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In a Bind

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2018, and not for reposting or other such uses.

* * *

The great part about being empowered by wearing gauntlets that make my body into a conduit connected to a shadow dimension full of all kinds of unspeakable feelings, unnamed creatures, and otherwise traditionally bad things is that when someone you’re chasing runs ahead of you and slams a door that then clicks locked behind them, you don’t need to have a key or even be strong enough to bust the door down. All you need to do is stretch out your powers, reach through the wall, and see the other side. It’s almost alternate shadow dimensions that are just on the other side of everything means if you can open a conduit to it, you’re always right on the other side of everything.

Somehow, even people that probably know what I’m carrying on my arms still don’t seem to suppose this is how anything works. I don’t really get it, but it works out for me every time. I try to behave like people will eventually catch on, but at this point I’m going pretty convinced that it isn’t going to happen.

A woman dressed in a MAL security uniform, face hidden under a helmet that isn’t at all dissimilar to a sleek motorcycle helmet, just dashed into a door labeled exit only with a card reader beside the handle. The moment the door slammed, I could hear it lock.

Just because I can move through the air even more effortlessly than I walk using the gauntlets doesn’t mean that I have that much extra speed. I’m fast, but she was good at slowing me down weaving through the buildings. I’m not as familiar with the heavy industrial parts of the city as I probably should be by now.

I can phase through fences, and even through buildings, but I can’t see through them without losing track of my normal senses—and it’s hard to move while doing that.

Maybe when I get a better grasp on my powers I’ll just be able to rip my way through the shadow dimension, or make them turned around by running into a shadow, but for now at least I know that no matter how locked that door might be, it really doesn’t matter.

I raise an eyebrow as I stare down at the card reader again. Really. An exit only with a card reader to get in. If this is a MAL facility, then they’re really getting sloppy and I’m a little bit embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to catch them making a slip-up. I could just phase through the door, but she could be standing on the other side holding a gun at the door. Even if this shadow does a pretty good job of making me harder to kill, and it could knit all of my wounds closed again… being shot really hurts, and I’d rather not be taken off guard.

My black bodysuit doesn’t feel like it’s enough for the cold weather, and tugging the opening in the hood tighter around my face doesn’t help anything. There’s just a slit open for my eyes to peer out, and otherwise I’m head to toe in black besides my purple gauntlets, and a pair of boots I had made to look like they match. A few strands of my short red hair try to peek out past my hood, but push them back in and pull it back up over my nose.

Time to get back to work.

After a deep, slow breath, I close my eyes and will my senses through the open conduit inside of me. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s like using a muscle that I didn’t have before I started using these gauntlets.

At first all I can see, smell, taste, touch, or hear is shadow. The dimension of shadow that permeates through all of our world is full of writhing tentacles, pitch blackness that I know I can only see in because of how much of it has made its way into my blood. Inside of it isn’t much more. Everything is dark, twisted, endless shadow that isn’t so much black because that’s what it is as because there’s just… no light in this place. It can’t exist here, and it never will.

Pushing forward, almost like flying through the shadow, I push my senses through the other side of the wall and see inside of the small facility. If the lights were too bright, I’d be shoved right back inside of myself, but thankfully that doesn’t happen.

It’s always really, really annoying to go in blind once you haven’t had to for a long time. Since unlike some heroes I don’t go blabbing about what I can do, or what makes it so I can’t do it, I don’t think anyone has actually figured out that extreme light and I don’t get along. It won’t stop me from pulling a tentacle through the void and wrapping them up in it, but some of my powers just don’t function in or benefit from the light.

Other side of the door is a mess of older equipment that looks like it hasn’t seen a lot of use for at least awhile. It’s older than the card reader by at least ten years. That means that there’s something else going on here than whatever those conveyor belts and mechanical arms were building when this facility was last being used in full swing.

MAL are big fans of repurposing things in ways they shouldn’t end up being used. A lot of really terrible people are like that for one reason or another. No clue why.

Looking over the room, most of it seems not just like it’s out of date, and unused, but like it’s been slowly scrapped and repurposed. Each of the robotic arms has a few panels open with so many components ripped out. It seems to have been done carefully, but it also looks like this whole place has been cannibalized. Screens, levers, wires… So much is being used somewhere else.

On the far side of the room, I can just barely see a flash of white. The MAL security woman! All of their goons dress in white, and the security women wear skin tight white bodysuits with their tacky red logo of an “A” in the second arch of an uppercase “M” over the left side of their chest. They might have rebranded from Magnificent Analytical Laboratories to Meaningful Analytics after the last big scandal, but they’ll always be MAL to me.

Her left hand is wrapped up in a large white cylinder like a futuristic cannon, hiding her hand. I’ve heard some people say that Mind Bore has drones with hands like this. I wouldn’t be shocked if MAL bought or stole the tech from Mind Bore. I could just see their CEO sleeping with any super villain, figuratively or literally, to get an edge over the competition.

Even disembodied, invisible, moving without the ability to collide or interfere with the world around me, I can’t catch up with her once she disappears down the stairs. I can however beat her down there by sinking through the floor.

It’s a pretty nice trick.

The basement level is just as wide open as the floor above it, only it doesn’t look a thing like it. Everything down here is much more modern, but I can imagine that most people making their way here don’t ever get to see behind the door with the stairs looking down. I’m betting that if I were to go and check the city records this building doesn’t have a basement level. The ground under Midas City is supposedly filled with any number of large cave systems. It can’t be hard to find a building that connects to one well enough to give yourself a secret basement.

I’ll file that under the list of things that might make Miss Blake spend another day in court, but not actually make the company collapse.

Miss Security Officer is running frantically across the open floor, and I move to try and intercept. I could go back through the shadow conduit and meld my way through the wall, but I want to know why she’s luring me here. Chasing after security is rarely a smart idea.

It’s not like that cannon on her hand isn’t going to pack more of a punch than a gun. Flamethrowers, shards of ice, beams of electricity… I’ve seen them dish out just about every kind of elemental devastation besides one: shadow. They probably know how bad an idea it is to try playing around with elemental shadow. I know that I’ve figured it out by now.

My research budget isn’t anywhere near theirs.

It takes her awhile, but eventually she reaches what looks like a fuse box, but when she throws it open all that’s inside is a big red lever. You know the kind. It’s shaped like a boxy ‘Y’ and she tries pulling it down frantically… and nothing happens. She raises it back up and slams it back down. Again, nothing happens.

The tech in the lower level basement looks like it’s designed to assemble, or build something… with very state of the art tech. Only… it isn’t doing any of that. It’s all immobile. I watch her as she frantically throws the lever back up and screams as she throws it back down.

“Come on, come on, come fucking on! If this doesn’t work then she’s going to catch up with me… That door isn’t going to hold her for long, and then I’m fucked!” She keeps pulling the lever back up and slamming it back down. It’s cute, and sad. Her voice makes her sound about my age, and I’m a little bit on the young side to be doing this sort of thing. “Hurry up! They said it would work! Fuck!”

I’ve seen enough. I don’t need to make my way back to my body through the “real” world. All I need to do is phase back into the shadow and stop applying pressure to my senses. Like a rubber band I’m send back the way I came, slamming my consciousness back into my body.

Sometimes it makes me nervous to empty my body out of all of my thoughts and control. If someone were to find me like that and take advantage of it I don’t know how much I’d be able to do against that. All of my defenses go with me. All of my focus goes with me. I’ve always come back to feel like the conduit kept me full of some sort of tether, not just empty, not just waiting for anything that came by to possess me, but… I try not to assume anything good without knowing for sure.

If someone were to try to fill me up with something else, or shove some kind of MC chip into the back of my neck… I’m not sure just what exactly I’d be able to do. I’d probably be screwed.

When I was running on the other side of the law I used to really appreciate having more allies to run with. Moments like this make me wish that time at the bank had made Heart of Gold and Virtue feel like teaming up more. As I phase through the door, I can’t help but even wish that I still worked with someone like Stones even if I don’t think I’d ever be able to have someone not know my old villain identity if we worked together these days.

Styx and Stones were never like… Heavy hitters or anything, but we at least made a tiny name for ourselves. Midnightress mostly works alone. That’s a difference.

She also doesn’t wear a mask that looks like a hockey mask, a bodysuit with purple over the chest, and her gauntlets and boots aren’t black. I really could have changed my look more I guess, but it’s not like I’m rich. There’s a reason that I was a villain for so long.

I slide down through the floor, smirking with my arms crossed over my chest. “So, you know, usually heroes have to try to corner idiots like you, but no, you’re such a fucking dumbass that you just went in here all on your own, ran over to a broken box… and isn’t it supposed to mean you’re fucking insane when you keep trying to do something even though it doesn’t work? I thought that MAL usually hired people that were at least a little fucking smarter than that. Not you, huh? Tonight they hired someone that got the job through some ‘take your dumbass daughter to work day’ or some bullshit like that? Huh?

“You gave a half decent chase, but now…” I take a deep breath. It takes a lot of air to get out a nonstop stream of consciousness insult. My powers are pretty damned great, but I haven’t found anything that works quite as well as being an annoying shithead. Ready to use the most nasally, insulting, condescending voice I launch further into the diatribe. “You run over there and ‘Oh, oh no, all I had planned was to pull this switch! If I pull it again, it’ll definitely work! I’m totally not an idiot who made it so there’s no possible way for me to escape! That would just be stupid, and I’m totally not stupid! What’s my name again? I forgot my nametag!’ That’s you. That’s what you are right now. That’s exactly who you are right now.”

She’s stopped pulling the lever back up, and is just leaving it down. The hand inside of the cannon weapon is shaking, or her arm is shaking. Either way, she might be getting ready to attack me. She’s gotta be glaring at me under that helmet. I don’t know how she could not be. I’m an annoying shithead on the best of days, and that?

That was my A game.

Her hand slowly rises up from her side, but I’ve already got at least three different ideas ready to go. Tentacles from the floor. They’ll wrap around her, slam her into the ground, and when she comes to she’ll tell me everything she knows. I could hit her with a blast of raw darkness, drain out all of her energy, and then follow up with another blast. I could just scream, my voice sounding like every dark horror in the whole world screeching and screaming and crying out at once…

Instead of firing something from the cannon, it rises up as she raises the other hand. “There’s really no way that I can beat you! Don’t shoot! Please! I’ll tell you anything you want to know! They aren’t paying me enough!”

“That is the first smart thing you have said or done all fucking night.” It’s also the first time a MAL employee has ever said they weren’t getting paid enough to do something terrible. Are my attempts to undermine their public image at least costing them money and effort enough that it’s starting to eat up their resources? That might not be my end goal, but I’ll take what I can get. “So, what was that lever supposed to do, anyway?”

“Well… Uhm… Haha… It uhm… didn’t work… so…” She sounds like such a fucking idiot. She reminds me of the way Virtue sounds when she tries to say something about the way the world works, only Virtue is just ignorant instead of a total fucking moron. “Do you really wanna know? It’s not very interesting!”

I hold both of my hands up towards her as I continue to hover across the floor. A circle of shadow forms at her feet, and above her on the ceiling. I’ve never actually ripped anyone in half with shadow tendrils, but it’s a good scare tactic. Fear is damned useful all around.

Fear makes people stupid, just like anger makes them stupid, and who doesn’t like having an enemy off their game?

Speaking of being off my game, I really should be trying to end this sooner. The more, and longer, that I use my powers the greater chance that I’m going to end up pale as a sheet of paper, red hair dyed black, veins black, eyes black, looking like some goth chick who decided to dress up and play superhero. The stupid gauntlets aren’t good enough to prevent shadow coming through the open conduit if I keep it open for too long. I’ve tried opening and closing it rapidly only when I’m using it actively but that made it worse—kinda like how turning on a light uses a lot more power than keeping it on for a short amount of time does.

I look up towards the darkness above her, and then down at the darkness before her. “How about we pretend like I give a shit what you think is important to tell me or not, and then you humor me, and just fucking tell me what I want to know before my tentacles come out.”

She winces.

I’ve never used the tentacles to rip a girl’s clothes off, or ever shoved any into their ears to see if I could rip them out of themselves and put in something more subservient, but I’ve also never needed to. Lying, or threatening, which usually involves some level of lying since I’m not actually willing to do as much as they are, works pretty well. Thankfully weird kinky porn has made it so women are a lot more afraid of tentacles than I think they would be without it.

“Well… you see…” She sighs and slumps. Her arms come down, and I almost blast her when they start to move. She’s just so pitiful, and something about that gives me a second to consider if it’d be fair to hurt her.

I stop, about fifteen feet away. I’m still close enough that there’s no way I could miss. MAL security suits might be skin tight, but they’re bulky in the legs and in the arms. She’s not exactly svelte, with more of a chest than most women squeezed into that uniform, and the helmet makes a pretty big target, too. I might miss one shot, but I’ve got two hands to fire at once… and she’s standing on top of a closed shadow portal and below another.

About the only thing that she could dodge are questions, and even then, I totally don’t mind tearing at her self-esteem with more insults or even binding her arms and legs and tugging her a bit. I won’t even make her any taller, just thinking that maybe bad isn’t the way to go.

That’s not so bad, right?

She laughs nervously, and gives a faint little shrug. She’s taking her time. I don’t really like that, but she’s also a real dumbass so I’m not the most shocked.

“This helmet lets me see your umbral-projection—” She taps the side of her helmet. I’m already trying to move. I need to get the fuck out of here. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I got cocky. I turn to go… and feel two needles jabbing into either side of my spine at the middle of my back. “I just lured you in here and convinced you to get close enough so that by the time my partner was ready to strike you…” I can feel just how close either needle was to penetrating my spine, but instead they’re placed over it, as though a fork pinning it down inside of me. Whatever’s in them, they both feel different—and neither of them are feelings I want.

Intense sharp piercing is so distracting that I barely felt at first that the needles were both connected to some sort of device. Bright, bright light shoots out from behind me, pulling my arms tight to my sides before I can even attempt to break free. It’s so bright, but I don’t know if it’s that or the first needle’s payload making it so I can’t phase through the bonds. They wrap just under and just over my breasts, squeezing them so tight inside of my black bodysuit.

Another pair of straps or… beams… move down and press flush with between my legs before moving up to squish my breasts down tighter as they hook into the device at my back. It’s so… fucking… tight. I can feel every heartbeat throb between my legs. Shit.

The left needle feels… bright. Light. Shining. It feels the opposite of how it feels to be full of shadow. It hurts, stings, aching in ways I’ve never hurt before. It burns through my veins, tingling and fighting off the darkness I could already feel seeping into me just from what little I’ve used my gauntlets tonight. As much as I hate when the backwash from my gauntlets turns my eyes and hair black, feeling pure light burning through me doesn’t make me scream in any less pain just because it feels so much different.

The right needle feels like it goes deeper, but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much. If anything it… No. I don’t want to think about how much it doesn’t hurt. I can’t stop mewling and trembling as its payload forces heat to pour into me.

All of my nerves feel so lit up from the brightness inside of me, and the heat rides that sensitivity to make me yearn and shudder in ways that I’ve never ever felt before. My thighs are shaking. My breasts are throbbing. Just rubbing my tongue around inside of my mouth feel so hot and sexy and good All of my body just keeps getting more and more sensitive.




I cum, through my panties, and through my bodysuit, screaming as loud as I can. I’m not sure how much of it is pain or how much of it is pleasure. I can’t make any words, but I wouldn’t know what to scream if I could. Everything is just so… much, so intense, so powerful, so… so…!

There’s just so much, too much, and I feel so warm and wet and hot. My clit throbs and pulses and tingles and oh fuck this is so, so, so bad. The security woman raises her hand wrapped up in that big white cannon and I don’t see anything special happen, but I can feel something make my eyes cross. I can feel the waves of pink blossoming inside of me, making everything feel so much better than they should. I know I should be angry, really, really angry… but I can’t bring myself to feel anything but good.

My arms are already so tightly bound, but now they feel limp and helpless and weak. My gauntlets would be too heavy to lift even if my arms weren’t trapped. I crumple to my knees, groaning. My body is way too big, way too heavy… Everything is too heavy, and the light shining down my arms makes it so I can’t even feel the conduit inside of the gauntlets. I whine and wiggle my fingers, but it just… won’t open. I can’t get it to move, not even budge. It’s slammed tight, shut, and I’m trapped without any of that shadow on this side.

“After the mollifier beam has you feeling all nice and passive, I think I’m going to have you using that smart mouth of yours right between my legs.” The security lady sighs, moving closer to me. The cannon is still held out to me, and the pink feeling just grows more and more intense. I want to rub between my legs, but I can’t reach with how tight my arms are trapped against me. If the straps were just a little looser, or I could reach into the shadow, I could just rub right under my bodysuit without even needing to rip it out of the way… I can’t reach anywhere I want to feel or rub or squeeze… It’s fucking torment! “What do you think, Light Binder?”

“Knock yourself out. I was only paid to wait here for the signal and then move into position.” There’s a woman behind me. She sounds a lot older than the security lady. I can’t turn to look at her, though. It’s so hard to do anything besides try to rub my thighs together and not collapse pitifully to the ground as I groan as loud as I can. My cheeks are burning so red, but there’s no way that I can hold onto my dignity now. “Your employer will get my bill for the services rendered, used chemicals, and the harness tomorrow. Was a pleasure.”

I groan as I hear her start to walk away. From the sound of it she’s wearing big chunky boots, and each time her heels hit the sound echoes out loudly. “Y-you’re a… pleasure… You… nnnhaaaa… aaaah… Ooohh… Fuck… It feels… So… bright... fuck…!” White and pink pulse and throb alternatively across my vision, feeling like a pressure spreading out from right between my eyes.

When the security officer presses the cannon into my head I fall against her with the most pitiful sound resembling a whimper I’ve ever heard myself make. My eyes roll back into my head and I shudder, my legs spreading farther and farther apart. I want to rub them together but there’s just… this aching, craving, slutty stupid fucking need that won’t let me draw them together. My clit is on fire, both with that stupid light that’s burning out all of the shadow inside of me and this feeling that more than I need to escape or think or do anything I need to get fucked and it’s so fucking hard to convince myself that my clit isn’t right!

She’s shoving me down, and it just… I didn’t want to fight it, even though I know letting this happen is such a fucking bad idea. I didn’t want to be difficult, or trouble, or… Nnnhaaa… Everything feels so, so bright, like staring at the sun, or being inside of a light bulb. I can’t even reach the out to conduit to throw my senses into the void. I can’t reach my phone and try to get help, but I don’t know anyone that can help me cum right now.

All I can do is kneel, and feel my back arch as the cannon presses harder and harder and harder into my forehead. It hurts, but I barely even let out a whimper. Piercing, penetrating, thrusting pink feels like it’s cracking and shattering its way into my head.

Mollifier… mollify… Does she want to turn me into… Someone named Molly…? That sounds stupid as fuck… I’ve never heard of a ray that changed someone’s fucking name! I groan, my eyes crossing with the force of how hard it is to even pretend being angry with how… good, calm, sweet, soft that feeling of the cannon against my head really is.

“I like working with professionals, really… But I mean, it’s not like I’m career villain or anything. This is just better than an internship, and if I work really hard, I can get a cushy job, like security for Miss Blake. No one would ever dare fuck with her.” She reaches a hand down to her hips, and the belt around her waist pops open and falls down to the ground. “It’s basically like an internship, only I get real job experience, fringe benefits…”

My tongue wets my lips all on its own. I can’t help but whimper. Groan. Shudder. I want to make her feel good. I can’t help but keep thinking about how good it would feel to be between her legs, kissing, suckling, nibbling on her pussy. I can’t help but want to find out how many times she wants me to make her cum until she’s too sensitive for me to go any longer.

“So, I’m going to enjoy one of those fringe benefits, and when I’m done, we’ll get to work... then you’re going to give me those gauntlets, we’ll escort you outside and get you to some more long term holding, and Miss Blake can figure out what to do with you on her own time!” She laughs, and then starts to peel off the bodysuit. She isn’t wearing anything under it, and her body is so firm and tight. She looks just muscly enough to look firm and strong. Her pussy is shaved but the tuft of blonde hair looks cute right above her adorable little pussy. I just want to kiss it and suck it until she cums all over my face. I want to make her happy! I need to make her happy and just relax sucking at her pussy until she screams. “So… get to work, Slutnightress!”

She doesn’t need to ask me twice. My lips wrap, my tongue flicks, and my fingers delve. I want to feel her cum. I need to feel her cum. Nothing sounds better than making her cum all over my face again and again and again until she makes me stop.

Her screams start out so loud, and we’ve only just started. Hanging out with the bad crowd meant plenty of women throwing themselves at me when I have a body like mine. Natural red hair. Nice, natural tits. Super powers. Pale, pale skin. She’s never had someone with the kind of experience I have, and I can tell.

I suck, and I suck, and I suck, and she cries out louder and louder. Her hand rips my hood down from my head, grasping my hair to pull me into her cunt as he hips start to roll. The cannon is still pressed into my head, but from above now.

The pink feelings just keep feeling better and better and better and there’s nothing I can do about how good it feels. I just need to be soft. I want to be soft. Soft means getting to work when she asked and not putting up a fuss. She screams, louder and louder, shaking harder and harder. I don’t stop. I just keep right on licking, and fingering, and suckling. There’s no reason for me to stop. There’s no reason for me to ever stop.

Finally I can feel her thighs clench and squeeze around my head. She’s cumming, and it’s all I can do to not cum with her. My bodysuit is already dripping wet and so tight around my chest, my ass, my thighs, everywhere, really…

“Yess… yesss… yesss… Oooh… don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop you little super slut… fuck…yes!” She screams, her voice sounding even younger. Has she even had someone eat her out before? I can’t tell. Either way I know that I’m going to be an experience that she’ll never fucking forget no matter how many others end up between her legs. I keep suckling, swirling my tongue and moaning against her clit. She’s already so close to cumming again and I can’t wait for it. Making her cum feels so soft and velvety and smooth and luscious and good. “Oh… Oh… fuck, slow down, I need to… to… breathe!”

She slumps, and starts to slide her fingers down through my hair and teases her nails over my scalp. I don’t stop suckling, but I can suckle slower. I can start licking slower. Tasting her feels so good and that still processes just as fast in my head. She feels so good against my mouth. I need all of her. I need to obey her.

When she finally grabs my hair and pulls my face back away from her, I keep licking and sucking at the taste of her cunt on my lips and inside of my mouth. My hips can’t stay still when I’m this turned on, this hot, feeling this good… I could do this all day if she wants more after she catches her breath. It feels so good to be a little slutnightress. I don’t know if I feel that much like a Molly or not, but I don’t feel like I’d argue if she wanted to call me Molly. She could call me anything that she feels like if she even hinted it might make her feel good.

The cannon slumps by her waist, but it’s okay. If the molly-ray worked, then I’m already as mollified as can be. As soon as she’s ready to get more, she knows I’m still right here down on my knees. I’m ready to make her cum again and again and again.

Mmm I think I came when she did.

Hard to tell when I feel so fuzzy…

She reaches down behind me and grabs the back of the harness. I groan, feeling so small and weak and helpless when she lifts me up to my feet. Oh right. MA suits make them stronger, more durable. I’ve learned that before more than once, even if I don’t really have an easy time remembering why. The light is still squeezing around my breasts, but it doesn’t feel so bad. Even if it makes my nipples pulse and throb and ache… I just want her to lift me up and carry me all around, all she wants…

Oh… she got dressed again…? I must have been just… being molly, I don’t really know. My head feels so floaty and fuzzy. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

My feet hit the ground, and she grabs my face to make me look up into her eyes. “Now, walk.” She turns me around and shoves me forward. I hope she’s staring at my ass, just thinking about more ways to use me on the way to… wherever we’re going. My eyes cross, but I just keep moving. Forward. Upstairs. Towards that door.

Wherever we’re going to be storing me, I guess it isn’t in here.

She swats my ass, giving it a firm, tight squeeze. Mmmm. She was totally staring at my ass. Knew it. I have a really nice ass. I wonder if Molly has a nice ass and that’s why she wanted me to be more like her. Mine is totally better though, I’m sure of it without needing to check.

She unlocks the door, pulls my hood back over my face, and then shoves me out.

I’m such a fucking good super slut.

* * *

It’s cold outside, and the light straps don’t feel like they’re really doing anything to make it warmer. The bright light the harness shoved inside of me isn’t gone yet, or I don’t think it would feel so cold. Usually I can feel some darkness inside of me keeping me warm. The light aches, and without focus on the security lady’s body it just keeps throbbing through all of the places that feel the worst to have ache.

Every time she tugs on the harness I can’t help but stumble. Between my legs the straps are just so tight, and my breasts are being squeezed by them so tight from every direction. I don’t feel like whining, though. That wouldn’t be very polite, and I feel like being soft and calm.

It’s not a bad way to feel. Makes me wonder why I’m so grumpy all the time if this feels good. Maybe I should feel like this more often…?

I wonder if they’ll let me stay like this forever, nice and soft. My cheeks hurt with how much I’ve been smiling. Do I smile much? It doesn’t feel like it. It’s hard to remember. It’s harder to be too worried about it, though. All I really have to do right now is not make her life too difficult and stumble along as she tugs my harness.

Will I ever find out her name? That helmet is so big, and I’ve seen her pussy but I’ve never seen her face. I guess I don’t really need to. I made her cum.

That’s enough.

A big white van with the MA logo printed in red on the side is waiting on the other side of the factory we were in. “All right, so, I’d say it’s been fun, but I’m going to chuck you in the back here and y-oh what the f-f-f-f-fuuuuck!” Her voice stutters like she just stuck a fork in the outlet, and she drops to the ground.

If her hand didn’t let go of my harness a second before she fell I’d be dropping with her. Instead I just stumble forward and groan. I still can’t feel the shadow inside of me, not that I think I’d know what to do with it feeling like this.

I don’t know what I expected to see when I turned around, but it wasn’t a woman with silver skin and silver hair holding out her hand as she channeled a stream of bright silver light right into the security woman. She’s wearing a dark grey skirt that falls over her thighs with white just around the hem. Her top is sleeveless and comes down over the front of her skirt. All the way down to her elbows she’s wearing pristine white gloves.

“I don’t think you look so magnificent now! Or meaningful? Should I rebrand what I call you now that you’ve rebranded what you call yourselves…?” She takes a thoughtful expression, blinking. Silver lights in her eyes twinkle and sparkle. It looks gorgeous.

She’s older than me, but she can’t be that old. Something about her seems so… young, in a pretty, carefree sort of way. It’s enough to make me smile a little bit more, even if bright lights usually make me a little nervous

At least it isn’t fire.

“Hey, you’re Midnightress, right? Nice to meet you, I’m Silver!” Silver wiggles her fingers at me with a warm smile. It’s entirely too cute.

“Yeah… I’m Midnightress!” I smile brighter, happy to be agreeable and pleasant. Even if that thingy isn’t making my head feel all pink I still wanna be nice. It feels nice to be nice, and she uhm… saved me…? I was really happy to be thrown into the back of the van, but I think I’m just as happy to not be thrown in the back of the van. It’d probably be bumpy, and this Silver seems… nice. “Nice to meet you!”

She moves over to me and tries to tug at the straps wrapped all around me. It makes the needles in my back move in ways that kinda hurt, but I just grit my teeth so I can smile through it. Her gloves really look like they should just go right through them, but they’re so solid.

Hah. Solid light. That’s just so… silly.

Silver’s face scrunches up, her expression turning serious as she looks over me. “Really glad that I spotted you… I don’t really patrol like I used to—and I never really patrolled this part of the city—but I just got this weird hunch? Something just told me ‘Hey, Silver, haven’t you always wanted to spot something weird happening from the industrial part of town? You should check that out after you make sure no one needs help getting home!’ And hey, I found you, so…” She moves behind me, and makes a happy sound. I can’t help but laugh. “Hah! Found it! This is pretty fancy… They must really not like you, huh?”

“Been trying to take ’em down for a few years…” There’s a sound of shorting circuitry, or at least what I imagine is that, and the straps holding me short out. I mewl in relief, rubbing over my arms. I want to rub over my chest, and between my legs, but we’re still outside and my gauntlets are metal. It’s cold. That wouldn’t feel great… “Thank you…!”

“No problem! Girls like us gotta stick together, you know?” Silver smiles, and I only whine a little as she pulls the back of the harness away from my back. “Oh fuck! I’m sorry, I had no idea there were needles in here…! Are you okay…? Do you need to see a doctor?”

I shake my head, smiling as bright as I possibly can. Bright isn’t usually something that sums me up, but something about Silver makes me feel really bright and shiny. Bright, shiny, radiant… I just wanna get along with her, to understand her, to just feel nice and happy and nearby someone this positive and uplifting. She really sounds incredibly apologetic. If I were the touchy feely type I’d give her a hug, but I don’t know if she’d want that and I’d probably get it wrong somehow.

She doesn’t look convinced, looking over the device in her hands with a troubled frown. It doesn’t look that big, just a hexagon shaped thing made of what looks like solid metal with a couple of big needles sticking out and little spots for the straps to come out.

I’m not exactly super sad it’s probably broken. It felt nice being all tightly wrapped around me, but it was also a little too tight? I wasn’t about to raise a fuss, but I probably needed a bigger one. It’s okay though. Silver is here with me, and I just feel safe with her. Something about the way her eyes glow, or the way she just seems so casual about all of this… it’s nice.

She’s nice.

“Well… okay. I guess I don’t need to take you to see a doctor…” She frowns, and knocks on the harness device. “It doesn’t feel good to leave you alone, but I mean, you’ve got pretty impressive powers from what I understand. Probably out of my league! So do you want an escort home or do you want to… you can fly, right? Do you just want to fly home? I wouldn’t be able to follow you.” She snaps her fingers, and a little silver start floats above her fingertip. “I can make plenty of these, but I can’t fly around. It sounds a bit dangerous, but useful.”

“Yeah… really useful… but uhm…” I squeeze my hands in and out of fists, and wince. Fuck. It hurts, even through how calm I feel, to try and open that conduit. Like it really, really hurts. “Owww… Yeah, my powers aren’t working right now. One of the needles made my veins feel glowy bright painful and I haven’t really been able to make them work since then…”

I’m not trying to make her feel bad? Like, I’m really just trying to explain the situation to her, but Silver looks really, really sad in a way that I can’t put into words. Concerned, maybe? She looks over the harness a little more, and then reaches out to take one of my hands.

Her gloves are a lot thinner than mine, just being some kind of cloth instead of metal with high tech bits working inside, but something about her taking my hand still feels really nice. She squeezes, when I can only tell because I’m still looking at her hand. When I look up to see her face she’s smiling. It’s a really insistent, firm smile, like she refuses to look anything but happy.

She looks really… driven.

“I definitely can’t let you try to find your way home on your own, then. You seem pretty out of it, and if MA security found you looking like that…” She scrunches up her face, biting her lip. “She said there’s been something weird up with MA lately, too… Was thinking of looking into it…” I don’t know who Silver is talking about, but the way she says ‘She’ sounds like this woman is really, really important. She even shivers a bit when she says it. She taps a gloved finger to her lips before looking apologetically into my eyes. The lights in hers are shining a little dimmer. It makes her look… worried. “Uhm… So, this might be a bit of a weird situation, but, have you ever heard of Chronos?”

I nod. “Of course… It’s like… That really powerful company that rents out metahumans right…?” I know that I’ve heard their fingers are in everything, but I never really listened. Once I found out that they don’t really like doing business with MA I never gave them another thought.

There was some bad blood there, which meant they weren’t my enemies, and I was busy enough focusing on MA. Trying to work with them appealed once or twice, but it also sounded kinda risky. Better to stay off the radar. Better to just know that if I ever ran into them it probably wouldn’t be a situation where they’d help MA throw me into the back of a van. A part of me almost feels a little bad for the security lady laying in a heap.

She occasionally shudders and twitches, letting out quiet little mewls. Her helmet is still on tight, the visor down over her face. I could look, but I feel bad enough that I wasn’t a good enough “Molly” to not give her any trouble.

Silver laughs. It’s half genuinely amused, and half sounding a bit nervous. Her eyes flash a bit more erratically, but the lights in them are so dim it’s not like it makes it hard to look at her face. She just looks like some kind of toy that lights up and flashes to show how it’s feeling. That’s probably mean to say about a person. It’s not like she looks made of metal… it’s more like she’s wearing really, really good body paint the right color of silver. It isn’t even really metallic…

“Well I mean, yeah, there’s a bit of that… I mean, She provides training, rooms, equipment, anything that a heroine needs to really do her best in Midas City… It’s not like we’re mercenaries or anything…” She reaches across herself and squeezes her own elbow. Entirely too cute. She also looks a little cold. Her outfit can’t really be good for the winter unless her powers keep her warm. “The reason I ask is that uhm, we might be able to help you?”

We. Oh. Right. Of course she’d be asking that because she works for them. My cheeks burn a little but they’re at least hidden my by mask. It was only down around my mouth. “If you think so… Do I need an appointment? Isn’t the woman in charge like… really important…?”

“Oh, she’s the most important woman in Midas City…” Silver smiles so proudly, practically beaming down at me. The lights in her eyes shine brighter, almost like she’s gotten powered back up.

I wonder how her eyes look when someone’s lips are wrapped around her silver clit.

“But as for an appointment, uhm…” She laughs, waving a hand. “I’m like… So, I work for Her? And I can guarantee that if you come with me you’ll be able to talk with Her too. It’d be good for you to at least have somewhere safe to go tonight if MA is looking for you, right? We could call the police, but it’s MA? So they’d probably try to spin this one on you… but I can get you somewhere safe, and we can talk about Chronos maybe helping you out. Especially if you know about MA’s projects…”

She sounds way too nice to be trying to blackmail, or threaten me, even if it almost sounds like she’s asking for my cooperation to keep me safe. The security lady just made me kneel and make her cum. That was fun. Some part of me is pretty sure she’s right, though…

Silver, not the security officer. The security officer was right about what was going to happen if Silver didn’t show up, but now she’s still twitching on the ground. It’s cute, but didn’t really sound like what she had in mind. I flutter my eyes up at Silver and give a little nod. Seeking out help didn’t seem like a good idea, but if help finds me… I mean what can I really say that does anything but hurt MA?

Hurting people isn’t good, but that’s something that I remember caring about… even if it’s hard to remember why. I sway on my feet, and Silver catches me. She’s tougher feeling than she looks, while still feeling so smooth and soft. Warm. I nuzzle into her arm and sigh. “Okay…”

“Good! Then you can just hold my hand, and I’ll get you home with me, okay? I’m sure that She’ll be happy to talk with you... and no matter what, I won’t let them take you away, all right? I’ll help keep you safe.” Something about the way she’s setting her voice, being insistent, firm… it makes me feel a lot safer. I never heard of someone named Silver before, but I’m sure that she’s someone who cares. I can feel it in the way she wraps her arm around me, and squeezes me tight. “You’re safe now. No one’s going to hurt you while I’m around.”

So much of me just wants to nuzzle into her chest and rest there. She’s not the curviest heroine in Midas or anything—I’m pretty sure me and Heart of Gold both have her beat in that department—but that would let me feel closer to that warm heart of hers. I’m not normally this emotional, but something about feeling soft and fuzzy is bringing it all out.

Soft, and small, and full of bright warm light. It probably wouldn’t hurt if I wasn’t normally full of so much dark shadow. Silver seems filled with light all the time without pain.

I actually feel safe in her arms. I’m not sure if that’s something I usually feel, either. I wrap an arm back around her and smile up at her. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve worked with other people, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had someone older than me be this tender and soothing. Maybe I haven’t let anyone try that’s wanted to, but I also think that people gave that up with me a long time ago. I’ve missed it more than I wanted to admit. If joining Chronos means getting to spend more time with Silver… it might not be so bad, especially with how much it sounds like she likes it.

“It’s a bit of a ways away, so just stay close to me, all right? If… if you’re worried and need to feel a little bit calmer? That’s something my powers can do.” I look up at her, and then over at the collapsed security officer. I can still taste her pussy in my mouth. “Oh. Uhm. Well it doesn’t need to make that happen. She was being a jerk. I’m not always nice when someone’s manhandling a super heroine.”

“Fair…” I smile up at her and nod as she pulls out of the hug. I wish it could last for a lot longer, but it’s okay. It sounds like we’re going to stay better friends than I have with anyone since Stones. We used to team up all the time when I was on the wrong side of the law, but I haven’t seen her since I stopped that.

I guess since she’s older she’d be closer to the woman I’m always having help me fix my gauntlets when they get trashed… but Forgette is a lot older and I’m not really that open or honest with her. It doesn’t feel like I could be that distant with Silver, not for long.

“All right, one foot in front of the other! And if anyone shows up to stop us from getting home…!” She holds a hand out infront of me, and makes one of those little silver stars. It flashes and twists and spins and a young part of me wants to giggle happily but that makes me feel way way too young for my comfort. I’m younger than her, but I don’t want her to see me as that much younger than her… “Chronos really helped me get the hang of using these, by the way! Back before I was recruited, I couldn’t really use them too much without starting to feel cold and tired. Now I can use them all night if I need to…”

Imagining her cornered with her back to a wall, surrounded, needing to use more of those little lights but not being able to… I squeeze her hand tighter, and lean my head against her shoulder as she leads me back towards the center of the city. I want to protect her, too, even if I can’t really do much right now when I feel all soft and tired.

When I can, though…

“That sounds nice.” My voice still feels so much softer and younger than I like to feel around anyone. As long as it’s Silver though, it doesn’t feel too bad. “You’re nice…”

“Thanks, Midnightress…” Something about her voice sounds odd when she thanks me, but it doesn’t exactly sound bad? “Don’t let go of my hand, and we’ll be safe in no time.” She nods. Her eyes shine in a different, brighter sort of way. I don’t know what it means.

Somehow it makes her seem a lot prettier. Maybe it’s showing how passionate she is? I don’t really know her that well even if I feel safe being with her. I don’t really feel that way about a lot of people. I haven’t for a really long time. I don’t know why I feel safe like this with her. It isn’t because her powers are all bright and shiny. It isn’t her reputation. I wouldn’t feel safe in the same room as Psyche—but I’ve also heard that word on the street is she uses super villains as sex toys and makes them forget about it.

Probably isn’t true, but finding that out the wrong way always kept me from getting too close. Even now she’d probably be able to tell that I used to be a bad girl. Psychics cheat.

I don’t let go of Silver’s hand for a moment. I also don’t really lift my head from her arm. She’s just really warm, and feeling her close makes me feel a lot safer. She’s a good super heroine, the kind that made me realize I can make a difference. She really, really cares. Maybe I should try to care more, too…

* * *

We don’t talk a lot on the way to Silver’s home. It makes sense though, she’s on the lookout for anything suspicious. I’m vulnerable and she’s trying to make sure that I get there okay. She doesn’t know why MA wants me. She doesn’t know what I was doing in that part of the city.

Chronos Tower is… huge. There are probably taller buildings in other parts of the world, but it’d be hard for me to imagine one that was more imposing. It’s been in Midas longer than I have, towering over everything. The more that we walk, the more I try and think about what I’ve heard of Chronos through the lens that Silver works for them, or with them. I don’t remember the name of the woman in charge, but I swear that I heard she only isn’t in politics because she doesn’t need to be with how much power she’s already got in the city.

The newspaper that isn’t a gossip rag is half kept afloat by her investments. Chronos donated a lot to restore part of the Gordias Library when a weather controller opened up a storm on the ground floor. If I remember right, their donations alone kept the Supernatural History Museum from having to raise their price of admissions.

Things like that were why I was suspicious. They make a lot of money, but the things you hear about them are how good they are for society. That’s always a worrying sign… but I couldn’t find anything. They weren’t working with MAL. None of their employees go mysteriously missing. The founder was born rich and just made herself richer. That’s how the story goes anyway. It’s hard to be sure about anything when someone has that kind of money to throw around.

When we finally reach the building, Silver smiles and steps between me and the entrance. “So, tonight? I was really just out on a pleasure patrol? Well… It wasn’t professionally motivated, anyway. I kinda like to just… go out and make the world safe, ya know? Always have.”

If someone else said something that corny I might not believe them. Something about the way the word ‘safe’ gives her eyes an extra bit of twinkle and shine makes it feel like doubting her, even if I didn’t say it out loud, would be a slap in the face. She’s way too nice for me to want to do that. Instead, I nod and smile. The burning in my body feels a lot better. I must have…Uhm… I don’t know the word right now. My head still feels slow.

Whatever that thing injected me with must have run its course. Even with my powers I don’t know if I could phase through solid light. I definitely didn’t want to with how good the other needle made me feel, and the pink feeling from that weird security cannon thing.

I know I’ve heard of some other people in Midas using tech like that, but I can’t remember who. I’ve never had to deal with them at any rate. They’re probably no good.

“Sometimes I bring people back to see Her—but usually she assigns that to the other recruiters. Not that I’m not good! It’s just usually not me. So this is a bit unusual, but I still know She’ll be happy to help.” She pauses, laughing so anxiously as her eyes flash and twinkle. “She might not be in—but she’s usually working late… Might have an appointment set, I don’t know if anyone was due tonight… but just follow my lead, okay? I’m sure I can handle this. I’m… close with the woman in charge.”

Close. I’d almost worry that I was misinterpreting it if someone else said it like that, but there’s no way she’s not fucking her. Fucking the boss is usually a bad idea, but if you can get appointments to see her any time you want then maybe it’s the boss that should be worried.

Is Silver the real brains behind Chronos? It’s hard to imagine. She doesn’t seem stupid, but imagining her as some secret mastermind makes me giggle even as I nod and squeeze her hand. She’s not completely guileless, but I think if someone confronted her about enacting an evil plan she’d just spill it all out before they had to torture her or even ask twice. Something about her just feels so trustworthy. It feels like she really understands.

“Good! Don’t worry, She’s great!” Silver leads me inside. The lobby is… huge. I guess it would have to be. I’ve never been inside a building quite like this before. Hitting the big MA places has always seemed too dangerous, and I’m not exactly swimming in money.

That’s not something that happens to dropouts.

My head is feeling a little more… screwed on right. I still feel dizzy, and if I let go of Silver’s hand, I might not be able to walk straight, but I can think a little bit better than I could before. That’s a nice feeling. In the morning I am going to be so embarrassed, but for now, while I’m inside of one of the most powerful companies in Midas City, I’m just going to try and keep those realizations to a minimum.

If Chronos wants to help stab MAL in the eye, I’m way too happy to help. After what Miss Blake took from me… It sounds way better than it probably sound.

“Hi, Doris! Does She already have an appointment tonight…?” Silver leans over the receptionist’s counter. It’s so casual, and she sounds my age when she does it. “I know that I’m not scheduled to bring anyone up to see Her, but I have Midnightress with me, and I’d hate to bother Tiffany if the door isn’t going to be opening tonight…”

She says the name Tiffany as though it were an open alias. The receptionist giggles. It probably is. This place seems a lot more… loose than I was expecting from what looks on the outside a lot like a mercenary group. Charitable, but mercenary.

Apparently they’re a lot more complicated than they seem.

“Hrm, let me check, let me check… Always nice to see you, Silver…” Doris doesn’t look anything special. She just has short black hair, deep brown skin, and even if she’s the night receptionist she looks just as professional as someone that should be in a board room. “Looking extra shiny tonight… Hrm… Ah! No, it seems like she has an appointment tomorrow, but tonight she’s free. Working late like always, but free. Do you want me to page her?”

When Doris talks about the woman in charge she doesn’t sound nearly as reverent as Silver does. It makes sense though. Doris isn’t fucking her. Probably. If she is, apparently the boss gives Silver a lot better attention.

I wonder if Silver fucking the boss is as well-kept of a secret as Tiffany’s name. Silver really doesn’t even seem like she’d bother to try. If she did, it’d probably be cute.

Silver nods. “If you don’t mind? I saved Midnightress here from something that a MA security officer was up to… ended up getting this.” She sets the harness device on the counter, and spins it around with the needles facing up. “Windy will probably want her division to get a look at it. I uhm. Might have fried it though… But she can probably still figure out what it can do.”

“Mm-hm… She’s good at what she does.” Doris types away at her computer and I watch the weird hexagon continue to spin. The security officer called her Light Binder. I don’t think that’s a name that I’ve heard before. Hard to shake the feeling that I’ll be hearing it a lot soon. “Ah… yes, she’ll be happy to see you. Please go right on up, Silver, Midnight.”

“Midnightress.” I raise an eyebrow. That’s a weird way to get my name wrong. It’s close to what I actually use. Maybe it’s because sparkles here has a simple name and she’s busy thinking about her. I can understand Silver being distracting.

Is she silver everywhere or is that a costume? When she talks the inside of her mouth looks silver, but who knows. I’m still curious.

“Ah, your eyes are finally looking a bit more focused. Good. I was a little worried, not knowing what they injected you with…” Silver starts to lead me across the room to an elevator. “We’re going up to the top floor, and it is a bit… slow…? But it’s a safety thing. I’m not an engineer, but I know I’ve asked a few times if we could make it go faster. The answer is usually a resounding no.”

I shrug. “Probably not the worst thing to be more concerned with being careful…” The elevator is open when we reach it, and Silver motions for me to go in ahead of her. She’s finally let go of my gauntlet. That shouldn’t make me feel conflicted. I don’t feel especially at risk, but it was still nice.

Even if I turn down the offer to work with Chronos on fucking over MAL, I definitely want to keep in touch with Silver. I groan and pull off one of my gauntlets, and then the other, setting them down on the floor as Silver presses the button for the top floor. My tits still feel sore from being squished by those straps, but I’m still not really in a great spot to fix that. Oh well. I can deal with it.

I want to take my hood off too, and get the taste of that MAL bitch’s pussy out of my mouth, but that can wait. Even if I like Silver, I’m not giving her my face. I didn’t do that for Virtue, and she’s such a goodie-goodie I think showers take her to get clean.

The elevator starts to move, and I lean back against the corner as I rub at my head. Nnn. I made such a fucking idiot of myself, but from the concerned look in Silver’s face I can tell that she’s not judging me. She wiggles her fingers at me as I pull my face out of my hands. What of my face is visible must be red, but that’s not as bad as how tight my outfit feels pulled… everywhere. Stupid Light Binder. She better hope that I never get my hands on her without light pumping through my veins.

“Are you doing okay, Midnight…?” Silver moves a little close, resting her hand on my shoulder. Now that I’m feeling a bit more myself, I feel like I should wrench my shoulder away… but I don’t want to. It’s obvious she’s trying to be helpful and soothing. It’s working.

Why would I turn that down just because I’m supposed to be the tough chick? She’s not going to run out and ruin my rep. We’re in an elevator. It’s just us.

Just us, for 100 floors, and we just reached floor… ten. Fuck. This elevator is slow.

“Yeah, I’m okay… I’m okay. I’ve just never had that sort of thing happen, you know? I was chasing her, she ran in there, and it was a trap. I’d say that I fucked up but I didn’t. They were trying to capture me, and it would have worked.” I frown, and look up at her with an expression that I hope conveys how much I want to feel more uncomfortable about it than I am. “It did work. You just stopped them from doing whatever they wanted afterwards. Ugh and she made me… do things.”

I want to spit, but I also don’t want to spit cum-saliva all over a Chronos elevator when one of their employees is offering to help me. That feels really fucking rude. Oh well.

Silver squeezes my shoulder, and forces herself to smile brighter. It doesn’t reach her eyes. I wonder if she even knows they do that. She doesn’t seem like she does. Maybe if she did she’d be a better liar. “It’ll be okay… Okay? Like… I’ve been there. It’s not fun. Really…”

Something in her eyes makes me a little bit uncertain, but not enough to actively doubt her. She did fry that dumb bitch to the ground, and didn’t wait to try to find out how to get the harness off the right way. Chronos not working with MAL seems pretty legit. That or they’re putting a lot of effort into showing that to get my guard down. For what? I don’t even know. She squeezes my shoulder tighter, and a tingle melts down my spine.

My eyes flutter. Cool. Smooth. Bright… It doesn’t feel like how the needle felt. Not at all. It just feels a little bright, a little… Warm. It almost feels electrical, but too soft for that. Too delicate. I have to manually force my toes to uncurl.

All of the tension in my shoulders is just… gone. Silver smiles down at me a little more, her eyes glowing brighter. Something about her feels different. Not bad. Not bad at all. It just feels like she’s shifting into a different mode, like the social situation changed or something. I’m not really good at these things, but she’s very expressive. There’s no way that she’s aware of how expressive she is, but that honestly makes her a feel a lot safer, and a lot more attractive.

If she’s fucking her boss I probably shouldn’t be wondering if she’s silver between her legs, or if she has silver nipples. I probably shouldn’t be wondering what her skin tastes like. It would be more pleasant than the taste in my mouth now, but she’s probably pretty fucking taken.

“Relax, Midnight. You’re really, really tense. Here… Let me help you relax a little okay? Don’t worry. You’re safe. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” She makes me move just enough so she can get behind me, and pulls me back against her. Warm. Soft. Fuck I could just stay like this forever. If anyone asks, this was her idea. I definitely did not make this happen. I’m not about to stop it, but I’m not responsible for how much I’m loving her fingers stroking and squeezing my shoulders through the black of my bodysuit. Her fingers sizzle in just the right ways to force my muscles to clench, but when they stop all of the stress they were holding is just… gone.

“Y-yeah, I guess I don’t really get to relax much these days…” I don’t know why I feel so vulnerable like this. She protected me. She brought me here to help me. I guess I’d feel vulnerable to her, but it shouldn’t be a bad thing, right? It doesn’t feel bad though, even if it feels dangerous. It’s alluring. There’s more to her, and I want to know it.

Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do. Something in her smile says there’s more to her. Something about the way her fingers press into my shoulders and I can feel further down my back squeeze up then loosen is just so heavenly. “You should relax more, Midnight. High strung isn’t healthy.”

Saying she sounds like a mom would be inappropriate. She sounds like someone who would make a good mom. Mothering isn’t really any of the places my mind goes to.

She kisses the top of my head, and for a moment, everything gets… really blurry. It feels the same as my shoulders or my back, that feeling of everything clenching, squeezing, then loosening, but it feels like everything loosens. I fall back against her, and she shifts to help keep me up. Silver wraps an arm around me, her nails sliding across my head. Everything has a faint silvery halo. My knees feel shaky, but she’s so stable and warm behind me. I groan, and she squeezes me tighter.

“Relax, Midnight… It’s okay. I have you. You’re safe with me, okay…? I promised, no one is going to hurt you… No one…” Her lips press to the top of my head again.


When my eyes flutter through the feeling that the whole world is glazed in warm smooth drippy soothing silver, everything feels so limp. Her arms under my breasts are all that’s keeping me from slumping down to the floor, but it’s really hard to care. I feel so smooth. So good.

I look up to try meeting Silver’s eyes above me, but I catch sight of the floor first. Twenty. This really is a slow, slow elevator. I don’t really want it any faster.

Whoever this she, her, whatever woman is, there’s no way that she’s going to be better to meet than Silver. I just want to stay in this elevator with her forever. It’s so easy to relax and feel safe, really safe. “Okay… I’ll relax… Mmm you’re really warm and silver, Silver…”

My cheeks feel on fire, but she can’t see them anyway. It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. I’m safe. She won’t judge me.

“Thanks! Can be a pain to always be a bit warm, though. It means that I can make people too hot really easy.” Her fingers slide down past my shoulders, and at once all of the tips sparkle silver. I can see them out of the corner of my eyes, and it makes every little part of me shudder and clench. I already soaked through the crotch of my bodysuit, but if she keeps this up I’m going to do it all over again. Silver, like little currents of electricity, trace out through my breasts, tingling, pulsing, throbbing with all of the best feelings at once. My nipples are so hard it feels like they could cut through the black covering them. “Do you know what I mean?”

Is she actually trying to seduce me? She doesn’t sound quite as innocent as she did before, but I don’t feel like I need to be afraid of her. She’s playing some kind of kinky sex game with me. I can’t say that I really mind it. It feels… nice, actually. I want it. I want her. I’ve wanted her since she first sizzled that harness off of my tits.

“Yessss!” My voice is all slurry, but that honestly just sounds hot. I feel almost drunk, but it’s more like parts of me feel asleep. It’s just so easy to let go of everything and let the silver light keep tingling away at things after they clench up all tight.

“Aww… I’m glad!” Her fingers grasp my nipples. They’re prominent enough at my chest that they aren’t hard to find. I gasp and sputter, unable to find sounds or words to express how fucking good it feels. They’re so sensitive, and that tingling of her fingers is so sweetly intense. All I can do is roll my hips back against her and whimper breathlessly as my knees try to be solid enough to help me push back against her harder. The current keeps growing stronger, and stronger, and she twists slowly firmer, and firmer, almost like she’s kneading my breasts with silver light, filling them up, pulling my eyes back into my head. “Do I make you hot, Midnight?”

I try to nod, but my neck feels too loose. She tugs out my nipples, twisting them through my bodysuit and I groan, panting and straining to even take a breath. They’ve never felt so hard before, and feeling that silver makes them tingle and pulse in ways that feel so special. The silvery feeling is so hot, so overwhelming, and my eyes keep wanting to roll back farther into my head.

My lips rub together, trying to find some way to express myself. My thighs clench. I’m so wet. I’m so fucking wet that I can feel that heat more than I can feel my thoughts.

Silver keeps rolling my nipples and I keep trying to feel as much of her against me as I can. “Do I make you hot, Midnight? You feel really hot. I wonder…” She strokes a hand down lower, and her palm presses flat against me before her fingers squeeze protectively over the black hiding my panties. Her fingers do that trick where they sparkle silver, and my pussy clenches so hard, my clit shuddering and throbbing and screaming, and then the current stops, and I feel even more drenched than before.

So wet. So hot. So… I groan. There’s no strength left in my body anymore. All I can do is writhe and tremble as her fingers feel over my slick clothes, sparkling and tingling at my skin underneath. It almost feels like I’m not wearing the bodysuit at all. She kisses the top of my head again, and everything stays blurred out until a tingling finger presses right over my clit and keeps tingling stronger and stronger and stronger until I feel like my thighs are going to break her hand in half. I cum, screaming her name and shaking.

“I think that’s a ‘yes’. Mm.” Silver kisses my ear, suckling so gently as her fingers continue to rub along my clothed slit. It barely feels like I’m clothed at all. “We’re not even halfway there yet… Do you mind if I make it so you get there a little quicker? Losing time around here… it’s just a thing that happens. You should start getting used to it now.”

Oh yes do I want to get used to it if it means this. I can’t turn down anything that will give me chances to feel like this. It’s way too good. It’s way too hot. It’s way too many good, perfect things. I don’t have words for how good this feels.

I’m not used to wanting things as much as I want this. I’m not used to a night going so wrong and then going so right. Fuck this even makes earlier feel worth it. Silver is so good.

“Yesss! You make me hot! Really hot!” I try to scream the words as loud as I can, but they still come out so quietly. “Do it! Please!”

“All right, Midnight. She’s going to love meeting you.” It almost feels like she slides her fingers through my clothes, but it’s not that. The current is just so intense that when it wraps around my clit and throbs while she’s kissing the top of my head with silvery lips, it’s like the current is going through my whole body at once.

I can’t think. I can’t move. My body keeps shuddering and shaking, but it’s so completely out of my control. Everything feels so completely out of my control. It feels too good to want it back if it means this would go away.

Maybe it’s just a moment, or maybe it’s an eternity. While I’m inside of it, I can’t tell. I can’t see. Everything is just shining, pulsing, throbbing silver. I can’t hear anything besides my own frantic heartbeat. I can’t feel anything besides her silver. All I can taste is that silver, coursing over my tongue and stimulating me with pure sensation over every spot on my tongue at once. There’s no way to know if there’s ever been anything outside of this. She’s in control of everything. Everything is her silver, and all that I can do is obey how it feels.

All I can do is shudder, bound up in her power, shuddering and screaming and panting and drenching my uniform as I feel myself cumming over and over and over again or maybe just being caught in one unending orgasm.

When it finally stops the first thing I hear is a ding. There’s a sound of movement, but I’m being lifted up off of the ground. Light. My arms are light. I whine, moving my hands, hoping she’ll understand. She kisses my forehead, and just a hint of the euphoria I only just escaped teases over me. “Don’t worry sweetie, we won’t forget them. Your gauntlets are in the elevator.” She sighs, stroking the top of my head gently. “Hey, Tiff, could you get them for me after you buzz Her? She really hates it when we leave stuff in the elevator, but my hands are free!”

“Mmm of course, Silver!” A voice so bubbly and candy sweet that hearing it makes my cavities have cavities rings out. I try to curl tighter into Silver. She feels so warm and safe, especially when I feel so empty and smooth. There’s a loud click, and that voice calls out again. “Lady, two for you. Silver plus guest!” A moment later there’s another click, and the bubbly voice giggles. “Head right in!”

“Thank you, Tiffany! And don’t mess with them, Windy’s going to want a look at them and if you mess with them before that, She’ll get upset.” Silver sounds so confident talking to Tiffany. The name sounds familiar but I can’t place it. I don’t want to worry about it. Held in Silver’s arms, I just want to cling to her and let my eyes stay shut so I can feel the silver still shuddering and trembling inside of me. “And you really look good in that silver lipstick!”

Tiffany giggles from behind us, and I sigh in relief. They aren’t going to lose my gauntlets. I need those. They’re what lets me do everything. They’re all I really have. I can’t lose them, not for any reason. “Thank you, Silver! You look good in your old outfit, too!”

It makes me wonder what Silver’s newer outfit looked like. Was it smaller? Tighter? Her outfit didn’t have any logos on it anywhere… but she might not look terrible wearing some kind of skintight bodysuit with a logo over her chest or over one of her breasts. I giggle a little at the thought. Silver seems much too innocent to wear anything too sexy. She’s just a sweet shining beacon of light.

“Lady! I know that you weren’t expecting anyone tonight, so I’m really, really sorry if you had plans this will interrupt… But well, she ran afoul of MA’s security, and I know that we’ve been looking for a way to get more information on just what they’ve been up to… So it seemed too good an opportunity.” She pauses, and the door falls shut behind us.

I flutter my eyes open and get a look at just where we are. It’s a large, fancy office. There are tinted windows, subtly tinted, but that makes up most of the far wall. It would look to a lot of people like just the night sky, but I can tell that no one can see through from out there. In front of the windows is an intimidatingly huge desk. It looks more expensive than everything I ever owned back before my life went to shit. There’s a computer on it, and some other little things, but a lot of it is empty. There’s one of those clacky ball toys on one side of it close enough to the chair that she could probably reach it if she leaned over just a little.

The woman behind it looks like she belongs there, like maybe she’s the only one who could possibly look like she belongs in such an important position.

She has long black hair that falls perfectly over a black suit jacket. It’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Under the jacket is a powder blue shirt. Her figure is average, but in a way that screams a lifetime of spa days would make her skin the softest, smoothest I’ve ever felt in my life. The perfect cut of her clothes make her curves look great, even if I know that mine are better.

I guess it makes sense that Silver would treat a boss like her as someone so important. She even feels warmer against me as her boss comes into view. She must really have it bad. That shouldn’t be as cute as it is to me when I really want to get under her skirt.

“So this is our little Midnight… Don’t worry, silver. I’ll take care of her.” Silver’s boss speaks, and Silver shudders. She says her name in a way that no one else has. Somehow she puts emphasis, or steals emphasis from the “s” in a way that makes it sound like she’s addressing a thing. The way her body instantly grew warmer tells me how much she loves it. Her boss really does have a voice that resonates with authority. “It seems like you’ve already done such great work, this shouldn’t take long at all. It’s almost a shame. I like a little bit of resistance.”

Silver mewls as she sets me down into the plush office chair on the other side of her desk. It’s easy to sink into, but it isn’t as warm as Silver. At least her office is nice and warm. “I know, sorry, I just wanted to make sure… but uhm, so, Midnight, meet The Lady… She’s in charge around here.”

The Lady looks down at me with a cool, professional smile. She doesn’t look too tall, but I can’t sit up straight and she is. Her fingers are tented, and her eyes are looking over me like she can analyze every little part of me with just a single scrutinizing pan of her eyes.

It’s hard to not believe it. Her authority feels like she earned it. Even if she had this place bought for her with her parents’ money, it feels like she’d made every cent of that back and more. She said something about resistance, but I feel too slow to care about that. The Lady’s voice tingles with silver.

“Well, Midnight. silver brought you here for a proposition, as you might well imagine. We hire people such as yourself, and rent them out. The pay is excellent, and you can turn down any job you don’t like.” She’s talking so professionally, and I can only just follow it. It almost feels like she should be saying something more direct. “We can give you funding, training… Anything you need. Anything you’d like. It’s basically the same as what you’re doing now… but with money. That’s the basics. And…”

The Lady’s smile stretches, and her eyes hood. I can almost feel her eyelids pinning me down as they hood, making me shudder and clench. “I’m to understand that you’ve been a pest to the company of a woman who has not been… forthcoming. What has you at odds with them, exactly?”

I quiver. I just feel so… open. Why wouldn’t I tell her? But I thought this was more about us working together than me being hired. I don’t remember agreeing to that, but I also can’t see any treason to argue, refuse, or do anything besides answer her. She’s really not asking anything big. I was ready to talk about this anyway. Why is it so hard to think about this? Is it because of Silver?

“My gauntlets. They made them, but then one day? I don’t even really know why. They killed my family. Burned the house we were in. Tried to stop anyone from escaping. They didn’t see me there. Somehow I took the gauntlets and got out. I’ve been trying to wreck them ever since. It’s been years.” I wrap my arms around myself. I don’t have them on, and I don’t know where they are. It feels uncomfortable. I don’t like it. “I know Chronos doesn’t do business with them, and… and I like that.”

“Good.” The Lady stands up, and is so much taller than me now. I look up at her, and can’t stop myself from shaking. She just feels so tall and looming. It’s hard to not feel smaller than I already am. “But I think that we’ve had all of the useful conversation out of the way.” She looks up past me, and I can hear Silver whine before I see her quiver. “Would you like to go and play with your kitten while you wait for me to finish up in here, silver?”

Even though being called her name in such a small way, it seems like she’s really giving Silver a choice. The silver girl quivers, looking paralyzed with indecision. I can almost see the uncertainty flicker behind her eyes.

The choice doesn’t feel like it’s being given to me, but my head still feels like molten silver.

Silver nods, her cheeks burning a deeper silver. “I should probably… yeah. Have fun, you two. I’ll see you soon, and I’ll… take those dibs. She makes really pretty sounds.” She’s talking about me. She’s talking about more time with me in such a casual way. Some part of me would be bothered by that, but I just… can’t reach those parts of me right now. I feel too smooth for that.

“Of course.” When The Lady reaches across her desk and grasps up the nearest silver ball, the first clack of it falling makes Silver moan behind me. “Get those cute… legs… of yours out of here.” She moves slowly around her desk, and every time one of her heels hits the ground it’s perfectly timed with one of those metal balls. Soon she’s standing in front of me, pushing up to sit on the edge of her desk.

Her legs are so pretty, as they swing over the edge of her desk.

She grins down at my, sliding her tongue over her lips as the door seals shut. Silver is gone. It’s just the two of us. We’re all alone. Silver trusts her, and The Lady said she’d keep me safe.

“You know, when she first came here, she drooled all over my desk… That sounds good to do, doesn’t it?” Her legs swing over the edge of her desk, and I nod. Drooling all over her desk does sound good. Her voice is just so easy to agree with, and those clicks, and Silver trusting her… It’s so nice.

She’s going to say something, and I won’t be able to fight it. It’s going to overwhelm me and I’m just going to lose control. It’s not going to hurt me. She doesn’t like MAL any more than I do. She asked not because she was upset, but because she wanted to see what I was willing to do. There’s some part of her that is so much darker and colder than Silver, and I don’t know if she can see it. I don’t know if she can feel it because inside of her there’s nothing like that.

I don’t know if Silver knows what it means to really hurt someone just to hurt someone. The Lady? Me? I can tell that we can. That would make me afraid if I didn’t also trust that The Lady was being perfectly honest with Silver.

If either of us is going hurt me, I can believe that it’s somehow going to end up being me.

Her legs swing in time with the clacks of the metal balls. My eyes feel so heavy. My body feels so limp and worthless and weak. “Letting go of everything, giving it all to me, and having me help you get what you want from MA… from MAL… that sounds even lovelier than just drooling over my desk. Doesn’t it?”

I nod. She’s right. So right. Her legs are just so pretty, and watching them cross, getting a flash of the blue panties that match her top… it’s such a fun, naughty little thing to see, to get to enjoy. She’s flirting with me. She’s letting me in.

She’s giving me all the rope she needs to bind me up and make me so helpless in every last way she could possibly want me to be. I’m too silver to disagree or struggle or resist. I don’t want to.

“Then, Midnight…” click, click… “You’ll be happy to do anything I say…” click, click, click, click… “Won’t you?” Her voice lines up with so many clicks so perfectly, making them vibrate and shudder through every part of me so much stronger than they should be capable of doing. It doesn’t matter. I can feel it. It’s real. I’m yielding something deeper than what the security woman with the cannon on her arm took from me. This is something so much more personal. This is so much more intimate.

This is so much more… everything.

Midnight. She keeps calling me Midnight. After Doris, the woman in the lobby called me that, Silver started doing it too. She’s taking away my name. They have my gauntlets.

I know that I should fight it, but the clicks keep resonating through my mind and it’s so hard to want to fight it. Each time the clicks hit all over again they shake through me and I just… I don’t want to do this alone.

The Lady is right. I’m happy to do anything. Anything she says, I’ll be happy to do it. She could uncross her legs, and tell me to nuzzle my way in. I’d do it. I’d want it.

She wants more from me, and I’m okay with giving it. I’m okay with it being taken. Silver saved me from being made into a puppet by the people who took everything away from me for no good reason. She’ll take my everything, and it won’t just be used for me. It won’t just be used for my goals… but it will be. I’ll have people looking out for me. I’ll have her looking out for me…

It’s not possible for me to turn her down. I moan, and nod. “Yesssss… Anything you say…”

The grins down at me more, crossing her legs again. She does it slower this time, moving along clacks of those balls. The balls keep clacking, and I can see her rise up, but I don’t hear her heels click on the ground as a distinct sound. The balls keep clicking, lining up with my heartbeat. It starts to desync, and…things happen, but I know that I won’t remember them. I can’t even remember them as they happen.

Silver clacks and slams together, smashing apart everything that isn’t ready to do just what she says.

Somehow I’m in her lap. My head is resting back against her, and my bodysuit is gone. So is my bra. My panties are tugged to the side, and I feel so helplessly exposed. Her legs are shifting under mine. She’s rubbing against me and pulling my legs open, making me feel so completely at her mercy. It feels so good. I’m so wet and sick, and her hands keep stroking over my breasts, over my body, feeling and squeezing every part of me.

I’m so pale. There’s no way she can doubt that I’m a natural redhead. If she ever did, able to see me everywhere, she has to be convinced now.

“Tell me about yourself, Midnight… What do you offer to a company like ours, like mine, mm?” Her words are still lining up with all of those little clicks.

My mouth opens, but I’m not in control of the words. I just babble about those gauntlets and the way they open up a conduit to a terrifying shadow dimension. I ramble about how I can phase through walls, see through them, summon tentacles, and fire it as raw negative energy. I tell her about the way it’s seeping into my blood. I tell her about how I used to run with the Infidels, with a more meta gang that couldn’t keep a name. I tell her that I’m the best liar I know and when I run my mouth like a bitch people make mistakes.

She purrs into my ear and nibbles. Her fingers stroke over my breasts and squeeze. Every little touch makes me feel more heavy and helpless. It’s all I can do to just let her touch me and squeeze me however she wants. Whatever she says, I’m happy to do it. Some things she says with her fingers instead of her lips.

Even her fingers don’t ask. They reach out and take. They seize, and squeeze, and claim. I writhe under her every touch, dripping out anything that might think to object.

“That’s all very, very good. Good girl… And you bring us something else, too. Zealousness… and an understanding of how the world really works…” She laughs into my ear as her fingers strum my clit. I groan, bending in half, shuddering in her lap. She’s so warm under me, and all of her clothed curves feel so good against my almost completely naked body. “And those things belong to me, too. The shadow in your blood belongs to me… And I have so many uses for you that we’re going to either make sure it’s safe for you and see how to get the most out of it… or we’re going to extract it, and still find so many ways to use you.

“And you’re in luck, with your friend silver’s kitten being so full of the same shadows as you are. But now…” Her fingers thrust inside of me, and I scream but it sounds quieter than a whisper. “We’re going to start running some tests on your body. So, let your mind drip out of you just like your juices.”

I can’t even nod, I just clench around her fingers and burst again. She understands me. Somehow I can feel that she knows more about me than I do, and understands it better than anyone else has ever wanted to.

She can tell something about me that I can’t, and it makes me shudder and clench even as everything is feeling further and further away.

Everything fades out from between my legs, and I know when I wake up she’ll be in control of everything. Every last part of me is going to belong to her. I feel like I already agreed to it, but I know that it’s going to be even stronger when I can supposedly think for myself.

Even then, I can feel that some part of me will be thinking for Her.

* * *