number of eggs for them. Late at night, she’d helped him put Jessica’s clothes back on and he had used the younger girl’s keys to quietly place her back in her own condo, where she would wake up a couple hours later – the events having been carefully painted over in her mind by Nall. Even as he walked out, he’d caught a glimpse of a long face on Nall, like she’d miss Jessica. She might think she’s different, but I think maybe she doesn’t want to be as crazy about her mission as she believes she needs to be.

He finished the coffee, and crushed the insulated paper cup in his hand. It barely satisfied his frustration over his own conflicted feelings. On the one hand, he believed that on a basic level, Nall had no right to do what she was doing. On the other hand, even if he didn’t like that she did it, he understood her reasons, and he couldn’t pretend that it wasn’t the hottest thing he’d ever experienced. Even the distant glimmer of the thought of making one of the varyingly good-looking women present fill up with imnir eggs sent a wave through his cock, and it responded with a slight rise of its own. He could feel its length down the inside of his upper thigh, stretching the fabric of his underwear. If he let his mind dwell on the subject, it would turn into a raging hard-on, and even the loose shorts he’d chosen might not be able to hide his mammoth dick at full erection.

Isaac shook his head, clearing his mind before he could get too lost in his sex-laden imagination. “Let’s go.” Nall only smiled knowingly, the two leaving the coffee shop after paying up. Isaac noticed that the purchase had left him almost bereft of cash in his wallet. They were halfway down the block and he noticed a branch of his bank two blocks away.

“You said I’m a fake inventor now, right?”

“The inventions are real enough.” She put her hands on her hips. “I am a flight engineer, you know. One of the best. I taught whole classes of up-and-coming engineers after I retired.”

“’Flight engineer’? Like on an aircraft carrier?” The two continued walking down the street together, Nall’s black hair occasionally catching a light breeze.

“What’s an… oh, I see. Big military boats with atmospheric craft on them. The imnir had those too, in earlier times.” She’d mentioned once that imnir history was basically a lot like human history, a long-winded recollection of the strong crushing the weak, plague and misery, and the escalation of technological warfare. Unlike humans, though, the grand finale of the imnir story had already been written, a tragic mistake causing the whole world to be bathed in torrents of deadly radiation. Except she wants to write the sequel, with my dick as her pen…

He laughed snidely to himself at the metaphor. Nall looked at him. “What?”

Isaac felt a slight relief within, knowing she couldn’t read his every thought, at least. “No, I was just thinking of a dumb joke. You said you were a flight engineer?”

Brightening, Nall gladly returned to talking about herself. “Right. A flight engineer, um, it translates badly; it’s more like, ah, spacecraft mechanic – slash – engineer.” Nall was thinking hard, trying to find the right words to express Sõrlacc ideas in English. “Flight engineers run the engines on small or commercial spacecraft. They’re also typically responsible for repair and maintenance for ship systems, and on long haul missions that can mean shop work to make replacement parts from scratch. So we flight engineers had to have a pretty wide range of training, and the ones who did it for a while, like me, also knew how to build or jury-rig just about anything. That freighter up in orbit was the only serviceable ship the project could get its hands on. I had crewed another in the same class years ago. That was one of the reasons they picked me out of all the volunteers.”

He could see the bank on the next corner. Straggling through Nall’s story, he realized something didn’t add up. “How long did you serve in space? Sounds like a while.”

“Earth years… um, thirty years, I think. Might be closer to thirty-one, thirty-two.” His eyes went wide. She looked like she was twenty-five years old at most.

“Nall – I could have sworn that you weren’t even thirty years old, let alone had a thirty-year career.” He didn’t say it like a compliment, more like he’d just had his mind blown.

“Oh. That was something that happened when they made me a quarkware vessel. I turned young and sexy; actually, sexier than I probably ever was before, by imnir standards I mean. I had a wicked hook nose and a lot of scars. They all went away. But now….” She cupped a hand under her breast, a wide smile forming. Isaac batted her hand down, though not quickly enough that the pair didn’t get some strange stares from other people on the street. She looked around and seemed to realize she’d crossed a line. “Oops. Anyway. I was just over sixty in Earth years when I became the Ark, so… late middle-age for a woman.”

Isaac should have been more dumbfounded than he was, he realized. Instead, he just kept on walking with her, as if she’d just told him she was exactly as old as she looked. In a way, knowing she was an older, experienced woman whose body had been forcibly reverted to youth made sense; it explained her even temperament, and sometimes callous outlook. Reaching the ATM, he pulled out his card and punched the numbers. “Well. That’s weird to know, but okay, whatever. So you used all that, posed as me online, and sold some ‘inventions’ on the market.” He summarized what she’d told him earlier, in his house, after unceremoniously informing him that she’d quite intentionally used her mind-control powers to lose him his job. Isaac asked the machine to print a balance inquiry.

Thin paper spat out of the slot into his hand, and he held it out in front of him. Nall leaned against the designer brick wall next to the ATM.


“Darling.” She said it with no real passion.

“What am I going to do with $280,000?”

“Is it not enough?” She seemed concerned. “I researched how much you would require to secure everything we’d need for the mission, but I had several other deals set up to complete in the next couple days which should add another order of magnitude, to be on the safe side.”

Three million bucks? What the hell was she going to have me ‘invent’? Isaac could barely keep himself from yelling at her. “It’s too goddamn much! How the hell am I going to explain to the IRS if they audit me? I wasn’t some stupid rich playboy like in the movies, but I was well-off enough before! They’re going to ask where my invention shop is, what kind of education I had to be able to invent goddamn spaceship parts, where I studied, and when I can’t answer any of that, who I stole all this stuff from! I don’t think they’ll buy that I got it all reading library books in my spare time. I’m not going to have anything, and they’ll probably think I’m blackmailing people or I’m a front for some Chinese ripoff factory or something.”

“The IRS? Who?” Nall’s expression was blank; she clearly hadn’t thought of it, or probably even known the possibility existed. He put a hand over his face, and pulled her away, walking back towards his car. She looked increasingly worried as he led her back into the car, shutting the doors and starting it up. “Is it really like that on Earth? I would have thought you’d be well-received, adding back to the economy or something.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. People can’t just make enormous amounts of money overnight and not have someone ask questions, okay?”

“Oh.” She seemed to think to herself. “On Avoch, financial transaction records were more detailed and everything to do with money was absolutely required to be public. Every transaction was data-based, hard currency went obsolete a long time ago. The records were detailed enough that people couldn’t economically break or hack the system, so there wasn’t anyone going around ‘asking questions’ since it was all right there anyway.”

“And that would be fantastic if we were on Avoch. We aren’t. I need you to explain to me everything you did, and to call off the deals you’re making.”

“Okay, fine.” She folded her arms, looking out the window, almost petulant.

“It’s the smartest move. If you sell off your biggest and best inventions all up front, then that makes a huge pile of money. That many more people will notice it, and I’m sure there’ll be plenty trying to steal it. If it gets stolen, I’m already out of a job thanks to you, and you’re out of inventions to make more money with.” She tilted her head, pondering, then accepted the explanation.

“That was hardly everything I know.” Nall shrugged, letting her arms down. “But okay, your planet, I’ll let you handle the details as long as I think we have enough to satisfy the mission. What did you do before, again?”

“Officially, I was Vice President of Projects.” He put extra emphasis on ‘was’. “Puffed-up bullshit title, the whole Projects department at Grand Courier was just myself and Clara. Still, whatever. I was a market strategist. Every company has a different name for it. Marketing, positioning, project development, realignment…” He rattled off some more, and she was already looking bored.

Nall interrupted him. “Makes sense you’d be a strategist. I like thinking men. You’re right, this is the right way to play our cards.” She paused, looking down and to the left. “What are cards?”

Isaac didn’t answer, driving on in silence, accepting her compliment without reservation. He was heading back to his condo complex, and when they passed by the city art museum, on a whim he turned in and parked. The place had been one of his favorite first-date spots, and he figured he might as well complete the bass-ackwards metaphor by bringing his slavemaster and alien companion there, as well. She got out also, looking up at the designer building, white and imposing.

“Oh! A museum. I haven’t been to one of these in forever.” He saw another guy walking in, girl on his arm, playing the same game Isaac had himself here several times. Ineptly posing as his own date, Nall offered her own arm with an evil grin. Sighing, he took it and led her within.

The exhibits actually did seem to fascinate her, more so than the tour of the city. She had endless questions, both engaging and confusing the hell out of several docents as they walked from room to room. He’d seen most all of it before, but it was still interesting, if not quite as shiny and new as it was for Nall. Most of the rooms were more modern art and sculpture, typically the more formal ‘true artistic’ pieces than the haphazard and chaotic assortment of ‘folk art’ he’d seen elsewhere. Nall demanded his attention at times, and utterly ignored him at others. Halfway through, his urges were getting to him. Nall’s ass, shapely and magnificent, was drawing his eyes like a magnet. He noticed that she caught many stray looks from the other guys touring the place, and many of the other girls; he couldn’t blame them. His alien fake-girlfriend had not only an amazing body, but with her energetic and bright-eyed interest in the sights and art surrounding them, he could almost forget her hard-edged focus on her mission and her willingness to mess with people’s minds to serve it. Almost. Regardless, he was fighting a losing battle, trying to rein in the growing arousal in his body, his cock calling to him to let it ride once again. The beast was more insatiable every hour.

As they reached the end of their tour, she seemed to notice his distracted tension. She walked closely, arm in arm like the other couples she’d seen. Speaking lowly enough that nobody else could hear, she glanced down at his dick and wrapped her arm around his waist as they walked. “I can tell, you know.”

Isaac had figured she would eventually notice, but it didn’t make him any less frustrated. On the final leg of their trip, they passed by the gift shop; his eye caught an unusual sight, a woman working in the shop that grabbed his interest. She was standing behind the counter, four large earrings in her ears and a thin red ribbon tying up her long black hair, with a shiny bauble holding the ribbon tight. Her face was thin and a little angular, but still lovely, marred only by a somewhat miffed expression. He couldn’t see her lower half, but the upper half was a sight to see, a medium waist outlined by a company t-shirt that couldn’t begin to hide her huge breasts – D-size at least. Her skin was pale, like a girl that got little, if any, sun. He could see she wore multiple rings and bracelets, and an indeterminate number of necklaces. She was the ‘unique’ type that made him hard in high school, but he’d eventually moved away from in favor of the wholesome girl-next-door. For some reason, the sight of this particular girl went straight into his dick, and in an instant he knew the battle was lost and his erection would be almost painfully upright for a while.

“Her, huh?” Nall’s voice came from his side and down, where her head came to rest on his shoulder. “I like her too. She’s… distinct, from the other humans. Is there any significance to that?”

“We’re all distinct, Nall.” He closed his eyes, trying to shut out the images going through his mind of the girl, imaginations of her nude body, his cock entering her, the sight of those big breasts pressing against Nall’s, trying to guess what her pussy would taste like or how good she was at sucking dick, and finally the image of her on her back, her belly swollen and laying small eggs with his and Nall’s help. He fought, but it was no use, the ideas were already ingrained deeply into his mind. “In her case, though, she’s probably a little more distinct, so you’re right. I bet imnir had the same thing. Some kids just… stand out, they have to be different. Most grow out of it, but some don’t. Some are straight-up crazy, but some just keep a few trappings of their… difference.” He nodded toward her. “I’m guessing she’s the latter… at least, she’s not overtly crazy, and she has a job.”

“I think I know what you mean. I had a little myself as a kid, but I did grow out of it. I like her. Good choice, Isaac.” She stepped away. “Stay here.” As she said it, his mind conformed itself around doing as Nall told him, metabolizing a new idea inserted by his alien mistress to remain in place until she got back. Isaac knew on some level that he was being controlled, but the majority of his mind was content to stand and wait, looking idle and occasionally checking his watch. Nall strode inside the practically empty store, the clerk girl giving her with a mechanical nod and greeting. As the automatic glass doors closed on their own, he lost the thread of their conversation early, catching only the greetings and introductions. The girl seemed to pick up Nall’s happy energy, and the two were both talking amiably soon. After a few minutes, Nall wrote something down on a pad of paper and gave it to her new friend. The other girl thanked her, and nodded several times as Nall said a few more things to her, then came back outside. Isaac’s dick was straining in his shorts, and he was becoming genuinely worried that passing museum staff or guests would notice it.

“Now, Isaac. I was promised ‘clothes.’” She took his arm again, leading her outside; they reached his car and got back inside. As she shut the passenger side door, she continued. “By the way – she tells most people to call her L, but her real name is Electra.”

“And? What did you talk to her about?” He almost hated himself for saying it, but he felt he had to know what she’d done, and most importantly, if their interaction had been what he thought it was.

“Relax. I want clothes, Isaac.” She directed him to drive north a few blocks, to where he knew there were some outlet stores. “I’m told by L where there’s some good stores for women who match my description. After today, I think I’m starting to get a general idea on what looks good and bad with this whole clothes thing.” She fiddled with her shirt idly while he drove them, his cock still tenting his shorts. He parked again, and Nall gleefully led the way inside. He mostly just followed her around for the half an hour they spent in the mid-range boutique. Nall wasn’t much of a shop hound, unlike some of his ex-girlfriends; she looked at a lot, but made decisions quickly and with finality. She only tried on a couple outfits at first, to get an idea how the different sizes looked on her, then most of the clothes she bought she didn’t actually try on. She picked out some underwear, seeming to instinctually – or just already – know her sizes. By the time the clock hit 5:30p, she’d found about ten outfits’ worth of clothes, and Isaac found that certain themes carried across galaxies and he was made to carry the bags.

“It’s generally a good idea to try something on first, even if you know the sizes.” He coached her as they were leaving. “Different cuts, types of clothes, manufactures, fabrics, even different colors can look different even though they list the same size.”

“I’ll still spend most of my time naked anyway.” She stated it flatly. “This is just for utility purposes, really.” Isaac stopped halfway through the parking lot, reminded once again how aroused he was at the mention of Nall returning to her default nudity. She glanced at him. “I can’t really shake being imnir, Isaac. Humans wear way too much, way too often. I could see wearing so much if we lived in the polar latitudes, but it’s warm enough for everyone to go naked right now. It makes no sense.”

Isaac didn’t bother arguing. Never mind that he had no desire to see half the women out there – let alone other men – naked. He chalked it up to a cultural difference.

They loaded up the car and he began driving back home, skipping traffic with some shortcuts and reaching his condo building in twenty minutes. After parking, he opened the trunk, and at her idle direction he lugged the bags back inside and up the elevator to his condo. Once inside, she – surprisingly to Isaac – stayed clothed. The raging dick in his pants had had him reluctantly looking forward to Nall stripping back to her default nudity as soon as the door was closed. Instead, she helped him unload and sort the clothes, commandeering a corner of his own walk-in closet and moving his own things around carelessly to make room for her own. At some point halfway through, Isaac had a strange sense of revelation when it caught up to him that he was helping Nall move in; the two really would be together for a long time, if she was right about this bond. After she’d finished hanging her things, she stepped back, nodded, and closed the door.

“Congratulations on your first step towards becoming an American woman, Nall.” He managed a grin. “You own four pairs of shoes. We’ll win you over yet.”

She shook her head and went back out into the kitchen, grabbing another banana – the only Earthly fruit she seemed to like.

“That reminds me – you had a spaceship. What ever happened to that? And didn’t you say we got down in a shuttle? It isn’t parked on the roof or something, is it?”

“The ship is still up there, in a high and stable orbit.” He noticed her skill at peeling the banana had improved, though that wasn’t saying much; her first attempt had been a disaster. “The shuttles can be remotely controlled. The whole ship can, really. I should be able to set that up in one of those smart phones like you have, if I can get my hands on one of my own. I set it to park at the lunar L4 point after we left.”

“And what if someone sees it?” He imagined turning on the news to read about an alien invasion, and seeing his own and Nall’s pictures on TV, branded as would-be interplanetary conquerors.

“They won’t. Its stealth system isn’t top of the line, but… well, the Vnec-117 was the most reliable and most energy-efficient sensor transparency grid ever made. I recommended it to the project lead.” She stated it with the confidence of an expert. “It wouldn’t fool a state of the art recon sweep, but there’s nothing even close to that available to anyone on Earth. It’s safe where it is. The project also found a couple little eight-man tactical landers, with sensor-reflective hulls and heat-masked engine housing. Those are the shuttles we can use to get there and back.” Nall sat down at his kitchen table, leaning the chair back, then beginning to rock it slowly. “I sent that one back to the ship, but I can call it back whenever. I’ll need to go up again sometime to fill my network back up with biomass, but that won’t be until we’ve had maybe a hundred thousand eggs laid.” His mind reeled. Forcing himself back to where he was, he opened the fridge and began to fix himself a turkey sandwich in silence.

A thought occurred to him as he watched Nall take another bite of the banana. “Why do you need to eat, anyway?” He put the various items away as he finished. “I’ve seen you fill your breasts up with milk, out of nowhere. When Jessica ballooned up with eggs, she didn’t look like she lost weight afterwards. Doesn’t that violate conservation of mass?” He sat down opposite her.

“It would, but the mass is coming from my quarkware network. That’s what I mean about needing biomass and DNA from the ship. Your dick I already infused with some of my own quarkware.” Her foot went up under the table and pressed against his hard cock under his shorts. “When I was licking Jessica, I was sending some into her too, temporarily.” He vividly recalled the surprising sight that greeted him as he returned from his forced solo walk around the area yesterday, of Nall kneeling between the young Jessica’s legs, making love to the girl’s sensitive folds with her tongue and fingers. Nall’s display of passionate lesbian attention had made his cock especially hard, and he knew he’d see that sight repeated again and again with more girls, whether he wanted to or not. He knew what his cock wanted. She continued. “Quarkware can store mass in quantum tunnels, which are… it’s hard to explain. My own body’s quarkware network has an upper limit on mass storage – about, oh, four tons? The ship holds the rest, I can absorb some when I run low. It can’t store food mass for me, though, so I still have to eat.”

“Neat.” He ate his sandwich quietly, trying to do some absorbing himself of everything she’d said. Nall seemed to be warming to him, opening up more and revealing some of her secrets; he was filing all of them away, trying to create a complete picture of the mysterious alien woman and her mission, her personality, her technology and abilities. He didn’t know what he wanted to do with that knowledge yet, but he felt obligated to do what he could to learn everything she offered in this moment of relative vulnerability.

“I’m going to go change.” She suddenly stood and went back to the bedroom. Confused, Isaac stayed in place and ate – figuring Nall probably just wanted to try out the outfits she’d gotten, just like he said she should have done before he dropped over a thousand dollars on his new alien mistress. He expected for her to come back out looking angry that something or other didn’t fit right or didn’t make her look the way she wanted. Instead, a couple minutes later she emerged in a white sundress, loose and flowing, with a basic white bra on underneath, and simple white leather sandals on her feet. In all, it was a very nice look, attractive, and wholesome; a particularly impressive feat considering he’d spent three days now on the receiving end of her sex-drenched ‘mission’ that had induced in him sexual proclivities most people couldn’t even imagine. The plain white dress, especially, complimented her exotic, butterscotch-colored looks and shiny black hair. Stunned, Isaac put down his almost-finished sandwich for a moment and took in the sight. She looked down at herself, and smiled. She spun around and shook her ass at him invitingly.

“How do I look?”

“You picked that up fast… you look really good, actually.”

“Good. I’m going out for a few hours soon… how do you feel?”

“Uh, what?” He was still too distracted by her gentle curves to get the question. Did she just ask if I feel all right? Since when does she care?

“Your body. It’s going through a lot of changes right now, and your mind too. How’s your condition? Any issues to report? Side effects?”

Oh. And here for a moment I thought she cared about more than whether the tool needs repairs. “My balance is still a little screwy, but I’m getting used to it. Becoming so strong so fast is disorienting, and getting taller isn’t helping… I also feel like eating a five-course dinner. For four. By myself.”

“But there’s no pain? Swelling? Bruising or bleeding?” Nall walked up to just in front of him, her perfect tits just in front of his face for a moment while she bent downward and started to inspect him, running her hands all over his body.

“Uh, no. Actually, I’m even more flexible lately, and what few bruises I got from our little, uh, engagements have healed real fast.”

“Good. Everything is going well then.” Her hand unceremoniously entered his pants and found his rod. “I see this is responding correctly too. Do you need relief, Isaac?”

“Um, are you asking or offering?”

She didn’t respond verbally, instead just closing her grip on his penis and stroking it a few times in his pants. Their eyes met, hers cold and unyielding while Isaac was still gripped with conflicted emotions. Suddenly a half-smile cracked the side of her mouth.

“Tell me, stud.” She tugged his pants down, and then swung around to straddle his lap. With his cock now exposed, she was free to stroke him much more easily. “Do you like me more looking like this, or looking like I did when we met?”

“Uhhhhhh……” Isaac’s mind blanked out for a second as he just stared at her body in his lap. She looked fucking amazing, like a sex queen designed just for him. “You already know, don’t you? You can read my mind.”

“I do already know, but I want to hear you say it.”

“Oh, come on…” Isaac rolled his eyes, wishing she would get over with the little game and just let him come.

“Say it, Isaac. Say you like fucking your alien wife just the way you found her, all red and yellow and teal.”

“Uh—“ Isaac almost choked.

“Oh, did that wife part startle you? But we’re closer than most married couples, on either of our homeworlds, Isaac. Actually, would it make things easier if we got married officially? I know that there’s some tax changes and such, and it might make some financial things less tricky.”

“Uh – uh – it’s not like you have ID, so I don’t think – Why the fuck are we married?”

Nall shrugged. “I was just asking. I’m not really committed one way or the other. But anyway, you have to let me hear it first if you want any relief before I go out tonight.”

“Umm – fine.” He sighed, then steeled himself. She was stroking his cock just slowly enough that he wouldn’t come, but his head was leaking pre-come all over her hand. “I like your natural look more. It’s, uh, more you.” He gulped. “So yeah, there it is.”

“Awww…. Does Isaac have a crush on his slavemaster?” Both her hands went to his cock now, stroking him earnestly.

“You know damn well you could just zap my head right now to think whatever you want me to think. Stop playing around.”

“But it’s more fun this way. Doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with your head, though… clasp your hands together behind the chair. Don’t move your arms or legs from where they are.” His body automatically obeyed, and soon he was as frozen in place as if he was tied to the chair. Nall bounced his rod back and forth as she watched him realize he was trapped.

She gave a long, sensuous tug on his cock, then began to slide off his lap and down until she was kneeling on the floor in front of him. “Because you’re a good boy, you get to come down my throat. Are you ready?”

“Stop this… just do it, and get out of here to do whatever you’re going to do.”

She pointed him at her mouth and began to lick down the underside of his shaft. In between licks, she stared up at him with a predatory gleam in her eyes, and kept talking when her tongue wasn’t on his rod.

“Mmmmm… we both know what I’m going out to do. I’ve got a date… With Electra. From the museum.”

“Fuck…” Isaac shifted in the chair as much as he could, which was almost nil. “You’re going to mind-control her too?”

“I certainly am… I’m going to make her bi, then I’m going to make her want me more than she’s ever wanted anyone. Then I’ll make her more and more submissive… until she’s like clay. Waiting to be reshaped however I like… then, I’ll bring her home… you’ll watch as I make her come… and then this big cock invades her… and fills her up with eggs.”

“Fuck…” Isaac knew how much the image aroused him, even more than the blowjob he was receiving. “Why not just… ungh… just use the girl next door again? She, uh, enjoyed it last time…”

“I can’t have all the eggs just be from one or two sources… Plus, using one female at a time only gets me a few hundred eggs a day. Your cock can fertilize a dozen or more women daily. Mmm…. this… cock…” Her licking stopped and abruptly became true sucking. His head vanished into her mouth and soon the upper half of his length. Isaac moaned aloud as he felt his cockhead press against the back of her throat, and she shifted her position onto all fours so that he could begin to penetrate her throat too.

The conversation couldn’t continue anymore; Isaac’s thoughts were too awash with sex to follow any train of thought. Nall knew it and used it, rocking her whole body back and forth to let his cock fuck her throat gently. His eyes could barely meet hers, as weak and angry as he felt, yet still aroused beyond belief, he was almost fighting back tears. Staring at her unwavering gaze was too much; it only drove home how helpless he was. She was going to make another girl into a weak little sexpot who would just lie there while some guy she’d never met fucked her. And this time it was someone he’d chosen – not specifically, and not intentionally, but it had been a girl Nall had caught him fancying, which was all she’d needed. He wondered how long the effect of Nall’s mind control lasted; was it permanent? Was she making them weak-willed little sex pets for good?

He had no time to piece together what he knew of her abilities; his balls with boiling with raging desire. He let out a low groan as he felt it beginning in his base, and then rushing up his length as his orgasm began. Nall knew it was happening too, and slowed down while she let his cock slide down as deep as it would go, until her nose was touching his lower belly and he felt his shaft stretching her throat wide. He couldn’t see her neck at the moment but he knew it was stretched in a way that wasn’t possible for most humans; it was only Nall’s special Ark power that let her go without breathing for a while that enabled her to deep-throat his huge rod so completely and for so long. He tried to buck his hips but found he could still barely move.

Instead, Isaac was simply frozen in place as his balls pumped and he felt come rushing down his shaft, deposited straight down Nall’s throat and into her stomach. Their eyes met again, and Isaac wanted to crumple. Despite being lower down, and being the one sucking him off, Nall seemed totally in control, and simply meeting her gaze made him feel useless, like he was just her pet and she’d decided to give him a treat. It only made him angrier with himself that he felt so thankful to her that she’d let him come – even if it was she that had made him into such a horny bastard that he needed to come several times a day now.

Isaac gritted his teeth as more blasts of pleasure shot up his rod and he emptied a heavy load of come down her throat. Nall remained studiously in place until his balls finished pumping, and then slowly moved herself backward until his cock finally plopped out and onto the wicker chair he was sitting on with a wet thud. She sat up on her knees and made a big show of swallowing, then licking her lips.

Nall stood up and checked herself in the mirror while he recovered. Satisfied with her appearance, she looked at his wilted, recovering form, still frozen in place on the chair as his softening, glistening cock shrank inch by inch. He was covered in a light sheen of sweat.

“You’re released; you can move around.”

Isaac let out a breath and his arms fell to his sides, then his feet splayed out. He didn’t move much, or out of the chair; he just pulled up his pants and laid there for a few moments.

“I’ll be back in a little while.” Isaac stood to go with Nall. “No, Isaac, stay here. You’re not allowed to leave the apartment or contact anyone. I’ll be fine without you, and I’m not going far. I have a date, and you’ll only be added to the equation when she’s good and ready. And Isaac… while I’m gone, don’t get yourself off, okay? I want you to save it up.” She closed the door, and he blinked as he felt the mind-control commands sink in.