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In a Hot Minute

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2018, and not for reposting or other such uses.

* * *

My own rumbling groans are the first things I hear when I finally wake up. I’m sweating. Not just sweating. I’m drenched in sweat. It feels like the kind of sweat that would take more than just one shower for me to actually feel clean. My body doesn’t ache, I’m not sore… even where I hit the ground, I’m already feeling better from that.

I’m burning up. I throw off my blankets, quivering at the gust of air it kicks up. Still so hot. I can’t stop shivering, but I feel way, way too hot to even remember what it feels like to be cold. It’s not getting any better without the blanket. My skin feels so slick that my hair is stuck to it everywhere they touch.

Sometimes it’s not so great having so much hair, but I’m still not getting rid of it.

I look over across the room. Lisa. Is she awake? My groans feel so loud, but everything has an echo that it shouldn’t have, so I really can’t tell for sure if that’s just me. Perceptions are weird like that. There’s too much light coming in through our curtains. I missed my morning jog.

Missing one day shouldn’t be too bad, but I still don’t like it. Slacking off, even for a moment, it feels like it jeopardizes how hard I’ve worked for everything. Magic. Scholastics. My physique.

Earning all of it has taken so much effort, and I’m still a sweaty pile of flesh dripping all over my bed. When I close my eyes it’s too easy to remember the way the women those cultists gathered looked at me. I was there to save them, but they were already too far gone to see it. There wasn’t anything that I knew how to do. If the flames were magic, if I had some time, I could figure out some way to reverse it, to get rid of them… but not like this. Not with my clothes stuck to me like a second skin.

Researching magic is hard enough when my eyes don’t feel blurry.

Lisa must find this funny. She’s always sleeping in. She’s always just getting by. Here I am, seeming so much like her but it’s just because I got lit on fire trying to save women from a creepy underground fire cult. No one deserves to feel lazy after doing that, but I really should have hit my morning run.

Right, Lisa! I look over to her bed. It’s empty, and about as well made as mine. It’s a lot less damp, but that’s not my fault. I’m soaking wet with sweat. I groan and look over towards my alarm clock and there’s a note stuck to it. I recognize Lisa’s terrible handwriting instantly even if it takes me too many tries to make my eyes focus on the words. It’s easier to keep my place if I read it out loud. “You should… actually turn off… your alarm… Yeesh, I had to turn it off… myself. Who wakes up that early…? L.”

Great, now even she thinks that I’m a lazy jerk. We aren’t friends, and it’s not even like we really get along, but it’d be better if we could get along while we have to live together.

I should really ask to skip mass. The way the sweat keeps pouring down my back, across my forehead, down along my legs… It’s so late. I can’t remember the last time that I woke up this late.

My body feels so hot. It’s not so hot that everything aches or pulses, but it’s just so warm. It feels like a warm summer day’s sunlight all gathered up inside of me, dripping sweat inside of me, teasing me… I feel so wet, but like I’m cooking out on a beach. My sheets are so absorbent, and the stain on my pillow alone is embarrassing.

Water. I just need to get some water, splash my face. I can grit my way through this. I fought through it last night. This just has to be the aftershocks. What’s aftershocks but for fire instead of earthquakes?

If my head was working right this would be so much easier…

Standing is hard with my knees shaking, but I’m capable of it. Eventually someone will come for me when they realize that I’m not showing up for mass. Then I’ll tell them that I can’t make it. It is Sunday, isn’t it? Time feels like a blur. Every step that I take I can feel more sweat dripping down along my spine, teasing its way along every little curve. Why does it have to be so… everywhere? It’s bad enough feeling so sticky and wet. Feeling it slide over the curve of my rear to splat on the back of my thigh, or even just sliding down my chest... I don’t like how that feels.

I’m not that kind of girl. Maybe Lisa is. I don’t know her that well. I just want to stop sweating. Being dry is a lot nicer.

Shambling, I make it to the bathroom. I’m not sure if I can manage it without falling over, but the best bet I have to feel cooler is a shower. If I fall, that’ll probably be a loud enough sound for someone to notice, right? I turn on the water, cold as it can.

Sticking my hand in the water feels nice. Cold water isn’t the best at getting rid of sweat, but it feels so nice to be wet with water instead of sweat. The real problem is that I don’t actually feel… cold. Cooler, yeah, but I still feel warm, so, so warm. I can still feel my body trying to sweat even as the drops of water from the shower rub it away.

Rubbing the water over my head feels really nice, though. My poor hair was so matted against me, and even just having it a little bit looser feels so nice. The grime washes away, but I still can’t feel cold. I’m just too hot from the inside and it won’t go away.

I squirt some shampoo into my hand and start to rub it in before I see something and freeze in place. Pink. Shit! My muscles all tighten up, and that just feels like the sweat gets a little heavier inside of me. Oh. It’s just a reflection. It’s just me in the water, just me, but with… pink hair. It looks like the same pink hair that woman had, Ember or whatever her name was.

Just looking at it… It’s hard to look away. It feels important, like seeing it here, seeing it now, has entirely too much meaning. I can’t help but whimper and keep staring as my knees feel weaker. I definitely need to rest this off, or… my heart won’t stop pounding in my ears.

My hair is still blonde. I hold it in front of my face, and force my breathing to slow. See, Chastity? Here. It’s still golden blonde. I’m still Chastity Allen. I’m still Virtue. No goddess, demon, or fire spirit is doing anything besides trying to get me to make a silly sweaty mistake. I still don’t want to linger in the shower any longer than I have to. Shampoo, soap, and then I want to be dry. I know it won’t last for long, but at least I won’t have all of last night’s sweat already built up drenching me. I’ll be a little bit drier as a baseline, at least for a while.

As soon as I feel as clean as I think I’ll be able to I dry myself off with my eyes closed. I try breathing slow and imagining some part of my morning jog in a way that doesn’t involve me being chased by cultists or having them surprise me from around a corner. I can’t do it, but I try, really hard.

The cult got those women. I tried to save them, and I was so close to it, but there was no way that I could save anyone when I was that out of it. If I’d have stayed…

I feel like such a coward saying that, but that’s not going to change what happened. New panties, not even thinking about the state of the old ones, a fresh set of pajamas as lightweight as I can manage, and then I’m back in bed staring up at the ceiling. My head spins when I try to stare at any one spot on the ceiling, so I try to just let my eyes unfocus instead and breathe slowly as I can.

It doesn’t help. I still feel hot, feverish, dizzy… My skin feels like it’s burning up. I can feel the places my breasts rest against my chest as the sweat drips along the curve. I feel so tender. So… vulnerable.

It’s better to sweat when you have a fever, right? Sweating makes it go faster… Is it a fever? Or do you starve a fever? Or do you… Ughhh. I pull up my blankets as I curl into the tightest ball that I can. The blankets end up over my shoulders, and I just try not to shiver too hard. Cold. Sweaty. Some kind of diabolic fire is trying to do… something to me. I wish I knew what. Em could probably figure it out. She’s so smart.

We had plans this weekend, didn’t we…? It’s hard to be sure. I know I want to spend more time with her. She’s just really… really good. Smart. She’s always helping me.

She’s way more understanding when I don’t want to do things than Cynthia was when I quit drama to start taking kendo. I want to be spending time with Cynthia too, sitting beside her in mass, instead of sweating everything out in bed but I don’t really have a choice. I feel terrible.

There’s a knock on my door, and I groan with a pitiful whine. It sounds so loud and it throbs around the inside of my head. A drop of sweat falls from one thigh to another. Why won’t it just stop?!

At least this means I don’t have to get up and find anyone. That’s a good thing. I don’t want anyone to take too close a look at me. What if my body somehow doesn’t have a real fever? I have to keep my identity as Virtue a secret. It’s important. They can’t know what I’ve been doing until I can show how much good it does. My heart starts beating so much faster all over again.

One of the sisters walks in. Sister Jenkins? She has night black hair, and the same warm disposition as Sister Wallace. She can be a bit more serious but I wouldn’t call her strict or stubborn. I’m not really someone she’d need to show that sort of treatment though, so I guess I can’t really say for sure. She does sound really worried when she peeks in. “Chastity Allen… Are you feeling all right? Before your roommate headed out into town she said that you slept through your early alarm. It isn’t mass today, but I was still worried.”

“It isn’t… mass…? Then it’s… Oh…” Saturday. I don’t know where I thought a day went. It must be the sweat my brain feels like it’s swimming in. I groan and move my head to the side, and it feels like it sloshes around inside of my skull as well as over my body. “I had plans today, I…”

“Miss Allen…” She presses a hand to my chest and gently pushes me back into my bed as I try to rise. I’m too weak to push back up against her. I’ve never noticed how strong Sister Jenkins feels, but maybe she doesn’t feel so strong when I don’t feel so helpless already. “You’re obviously in no condition to go anywhere. Not today.”

I want to argue. Emily was really looking forward to showing me that used book store… I didn’t mention it to Sister Wallace when she asked about my weekend because of what we’re going to be looking for, but… I don’t want to let down my friends any more than innocents.

Em relies on me. She’s my best friend. She’s the only one I really have to talk to about magic that wouldn’t think I was going to Hell. If I had a way to let her know, or something I’d feel better.

When I feel better I’ll make it up to her.

“Okay… Okay.” I sigh and slump back into the bed. There’s really nothing that I can do like this. I’m no good to anyone feeling like this. Everything just feels wet and weak and worthless. “I’ll stay in bed and try to feel better. Sorry. I just don’t like letting people down. It’s important to me. I want to be good to my friends.”

“Mary smiles on those who stay true to their friends.” Sister Jenkins sits on the bed beside me and slowly strokes my hair. My hair already feels stickier than I want it to, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe she doesn’t notice how much sweat I’m drowning in.

It’s just nice to feel so much tender affection. I wish I could call my mother and she’d show up to… encourage me to do my best. I don’t think she’s ever felt my hair like this. At least if she did, it hasn’t been since she sent me to boarding school. All of that wouldn’t sting so badly if my sister Rachel wasn’t still living with her. I don’t understand it but I don’t want to cause any problems.

Instead I just let my eyes close and lean into Sister Jenkins stroking my hair. It feels so good to have someone care about me like this. That the person caring is someone so pious, so good, so noble… that makes me feel even better. Sister Jenkins is the kind of woman I could see leading a crusade with everyone under her believing her way is the right way.

Someday I want to be like that. I want to be a leader. I want to lead a charge. Right now I’d just like to stop feeling sweat slide over my thighs. I want to stop seeing pink hair and pink eyes when I let my eyes close. I want to stop seeing flickering pink flames.

I won’t give in. I won’t let Pyria claim me. I won’t burn up. I’m stronger than that. I won’t be a part of some sick twisted lesbian fire cult.

They weren’t doing anything sexual I guess, but it’s always lesbian cults in Midas.

“You always shine so radiantly, Chastity. You have such a gift, so much compassion for your fellow man, and so much to offer them.” Sister Jenkins’ voice is so soft and sweet. My lips tug themselves out into a smile before I get a chance to try doing it myself. “You’re the perfect student, your skills with a sword impeccable… And no one has a more righteous soul. Mary’s light will cleanse you of your illness, if you keep your love for her in your heart.”

Sister Jenkins kisses my forehead, and my eyes cross. My skin must feel so sticky and clammy, but her smile stays so calm and tender. There’s no judgment or bother. I don’t feel like I’m wasting her time or somehow draining her by being here.

I wish someone could make me feel like this more often…

“Thank you, Sister Jenkins. That means a lot to me. I’ll stay in bed and try to feel better. I promise. I won’t even try to get up.” My smile makes me feel really silly and simple, but I can’t help it. She’s the one buttering me up when I was feeling like a walking mistake. “I’ll stay right here until I feel better. My friends will forgive me, right? It’s important to take care of myself, right?”

“That’s right, Chastity.” Jenkins smiles at me, and it’s hard to not feel like a knight being praised by her commander. My heart quiets, even if the sweat doesn’t go away. I wish it would, but I probably need to take longer fighting it off. “You’re a credit to the Sacred Heart. You always have been, ever since you were small. No one’s forgotten, not for a moment.” She grins down at me, pushing some hair away from my face. I just want to swoon and feel her take care of me forever. “You’ve always taken the proper, noble path… and it is so important to always walk in Mary’s light.”

Mary’s light…

My whole body quivers. I can still feel the pink, the sweat, the heat, but it feels further away. It feels less important. My bed feels almost magnetic, and my body feels so much more limp. “Mary’s light…” Everything feels softer, and the warmth from Sister Jenkins almost feels visible as she grows fuzzy. Maybe I’m just getting dizzier.

Something about this feels so familiar, but in such a perfect way.

She shifts closer to me, her thumb grazing slowly along my cheek. “That’s right, Chastity. You’ve always walked in Mary’s light, but following that path, walking in Mary’s light… it’s so important. It’s what you were born to do. It’s what all women like us were born to do.” She leans closer, and when she cups my cheek all I can do is mewl. Is she going to kiss me? Is she going to take me into her arms and hold me? Something about this feels so strange, but so safe, so good.

I know that I can trust her to take care of me. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart have always taken care of me. They’ve always given me so much Divine Guidance. Whenever I start to worry about anything here at school if I focus on that, everything is so much easier.

“You’re making the Sacred Heart so proud…” She pushes the blankets away and strokes over my shoulder as I fall onto my back. She’s so pretty. She really could be a crusader, a holy knight, something. I don’t think she’s French so I don’t know if she can be a Paladin. Charlemagne might have cared, but I don’t think Joan would have with such a righteous, noble heart. Such a sacred heart. “You’re so filled with her Divine Guidance, and when you graduate, you will be the most righteous, the most noble in a cause that will be so eager to count you among their number.

“Your blade, your heart, your mind, your spirit… will all serve Mary’s light, and you will lead so many women to greatness…” Her words feel so, so good. Not only is it everything that I want to hear, but the way she’s holding me in her lap, the way she’s caressing my hair, and the way she’s looking into my eyes it all just feels so perfect. I feel so adored. I feel so wanted. I feel so genuinely good. “You want that, don’t you, Chastity?”

Her thumb strokes my cheek, before it moves down to stroke along my neck. I groan, lulling my head to the side so I can feel more of that touch. I want to feel more of it. I want to feel more of her. I want her to tell me how to be her little holy knight serving under Mary’s light. I want her to command me.

Saying all of that is so much harder than just mewling and nodding dutifully. She asked me a question. I have to answer. “Yessss, Sister Jenkins… I want that… I want that with you… For you…!”

I want to be the best at everything! I want to show her how good I can be! I want… I need… I… She strokes over my shoulder, and under the neckline of my pajamas. It doesn’t feel wrong when she does it, or it’s wrong but because it’s her it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t feel sinful to have her touch me, or maybe it’s a sin that’s okay. We can confess and everything can be better, or worse. Somehow it just feels like Mary’s light is what makes her hand cup my breast and stroke her thumb across my nipple.

My lips shudder open and I whimper out her name breathlessly. I want to be what she wants me to be. I need to be what she wants me to be. I’m her Chastity Allen. I’m hers.

“I look forward to your graduation day, Chastity… But until then, there’s still so much Divine Guidance for me to share, to help you always walk in Mary’s light…” She squeezes and twists my body, and I feel something so much different than sweat between my legs. So wet. So helpless. I shudder in her grasp, pressing so hard into her hand as I whimper and whine. I need her! “For now… all you need to do is accept my Divine Guidance. Accept it. Accept Mary’s light inside of your body and soul…”

“Accept… body and soul… yesss…” Her hand slides under the waistband of my pajamas and I shudder with a loud pitiful cry. No one’s ever touched me like this. I’ve never even done it, except to clean. I’ve been a good girl. I want to be a good girl, the best girl.

Mary’s light is growing brighter and brighter. It’s too bright for me. I can’t think when it’s so bright. I can only shudder and squint and moan. It feels so good to be so helpless.

The best part about being so strong is how much better it feels to be overwhelmed.

“That’s a very good girl, Chastity.” Her fingers slide under my panties, and my thighs fall open on their own. My body feels so hot. I’m so slick and wet and dizzy and warm. I nuzzle into Jenkins, my arms too weak to even hug onto her. “Accept…”

I accept her fingers deep inside of me, crying out as Mary’s light gets too bright to see, or think, or remember.

* * *

Saturday goes by as a blur. I don’t really remember anything besides sweating all over my bed. Sister Jenkins came by to check on me once or twice, but it’s all so hard to be sure about. I missed seeing Em at the library to go diving at a local used book store, but that doesn’t feel so important as how hot everything still feels.

Even though I napped so much during the day, I’m still able to sleep through the night. It got dark between one set of blinks, and then the next time I opened my eyes it was bright again. Cynthia didn’t stop by, but I’d hate for her to waste her time hanging out with me when I’m this off.

Hopefully they wouldn’t let her in. I’d be so embarrassed if she saw me in my sweat soaked pajamas writhing under the covers—even if I was asleep. That’d just be weird.

I don’t feel any better today, not really. It’s not going away on its own. I’m still sweating. Blankets on, or off. Another shower doesn’t do anything to fix it. Washing feels a bit more tingly than it did yesterday, particularly over my breasts and between my legs, but it just feels like proof that some predatory lesbian cult is trying to turn me into one of their vassals. That doesn’t make me feel particularly confident.

My head still feels sweaty and dizzy and slow. It’s not fun, but I can endure it. I’m good at enduring things—really good at it.

I do feel a little bit better, but it’s a little warmer, too. I don’t know if that’s good. There’s another knock on the door and another Sister peeks in. I don’t know her name. I know I’ve seen her around, just never learned her name. “How do you feel today, Chastity? Do you feel any better? Sister Jenkins sent me in to check on you…”

My cheeks burn deep dark red, but I’m not really sure why. Knowing she thought of me probably just feels good. There’s nothing weird about that.

I roll over to face towards the sister and let out a tired sigh. “Still sick… F-fever, I think…” My voice is still more shivery than I want it to sound, feel or be. “Sorry, I would have sent Lisa with a message, but she didn’t wake me before she left…” Dryness creeps into my voice, but I can’t help it. There’s no way she couldn’t have noticed that I’m ill. Maybe she was more worried about catching it. For this thing to be lingering, it has to be something physical, not just a bizarre mental attack. I am sick. I just need to sweat it out.

She moves over to me and puts a hand on my forehead. She feels so cool that it almost hurts. It helps me feel a little cooler, but it also makes me feel painfully aware of how hot I still am. I want this to get better on its own, but it’s already lasted a day. I need to do something.

At least I can be sure that Em probably still had fun without me. She’s way better at actually using magic anyway. If I didn’t make things, I’d be a complete failure at magic.

“Oh… you poor thing. You really are burning up… You stay in bed, and if you aren’t feeling better soon we’ll have the nurse in to look at you, all right?” She’s a sweet Sister—sweet enough that I feel really bad that I don’t remember her name. I’m sure I’ll remember it the moment she’s gone. At least it isn’t like she’s asking me, or putting me on the spot.

Anyone would be having memory problems swimming in this much dizzy pink-flame-created sweat.

I close my eyes and try to relax into the bed using the coolness of her touch to soothe away the discomfort a little. The moment it seems like it might work she starts to draw away. I look up at her and nod, quivering. “I’m so sorry Sister… Th-thank you…” Deep breaths help make the heat resurging feel a little better, as does pulling the blankets around me tighter. “Could you bring me some water, and a cup? O-or just a big bottle… nnnn…”

My eyes don’t want to stay open. This fever is just too much. It’s really draining my reserves. I don’t even notice she’s gone before the Sister comes back and sets down a tall glass of water right beside my bed.

She strokes hair out of my face, but the sound isn’t right. It almost sounds like faint distant crackling fire. It’s so soft, almost like a whisper, or like it’s hiding whispers inside of it. I don’t know. “Try to sleep as much as you can, all right…? Rest, don’t get out of bed if you don’t have to. I’ll be back to check on you, and Sister Jenkins will be praying for you.”

Warmth surges inside of my heart, and this heat doesn’t feel pink, sticky, or unpleasant. Knowing that she’s thinking of me like that just feels really good. I feel safer in her hands, even if she isn’t here looking over me. She is a busy woman.

If anyone bothered to call my mother, I can’t even imagine how bored she’d sound. She’d probably say something like “Does she need me to do anything? Tell her I’ll do anything she feels is necessary” or something else so distant it makes me feel hot in a way that isn’t pleasant or pink. It’s better that she not find out. It’s better if I can just forget about her and try to rest.

Curling up tighter under the covers almost feels like curling up near a fire. At least it’s getting easier to relax again. I’ll probably fall asleep soon. I’m just feeling like this because I’m sick. Once I get better I won’t be troubled by these worries anymore.

I nod pathetically up at the Sister before taking a long slow drink. The crackles feel like they move in spirals or waves. Sound shouldn’t be able to move like this, but at least it’s soothing. If I get to sleep I’m sure it’ll go away, or that it’ll go away once I fight my way past it. I know that I can overcome this. I’m Chastity Allen. Virtue. I haven’t saved Midas yet—it’s too soon for me to burn up.

The door closes, and again I’m left all alone. I let out a sigh of relief, and pull the blankets tighter around me. I don’t want to be seen like this. I can make it through this, but until then it’s just embarrassing.

Still, it is really comfortable. It almost feels like being embraced by the sound of that crackling, by the tender warming heat that’s enveloping me from the inside. I can feel more of those beads of sweat sliding down between my legs, but it just feels nice and soothing. Another bead slides over one of my breasts, and I just squeeze the blankets tighter, hugging them. It almost feels sort of nice.

I could fall asleep like this, being soothed away by those sweat drops. I’m just a mountain being eroded by so many tiny droplets of sweat, only neither my breasts nor my thighs feel any less. My back doesn’t feel like it’s being dissolved. It’s just nice and soft.

Smiling, I rub my thighs together and nuzzle into my pillow. I’ll sleep, and then when I wake up Sister Jenkins will be there to help me feel better with the nurse if I need them.

Everything is going to be okay…

* * *

A gasp startles me as I come to. I’m kneeling, and my body feels so, so heavy. My body is bare, naked. It’s hard to close my thighs, to bring them together, but I try even as it feels like more of a strain than any other movement I’ve ever made in my life. Somehow it feels like it would be just as hard to drop flat to the floor, or to rise up.

My eyes widen when I see who is in front of me. Ember. She’s wearing the same white uniform. She has the same long pink hair. A halo of fire flickers and crackles around her. She looks so powerful, so indomitable.

She looks so strong, and I feel so pitiful. I can’t even control my own body. I can’t even rise up and hide my shame. She can just see all of me.

“Hello, Virtue...” As she speaks a droplet of sweat traces down my spine, slaloming between each vertebra. The shuddery gasp it draws out of me is just as dramatic as the arch of my back. I can’t control my body, but it seems to be able to move on its own just fine. Her foot slides in between my knees, and she’s far too strong for me to keep my legs closed like this.

My cheeks burn as I stare up at her, whining and groaning from the effort of still struggling to keep some level of dignity. I can’t give up just because I can’t win. I have to fight harder and harder.

If I’m defeated it will only be after I lose every last struggle.

Another drop of sweat slides down my spine, making me shudder and mewl. I wish I couldn’t feel my bare breasts swaying so easily. They still feel so tender here, wherever or whatever here is. “I-I… nnn… W-what are you doing here… What am I…”

I groan, straining with all that I’m worth to try shifting my leg so I can use it to push up and stand. The weight inside of my body keeping me down feels like it’s burning from the deepest places inside of me, but I don’t give up. I struggle, even as more sweat forms over my forehead. My body is feeling hotter again, but I don’t give up. I can’t!

She reaches out just a single finger and pushes it into my forehead, and my knee slams down into the floor too hard for me to lift it back up. She doesn’t shove me down to the floor, but she does make me lean further forward. My body feels even more lewdly on display. I hate it. I hate this, but I can’t fight it, it’s just… impossible! I grunt and yelp with the effort, shivering as sweat drips down along my breasts. It teases down over my stomach, and a drop even teases right down the center between my legs. My body feels so, so tense and it’s all I can do to not cry out even louder.

“Shhh Virtue… Shh…” Ember grins and withdraws her finger, pressing it to her lips in a shushing motion before again pressing it to my forehead. She doesn’t feel cooler, like the Sister did. She feels warmer than me. Hotter than me. Familiar, but hotter. “You took some of my sacred flame inside of you… and you are trying so hard to resist it… But we both know you can’t fight it forever, can you, Virtue…?”

“I can… I... Nnn…Nnn… I can…!” I try to scream it with all of the self-righteous fury that I can. If I had my swords, or if I could even stand I would do so much to her! “N-nothing sacred about y-you… You... Nnnhhhh… heathen!” I struggle against her finger with all that I can, all that I’m worth, all that I am, and she shoves just enough harder to make me buckle and lean further down, further forward.

A drop of sweat clings to my nipple, and I can feel it quivering. I hate being on display for her. I hate knowing that she’s loving every moment of me being so humbled and helpless.

“You’re so… terrified…” Ember doesn’t need to shove me down any more to make her point and she knows it. Her finger moves down along my face and cups my cheek, holding it, stroking it as she looks into my eyes. Her eyes are looking so deep, it’s almost like she can see something inside of them, look inside of them.

Her eyes start to hood. Something about them almost seems sweet, like the sound of her purr, or the way she grins. Her eyes are so pink, and there’s such a hot, powerful fire burning inside of them. She squeezes, just a little tighter, and no matter how hard I try I can’t look away.

My eyes are locked with hers, and all I can do is desperately pant. I’m so slick, glistening with sweat, and no matter how hard I try to turn my cheek, to resist, to fight… I’m just trapped.

“And I’m not the one denying the might of Pyria, the Goddess of the Cleansing Flame…” Ember’s thumb trails so slowly across my cheek, and then just under my bottom lip. “Unless you aren’t feeling the heat of her flames, and I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

So trapped. Even with her saying things like that, I can’t squirm away. My lungs can’t breathe any faster. My eyes won’t close. I can’t escape, there’s just no way that I can get away.

There’s only one thing that I have left to turn to.

“Hail Mary full of grace, our Lord is with thee… Blessed art thou among women…” Desperation is all that I have left. I walk in Mary’s light. It’s so hard to chant, to pray, to focus, but it’s all that I have left as I whimper and strain through every word as her eyes bore into mine. “And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners, for now and to the hour of our d-d-death!” It’s never been so hard to get through one recital before, even when I was a little girl!

My voice sounds so breathy and pitiful. Half of it is muttered. I can’t ignore how hot the flames inside of me are burning, or how it feels as the sweat keeps pouring over my naked body. At least she’s staring into my eyes, but before she was doing that at least I could blink!

The grip of her hand holding my chin is so gentle. If I wasn’t having such a hard time controlling myself there’s no way her hand would be able to hold it still. Even if my eyes couldn’t look away, at least I wouldn’t need to feel her hand… but I can’t do that. She’s holding me still with no effort at all. “L-let me goooo!”

That sounded pitiful even to me. I feel so tiny. All of my faith, all of my strength, all of my force of will, it’s doing nothing.

I try to keep up my prayers. It’s so hard to concentrate, but maybe if I focus that’s all I’ll need to break her hold on me. The wicked cannot overcome the righteous. I’m not going to let some flaming heretic break me over her knee!

Something in her eyes flickers, those perfectly synced up pink flames, and I can start to feel them flickering inside of each drop of sweat. I whine, groaning and panting. I don’t stop praying, but it’s so hard. I’m not sure if my eyes have more tears in them or my body has more sweat dripping from it.

“Only I can make the flames stop burning you, child…” Ember chuckles and hoods her eyes. She strokes closer to my ear, but every movement is just so casual. She doesn’t even care that I’m praying. She isn’t intimidated. She isn’t worried. She’s confident and invincible. “Do you notice that no power rises up to protect you, and yet mine is so strong…?” She sighs and taps my lip. I lose my place, my prayer muffling as I stumble and start all over again. Mary, please, save me.

She keeps tapping my lip, like she’s playing a game with my prayers. I sob and shake, quivering. I’m so weak and Ember is so powerful. Even if I could move, she would still be so powerful. Even if I had every heroine with me I’d ever even heard of I don’t know if we’d be a match.

Pyria’s flames might actually be real, but even if she’s just a figment of Ember’s imagination there’s no doubting that her powers are very strong and very real. That, or I’m being embarrassed by a flashlight.

An illusion wouldn’t make me sob like this.

“But… I might just release you from this?” Her finger strokes along my bottom lip, slurring my words as I try to keep speaking through the interruption. “If you come to me, alone, and perhaps… Perhaps I will even release you from your fever before it dissolves your will?” She chuckles, and draws her hand away from my face before snapping her fingers. The sound is so loud that not being able to blink is terrifying. A large pink flame forms between us, flickering and dancing above her hand. “But if it continues to rage, your mind will be gone, and there’s nothing that anyone will be able to do.”

My prayers fall silent as I whimper and shake. I can’t help but quiver. Hope. A shred of hope. “Y-you’ll let me go…?” My voice is more of a whine than anything a woman walking in the light of Mary should sound like. Doubting what she says is impossible. I can’t imagine her Pyria holds her to the same standards I hold myself to, but I can feel that if this heat doesn’t stop it’s only a matter of time before I won’t wake up able to think. “I… I didn’t even… I didn’t even know… What you were doing, I just… had to protect themmm!”

She waves her hand, and the flame dissipates. Again she grasps my chin and strokes her thumb across my bottom lip. It pushes heat into me, more heat that I can barely take, that I don’t want to feel, that I can’t let myself feel.

A drop of sweat slides down my belly and rolls between my legs until it hits something tender, something sensitive, something hard and raw and I let out a shuddering, sobbing groan. I gasp and whimper, shaking out of control. I don’t want it to feel good, but it does. It burns and it aches and it feels so hot. I’m so hot. Too hot. I can’t take this! It’s going to drive me mad, or burn out everything that I am. I need her to make it stop. There’s no time to find Em and beg her to figure out how to make this stop. It might not even be magic anyway, or something magic can do.

If Pyria is a Goddess who defies the light of Mary, what can either Em or I hope to do?

“If you come to me… I’ll be able to let you go. As it is…” She sighs,and leans in closer. It almost feels like she’s going to kiss me. I won’t be able to fight it. I’ve never been so terrified. I don’t want my first kiss to be with someone like her! “I can’t extract such potent flames from so far away. Will you come to me, child…? Or shall I simply allow you to be… cleansed…?”

“I-I’ll come! Nnnn…” I’d never bring anyone else to see her. If it was sacrifice myself, or someone else, I would be the sacrifice every time. Coming on my own… that’s just so much easier. It doesn’t matter where it is. Even if the Sisters try to stop me, what other choice do I have? If I don’t get this flame out of me there won’t be any me anymore! “W-where? Where where where?!”

Being so passionate, so pitiful, doesn’t do anything to free me. It does make my breasts sway under me. She doesn’t look down, but it’s still so embarrassing to feel, to know that she already saw all of me. She could do anything she wanted to me. I couldn’t fight her.

She’s doubtlessly burned “Pyria’s Flames” into so many women and taken whatever she wanted from them. She’s just another of those dangerous, powerful, predatory lesbians.

Midas is so full of them.

“When you awaken… you will know.” She leans closer to me, and there’s no longer any doubt. She’s going to kiss me. Her eyes start to close, but somehow I can still feel the pink flickering under her eyelids keeping me staring forward.

At the very last moment I can feel my eyes start to close, but her lips are already melting into mine. The taste is so pink. They’re so full, so soft, so plush. My whole body sinks forward into her lips. Everything just feels so hot, so warm, so overwhelming, but I can’t peel myself away. We’re burning together at the lips, and all I can do is groan.

Her hand reaches for mine, and presses my hand to her clothed breast. She makes me squeeze, and I can feel the heat surging inside of her and inside of me at once. The same fire, the same yearnings, the same needs pulsing and throbbing inside of us.

The world melts into a pink haze and even as flames burn everything away the heat between my legs just gets wetter and wetter.

* * *

Waking up back in my bed I get the first moment of comfort I’ve had since I tried to stop those cultists. If I press my lips together I can still feel Ember’s lips. My first kiss. Even if I was asleep, or in a trance, or something, that was still my first kiss. It felt so real, more real than all of Saturday.

It feels good. As much as it makes tears form in my eyes, it feels good. Even the heat between my legs feels nice. It’s comfort—sinful comfort—but it’s still comfort.

I’m allowed some moments of peace where I can find them when I’m being tormented. If this wasn’t the exact sort of situation that confessions were made for, then I don’t know what would be. I’m out of control, but I know it’s wrong. This is just what I need or I’ll burn up.

Surrendering isn’t an option.

Soon enough that doesn’t feel good anymore. I can remember how it felt to be so heavy I could barely move too easily. I can remember the way she was making sweat splash on my… my… pearl? Clitoris? I don’t even know what words I should use to think of this stuff. I’m not even engaged! We’re not married, how… how could any of this be okay to anyone?!

I need to get going. I know where I need to go. It feels like instinct driving me more than anything more intelligent. The words are just in my head, but in the same sort of way as a taste that I’m craving as opposed to something I’ve studied for a test.

I have to get to the Neuman Building. The penthouse on the top is where Ember is staying. I need to get there, and I can already feel that she didn’t pause the countdown on whatever time I have left, if she can. Her lips felt so warm, but I shouldn’t want to believe her just because she made me feel better. She’s the reason I’m feeling any of this in the first place. My head is spinning… I can’t wait.

Reaching under my bed I throw on my mask. Instantly all of my fear is just gone. I don’t know where it goes, but I can’t feel it so it doesn’t matter. I’m immune. Now I can act.

Getting dressed all the way is just going to ruin whatever I wear. There’s no way I’m going to pull off looking… any sort of normal right now. I d o have an oversized hoodie, one that goes down a bit longer than any skirt I’d want to wear. I pull it on over my head, and tug it down as hard as I can. This should be enough to keep me decent without ruining too much of my clothing.

My mother might not have done much for me besides send me to the Woodside Academy, but at least she made sure I always have plenty of funds. I find my wallet and pull out a wad of cash. Too much. It doesn’t matter.

If I don’t get to Ember soon then no amount of money is going to matter.

Boots on. No one is going to let me anywhere without some footwear. People will let me run around braless and pantsless, but all they need to know is that my body is hidden well enough and my feet are covered.

I can’t stop panting, but that’s okay. This isn’t even going to be as bad as my morning jog. I hop out the window, and almost fall to the ground much harder than intended. I roll and recover, but I’m really glad that no one is around to see up my hoodie. That’s one benefit to the brick wall surrounding the Sacred Heart dorm, I guess.

A quick climb up the wall and I start looking around for the first Taxi I can find. There might be busses or something, but I wouldn’t know which would take me to where I need to go. I know where the Neuman Building is. I just need to hear that way and try to find a cab.

When I finally manage to wave one down I pull myself into the back. I must look like a wreck. The hood is up, but my mask is still visible. My breathing is ragged and pitiful. Miserable. I overestimate how much money I’ll need to pay and hold it out desperately. “The Neuman Building. Now. Please.”

The woman driving the cab stares at me, but she takes my money and starts to drive. Fine. Whatever. I really don’t care, I just need to get to Ember before I burn away!

She tries to not even look back at me the whole way there. It isn’t long, but every time we stop at a red light my heart beats faster as fear and need thumps in my chest. Is this where I’ll be when I lose my mind? Is this where I’m going to lose everything? Is this how hot my mind has to get before I just can’t think past it anymore?

When the cab stops in front of the right building I toss some more money over the seat and I don’t even wait. I’m already running into the lobby and slamming the up arrow on the elevator as hard as I can. I need to get to her. I need to get there now!

Even the elevator once it finally arrives had air conditioning, but it’s not enough. All it does, really, is just make my sweat make my teeth clatter together more. How can I feel like my skin should be on fire but still shiver?! It doesn’t even make any sense! Nothing makes sense. I rest my head against the wall of the elevator as it ascends, but I just want to break down and cry. Maybe I should have gone to Em on Saturday. Maybe I should have told Sister Jenkins about Ember.

This feels like such a bad choice to make, but I’m too scared to know what other choices I can make. I’m just… desperate. I’m desperate, and dizzy, and I’m almost fucking naked in an elevator halfway across the city from my dorm room where the only people who really care about my well-being think I’m sleeping because I’m sick. I’m not lying to them, but I…

I can feel how close my ring is to rejecting me. Just a little bit further and pop! It won’t shatter, but it’ll be as good as inert for me. Someone else could use it… but not me.

The door finally opens, and I stumble to the door for the penthouse. I knock, panting harder as I try to not rub my head against the smooth, cool wood. It’s Winter. I should not still be this hot!

After a long moment, a moment that lasts for eternity and has me longing to fall onto my knees and pound on the door, it falls open to show me the inside of a lavish penthouse that looks fancier even than my mother’s home. Ember is holding the door handle, dressed in the same white outfit as in the dream or whatever it was where we met before.

She motions inside, grinning as she steps out of my way. “Please, do come on…” I lurch forward, and she taps a finger to her lip. Thoughtful or threatening? I can’t be sure anymore… about anything. “I’ll advise you against trying to attack me. I assure you, that... would end very poorly for you right now.” When ember makes an understatement, she really makes an understatement. I can’t even imagine being strong enough to have brought my swords. I didn’t even try.

What good are the Twin Furies when they can’t cut her flame out of me?

I wish the hoodie was longer. Tugging it down just makes it feel like it’s liable to flip up and show off even more. That’s really the very last thing that I want. A droplet of sweat moves over my panties, and I shudder, rubbing my thighs together as I stumble deeper into the lavish penthouse.

It really is just so… opulent. My mother covers walls with paintings, buys fancy rugs, and wears way too much jewelry… but just the design of this place is ridiculous. I can see a hot tub with what looks like a curtain separating it from a view of the city. There are so many screens everywhere and fancy embedded lighting. This feels less like a home and more like an investment in some kind of a lair. It would suit for a cultist to live here.

“I-I’d have called Heart of Gold… O-or Midnightress if I was going to…” My voice sounds so pitiful and small. I know the situation I’m in. I’m fucked. That’s not a word that I like using, but it’s the truth. I’m helpless. “Please… H-help me…”

Ember moves behind me, grinning in such a smug, self-impressed way. If I thought it wouldn’t lead to the worst possible ending to this situation I’d try tackling her to the ground. Her hands rest on my shoulders, and pink flames spread over the white cloth. Before my gasp can even finish I’m already trying to scream as every last scrap of it turns to ash and falls away. All I have left are my boots, my panties, and my mask. “Aah… You’ve been fighting it so hard, only to be so… warm.”

Is she… flirting with me? She sounds so predatory, so amused. She sounds so… hungry. She has to know that she’s in control of this situation, and the heat inside of me keeps making me want to lean against her. My lips keep rubbing together, and it’s so easy to taste her on my lips. It’s so easy to crave feeling my body just melt against her. I want that so, so bad. It’s so bad, so wrong, even more sinful than enjoying the heat between my legs.

Resistance is all that I have left. I can’t win, but I can resist losing who and what I am.

“But there’s only one thing that can help you, Virtue… and that’s you…” Her hands rest on my bare shoulders, stroking and massaging at my bare skin. If I wasn’t wearing my mask I know that I’d be sobbing, but those feelings can’t reach me right now. “You need me, Pyria’s Avatar, to help you form a connection, that She may… use to spare you…”

Whimpers keep sliding out of my lips. My arms are crossed over my chest, but it doesn’t help that if this is real then whatever happened when I was asleep happened too. She’s seen me. She knows everything about my body. “Th-that’s not what you said… J-just fix it…!”

I can’t face her, or look up towards her. My nerves are shot, and my hips keep arching me back against her. It’s so miserable a feeling. The only good things shouldn’t feel good!

“Virtue, I don’t need to tell you…” Ember slides her hands slowly down along my curves until she grasps at my hips. Her fingers rub at the fabric of my panties. My breathing keeps feeling quicker even as I try to force it slower. She could make it burn away at any moment, but it’s so hard to pull away from her even just enough so my behind isn’t grinding into her. “You’ll need Pyria’s help… Even I can’t just… turn it off! You defied the will of a Goddess… prayer to another divine force will only make it worse…”

My nipples are so hard, and my panties feel so wet. She doesn’t need to burn them away to show off my full shame, to make it clear how much I’ve failed to hold onto myself. It’s not my fault that I’m wet down there… I don’t want to be! I don’t want to feel sexy, I don’t want… any of this!

Even with so much sweat drenching over me, there’s one truth that I can hold into. No matter how hard I shudder and shake, I know there’s one thing I can believe. “Th-there is no God but God…” A harder shiver makes me whine, but her hands don’t set fire to my panties. I don’t want them to! I don’t want this! I don’t want any of this! “I-I don’t know what this Pyria is, b-but she’s… She’s not…”

All I can do is whimper. There’s no way that I’m going to convince her, but it’s true. I know it is.

It has to be.

“Then it won’t hurt if you simply say the words that I tell you to say, now will it?” Her fingers move lower, but they don’t reach for my crotch. Instead they move down along the outside of my thighs. It’s still so hard to shake the feeling of how easy her fingers could curl in and touch so many more intimate places.

A pitiful whine tears itself from my throat as I close my eyes. Thank Mary that I’m still wearing my mask. I can’t fight off the tears, even with the mask. Even as my lips shake, I just can’t hold the emotions back.

This is more than just fear. This is feeling how pointless my whole life has been to end up here like this. I’m just a victim. I’m helpless before Ember’s power over me.

Why does her touch have to feel so warm?! It’s even warmer than I already feel, and her touch makes droplets of sweat move down the inside of my thighs. I can feel the droplets stain my panties, and it chokes out another sob from me. I feel so sensitive, so… tender. If any part of me wants Ember to touch me it’s because of her damned pink flame, not me!

“What harm… could there even be…” She blows across my ear, a soft chuckle echoing inside of my head as her clothed breasts press into my naked back. “Or you can… Go back home! You can just leave, like this… and fight it off overnight again, sweating it out…”

Her lips kiss the bottom of my ear and start to suckle. I want to scream and hit her. I want to run and jump out of a window. I don’t. I make tighter fists I shudder in place.

I endure.

Walking in Mary’s light isn’t always easy, but sometimes it means that dark forces will conspire against you. I can take this. I can survive this!

She whispers into my ear, and I can’t restrain the groan as the sound of her voice makes my body clench and writhe. “But of course, we both know you won’t do that… Don’t we?”

My hips are wiggling, but I can’t stop them. Even as I whine and feel the tears burn their way down my cheeks, there’s really nothing I can do to stay still. “I… You… b-burned my clothes!”

If I’m not convinced by how pitiful I sounded, then there’s no way she is. My voice is just so soft. I can’t put any of my… fire into it. My passion is just gone.

“Shhh, child, I’ve left you all of the clothes you need…” No one’s voice has ever felt so belittling before, and I grew up in a boarding school. Girls in boarding schools are cruel, but Ember is… she isn’t human. Whatever Pyria is it’s twisted her body and soul into something terrifying. I have no hope that I can appeal to mercy.

All I have is a desperate hope that I can somehow survive this.

“W-what…” There’s no excuse for me to make to not just go through with it. I came this far. What else can I do. What else do I have left to do, and how can it get worse? “W-what do I have t-to say…?”

Ember’s fingers move back to the backs of my thighs and squeeze. It’s only enough to feel, and just below my behind, but something about it feels so… powerful. I gasp, my thighs shuddering as my eyes pull together tight. I try to repeat a prayer, any prayer, but I can’t find any. Even “Hail Mary” just isn’t there for me to find. I’m so abandoned.

It’s like all of her warmth, all of the heat in her hands, is teasing between my legs without even needing to touch me. I can’t stop myself from shivering. “Repeat after me, child…” Her whisper is so soft and serene. I want to shake my head, but this is what I asked for. This is what I have to do. If I don’t play along, then I’m going to burn away… I’ll lose my mind forever and just be a helplessly obedient husk. I don’t want my mind to be cleansed, not like that! “I take this sacred flame of Pyria as a gift…”

“I take this sacred flame of Pyria… As a gift…” The words make the heat inside of me… pulse and throb. The fog that’s been squeezing around my head feels like it’s parting, clearing away, but… I can feel so much more how sticky and uncomfortable my panties are.

They just feel… wrong against me right now. My… sex… feels so warm and gooey. The white cotton is just stuck so tight. I can’t pull them away, but if they were gone it would feel better.

Ember doesn’t stop. She keeps stroking, rubbing along the backs, and the sides of my thighs. So much heat just…keeps throbbing tight between my legs. I can’t help it. I need to grind myself back against her. It’s all I can do to make myself feel any level of better.

Her voice whispers in my ear again, with so much focus and devotion. “I open myself to the seed of her divine gift… That her flame may bless me with her warmth…”

“I open myself to the seed of her divine gift…” Every word throbs and pulses inside of me. Every pulse makes my panties feel tighter, more constricting. More wrong. I hook my thumbs over my panties and quiver. I don’t know. This feels wrong, but… “That her flame may bless me with her… warmth… Oohhh…” I tug my panties down, not off, just down to my thighs, but… down.

The cool air between my legs feels so, so good, so soothing so soft. So good. I can’t hold onto them. They just feel so heavy, so overwhelming. They slide down over my boots. It feels worse than if they’d just burned, but I can’t fight it. It’s too much for me.

Her breasts press into the back of my head, supporting me, cushioning me. They feel so nice and soft, even so clothed. The heat doesn’t feel like it’s going to dissolve me anymore, but if I stop now it might get even worse. I have to see it through to the end. It’s working. If I just get a little bit further…

My nipples throb with the heat from Embers hands as they feel over my thighs. I groan, and let out another sob. I’m so damned. Sister Jenkins must be so disappointed in me.

Surely someone’s noticed that I’m missing by now.

Ember’s voice dances into my ear, with so much cruel delight. “I kneel before you… that you may find me worthy… and accept my pledge…”

I can’t even raise my arms to cover up my breasts, and the air conditioning feels so potent on my bare, sweat drenched breasts. Even focusing on how sensitive my breasts feel, how I feel so lewd, so inappropriate, so slutty, I still can’t get past what she just said. Even squirming my butt back into Ember, I can’t pretend she didn’t just say that. “I d-don’t w-want to… p-pledge, I…” My heart is pounding harder than I’ve ever felt it in my life. My body is so aroused. I’m not, but my body is. I’m so helpless, and if I don’t finish this ritual I don’t know what will become of me, but… The very core of me, everything that I believe in… I can’t fail to walk in Mary’s light! I can’t turn my back on her divine guidance! “I c-can’t… p-pledge…!”

She doesn’t hesitate for even a moment. Her fingers move along the inside of my thighs, and all I can do is moan and feel my body yield to her every touch. My thighs shudder further apart. I’m just so… traitorously wet. “You said there is no other god, did you… not…?” She breathes cool air into my ear, and my body is wracked with pitiful sobs. It feels so good, so hot so wrong… but… “Say the words… or I can help you say them, if you’d prefer…”

Biting my lip as hard as I can doesn’t do anything. Her cool air makes the inside of my head feel better, but the moment it’s done, gone, the heat is back and so much worse. “I c-can’t… even a f-false… I can’t… I can’t…!” I suckle on my own lower lip. My cheeks feel as drenched in tears as between my legs feels sticky and hot. “P-please j-just help meee…!”

I finally look up at her, even if I’m afraid that she’ll grab my chin and make it so I can never look away from her again. Even if I’ve given up all hope that she even still has a soul that can understand me, I need to find some way. I need to… I can’t give up!

“J-just… fix meeee!”

“Shall I help you, then…?” Her hands move up from my thighs, making me hate myself even more for whining louder when she doesn’t actually touch between my legs. I want it. I need it, but I can’t… I can’t. She grasps my breasts, lifting them, and then letting them bounce free. My hands move to try to stop her, but then drop back down and reach back to grab at her hips. “I can help you… Mmm if you trust me to help you…” Her fingers reach up past my neck, and stroke along my temples. Her fingertips feel so hot as they stroke my forehead, and I feel even more slick with sweat than before. “But you’ll need to relax… It will be harder, take longer… but I can try it for you, my… Mmm… Virtuous child…”

Her hips rub against me, and I groan. My tears are the only part of me that still feel like me anymore. At least they hate that this is happening. “Just… ff-fix meee…” I nod, grinding back into her, tighter. My nipples ache and throb from having been touched, but I don’t reach up to twist them. It’s so hard to resist, but I’m better than this! “Please… I need h-h-heeeelp!”

I’m so naked. My hair is stuck in so many places over my face. The fuzz between my legs feels so slick and wet and on display. I feel like… Like someone else.

She slides her fingers over my temples in slow, wispy circles that make my eyes roll back in my head. Her lips, lips that feel far too familiar, press into the top of my head. “Of course, my child…” Finally, she’s going to fix me. Finally I’m going to stop feeling this stupid flame!

My body will still be wet and warm in places I don’t want it to be, but I can worry later.

Her lips don’t lift away from my head, and just press harder. The heat inside of me… shifts. Changes. It’s been pink this whole time, but it hasn’t felt so… neon. It hasn’t felt so bright, like a spotlight shining deep inside of me. My hips grind me back into Ember, and I let out a quivery groan at how good her body feels against mine. It shouldn’t, but it does. It feels so fucking amazing. It can’t be the situation that’s turning me on. It can’t be being so powerless to someone so powerful and predatory and terrible.

I don’t secretly want to be the victim of a predatory lesbian cult…!

Pink tingles across my brain, flames lapping and tasting at something deep, something… and I get a flash, of my mother giving me my first crucifix. She looks so happy, in her detached, perfect, pretty way. She smiles down at me, and then… pink consumes the memory. Fires appear around the edges of my mother’s smile and spread over her red sweater.

My eyes open wide. No! I can’t let this happen! All I can do is pant and shudder, but I can’t let this happen! “No! Nonononono stop stop—!” Her fingers move on my head, and the flames grow taller, hotter, and I buckle inside as I can feel something important to me, something I can’t remember, slide wetly down my thigh. She presses harder, and it’s so hard to move, so hard to struggle.

My sex feels so, so wet, and it’s because something… something precious is being burned out of me! The pink inside of me is spreading, burning, clawing, ripping, tearing, and I try everything I can to strain and struggle harder.

I yell. I scream. I try so hard to bend my body, to move it, to rip out of her grasp, to… to do something, to do anything! “Stop! Stop, you can’t nonononono!”

My body won’t move at all, except to speak, shudder, clench, and drip. This is Hell. This is actual, horrifying, terrifying, everything-I’ve-ever-feared Hell! My memories, something… something precious is being boiled and dripped away!

More of that pink grips tighter, and... memories… Sister Wallace… Sister Jenkins… Pink closing around memories of them, memories of teachers, of books, of mass… Every time it burns one of them away I scream louder as so much pleasure bursts from between my legs, dripping and slicking and making me sob and shake. “Shh… This is how we’re going to fix you, and cleanse you, without destroying you… Shh, Virtue…”

Fire grabs my eyes and pulls them together, making them cross. I scream as hard as I can, as desperately as I can. I need to hold out. I need to fight it, but the more it burn, the more I feel… lighter. Safer. Freer. They were important things, even if I can’t remember, but they’re… gone. Isn’t that… bad…?

Why do I keep cuming every time one of them goes away?!

“Isn’t it… so good…?” Ember’s voice makes my thighs clench and my hips roll. Her mouth suckles at my ear, nibbling and tugging.

I’ve never been so turned on before in my life, but I… I didn’t used to like this. I didn’t used to want this feeling, but without being able to remember why it just makes me dizzier and dizzier. I don’t want to say yes, even if it’s true. “I wanted… I just wanted… to… for…” My face is wet, but it isn’t as wet as my labia.

Flames flicker and burn and dissolve away at things that I can’t remember any more. Each time my eyes cross and my thighs clench. I’m so, so slick, and the heat isn’t hurting that. Ember’s breasts behind my head aren’t hurting that. Ember’s body against my ass definitely doesn’t hurt that. She’s pressing tighter and tighter into me each time I press back into her, and my toes curl so hard inside of my boots it feels like they might break off. “Mmm… can you say those words now, dear…?”

So dizzy… My life feels so small now, so minimal, so… My mother sent me away when I was young, and… then I had times outside of… somewhere… acting in plays and then… magic. Em. Lessons in the library… So much feels blurred and faded and gone.

It’s so hard to care about the pledge anymore. I don’t want to burn up, to go away, to be gone… I don’t want to lose the last of me, to not be anymore… I groan and bite my lip, trying to make sure I remember it before I nod. “I kneel before you… that you may find me worthy and accept m-my pledge…” I’ve never heard my voice sound so breathy, so hot before. I sound so turned on, so sexy, so good, and I love how it feels! I love feeling her against me!

As soon as my pledge ends Ember’s hands on my head start to push me down to my knees. I don’t fight it, I just crumple down as she directs and stare up at her. My face feels like I’ve been crying, but I can’t really remember why. I’m not crying anymore, not at all.

Why would I cry when the heat inside of me feels so… so… perfect?

Little bits from inside of the flames twist and dance and burn through me so much hotter than anything did ever before as something starts to form inside of me. My clit burns and tingles like flames are licking them from the inside, and the same perfect feeling hums from the inside of my nipples. I groan and roll my body with the flames, spreading my legs so far apart.

Pink flame flows out of my body, wrapping around me, and I’ve never felt safer, or more powerful. Finally, the fever starts to go away, and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. Ember steps around me, looking down at me with hooded eyes. As she does, I can remember so many lessons that she’s taught me, over so many years. Her, and the other daughters… so many lessons, so many important things that I had to learn. “Now… you are a daughter of Pyria… and you will obey your goddess…”

I reach up and rub my fingers over my body, groaning at how good it feels to touch my skin and feel Pyria’s flame burning on the inside of me. I grin and purr, looking over Ember’s sexy body every time she walks into my field of view. Every little part of her makes me want to reach up and grasp and squeeze.

Pyria’s worship is all that I had after my mother sent me out of the house. It made me lonely at first, but it stopped really mattering the more of Pyria’s teachings that I was taught. Her divine, cleansing flame is all that this world needs to make it perfect, to make everyone happy.

Ember has taken such good care of me, and now, being initiated like this, being cleaned like this… I can remember chanting my loyalty to Pyria day after day. I can remember praying to Pyria before morning jogs to be in top shape so when I’m called upon to serve Her I can do so to the best of my ability. I remember sneaking away to study with Em to learn more and more, to forge my swords out of magic, my ring, to become Virtue so I could spread the flames of Pyria that much further.

“Mmm… goddess…” I give one of my nipples a twist, tugging and pulling it taut with a low groan as another hand feels along the inside of my thigh. Ember stops in front of me, drinking me in. Mmm. I’ve never felt so good before. “Mmm and… as her… avatar…” I force all of my lust, all of my desire, and all of my need into every word. I want Ember to know how much she turns me on. I want her to want me. “Mmm… what happens next?”

“For just a moment, you remain here, while I fetch something…” She leaves the room, her ass swaying side to side just for me to watch. I lick my lips and groan, rubbing just beside my pussy. Pyria’s flames inside of me are so hungry. I want to quench them.

Of course the most important thing for me to do is show my devotion, and I am so very devoted. Ember has been everything for me: a surrogate mother, a wet dream, and even my salvation. She’s been everything that I’ve wanted to be my whole life. I can see her leading all of the daughters of Pyria to a glorious future where all of the world is cleansed and perfect.

Without free will corrupting them, humanity would be able to better heed the words of Pyria’s divine truth. We would ascend to a higher level of understanding.

The sex would be amazing.

Ember returns, grinning with something I’ve never seen before. It’s some kind of magical artifact, hot pink, just like Pyria’s flame… and it even looks like a solid flame that can’t move. It also looks like it would feel great if I shoved it up my pussy. I’ve never done that with anything before. Nothing’s ever gone inside of me, but I want it. Just thinking about it makes me feel even wetter. How have I lived so long and never cum riding something like that?

She kneels down with all of the ceremony that an Avatar of Pyria lends to every action, and it sticks hard to the floor. Her fingertip trails along its length, filling it with hot, perfect, pink flames.

Our eyes meet, and I quiver at how hot each and every word sounds and feels to imagine. “Ride it. Ride it for me, until you cum, until you cum so much that there’s nothing more inside of you to give. Pronounce your loyalty, and be wholly reborn, my precious child.” She licks her lips, and finally I get to feel her eyes looking over my body.

My heart has been pounding so hard. I wanted to crawl after Ember. I wanted to follow her to help her get whatever she wanted to find and end up kneading her ass in the meantime, but I’m a loyal daughter of Pyria! My mask was made to show my integrity to Pyria’s ideals. The ring on my finger was to keep the truth of Pyria in mind at all times. My swords were forged with a devotion to the justice of Her cleansing flame!

Not grinning isn’t an option. I’m so turned on, and my heart only beats faster at the thought of truly showing my devotion. I crawl closer to it, reveling in how lewdly my breasts sway under me. My eyes only leave Ember’s long enough for me to slide the flame along my slit, and then grind my body down hard so it fills me all at once.

I wince, but not because it feels bad, not because it hurts… I’m just not ready for it. This is my first time, my real first time, and it’s going to be Pyria’s flames fucking me before anything else ever can! It’s so perfect!

The moment I can control my breathing, adjust to the feeling inside of me, I don’t hesitate. I lift myself up, and come down a shard as I can, groaning as I start to find a pace that I can take. It feels so hot, so warm, so pink, and feeling it filling me, I can feel Pyria’s flames burning their way inside of me all over again, meeting the flame that Ember already put there. I can feel it, the more I fuck myself with the magic dildo, the more that the flames of Pyria are fucking my soul! It’s so hot, too hot, I can’t help but feel over my body, squeezing and kneading at my own tits as I stare up to Ember with my mouth hanging open.

Pyria is fucking my slutty little flame pussy with her power! Her avatar is watching me make myself cum for her! It’s like all of my perfect fantasies coming true at once!

Ember’s eyes hood. She’s liking this. She’s loving watching this! I squeal as loud as I can, clenching around Pyria’s flame between my legs as my body rises and falls, rises and falls. She raises a hand between us, forming a small pink flame above a fingertip as she lowers her hand down to her waist where she drops her pants down to her ankles and steps out of them to move right in front of me where she lets the pink lacy thong she’s wearing drop to her feet. Her pussy looks so flush, so warm, so wet, and a sexy tuft of pink hair is just above it.

Her fingers grab my hair, so roughly that I scream out even louder than I already am. I already feel so good, but having her be rough with me feels even better! She forces my face between her legs, and the scent of her pussy is overwhelming. “Suck, daughter of Pyria… Suckle, and show your eternal devotion!”

I don’t hesitate. I don’t stop lifting and dropping myself, clenching so tight around that flame, but I wrap my lips around her and suck as hard as I can. I’ve never done this with another woman before—or anyone—but I put all of myself into latching onto her sensitive flesh and suckling as my tongue flicks and dances as though lead by the flames so deep inside of me. I can’t stop my moans, and feeling her hips buck, feeling her pleasure just makes me moan louder and louder as my lips tremble and shake around her.

I’ve already cum so much from whatever she was doing with my head earlier, that I can feel like it’ll just be one more. Just this one last orgasm, and my cleansing… I’m finally going to really be cleansed by Pyria! I’m finally going to be as perfect as anyone can be!

Ember moans and shakes above me. Every quiver of her hips, every shudder of her thighs, makes me lick faster and suck harder. Every groan she gives makes my hips raise and slam down that much more insistently as I squeeze my pussy around Pyria’s flaming length inside of me as hard as I can.

Her flame consumes my clit, burning and sizzling inside like its fucking my nerves, my brain, so directly. I can feel the flame in my tongue reaching around Ember’s the same without me even needing to think about it. We’re both Pyria’s servants. We’re both Hers!

Pink explodes across my vision as I feel Ember cum and I cum with her, shaking and quivering, while suckling as hard as I can. I grasp her ass, digging my nails in to hold her cunt against my mouth a desperately as I can. “C-c-cinder!” Ember screams it so loudly, and it shudders through my whole body as I moan things that don’t even sound like they’re trying to be words to me. I shake and quiver and whine, trembling so hard.

My Goddess is pleased with me! My Goddess is rewarding me, and rewarding her Avatar through me! I’ve never felt so devoted, so appreciated, so…

Ember falls to her knees, but not for my sake. Pyria is the one in control. Pyria’s will burns through us both, and makes me quiver in such perfect bliss. She wraps her arms around me and pulls be up from the flame. It makes a wet slick popping sound as it slides out of me, and I nuzzle happily into Ember’s breasts. Hair falls in front of my face, and I see that it’s not blonde anymore.

It’s pink, just like Ember’s.

I can feel just how much Pyria’s power flows and twists through every last piece of me. Every last ounce of my being is devoted to Her, and has been reborn to serve Her. Ember strokes my cheek, and I can feel how pleased Pyria is with us both. “Mmm… My little Cinder… Now how did that feel, Mmm…?”

Our eyes meet anew, and I can’t help but feel nearly about to cum again as I feel flames in my eyes dancing in time to the flames in Ember’s. I may not be Her Avatar, but Pyria has blessed me with her cleansing flame. I had to use magic from books before, create magical objects… but now I can feel her flames burning through my chest, filling my arms, and even throbbing between my legs. I’m so full of Her power, and I’ll only ever use it in the furthering of her sacred goals of cleansing the world of its impurities.

Like Joan of Arc, I’m going to spread the word of the divine and protect those under my charge. I will protect this world, even if it means burning the will out of every single woman in it myself.

Straining to find the strength in the arms after being feverish for almost two whole days I pull myself up closer to Ember and melt my lips into hers. Her lips part when mine do, and I savor sharing the taste of her sacred pussy. It’s even better, because I know she can taste Pyria’s will that we fuck, that we cum together, and that we be so close as we cleanse the world for her.

For a long time we just kiss. Our tongues rub and our voices twine in the air together as we moan. I grind my pussy down into her bare leg, and she grinds down into mine. We’re both too drained to fuck more, but our bodies are made of fire. Our souls are full of Her lust.

When the kiss finally breaks I keep my lips so close to Ember’s. I want to feel their soft, full warmth. I want to feel her so close to me that I can still taste her. She asked me how this felt? There are so many ways that I can sum this up, but no way feels better than wrapping up all of these feelings, all of these truths, all of the matter of how this is than just one word.

“Mmm… Divine…”

* * *