The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Imnir Ark

Volume 1

Chapter 08


Clara’s finger traced down the length of Isaac’s shoulder, intriguing the redhead with its bulk and well-defined muscle. The two were sharing the lounge chair on the deck of his condo, nine stories up; they’d finished breakfast minutes ago and had decided to take their conversation outside, revealing their inner thoughts about each other over all the time they had worked together and kept each other at arm’s length for one reason or another.

“I keep thinking I’m going to wake up.” Clara poked him. She had found her bra and panties, but hadn’t bothered to put anything else back on. Isaac was wearing long drawstring pants and no shirt.

“I’ve been thinking that for a long time now.” He brushed her red curles aside and kissed the nape of her neck, making her smile and close her eyes for a moment.

“What’s it like? What else did she change besides this?” Her knee bumped his cock, still heavy even flaccid in his pants.

“My libido is barely controllable anymore. Every time I do this eggs thing for Nall, it changes me a little more. It seems to mostly be finished, though, it barely did anything to me at all last night when I…” He trailed off, searching Clara’s expression.

“Made me lay eggs?” She smiled back.

“Yeah. Filled you up with Nall’s eggs.” Isaac kept himself from making his sigh of relief too sudden. That there was a beautiful woman – two, actually, it seemed – who would willingly subject themselves to the ‘treatment’ his new and expanded cock gave to the women he made love to, seemed too good to be true. For a week Nall had been mind-controlling girls into bed with him, making them bisexual so she could make love to them first and prepare their bodies to receive his potent semen, which would make their bodies expand with the eggs Nall needed to repopulate the extinct, human-like ‘imnir’ she was the last remaining member of.

“Filled me up…” She kissed his cheek, then nibbled his ear. “… with little imnir eggs…” Clara shook her hips suddenly. “It’s so weird, but so hot! Oh, I can’t wait to do it again.”

“Will have to wait until later today. She said more than once every 24 hours is dangerous, chemical balance or something.”

“I know. Relax, even I can contain myself.” Clara grinned.

“Are you sure Nall didn’t do anything in your head?” While, in a way, Isaac trusted Nall when she said Clara had worked with her shortly – very closely, it seemed – after his abduction, there was also a little voice in his head that made him want to ask the question. Then again, that same voice told me not to do a lot of things that I ended up liking…

“I’m sure. She did use it on me early on, to make me stay quiet and not call the police or anything. But it was very different, I know what it feels like now. Honestly?” Clara looked up, remembering. “She… isn’t very good at it, I think. Something about it just seems really, I don’t know, hamfisted? I can’t make myself believe Nall could use her power to make me feel everything I do now.” She glanced back at him. “That good enough?”

“Good enough for me.” He snuggled her a little closer with the arm that was wrapped around her; his hand patted her back. “God damn, I wish I’d approached you sooner.”

“So do I. But I’m just glad we’re together now.” She kissed him, and it lasted longer than either expected. It broke almost a minute later, and she continued. “We do have a lot of catching up to do. I wonder how much time Nall will let us have together…”

There was a sudden shout from inside, and both instantly recognized the throaty voice. Isaac groaned. “Speaking of…” The sliding door slammed open, and in the doorway was the bright red Nall – her alien coloration restored after her egg-laying last night. Isaac hadn’t known that impregnating her again would cause her to lose the human-like coloration she’d made him give her more than a week ago, but he enjoyed the sight anyway. Somehow, Nall looked more like herself, cute yet utterly foreign. Currently, she also looked very angry and confused.

“What the hell, Isaac! Did you do this to me last night? I told you not to test me!” Indignation and fury burned in her eyes; given the power over him and others she’d displayed, he probably should have been justifiably scared. For some reason, at the moment, he felt a strange confidence he couldn’t put his finger on the source of. He saw she was holding an item in her hand – he looked closer, and saw it was the bent warp beacon from last night.

“No, I didn’t, you went back to looking, uh, normal, from the moment you began laying eggs.” Shortly after he’d impregnated Clara, his red-headed former assistant and now lover had insisted that Nall be given the same treatment. For the first time in more than a week, he’d gotten to slide his cock into Nall’s warm, wet pussy, and fill her up with eggs. Isaac’s eyes narrowed. “But then, I didn’t have to tell you that, Nall. Why didn’t you just read my mind?” He was asking himself as much as her.

“I told you before. I can’t, and wouldn’t bother to, read every damn thought going through your head.” She folded her arms. When she’d copied the contents of his brain’s language center on top of her own, not only had she apparently forgotten the bulk of the native imnir languages she spoke, she’d also begun to pick up the common non-verbal language that Isaac used. It makes her easier to read than she probably realizes…

“Really?” Isaac turned, easily moving Clara’s skinny body along with his own weight as he sat up and sideways on the lounge chair, his elbows on his knees. “I would think that would be a pretty critical detail to not check first.”

Nall was silent, looking even angrier. Why is she so pissed off? Isaac wondered to himself. She has to know she can just do it to herself again. And it’s not like she’s planning on laying lots of eggs herself, that’s why she keeps putting these other women in front of me. Suddenly his alien captor spoke up again. “Well, come inside and get dressed. I want more waffles.” Now she sounded almost petulant, like a child who wanted ice cream in exchange for silence. Isaac sighed.

Clara stood, butting into the awkward silence. “Um – I’ll go wake up Jessica and see if she wants to go.” Isaac nodded, and remained out on the deck to speak with Nall. He knew she’d noticed that Nall wasn’t budging, despite her announcement. His mistress wanted to talk to him, or more accurately, he guessed she wanted to have it out or simply mind-control him.

“Nall, relax, would you? How many eggs last night? Three hundred and fifty or so, right? Maybe four hundred? So you’re red again. You look better this way, honestly, and you know I can turn you back whenever.”

She looked away. “You’re right. Fine. Let’s go.” Despite the apparent capitulation, Nall didn’t sound at all satisfied with the resolution.

Isaac’s mind suddenly felt facts fall into place and grabbed her arm as she turned. He looked up at her, grinning. “Nall.”

“What?” She almost spat it out.

“What number am I thinking of?” Isaac focused hard on the number 5.

Nall stared at him intently, then her eyes widened. She suddenly looked away again. “It doesn’t matter. Let’s go.”

“When did it start, Nall?” Isaac refused to let go of her arm. His alien companion was silent for a time, then turned back to him. She wasn’t able to contain her emotions anymore; it was clear how frustrated and angry with herself she was.

“I don’t know, a day ago maybe. I hate it. I’m going to fail. You’re going to walk out and I’m going to be left here on this goddamn planet that doesn’t even have slide-lines and the whole mission will be for nothing and—“ Isaac grabbed her by the shoulders, wanting her to stop. He’d never expected Nall to suddenly have a breakdown; from the start, Ävhip-ñall Solclaá had been invincible, all-knowing, a canny and mysterious woman from outer space here to take command of his whole existence. Not knowing what else to do, Isaac hugged her to him. He saw behind her as he held the bright red woman that Clara and Jessica were outside the door of his bedroom, standing still and trying not to make any noise. Jessica, still naked, had found her panties and was halfway through stepping back into them.

“Is it everything? All of the quarkware? Or just that?”

“Just that. I’m not sure if it’s me getting weaker or just you getting stronger. I’m hoping it’s just you getting stronger, actually.” She arched her back to get a little distance, still holding him back. “Don’t get me wrong. I just mean I hope I’m not getting weaker. I can only bond one man, you know.” She thought for a moment, then looked down at herself, her red breasts with their orange and teal spots on their sides swaying slightly with the motion. “Though actually… if you did this to me, it makes more sense if you’re gaining power than if I’m losing it.” Nall seemed somewhat relieved at the thought, though also somewhat lost in her own thoughts as she apparently figured out the technical side of the problem. She seemed to notice what was in her hand again, the bent warp beacon – he’d bent it after he finished with it last night, just to see if he could. A dumb idea in hindsight, but okay… “It also explains why you can bend a spiralized strontium-brachium tube with your bare hands. Even I can’t do that. Tell me exactly what happened, I was a little… uhh... out of it.” Nall tried to hide her admission that she’d been lost in a sea of pleasure, and not very successful.

“I told you, it happened when you started laying eggs. I figured it was some weird side effect.”

“It can’t work that way.” Nall shook her head. “You would have had to do it to me with the secondary effect of your semen. This doesn’t make sense. The bond worked by spreading some of my quarkware into your body, about half, but it was all still supposed to ultimately be my quarkware. I was supposed to be the vessel, you the bonded male. But you’ve taken control of your half, which is why you had the effect on my body as you did, and why I can’t read your mind or control you anymore. Instead of vessel and bearer, we’re two vessels bearing each other. I don’t know why it happened. Maybe you were too strong.” She seemed to think to herself for a moment, then nodded. “This is the only way I can think of that makes sense. I’ve lost control of you.” He could tell she was fighting not to lose control of her own frustration, as well; she looked angry enough with herself to cry if she’d been alone.

“Well, uh, that’s flattering, Nall – but I don’t remember any climactic battle with the stuff. I just woke up this morning and noticed you seemed not to be able to read me.” Isaac pondered for a moment. “Unless… Nall, maybe it’s not what I wanted – maybe it’s what you wanted.” She seemed shocked, then absolutely furious. Nall raised her hand as if to slap him. Isaac flinched, knowing how powerful Nall was, but she seemed to suddenly crumple before following through. Isaac sensed the opportunity and continued. “It just means you’re a decent person, Nall.”

She was silent for a time, and Isaac pulled his alien companion towards him; she didn’t resist, and soon he had her in his embrace. Nall’s head was flat against his chest for some time, more leaning against him than hugging him back; she seemed unmindful of their closeness, lost in her own meandering, dark thoughts. She finally sighed and stepped back, sitting down in her chair again, and looked upwards. “I don’t know what to think anymore.”

I’m probably not going to get any further with her until she’s had some time to mull this over. “So what does this mean for me? You turned red again, and I have some kind of control of... what?”

“It means when you fucked me last night, you were thinking you liked how I used to look, and on some level you commanded your quarkware to make me look imnir again – the same way it turned me human-looking when I put the command in it, but this time it’s you at the wheel and not me. Your cock will always make girls pregnant with eggs, provided I’ve done my thing first. That’s the baseline functionality of the male half of the quarkware, it can’t be shut off. But you might also get more physical power over time if it bonds to your motor control center more thoroughly.” Nall flopped down into a chair, and folded her arms. “I thought you would have taken off by now.” She said it, sounding angry but more at herself than him.

“Actually…” He glanced at the other two girls, holding still and listening in on their conversation. “I talked it over with Clara. If you can abide by a few restrictions, I’m willing to be your, uh… partner.” Nall seemed surprised, as if she hadn’t considered it. She looked over at Clara, who smiled and nodded. Jessica seemed out of it, still waking up and having lost the thread of conversation.

Nall’s eyes took on a suspicious cast. “What restrictions?”

“No more mind-controlling random girls out of the blue. We take it slow, pick them right. You don’t start messing with people’s heads without me or Clara signing off on it first.” In actuality, Clara and Isaac hadn’t agreed on any such thing, but they hadn’t disagreed either. Isaac was making it up as he went and hoping Clara had no problem. From her bright expression, he was guessing there was none. “And if there aren’t any that day, there’ll always be Clara.” He sat down opposite Nall. “And you.”

“And me!” Jessica burst out, then seemed to shrink into herself at the outburst. All three others looked at her, and Clara took her by the waist and smiled. Jessica, shorter by almost a whole head, leaned into Clara and took on a happy glow.

Nall turned back from Jessica along with the others, forgiving the eager girl’s loud interjection. She gave Isaac a fierce look. “I – that wasn’t supposed to be possible, me laying that many. That may have been another effect of you taking control of your own quarkware. I can’t really predict how it will develop inside you.”

“I know. But I want to do it to you again.” He took her knee in his hand, pushing it sideways and looking down at Nall’s openly displayed folds. The alien woman had absolutely zero modesty.

“Maybe later.” Nall looked away again, apparently mad but still satisfied. “We need to test you, though. I need a gauge of how effective your control is.” She looked over at the other two. “How about it?”

Clara sat down on the love seat, facing the table. “Test what? I don’t really follow.”

“His other power.” Nall moved and sat in his lap, her hand stroking his pants where his slowly hardening cock lay. “The quarkware inside can be set to alter the bodies of those it comes on or inside, in other ways than just making them pregnant with eggs. I don’t think his control is complete yet, or I would have changed back to looking imnir almost from the instant his come touched me. I know I don’t have any control over it now either, though, so he has the potential to master it. So I need him to give one of you his come and watch the results. I’ll go last; I need him to make me look human again so I can go to the IHOP, and I would rather he tested a simpler, easily reversed change on one of you before we let him human-ize me without any help from me.” Nall said it in all seriousness, making the others suppress a giggle. “So, Isaac. How would you change either of these two?”

Isaac stared at her, and put it together. “I like them as they are.” Nall rolled her eyes. Clara and Jessica seemed intrigued.

“Nobody likes everyone absolutely as they are, there’s always something they would change. Physically, I mean. Don’t be shy.”

“So he can change anything about my body?” Jessica spoke up again, cautiously.

“If the theory’s right.” Nall shrugged. “If not, no harm done. He’ll just come. I won’t have gotten you ready first, so there won’t be any eggs.” Nall paused for a moment, then added on. “Keep in mind, you two, if Isaac doesn’t have total conscious control over this, then you’ll just change into whatever he wants you to be at that moment – consciously or not. I also really doubt he has full conscious control yet.”

Isaac thought it over. “How would I know if I did have full control?”

Nall looked back at him. “You’d know it. Trust me. I knew the exact second when I had full control of my quarkware vessel abilities.”

Jessica seemed to hesitate a moment, then spoke up before Clara could. “I’ll do it. I want bigger tits, Isaac.” She arched her back, displaying her small breasts. They weren’t even B-cups, but Isaac had rather liked them.

“You sure? Not every guy is a big-boobs type. I’m not.” He glanced around the room, sure his credentials were established; none of the three women were larger than a C.

“You don’t have to make them huge. Just make them big enough to play with. They’re basically just bumps right now.” She shrugged, then clapped her hands over her breasts. Her hands flapped outward, then clapped down again onto her small tits; it was true, they could be completely hidden even by Jessica’s small hands. “If you don’t like it, change me back. I’m yours.”

“Jessica – “ Isaac paused. “We’ve spent all of two nights together. Are you sure you want to jump in feet first? What if what Nall said happens, and you don’t look like yourself afterward? How would you work?”

“I trust you. And I know you’d take care of me if that happened. You’re rich, right? I heard you and Clara talking out back this morning.” Nall had begun selling ‘inventions’ – basic imnir technology she was already familiar with – branded as Isaac’s own work, on the open market. He was well on his way to becoming an idle millionaire, as he’d explained to Clara an hour or so ago. They’d been discussing whether or not she should move in, and possibly quit her own job at Grand Courier, where Isaac used to work as well before Nall came into his life. “Plus, I’m curious what I’d look like if your mind wandered.” She looked upwards, imagining.

Awful impulsive girl, he thought. Clara stood against Jessica’s back, cupping the other girl’s small boobs and smiling at Isaac. Nall stayed in her seat, staring at him. ”Well, Isaac?” She gestured at Jessica. “Don’t worry, she won’t turn into a rhino or something if a stray thought crosses your mind. The system is more robust than that. You’re the only one who can try it.”

“You said in or on her, right?” Nall nodded. “So I could do it in her mouth?” Jessica’s petite lips had looked tempting even before he’d been abducted; he’d had nights when he imagined them closing around his dick even before Nall had grown his tool to legendary size.

“Sure.” Jessica seemed to understand, falling into a kneeling position. Clara fell onto her knees next to her, ready to assist; moments later he’d undone the drawstring to his pants and he stepped out of the small pile they left on the floor. His semi-erect cock bobbed back and forth in front of the girls. Clara took it by the shaft, bending down to lick his balls; Jessica found the head and began gently sucking him. Within a minute he was restored to full hardness for the first time of the day. He remained standing in place, occasionally taking Jessica’s head in his hands and guiding her as he fucked her mouth. The young girl never choked or tried to stop him, though it was obvious she had no skill at deep-throating him. Had she been alone, he likely wouldn’t have been able to come. Clara’s attention to his shaft and balls was just as strong a stimulus, rushing him forward toward his own orgasm; having gone all eight hours he was asleep without coming, his balls raged inside his scrotum, their often-met demands having not been honored for too long.

Isaac’s hips slowly began to buck, fucking his dick in and out of Jessica’s mouth slightly. Clara’s hand tried to close around his length, but couldn’t grasp his whole shaft; still, she could get enough purchase on his shaft that she could help by stroking him. Taking one massive ball into her mouth, filling her cheeks, Clara suckled on the hairless masses several times while he let himself savor the feeling of Clara’s small, enthusiastic mouth closed around him. There was a familiar tremor deep inside, and he suddenly recalled what it was they were trying to do. He focused his thoughts on the image of Jessica’s chest expanding, becoming just the size she wished – round, heavy boobs that were just barely a handful, firm and squeezable – not large, but very noticeable and sexy. The thought of Jessica’s body changing, reshaped and transformed to his will, caused an erotic surge in his dick, and he felt his orgasm reach the point of no return. His balls pumped with one of them still in Clara’s mouth, and semen began to pour down Jessica’s throat in gouts.

He held Jessica’s head in place unconsciously while he came, letting his come seep down into her stomach. She swallowed, more out of necessity than any kind of taste for it – his dick occupied her whole mouth. When he felt his pleasure recede, he loosened his grip and let Jessica fall backwards, then felt his left ball pop out of Clara’s lips. As his mind returned to him, he realized both he and the other two girls were staring at Jessica’s nude breasts expectantly.

Nothing happened.

They waited almost a full minute more, then Nall called out, sounding resigned. “Oh well. It was worth a try. Something turned me red again. Maybe he just needs practice.” Jessica seemed disappointed, but put her bra back on then fished up the clothes she’d left lying around before they put her on the bed last night. Nall grabbed Isaac’s wallet from the table and tossed it to him as he put his pants back on, then he went and got a shirt. “Guess it’ll be a little bit before you can come like that again, Isaac?” He nodded, knowing even his enhanced balls would need at least some recovery time this morning, though the wild scene last night had had him horny enough to spurt inside all three of his girls within an hour. She shrugged, making her bright red tits bounce. “Get me something to-go. Make sure it’s not something I had before. Surprise me.” He nodded, and grabbed his shirt. Clara finished dressing and walked out with him, and as they reached his car, Jessica suddenly rushed out with her clothes haphazardly tossed on. Apparently Nall would be sitting around his house alone for a while; the thought made him grin. She can’t even go outside as she is. Maybe she’ll use the time to start to appreciate what she put me through.

Ten minutes later, they were sitting in the IHOP, even though Nall wasn’t with them. Isaac found himself famished, and ordered up a full breakfast platter; Jessica and Clara were more conservative, keeping their diets minimal. The two girls occasionally made small talk as Isaac spent the whole time devouring his various entrees. As he was finishing off his second glass of orange juice, his phone beeped. He checked it. It was from Melissa, his sister.

was on the way back to DC. storm up there is killing all the flights, they diverted me here, and everything going even close to DC is delayed for half a day. i hate hotels ?

He knew what she was asking; she had driven for hours to crash at his place before rather than stay in a hotel. The newspaper they’d stepped over on the way out the door had had something on its cover about a wild storm system shutting down the Northeast; he’d blanked on how Melissa had told him she was in Houston for the weekend and would be flying home today. Clara peered over his shoulder, reading the message.

“Oh, she’s coming by?” She seemed bright for a moment, then worried. “Um – do you need us to disappear for a night? Actually, would Nall even do that?” Jessica looked back and forth between them, not familiar with the subject. Isaac glanced at her.

“Melissa. My sister. She’s a little… crazy.” Jessica nodded, then pursed her lips at the thought of their evening being cancelled. She’d clearly had plans for her night with Isaac.

Clara seemed to pause, then looked away, focusing on her pancake in silence.



“Clara. What?”

“Don’t hate me for saying this.”

Isaac felt suddenly worried. “Just say it.”

“I know how Melissa has been fighting herself her whole life. I just want to say that I’ve never felt more relaxed and calm than after you did what you did for me last night. How about you, Jessica?”

The brunette nodded. “It’s just a… really good feeling. It wipes out everything bad.” She took a bite of her hash browns. “I had the worst day at work the night before last. I seriously thought this guy was going to pull a gun on me. I had to write a report for two hours, and I think my boss is going to write me up for the way I handled the whole thing; I was a little distracted the whole time and made some procedural mistakes. I was half-convinced I was already nuts – and with the other half I was just thinking of sex with you. I was stressed as hell until you and Nall got with me again.”

“Are you saying – “ Isaac paused, not sure what to think. Melissa had always had trouble controlling her emotions. On the one hand, he wanted to do anything he could to help her. On the other hand, she was his sister. On the third, mutant hand, his dick was a bigger part of his mind than it had ever been before, and it wasn’t picky; and on the fourth, lobster-clawed hand, he’d always had more than a little of a forbidden thing for his quirky sister. He’d suppressed the feelings a long time ago, but suppressing his feelings wasn’t something he felt like doing much of anymore. “Let me think about it.”

“What do you do, anyway?” Clara seemed now more focused on Jessica. “People might really pull guns on you? And you just mention it now? You seem fine. I’d be shaking for weeks.”

“Oh.” Jessica smiled. “I’m overnight security at a regional bank HQ downtown. Sometimes crazy types show up in the middle of the night. Most would-be bank robbers are just junkies or lunatics, or people at the absolute end of their rope. You only hear about the ones who get away with it.”

Isaac and Clara sat in silence, their minds blown. Clara almost dropped her fork, her hand scrambling before it fell into her lap and ruined her dress with the syrup on it.

Jessica looked at them. “That’s the reaction I get sometimes. They call me a hardass at work. I guess I’m kind of different off the job.”

“I’m guessing so too.” Isaac ate mechanically, more shocked at the development about Jessica than at the prospect of incest. She seemed so meek and timid; on her back and receiving both his and Nall’s attention, she’d seemed small and defenseless – it had aroused every male instinct in him to protect her. “So – how do you get a job like that? Do you carry guns there?” Isaac felt like an idiot, but they were the only questions his floundering mind could come up with on short notice.

“I was military police for four years. And we’re not supposed to talk about operational information. But – yeah. We do. And they’re loaded.” She said it nonchalantly, her trust in Isaac and Clara obvious.

“How old are you?” Clara spoke up for the first time since Jessica’s revelation.

“27.” His mind was blown again. He would have sworn up and down she was no more than 22.

The three finished up their meal, taking a to-go box of chocolate waffles for Nall and leaving. Clara was making animated conversation with Jessica, mostly about stories from Jessica’s former and current jobs. Isaac drove them home again, no more than an hour having gone by when they got back. Nall was leaning back in the kitchen chair, dozing with one of his hats over her face. Clara and Jessica went out onto the deck, having never stopped talking, and he sat down with Nall and tossed her breakfast onto the table, waking her with a tap on the knee.

“Rise and shine. Breakfast in bed.” She dug in, happily devouring it without anything in the way of manners. Being his slavemaster hadn’t given her much reason to be civilized around him, and it was apparently a difficult habit for her to break. He leaned back in the chair, and waited until she had a mouthful of food. He blurted out,“If I asked you to help me get my sister in bed, would you?”

She stopped, but didn’t choke or spew it all out like he’d been somewhat hoping. Instead, Nall swallowed what she had, and stared at him for a moment. “Yes. If you want to make her lay eggs, so do I.”

“So I guess imnir don’t have any taboos about incest?”

“Of course they do. Did. It’s a basic evolutionary trait. You see it even outside the carbon-based ecospheres.” She shrugged. “I have my own beliefs, though. And the eggs only inherit some DNA from you and the girl you impregnate. Most of it comes from me and the pan-imnir DNA archive my quarkware network carries.” She took another few bites. “Why her, though? Doesn’t it cause some unnecessary complications? My mind control can only cover us so far.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck her since I had my first erection.” Isaac looked away, realizing, he’d never made the confession aloud, even alone to himself – he’d been afraid to give it that much reality, knowing it was almost certainly impossible. Melissa had been so wild and interesting in his youth, and their complicated family situation had kept them apart most of their lives. They only really became close from high school onward, when he was, like most high school boys, a living mess of hormones. She’d gone off to college in his junior year, and they’d only seen each other a couple times a year since then. Her long hair that she usually kept dyed blonde, her impressive figure, large breasts, captivating brown eyes, and most of all her vivacious and unpredictable personality had kept him attracted for as long as he could recall.

As time had gone on, it had become clear her ‘wild side’ came from an emotional disorder that made her life increasingly difficult as she got older, and now she ranged from being functional to an almost-wreck, depending on countless factors that nobody but her and possibly whatever doctors she saw understood. “And I want to help her. She’s always had trouble staying happy. Well, everyone does, but she’s got an unfair obstacle in her way. The girls told me that laying eggs seems to sweep their worries away, and I – the truth is, I just want her, and I’m trying to be a little more free with my desires lately. And Melissa is at the end of her rope, nothing will change for her the way she’s going, so I’m willing to bend my conditions and let you muck around in her head a bit if it makes all three of us happy. It’s worth a try, at least.”

“Egg-laying does have an effect like that.” She waved a finger around in the air, in a circle pattern. “It resets the chemical balance of the brain – actually, just about every chemical balance in the body… I could possibly help with that too, you know.”

Isaac eyed her. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t have very good control of specific thoughts, unless I direct what they’re thinking about with suggestions – and I’ve found that’s not super reliable.” She looked away for a moment, then back to him. “They need to be weak-willed or just open to me for me to make specific changes other than just forcing a big emotional or arousal-relate change, and it takes time. I could potentially keep one emotionally sick person near me well. But…”

“But.” Isaac felt like he was about to see a big price tag.

“I don’t have any miracles handy. I can’t cure the underlying condition. I can make it so she’d be able to live and think more or less normally, but it would require constant maintenance.” She seemed to steel herself. “Isaac, this is only something I’d be willing to do if she was going to join… us.” She gestured out at the other two girls on the deck.

“No other way?” He gave her a narrow-eyed glare; he didn’t like the condition being placed on him, though it had been his hope that Melissa would definitely join his little group of women.

“You’re not asking a small favor of me, Isaac. I’m not making this stuff up. It would take at least this much work to keep someone with a difficult brain happy. I’m only even offering because she’s your sister. That’s part of why I picked you; your thoughts and emotions are resilient. I wouldn’t have to worry about you snapping on me even if I pushed you.” She smiled, her hand moving to half-cover his. “She’d need to be near me every day anyway, and there wouldn’t be any way to hide our life from her. And I knew you had thoughts about your sister from when I could read your mind. I have a different perspective on your memories than you do; I see and catch details you don’t. I’m willing to bet your little incest-crush isn’t one-sided. If you two have half the chemistry you and Clara do, she’ll be spreading her legs for you with or without me if you two spend a while together – especially now that I’ve done to you what I have.” She had not only improved his body, she’d told him the other day that his body produced powerful pheromones in his sweat that lowered inhibitions in women around him.

Isaac sat in place for a moment, staring at a point miles beyond Nall’s empty Styrofoam serving box. He made his decision, and picked up his phone and began texting his sister back, his cock growing again in his pants as he let his imagination go rampant; he unchained his old, sequestered thoughts of Melissa, of enjoying a close and loving romantic relationship with her, and let his mind fill with thoughts of their illicit love, of watching Melissa make love to Nall, of his come making her fill with eggs then watching her lay them in total pleasure. He spoke while tapping the screen keys. “We’ll need you to look human again. You’re going to be my new girlfriend, Nall. You’re from…” He looked up for a moment. “She’d love the truth, but we’ll tell her that once we get her home. Before we fuck her. For now, you’re from China. Say some far inland part, not Han Chinese.”

“I don’t know any languages you don’t. I can’t put up an act – “ They both heard a cry through the deck door. It didn’t sound pained, more like a cry of pleasure; they both looked and saw Jessica clutching her chest. Clara was holding her, looking worried. She opened the door and led the smaller girl inside; in between labored breaths, Jessica unbuttoned her shirt and let it drop to the floor. All three were surprised to see Jessica’s breasts straining against her tight bra, their expansion clearly visible. Clara rushed behind her and unsnapped it, letting the growing tits free. As all four stared in amazement at Jessica’s boobs, they slowly grew, their mass increasing steadily. A giant smile appeared on Jessica’s face; she looked like a kid being given everything on her Christmas list at once. The tiny tits expanded into true boobs, growing out to the very edge of Jessica’s body’s limit without looking strange or impossible. Proportionally, they seemed even bigger than Nall’s, and their nipples had expanded a little too. The reddish nubbins stood proudly at their tips, itching to be suckled.

Clara was the first to touch them, taking one breast in her hand and hefting it. “Jessica…” The two suddenly kissed, sealing Isaac’s erection; his cock wouldn’t rest now until he came. He was about to stand to join them, and felt Nall’s foot on his cock.

“Remember?” She pointed at herself, still gloriously nude, still amazingly… red. Oh. He’d gotten somewhat used to the red Nall, and still liked her that way more. She took him by the hand and led him over the love seat, spreading her legs wide and holding them up by the inside of her knees; her pussy and asshole were inviting him in. His pants were back off in a flash. The other two girls had fallen onto the couch and were stripping one another, his two human lovers now finding each other for the first time. Jessica’s new boobs squashed against Clara’s, cute small cones with pointy nipples; he definitely liked Clara’s the way they were, and resolved not to let her convince him to change them. Clara focused hard on Jessica’s new boobs, both girls thoroughly enjoying the sensitive new globes for some time before either had their panties off. Nall beckoned to him, offering her asshole again.

“I want it here. I love it when that huge pole stretches me to the limit. Fuck me hard and don’t stop even if I say to.” She glared at him, demanding he comply with her command to ignore her commands. Isaac tried not to laugh. She continued. “Time to find out for sure if you can control your own power.”

“You don’t want me to try Clara before you also?” He glanced at Jessica again; Clara was trying and failing to suck one whole boob into her mouth. “And what if it takes another hour to take effect, like Jessica just now? We’ve got to go pick up Melissa.”

“I’m willing to bet you learned more than you realize with Jessica. We don’t have much time, regardless, if I’m going with you and getting to work on your sister’s mind. And Isaac… make sure you make it so the change doesn’t last.”

“Huh? Why?” He slid his cock against her pink folds, and dipped inside, both gasping. Her wetness coated his dick, but he knew she wanted him in her ass again and he withdrew.

“Because you like me more when I look imnir.” She said it quietly, like she didn’t want to admit it loud enough for the others to hear, but she had a faint, warm smile and bit her lower lip. He couldn’t be sure with her being her natural color, but she may have blushed. “And because you said we needed to convince her I’m really not from Earth and everything before we fuck her. That’ll be tougher without you either fucking one of us first, in front of her, and possibly freaking her out more than I can control – or letting her see me as I naturally am, which will be easier for me to direct.”

Isaac shrugged, realizing Nall’s plan made sense. He focused briefly on her demands. A distant sense of confirmation flowed through his thoughts. He tried concentrating on it, and found a mental interface of some kind in his head, somehow foreign and something he recognized wasn’t something his own imagination conjured up. It was asking for a thought-image package. He wasn’t sure what that was, but he felt the image of Nall turning human-looking again, but for only about ninety minutes, flowing into it. Somehow he was positive that exactly what he wished would happen to Nall’s body, would happen, once he came.

Five minutes later, he felt his balls churning, a second load for the day preparing to be loosed inside Nall’s ass. His hand on Nall’s clit flew in circles, and forced his alien companion to come before him. He was rewarded with Nall’s involuntary cries as shudders of pleasure twisted her whole body, blanking out thoughts and emotions with a surge of pure joy. With a loud grunt that caught Clara and Jessica’s attention, he also came, pouring a potent load of transforming seed into her body. As the other two girls looked on, Nall’s body changed, going from bright red to orange and then suddenly taking on the same butterscotch color she had had after her first day on Earth.

Isaac surveyed his work, his cock still buried in her ass; her nipples were now a dark chocolate brown, along with her folds, aside from the pinkish insides. He placed two hands on her ass-cheeks and withdrew himself with a long, steady push – her ass gripped on him hard, not wanting him to leave. The head of his dick swung low as it exited, and a gob of come began to droop downward from its tip and bounced around, eventually settling on the side of his knee. The other two girls went back to playing with Jessica’s tits, still having not found one another’s pussies. Unlike Isaac and Nall, they weren’t in any rush, and were satisfied to continue their attention on the fleshy boobs even as Isaac and Nall got dressed and headed out.