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In A Flash

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2018, and not for reposting or other such uses.

* * *

A golden sparkle of light both proceeds me and follows in my wake as I teleport across the city. It’s a lot safer than walking down the street to patrol in… well… any neighborhood really. If I don’t go out looking for crazy problems to solve, they find me. That’s just how it’s always worked ever since these strange whatever powers I have showed up.

I pause my teleporting and pull my jacket tighter. It’s a cold night in Midas City, even with a jacket like mine. It’s not a winter jacket or anything, just a gold sleeveless jacket because I need all of the protection I can without anything being too… loose. Sleeves seemed to get caught and give my jacket a reason to tear open. It means one less layer over my arms, but it isn’t my arms that I’m worried about being exposed.

The protection my jacket provides isn’t really protection from the elements or anything like that—even if it can get pretty cold some nights. No, my biggest worries about having plenty of clothing over my front is my incredibly unfortunate luck. I try not to think what that luck leads to too loudly because that just feels like inviting bad luck. Anything I put underneath it ends up showing off my curves no matter what I do so I’ve learned to settle for a sturdy black bodysuit with some metal pads on my elbows, shoulders, and knees. They all match the grey sash around my waist.

At least my black mask tends to stay intact. It covers my face, but it does the same weird thing as my bodysuit so it never hides my expression at all. It also has never worked to do anything to reign in my long red hair. Nothing else has ever worked either, so I’ve given up trying

Having a good three-color scheme is important for heroics, and even if this wasn’t my first choice I wasn’t about to let my costume making skills go to waste. If I can make decent costumes for the big events at the convention center I can’t let myself wear something I don’t put effort into. It just doesn’t feel right.

In front of the alleyway is one of those newspaper vending machines. I almost reach for the wallet I keep on me with emergency hero funds, but then I remember what’s likely to be in there and just peek through the glass instead. There’s no way it could be what I’m afraid of.

“Midas City heroine Heart of Gold has a big heart and a big wardrobe problem…” I don’t even know why I bother to check Midas Today. At least the Pessinus Times doesn’t print censored photos of my hand over my face, my jacket flung open, and my bodysuit torn so there’s entirely too much skin visible. It’s like they’d rather be cheap, low quality porn in addition to being an unreliable tabloid.

They’re just lucky I’m in college and not in high school. I’d almost be tempted to reveal my identity to try and get their paper shut down if I was underage. Realistically, I wouldn’t, but even just imagining that sort of spite feels entirely too nice. It’s almost soothing.

I resume my teleporting, a bright burst of golden light where I’m standing, a bright burst of golden light where I’m ending up, and then they fizzle out and I repeat the process after looking around. It’s quiet enough, and the light doesn’t travel too far. It’s enough for me to get to see down an alleyway, but not enough that I should look like some sort of beacon. I hope.

It would be nice if I could stop thinking about that headline, or the picture of my panicked fleeing, but it’s just too visceral a memory. Stupid Defabricatrix. What kind of a villain attacks clothing stores with a tank of chemicals on their back that only melts fabric?!

She was an affront to good taste as much as anything else. A dark blue domino mask, dark pink socks to match the tank on her back and her wristbands, and red converse? The pipe she used to direct the flow wasn’t even recolored. It was still garden-hose-green with a special attachment at the end. I’ll never understand villains, but that’s probably a good thing. No one needs a Midas City heroine to turn to the dark side. As much of a pain as it is to be a heroine, we all need to stick together. I don’t really know if the rumors about mind control running rampant are that true, and I don’t really work with any other heroines who would know… but I’d really rather not find out because someone like Psyche swooped down and sold me off to the Syndicate.

Teleport. Teleport. Teleport.

Gold. Gold. Gold.

Boring nights are safer, both for me and my wardrobe, but they always make me anxious. Big things don’t need to build up. They happen out of nowhere. No one tries to do something crazy in the middle of an average evening. It’s almost as if they don’t want to compete.

Teleport. Teleport. Teleport.

Looking down dark alleyways is always a little bit disconcerting. Even if you don’t see anything, it’s just… unpleasant. It’s dark. It’s… uncomfortable. Not seeing something when you’re looking for something to find is almost as bad as finding something that you don’t want to find. At least it is for me. It makes me feel like I’m going to lower my guard and then something terrible is going to happen.

Gold. Gold. Gold.

Maybe I should just go home. I came across the newspaper mocking my breasts being revealed by a super villain. I’m sure they’re criticizing me for corrupting the youth of the city again. I don’t even need to read the article. Surely that’s enough for one night, right?

Teleport. Teleport.


I flutter my eyes as I stumble back. My vision is a big white blur with little faintly colored spots around the edges. Blinking my eyes doesn’t help, and I can’t look down the alleyway if I can’t see. I can’t teleport if I can’t see! It’s not that easy to do unless you really know where you’re going—and I don’t know exactly how it works. I could get stuck in a wall and I’d really rather not cut myself in half!

Flash! Flash!

Is that the sound of a camera?! I try to reach out for it, but it’s not there. Of course, I still can’t see, and even if one of that pair of flashes hit me in the eyes… Another of them sounds like it was coming from behind me! I twirl around and hold out my hand. I let some of the magic gather up in my hand, swirling the gold around inside of me before I send it out to draw a shape with the magical energy in the air.

Even if I’m an artist when I’m not Heart of Gold, that doesn’t mean that drawing a circle is easier to do with my eyes closed. I try to visualize it, to make sure it connects end to end, but if I’ve gotten it right the energy doesn’t connect with anything.

Blinking my eyes isn’t really making them recover faster, no matter how it feels or how much I’m still compelled to do it. “Stop that…!”

“Nope!” A woman’s voice calls out from behind me in a very taunting, sing-songy sort of way. I don’t let as much magical energy charge up in my hand this time. As soon as I have about a stress ball worth of magic I toss it behind me, but I hear it connect with the wall behind me instead of the woman. “Huh! I guess that’s one of those magical material-change brick walls, huh? Hi, Heart of Gold! Don’t worry, I’m going to be documenting our encounter tonight for future reference!”

Oh dear. Future reference.


The last thing that I need right now is a super villain who is just as bad as a gossip rag! I cry out and try to concentrate. I just need to focus a little bit more, and I can pull myself through this. Just a little effort and I know my powers can get me through this. They’re so much better at this than they should be.

If someone actually good at this hero thing had them, they could do a lot of good. For me, it just makes up for how completely unsuited I am to it. It hardly seems fair.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Just when I start to be able to see the color of the walls of the alley there’s more of that bright overwhelming flash photography. For a moment I’m almost sure that I saw a camera floating in the air, but that would just be crazy. It wasn’t super fancy or anything, too modern and sleek to be something top of the line, but better than a hobbyist’s camera.

That doesn’t explain what’s happening if that’s really what I saw, but it means that I can’t aim for the flashes. Damn! That puts me at a real disadvantage!

“Uhm… I don’t want that! Really, uh… it’s fine?” I whimper, trying to flutter my eyes to get a better look but nothing comes of it. “You don’t need to do that! You can stop taking pictures of me!” More anxiety and nervousness seeps out into my voice than I really want to admit. This is bad. This is really, really bad. My heart is beating so hard. This is not what I wanted to have happen when I was worried about how simple the night was going. This was what I was afraid of happening because things were going too calm! “Really, I’m not too interesting!”

Without my eyes working there’s only so much information that I have. I try to step backwards until I feel a wall behind me. Flush. Hard. Great. Perfect. My back is a little sore now, but at least things can only come from in front of me.

I have magic that can make me hard to see, hard to touch, but it’s not the easiest power to use. Ironically, it’s hardest when I can’t see myself. I lower my hands down past my waist, and raise them up. I can’t see it, but I can hear it as walls of golden magical energy raise from the ground to protect me from either side and from the front.

It’s not perfect, but if they can give me time to get my bearings it might be worth it. If I can just take a deep breath and maybe even risk a destination unseen teleport I can gather myself and get away, strike back… This is really a problem that one of the heavy hitters should be dealing with! I’m a super heroine, sure, and I have been for a while… but I don’t know anything about dealing with people that make it so I can’t see.

I don’t have psionic powers or the ability to be blind and still somehow able to see where everyone is by the scent in the air. I groan and rub at my eyes, fluttering them open. Please, work! I need to be able to see to get out of this mess!

“Aw, you all shy? I would think after all of the centerfolds you get in the Midas Today you wouldn’t be camera shy by now…!” My attacker giggles, but that’s not the sound that really makes me worried.

Giggles, laughs, anything that could be a confident gesture is often really a sign that your adversary doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s not good to rely on, but it’s good to try to make yourself feel better. Confidence is important! At least, that’s what the books that my life models teacher gave me says in words that apply more to dealing with other artists being as good as or better than you much more than women jumping you in an alleyway.

What makes me worried is a loud vibrating sound that fills the air. “Oh, don’t make her self-conscious, CQ. We all have little things that we don’t like.” CQ isn’t a name that I know, but it’s probably short for something. I also don’t recognize the second voice. That doesn’t fill me with confidence.

This may be one of those times where it’s best to realize your rivals may actually be as good as you, or better than you. Sometimes that’s healthy.

I’m not sure that’s ever healthy when the people in question are super villains.

“Fair! The camera just loves her though!” A buzzing sound circles me, and I clamp my eyes tight. A roof. I should have thought of that. It’s hard to be very strategic when you can’t see the situation that you’re in besides a bunch of vaguely colored dots in the bright field of white.

Then again, if I made a ceiling and one of those cameras got inside anyway, I’d probably just open my eyes for another flash and be just as screwed. My eyes won’t stop stinging. I blink them open, my hands clasped over them, and all I can see is still the bright white flash.

“I think I have a few things that will love her, too!” The vibrating sound gets louder, and I can hear it press against the wall. I can’t put it back up if she breaks it. Without being able to see it… and I can’t use my eyes. I can hear the vibrating change, growing more intense, changing its rhythm and I can feel the walls around me shaking. They aren’t a part of me, just swirling, golden magic made solid. I know that some people use magic and magic just works the way that it’s willed…but mine’s not that fancy.

I have to throw it out and shape it. I’m not some kind of wizard that knows how to work magic. I just throw it around.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Wind blows between my legs. One of those small cameras—not tiny as far as cameras go—is definitely taking pictures of me from between my knees. It could be aimed down, but I don’t see why she’d do that… not that I see why she’d aim up either! I don’t wear a skirt. Some heroines do, but that sounds way too exposing! It’s not even like my leggings are that tight, even if they show off my legs a bit more than I’d like them to—but even baggy clothing tends to do that when I try to use it as Heart of Gold.

My cheeks burn hot enough to make up for the cool night, and I can feel my blush go right through my mask. How, I don’t know. It must be some kind of a magic thing.

Maybe someone who understood magic might be able to explain it better.

The wall cracks, and I can hear it shatter apart. Parts of it sound like falling glass. Parts of it sound like crumbling bricks. Again, I really, really don’t understand magic—especially mine.

“All right, let’s see what your ‘heart’ thinks about my little ’tachi-chan, huh~?” The unnamed woman’s voice is so amused. “Your wall didn’t like it, but I wonder how your outfit will!” Even if all they can see is just camera flashes I still open my eyes wide. I’ve never teleported blind before, and my mind is racing and crashing into every wall it finds. What if I teleport into a wall? What if I teleport into a dumpster? What if it doesn’t work? I’m not sure what would be scarier!

Unfortunately I don’t get time to work past that. One of my wrists ends up grabbed, and shoved into the wall behind me. A hard vibrating… something presses into the center of my chest before I can even think of where to move my other hand.. It’s vibrating so hard that I can’t stop myself from moaning and squirming. The feeling of it shuddering through my body pulls my thighs together tight as my nipples feel harder than my metal shoulder pads. It’s so intense my eyes cross and I groan, shuddering and grabbing at the wall behind me to keep myself from falling.

It keeps vibrating as she presses it harder to my chest. “Sss-sss-sss-stooo-oo-oop!” My voice vibrates with it as I clutch tighter at the wall behind me. My knees won’t stop shaking. It’s not even pressing any spot I’d call especially sensitive from its spot above my breasts, but the way the vibrations roll out over me… They’re just too intense!

I don’t think I’d be able to see very well even if my eyes were working right now.

“Aww, she wants us to stop, CQ!” Of course, they don’t stop. I didn’t really expect them to. It would just be nicer if they did. A lot nicer. Even if this feels really, really good!

I don’t understand how it could be so intense without hurting. Nothing even aches. Everything is just throbbing and pulsing and shaking. No matter how hard I try my mouth won’t close. It’s enough to make me tear up. I can barely even move.

That CQ woman laughs, and it makes me shudder. I don’t want her laugh to make me shudder, even if it’s vaguely sexy. I wish I both knew who she was, and that I’d never been given a reason to care! “Aw, I don’t think we’re gonna stop Goldie! Instead, you know what? I think we’re just going to do more, and more, and more… And the Camera Queen will document the whole process!” She laughs again, and every part of me trembles. My lips shake. My nipples feel even harder. “Oooh! Yes! That expression, just like that!”

At least I know what CQ stands for, now! She even spoke about herself in the third person. What kind of a villain actually does that? Isn’t that supposed to be a thing for movies to be over the top and kid friendly?!


That was at least three cameras snapping all around my face in unison. I can’t see the flashes, even with my eyes hanging open, but I can almost… feel them. I groan, my fingers shaking more against the wall as I try to catch my breath. It’s impossible.

How does it keep feeling better when it just keeps getting more and more humiliating?!

“I really don’t get why you don’t just record video with those, CQ. It’s not like we don’t have a camcorder back home.” The vibration starts to move out from the middle of my chest, and I can feel my bodysuit is being abused too much to stay intact. Threads of it begin to pull apart, and even if I can’t see I know the way they start to turn taut spots of fabric are starting to turn into strips pulled too tight over my skin instead of a solid whole, showing more and more of my flesh between the strips. It’s happened so many times before, even if never quite like this.

My skin being exposed makes me flush so much darker, but there’s nothing I can do. My arms won’t move. My legs won’t work. I’m so completely… helpless.

“That way you don’t miss a single frame. You can always cut out the little snapshots you want later. It isn’t like you really have time to line up the perfect shot or anything…”

Camera Queen laughs again, and I groan. The sound echoes across all of my bared skin and coils around my breasts. I can’t stop breathing harder and harder. My heartbeat feels like it’s vibrating. Everything is vibrating.

I am soooooo fucked!


“You just don’t understand, Toybox. Besides, look at the way her tits jiggle every time one of them goes off! It’s so much worse for her this way… and that makes it better for us!” Camera Queen snickers, and I whimper. It almost feels like the vibration is just rubbing away at all of the things that stop me from being sensitive, vibrating and breaking them away. It’s hard to not feel just how hot her voice is. I can’t ignore the way the vibrations keep making my nipples tighten more and more, or my pussy clench as the fabric across my chest continues to rip and peel open.

I need to get away, but it’s so hard to concentrate on my magic. I can feel it inside of me, but that current of power is vibrating inside of everything else. It’s just as twisted up as the rest of me.

“Fair, fair, fair.” Toybox giggles, though something about it feels flat and hardly as amused as it should sound. It still makes my spine wriggle and shudder. Whatever she’s pushing into me moves across my chest, tearing open my clothes that much more. “Mmm look at that suit tear. Do you think I should go with the clamps, or move down and open her suit down between her legs?”

I open my mouth to speak, but before I can something is shoved inside that stretches my mouth open wider. There’s a loud whirring sound as straps move around the back of my head, and click together to seal shut. A wheel whirrs behind me, pulling the ball gag tight in my mouth.


Toybox presses the vibration right into my still clothed nipple, and I scream around the ball as loudly as I can. I feel all stirred up, blended, like something is thrusting deep inside of me and twirling everything around and around and around until it’s so helplessly taut. “Sorry, sweetie. We really don’t need your input! You’ll get whatever we decide on… don’t you worry your pretty little head!”

I try to scream around the ball, to object, to argue, even if I know my voice will just vibrate pitifully out of me, but the ball is too tight. It’s also… wet. My tongue comes into contact with it as I try to scream, and instantly I feel so much heavier.


Oh no.

“I think you should try out the new brain clamps, TB.” Camera Queen’s words make me shudder, and try to reach away from the wall to cover my breasts. They aren’t in my brains, but I’ve had too many embarrassing wardrobe accidents to not be sure I know what they’re going to do. It’s hard to think, nearly impossible to move, but I have… I need to try!

Toybox clicks her tongue in disapproval, ramming the vibrations right into my other nipple, ripping open the center of my bodysuit. I can feel my other breast fall out of it, and I cry out around the ball as tears stream down my face. I need to get away. I need to get out of this. I need to get to safety, I need to be anywhere besides right here! “Don’t call me TB, CQ. I know I call you CQ, but we’ve been over this: your name doesn’t sound like a lethal disease.”

“Fair.” Camera queen laughs again, and the cacophony of flashes make me so sure there are now even more pictures of my naked chest out there in the world. Great. This is just what I need. I whimper and struggle, but all that it does is make my breast bounce along with vibrating. I can’t help but groan as my tongue grazes the ball again. Stupid ball. It tastes so good and warm…

My tongue keeps moving across it all on its own. Stopping it is easy enough, but the growing dizzy numb feeling isn’t going away at all. My eyes keep crossing, which feels embarrassing and weak even if I can’t see anything anyway.

Everything feels really fuzzy and hot, even if the cool air keeps teasing my nipples.

Toybox rubs across my chest, and my other breast is even more sensitive. The pressure makes my voice crack as I scream as loud as I can. Further down my body suit has more rips and tears from the vibration pulling it taut and stretching it over and over again, but that doesn’t feel as important as the neat swath cut across my chest. I can feel strands of it over my breasts, and just a bit of it managing to cover my collar bone. My neck is still covered, but that doesn’t really do me any good.

“I still think the new clamps are the best idea. We haven’t used them yet, and just look at those tits. They’re just begging to really give us a good show, ya know?” Camera queen’s mocking voice makes my toes curl even as my face flushes darker. “How do you think her mask blushes like that?”

“Probably magic. I dunno. Here, hold ’tachi-chan for me.” The vibration loosens for a moment, and I try to push off of the wall, but when it comes back it’s right against my nipple. I shake so hard that I almost kick my feet right off of the ground.

This is one of those moments where I really wish that I could fly.

My vision starts to come back in, little patches of reality burning through the white haze. If I can get enough of it back, I’ll teleport to the first place that I can see. Even if it’s a rooftop, or the middle of the street. I need to get away. I need to escape them. I try to not blink my eyes too much so they don’t notice. I try not to lick the ball in my mouth, but I do anyway.

The sweet taste makes my thighs clench all on its own even before whatever chemicals it’s made of could possibly hit my bloodstream. Ah! A fire escape! I can just barely make it out. Not well enough quite yet, but if I can just get a moment more…

“And brain clamp number one… go!” Toybox’s voice is simultaneous with the clamp moving over my nipple. I don’t wait. I can’t trust myself to not fall from the fire escape. I look down at the sidewalk beneath it, and will myself over there with everything that I have. The clamp is already starting to press down into my nipple. I can’t not take it with me. I can’t leave the ball gag behind.

The moment I appear across the street my eyes are wider than I’ve ever felt them before. It hurts the same way it hurts to smile too wide or too much. They quiver, but they can’t hood or flutter or stop.


Green. Everything is green as the clamp squeezes so impossibly tight around my nipple. The idea, the feeling, the taste, the texture, the sight, every little way my brain can process green squeezes around it and squishes it so helplessly compact. My nipple throbs, but I can barely feel it past the green squeezing and clamping around my mind.

My knees give out, buy my hands hit the ground before my breasts do. The clamp is so heavy, so infinitely heavy, and every moment I try thinking, or feeling around the green, it just gets… heavier and heaver. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to hurt my nipple, but I can feel the invisible lines of energy spreading through the nerves of my breast. They’re so deep, and moving so fast, so much faster than I can move. If I lifted my hands from the ground I’d slam down into it, and then I’d be even more helplessly trapped.

The green lines reach my brain and I can feel them dig in like hooks, tugging down at everything that makes me… me. It hurts at first, making me scream around the gag, arching and twisting, but then one of those green lines stabs deeper and everything starts to feel so much better.

My clit starts to throb. My pussy drenches itself all over again. I can’t stop moaning.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Everything is in slow motion. I can feel the flashes wash over my skin, making me shake. It feels like that goes in half speed as the green lines trace deeper, grasping tighter and tighter and tighter. Everything feels so fragile and shaky and weak. My elbows can barely hold me up. My breast feels so heavy, tugged down by my brain. It’s like the clamp is just sucking it all up, making it heavier, and heavier, and heavier.

My humiliation is being recorded, cameras flying around me, getting shots from so many angles at once. Part of me wants to cry, but I can’t remember why that’s a bad thing. It makes me shake, and that makes the clamp pull me down harder.

It’s hard to be sure if I’m pushing back against it because of how good the friction feels or because I don’t want it to pull me down.

“Aww, poor thing! She managed to get away after all! Not really far enough though…” Camera Queen’s voice. Oh no. I try to push up with my legs, but they don’t have any strength left at all. If it weren’t for the pads on my knees I’d be crumpling already. If it weren’t for the reinforced gloves my hands would be slipping and falling away.

Someone grabs my hair, pulling it back hard enough to make me scream even louder. There’s so, so much of it, my orange-red hair that lights up like gold. My scalp tingles, but it’s already tingling from the inside where it feels like my mind is being ripped out of my head.

My mouth twists around the ball, my teeth digging into it as the pleasure just keeps tugging harder and harder inside of me. My nipple has never felt this hard before, and I’ve never found it this hard to not just fall flat on my face.

I could try teleporting again, but I have no clue where I’d end up. Probably on the ground, shaking and moaning. It’s so hard to push past the green to find my gold.

Toybox is humming, moving around me. I’m out in the open. They aren’t even trying to move me. That shouldn’t make me hotter but it does. “She’s a stubborn thing, or those need to be retool-Right! Two! Hah!” She laughs that dry, half amused giggle, and moves over to my breast that’s higher than the other. “If you’re going to be back there staring at her ass the least you could do is let ’tachi-chan help, y’know? The more pictures we get, the better, right?”

“Right you are!” Camera Queen laughs, and I almost fall on my face again. “On three? One… two...”

They both cry out “three!” in perfect unison, and I scream louder than I’ve ever screamed in my life. Red clamps over my other nipple, hard, and lines trace their way through the nerves in my other breast. They already feel so alive, so ready, humming and pulsing as those lines of red hook into the other half of my mind and start to rip it in half. My leggings rip open as the vibration slams between my legs, moving up and down until the fabric tears apart and reveals my stained panties. I can’t stop screaming and shaking, bucking into whatever they’re pushing into me as my other nipple starts tugging me down along with the first.

Ripped in half, tugged down, everything is so hard to focus on, so hard to understand, so hard to… hard to… So hard to… think…

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Camera Queen laughs, rubbing harder as my panties rip in half. “Oh fuck yes, you were so right. I’m not going to want to forget this tight little cunt squeezing as she cums all over ’tachi-chan!”

Red and green keep tugging me back and forth. I’m losing ground. Falling lower. I can’t keep it up. I can’t fight it. My hips can’t keep still, and my brain is vibrating in my tits as they swing heavy underneath me.

I’ve never been so wet in my life!

“Get a shot of this look on her face! It’s too bad the gag was probably a good call. A little bit of drugs always helps the brainwashing go down.” Toybox rubs a finger between my eyes. I can’t see her past the green and red. I don’t know what she looks like. All I know is how every part of me is swaying and shaking and tugging and pulling and vibrating and even her rubbing between my eyes feels good enough that if she doesn’t stop it could make me cum all on its own~


“Wow. You’re right. Yeah… I don’t know about her heart, but she’s sure got a body of gold!” Camera Queen laughs behind me. The tips of the clamps scrape against the sidewalk beneath me. I mewl. They feel so heavy. I feel so weak. My arms are like jelly.

If they get any heavier I won’t be able to hold out. When I cum I won’t be able to hold out. It’s just a matter of time, and then I’m going to be limp. Spent. Helpless. Weak. Gone.

I don’t want to want it but I do.

“Mm-hm! She’s going to be a load of fun. Turn up ’tachi-chan, just one notch. That should be enough!” My eyes widen more. I try to whine around the gag, but my tongue just ends up rubbing against it again and my elbows shake that much harder, vibrating along with what must be ’tachi-chan. “Oh, she likes that idea! Fuck it, CQ, knock it up two. That oughta put her out like a light.”

“Aye aye, Box!” There’s a click, and the red and green inside of me start to shatter with how hard the vibrations are rolling through my body. I whine and cry and sob and shake like I’ve never shaken or cried before. I claw at the ground, shaking and whimpering and quivering. There’s another click, and my world explodes.

Red and green burst across my vision, and it feels like my brain itself is ripped in half and held down past my aching nipples. My pussy spasms and shudders, clenching desperately as everything gets so sticky hot warm and wet.

My arms give out, and I slam down into the ground with a pitiful groan.

’Tachi-chan slips away, but I still can’t stop shuddering and shaking and screaming. Everything is vibrating. All of me is being pulled into my nipples, like the clamps are a mental black hole sucking everything out of me. Gold pulses and throbs and flows into my nipples, throbbing, pulsing, shimmering as I scream out over and over again.

Toybox and Camera Queen are saying something over me, but I’m screaming too loud. Even with the gag, between my screams and my vibrating heartbeat, I can’t hear anything else.

It’s so intense, but it’s what I want. It’s what I need. I sob as the world feels sucked into my nipples, everything dripping and tugging away. I think they lift me up, or something lifts me up. I can’t stop shuddering and shaking, clenching and rolling my hips as more and more keeps flowing out of me. My clit is on fire, and the more it burns the more it feels like the orgasm will never end.

Camera flashes keep going off around me, nonstop. I can feel them teasing, licking over my skin, sucking at me in ways nothing else ever could. It’s such a delicate touch, and I’m so weak to it. I’m so weak to them.

Everything starts melting into black before the vibrations stop. I can’t stop cumming, even as my mind shuts down.

* * *

“So with her it should be a cinch to get Defabricatrix out of jail. That, or we can see what she’s worth to the Syndicate and then see what they’ll want to bust her out. I’ve heard that whoevers in charge of the local branch totally has an in with the powers that be.” Camera Queen’s voice is the first thing I hear when the world starts to vibrate back into place. “It’s really only fair, right? It’s the little slut’s fault that she’s locked up anyway.”

My nipples are still so painfully hard, and squeezed so tight. Half of my vision is red. Half of it is green. It’s dizzying, but I think I’m adapting to it. My tits feel so full of my thoughts. I just want to reach up and massage them, but my arms are strapped together behind my back.

It’s still so hard to think. My clothes are still ruined. I can still feel afterglow.

My face feels all weird. Cool. Like something’s missing, gone… but I can’t think of what it is. Whatever it is, it really must not be too important. I’m sure that I’d remember it if it was…

I finally get a look at my captors. Camera queen is wearing a red newsboy cap and a matching dress designed to look like a jacket. It covers her arms and goes down only to mid-thigh. Her legs are wrapped up in knee high red socks slid into short red boots. It’s a cute look, broken up by a yellow belt around her waist with pouches that look like they’re made for film. She has short black hair that just barely fails to reach her shoulders. It looks cute.

Tiny cameras, at least four of them, buzz around her like some combination of insects and birds.

The other woman speaks, confirming that she’s Toybox. “I dunno. Defab kinda earned it, just running around a mall. I really don’t know what she was hoping to accomplish. We both know she has issues with the clothing industry… But she did help us find this tasty little morsel…”

Toybox looks permanently unamused. Her eyes are half hooded, but in a tense, flat, unimpressed kind of way. She has brown hair almost as long as mine that comes down in bangs over her face, and is tied back behind her with what looks like a violet bow. She has a white bow at her chest in the middle of what looks like a black version of a school uniform with a long, long skirt. I can only see a bit of her stockings between her long skirt and her white-white tennis shoes.

Both of her hands are in front of her waist, holding a brown box with sealed magnetic clasps. That’s probably why she’s called Toybox, I imagine.

It’s a good look, even if her color balance is a bit desaturated. She almost looks tired with how flat and low her eyes are. Her lips quirk in a smile, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. I can’t tell if she’s forcing it or trying to express something I’m missing.

My brain is stuck in my tits, and it’s hard to think with it down there.

“Like, just look at her…” She drops down on the couch next to me. I think we’re in an apartment somewhere. It smells clean enough, but it looks like it’s seen better days. I don’t recognize it, but there’s something oddly familiar about the dark green wallpaper. Her hands grasp one of my breasts. The moment she starts to life it up I pant and scream. My nipple is being squeezed so tight by the clamp. I can’t keep my eyes open as my head falls back against the couch and lulls on my neck. “These are some nice tits. I could rig up the Super-Sybian and we could record a promotional image or two…”

Camera Queen grins, and one of the cameras around her floats in front of my face.


I groan, blinking. It isn’t so bright that I can’t see if I flutter my eyes, but between that and the weight tugging down at my head, it’s so hard to do anything but make drooly weak sounds. My jaw is so sore. This ball is just so… big in my mouth.

She plops down on the other side of me and lifts my other breast. My thighs spread wider until they’re as far apart as I go. I fall forward with a groan, my tits just too heavy to keep any other way. I can’t stop breathing as hard as I can through my nose.

It’s just too much!

“Yeah, no, these are some great tits. We’re definitely going to need to have some fun with her before we do whatever we do with her.” Camera Queen grins ear to ear, lifting and fondling my breast out of rhythm with Toybox.

Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash!

Each flash makes my vision tint a little bit pinker, making my thighs shudder and twitch. I want something to squeeze around. I want something to clench around, or to grind against. I can feel them squeezing and kneading at my brain, and I can’t stop my eyes from crossing again as drool teases out from the corner of my lips.

Their hands must be so strong to be able to lift my breasts when they feel even bigger and heavier than usual.

Everything is so pink and green and warm and fuzzy. I can’t stop rolling my hips. Everything feels so… hot.

“I really want to get some use out of that mouth… any chance we can pull out that gag now, or do you think she really needs more of the drugs?” Camera Queen squeezes my breast tighter and I let out a lower groan. Right! The gag. It tastes so good and sweet, and it’s impossible to think of a reason to not just lick all of it up.

I slide my tongue across it and shudder, lurching forward. It’s harder to keep myself up with that taste feeling all tingly warm inside of me.

“Hrm. Especially not if that’s her tongue getting to work in there. Yeah, we should probably leave the clamps on at least for a bit longer, and then maybe give her some obedience beads.” Toybox bounces my breast in her hand and it’s all I can do to not collapse. How can she bounce something so heavy, so full in such a casual way…? She’s so powerful and I feel so, so weak. “You can never be too careful with the magic ones, you know. Give ’em an inch…”

Lips press to my neck. I moan. It’s getting so dark-oh. My eyes are hooding. I didn’t realize they were doing that. I just feel so… sleepy. Probably from licking at the ball. It tastes so good, like desert.

The more I lick at it the easier it is to let everything drip and pour away. It’s like the taste is so good that the rest of the world doesn’t matter. They mentioned something about drugs, and drugs aren’t a good thing… but this feels good, so it’s probably not drugs. That must have been something else. All I feel is good. All I feel is really, really good.

Something must have happened to my clothes because it’s really easy for them to reach down and rub over my bare pussy and I can still feel my legs all clothed. I groan and arch into their fingers, whimpering as loud as I can around the ball.

Everything feels so warm and fuzzy and good. It’s just so easy to enjoy everything, and it feels like I really haven’t done that in a long time. My shoulders feel really loose. It’s so good.

They’re so good.

Fingers reach inside of me and I shudder harder even before Toybox starts squeezing so much tighter at my brain, even twisting the clamp at the end. “Yeah, she’s completely fucking gone. We could probably even take off the clamps. Want to see how loud they are after being clamped for so long? I bet she’ll cum just from that. Good start to a fun evening. “

“You fucking know it.” Camera Queen laughs, and I quiver as cameras float around me like they’re waiting for something really special. They’re all aimed at so many angles. All I can do is quiver and arch and wait.

I want to give them a peace sign, but my arms are still trapped behind my back.

Toybox taps something behind my head and there’s a whirring sound. It sounds familiar, but sorta wrong, like it’s backwards or something. Straps fall away from my cheeks, and then they pull the ball out of my mouth. I try to reach my tongue out for it, but it can’t reach. “Nnnnhhaaa heeeyyy… Don’t take it away… Come on…”

“Wow. Yeah, she’s completely wasted. This really is the good shit. Didn’t even need to inject it.” Camera Queen trails a fingertip along my bottom lip, and I quiver at how good it feels. Everything feels so, so good, like her fingers curling inside of me, or her finger at my lips, or her laugh, or her voice, or…

“Come on, we’ll wanna do it in unison. Right now the clamps are holding everything back. We don’t wanna make her uneven, do we?” Toybox twists the clamp and I cry out. My voice screaming without the gag feels so, so weird to hear.

They both seem to like it, and soon they’re both holding one of the clamps.

“One… Two… Threee!”

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Their hands squeeze down and pull the clamps away, and all at once all of the weight in my breasts just drips and pours right out. All I can do is squirm, rolling my hips at nothing as all of the built up thoughts just feel like they’re pouring out of me, sucked out by those clamps as they’re pulled away. There’s no hooks in me anymore, those green and red hooks, just that feeling of pink heat, and all of the me in my tits just… sinking out of me.

It’s over so quick, the cameras recording every little twist of my face until I’m slumped back into the couch staring up at the ceiling.


Everything’s just… gone.

“I want her mouth first.” I think its Camera Queen asking for that, but everything feels so fuzzy and floaty. I don’t really know them that well… I think we just met tonight? “Wanna give ’tachi-chan a go with her all nice and mind fucked?”

“Nah…” There’s a sound of rustling. Probably the other one looking through her toy box. It didn’t look that big, but it sounds like there’s a lot inside. “Ah-ha! Here we go…!” She holds something in front of my eyes, waving it back and forth. It’s a series of… balls, all of them a pretty dark violet, so dark it’s almost black. They’re a lot like Toybox’s clothes, all connected together with a little ring at the end. “Wanna see how many of these you can take, sweetie?”

I don’t know what she means, but I don’t want to be impolite, and… if they feel half as good as the way everything else just feels so warm and floaty… I don’t want less of that…

“Y-yeah… S-sure…!”

I quiver up into the balls as they slide between my legs, getting so, so slick. I’m so wet, and they feel so good rubbing against me. Camera Queen is moving over me so I can see right up her dress. All she’s wearing under it is a red thong and… oh. It looks so easy to pull off to the side. She lowers herself down until she’s so close I can feel how warm she is against my lips. “Good! You can just kiss and lick and suck while she helps you take them all, okay? It’s real important you relax down there... Helps make that easier!”

“Down whe-mmmmph!” Her pussy rubs into my lips and I start to do just like she said. Kiss. Lick. Suck. It feels so good. She tastes so good. My eyes flutter shut and I just savor her taste as she moans above me.

The first ball presses against my ass. It’s dripping wet, but I feel so so tight. It isn’t small, and I don’t feel that big. Not there. If she moved it a bit higher it could easily-oh!

It fits after all!

I moan into Camera Queen’s pussy, teasing my tongue deeper inside of me as the second ball starts to push its way in. The first one already feels so deep inside of me, and something about squeezing around it makes it easier to just want to do what she told me to do.

They really were right.

This is the good shit.

* * *